How Much Does A Smash Cake Cost?

How much do smash cakes cost? The prices range between $30 to $85 for a smash cake. However, it greatly depends on the sizes and designs. For instance, it costs approximately 50 dollars for a single-layer 5-inched round smash cake.
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What is a smash cake?

A smash cake is usually a 4 x 3 inch cake for baby’s first birthday. Since one year olds don’t have the concept of eating with a fork down pat they usually just ‘smash’ their hands into it and ‘smash’ it into their faces.

How much should I charge to sell a cake?

Your price should not be anywhere close to the price of a grocery store cake. Back in 2016 (when I still sold my cakes), my average rate for an 8-inch layer cake was $100. I had more demand than I could handle, and people are willing to pay a pretty penny for custom things here in NYC.

What is a smash cake for 1 year old?

A smash cake is usually a 4 x 3 inch cake for baby’s first birthday. Since one year olds don’t have the concept of eating with a fork down pat they usually just ‘smash’ their hands into it and ‘smash’ it into their faces. I do a 4′ and decorate it at my discresion.

How do I calculate the price of a cake?

The goal of this cake pricing guide is to: I like to use the formula below to calculate the price of a custom cake. I use this for smaller custom cakes, rather than wedding cakes (which are usually priced by the number of servings ). Cake Price = Labor (hours of estimated work x your hourly rate) + Cost of Ingredients + Overhead

Does Walmart do free smash cakes?

That means you could order anything from a quarter sheet cake to a three-tiered cake or even cupcakes for your celebration. No matter the size of the party, as long as you spend about $15, Walmart will throw in the smash cake for free.

What size cake is a smash cake?

What is a smash cake? A smash cake is a small cake about 4 inches in diameter that is just for baby to enjoy with their hands to celebrate a first birthday. Smash cakes actually have a long history and date all the way back to the Ancient Egyptians.

Do you do a smash cake for 2nd birthday?

You can still provide a smash cake. Even a balloon or 2. But a small gathering means less pressure, less chaos, and time to gather with people who actually do care about the second anniversary of your kid’s birth.

What is a cake smash for adults?

This might be the best way to celebrate 30. The hilarious shoots typically feature a pretty cake, a picnic blanket on the grass, and a chalkboard sign with stats you’d typically see on a birth announcement or 1st birthday card: height, weight, age, likes, and dislikes.

What is the point of a smash cake?

Well, essentially the idea is to put a cake- made and bought specifically for this purpose- in front of your 1 year old and let them wreak havoc on it. The result is meant to produce delightfully cute scenes, as your baby frolics with the frosting, demolishes the sponge and generally makes a giant mess of things.

Can babies have cake on their first birthday?

The recommendations advise no cake for children under age 2

One of the most photographed moments at a child’s first birthday party is the little cherub face covered in cake and icing. This may change now that new U.S. dietary guidelines recommend children do not eat cake or candy until they turn two years old.

Can 1 year old eat smash cake?

Smash cakes are usually kid-sized for a reason, and are meant to be only for the birthday boy or girl to devour (or destroy) all on their own. After your little one has had her fun with her own smaller cake, you can slice up a completely separate, larger cake for guests.

Which cake is best for cake smash?

The best cakes to smash are plain old vanilla sponge cakes. They’re soft and crumbly and easy for little hands to break up. Buttercream icing will create the perfect messy fun you’re after, but pick your colour carefully – red icing can leave your baby looking like a vampire and brown can look like

What flavor should a smash cake be?

What flavor should a smash cake be? Smash cakes can be any flavor you want but typically, toddlers are not used to foods that have really intense flavors so most parents opt for simple flavors like vanilla or chocolate.

Are smash cakes safe?

Truly sugar-free cakes usually contain artificial sweeteners like sucralose (Splenda) or aspartame, which we don’t recommend for kids. Many babies do not touch their smash cakes anyway. Parents oftentimes go overboard ensuring that their baby’s cake is beautiful (or healthy, tasty, themed)…and baby won’t even eat it.

What is a smash cake made of?

And came out many tests later with this little gem – an angel food-inspired healthy smash cake that is light, fluffy, and made with just egg whites, cake flour, cream of tartar, pure vanilla extract, and heavy cream (for topping). The reality is that a smash cake is just for the baby, so it doesn’t need to be fussy.

Are sprinkles a choking hazard?

Avoid fondant – it’s tough to break and can be a choking hazard. Sprinkles? Absolutely, if you can get them on the cake without having to modify your design.

Whats the difference between a cake and a smash cake?

Most first birthday parties are celebrated with a cake, but smash birthday parties boast two cakes, a large cake and a single serving cake. The large cake is for the adult guests, and the second cake is for the guest of honor.

Why do couples smash wedding cake?

The Romans left us with a terrible wedding tradition. Grooms would break a cake of wheat or barley over the bride’s head for good luck. Such aggressiveness! To this day, you still see grooms smashing cake into their lovely wives’ faces.

When did smash cakes became popular?

In the 17th or 18th century it became popular again. In the mid 20th Century capitalism devoured it, spat it out and reformed it into what existed today. To find out where did cake smash come from you first have to understand why we have birthday cakes at all.

Where to buy a smash cake?

Cakes by Tanya. This local Markham bakery creates beautiful smash cakes starting at a very reasonable $25. Check out her gallery for inspiration. 69 Markham Main St, Markham. For the Love of Cake. This bakery creates those giant cupcakes you see in many cake smash photoshoots, as well as more traditionally shaped cake smash cakes.

What size is good for a smash cake?

– Formula Tin OR 3 – 4″ Cake Pan * – Whoopie Pie Mix* – Gel Neon Color Dye – Number One Candle

How to bake the perfect size Smash cake?

  • Preheat the oven to 350 F and lightly butter three 4-inch springform mini cake pans.
  • In a large bowl (or stand mixer),mash the banana and whisk in the eggs,coconut oil,coconut milk and vanilla until smooth.
  • In a separate small bowl,add in all the dry ingredients (except for the grated carrot) and stir to combine.
  • Cake Pricing Guide: How To Price A Cake

    • This cake price guide has been in the works for quite some time. I can’t tell you how many times people have approached me with the question of how much a cake should cost. It always brings me back to the beginning of my cake-making career whenever I hear that question. The first cake I sold was to a customer who had no clue how much a baked, personalized cake should cost. I had no clue how much it would cost to bake my cakes, and I was comparing the pricing of my cakes to those of grocery store cakes. Over time, I learned to appreciate the worth of my time and work, and I became more aware of the kind of individuals for whom I wanted to bake. However, I continued to undercharge for my cakes for YEARS! The primary reason I’m providing this piece is to assist you in determining the worth of the hours of labor you put into your bespoke cakes and in determining the appropriate price to charge for them. Among the objectives of this cake pricing guide are to: assist you in appreciating the value of your time
    • ensure that you are continually generating a profit on your cakes
    • and empower you to correctly price your cakes based on your clients and geographic location.

    Basic Formula to Price a Cake

    1. When estimating the cost of a personalized cake, I prefer to follow the method shown below.
    2. Instead of wedding cakes, I like to utilize this for smaller bespoke cakes (which are usually priced by the number of servings).
    3. Cake price is labor (estimated hours of work multiplied by your hourly rate) plus the cost of ingredients plus overhead.
    4. It all boils down to fundamental cost accounting, which takes into account both direct and indirect expenses.
    5. And, of course, recognizing the importance of your time!
    6. I’d like to emphasize that this approach may be used to baked goods such as handmade cookies and cupcakes.
    • It is effective for every baked item that a home baker is capable of producing.

    Labor: Valuing Your Time

    Yes, you are correct. Your time is precious, and you should be compensated for the services you provide. It is your profession as a cake decorator, and the number of hours you intend to spend on a cake should be taken into consideration. If someone requests an elaborate cake topper or delicate sugar flowers, the cost of these should be factored into the final pricing.

    Estimating the Time a Cake Will Take

    1. Then you might wonder, ″but what if a cake takes longer to bake and decorate than I want it to?″ And this is when things become difficult.
    2. An unexpected request from an existing or potential client might be extremely difficult to fulfill.
    3. It’s possible that you have no clue how long something will take, or that you’ll have to attempt it several times before you succeed.
    4. In those sorts of scenarios, all you can do is make the best guess you can and hope that you’re near to being correct.
    5. Some cakes will take longer to bake than anticipated, while others will take less time.
    6. I try to reassure myself that everything will work out in the end.
    • I’d also want to point out that I only take into account active time for this portion of the calculation.
    • Non-productive time, such as waiting for your cake layers to cool or for a fondant feature to set, is not included in this calculation.

    Hourly Rate

    1. The second aspect that might be difficult to figure out is your hourly rate of compensation.
    2. When it comes to cake, the further along you are on your trip, the easier it is to find this out.
    3. I know that when I first started out, I was grateful for any cake orders that came my way.
    4. In addition, I lacked experience and confidence in my abilities.
    5. The idea of compensating myself for each cake I baked sounded absurd at the time.
    6. But you know what?
    • I’ll tell you something.
    • If you worked in a bakery, you would be compensated on an hourly basis!
    • Even if you believe you are still in the learning process, you should pay yourself at least the minimum salary.

    You may also modify your hourly rate to reflect your previous work experience and abilities.You may start off at a slower rate, but as your talents expand over time, you will be able to boost your rate of progress.

    Cost of Ingredients: Direct Costs

    1. Now we’ll get to the second half of my calculation, which is the cost of your raw materials.
    2. All of these expenses are categorized as direct costs.
    3. The ingredients you use to bake each cake are included in your direct costs.
    4. It’s critical that you keep track of these so that you can figure out how much it costs to produce a particular cake.
    5. Most of us have a collection of go-to recipes (such as my vanilla cake recipe), and it’s actually rather simple to figure out how much it will cost with a little bit of research and calculation.
    6. Even though this may be the work of my inner CPA, I constructed an Excel spreadsheet to assist me in rapidly calculating the cost of each cake that I make.
    • I understand that not everyone enjoys statistics in the same way that I do, but I believe that the majority of bakers out there like being organized and exact.

    Create a Pricing Spreadsheet

    A costing sheet is less difficult to develop than you may believe, and once it has been made, the file will take care of the rest of the job for you.

    List Out Your Ingredients

    Each and every item I purchase for my cakes is listed on a master sheet, which includes everything from butter to freeze-dried strawberry powder! Following the completion of my ingredients list, I added a price column to the right of it.

    Price of Each Ingredient

    1. After that, I went through my grocery shop and receipts to find out how much each component was going to cost.
    2. However, you are not required to know how much a container of salt costs.
    3. The price of a teaspoon or the cost of a cup of flour is essential information.
    4. The next column, which I created, provides a standard serving amount for each component.
    5. For example, I use a teaspoon to measure baking powder and a cup to measure brown sugar while baking.

    Calculate the Cost per Unit

    1. This subsequent step will take some time.
    2. You must determine how many servings of each item are included within a container or bag.
    3. Consider the following example: a small bag of granulated sugar contains approximately 8 cups of sugar.
    4. If you’ve made it this far, consider yourself lucky.
    5. The cost per unit of each component can now be readily calculated, and the results can be linked to your recipes!

    Calculate the Cost for Your Most Popular Recipes

    For each of my most popular cake recipes, I created a separate tab, and then calculated the costs for each of my cake batter and frosting varieties. I realize this is a lot of effort, but it will be worth it in the end. It also allows you to see how much money you’re actually making on each cake that you sell, which is a valuable tool.

    Overhead and Special Equipment: Indirect Costs

    1. Finally, we’ve reached the final component of our equation — indirect expenses.
    2. Indirect expenses are everything you spend money on to produce a cake that is not directly related to the components.
    3. Depending on the cake, this might involve variable expenditures like the purchase of cake boxes, cardboard cake rounds, parchment paper, or even particular cutters or molds that are required to fulfill the cake order successfully.
    4. Fixed expenditures such as rent and energy, as well as large baking equipment like as ovens and stand mixers, are included.
    5. Even though the majority of us home bakers do not have a distinct area to work from, I believe that virtually all of us have purchased baking equipment!
    6. Whether you’re using an edible printer or an airbrush, you should assess the depreciation of such instruments throughout their estimated lifetime and include them in your overhead costs calculations.
    • You’ll be able to accurately account for all of the expenses associated with baking cakes.
    • These kinds of expenses may quickly pile up, so it’s critical to factor them into your price calculations.
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    Recognizing Your Clientele

    1. As I previously stated, one of the most common mistakes that home bakers do is attempting to compete with grocery store baked goods.
    2. I believe that we have all done it at some point in our lives.
    3. Individuals who dash to Walmart at the last minute to pick up a sheet cake, on the other hand, are not the same people who reach out to you weeks (or months) in advance to commission you to make a unique cake for a special occasion.
    4. Grocery stores employ lower-cost ingredients and bake in large quantities.
    5. You’re working with top-of-the-line ingredients to create unique tastes and visually appealing presentations.
    6. Your cake should not be priced at a level that is comparable to the cost of a supermarket cake.

    You Should Be Too Expensive For Some People

    1. In 2016, when I was still selling my cakes, the average price for an 8-inch tier cake was $100, according to my records.
    2. I had more demand than I could handle, and individuals in New York City are ready to pay a lot of money for unique items.
    3. Even after that, people continued to tell me that I should charge more for my cakes.
    4. It really blew my head.
    5. People typically spend more than $100 on a custom-designed cake.
    6. Your interest rate should be high enough that some customers will choose to walk away.
    • Unless you’re receiving complaints that you’re charging too much, you’re probably not charging enough.
    • To find out how much people in your region are prepared to pay for a bespoke cake, it’s quite acceptable to ask around first.
    • By contacting other custom bakers in your region, you may get a sense of what rates are going for in your area.

    It’s also a fantastic way to meet new people!

    Don’t Try To Undercut Other Bakers / Bakeries

    1. Just make sure you aren’t trying to undercut the prices of other local bakeries or cake stores.
    2. Because the cake community is small, you want to help out your fellow bakers whenever you can.
    3. If you receive a cake order merely because your pricing is lower than the competition, you may not be attracting the type of customers you desire.
    4. The sort of individual who goes about for the lowest bespoke cake they can find is often not the type of person you want to be a recurring client at your bakery.
    5. You can rely on me on this!
    6. Additionally, if you set your rates too cheap, you risk devaluing custom baking in your region, which will ultimately affect everyone in the end.

    Understand That Other Bakers Aren’t Competition, They’re Fellow Artists

    1. When I first started baking cakes, I viewed other bakers as competitors, which was foolish of me.
    2. In truth, each cake maker has their own own style and range of products to offer.
    3. It may take some time for you to find your own personal style, but the more cakes you bake, the more you will organically develop it.
    4. I discovered that I really enjoyed working with American buttercream and that I adored creating bright, fun cake designs!

    What Goes Around Comes Around

    1. It’s uncommon that I got to deal with fondant, and when I did, I’d happily recommend them to one of my other cake buddies who specialized in those sorts of cakes, rather than working with them myself.
    2. Alternatively, if my cake calendar was completely packed, I would refer customers to other area bakers whom I knew and trusted.
    3. When the same thing happened to them, they returned the favor, and as a result, we developed a wonderful working connection between ourselves.

    Delivery vs. Pick Up

    1. Was there another rookie error I made at the start of my journey?
    3. It makes me feel uncomfortable to say that out loud.
    4. If someone requests that you bring a cake, you should always charge a fee.
    5. You have the option of charging a flat cost for delivery within a specified radius, or you may charge a distance-based fee for deliveries outside of that radius.
    6. In either case, remember to include in the cost of petrol, the wear and strain on your vehicle, and the monetary worth of the time it will take you to transport the cake to your customer.

    Strategies for Friends and Family

    • If you’ve learned how to price a cake for business, what do you do when friends and family want you to bake something for them? There is no correct answer to this question, and it is a matter of personal preference. Baking businesses have done a number of things, including: offering a specified discount (for example, 50% off)
    • just charging for ingredients
    • providing cakes free of charge, but only to direct family members
    • charging full price.
    1. No matter the technique you use, make your intentions crystal clear from the start.
    2. When you explain how much money and work goes into baking a cake, the majority of people are sympathetic and accepting.
    3. I adored preparing birthday cakes for my friends for no charge, and I always thought of it as a gift from me to them!
    4. As a result, I never felt any sort of pressure to bake for them because they never requested or expected me to do so.
    5. But I also didn’t have to worry about my extended relatives requesting baptism and anniversary cakes for me.
    6. A large number of people, on the other hand, are in a different scenario.
    • It is best to establish ground rules in advance if you have demanding family or friends who want you to drop everything and prepare intricate cakes for them.
    • Thus, expectations will be more realistic, and future conflict will be avoided.

    Key Takeaways on How To Price a Cake:

    • You should respect your time.
    • Maintain meticulous records on the costs of your ingredients.
    • Include any additional expenditures (such as cake boxes, special equipment, and so on) in your pricing
    • Understand the type of clients you’re aiming for, and work hard to expand your consumer base
    • Make contact with other bakers in the area
    • Deliveries will be charged a fee.
    • Establish a consistent expectation for friends and family members in order to avoid awkward situations.

    Let Me Know Your Thoughts!

    If you have any further suggestions on how to price a cake, or if you have any questions that I haven’t addressed, please leave a remark in the section below.

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    • My business model is that of a cake baker who does not sell her cakes.

    How Much Do Smash Cakes Cost

    When it comes to the price of smash cakes, The cost of a smash cake ranges from $30 to $85 depending on the design. However, the size and style of the items have a significant impact. For example, a single-layer 5-inch round smash cake will run you roughly $50 to $60 dollars. It also contains buttercream with only a few embellishments on it.

    How Much Do Smash Cakes Cost?

    1. A tiny four-inch or six-inch circular smash cake would typically cost between $30 to $85, depending on the design.
    2. Smash cakes are often considered to be the best choice for first birthdays.
    3. When you see your newborn delve into that delicious smash cake, it’s impossible not to smile.
    4. Typically, the cost for personalized smash cakes is the same as the pricing for custom cakes.
    5. As a result, a four-inch smash cake with a fluffy, one-color buttercream design will run you around 45 dollars.

    Smash Cakes Cost: Cake Pricing Guidelines

    1. First and foremost, you should always place a monetary value on your baked goods.
    2. Therefore, if you are unable to enjoy your own cake creations, how can you ask your consumers to do so on your behalf?
    3. Customers who believe your cakes are pricey should not be concerned because they have a wide range of requirements and budgets.
    4. For those who are new to the industry, however, determining the appropriate price for a cake might be one of the most challenging challenges you will face.
    5. Additionally, while pricing a cake, it is not just necessary to include the markup and the expenses of the components.
    6. Furthermore, it might be difficult since if you overcharge a consumer, he or she would most likely move to another establishment.
    • On the other hand, charging a cheap price would be unwise since it would result in a loss of profit.
    • At the end of the day, not knowing the actual price would result in the order being canceled.
    • Additionally, you should always remember to price your cakes based on their worth rather than their prices, as cakes are considered to be luxury items.

    As a result, the price of your cakes must be determined by the value they provide to your clients.Set of 3 Bake Adore Cake Boxes (24 Piece Set, 12 Boxes & 12 Boards)

    Smash Cakes Cost: Cake Pricing Factors

    1. Cake price is determined by a variety of criteria, including the particular value you provide in the creation and design of cakes.
    2. The best course of action would be to think about how your consumers are prepared to pay for your cakes, such as smash cakes.
    3. Furthermore, the location of your bakery and the reputation of your business might be important variables in choosing the pricing of your cakes.
    4. And, maybe most significantly, who is the usual clientele that you serve?
    5. Whether it’s high-class wedding cakes or middle-class birthday cakes and Halloween cakes, we’ve got you covered.

    Direct Costs

    1. When baking a cake, most bakers choose ingredients that are similar to one another.
    2. As a result, all that is required is the selection of the necessary components, which include flour, sugar, salt, leaveners, oil, shortening, flavorings, and extracts, among others.
    3. Keep in account, as well, the cost of the components and other supplies.
    4. It is also critical that you mention the cost of each and every item, no matter how minor, in your price.
    5. Please keep in mind that there are other direct charges like as boxes, dowels, and cake boards.
    6. Also, make a record of these expenses for future reference.

    Indirect Costs

    1. It is used to refer to the accessories or utilities that are acquired in order to build and adorn the cakes.
    2. It covers the fees you pay for utilities such as water, electricity, and phone.
    3. As a result, indirect expenses include any expenditures associated with your business (if you have one), but do not include the cost of a direct ingredient in cakes.
    4. As a result, it is considerably simpler to compute these types of charges on a monthly basis rather than on a cake-by-cake basis.
    5. Not to mention that marketing expenses such as business cards are included in your overall business expenses.
    6. In order to calculate indirect expenses, you must first determine the percentage of utility expenditures that are related with your company.
    • Afterwards, total up the results for a certain month.
    • After that, divide it by the number of cakes you’ve made in that month to arrive at a total.
    • The outcome will be a rough estimate of the indirect expenses associated with each cake that is baked.


    1. Most people don’t take into consideration how long it takes to design the cake.
    2. Furthermore, the time it took to acquire the ingredients, as well as the time it took to bake the cake.
    3. It was also important to note how long it took to communicate with clients back and forth about their orders and cake designs.
    4. As a result, if at all feasible, you should put aside a monetary value for your efforts.


    It includes the cost of a cab ride or petrol money to transport the cake. Along with that, it covers any time spent assembling and decorating the cake.


    1. One of the worst things that can happen is that people come to you because you have inexpensive cake pricing, which is one of the worst things that may happen.
    2. Being the low-cost cake vendor is, indeed, an insult to one’s dignity.
    3. It is for this reason that you must evaluate your competition.
    4. As a result, it would be quite beneficial for you to research the cake costs of your competitors.
    5. After that, you may compare them to your own personal values and abilities.
    6. And devise a clever marketing strategy to get more clients to select your cakes, such as smash cakes, over those of your competitors.
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    The prices shown below are the starting pricing for the most often requested cake sizes. Cakes by Cassandra can provide you with an accurate price quotation upon request.

    Size/Shape: 4 inch/round Approx. Servings: 2-4 slices Description:Personal-sized mini cake (1 cake flavor) Base Price:Individual Cake: $35.00Smash Cake: $15.00(Reduced price when ordering accompanying birthday cake/cupcakes.)
    Size/Shape: 6 inch/round Approx. Servings: 4-8 slices Description:Personal sized mini cake  (1 cake flavor) Base Price:Individual Cake: $35.00Smash Cake: $20.00
    Size/Shape: 6 inch/square Approx. Servings:16-18 Description:2-3 layers (1 cake flavor) Base Price:$40.00
    Size/Shape: 8 inch/round Approx. Servings:14 – 18(24 event style) Description:4 inch high – 2 layers (1 cake flavor) Base Price:$40.00
    Size/Shape: 9 inch/square Approx. Servings: 16-25 Description:1 layer sheet cake (1 cake flavor) – Base Price:$40.00
    Size/Shape: 10 inch/round Approx. Servings:24 – 32(39 event style) Description:4 inch high – 2 or 3 layers (1 cake flavor) Base Price:$60.00
    Size/Shape: 10 inch/square Approx. Servings: 25 Description: 1 layer sheet cake (1 cake flavor) – Base Price:$50.00
    Size/Shape: 11×15 inch/rectangle Approx. Servings: 40 Description: 1/2 sheet cake – 1 layer approx. 2 inches high (1 cake flavor) – Base Price:$65.00
    Size/Shape: shaped cakes Approx. Servings: varies Description:Any cake that combines one or more of the above cakes or is carved into a unique shape Base Price:Price will be determined by complexity of design – begins at $8.00 per serving
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    Size/Shape: round cupcakes Approx. Servings: 24 Description:2 dozen regular size cupcakes (1 cake flavor) Base Price: $45.00
    Size/Shape: square cupcakes Approx. Servings: 20 Description:20 square shaped cupcakes (1 cake flavor) Base Price:$45.00
    Size/Shape: mini cupcakes Approx. Servings: 48 Description: 48 mini cupcakes (1 cake flavor) Base Price:$50.00
    Size/Shape: cake pops / truffles Approx. Servings: varies Description: cooked cake mixed with icing dipped in chocolate – truffles are bite size – cake pops are bigger and on sticks Base Price:Basic Pop $1.50Specialty Pop $2.00Truffle $1.25


    Question About Smash Cake Pricing.

    1. KathleenC Posted on May 14, 2013, at 6:45 p.m.
    2. Thank you to everyone.
    3. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.
    4. I haven’t received a response from them yet, but I’ll wait and see what happens.
    5. At the very least, I’m aware that I’m in the ballpark.
    6. I make cakes as a recreational activity.
    • The most of the cakes I’ve made have been for family and close friends, however I have completed a number for which I have received a fee.
    • This client is a friend of a friend.
    • Following the success of my free baby shower cake, they approached me about making a cake for their child’s first birthday.

    I agreed.They were thrilled with the result.They were aware that it wouldn’t be free, but I’m not sure whether they’re familiar with cake costs, and it’s possible that they weren’t prepared for the price I offered them.They didn’t specifically request a smash cake, but when I told them my ballpark estimate, I inquired as to whether they would want a smash cake as well.For a child’s first birthday, one of our local grocery stores provides a complimentary cake (2-layer buttercreamed sheet cake with minimum embellishments), courtesy of the company.

    The potential customer is aware of this and may want to proceed in this manner – it is entirely up to them, and I have no objections to that.Nonetheless, if they also believe that a smash cake would be a fun idea, I’m delighted to do one for them, but I will charge them accordingly – definitely more than the $10 I was thinking of charging if I was also making the main birthday cake.I’m extremely tempted to make their dessert, however.I have some fantastic ideas, and the more I put them into action, the more I learn and the better I get at them.However, as my husband always reminds me, ″You can’t give away free cake to everyone, you know!″ Yes, my darling.I’m aware of the situation.

    Cake Smash Photography Prices

    Session for Photographing the Cake Smash My cake smash photography pricing are all-inclusive; there are no hidden fees or up-front sales pressure; you simply pay a deposit to secure your date and the remaining amount of the package on the day of the shoot.Cake Smashes are a unique way to commemorate a baby’s first birthday, providing a delightful event that includes a fun picture and birthday cake smashing photographic session as well.My cake smash photography costs include the provision of a custom-made cake from an award-winning cake decorator for smashing, which is included in the price of the session.Also available for use on the day are a variety of exquisite clothing and props that have been specially designed for the occasion.Professionally corrected images are included in all packages, which are made available online through a password-protected gallery and print buying facility.If you are interested in booking a session, please contact me before paying to ensure that the day you want is available.

    Please read the table below for further information on the various packages offered.

    Cake Smash Photography Packages

    Simply Cake £250
    Custom made cake included
    8 Digital download images
    8 Matching 6×4 inch prints
    Smash and Splash £350
    Custom made cake included
    Luxury USB with all images (c. 20-25)
    Matching boxed set of 6×4 inch prints
    Mini portrait & splash session

    Make a reservation for your session with a deposit. You only need to pay a deposit of £75 to secure your session. This deposit will be taken from the package price you pick, with the remaining payment payable on the day of your appointment.


    Please choose the package that you would like to book from the options below. There is a requirement for a minimum quantity of one.

    Quick Answer: What Size Is A 1St Birthday Smash Cake

    A smash cake is a little cake, about 4 inches in diameter, that is intended only for the enjoyment of the infant on their first birthday, which is celebrated with their hands.

    What size is a first birthday smash cake?

    I normally bake three layers for smash cakes, but I’ve also made a four-layer tower cake for a first birthday that turned out to be quite cute. The number of layers you bake is entirely up to you, but a 4-inch diameter cake, in my view, is exactly the proper amount of cake for one person.

    What is a 1st birthday cake smash?

    An example of a cake smash is when an infant gets really dirty with a cake while having the scene captured by a professional photographer. After that, it’s customary to have a bubble bath, which is also recorded on video for future reference.

    How much do smash cakes cost?

    The cost of a smash cake ranges from $30 to $85 depending on the design. However, the size and style of the items have a significant impact. For example, a single-layer 5-inch round smash cake will run you roughly $50 to $60 dollars.

    What is a smash cake for adults?

    Each of the humorous photoshoots includes a beautiful cake, a picnic blanket on the lawn, and a blackboard sign with facts that would normally be seen on a birth announcement or 1st birthday card, such as the subject’s height, weight, age, and likes and dislikes. Someone’s face is completely coated with cake in the next photo.

    Can 1 year old eat birthday cake?

    Children under the age of two should not be served cake, according to the recommendations. The adorable cherub face covered in cake and frosting at a child’s first birthday party is one of the most photographed moments of the celebration. Now that new U.S. nutrition standards indicate that youngsters not consume cake or candy until they are two years old, this may be a different story.

    Is smash cake only for first birthday?

    When it comes to smash cakes, if you’re not familiar with the term, it’s simply a little cake that’s supposed to be consumed by your child on her first birthday. Smash cakes are often designed to be kid-sized for a purpose, and they are intended to be consumed (or destroyed) entirely by the birthday boy or girl on their own.

    Can a 1 year old eat sprinkles?

    Selection of Cakes Small ornaments, in a similar vein, are dangerous since a newborn can put them in his or her mouth very rapidly. It’s ideal to keep the embellishments to a single color and pattern of icing, however extremely little decorations such as sprinkles are typically considered safe additions to cakes.

    Does Walmart do smash cakes?

    Smash cakes from Walmart are an optional extra that may be added to your order. In other words, you may purchase anything from a quarter sheet cake to a three-tiered cake or even cupcakes to serve at your party. Walmart will provide a free smash cake for any size celebration as long as you spend at least $15.

    What size is a typical smash cake?

    A smash cake is a little cake, about 4 inches in diameter, that is intended only for the enjoyment of the infant on their first birthday, which is celebrated with their hands. Smash cakes have a long and illustrious history, dating all the way back to the time of the Ancient Egyptians.

    What is the difference between a smash cake and regular cake?

    The majority of first birthday parties include a cake, but smash birthday celebrations include two cakes: a huge cake and a single-serving cake for each guest. The huge cake will be served to the adult visitors, while the second cake will be served to the special guest of honor.

    Can adults eat smash cake?

    As it turns out, a large number of adults have also opted to participate in the custom. When it comes to milestone birthdays, adult smash cakes have become a significant craze, and we’re not sure whether this is the greatest idea ever or the most hilariously embarrassing.

    What is a cake smash session?

    What exactly is a cake smash session, you might wonder.It’s a milestone photograph that normally takes place when a kid becomes one year old, during which they are offered with a cake to eat or smash, or both, or none, if we’re being honest, and they are encouraged to participate.Cake smash sessions are a great way to commemorate your child’s first birthday and mark the occasion with family and friends.

    Is cake a food?

    In the culinary world, cake is a type of sweet dish prepared from flour, sugar, and other ingredients and cooked in a baking pan. Cake is frequently offered as a celebration dish on ceremonial occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays, among other things.

    Can 1 year old eat chocolate cake?

    The majority of pediatricians advise against introducing sweets to your child within the first year of his or her existence. You want them to get a taste for other, more nutritious foods first, before you introduce them to junk food. Nonetheless, there are currently no particular medical standards for introducing chocolate to your infant in a healthy way.

    Which type of cake is best for birthday?

    Here are our top 11 favorite birthday cake recipes that we believe you’ll want to try!Gateau de la Forêt Noire.Pineapple Cake is a delicious dessert.Truffle Cake made without the use of eggs.Coffee Cake with Mocha Frosting.Chocolate Cake with a Fudgy Center.

    Mango Meringue Cake is a dessert made with mango puree.Cheesecake with Oreo cookies.Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting is a delicious dessert.

    What candy can a one year old eat?

    When it comes to giving your child a piece of candy every now and then, soft sweets are your best choice. Chocolate-covered peppermint patties are one option that may be sliced into little pieces if you want to keep it simple. Cotton candy is another form of candy that does not pose a choking threat to your child since it melts as it comes into contact with his or her mouth.

    Which cake is best for cake smash?

    Vanilla sponge cakes are the ideal cakes to smash since they are simple and easy to make.They’re soft and crumbly, and they’re simple to break apart with tiny hands.Buttercream icing can produce the exact messy fun you’re searching for, but choose your color wisely — red icing may make your baby seem like a vampire, and brown frosting will make your baby appear like it’s the 28th of July in the year 2020.

    Is a smash cake necessary?

    You are not need to make a smash cake. Please keep in mind that your baby’s first birthday is a joyous occasion for the entire household! Enjoy it, and feel free to indulge in some cake if you so choose — or not! The 19th of September, 2017.

    PRICING — Paige’s Bakehouse

    • All of our cakes are created from scratch, right here in our kitchen! We require at least one week’s notice, but if you give us a call, we will do everything we can to accommodate your needs! All of the prices shown below are subject to change based on the addition of additional elements and design. Accessories like as bows, 3D figurines, flowers, metallic embellishments, and pearls are available at an extra fee. The fluffy buttercream, drips, and text on these elegantly simple cakes are all made by hand. All in the colors and flavors of your choosing. 6″ costs $48
    • 8″ costs $80
    • 10″ costs $120
    • 12″ costs $150.
    • Make a design that is uniquely yours. These costs include buttercream frosting as well as 2-3 miniature edible ″characters″ that are appropriate for the size of the cake being ordered. Additional characters and design options may result in a higher or lower price. Round and sheet cakes are both available. 6″ costs $60, 8″ costs $100, 10″ costs $125, and 12″ costs $150.
    • This collection of imaginative cakes is iced in fondant and embellished with basic fondant elements and accents. Additional designs and elements may result in a higher or lower price. 6″ costs $80, 8″ costs $120, 10″ costs $150, and 12″ costs $250.

    These three-tiered cakes are ideal for any celebration..Our most popular 2 tier sizes are mentioned here, while we also offer a wide range of alternative sizes.A basic buttercream pattern is also included in the prices given above.6″ and 8″ – $ 176 each (feeds 32 ppl) 6″ and 10″ – $ 250 each (feeds 45-50 ppl) These are a lot of fun, and they’re completely unique.If you can imagine it, we can make it a reality.Pricing is determined on the design, serving size, and level of intricacy.

    Inquire within 24 hours for price.

    These little cakes are ideal for your baby’s first picture shoot or as a birthday surprise for a single person on a special occasion. The price includes our trademark design, but may vary depending on the number of extra designs and elements requested. 5″ smash cake is available for $25.

    • 1/4 sheet (serves 25 people), 1/2 sheet (serves 50 people), and full sheet (serves 100 people).
    • Personalized – $ 2 per serving, Custom – $ 3 per serving, Fondant – $ 4 per serving

    How much does a cake smash cost?

    If you’re looking for a fun and memorable way to commemorate your child’s first birthday, a cake smash is a terrific choice to consider.Your small one will have a great time getting cake all over his or her body.One advantage is that you will receive beautiful images to commemorate their birthday, which you will be able to keep forever.In the event that you’re considering having cake smash photographs taken in Kent, continue reading to learn more and get an answer to the inquiry, ″how much does a cake smash cost?″

    What is a cake smash?

    Photographing your baby’s first birthday cake smash has becoming more common as a way to commemorate the milestone occasion.After becoming extremely popular in the United States, the practice has now spread to the United Kingdom.In recent years, it has been a well-established practice to celebrate your child’s first significant birthday with family and friends.The premise is straightforward and quite entertaining; your youngster is given full reign over a freshly baked cake and is encouraged to smash, grab, chew, and otherwise investigate it.All the while, a photographer is on hand to capture these priceless moments.Your infant may play with and investigate the cake as much as they like because there are no rules.

    To make the session more elaborate and fun for your child, you may put props into it as well.The obvious consequence of shattering a cake is that it will result in significant cleanup!Your baby will be given a warm bath after the cake smash so that they may splash about to their heart’s delight and leave the studio feeling clean and comfortable..In addition to photographing your baby’s cake smash, professional photographer will capture the lovely moments that occur when your baby is splashing around in the water.

    Why choose a cake smash?

    Miniature humans delight in making a sloppy mess and savoring the cake’s delicious flavor.In addition, parents will receive a beautiful keepsake of their child’s momentous day.As well as digital photographs that you may quickly share with your grandparents and other family members through social media sites.When it comes to newborns, it’s a terrific sensory experience; they get to touch and play with this intriguing substance, breathe in the beautiful scent, and have their first taste of the sweet pleasure.Children like playing, and giving them the opportunity to investigate and discover their surroundings is a great deal of pleasure for them.Your photographer will be there to capture your child’s distinctive emotions and expressions when they are introduced to this new environment for the very first time.

    If you’re searching for a unique way to commemorate your child’s birthday that also showcases their unique personality, a cake smash picture shoot is a fantastic option.This means you don’t have to be concerned about your child overindulging in cake or making themselves sick during the picture shoot!Every baby reacts differently, but the majority of them are more interested in the play component of the activity than they are in devouring the entire cake.You may be certain that your child’s experience will be completely safe even if he or she has allergies because these can be accommodated as well.

    What does a cake smash include?

    It is possible to select from a number of different cake smash and photo packages to suit your needs.Every cake smash includes one hour of photographic time, a professionally prepared cake, as well as a bath and splash session with a professional photographer.You’ll also have the option of selecting from a variety of clothing and items to make the photography more unique and personal to you.You will also have a face-to-face viewing session during which you will be able to review all of the images and choose which ones you would want to purchase.There are a variety of various photographic packages from which to pick..Each option contains high-resolution photos that are delivered on a USB stick, and some options also include printed reproductions of the same images.

    The Platinum package, which includes everything above as well as £50 discount coupons for wall art and a picture session, is the most expensive option available.

    How much does a cake smash cost?

    By this point, you’ve undoubtedly come to the conclusion that a cake smash picture session for your child’s birthday is a terrific idea.In terms of price, how much does a cake smash set you back?An economical cake smash picture shoot is available for as little as £99, and you can schedule your session right now.This includes the photography itself, as well as a cake and a selection of clothing and props to choose from.For £199, £299, and £399, you may purchase mementos from your baby’s session, with the £99 session fee removed from the final amount.Whichever package you choose, your child will have a fabulous time, and you will take home wonderful memories and beautiful photographs that will serve as a lasting reminder of the day for you.

    A fun alternative to a cake smash

    In the event that your baby is not a huge admirer of cake, a fruit bath smash-gallery/photoshoot is a wonderful alternative to a cake smash.Babies always like a warm, cozy bath, and adding lots of mushy fruit to the mix makes it much more enjoyable for them.A fruit bath photoshoot entails photographing your newborn in an outfit before they are immersed in the bath of fruits.Photographs will be taken of them having a good time as they swim around in the water and play with all of the soft and squidgy pieces of fruit.

    How do I arrange a cake smash photoshoot?

    Cake smash photography in Medway is really simple to arrange if you know where to go.To make a reservation for your birthday girl or boy, simply get in touch with us by phone, email, or through our online contact form.Once we get your information, we’ll contact you in order to discuss your expectations for the session and to address any concerns you may have about it.You may then decide on a day and time for your photo session and photo viewing appointment, which will be confirmed by the photographer.

    Why Every Kid’s First Birthday Cake Should Come From Walmart

    Shutterstock Smash cakes are most likely already familiar to new parents who are looking forward to celebrating their child’s first birthday with him or her.They are the smaller, kid-sized cakes that are created just for the guest of honor to enjoy in whichever way they choose to do so.Smash cakes are designed to be thoroughly destroyed, whether the participants choose to consume handfuls of cake, pound the cake with little fists, or just lean into the cake with their mouths agape wide.Unfortunately, the remainder of the party attendees will have to make do with a slice of the bigger, conventional cake that is frequently served with the smash cake.For individuals who are purchasing their first smash cake and birthday cake pair, there is a little-known secret that you really must be aware of.When it comes down to it, Walmart is the most convenient place to order the pair of cakes.

    The flavors and frostings on Walmart’s cakes are very common, which makes them a crowd-pleaser despite the fact that they are quite inexpensive.Walmart is also a good option when it comes to selecting a cake, owing to the wide variety of designs available.The business is authorized to build birthday cakes with a photo or other designs of your child’s favorite characters from television and movies to apps and even video games (via Walmart).In addition, the bakery offers a large enough selection of icing colors to create practically any bespoke design you could imagine.However, these aren’t the only reasons why you should consider visiting the bakery of this firm for your birthday cake requirements.

    Walmart’s smash cakes are a complementary addition to your order

    Shutterstock Among the many benefits of ordering from Walmart is the opportunity to receive a free six-inch smash cake to accompany any special order bakery item that is priced at $14.98 or above, according to the retailer.In other words, you may purchase anything from a quarter sheet cake to a three-tiered cake or even cupcakes to serve at your party.Walmart will provide a free smash cake for any size celebration as long as you spend at least $15.Additionally, one advantage of this deal is that Walmart offers complementing designs for both the standard cake and the smash cake, which makes choosing between the two a lot easier.To complement each of the corresponding designs, numerous alternatives are provided, including cupcakes or cakes in a variety of sizes and shapes, depending on your preferences.Lil’ Monsters, Jungle Fun, Deer One, Shark Party, Twinkle Twinkle Little One, Baby Mermaid, and Baby Unicorn are among of the themes available at Walmart’s bakery counters.

    All of them are gorgeous and may be customized to make your child’s first birthday the most memorable ever.So, instead of buying and paying for a cake and a smash cake for your child’s first birthday, consider doing without.Look through Walmart’s selection to determine whether the bakery’s offer is anything you’re interested in.

    Adorable DIY Smash Cake Recipes for Your Baby’s Birthday

    What is a smash cake, and how does it work?A smash cake is a little cake, about 4 inches in diameter, that is intended only for the enjoyment of the infant on their first birthday, which is celebrated with their hands.Smash cakes have a long and illustrious history, dating all the way back to the time of the Ancient Egyptians.Smash cakes have been popular for years, but they are currently in vogue.If you think about it, smash cakes are an excellent idea for 1-year-olds since they can dig straight in and eat it with their hands, which is a great concept for any age.It’s important to make smash cake recipes that are baby-sized and have just the proper quantity of frosting.

    Colors like as red or blue should be used with caution since they might leave a mark that is easy to remove with a damp cloth.Alternatively, a smash cake can be a smaller replica of the celebration cake or it can be served on its own.Looking for baby smash cake recipes to make your baby’s birthday even more special?We’ve got some adorable cake ideas to get you started in the kitchen.

    Smash cake pans

    Because a smash cake is only a tenth of the size of a traditional round cake, it is ideal to bake it in a pan that is specifically intended for smash cakes.A smash cake pan has a diameter of 4 inches and is made of aluminum.These 4-inch cake pans are often offered in sets of four, but they may certainly be used for a variety of different dishes.A 6-inch cake pan can also be used to make a smash cake, if desired.

    What kind of smash cake recipe should you make?

    Because first birthdays are typically the first time that newborns really get to eat cake, you will want to keep the recipe as easy as possible.A simple vanilla sponge cake is suitable for serving as the baby’s smash cake.When baby holds it in his or her hands, it’s light and fluffy enough to crumble.Most physicians agree that chocolate is fine for children turning one if they consume it in moderation, and that first birthdays are particularly memorable.If you have your heart set on making a chocolate smash cake, this is the recipe to try.

    Boxed or from scratch?

    If you’re looking for a no-fuss smash cake recipe for your baby’s first birthday, there’s nothing wrong with utilizing a boxed cake mix in either vanilla or chocolate flavor.It’s a one-pot recipe that will result in a delicious cake that your baby will like, and it requires less effort and time than other recipes.If you like, you may prepare a cake from scratch, which is not too difficult.Use of cake flour rather than normal flour is the key to success.Cake flour will result in a lighter and fluffier cake.If you decide to bake your own smash cake from scratch, it’s a good idea to make a practice run before the big day.

    The cake will be denser if you use all-purpose flour instead of cake flour.

    Smash cake recipes

    Vanilla smash cake recipe

    • In this recipe, the following ingredients are used: 3 cups cake flour (all-purpose flour is also good)
    • 3 12 teaspoons baking powder
    • 4 eggs
    • 2 cups granulated sugar
    • 1 cup unsalted butter (that has been melted)
    • 1 tablespoon vanilla essence
    • 1 12 cup milk

    Chocolate smash cake recipe

    • Recipe calls for the following ingredients: 6 12 tablespoons cake flour (all-purpose flour is fine as well)
    • 6 tablespoons cocoa powder
    • 3 tablespoons granulated sugar
    • 1 tablespoon baking powder
    • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
    • 2 1/4 cups milk
    • 4 eggs
    • 1/4 teaspoon salt
    • 6 12 tablespoons cake flour (all-purpose flour is fine as well).


    • Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Cake pans (you will have extra batter for more than one 4-inch cake): Grease and flour four 4-inch or six 6-inch cake pans. You may also make cupcakes out of the leftover batter. )
    • In a large mixing basin, whisk together the flour and baking soda
    • Using an electric mixer, cream together the softened butter and sugar until smooth. After that, add the eggs and vanilla extract.
    • Slowly pour in the dry ingredients into the mixer until well incorporated.
    • Pour the milk into the mixer.
    • Blend until everything is well-combined.
    • Pour the mixture into the pans.
    • Bake for 30 to 35 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.
    • Let cool on a wire rack for a few minutes before removing from the baking dishes.
    • When the cake has been allowed to cool fully, apply the frosting.
    • In order to make the layers, cut two 4-inch smash cakes in half in the centre and place the icing in the middle of each layer as follows:

    Icing on the cake

    The frosting on every cake is the most delicious portion, and smash cakes are no exception to this rule.Your young one’s smash cake will be completed with frosting in the color of your choice.Ready-made frosting saves time and provides a delicious flavor.The theme might be the same as the cake, or it can be different and not match the theme.It’s best to keep things simple when it comes to newborns, therefore frosting the cake and decorating it with sprinkles and one candle would enough.If you do decide to decorate, make sure to remove them before allowing baby to begin digging.

    Smash cake icing recipe

    • Ingredients: 1 cup unsalted butter (softened)
    • 2 cups powdered sugar
    • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    • 2 tablespoons milk
    • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

    Blend in a combination, adding extra powdered sugar if the icing is too runny, or milk if the icing is too thick, until the desired consistency is reached.

    Final thoughts on smash cakes

    Smash cakes are a lovely ritual that has gained widespread acceptance.It’s a delightful addition to the celebration of baby’s first birthday.The idea of a smash cake is to have a cute newborn who will eventually be covered in cake and frosting for those adorable images.So don’t be too stressed up about baking a beautiful cake because your small one will be the one to eat it fingers first.A simple smash cake topped with frosting and sprinkles is a delicious way to introduce baby to the world of sweets.Don’t forget to bring your camera and enjoy a fantastic first birthday party!

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