How To Hide Muffin Top?

Best Tops to Hide a Muffin Top

  1. Don’t Wear Clingy Tops—Look for Structured Fabrics Instead.
  2. Do Wear Tops that Emphasize Your Bust.
  3. Do Layer With a Camisole.
  4. Do Try High-Waisted Jeans.
  5. Do Choose Jeans with Stretch in the Waist.
  6. Do Pair Low-Rise Jeans with Longer Tops.
  7. Do Try An Empire Waist Silhouette.

Focus on good nutrition Eating well and focusing on nutrition is the most important step in eliminating a muffin top.

How do you wear a muffin top to hide a bump?

Wear layers. Disguise muffin tops by wearing a tailored jacket or vest over your top. The added structure worn as a top layer will help disguise extra lumps and bumps. Same goes for knits: a twinset is much more forgiving of muffin tops because it has double the layers. Wear darker colors on top.

Can you get rid of a muffin top?

People of all shapes and sizes can develop a muffin top, and it’s not exactly easy to get rid of. While you should love your body no matter what it looks like, if you’d like, you can hide your muffin top by wearing the right type of clothing.

How should Muffin Tops fit?

The most comfortable fit will be about 9 inches (23 cm) to 11 inches (28 cm), measured from your crotch to your waist. If your muffin top spills over this fit, you may need to consider high-waisted jeans. Wear a top that is the same color as your jeans. For example, if you have white jeans, pair it with a white top.

How to wear jeans with a muffin top?

Opt for jeans with a higher waistline that will go over your stomach. There are plenty of stylish jeans that are high-waisted or midrise that will conceal your muffin top perfectly. If you do decide to wear low-rise jeans, make sure your top is long and loose enough to cover your muffin top.

What causes muffin top?

Choosing fast food meals, eating quickly and eating processed foods that digest too fast are the biggest factors in maintaining the muffin top, says Vernace-Inserra, a nutrition counsellor at Inner Health Nutrition Consulting.

How do you hide a muffin top on a tight shirt?

Try a camisole shaper to smooth out bulges.

Cami shapers are made of spandex or other tight-fitting material that will pull the extra skin around your midsection in and make you look slimmer. You can also try a waist cincher under your clothing to hide a muffin top even more.

Is a muffin top unattractive?

Muffin top : As seen here, it can be quite attractive if carried well and flaunted appropriately, If it is not proportionate with the body, it can be quite unattractive and quite unappealing. On the flipside, there are men who prefer toned and slender bodies on women. For them, a muffin top is probably a no no.

How can I lose my muffin top in 2 weeks?

Six ways to beat your muffin top in just two weeks

  1. Drink more water.
  2. Do some core workouts.
  3. Monitor your portions.
  4. Realise that stress is affecting your weight – and make relaxation a priority.
  5. Consume fat-burners like green tea and avocado.
  6. Ditch the sugar.

Is it normal to have a muffin top?

“Any woman can get a muffin top. But women are more likely to gain excess belly weight — especially deep inside the belly — as they go through perimenopause and into menopause when their menstrual cycle ends.

Does tight pants cause belly fat?

“Love handles” are areas of skin that extend outward from the hips. When combined with tight clothing, love handles can become more pronounced, but they aren’t caused by tight clothes alone. They indicate excess fat accumulation around the hips and abdominal area.

What kind of tops hide belly fat?

Asymmetrical tops are very effective in hiding bellies. Not only are asymmetrical tops hip and timeless they also do a great job in creating very flattering vertical lines. Especially those tops that start on the left and then go vertical down to the right.

What is a muffin top on a woman?

A muffin top (also muffin-top) is a slang term typically used to describe a person’s body fat that extends horizontally over the edges of the waistline of tightly fitting pants or skirts, visible when there is a gap between the upper and lower garment.

Is a muffin top normal for men?

While often termed differently, muffin top, belly fat and spare tire are all essentially the same thing – excess abdominal fat. No matter what it’s called, it can be a frustration for many men.

Does running get rid of muffin top?

Running, spinning, Zumba, swimming, boxing, elliptical training and even hiking are all very effective workouts to lose belly fat. Work out as often as you like, but at least three times a week for 30-40 minutes.

Is muffin top same as love handles?

Love handle definition

It refers to any weight that may have accumulated around the sides of an individual’s waist. This weight may also be visible extending over the edge of their pants or skirt. “Muffin top” is another term people may use to describe body fat that extends above the edge of their waistline.

What exercise helps lose muffin top?

Russian Twist is one of the best exercises to get rid of muffin top. It strengthens your abs, tones your oblique muscles and helps in shredding that muffin top. You can do it with weight and without weight depending on your level. Sit on your butt with your feet pressed into the ground and knees bent.

How to conceal a muffin top?

  • Small Chest: Finding a suit that flatters your bust can be a challenge.
  • HUGE Chest: For the girls with big girls,string bikinis are not your friend,nor are bathing suit tops that come in size S,M and L.
  • Broad Shoulders: There are a few things you can do to balance out your body when you’ve got a set of broad shoulders.
  • Our Best Fashion Tips For a Smooth Waistline

    1. It doesn’t matter what your size, shape, or even age is, there’s one bodily issue that virtually everyone will have to deal with at some time when getting dressed: the (dreaded) muffin top.
    2. This roll of fat — which can be huge or tiny, depending on your overall size — dangles over the top of your waistband, giving the appearance of a muffin top to the wearer.
    3. It might just pour over the front of pants, or it can rise up over the sides and back of pants as well, depending on the style.
    4. Even though women have been experiencing increasing waistlines for decades, the phenomenon has grown more obvious in the last 10 years or so as waistlines have become lower and it appears that narrow pants highlight the muffin top..

    Muffin Top Myths

    • A muffin top is caused by wearing pants that are overly tight. No, that’s not right. When you have a muffin top, it is caused by a soft midsection (doesn’t it sound so much better than flabby belly?) that extends over the top of your waistline. While it is true that a waistband that is excessively tight might create spillage, the most likely cause is the location of the waistline on your physique
    • a muffin top is a sign that you are overweight. Once again, I was wrong! On women as tiny as a size 6, I’ve seen it on them. It is caused by excess flesh and weight around the center of your body being squeezed by jeans that do not sit in the proper position on your waist. It is possible to be fairly little and still have it. I’m a relatively regular size (10) and I’m still fighting it
    • muffin tops are just a problem for old ladies. Definitely not the case. Teens and young females with a flabby stomach have been seen. It’s really more obvious in younger women since they like to wear their clothes tighter than more older women
    • to get rid of a muffin top, you’ll need to undergo surgery or engage in intense exercise. Okay, if you’re seeking for a long-term solution, this is partially accurate. You might, however, make it appear as though you’ve gotten rid of it by employing some simple fashion tactics.

    How to Hide a Muffin Top

    • The wonderful thing about having a muffin top is that it is quite easy to conceal with the right clothing choices. Here’s how it’s done: Tops that are too tight in the midsection should be avoided. However, while tight pants are often blamed for muffin tops (and they certainly don’t help, so make sure your waistline isn’t too tight), it is in fact tight shirts that draw attention to the problem of muffin top. Knits are renowned for clinging to every last ounce of fat and emphasizing bulges and dimples. So go for blousy or belted clothes that aren’t too fitting
    • if you must wear a fitted top, pair it with a camisole shaper to keep your figure in check. Cami shapers have become a new addiction for me. They are extremely light and do not have the same sensation as typical shapewear. A camisole smooths you out and allows you to wear fitting knits (without having to perform crunches – ha!) without feeling restricted. It also has a dual purpose by helping to reduce back fat.
    • Dress with layers.
    • Wearing a fitted jacket or vest over your top will help to conceal muffin tops. The increased rigidity provided by wearing a top layer will assist to conceal any lumps and bumps that may be present. As for knits, a twinset is far more forgiving of muffin tops than a singlet since it has twice the number of layers.
    • Darker hues should be worn on top.
    • Colors such as black, navy, chocolate, and charcoal will all assist to make the upper half of your body appear smaller.
    • Dresses with wraps or shifts are a good choice.
    • You may give the appearance of a svelte belly by wearing a wrap dress if you have plenty of additional rolls around your midsection, which is true even when you’re wearing dresses (overall, prints are especially flattering.) Alternatively, a shift dress that skims the body and hangs in a straight line can be worn
    • belt everything lower on the waist. The greatest belted appearance is achieved by pairing a blousy shirt with a belt that is low on the hips. Moreover, the blousiness of the top will conceal any muffin top, while a lower-slung belt will divert the attention away from trouble areas.

    How to Hide a Muffin Top

    1. Article to be downloaded article to be downloaded That roll of fat that hangs around your waistline is referred to as a ″muffin top.″ It is possible for people of various shapes and sizes to develop a muffin top, and getting rid of it is not always straightforward.
    2. While you should accept and appreciate your body regardless of its appearance, you may conceal your muffin top by dressing in the appropriate apparel.
    3. Simple fashion suggestions will ensure that no one will be able to tell you have a muffin top if you follow them.
    1. 1 Stay away from tight-fitting clothes that hug your tummy. The cloth will cling to your skin if you wear blouses that are excessively tight around the waist. This will exaggerate your muffin top. Wear clothes and fabrics that are loose, such as flowing blouses or button-up shirts, to avoid seeming sloppy. If you wear a loose-fitting top, you can get away with wearing more fitted bottoms, and vice versa. For example, you may match a button-up shirt with a pair of jeans and leave the shirt untucked. Alternatively, layer a loose blouse over a pencil skirt
    2. avoid shirts that are excessively large in the bust and thighs. Although this will conceal your muffin top, it may also make you look larger than you actually are. Purchase a garment in your size that is purposefully loose fitting
    3. however, avoid purchasing clothes that are significantly larger than your actual size.
    4. Certain textiles, such as cotton-spandex mixes, should be avoided. Instead, choose shirts made entirely of cotton or silk, which will naturally flow more freely and won’t stick to the body.
    • 2 Wear a peplum shirt to give yourself a more feminine appearance. A peplum top is a stylish shirt that has an additional piece of fabric at the waistline that flares out and down towards the hips. It is quite popular right now. This produces an hourglass appearance, which is ideal for concealing a muffin top or other problem areas. Look for a peplum with pleats at the bottom of the skirt. This shape performs an excellent job of concealing the stomach while emphasizing the hips and buttocks
    • you can wear your peplum top with virtually any bottoms you want. Peplum tops look excellent with pencil skirts, leggings, and skinny jeans
    • some peplum tops are short or cropped, which makes them even more versatile. Please make certain that the peplum you select is long enough to cover your muffin top.
    • Promotional material
    • 3 If you have bulges, try wearing a camisole shaper. If you want to keep wearing your fitted clothing, consider layering a camisole, sometimes known as a ″cami,″ below them. Cami shapers are constructed of spandex or other tight-fitting materials that are designed to draw in the excess flesh around your midriff, giving you a more smaller appearance. You may also try wearing a waist cincher underneath your clothes to conceal a muffin top even more effectively. They are available in latex or thick fabric, and hook-and-eye closures let you to modify their tightness to your liking.
    • 4 Adding layers to your attire will help you conceal excess weight. If the weather lets it, add layers to your outfit by layering a vest or jacket over your shirt. These additional layers do an excellent job of masking the fact that you are carrying more weight. They will help to cover any excess lumps that may have developed due to your muffin top. It is especially important to use blazers in the office since they offer layers and help to disguise a muffin top bulge. It can be customized, fitted, or loose in fit and style. Moreover, the structured material of a blazer is advantageous since it does not conform as much to the contour of the muffin top.
    • Another fantastic method to add layers and distract attention away from the tummy is to drape a long scarf across your shoulders.
    1. 5 Dress in dark colors to make yourself look thinner.
    2. Many people believe that wearing black helps you appear thinner.
    3. Dark hues, such as black, navy blue, dark gray, and even dark green, will assist to make your upper body look smaller by drawing attention away from your midsection.
    4. Make a statement with a black ensemble from head to toe.
    5. You will seem slimmer overall as a result of the long vertical line created by this technique.
    1. 1 Wearing lightweight spandex pants that flatten your tummy will help you seem slimmer.
    2. Spandex is a tight, elastic cloth that adheres to your body and is commonly referred to as ″shapewear″ in retail establishments because of its shape-retaining properties.
    3. High-waist underwear or shorts that may be worn beneath skirts, shorts, or pants are a good choice for this occasion.
    4. When you put them on, they immediately help to flatten your tummy.
    5. Make certain that you get a pair that is appropriate for your body type.
    6. While it shouldn’t be very tight or confining, it also shouldn’t be too loose that it doesn’t conceal the stomach.

    Additionally, bodysuits and high-waisted tights can be worn to cover the belly.

    • One option is to wear lightweight spandex pants that help to flatten your stomach. When it comes to retail, spandex is a tight, elastic cloth that adheres to your body and is sometimes referred to as ″shapewear.″ High-waist underwear or shorts that may be worn beneath skirts, shorts, or pants are a good choice for this season. When you put them on, they immediately flatten your stomach. Buy a pair that is comfortable and fits properly on your body type. It shouldn’t be too tight or constraining, but it shouldn’t be too loose that it doesn’t conceal the stomach either, You can also choose different types of shapewear that cover the belly, such as bodysuits or high-waisted tights.
    • 3 Choose a wrap dress to draw attention to a narrow waist. Undoubtedly, a wrap dress is flattering on virtually any body type. It has a tie at the waist that may be used to draw attention to your breast and give you the perfect hourglass silhouette. If you can locate one that fits exactly, it might provide the appearance of a smaller stomach if worn correctly. If your wrap dress is more fitting than you thought and does not disguise your muffin top as well as you would have liked, layer on some shapewear underneath.
    • Dress in a print to make a statement. They are really flattering on the majority of body types.
    • 4 Find a shift dress that is both flattering and conceals your contours. A shift dress is a garment that hangs from the shoulders and falls in a straight line, similar to a column. There is no ruching or cinching on these pants
    • they are quite loose and spacious. Because they skim the body and conceal your stomach, these sorts of dresses are excellent for disguising muffin tops. When wearing a shift dress, choose for dark hues to make a statement. Moreover, they perform an excellent job of concealing the waistline.
    • Look for shift dresses with a high neckline that stands out. As a result, the focus will be drawn upward and away from your muffin top.
    • Make sure your shift dress is loose enough around your midsection to accommodate your growing belly. If the dress does not fit properly, it will not conceal your muffin top.
    1. Question Add a new question Question What colors help you appear to be slimmer?
    2. Stephanie Fajardo is a Personal Stylist located in Portland, Oregon.
    3. She has worked in the fashion industry for over a decade.
    4. Stephanie comes to us with over 17 years of style expertise in a variety of settings such as personal counseling, television, photography, and film production.
    5. Her art has appeared in Esquire Magazine and Portland Fashion Week, among other publications.
    6. Answer from a Professional Stylist Expert Try to dress in dark, subdued hues that don’t reflect a lot of light in your belly to appear thinner in that area.
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    Inquire about something There are 200 characters remaining. Include your email address so that you may be notified when this question has been resolved. Advertisement submissions are welcome. Make no mistake about it: your muffin top should not limit your ability to dress in various fashions. Wear anything you want and embrace your physicality.


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    10 Smart Ways to Hide your Muffin Top & Look Stunning

    • Home » 10 Ingenious Ways to Hide Your Muffin Top and Still Look Amazing A well-chosen dress may improve your mood and boost your self-confidence. It does not have to be pricey, but it should be something that is well-suited to your body shape. For the majority of us, being a mother entails carrying an extra layer of belly fat around our midsections. When you have a muffin top, it is the excess fat that pours out over your pants or a tight-fitting top or dress. Yes, there was a time when we could wear anything we pleased and didn’t have to worry about that extra fat bulging out from under our clothes. However, as we grow older, and especially when we become mothers, our bodies undergo several changes. However, this does not preclude us from dressing in a fashionable manner and seeming attractive. You can conceal your muffin top in order to make your belly appear thinner. Continue reading to discover 10 simple ways for concealing your muffin top and looking great. You might also be interested in the following articles: Exercises for novices on a mat
    • how to lose weight after delivery
    • and other topics.

    How to Hide Muffin Top – 10 Simple Tricks

    Just a little bit of forethought and a few simple methods might make you appear to be worth a million dollars. The following are some suggestions on how to conceal your muffin top and help you obtain a nice body shape while still looking gorgeous as always!

    1. Peplum Tops are Evergreen

    1. Peplum shirts are a great technique to conceal excess tummy fat.
    2. It cinches around the waist and stretches out, concealing the stomach area beneath it.
    3. This style is also really attractive to the eye.
    4. A peplum top may be worn with either jeans or a skirt, depending on your preference.
    5. Its versatility makes it appropriate for both the workplace and casual gatherings with friends and family.
    6. Peplum shirts are available in a range of styles, ranging from formal to those that may be worn to a cocktail party.

    It creates the illusion of a smaller waist and also aids in the creation of an hourglass form for you.It is unnecessary to be self-conscious about your stomach area while you are sitting down since this style effectively conceals all of the excess fat.

    2. Love High Rise/Medium Rise Jeans to Hide Muffin Top

    1. When I was younger, I was a huge supporter of the low-rise jeans trend.
    2. When it came to trying high-rise or medium-rise jeans, I was too intimidated since I wasn’t sure how they would look on me.
    3. Following my first experience with them, I never went back to wearing low-rise jeans again.
    4. Despite the fact that I have successfully reduced a significant amount of pregnancy weight, my belly fat has proven to be obstinate.
    5. In the event that you are hunting for the ideal jeans to conceal your muffin top, I may have the solution for you.
    6. Mid-rise or high-rise jeans tuck in all of the excess fat around the stomach, giving the appearance of a smaller waistline throughout the entire body.

    Your fat rolls are not made obvious by anything that slips out.These kind of jeans for muffin tops are quite popular right now.If you look around, you will discover fantastic jeans in these designs in both local stores and internet retailers.You will be astounded at how a few little fashion adjustments may totally transform your appearance.

    3. Flowy or Oversized Tops with Leggings or Jeans

    1. If you’re seeking for tops that will conceal the muffin top, this is the solution for you.
    2. This style is considered to be fairly traditional.
    3. It gives you a fashionable appearance without making you appear snooty.
    4. Simply combine a lovely top with a dark-colored bottom to complete the look.
    5. Just a few pieces of jewelry and a well-coiffed haircut may transform your appearance into something very fashionable.
    6. A large number of fashion bloggers are exhibiting this trend on their sites, as can be seen here.

    To get the oversized effect, choose a top that is one size larger than your usual size.Put on a pair of well-fitting jeans, slacks, or leggings to complete the look.

    4. A-line Dress Looks Amazing

    1. Generally speaking, a line dresses are fitted around the breast area and flare out at the waist area.
    2. This design in a flowing cloth is not only visually appealing, but it is also quite comfortable.
    3. These are the dresses to wear if you want to disguise your muffin top.
    4. You gain a lot of space around the waist, which helps to reduce the amount of additional belly fat around the tummy.
    5. Even A-line dresses made of cotton have a pleasing appearance.

    5. Asymmetrical Tops are Great to Hide Belly Fat

    Because the designs of these tops are asymmetrical, they deflect attention away from the belly region. The majority of these tops feature additional fabric that is highly effective in concealing the stomach. Vertical and horizontal lines are created through the use of these types of tops. They aid in the break-up of your silhouette and the concealment of excess fat around your stomach.

    6. Vertical Stripes and Smaller Prints Create an Illusion

    We are all aware that wearing horizontal stripes on our clothing makes us appear larger. Additionally, if you are attempting to seem smaller around the belly area, bigger designs will not help you. Instead, seek for vertical stripes that will not only make your body appear longer, but will also draw attention away from your stomach area.

    7. Darker Colors Give a Slimming Effect

    1. Darker colors, whether in the bottoms or on the tops, are always a wonderful approach to conceal excess fat around the stomach.
    2. Darker-colored skirts, slacks, and jeans offer the illusion of a slimmer waist and make your lower body appear more compact.
    3. Many of us have larger thighs and calves as a result of having excess fat around our stomachs.
    4. As a result, deeper hues will aid in concealing the troublesome spots.

    8. Shapewear to Tuck your Tummy

    1. This is another another technique for smoothing down the rolls around your stomach.
    2. Shapewear for those with muffin tops!
    3. According to the sort of dress you wish to wear, you should invest in appropriate shapewear to conceal your muffin top.
    4. Shapewear is available in a variety of designs and materials on the market.
    5. The camisoles and singlets are the greatest choices for covering up a stomach bulge.
    6. It is preferable to use shapewear that smoothes the entire body rather than just the waist.

    The ones that come to a point just above the belly button cause excess fat to pour out, which is not flattering when it comes to clothing.

    9. Layers to Hide Muffin Top Belly

    Using layers to conceal abdominal fat is an excellent strategy. A long cardigan, a well-tailored blazer, or a jacket can be worn over the top. They are not only trendy, but they are also excellent for drawing attention away from the belly area.

    10. Correct Posture

    1. Good posture is not only beneficial to your health, but it also aids in the concealment of the stomach.
    2. You may get a more attractive body shape by maintaining perfect posture and dressing appropriately.
    3. Try not to slouch because this will simply accentuate the problem region.
    4. Straighten your posture by sitting up or standing up straight.
    5. When walking, you should always maintain your back straight, your chin up, and your stomach drawn in.
    6. Additionally, a weaker back has an effect on the abdominal muscles.

    As a result, it is critical to maintain the proper posture.The suggestions above are simple to include into your regular wardrobe.Along with all of these suggestions, continue to make improvements to your nutrition and physical activity.Soon enough, you’ll be able to transform into a more physically fit version of yourself.

    If you have any further suggestions for hiding the muffin top, please share them with us in the comments section below.If you find this post valuable, please share it with others.Lavita Saikia is the delighted mother of two lovely daughters, who have helped her rediscover love and appreciate the joys of parenthood all over again.She holds a master’s degree in English literature and has previously worked as a copyeditor and development editor for some of India’s most prestigious publishing houses.Beyond her strong association with Momscove, she is presently employed as a writer/editor for an American corporation in the state of Illinois, in the United States.

    • Besides music and fitness, Lavita is a firm believer in the mantra of self-love, believing that only when you love yourself can you love the people and things in your life around you.

    How do I hide a muffin top?

    1. No matter what your body type is, you could have a little ″extra″ around your stomach that you’d like to keep hidden from view.
    2. But don’t worry, there’s a fashionable solution for every problem!
    3. With a few crucial elements and a few attractive shapes, muffin-tops (not the sort that comes out of the oven) may be effortlessly disguised.
    4. Here are a few don’ts (well, only one!) as well as a slew of dos to help you achieve your ideal figure.

    Best Tops to Hide a Muffin Top

    Before we get started, let’s clarify what we mean by a ″muffin top.″ A ″muffin top″ is that small portion of your stomach that accumulates around your waistline whether you’re wearing jeans, trousers, or skirts. Ask a Stylist receives a lot of questions about this topic, so we’re here to clear things up for everyone.

    Don’t Wear Clingy Tops—Look for Structured Fabrics Instead

    What is the secret of keeping something hidden? Avoid anything that is clinging and instead look for something with structure. Tops and blouses made of woven fabric that skim your stomach rather than cling to it are the ideal option. Stylist Tip: When wearing a flowing top, pair it with a fitted bottom—pencil skirts and thin jeans are ideal for striking the right balance.

    Do Wear Tops that Emphasize Your Bust

    Increase the prominence of your bustline to draw attention away from your muffin top. The best silhouette for you will be one that rests at the narrowest part of your waist and glides over your tummy. Tops with a trapeze or peplum silhouette are excellent choices for drawing attention to your bustline.

    Do Layer With a Camisole

    Maintain a sleek and flawless appearance with a little assistance from your undergarments! When it comes to creating a clean line from your breast to your waist, a shapewear camisole is ideal. Adding a kimono to your outfit adds an airy flash of color while also concealing a muffin top without making you sweat!

    How to Hide a Muffin Top in Jeans

    What is the worst enemy of a muffin top? A pair of trousers that are overly tight and have a low waist. If you want to conceal a muffin top, the first thing you should do is ditch your incredibly low-waisted jeans and opt for a pair that is higher-waisted or mid-rise in height.

    Do Try High-Waisted Jeans

    The high-waisted pant, one of the most stylish contemporary mainstays, is now officially in style. High-waisted jeans are flattering on everyone and help to keep everything in place.

    Do Choose Jeans with Stretch in the Waist

    What is a key contributing factor to muffin top? When your pants’ waistline is simply too tight to wear comfortably. Try on new trousers and opt for a pair that has a little bit of stretch in the waistline for a little extra wiggle space when you’re trying them on.

    Do Pair Low-Rise Jeans with Longer Tops

    1. If you have a penchant for low-rise jeans and just can’t seem to get enough of them, make sure your shirts are a little longer to suit your higher waistline.
    2. When a blouse that is too short is worn with bottoms that are too low, the focus is drawn directly to your hips and any other areas you wish to keep hidden.
    3. Tip from the stylist: Are you looking for a new top?
    4. When you raise your arms, you may see if your top is too short.
    5. Your belly button should not be visible in this position.
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    How to Hide a Muffin Top in a Dress

    Dresses are our go-to garment for throwing on and going, and they’re real workhorses when it comes to complimenting every body type and silhouette. Prepare to learn the inside scoop on the finest dresses to wear to cover a muffin top!

    Do Try An Empire Waist Silhouette

    Dresses are our go-to garment for throwing on and going, and they’re real workhorses when it comes to complimenting every body type and style. Make sure you’re ready to learn all about the finest dresses for covering off a muffin top!

    Do Try a Timeless Wrap Dress

    Because it shapes your waistline and provides an immediate hourglass frame, the universally appealing wrap dress has remained a classic for decades.

    Do Add a Cropped Jacket 

    1. In order to provide additional covering, consider pairing your outfit with a cropped or fitted jacket to help give your frame some form and definition.
    2. The waistline of a jacket that is narrow (such as a fitted blazer) or the cropped denim jacket will provide clean, streamlined lines.
    3. Your muffin top will be a thing of the past with a few simple styling tips!
    4. It’s all about searching for the ideal silhouettes that can properly cover your less-than-pleasant facial features.
    5. —Brittany and Anne ' Are you on the lookout for a few new things to wear with confidence?
    6. Our team of stylists is available to assist you.

    Take our style questionnaire, sign up for your first Fix, and let our team of style experts build a package that is tailored to your tastes and preferences.Five great designs will be sent to your door in no time, which you will be able to try on in the privacy of your own home.Returns and exchanges are always free of charge, ensuring a hassle-free shopping experience.

    We know lack of exercise and poor diet leads to weight gain, but there are other factors causing abdominal weight gain that can be controlled.

    1. In order to provide additional covering, consider accessorizing your ensemble with a cropped or fitted jacket to help give your frame some form as well.
    2. Jackets with a small waistline (such as a fitted blazer) or a cropped jean jacket will help to produce clean, streamlined silhouettes.
    3. Your muffin top will be a thing of the past with a few simple styling tips.
    4. Searching for the ideal silhouettes to successfully disguise your less-than-pleasant place is the key to this process.
    5. Brendan and Anne (Brittany and Anne).
    6. Want to add a few new things to your closet that you can wear with pride?

    To assist you, we have a staff of stylists.Take our style questionnaire, sign up for your first Fix, and let our team of style experts build a package that is tailored to your tastes and lifestyle.It won’t take long until you’ll be receiving five gorgeous looks that you may try on in the privacy of your own home.The cost of returns and exchanges is always on us, so you can have a hassle-free shopping experience.

    Six ways to beat your muffin top in two weeks

    1. These suggestions may be able to assist you in losing a little amount of excess weight before Christmas Day arrives.
    2. Image courtesy of Getty Images The holiday season is well and truly upon us, and for many of us, this is the ideal time to shed our muffin tops in order to slip into our bathing suits and to the beach for the weekend.
    3. However, for many of us, it is time to crack open a cold one, eat grilled cuisine every weekend, and hope that someone will offer us another slice of toasted sourdough bread on Christmas Day!
    4. While this annual bout of excess tastes fantastic and feels great to let free while on vacation, it can also leave some people feeling anxious and fearful about the future.
    5. Some people experience a conflict of conscience when they choose to avoid going to the gym in favor of a relaxing weekend in the sun.
    6. Then, as the New Year approaches, there is a stampede of individuals signing up for gym memberships, with ‘conquer the bulge’ high on their list of new year’s objectives.

    It’s vital to remember that a couple of weeks of holiday delights and leisure are not the end of the world, and we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves for having indulged in such indulgences.However, there are certain things we can do to maintain our bodies healthy in the lead-up to the season, so that we feel joyful, fit, and in balance during the season.The Daily Mail interviewed nutritionist and personal trainer Julian Gaine of the UK-based start-up MealKitt, who gave his top advice for losing weight and getting rid of that muffin top just in time for the holidays.

    1. Drink more water

    1. We all know how much water is good for you, especially when it comes to weight reduction.
    2. But perhaps you aren’t getting enough information about how good water is for you.
    3. Water consumption reduces snacking, which is beneficial when attempting to lose weight because snacks are often heavy in empty calories and sugar.
    4. This is especially true for those aiming to lose weight around the stomach area, which is the first location sugar enters the body.
    5. Water also helps to wash out any junk from our cells, which may aid in the burning of fat and the speeding up of our metabolisms, so serving as yet another means of aiding in the loss of extra weight.

    2. Do some core workouts

    1. When it comes to getting rid of your muffin top, you should concentrate on core exercises such as abdominal crunches, oblique twists, and leg lifts, among others.
    2. It is important to maintain the strength of your core muscles since it will not only assist you in achieving that washboard stomach you’ve been longing for, but it will also improve your posture and provide you with more strength when performing other workouts such as jogging and walking.

    3. Monitor your portions

    1. One of the first things you should do is keep track of how much food you are eating at each meal.
    2. It is common for people to pour out their morning bowl of ‘healthy’ Granola without realizing that they are about to absorb half of their daily calorie intake without even realizing it.
    3. If you truly want to get rid of that muffin top as quickly as possible, consider adopting portion control equipment.
    4. Food preparation and portion control continue to be two of the most important reasons why we battle with weight management, as do our increasingly busy lives, which make it difficult to find the time to cook balanced and nutritious meals on a regular basis.

    4. Realise that stress is affecting your weight – and make relaxation a priority

    1. When focusing on your stomach area, it is critical to keep an eye on your stress levels, since elevated stress levels have been known to cause weight gain around the midsection.
    2. This is mostly due to the development of higher cortisol levels in the body, which causes fat to be removed from other regions of the body and deposited around the stomach.
    3. To avoid this, you should strive to de-stress in a conscious manner.
    4. Of course, this is difficult to do in the run-up to the holiday season when you’re trying to get everything ready for the big event, but you must make an effort to de-stress and take some time out for yourself.

    5. Consume fat-burners like green tea and avocado

    1. When attempting to target certain regions of your body, it is quite simple to become preoccupied with all of the things that you are unable to consume.
    2. There are a variety of meals that you should include on your plate in order to help you lose belly fat and get rid of the dreaded muffin top before the holiday season.
    3. You must plan your meals around items that help you lose weight by melting fat, such as avocado, almonds, green tea, yoghurt, berries, and plain water.
    4. Despite the fact that some of these foods are heavy in fat, they are also high in healthy fats, which can aid in weight loss when consumed in moderation since they assist you to feel filled for a longer period of time.

    6. Ditch the sugar

    1. One of the most effective strategies to lose that muffin top is to eliminate sweets from your diet completely.
    2. Due to the fact that sugar may be present in practically all processed meals, we must be especially cautious when consuming them in large quantities.
    3. Unfortunately, this means that you will no longer be able to have that additional spoonful of sugar in your tea, as well as sugary treats such as chocolates and biscuits.
    4. It is possible to gain significant weight with a high-sugar diet, particularly around the stomach area, since sugar is turned into glucose and pumped into our bloodstream, where it is stored in our livers, with any residual reserves traveling directly to the muffin top area.

    How to Get Rid of Your Muffin Top

    1. Article to be downloaded article to be downloaded Muffin top, or extra fat around the waist, is one of the most challenging parts of the body to tone and contour to a more youthful appearance.
    2. Diet, exercise, sleep, and stress may all have an affect on belly fat, which can make it particularly stubborn and difficult to lose.
    3. It is possible to reduce your body fat percentage and effectively lose your muffin top by following an exercise plan, making dietary changes, and adopting better living choices, despite the fact that it might be difficult.
    1. 1 Engage in physical activity at least three times each week.
    2. When it comes to getting rid of your muffin top and shedding excess body fat, consistency is essential to success.
    3. No matter what workout program you choose, make sure you can commit to doing it at least three times a week to ensure that you’re getting enough movement to lose belly fat and lose weight.
    4. The length of time required can vary based on your unique body type and goals; nevertheless, you should expect to spend around 30 to 60 minutes every session.
    • 2 Alter the intensity and duration of your exercises to prevent reaching a plateau. Belly fat is notoriously tough to get rid of since it is so persistent. Therefore, it is critical that you alter your training program in order to prevent reaching a plateau in your growth. A particular workout will become less effective as your muscles become acclimated to it over time as they become accustomed to it. Change vary your workout routine to maintain using a greater variety of muscle groups and, as a result, burning more calories. Changing up your training routine might also help you avoid exercise monotony and stay motivated.
    • In the same way, if you go to a yoga class one day and a high-intensity interval training class the next, try to arrange a different activity for the next day, such as a strength training session at the gym. While it is possible to repeat the same workout twice in a row, aim to vary your routine at least twice each week to avoid boredom.
    • Promotional material
    • 3 High-intensity aerobic intervals should be the primary focus. Make the most of your workout by including multiple brief bursts of high intensity cardio, each lasting around 20 seconds to 1 minute, throughout your session. Walking and jogging are excellent low-impact exercises that can help you lose weight and reduce your body fat percentage. However, shorter, higher-intensity cardio sessions are more effective in reducing belly fat. High-intensity interval training sessions (HIIT) and sprint intervals (a type of interval training) are both excellent strategies to burn fat and calories in a short amount of time.
    • On the treadmill, you may construct your own high-intensity cardio program by alternating sprints and rest intervals.
    • 4 Total body strength training should be incorporated into your fitness regimen. Not only will you need to reduce your total body fat percentage, but you’ll also need to reduce the amount of fat stored in your stomach in order to lose your muffin top. Consequently, it is critical that you integrate entire body strength training into your overall training program. The use of exercises that engage your entire body helps you gain lean muscle mass, which allows you to burn more calories throughout the day and reduces the amount of fat deposited in your stomach area. If you want a strength workout that targets practically all of your core muscles as well as your legs and arms, try doing dumbbell squats with a rotating shoulder press.
    • Another terrific complete body strength workout that can help you burn fat and shape your core is medicine ball throws combined with core rotation.
    • Dumbbell dead lifts are yet another excellent total-body workout that may help you burn fat while also strengthening your core.
    • 5 Perform abdominal-strengthening exercises to help contour your stomach. While concentrating alone on abdominal workouts will not result in the loss of your muffin top, doing some focused abdominal exercises in conjunction with your cardio and complete body program might be beneficial. In addition to complete body workouts, ab-specific exercises such as the oblique sit up can help you lose your muffin top by shaping your abdominal muscles. The plank stance, for example, may be modified to engage your whole core while also helping to sculpt your middle. Plank jumping jacks, side planks, leg pull-ins, and mountain climbers are all excellent abdominal workouts that can provide some cardiovascular benefit.
    • The oblique muscles are targeted by both standing twists and side bends, which helps to reduce the amount of fat that hangs over your abdomen and causes the muffin top look.
    • 6 Make an effort to get out and walk more frequently. Walking, in combination to high-intensity aerobic and weight training, is an excellent strategy to reduce abdominal fat. The amount of time you spend walking can make a significant impact in the size of your muffin top over time, even if it does not generate effects as fast or effectively as other types of exercise. When you first wake up in the morning, take a walk around the block. You won’t have time to overthink things and talk yourself out of it that way.
    • Walking locations where you would normally drive or parking further away from the entrance might encourage you to walk more often. More steps each day will be taken without your knowledge
    • you will not even realize you are doing it.
    • 7 Yoga might assist you in losing weight by decreasing your overall body fat. While yoga is a very easy kind of exercise, it has been shown to be quite efficient for reducing total body fat, which includes fat deposited in the abdominal area, according to research. As a stress-relieving exercise, yoga can help you lose weight by lowering your cortisol levels and getting rid of your muffin top. If you’re seeking to lose weight and get rid of your muffin top, vinyasa and power yoga are excellent possibilities. Both of these styles of yoga keep you moving on a constant basis, which helps you burn more calories and lose more body fat overall.
    • Yoga may also help you sleep better and reduce stress, both of which can aid in the reduction of stubborn body fat.
    1. 1 Consume enough of lean proteins. If you’re attempting to lose belly fat, lean proteins such as chicken and fish are really necessary. Healthy, high-quality lean proteins assist to balance your blood sugar levels and full you up, preventing you from experiencing the temptation to munch on junk food later on. Eating enough of lean proteins will also help manage your insulin and cortisol levels, both of which can assist you in losing weight and getting rid of that muffin top.
    2. Wild salmon is an especially rich source of lean protein, and it also includes omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to help reduce belly fat.
    3. Eggs are also a fantastic source of lean protein because they contain only a few calories per serving. Eggs are also quite affordable, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking to lose belly fat on a tight budget.
    • 2 Increase the amount of good fiber in your diet to improve your health. Eating extra fiber, along with lean proteins, is vital for losing weight and getting rid of your muffin top. Fibrous meals make you feel full and satisfied for a longer period of time, reducing your urge to snack and your calorie consumption in the process. Apples, bananas, raspberries, pears, and strawberries are all high-fiber foods that can help you feel fuller for longer periods of time while also combating belly fat.
    • Fiber-dense vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, turnip greens, and green peas are readily available in most grocery stores.
    1. 3 Increase the amount of healthy fats in your diet.
    2. In spite of the fact that increasing your fat consumption may seem counter-intuitive, good unsaturated fats might actually help you lose belly fat rather than adding to it.
    3. The monounsaturated fats found in avocados, olive oil, raw almonds, and seafood can help you feel fuller for longer while also providing you with more energy and preventing you from gaining unnecessary body fat.
    4. In contrast to unsaturated fats, which can help to reduce belly fat, saturated and trans fats, such as those found in processed cheese, can actually increase belly fat and make it more difficult to lose weight in the long run.
    • 4 Avoid ingesting excessive amounts of refined sugar. Among the most significant factors to the growth of your muffin top is most likely sugar. Foods that are heavy in processed sugar tend to be high in calories, which makes it harder to burn off all of the excess calories consumed. It is also possible that processed sugar will become addictive, causing you to overindulge and therefore increasing the amount of fat deposited in your abdomen. To lose your muffin top, it’s critical that you avoid overindulging in sugary foods and instead focus on consuming a variety of nutritious alternatives to this sweet treat. While it is vital to reduce your intake of sugar, you do not have to completely eliminate it in order to lose your muffin top. Try to consume sugar only on rare occasions, and when you do, make sure to consume it in moderation.
    • When you’re desiring something sweet, consider eating fruit instead of anything that has been treated with refined sugar. However, while fruits contain a lot of sugar, the natural sugar present in fruits has a far lower likelihood of contributing to belly obesity
    • 5 Limit your intake of refined carbs and sugar. Avoid consuming highly processed carbs such as white bread, pastries, cookies, cake, white rice, and potato goods in order to lose weight and get rid of your muffin top faster. While eating some nutritious carbs can help you fuel your body for exercises, eating processed carbohydrates can raise your insulin levels, which can lead to an increase or maintenance of the amount of fat deposited in your abdomen. Insulin is responsible for keeping fat where it is currently stored. As a result, if you have a muffin top, raising your insulin levels can help you maintain your current belly fat.
    • Consume nutritious, whole grain carbs such as quinoa and oats instead of refined carbohydrates.
    • 6 Consume nutritious meals on a regular basis to maintain your metabolism running smoothly. Skipping meals can cause your cortisol levels to rise, which can lead to an increase in belly fat. Because of this, it is critical that you make an effort to eat on a regular basis in order to assist control your body’s stress hormones. It will also help you avoid overeating and nibbling late at night if you consume nutritious snacks and regular meals.
    • Eating on a regular basis also helps to keep your metabolism running smoothly, which is vital for losing that muffin top.
    1. 1 Find activities that will allow you to relax and unwind.
    2. Stress has a significant role in the development of abdominal fat.
    3. Cortisol levels can rise dramatically when you are stressed, which can contribute to an increase in fat accumulation in your stomach.
    4. Make time for things that will allow you to relax in order to prevent this situation.
    5. Reading, playing an instrument, or visiting the golf course, to name a few stress-relieving hobbies, are all excellent choices.
    • 2 Make sure you get enough sleep so that you can stay motivated and on track. You may significantly improve your capacity to lose abdominal fat by getting enough of sleep. It’s probable that if you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll have a more difficult time maintaining control over your food, cravings, mood, and motivation. Get enough sleep so you have the stamina to stay motivated and follow your food and exercise plan, which will help you to lose weight and get rid of your muffin top. A good night’s sleep also helps to keep your cortisol levels down, which aids in the fight against belly fat by assisting your body in stress management
    • sleeping also helps to reduce late-night munching, which may derail your progress and contribute to muffin top
    • and doing adequate exercise.
    1. 3Do not rely on the scale to determine your level of fitness. When you gain muscle mass while simultaneously losing abdominal fat, the number on the scale may remain the same or even rise slightly. If you want to measure your progress without than depending on your weight, take the time to consider how you feel and how your clothes fit. This will give you a far more precise indication of whether or not your muffin top is decreasing or growing.
    2. 4
    3. Consult with a healthcare expert to develop a strategy for a better way of life. In addition to making you feel better and making your clothes fit better, decreasing belly fat has been shown to have a significant positive impact on your health. Being overweight or obese might raise your chances of developing diabetes and heart disease. As a result, if you have extra belly fat and are concerned about your health, consult with your family doctor or a nutritionist about developing a diet and activity plan that is suited to your unique requirements, medical history, and lifestyle. Advertisement
    1. Question Add a new question Question What is the best way to target the fat around my hips?
    2. In addition to being a Personal Trainer and Strength Coach, Steve Bergeron is also the Co-Owner of AMP Fitness in Boston, Massachusetts.
    3. Steve has more than a decade of experience in the fitness industry and focuses in educating, mentoring, and inspiring his clients to create healthy habits and achieve their particular fitness goals via exercise and nutrition.
    4. As well as holding a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology, he is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS), an ASCM Health and Fitness Specialist (HFS), a Strong First Kettlebell Coach (SFG), and a Certified Functional Movement Screen Specialist (CFMS) (FMS).
    5. The objective of AMP Fitness is to build a community that is welcoming and provides people with the tools and support they need to be successful.
    6. Expert Response from a Personal Trainer and Strength Coach Unfortunately, when it comes to fat loss, focusing on certain regions of your body for fat loss is a misconception that should be avoided.

    To observe a reduction in fat around your hips, you’ll need fat throughout your body.The majority of your development will be made in the kitchen, through your diet.The use of workouts that target the stomach area in your program may be quite useful if you are trying to increase muscular tone in that area.Exercises for the core can surely aid with muscle tone, but you won’t be able to notice the tone unless you also pay attention to your nutrition and lose weight over time.

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    About This Article

    1. Summary of the ArticleX Because belly fat is difficult to remove, getting rid of your muffin top may seem impossible at first.
    2. However, by exercising frequently and eating healthfully, you may achieve success!
    3. Make an effort to exercise at least three times a week for 30 to 60 minutes at a time, depending on your physical condition.
    4. You should also vary your training routines to ensure that you are working more muscles, which will aid in fat burning.
    5. For example, you may try running for one session and then doing some weight training the following time you go to the gym.
    6. Consume lots of lean proteins, such as fish and chicken, in addition to your regular workout regimen.

    Lean proteins help you feel fuller for longer periods of time, making it less likely that you’ll go for harmful snacks.It’s also vital to reduce calorie intake, so pick low-calorie foods that are high in fiber, such as apples, broccoli, and spinach, to help you achieve your goal.Continue reading for helpful hints on how to make your fitness routines more successful.Did you find this overview to be helpful?

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    Stop obsessing over your muffin top

    1. Column Melissa Martin contributed to this article.
    2. Yes, it happens to the best of us from time to time.
    3. The muffin top is a common side effect of growing older.
    4. Squishy and squeezy is the term used to describe this jiggly portion of the stomach.
    5. In certain circles, belly fat is referred to as ″waistline flab″ or ″roly-poly guacamole.″ Tight pants draw attention to your belly roll.
    6. Shirts that hug the body draw attention to the bulging pouch.

    The spare tire in the middle of the vehicle receives a lot of criticism.″A muffin top is something that any lady may get.Women, on the other hand, are more prone to accumulate excess belly weight — particularly deep inside the belly — as they progress through perimenopause and into menopause, which occurs when their menstrual cycle comes to a stop.In fact, according to a recent article on WebMD, ″when estrogen levels decline, body fat is transferred from the hips, thighs, and buttocks (where it was formerly kept as a fuel reserve for nursing) to the belly.″ For the elderly, melting the muffin top is a difficult task.

    In our senior years, our metabolism slows down, and our bones, muscles, and joints begin to complain about it.Forget about the newest pathetic fad diet.Forget about the bogus promises made by diet supplement companies.Forget about pills and concoctions.Yes, we may concentrate on our stomach health without being preoccupied with our belly bulge, as long as we maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    • ″The fat on my tummy protects my important organs,″ says one of my favorite mantras.
    • ″I will respect my stomach fat while striving to make it more nutritious.″ Muffin Top: A Love Story is an award-winning film about a lady whose husband departs her in favor of a slimmer woman who becomes the subject of the film.
    • It’s a body-image romance comedy from 2014 about learning to accept your muffin top tummy.
    1. It’s also belly-laugh-inducingly amusing.
    2. Visit to see the trailer.
    3. ″Body image may be influenced over time by media exposure, which sends a message about what it means to have an ideal body form, size, and weight.
    • Individuals may feel under pressure to achieve the slender, beautiful ideal that is presented in the media as a result of this exposure.
    • For women, this ideal is often comprised of being thin and beautiful, but for males, the ideal is typically comprised of being tall, lean, muscular, and manly in appearance and build.
    • It is normal for people to begin to compare themselves to these unrealistic goals and come to the conclusion that they fall short of their expectations.
    • When an individual feels a strong drive to live up to this standard of beauty and body image, or when an individual internalizes this standard of beauty and body image, negative body image, or body dissatisfaction may occur.
    1. ″Body image concerns can vary from modest dissatisfaction or low self-esteem to depression or anxiety,″ according to the CDC.
    3. Is there anyone who has ever said, ″I wish I’d worked more on my muffin top″ at the end of their life?
    4. No.
    5. So put an end to your preoccupation with your jelly-belly.
    6. Put an end to your nasty comments directed at your ouch-pouch.
    • Yoga trousers and a long shirt might do a good job of concealing the wiggle-jiggle region.
    • It’s time to update your clothing in preparation for a midsection makeover.
    • What is the number one adversary of a muffin top?
    • A pair of low-rider jeans and a tank top that fits snugly.
    • Remove your too-tight pants from your closet.
    • Being able to move freely in your clothes is fashionable.

    In addition, polyester stretch pants are fantastic.Alternatively, you may strut your jelly-belly with pride.Keep your shoulders back and your head up.

    • Furthermore, I challenge those anorexic supermodels to make fun of females who own dogs.
    • Hold on a minute.
    • It’s important to understand the many forms of abdominal fat that exist.
    • However, do not disparage what is located below the belly button.

    Subcutaneous Fat versus Visceral Fat

    In addition to being visually unappealing, subcutaneous fat that manifests as ″love handles″ or padding on the thigh, buttock, or upper arm may also be harmful.According to a 2017 article in The New York Times, ″deeper belly fat, often known as visceral fat, is metabolically active and has been closely linked to a variety of major disease risks, including heart disease, cancer, and dementia.″ As a result, consult with your doctor whenever necessary.When you’re out and about, what kind of muffin top do you carry?These are wise remarks.A flat stomach does not imply contentment.Six-pack abs do not equate to contentment.

    A flat stomach does not imply contentment.A beefcake belly is not the elixir of eternal happiness.The answer to having a happy life is not having a washboard waist.″I have belly fat, just like everyone else, and I don’t want to be airbrushed off the front of a magazine,″ says the author.Amanda Seyfried is a famous actress.Melissa Martin, Ph.D., is an author, columnist, educator, and psychotherapist who lives in New York City.

    1. She resides in the state of Ohio.
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    What Causes Love Handles and How to Get Rid of Them

    • What exactly are ″love handles″? It is a term used to describe regions of skin that protrude outward from the

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