How To Buy Birthday Cake Sims 3?

The Birthday Inferno Birthday Cake is an object in The Sims 3 that can be purchased from a supermarket, or from buy mode in the Entertainment > Parties category, if buy mode is set to ‘Sort by Function’.
Where Do You Buy Birthday Cakes On Sims 3? On the outdoors tab (click the football), you can find birthday cakes. If you click the cake once it’s on the counter or table, your Sim will be able to choose who gets to blow out the candles.

How do you have a birthday on Sims 3?

A Sim can throw a birthday party but it is not required to age. If left alone, on the last day of the Sim’s age period, they will age on their own. In The Sims 3, Sims wake up, use a toy and turn it, replacing the birthday cake and age up.

How do you buy a cake on Sims party?

The only way to get a cake is to make it:

  1. Go to the fridge and select “Cook…”
  2. Select from the menu what cake you’d like – there’s chocolate, strawberry, white and blue confetti from memory.
  3. When the cake is done, select it and click “add birthday candles”.

Why won’t My Sims make a cake?

Re: Won’t let my sim bake a cake

For your actual issue: Check if there’s something in the oven. If so, try take that out or replace the oven with a new one.

Where are the wedding cakes in Sims 3?

To buy a wedding cake in Sims 3: Go into buy mode. Click on “outdoor cooking.” The wedding cake option should appear somewhere near the birthday cake.

Can Sims age up without a cake?

They get a sad moodlet saying ‘forgotten birthday’ when they age up without a cake. Other than that I haven’t noticed any differences between cake age-up and no cake age-up. They’ll age up on their own on their birthday, if you bake a cake you have the option to manually age them up before they autoage.

How do you age up a baby on sims 3?

Your Sim can age up early one time during their life. Do this by buying a birthday cake and blowing out the candles and they’ll get older.

Why can’t I put birthday candles on the cake?

If you still can’t add the birthday candles on your cake, try having your Sim travel to another lot. Check if the candle option re-appeared. Alternatively, if the issue persists, try repairing your game by going to Origin’s game library and right-clicking on The Sims 4 icon.

Do Baby Sims age up on their own?

If you wish to skip the whole baby-caring experience, any Sim can simply use that command to trigger an immediate birthday and age up the Sim to the Toddler stage. If you wish to let nature take its course, babies will generally age up to toddlers after about three days. You’ll be alerted before it happens.

Can you age down a Sim?

You can turn off ageing in the options panel. This will automatically stop sims in your household (or world, depends on which checkbox you ticked) ageing. If your sim is already older than the life stage you want him to be at, then turn on the cheats console, type “testingcheats on”, click enter, then type “cas.

How do you buy birthday candles on Sims 4?

To do this you need to click on a finished baked cake and click “add birthday candles” and your sim will whoosh their hand over the cake and add birthday candles. This can be done by any sim except for toddlers and babies.

How do you have a birthday on Sims Freeplay?

A: You need to have a birthday for your Sim. Bake them a Birthday Cake, then tap on your Sim and select “Have Birthday”. Once you confirm this action, your Sim will automatically age to the next level.

Where can I find birthday cakes in Sims 3?

Where are Birthday Cakes in the Sims 3? This question gets asked a lot! You can find the birthday cakes on the outdoors tab, under outdoor activities (click the football). Click the cake once it’s on the counter or table, to allow your Sim to choose who gets to blow out the candles.

Birthday cake

A birthday cake is an item that appears in The Sims: House Party, The Sims 2, The Sims 3, and The Sims 4. It is also available in The Sims: House Party. It is used to commemorate a Sim’s birthday and to advance Sims to the next life stage as they get older.

The Sims

Birthday Cake
Talk about an instant party! What better way to cheer up a Sim on their birthday than a Yumko Cake Corp. birthday cake? Patented aspartame technology yields cakes 500 times sweeter than other brands! Serves 12. Candles included. Contains: Refined Flour, Milk, Saturated Fat, Corn Starch, Aspartame, Methyl Cellulose, Lecithin, Butylated Hydroxytoluene, Phosphoric Acid, Citric Acid, Limonene, natural flavoring.
Game The Sims: House Party
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §30
Object type(s) Fun
Size 1×1

The Sims do not age, therefore the birthday cake is little more than a food item that may be purchased from the buy menu.It is possible to order Sims to blow out the candles, which will result in all playable Sims on the lot (except guests) donning party hats and gathering around the cake to celebrate, blowing through party horns and rattling noisemakers.In the next moments, the ″birthday Sim″ will bow down and blow out the candles before cutting into the first slice of cake.Once the initial slice has been consumed, additional Sims are free to enter and take a piece for themselves.Once the interaction has been cancelled or finished, the party hats and costumes will be removed from the room.Even after the first celebration, Sims will still be able to consume the leftover pieces of cake, but they will no longer be wearing a celebration hat.

When the candles are first put, they will burn for two Sim hours.Sims can have a birthday celebration complete with cake during this time period.Sims will be unable to host parties once the candles have burned out, but they will be able to consume the cake.If the cake is kept out for an extended period of time, it will deteriorate just like any other meal.While it is permissible to lay the candle on the ground, it is not permissible to blow out the candles unless the candle is placed on a table.

The Sims 2

Birthday cakes are available for purchase under the Misc > Party area of the Buy mode.Unlike the other life stages, they can only be utilized if the Sim is within 24 game hours of shifting to the next life stage (with the exception of young adults and seniors).Regardless of when the candles were blown out, the Sim will still age one day at 6 p.m.on the same day.Babies and toddlers can be aged up if they are transported to the cake by a teen, an adult, or an older.

London’s Famous Birthday Cake

London’s Famous Birthday Cake
No birthday celebration would be complete without this festive and lovingly baked confection. Make sure to invite family and friends to the party before it’s all gone!
Game The Sims 2
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §30
Object type(s) Hunger
Size 1×1 surface

The Limey CulinaryCounter (Age++)

The Limey CulinaryCounter (Age++)
Your birthday, as a child, is the one day you look forward to more than any other, but as you age it acts as a reminder of just how old you really are. If it’s not your friends heckling and teasing, it’s that cake with one more candle squeeeeeeezed onto that little surface each year. The way we figure, if a cake is going to make you feel bad for being a year older, at least it will taste fantastic!
Game The Sims 2: Celebration! Stuff
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §30
Object type(s) Hunger
Size 1×1 surface

The Buttery CulinaryCounter (Age++)

The Buttery CulinaryCounter (Age++)
Your birthday, as a child, is the one day you look forward to more than any other, but as you age it acts as a reminder of just how old you really are. If it’s not your friends heckling and teasing, it’s that cake with one more candle squeeeeeeezed onto that little surface each year. The way we figure, if a cake is going to make you feel bad for being a year older, at least it will taste fantastic!
Game The Sims 2: Celebration! Stuff
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §30
Object type(s) Hunger
Size 1×1 surface

The Purpley CulinaryCounter (Age++)

The Purpley CulinaryCounter (Age++)
Your birthday, as a child, is the one day you look forward to more than any other, but as you age it acts as a reminder of just how old you really are. If it’s not your friends heckling and teasing, it’s that cake with one more candle squeeeeeeezed onto that little surface each year. The way we figure, if a cake is going to make you feel bad for being a year older, at least it will taste fantastic!
Game The Sims 2: Celebration! Stuff
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §30
Object type(s) Hunger
Size 1×1 surface

The Sims 3

Birthday Inferno Birthday Cake
Usher in a new age with this white-hot pastry! Delicious, yet dangerous for the elderly and waistlines, the Birthday Inferno is a blazing flash of fun and excitement. (A Sim can throw a birthday party with this cake to transition to the next age category at any time.)
Game The Sims 3
Buyability Supermarket, Buy mode
Price in game §30
Object type(s) Hunger
Size 1×1 surface

If buy mode is set to ″Sort by Function,″ the Birthday Inferno Birthday Cake may be found in the Entertainment > Parties category and purchased from a supermarket.If buy mode is not set to ″Sort by Function,″ it can be found in the Entertainment > Parties category and purchased from buy mode.Any Sim on the lot, not only those in the home, can be aged up by one life stage at any point in time using this technique.When Sims blow the candles, there is a 2 percent possibility that the house may catch fire.The amount of candles on the cake is determined by the age of the Sim who will be blowing out the candles.For example, a baby will have only one candle on his or her cake, but a toddler will have two candles on his or her cake.

The Sims 4

Cakes are no longer available for purchase directly from the buy mode, as they were in prior Sims games.Sims must bake cakes by hand, as they are not automated.When baking, Sims may choose between white and chocolate cakes; if the Up All Night digital content is loaded, Sims can additionally make a ″hamburger″ cake.Sims can also bake a blue confetti cake or a strawberry cake, depending on their degree of culinary expertise.In addition, birthday cakes made with black and white cakes and SimCity cheesecakes made with the gourmet culinary talent may be utilized as celebrations.A teen, young adult, adult, or elder must take a toddler to the cake in order for them to blow out the candles.

Sims aged kid and older can do it on their own.It is not possible to age up elders in this game, as it was in prior games.


The phrase ″grow up″ redirects here.See Grow Up for more information on the aim.Sims celebrate their birthdays as they reach the next stage of their lives.The top right corner of the screen will display a warning whenever a Sim is less than two days away from the next age transition.The warning will inform the player that they have only two days to either raise the Sim’s aspiration score (if it is in the negative) or that there is nothing to worry about because the Sim’s aspiration is already high.The player will receive another notice twenty-four hours after the first one, informing them that the Sim is capable of growing older.

Sims may age up by eating a birthday cake, which can be purchased in buy mode from a store or prepared at home, according to the game.Alternatively, in The Sims 2, the user can direct a Sim (as long as they are not newborns) to ″Grow Up″ on their own, without the need for a birthday cake.An older Sim (teen or older) must either accompany a baby to acquire a cake, or they must wait until they (autonomously) get the interaction ″Help Grow Up″ before the baby may grow up.Sims can choose to celebrate their birthday by throwing a party for their friends and family.Conventional wisdom holds that birthday parties are only allowed to be held on the Sim’s birthday, yet birthday parties can be celebrated at any time in The Sims 3.Sims that forget to blow out their candles on their birthday or who fail to host a birthday party in time will earn a depressing ″Forgotten Birthday″ moodlet in The Sims 4.

According on their aspiration score at the time of transitioning, their performance in school, and their ability to learn toddler skills, sims either grow up well or poorly throughout time.A Sim that grows up well will develop player-chosen characteristics, but a Sim who grows up poorly will develop a negative characteristic.


Sims move through life stages such as birth, infancy, childhood, old age, and, finally, death. The life states that are accessible in each game are shown in the following chart. Unless otherwise stated, Sims move through each stage of life in the sequence shown from left to right on the screen.

Game Baby Toddler Child Teen Young Adult Adult Elder Notes
The Sims Yes No Yes No No Yes No Children do not grow up into adults, and adults do not die of old age
The Sims 2 Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
The Sims 2: University Yes Yes Yes Yes Optional Yes Yes Teens can go to college and become young adults, or skip college and go directly from teen to adult
The Sims 3 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
The Sims 4 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Toddlers were added in a patch released January 12, 2017.

The Sims 3

Image Moodlet Name Mood Effect Time Period From Game Dialog/Description Notes
Celebrated Birthday +40 24 Hours Celebrating Birthday Birthday parties are the best! Throw a birthday party and blow out the candles. When blowing out candles, a fire may start.

The Sims 4

Image Moodlet Name Effect Emotion Time Period From Game Dialog/Description Notes EP
Birthday! 1 Happy Birthday Party Birthdays are fun! Heck, any party is a good time. But a celebration with a personal cake? Woo!
Birthday Joy 2 Happy 4 Hours Birthday Party Nothing helps take away the pain of getting older like having a good party.
Forgotten Birthday 1 Sad 12 Hours Forgotten Birthday (Sim Name) forgot to have a party for his birthday. Or maybe no one wanted to come? Either way, it’s very sad. Allow the Sim to age up automatically instead of using the birthday cake. The ″From″ label will also be ″Forgotten Birthday″.
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Player tips

  • Sims will reach the age of six in The Sims 2 at 18:00 (6 PM). In The Sims 3, a Sim’s age will increase at 00:00 (12 AM), but he or she will not graduate to the next life stage at any certain moment.
  • The use of a birthday cake draws the attention of everyone on the lot, who can be heard blowing noisemakers.
  • A Sim can host a birthday party, although it is not necessary to be of legal drinking age.
  • If the Sim is left alone on the last day of his or her age period, he or she will age independently. A birthday cake is replaced with a toy in The Sims 3 when the Sims wake up and utilize it. They also age up as a result of this. It will attract the attention of everyone on the lot, who will gather to watch and blow noisemakers.
  • In The Sims, infants will ultimately grow up into children, but children will never grow up into adults, and the same is true for children. When playing The Sims: Age of Discovery, the only method to transform a kid into an adult is to use the Age of Instant charm (which requires Toadstools and 2x Dragon Scales). Making a Magician’s Apprentice
  • When you buy a birthday cake and arrange a party, you can celebrate your Sim’s birthday
  • however, the Sim who blows out the candles will not age as a result of doing so.
  • Because of the time constraints on when a Sim can age, it is always a good idea to purchase cake for newborns. Sims may be stopped on a regular basis by the autonomous interaction, but they will never succeed in aging the baby.
  • Aim to age a Sim only when their mood is not in the danger zone.
  • A birthday cake will advance the Sim to the next life stage, regardless of how many days are left on his or her current life stage.
  • Players may age up Sims by shift-clicking on one and selecting the ″Trigger Age Transition″ option, which is allowed with the testingcheatsenabled true setting. In this technique, gamers might cause them to die from old age as quickly as possible.
  • A birthday celebration with candles on the cake will provide good moodlets
  • throwing a birthday party will provide positive moodlets

Can you buy a birthday cake Sims 4?

Cakes are no longer available for purchase directly from the buy mode, as they were in prior Sims games.Sims must bake cakes by hand, as they are not automated.Sims can make either white or chocolate cakes; if the Up All Night digital content is enabled, Sims may also create a « hamburger » cake if the Up All Night digital content is installed.In addition, can Sims reach the age of majority without the aid of a cake?If a Sim is not a baby, the user can order them to « Grow Up » on their own without the need for a birthday cake in The Sims 2 as well.In addition, what exactly is a betrothed kiss in Sims 4?

Have the Betrothed Kiss (0/1) on the cheek Allow the newlyweds to kiss each other on the lips.Consume Food (0/4) The visitors can be invited to supper if there is a group meal prepared ahead of a similar manner What is the best way to make a birthday cake in The Sims 4?The only way to obtain a cake is to create one yourself:

  1. Go to the fridge and pick ″Cook.″ from the menu
  2. Choose your cake from the menu — there’s chocolate, strawberry, white and blue confetti confetti from memory, to name a few options
  3. When you’re through with the cake, pick it and click ″add birthday candles.″

Where can I find the purchase mode in The Sims 4?It may be accessed by either clicking on the Buy mode icon in the user interface or by using the F2 key on the keyboard.Buy mode allows players to purchase goods from an object catalog and set them on the current lot, sell objects that are now on the current lot, and rearrange objects on the current lot.Sell mode allows players to sell objects that are currently on the current lot.

How do you force a Sim to age up?

Once this menu is displayed, type ″testingcheatstrue″ followed by ″cas. fulleditmode″ to access it. Once you’ve done that, shift click on the Sim you want to age up and pick ″Modify in CAS.″ You’ll notice that you may enter any age within the game that you’d like, and that the change will take place shortly after.

Will my SIM automatically age up?

Sims will not mature, much less progress in age, unless they are a part of the family in which the game is being played. This also implies that a playable Sim will not die after the game is over.

Is Sims 4 suitable for a 11 year old?

″Lots of sexual themes, including skimpy clothing, flirting, kissing, but no nudity,″ according to Common Sense Media. ″Sex is conducted totally beneath the covers,″ the organization adds.

How do you have a betrothed kiss on Sims?

Eating is important during a wedding; encourage your sims and their guests to consume at least 4 dishes of food throughout the event. Have the Betrothed Kiss: All that is required is for the newlyweds to exchange a kiss! Make the couple flirt with each other: Make the couple flirt with each other. Interact romantically with the newlyweds for a few of minutes each.

Can Sims have multiple partners Sims 4?

It is still possible for Sims to just have one spouse, but it is now feasible for them to have several additional relationships without the world dying. Now that The Sims 4 is out, there is no requirement for a Sim to have many relationships, but the option is still available.

Can you get drunk Sims 4?

Is it possible for Sims to become drunk in The Sims 4? In The Sims 4, it is not possible for Sims to get intoxicated. If they consume too much alcohol, their cheerful moodlet will be replaced with a moodlet indicating that they are not feeling well. Although they cannot technically become intoxicated by drinking, they do experience the effects of alcohol.

Where is the wedding cake in Sims 4?

The Sims 4 wedding cake creation tutorial includes step-by-step instructions.To make a white cake, open the refrigerator and select Cook from the drop-down menu.Your Sim should now be in the process of making the cake.Once the cake is finished, it should be placed in the center of the table.To make it appear as if it is a real wedding cake, click on the cake and then pick the option Add Wedding Topper from the drop-down menu.

How do I buy ingredients in Sims 4?

Groceries are not included in The Sims 4 in any way. Whenever a Sim is given the instruction to cook (regardless of whether equipment is used), you’ll be provided with a list of all of the dishes that Sim is currently capable of preparing based on their Cooking Skill level. A list of ingredients will be displayed after selecting a recipe from the drop-down menu.

How do you age down a Sim?

Cheating is the only method to REALLY age down a sim; there is no other way, at least that I am aware of.

  1. The shortcut keys are Ctrl+Shift+C, Testingcheats is true, and cas.fulleditmode is enabled.
  2. Then click on a mirror or a closet and type CAS into the text box. Everything about your sims, even their ages, may be changed using the hacks you use. So just choose the age at which you want your sim to be

What are the Sims 4 cheat codes?

  • Cheats for Sims 4 money kaching: get 1,000 simoleons
  • rosebud: receive 1,000 simoleons (for Sims veterans who remember it)
  • kaching: receive 1,000 simoleons
  • rosebud: receive 1,000 simoleons
  • Get 50,000 simoleons to reach the motherlode.
  • Make a precise conversion of home simoleons into a certain quantity.
  • FreeRealEstate: type this in the neighborhood or global view to make all lots available for free

Can a teenage Sim get pregnant?

Teen pregnancy is not permitted in The Sims, yet players continue to make it happen.

Why wont my Sims age up?

Re: My Sim Isn’t Growing Older You must eliminate all of the Sims who are not aging in your game if you want the issue to be resolved. Otherwise, the problem will persist. It will have an impact on the entire community.

How long does it take a Sim to age up?

Q: How long does it take for a Sim to reach the age of majority? A: It takes around 60 action-days (as measured by the total amount of time spent by the Sim executing activities) to complete the whole Life Cycle from beginning to conclusion.

Will there be a sims 5?

There is currently no release date for The Sims 5, and it does not appear that one will be announced any time soon. As a result, we do not expect to see the game released before late 2022 at the earliest – and we may have to wait even longer than that given the current focus on The Sims 4 Cottage Living expansion.

Why wont my sims age up?

Re: My Sim Isn’t Growing Older You must delete all of the Sims who aren’t growing older in your game if you want to get rid of the problem you are experiencing. It will have an impact on the entire community.

Is Sims 4 OK for a 7 year old?

That is, Sims 4 is suggested for children above the age of 15, but it is not forbidden from being purchased by children under the age of fifteen. Parents have the authority to determine whether or not a piece of content is acceptable for a youngster. Germany chose not to use the PEGI rating system and instead assigned a 6+ rating to the game.

What is WooHoo in Sims?

WooHoo is the ultimate expression of romantic love between two Sims – as well as the Sims version of sexual intercourse that is suitable for children, which was initially presented in The Sims 2.No matter if you’re a hopeless Sim romantic, a would-be Sim lothario, or a coolly detached accomplishment or trophy seeker (in which case WooHoo appears frequently!), this game has something for you!

Will there be a Sims 5?

There is currently no release date for The Sims 5, and it does not appear that one will be announced any time soon. As a result, we do not expect to see the game released before late 2022 at the earliest – and we may have to wait even longer than that given the current focus on The Sims 4 Cottage Living expansion.

How do you get a girlfriend in Sims 4?

You can ask to be Boyfriend/Girlfriend once two Sims have created some sort of Romantic Relationship by completing the first third of the bar, which is just 30 percent (1/3 of the bar). This will most likely not surface if you simply walk up to them and introduce yourself, but if you merely pull off a few Romantic socials, the choice will become available.

Does Sims 4 have a buffet table?

Buffet tables can be found in the expansion pack The Sims 4: Luxury Party Stuff. A total of six slots are available for use, each of which may be supplied with five different meals (or food made by Sims in preparation) and the new Fountain of Mirth.

Where is the best place to get married in Sims 4?

  • It’s possible that they’ll return to Willow Creek, but in the city of San Myshuno, there’s a gorgeous park that only a few people are aware of that would make for the ideal location for the ultimate The SimsTM 4 City Living* wedding! Using the Event Planner on your Sim’s phone, you may easily arrange a wedding reception or other event. References 1 and 2, References 3 and 4, and References 5 and 6.

The Sims 3 Guide to Raising Kids

Throwing Birthday Parties to Grow Up or Get Older

Raising Kids in the Sims 3
Pregnancy/Adoption Babies/Toddlers Children
Teenagers Birthdays Bake Sales Traits by Age
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Also see: The Sims 3 Party Guide: How to Host a Successful Party This Sims 3 Guide was initially prepared for the PC and Mac versions of the game, but it will also be useful to users of the console versions of the game, which include the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii, among others.Please keep in mind that any information or numbers may have changed.Birthdays are the most common technique of transitioning from one Sim to another’s age in the Sims.If you don’t throw your Sim a birthday party, he or she will be forced to go through an age change at the conclusion of the celebration.A birthday notification from The Sims 3 will notify you when your Sim will be celebrating, and you should be prepared when your Sim will be reaching a certain age or reaching adulthood so that they may enjoy a wonderful celebration.I’m not sure how much of an influence it has on the game, but it’s entertaining to see a birthday celebration and it’s a fantastic chance for your Sims to meet other members of their family.

Organizing the Birthday Celebration Make use of the phone and choose the option to throw a party.Make it a birthday celebration, and choose a time when you’d want the festivities to begin.The dress code for the party will also be determined by you.Rich Sims could like to dress in a more formal manner.After that, you’ll be able to choose from a list of Sims that your Sim is acquainted with.The majority of the Sims you call will show up.

Ascertain that everything is in working order when the visitors arrive.As soon as the party begins, things become a tad hectic.You should provide a pleasant source of entertainment at the party, as well as seating arrangements that allow the majority of guests to sit and eat comfortably.

If your Sim is a fantastic cook, you’ll do well to prepare your own food and serve it yourself.For bigger gatherings, search for the buffet table under the kitchen option in the purchase mode (under kitchen tables).By clicking on this table, you will be able to place food on it.This will cost $250, but it will allow you to offer meals to a greater number of people.Order a pizza for a small gathering if the host is a lousy chef or does not have enough time to prepare food.This is frequently sufficient to satisfy the majority of guests.

Make an effort to provide music, television, and other forms of entertainment so that attendees may socialize and participate in a variety of enjoyable activities while at the party.Birthday Cakes are not present in The Sims 3.This is a question that is frequently asked!The birthday cakes may be found under the outdoor activities section of the outdoors category (click the football).Once the cake is placed on the counter or table, click it to let your Sim to pick who will be the one to blow out the candles on the cake.

  • Select the birthday boy or birthday girl.
  • Every Sim at the celebration will come to a huddle around your Sim, who will then blow out the candles on the cake.
  • At that moment, they will develop and mature into the next chapter of their lives.
  • Growing Older at a Younger Age Your Sim has the ability to mature up early once during their lifetime.
  • This may be accomplished by purchasing a birthday cake and blowing out the candles, and they will grow older.
  • Make good use of it.
  1. Also see: The Sims 3 Party Guide: How to Host a Successful Party
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Raising Kids in the Sims 3
Pregnancy/Adoption Babies/Toddlers Children
Teenagers Birthdays Bake Sales Traits by Age
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Our Sims Forum is the best place to go if you need quick answers to issues or want to discuss the game with other Sims players.To share your own personal experiences and give useful recommendations to other readers, please fill out the form to the right.Sort Jazmine expresses herself.Admin: In reality, you can only consume cake once per day, not once per lifetime.Prior to this, I’d used it on every lifestage that was conceivable (all but senior) for a single Sim (except elder).1st of July, 2013 at 11:34 a.m.

Yesenia expresses herself.Admin: No, it shouldn’t be the case.Simply purchase a fresh cake and attempt to utilize it.You are not permitted to use the same one more than once.18th of July, 2013 at 5:54 p.m.Playalot has something to say.

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Fix The sims 4: Can’t Add Birthday Candles

Baking a birthday cake for your Sim and decorating it with beautiful candles can help them to look older.Once your Sim has finished blowing out the candles, they will move on to the next stage of their life.When it comes to aging up your Sims, the birthday candles are essential aspects to consider.The birthday cake alone will not be sufficient to advance your Sim to a new life stage.In this article, we’ll show you what you can do if you’re unable to decorate your cake with birthday candles on your special day.

Can’t Add Candles to Cake in The Sims 4

Fix 1 – Use the bring out cake interaction

This solution is only applicable to those of you who have purchased the Dine Out package. To decorate your cake with candles, utilize the Bring out the cake interaction. This should resolve the issue, and the practice of decorating cakes with candles should now be a thing of the past.

Fix 2 – Move the cake

First and foremost, make certain that the cake is in the middle of the table.Aside from that, there should be nothing else on the table.Make a note to remove it from the refrigerator’s inventory and set it on a separate work surface.Check to see whether all of the available options are available.Take note that this function is not available on all of the available tables.If you place the cake on a low table, you will not be able to use the option to decorate with candles.

Furthermore, it appears that the location of the cake fluctuates depending on the type of counter on which it is placed.Gamers discovered that the cakes put on counters attached to the wall had to be in the center in order for the candle choice to display on their screens.If, on the other hand, you’re working with an island counter, consider positioning the cake at the border so that you can add the birthday candles.

Fix 3 – Have your Sim travel to another lot

You might also try moving your Sim to a different lot if you’re still having trouble adding the birthday candles to your cake.Spend two minutes there and then bring them back to the classroom.Check to see whether the candle option has been re-activated.Otherwise, if the problem continues, you may attempt to repair the game by accessing the Origin game library and selecting ″Repair Sims 4 from the pop-up menu.″ Click on the Repair button and then wait for the tool to finish repairing the game.I’m hoping anything will be of assistance.

Babies – The Sims 4 Wiki Guide

Years ago, Christine National’s cousin was a member of a prosperous dynasty of her own.Christine isn’t very competitive, but she doesn’t want her company’s line to be lost as a result of her absence.Besides, she and Freddie get along well, they earn a lot of money together, and they now reside in a beautiful home after relocating to a new location.The moment has come for you to become a parent!advertisement

Conception and Pregnancy

Christine, on the other hand, could have taken this decision sooner if she had chosen to.Christine may have used the ″Try For Baby.″ command with Freddie regardless of their socioeconomic standing in The Sims 4.According to the Manage Worlds screen, it was conceivable for her to become pregnant while still unmarried and with Freddie still residing ″Not in the World.″ In Christine’s case, the decision is based on a sense of security, as she is a single mom living in a small house, which does not exactly provide her child with the finest opportunities in virtual reality.Christine and her husband could adopt a kid for $1,000 over the computer, but they choose to take a more traditional approach to the problem.She interacts with her bed, selects ″Try For Baby,″ and the fireworks begin to erupt around her.At least in comparison to earlier installments of the franchise, there is no specific musical tone that indicates pregnancy.

There is, however, a far more straightforward means of discovering the answer.As soon as the couple gets out of bed in the morning, we may interact with a toilet and pick the ″Take Pregnancy Test″ option.Christine is the active Sim in this scenario.When compared to the real world, the pregnancy test in The Sims 4 is virtually sure to be successful.Christine chooses to disregard this choice and instead goes about her business as usual throughout the day.In the event that she is in fact pregnant, she will discover it later that evening or maybe the next morning when she is afflicted by morning sickness for the first time, depending on when she becomes aware of her condition.

When the ″Try for Baby″ command is sent, it is almost certain that Christine and Freddie would conceive because both of them were touched by pleasant emotions at the moment.If any or both of the partners possessed the Fertile Trait, the chances of conception would be 100 percent.Success!

Christine is now ″eating for two,″ or potentially even more people than that.Twins and triplets are feasible, albeit they are more difficult to come by if one or both parents do not have the Fertile characteristic in their genes.When the moment comes, we won’t know how many Christine has on hand.

Speed Up Pregnancy Cheat

Do you want to make your Sim’s pregnancy go faster?There is a hack that allows you to do just that!How to do so is explained on this page of the wiki, and you may find additional information on other Cheat Codes sites.Christine will have increased decays in her Hunger and Energy requirements while she is pregnant.A lot of napping may be required, and she may want an additional dish of food every once in a while.In addition to working out, she won’t be able to participate in several other physical activities, and the choice will simply be grayed out in the pie menu.

The explanation will appear when the cursor is over it.advertisement The majority of acts, on the other hand, can still be carried out.Christine is still expected to be at work on time, and advancement opportunities do not cease or diminish for her.At the very least, her daily duty (″romantic acts,″ because she is on the Super Agent career track) is simple enough to do.Freddie is more than prepared to take on the role of the other half of that.Christine’s progress may be tracked by hovering the mouse cursor over the moodlet.

Because each trimester lasts one day, she could anticipate to go into labor around 72 hours after learning she is pregnant for the first time.As a result, the timer begins to run four days after conception rather than three; the meter does not begin to run until you are formally notified that your Sim is pregnant, though we could have accelerated the process with a pregnancy test.Once the designated time has arrived, there is a little element of chance involved: Christine will not go into labor immediately after the appointed time has arrived.

Because the moodlet indicates that she will ″Give birth in?,″ we must remain vigilant at all times.Generally speaking, labor will begin within 12 hours of the moodlet being updated (roughly 72 to 84 hours after conception).However, it is possible that it will take considerably longer, maybe even a full day or more.Christine, on the other hand, goes into labor exactly on schedule.Because Christine is doing the difficult part, it’s acceptable if Freddie freaks out and goes into automatic ″Prenatal panic!″ mode, which can’t be stopped.After all, it’s Christine who’s doing all the hard work!

Christine is faced with a choice between two possibilities.She has two options for giving birth: she may either go to the hospital or do it at home.She is, however, needed to own a baby bassinet, which she might interact with to select ″Have Baby Here″ in order to give birth immediately.Because she does not have access to a vehicle, she decides to get to the hospital using a self-interaction.After he’s finished crying, Freddie instantly follows her to where she’s going.

  • For a few hours, the pair is cut off from the rest of the world.
  • Everyone, with the exception of Christine, finds the process to be painless, and we know she has succeeded when we are asked to identify the newcomer.
  • The fact that names in The Sims 4 are individual rather than family-based means that we may give the kid whatever surname we like, even one that has nothing to do with either of the parents.
  • Christine considers her ancestors to be essential, and she is adamant about keeping on the family name.
  • Anna National, you’ve arrived in the world!


With the Get to Work Expansion Pack loaded, you’ll be transported to the actual hospital and witness the birth of a newborn baby (″censored″ out because the Sim giving birth will be in a machine that blocks the view from the chest down).Other than that, the procedure remains the same.It should be noted that there is always the possibility that Christine and Freddie, or any other couple, will get pregnant with twins or triplets!There is never an indication of twins prior to delivery, therefore it will come as a complete surprise if it occurs!Despite the fact that twins and triplets can be impacted by Reward Traits (particularly Fertile) and Lot Traits (specifically On the Ley Line or On the Dark Ley Line), triplets and twins are still conceivable even in the absence of these traits.Because these characteristics stack, if two Sims both have Fertile and conceive on a lot with the On the Ley Line attribute, it is nearly certain that they will produce triplets as a result of the combination.

It should be noted that, in contrast to earlier installments in the franchise, there are no objects that can impact the gender of a baby or whether or not twins are born.When Christine and Freddie return home, a bassinet is immediately ordered and placed in the bedroom for their convenience.It was put a few of squares too near to the bed by the game, so we enter Build Mode to relocate it a few tiles further away.Christine carefully places Anna in her new bed, and then soon drops asleep after the exertion of the previous night’s activities.Christine, take good care of yourself.Once you’ve gotten out of bed, we’ll make sure you’re securely tucked in.

Caring for Babies

In The Sims 4, the process of caring for newborns has been substantially simplified.Even if Anna cannot be picked as an active Sim, we can see her colorful backdrop in her photo and use it to understand how she is feeling.Babies are often divided into three categories: normal, sleeping, and noisy and unpleasant.Crying is only triggered when they are hungry, unclean (from a used diaper), or lonely (from being left alone).After a few hours, Anna begins to sob uncontrollably.She is immediately picked up and rocked by Christine as a result of this.

In the absence of a green ″smoke″ signifying a dirty diaper, your initial course of action should be to engage in whatever social interaction possible, just in case the infant feels lonely.Furthermore, this contributes to the development of some relationship points that will be carried over 1:1 when the infant grows up.However, newborns are born hungry, and the parents was too weary after the delivery to feed Anna at this time due to her previous socialization.Christine interacts with the bassinet and then selects ″Feed″ from the menu.A new feature for The Sims 4 is the ability for the mother to breastfeed her child in addition to simply using a conventional bottle to feed him.There does not appear to be a big difference in gameplay between the two options, albeit breast feeding appears to enhance the connection score considerably more than bottle feeding.

It is recommended that you only breastfeed if you have the option to do so, unless you are unconcerned with the relationship between the mother and the child.Naturally, Freddie and anybody else will only be able to use bottles, which is OK if Christine is in a position where she does not have the luxury of using a container.In the event that Christine or Freddy tries to feed Anna when she is not hungry, Anna will reject, and everyone will suffer a little blow to their personal relationships in the process.

If you want to be absolutely certain, try rocking the baby when she screams, and if she continues to cry, feed her immediately.Otherwise, if rocking her was sufficient, don’t bother attempting a feeding on her behalf.Unless you have the Parenthood Game Pack loaded, your Sim will not be able to see what the baby need unless they have earned enough levels in the Parenting Skill through social interaction.During the time that Anna is awake, everyone (family members and invited guests alike) are welcome to engage with her, coo at her, chat to her, or perform other baby-related activities.This will improve your connection scores, and it is strongly suggested for everyone of your family members, including your parents and younger siblings.Anna, on the other hand, is unable to leave the bassinet, unlike prior games in the genre.

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Babies are, to all intents and purposes, ″things″ for the world rather than ″persons,″ to use technical terminology.Long-time fans of the series will notice that this is more in the vein of The Sims 1 than The Sims 2 or 3 in terms of gameplay.Although it is debatable whether or not this is a move for the better in general, the adjustment does have a number of good gameplay consequences.Several bugs, such as those in The Sims 2 and The Sims 3, allowed your neighbors to pick up a baby and simply walk away with it.Also, in both games, people might pick up the infant and simply leave it someplace on the lot, potentially even outside, to shiver on the cold floor for hours.

  • Babies as unique objects, for better or worse, make interaction easier and allow you as the player to have greater power over the outcome of the event.
  • Any Sim who is in the same room will be awakened by a baby’s scream, and by moving the bassinet about in the room, you can precisely control when, when, and how your older Sims will respond to the baby’s demands.
  • This single directive has made a significant difference in the way newborns function.
  • That command becomes available as soon as the infant is delivered to their bassinet and placed in their crib.
  • For those who want to skip the full baby-caring process, any Sim may just use that command to cause an instant birthday and age up their Sim to the Toddler stage.
  • In most cases, if you choose to let nature take its course, newborns will mature into toddlers after around three days.
  1. You’ll receive an alert before anything happens.
  2. In contrast to The Sims 3, you are unable to host birthday celebrations for newborns.

The Sims 4: Birthday Cake & Blowing Out Candles

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the game is watching your Sims grow older.However, before you can begin experiencing these new difficulties and life phases, it is necessary to celebrate your birthday with your friends and family first.All of the finest birthday parties in The Sims 4 include a birthday cake, which is well-known among players.A birthday cake is also required if you wish to have your sims reach the age of majority sooner rather than later.

How To Get a Birthday Cake

You could buy a birthday cake in earlier Sims games, but this is no longer possible in The Sims 4: Buy Mode.Currently, you must prepare the cake yourself, which might be time-consuming, but it adds a great deal to the realism of the game and can be a sweet moment shared with family members.You may prepare a birthday cake by clicking on your fridge and selecting Cook.Depending on your sim’s culinary ability, different food items will appear on the screen.Your sim will begin baking as soon as you click on the cake you wish.Developing your gourmet culinary skills will also enable you to create a delicious gourmet cake when the time comes.

Types of Birthday Cake

  • Fortunately, you can prepare a variety of cakes that are suitable for use as birthday cakes in the game, and all of them are equally tasty for your Sims to consume. Sim City Cheesecake
  • Chocolate Cake
  • White Cake
  • Hamburger Cake (if you have the Digital Deluxe game)
  • Blue Confetti Cake
  • Strawberry Cake
  • Honey Cake (made with honey acquired through beekeeping)
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Sim City Cheesecake (if you have the Digital Deluxe game).

How to Blow Out The Candles

Having a birthday cake in The Sims 4 is mostly about the process of blowing out the candles, which is the most essential element.To achieve this, you must first click on a finished cooked cake and then select ″add birthday candles,″ after which your sim will whoosh their hand over the cake and place birthday candles on it.Except for toddlers and babies, this can be accomplished by any sim.Following the addition of the birthday candles, you may have any sim that is a youngster or older click on the cake to have them blow out the candles on their own birthday.If your birthday sim is a toddler, on the other hand, you will need to enlist the assistance of a caregiver.During your time in charge of the toddler, you may click on the birthday cake and select ask for help to blow out the candles.

You will then be given the choice of selecting an older sim to assist you.Alternatively, you may control the elder sim and select the toddler you desire to mature up by clicking help blow out candles on the older sim’s screen.Please keep in mind that babies cannot be aged up by utilizing a birthday cake; instead, you must click on the bassinet and then click age up.

Final Thoughts

Making a birthday cake in The Sims 4 is an essential aspect of any fantastic birthday celebration and may significantly enhance the overall experience of the game. It’s also an excellent technique to get your Sims to age sooner rather than later! What is your favorite flavor of birthday cake to eat while playing a video game? Please share your thoughts in the comments section!

The Sims 3

The Sims 3 is the most recent Sims version accessible, and the developers have worked hard to make it more realistic, not just with better visuals and additional activities, but also with the life lengths of the characters.The choice is yours: you may either play people throughout their usual life span (and commemorate their maturation with a Sims 3 birthday cake), or you can turn off the aging settings entirely.It is possible to immerse yourself in your Sim’s life with the help of the expansion packs and stuff packs, which include everything from their work, goals, lifelong wish, qualities and characteristics to their family and friends as well as hobbies, automobiles, holidays and much, much more!

Life Stages

Sims in The Sims 3 grow older, just like they do in real life (unless you have the aging setting turned to off).A birthday cake is not required to change the Sim’s age, although it is enjoyed by the Sim.Continue reading to find out how to get a birthday cake in The Sims 3.The following life phases are available in The Sims 3: baby, toddler, child, adolescent, young adult, adult, and elder.In addition, the number of Sim days in a Sim’s lifespan may be customized in the game’s options.25 days is a short period of time.

50 days is considered a medium length.90 days is considered normal.190 days is a long time.960 days are a long time in the world of sports.The default time for each life period is:Toddler – 7 days 7 days for a child 14-day period for teenagers 21 days for a young adult Adults have 21 days to complete the course.17 to 25 days for the elderly (Vegetarians have a longer lifespan.)

Birthday Cakes

Birthday cakes in The Sims 3 are a delightful way to commemorate a Sim’s transition from one life phase to the next.They are especially entertaining for family gatherings or parties in the game.The Sims’ birthday celebration is when they would age up, but it may also be utilized ahead of time to effectively age up your Sim to the next life phase.It can also be used on any Sim on the lot, not just those in your Sim’s home.To accomplish this, just have a party at a convenient place (such as your home) and invite the Sim you wish to see grow older.Then purchase the cake, set it on your lot (on a table), and then pick ″Blow out candles″ and then select the Sim you want to age up from the list that appears.

When it comes to birthday cakes, they can only be used once per Sim, and a fresh one must be purchased and served for each occasion.If you’re wondering how to acquire a birthday cake on The Sims 3, keep reading!This is where you will discover the answers to your questions!In addition to being available for purchase (in the Buy Mode, Entertainment, and Party sections), the Birthday Inferno Birthday cake is also available from the local supermarket.It costs $30, and if you change your mind and don’t want to age up the Sim, you may sell it for $26 if you don’t want to age up the Sim anymore.Through the usage of a Time Machine, it is also possible to get the Birthday Inferno Birthday Cake by traveling back in time.


Everything in this gallery comes from the video game ″The Sims 3.″ The writer has contributed screenshots for this article.

How do you buy a birthday cake on Sims?

Birthday cakes are available for purchase under the Misc > Party area of the Buy mode. Unlike the other life stages, they can only be utilized if the Sim is within 24 game hours of shifting to the next life stage (with the exception of young adults and seniors). Regardless of when the candles were blown out, the Sim will still age one day at 6 p.m. on the same day.

Can Sims age up without a cake?

Alternatively, in The Sims 2, the user can direct a Sim (as long as they are not newborns) to ″Grow Up″ on their own, without the need for a birthday cake.

How do I buy a birthday cake on Sims Freeplay?

You can make a birthday cake on a stove by going to the baking area and scrolling down to the bottom of the list. It will cost you 5LP and take one day to bake: Once your sim has finished baking the cake, click on the cake icon above the stove to save it. You can then either use it right away or reserve it for later.

How do you choose a theme for a birthday party on Sims?

Navigate to the game’s main menu and pick the Parties option. Choose ″Host Weekly Party″ from the drop-down menu. You may only set up one party at a time, and your Sims should first get access to a new characteristic.

How do I get my Sims to go to a party?

Ensure that you have as many career and hobby items as possible displayed in and around your home prior to hosting your party. (This includes duplicate yoga mats, writing desks, and other such items.) The greater the number of matches the Sim can attend, the more Party XP and Career/Hobby XP the Sim may gain while there.

How do you host a birthday party in Sims?

Navigate to your phone’s calendar and choose ″Plan a Social Event.″ Select Birthday Party to see further options for who the birthday is for and who you would want to invite to the party. Select the Sims who are celebrating their birthdays, which can include more than one Sim at the same time. Then it’s time to invite the visitors.

Can you cheat Sims Mobile?

In The Sims Mobile, it is not currently feasible to utilize any type of programming to enhance your experience.Despite this, there is a possibility that the codes for The Sims Mobile may be released in the future.There is, however, a method that Sim may use to make gaining history points a lot simpler.In The Sims Mobile, you may earn points by engaging in activities that are performed by a different Sim.

Why can’t I host a party on Sims Mobile?

You did not throw a birthday celebration for your sim as the game progressed and you were informed that your sim was ready for a new characteristic. Each time you fail to meet the deadline, the choice will become unavailable. Only by retiring a sim, creating a new sim, or promoting a sim will you be able to access the choice once more.

Can Sims listen to radio at the same time?

Most parties have the option to ″have sims listen to music at the same time,″ which was a straightforward chore in the game’s older editions. If you want to listen in on a group chat, turn on the radio and select ″listen to in group.″ However, there is no longer any such option available. It has entirely vanished.

How do you get 3 Sims to listen to a stereo?

In live mode, form a group of people by clicking on a stereo and selecting the Listen To Together interaction.

How do I make my SIM drink at the same time?

Create a new group by clicking on the Sim and selecting Actions. Voila! As a group, you are free to do whatever you choose. lol. It is possible to manufacture kava in the Island dwelling extension and serve it to your visitors.

How do you make your Sims happy at the same time?

Allow them to enjoy a fun movie, spend time with family and friends, receive promotions, get excellent sleep, eat delicious cuisine, and do whatever else you believe will be beneficial to them. Keep in mind that a sim’s personality attributes will determine what makes them happy as well. For example, a solitary sim will not feel content if they are surrounded by a large number of people.

How do you make your Sims happy after you die?

Allow them to enjoy a fun movie, spend time with family and friends, receive promotions, get enough of sleep, eat delicious cuisine, and do whatever else you believe would be beneficial to their health and well-being Maintaining an awareness of how a sim’s personality affects his or her happiness is important. Having a large number of people around a lonely sim will not make them happy.

What music makes Sims happy?

If your Sim enjoys music, playing an instrument with a high level of proficiency in it will result in a joyful bonus. Make use of the boosts by playing the guitar, piano, or violin with a skill level of 3 or above on each instrument. The moodlet will be active for four hours and will not begin to count down until the music has stopped.

How do you make your Sims happy?

The following desires may be granted to contented Sims:

  1. Dance to the stereo, hug another Sim, call someone on the phone, chat with someone, tell a joke, meet someone new, and make a friend.

Why is my Sim flirty?

It’s possible that the game selected that feeling at random, or that the sim possessed the Romantic Trait, which results in a chance Flirty moodlet from time to time. If you don’t have any, you can always build your own and put them into your game or download some from the gallery.

How do I make my sim feel confident?

Brushing your teeth is the fastest and most straightforward method of gaining confidence. Any sink will suffice for this task. Because every communal lot is equipped with sinks, you can quickly grab (and replenish) your con

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