How To Make A Cake Stand?

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What do you need to make a DIY cake stand?

50 Gorgeous Do-It-Yourself Cake Stands. 1 1.Rustic Wood Plaques. All you need are some wooden plaques from the craft store to create this beauty. We’re in love with the rustic charm but 2 2. Golden Glitter. 3 3. Easy Ombre. 4 4. Antique Plates & Glasses. 5 5. Versatile Glass. More items

How do you make a vintage cake stand out of plates?

Vintage cake stand: putting in the screws. Start with your bottom plate. Put your washers on and then poke the bottom screw into the plate. Vintage cake stand: attaching the plates to the stand. Put a soft washer on the topside of this plate and then apply the cake stand fitting.

Do you need a cake stand for decorated cakes?

Decorative cakes and cupcakes need a special stand to showcase them at parties and events. While these can be purchased, it is often a cheaper and more creative alternative to make one yourself. You can make a cake stand from various materials. This article addresses several different ways you can make a cake stand with spare household items.

How to make a cake stand out of microwave plates?

They must be completely dry before you start putting the cake stand together. Sand the bottom of the microwave plate and the top of the candlestick. This will provide a roughened area for gluing these pieces together. Glue the sanded microwave plate and candlestick together. Apply a generous amount of glue to the sanded top part of the candlestick.

What can I use if I don’t have a cake stand?

Just pick up an inexpensive candlestick holder at your local dollar store for the base and paint it to match whatever color your pie pan is. Use some museum putty to create a strong (but temporary) bond between the two while you use it as a cake stand.

Do you have to have a cake stand?

Your cake baker will provide a base layer to the cake no matter what, so you don’t necessarily need a cake stand. This can be the ideal way to go if you are concerned about height (if you have a tall cake) or just budget. Your cake will still look great and be totally secure.

What are cake stands called?

… you’ve likely seen them referred to as everything from cake or cupcake stands to tiered trays, platters, serving towers, étagères or accessory towers.

How to make your own cupcake stand?

  • Visit the cake supplies store. Cake dummies are foam pillars that are used by bakers when making wedding cakes and other decorative cakes.
  • Prepare the cake dummies. Glue each pair of cake dummies together.
  • Pin the satin ribbon to the base edge of one of the glued pairs of cake dummies.
  • Arrange the first cake board on the paper.
  • How to decorate with a cake stand?

    To frost the top, sides, and between the layers of your cake, you may need more frosting than you think. Here’s how much frosting you need for each size cake.

    How to make a cake stand from a spinner?

  • Microwave plate
  • A flat plate or cake board
  • An oven mitt
  • 50 Gorgeous Do-It-Yourself Cake Stands

    1. Making a cake from scratch and decorating it is one thing, but what happens after the frosting has been spread and the sprinkles have been dropped?
    2. Your wonderful creation will require a display area to be displayed.
    3. With everything from decorating to building from the bottom up, cake stands are a great way to exhibit what you’ve worked so hard to make with your hands.
    4. Here are our 50 favorite do-it-yourself projects that are just stunning!

    1.Rustic Wood Plaques

    Simply get some wooden plaques from your local craft store to complete this stunning project. We are smitten with the rustic charm, which also has a feminine appeal.

    2. Golden Glitter

    Who doesn’t enjoy a little glitz and glam? A popular at birthday parties or holiday feasts, this cake stand is covered, dipped, and decked out with golden dazzle from top to bottom.

    3. Easy Ombre

    Of course, you may always have a little fun with your paintbrush. Take a few of your favorite shades and make your own own ombre artwork.

    4. Antique Plates & Glasses.

    If you have any old pieces or can get some inexpensively at a flea market, combine them to create a unique and eccentric dessert table for your house!

    5. Versatile Glass.

    A glass plate or any glass dish may be used for a variety of purposes and can be used throughout the year. Make any holiday or time of year festive by displaying your lovely baked products in a festive setting!

    6. Colorful Dessert.

    When it comes to producing these vibrant numerals, spray paint and garage sale treasures might come in help. Just have a look at the vibrant colors and distinct emotions!

    7. Plastic Pairs

    Those disposable plastic plates and cups you’ve had in your cupboards for years, or those you can pick up at the dollar store, may simply be transformed into something much more flexible and enjoyable!

    8. Clay Pot

    Clay pots and pieces may be combined to produce something useful for the kitchen as well as for display. You can create something similar to this with a little paint and the correct sort of adhesive!

    9. Sprinkles

    This sprinkling craft, which may be our favorite design and technique on the list, is a great addition to your next big celebration! Make it your own by decorating it with the colors of your choice, but don’t forget the sprinkles!

    10. Wood Scallops

    Is it possible that these cake stands were constructed entirely of wood scraps obtained from a local craft supply store? Follow the guide to make one for yourself, and if you feel up to it, you may adorn them to give them a more unique touch.

    11. Canister

    For this one-of-a-kind design, any sort of vintage canister can be utilized in conjunction with a whimsical plate. Just be sure to dress up the container a little bit as well.

    12. Gold Spray

    Take a look at what metallic spray paint can achieve, and you’ll agree that it’s one of the finest innovations of all time for craftsmen. As a starting point, a wooden plaque and a candlestick can be utilized together.

    13. Pom-Poms

    Whether you make your own classic, white cake stand or utilize one that you already have, pastel pom-pons will provide a touch of young zeal to your celebration!

    14. Glass Beads

    Here’s another method to dress up a vintage garment you’ve kept for a long time. With the addition of some dazzling, glass beads to a stunning glass cake stand, you can elevate your cake to an altogether new level.

    15. Wild Cat

    Isn’t it true that these cake stands are quite magnificent? Perfect for themed parties or even a circus-themed baby shower, you can make your own by following the instructions in the video.

    16. Concrete

    It is possible to be fairly creative with just one bag of concrete. And that’s exactly what was utilized to create this unique, industrial-style piece of furniture.

    17. Pastel

    Using these charming, basic cake stands, pastel hues have never looked as lovely as they do here. Wooden pieces and candleholders serve as simple foundations for this arrangement as well.

    18. Miniature

    What if you just want to show off a beautifully decorated cupcake or a stack of delectable cookies without any fuss? You’ll need a little display stand in order to accomplish the exhibiting!

    19. Martini Glass

    Using martini glasses as the base of a cake stand gives it a distinctive and highly feminine appearance. This simple and airy idea has captured our hearts!

    20. Simple White.

    If you’d like to make your own cake stand rather than purchasing one from a store, here’s a wonderful tutorial on how to make a basic, white cake stand that can be used for any occasion.

    21. Pink Tiered.

    It’s hard to imagine that this gorgeous pink sculpture was created with only a few inexpensive plastic materials from the dollar shop. You’d better believe it if I told you. Nothing could be more straightforward or less expensive than this!

    22. Wired.

    If you’re truly up for the task, you should dive right into this lesson.. By the time you’re finished with this wiring design, you’ll have something truly unique and hipster in your possession.

    23. Yellow Pop.

    Similarly, this scalloped cake stand was made entirely of wood. The color is the key to this one. Events in the spring and summer would benefit greatly from this vibrant yellow!

    24. Cardboard

    Look no farther if you’re looking for a more contemporary, yet still extremely simple project. After completing this project, you’ll have a highly quirky, diverse cake stand on your hands that you made entirely out of cardboard.

    25. Red Wood

    The color red stands out, and so do these simple-to-make designs. They’re just right for this winter occasion, and they’d look equally at home in a retro-inspired kitchen.

    26. Marble Top

    When creating a classic yet classy style, try incorporating a touch of marble into your design. My personal dream is to be able to show off a cake stand that I built myself from of traditional ingredients like vanilla and chocolate.

    27. Striped B&W

    This stylish cake stand features a black and white stripe with a touch of gold, and it’s much easier to construct than you may think at first appearance!

    28. The Dome

    Have you ever considered about sprucing up a dome or making one out of stuff you already have about the house? Following the completion of your cake display, you’ll need to cover it in a fashionable new manner!…

    29. From Ikea

    That stiff plate was purchased from Ikea… the moment when the magic starts to happen You’ll have this textured sculpture completed in no time with a little amount of paint.

    30. Plates & Bowls

    Some vintage plates and bowls may be used to create a more contemporary look. Then take some Sharpies and ″bake″ some patterns directly onto the paper.

    31. Sprinkle Hat

    Does this beautiful cake dome not make you fall head over heels in love with it? Make the base of your project out of a basic glass piece and then paint it to perfection for a more colorful and festive look.

    32. Terra Cotta

    Terra cotta pots and pieces were used to create this eye-catching display stand. It is possible for you to make a big statement with your baked products if you use the correct paint.

    33. Chalkboard

    Have you ever thought about making a cake stand out of chalkboard paint? Decorate whichever you like, and have fun recreating it at each event!

    34. Added Ribbon

    Using an existing cake stand in a different way is another option for updating its appearance. Tie some ribbons around it to give it a festive, hilarious, and ultra-girly appearance for your next party or event.

    35. Polka-Dotted

    Is there anything about this golden, polka-dot item that doesn’t appeal to you? And it’s so simple to make at home that even the most inexperienced maker can accomplish it.

    36. Coffee Cup

    You, too, may have this quirky, one-of-a-kind item for your kitchen if you have a coffee cup, saucer, or plate. It has a charming cottage feel to it, as well as a lovely antique feel to it.

    37. Cake Pops

    When designing a cake stand, don’t forget to include cake pops as well. Make these gorgeous cake pop stands out of wrapped boxes and you’ll see how simple and cute it is!

    38. Retro Dot

    Scrapbook paper, styrofoam rings, and a few other simple elements were combined to create this whimsical, nostalgic sculpture. We’re willing to wager that you already have the centers stashed away in your closet.

    39. Mirrors

    With just a little amount of the correct sort of adhesive, certain dollar store mirrors and candleholders may be transformed into couture-inspired pieces. Are you feeling motivated yet?

    40. Plastic 14K

    Plastic wine glasses and plastic chargers were utilized in the production of this stunning piece of artwork. Who would have thought it could be that simple?

    41. Pearl Embellished

    You’ll have a lot of fun being creative with your design as you beautify a cake stand that you’ve purchased or made yourself. With this, only a few pearls and ribbon embellishments were needed to complete the look.

    42. Repurposed

    Once again, used plastic plates and glasses may be transformed into something amazing. Some vintage pieces with slight wear and tear can also be used.

    43. Coffee Can

    Take an old coffee container and change it into something new and fashion-forward for your cooking space. Serve your coffee cakes or brownies in style with this elegant serving tray.

    44. Classic

    Here’s another another beautiful, classic example of how terra cotta pots may be transformed into something very delicious for your sweet arranging needs.

    45. Shabby Chic

    Dishes and vintage candleholders may truly come together to create something special. And they may be transformed into a myriad of other themes, such as shabby chic, as you can see below!

    46. Organic

    These woodland-inspired cake stands, which are excellent for rustic or rural weddings, are a fun and creative way to make and display your wedding cake.

    47. Copper

    Aren’t you convinced that the mix of copper and wood may create a very unique and creative piece? I certainly do. Consider what might happen if the wood had been painted in a different metallic color!

    48. Natural Wood

    For a softer finish, leave natural wood pieces in their natural state. Don’t you agree that this has an old-fashioned feel and a classic atmosphere as well?

    49. Teacup.

    Putting teacups and plates together has such a wonderful way of releasing cottage-charm and girlish traits into the atmosphere. We’ve fallen head over heels in love.

    50. Tart Plate

    An old tart plate and candleholder may be transformed into a unique, textured cake stand by gluing or using temporary putty to join them together.

    How to make a vintage cake stand

    1. For those who, like me, yearn for the days of Victorian extravagance — when tea was always served on china, regardless of where you were, and slumming it meant foregoing the finger bowl but never the napkins – then this creative project is for you.
    2. Nothing elevates the appearance of a party quite like a cake stand, and a lovely one can transform even the most modest shop-bought pastry into something worthy of a Parisian bakery in an instant.
    3. Here’s how to make your own own for less than a tenner, following my instructions.

    You will need:

    A range of plates is available. 3 Tier Cake Stand Fitting (which can be obtained on eBay or in many online craft stores and costs around £6 in most cases) a cordless drill with a tile drill bit that has been completely charged This is critical since a standard drill bit will cause your plates to crack. a screwdriver, a pen, and a measuring tape

    Step one

    Obtaining the plates for your event is perhaps the most time-consuming aspect of the procedure.Charity shops, car boot sales, and jumble sales are excellent places to look for these items.Please keep in mind that they do not have to match – and that sometimes a mismatch may be even more attractive and distinctive.I usually attempt to tie the plates together in some manner, whether it’s through a common subject (for example, birds, flowers, or toile) or complementary colors, but the final decision is totally up to you.It is necessary to use a dinner plate for the bottom, a side plate for the middle, and either a saucer or a teacup for the top of the dish.

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    Keep in mind that, on rare occasions, when a plate has a hairline fracture or is particularly fragile, it will break when you drill into it; thus, this is not a project you should attempt with your grandmother’s treasured dinner set in mind.

    Step two

    Check to see that your plate is clean and dry. Take the diameter of the plate with your tape measure, then mark the center with your pen to make it easier to see. This will serve as a drill guide for you.

    Step three

    It’s time to don those protective eyewear.Always drill your plate in a location where it will not slip and where you will not damage anything precious below it.A workstation is great, but if you are like me and do not have access to one, you may set it up on the grass in your garden.Before I begin, I place a small amount of water on the plate in order to keep the drill bit and plate as cool as possible.Work your way slowly through the area where you’ve designated the centre until you’ve completed it all.

    Continue until all three plates have a hole in the center of each of them.The coating on certain old plates makes it hard to drill through them, which should be noted.In these instances, you’ll be forced to find another plate, which is awful.

    Step four

    Begin with the lowest plate of your stack.After you’ve placed your washers on the plate, insert the bottom screw into the plate.Apply the cake stand fitting to the top of the plate after placing a soft washer on the top of the plate.The process should be repeated until all three fixes have been fastened.In most cases, a little saucer would enough for the top tier, but if you want to channel your inner ″Alice in Wonderland,″ try that china cup, which is excellent for placing pretzels or lollipops in.

    Step five

    Host the most spectacular tea party ever, with your new cake stand taking the spotlight.

    How to Make a Cake Stand

    Article to be downloaded article to be downloaded When it comes to displaying decorative cakes and cupcakes at parties and gatherings, a special stand is required.While they may be purchased, it is generally more cost-effective and more imaginative to create one from the ground up yourself.A cake stand can be constructed from a variety of materials.There are various alternative techniques to construct a cake stand using common home materials, which are discussed in this article.

    1. 1st, gather all of your supplies. To construct a cake stand utilizing a huge ornamental candlestick as a foundation, you will require a variety of materials. To use as the plate for your cake stand, choose a 10-12 inch microwave plate. It’s possible to utilize the plate from an old microwave that’s no longer in use, or you may purchase one from a local discount or second-hand store.
    2. Purchase a huge ornamental candlestick for your home. This will act as the foundation for your cake stand
    3. sandpaper and gorilla glue will be required to join the base and plate together.
    4. To paint the cake stand, you will need a colorful spray paint as well as a glossy clear finish.
    • 2 Wipe off your candlestick and microwave plate with rubbing alcohol. You want to make sure that all of your materials are as clean as possible before you start building the cake stand. Wash the candlestick and microwave plate in warm, soapy water
    • pat them dry with a dish towel
    • and allow them to air dry the remainder of the way before using them again. Before you begin putting the cake stand together, make sure that the cakes are totally dry.
    • Promotional material
    • 3 Sand the bottom of the microwave plate and the top of the candlestick to make them seem more polished. This will offer a roughened surface for bonding these parts together later on in the process. Glue the microwave plate and candlestick together after they have been sanded
    • Add copious amounts of glue to the sanded top portion of the candlestick
    • let dry.
    • Attach the candlestick on the microwave plate, ensuring certain that it is centered
    • and
    • Using a paper towel, gently wipe away any excess glue from the seam where the plate meets the candlestick.
    • Allow the adhesive to dry completely
    • 4 Decorate the cake stand with paint. This will be accomplished with spray paint in the color of your choice. However, if you are hosting a themed celebration, it is possible that you would want your cake stand to match the décor. Most cake stands are either white or black.
    • Apply the first layer of paint, paying attention to how even the color is. Allow this to dry thoroughly before using.
    • Allow the object to dry completely before applying a second layer of colored spray paint.
    • Finally, a clear coat should be applied to lock in the color and create luster.
    • Prior to putting the cake stand together, let them to dry fully.
    • After the paint has dry, you may embellish your cake stand with additional embellishments such as ribbons or stickers.
    1. 1st, gather your materials. You will require the following materials in order to complete this project: A flower vase and saucer made of terra cotta. The saucer should be 10–12 inches (25.4–30.5 cm) in diameter
    2. white acrylic paint
    3. patterned scrapbook or contact paper
    4. ribbon
    5. a hot glue gun and glue sticks
    6. scissors
    7. a pair of scissors
    8. a pair of scissors
    • 2 With the white acrylic paint, paint the flower pot and saucer on the table. If you wish to maintain the original terra cotta hue, this step is not necessary. Paint only the outside of the terra cotta pot using a sponge paintbrush to make it easier to paint quickly. You’ll be painting the entire saucer, which will serve as the foundation of your cake stand. This will serve as the plate for your cake stand
    • allow the paint to dry completely before proceeding to the next stage.
    • 3-Glue the terra cotta pot’s bottom to the rear of the saucer with a strong adhesive. Make certain that it is centered. Make use of a substantial amount of hot glue
    • nevertheless, caution should be exercised while utilizing hot glue. It is simple to set oneself ablaze.
    • Remove any extra glue from the seam where the components are bonded to give the project a more finished appearance.
    • Allow for hardening and drying of the adhesive before relocating the cake stand.
    • 4 Paper should be used to line the bottom of the saucer. You may make use of contact paper or scrapbook paper for this project. Paper should be used to cut out a form for the bottom of the saucer.
    • To trace the form, you can use the rim of the saucer as a guide.
    • Attach the paper to the saucer using glue or the adhesive side of contact paper to keep it in place.
    • 5 To connect the ribbon, use hot glue. This will be placed at the rim of the saucer’s perimeter. A ribbon can be tied around the bottom edge of the flower pot base as an alternative.
    • Make use of a ribbon that is complementary to the color of your paper lining
    • and
    • Allow the adhesive to cure completely before using your cake stand.

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    About This Article

    The following is an overview of how to create a cake stand.First, paint a flower pot and saucer with white acrylic paint.When the paint is completely dry, use hot glue to adhere the pot to the back of the saucer.To finish the stand, cut a piece of scrapbook paper to fit the saucer and glue it in place.Then attach ribbon around the rim of the saucer to finish it off.

    Sand the top of a candlestick and the bottom of a microwaveable plate before gluing them together for a somewhat different appearance.Finish by painting on two coats of paint in a color of your choice, followed by a clear coat to give it a gleaming sheen.Continue reading if you want to find out how to customize your DIY cake stand.Did you find this overview to be helpful?Thank you to all writers for contributing to this page, which has been read 8,298 times so far.

    How to Make a Cake Stand: 11 Fun DIY ProjectsCake Journal

    Are you a do-it-yourself enthusiast who has been deliberating over how to construct a cake stand?Traditional store-bought cake stands can be tedious and expensive, and they are not always necessary.If you’re going for a certain color, pattern, or theme, it may be more difficult to discover exactly what you’re searching for.Here, we’ll go over some of the materials you’ll want and/or need, as well as how to create a cake stand from scratch and some more inexpensive and creative ideas for how to make a cake stand.

    What You’ll Need

    What you’ll need when deciding on how to create a cake stand is entirely up to you and your concept for the project.You may even enter the project without having a clear concept and come out with something very extraordinary.Wood, plate, glass, bowls, plastic, clay pots, canisters, concrete, wire, cardboard, and marble are just a few of the materials that might be used as the basis for your creation.When it comes to attaching your cake stand and any other embellishments, you’ll need an adhesive.Beads and pearls, glitter, primer, different colors of acrylic paint or spray paint, and different colors of ribbon are some of the additional materials you might utilize.

    Where to Purchase Your Pieces

    It’s possible that you have some supplies sitting about your house at this exact minute.Antique shops, thrift stores, dollar stores, flea markets, and garage sales are all excellent places to look for one-of-a-kind items to purchase.Depending on the aesthetic you’re looking for, you may even purchase your items from whatever type of department or craft store you like.The finest collection of glue and decorating alternatives may be found in a craft store, but they can also be obtained in a department store from time to time.

    What Are Cake Stands Good For?

    The majority of people are undoubtedly assuming that this is a straightforward response; cake, of course!They may, however, be utilized for a variety of different purposes that many people do not consider!They may be a wonderful way to serve appetizers at a more upscale gathering.On a cake stand, you may display cheese and crackers in a beautiful arrangement.You could also start with a bed of greens and arrange the shrimp around the perimeter, with a cocktail sauce in the center.

    When it comes to pizza parties, cake stands may also offer an air of elegance or good-naturedness.Using cake stands to display cake pops that are designed to be positioned with the stick up or resting flat is a terrific idea.As soon as you understand how to create a cake stand, you can start thinking about turning the top piece into a bowl so that you can use it to serve items like salads.Whether you’re serving fruit salad, potato salad, fruit salad, or a dessert type salad, a homemade cake stand will make everything appear more appealing.The design is humorous, yet it is also lightweight and simple to travel.

    How to Make a Cake Stand

    Finally, we will walk you through the stages of how to create a cake stand in this section. There is no right or wrong way to do things as long as they are functional and reliable.

    Step One

    This is the location where you will select your items.Whatever parts you choose to use, it is critical that one piece lies entirely flat on top of the other to ensure proper alignment.Consider the following scenario: If you were going to connect a plate to an upside-down bowl, you would need to make certain that the bowl was perfectly level and free of any feet or ridges.In any other case, you will be unable to acquire a solid hold throughout the gluing and setting stages of the procedure.

    Step Two

    Measure.For example, let us say you’ve found the two right components and are ready to put your cake stand together.After that, you put the parts back together and discover that they are lopsided.While it might be a joyful accident that turns out to be stylish, it could also turn out to be unprofessional if done incorrectly.In order to place a component in a certain location, it is necessary to take measurements beforehand.

    Step Three

    Select the most appropriate glue.Depending on how the cake stand will be used, this is a very crucial phase.In order to make it a long-lasting object, you’ll want to utilize a glue that is both permanent and weather resistant.In this situation, you will be able to simply hand wash your cake stand; however, it is recommended that you do not immerse or submerge your cake stand in water, as this may cause the bond to weaken and your cake stand to come apart completely.Instead, you could want to create a temporary cake stand that will only be used for a single occasion, and then you could recycle the components at a later date.

    Poster putty would be an excellent alternative in this situation.As soon as you’re through building the stand, you may try to chisel the parts apart to see if you can get them apart.In some circumstances, this will work, but in others, you may end up damaging, cracking, or chipping anything as a result of your efforts.

    Step Four

    Everything is ready: you have your components, you have precisely measured where those pieces need to go, and you have the appropriate glue.It’s finally time to put everything back together!Many people recommend letting your project set overnight to achieve the greatest effects; however, various adhesives recommend waiting varying periods of time before using their products.You should now be able to construct a cake stand.

    Other Cheap and Creative Ideas for Cake Stands

    Bowl/Mug with Plate

    This cake stand is the simplest, most straightforward, and most effective that you could ever construct.You just turn an upside-down bowl with a flat bottom over and apply a plate to the top of it.Possibly, you already have the ideal dish and plate tucked away someplace in your kitchen.An alternative to using a bow is to lay it on top of a cup, which is equally simple but a bit more quirky.


    A tall, sturdy wine glass and a small or light-colored glass plate should be on hand. Place the wine glass upside down on the plate and press it down firmly. You may keep it as is, or you can paint it to reflect a certain theme if you so like. Alternatively, you might use a heavy-duty martini glass or any other solid glass object that you choose.


    Cake boards may be purchased, or you can trace and cut out a circle of cardboard on your own.Afterwards, you may purchase any type of bulletin board poster trim and apply it to the cardboard circular with a glue gun using the instructions provided.Making the cake stand tall enough so that the border does not touch the table can be accomplished by hot gluing two styrofoam circles to the center of a cardboard circle.Bulletin board poster trim is available in a variety of designs to allow for maximum customisation.

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    Terra-Cotta Pots

    In order to create the bottom component, you’ll want to seek for a small, thin pot that can be turned upside down. Then, for the top, search for a huge saucer-shaped form. In order to achieve the greatest effects when changing the color, use a primer followed by whatever color spray paint you like.


    You may use any sort of wood pieces or plaques to create a rustic yet attractive aesthetic by sticking them together with wood glue. If you like the shape of the wood but not the color, you may paint it any color you like to make it look more appealing.


    Simple plastic cups and plates from the dollar store, or ones from the back of your cabinet that you haven’t used in years, can be transformed into a simple and festive cake stand in minutes.


    The combination of a metal canister used for coffee or soup with a good plate may be even more attractive than you expect. Even more so if you spray paint the can in an attractive metallic hue. If you’re feeling very frisky, you could even sprinkle some glitter on top.


    Choose your base first, and then look for a plate that is built with holes around the perimeter of it.This presents an excellent chance to thread a variety of different beads together using a thin metal wire as a guide.At a picnic or barbecue, colorful or glittering glass beads can be used to create a stunning display.Ribbons can also be used to fill in the gaps left by the holes.You may even combine different types of beads and ribbons!

    The options are virtually limitless.


    Even though we all have bowls, if you transform your bowl into a cake stand bowl, you’ll be the topic of the party. Choose a basis and, instead of sticking a plate to it, adhere a bowl that is correctly sized to it. This lends a whole new meaning to the term ″cake stand.″


    Marble has a sleek, one-of-a-kind appearance. Something heavy duty and opulent may be created by placing a square of marble on a solid base.


    This one may seem a little unusual at first, but by pouring concrete and allowing it to cure in items such as cups, plates, and bowls, you can arrange things exactly as you like for a bespoke rustic aesthetic that is uniquely yours.


    It becomes clear after learning how to create a cake stand that creating a basic DIY cake stand is pretty straightforward and may be enjoyable.If you’re already a creative person and want to make something a little more intricate, you can do so.DIY cake stands may be made by anybody, from a complete beginner to a seasoned professional.There are so many different components, materials, and decorations to pick from, which makes the fun and possibilities virtually limitless.Wishing you the best of success on your cake stand adventures!

    15 Homemade Cake Stand Ideas

    As ardent crafters and kitchen enthusiasts, nothing makes us happier than discovering a DIY project that we can do ourselves and then utilize in the kitchen after we’ve created something wonderful.We’re confident that it will come as no surprise that we were really excited when the concept of creating our very own cake stand got into our heads when we spotted one in a store that we loved and thought to ourselves, ″we could do that″!For this reason, before our next baking session or before we host our next dinner or party, we’ve been combing the Internet for as many DIY cake stand ideas as we can come up with.We’ve compiled a list of 15 of the most creative ideas, concepts, and designs we’ve come across so far in our hunt for direction and inspiration, just in case the notion of creating your own cake stand appeals to you as much as it did to us when we used it.

    1. DIY marble cake stand

    Are you the type of person who likes to add a touch of glitz and glitter to their surroundings whenever feasible, even when they’re creating something from scratch?Few things conjure up images of a posh kitchen like marble finishes, so we’d strongly encourage you to check out how A Kailo Chic Life created this gorgeous gold-edged cake stand with a lovely handcrafted marbled effect all across its top surface, as you can see in the video below.

    2. Papier mache cake stand

    Have you always been a lot more crafty person in the sense that you enjoy getting your hands dirty and using traditional skills to produce whatever it is that you want to make?If so, you’re in luck.After all, if you enjoy creating things from scratch and then painting them, we believe you’ll appreciate the way The House That Lars Built created these hand painted cake stands out of papier mache!

    3. Glitter and decoupage cake stand

    Perhaps you already own a cake stand from a department store or have came across one that you like the design of at a thrift shop, but you can’t help but feel that it might use a facelift to give it a fresh, slightly more modern lease on life?What we would recommend is that you look at how Sugar and Cloth utilized decoupage methods to create this stunning gold glitter stand in just a few simple steps if you enjoy dazzling things as much as we do.

    4. DIY modern cake stand

    Alternatively, perhaps your sense of personal style has always been a bit less flamboyant and a little more basic, leading you to seek something modern and minimalist without having to spend a lot of money? For those who fall into this category, we recommend something as basic as this cake stand from Enthralling Gumption, which was built from a plate and a vase!

    5. Wood pinwheel cake stand

    Perhaps you’ve been browsing through our selection in the hopes of finding something much more eye-catching, colorful, and entertaining, such as a stand that would be appropriate for a large celebration such as a birthday party?If that’s the case, we think this stunning painted wood and pinwheel cake stand with its own flag could be just what you’re looking for!Damask Love has a more in-depth look into how it’s manufactured.

    6. Painted pasta cake stand

    Is it possible that we piqued your interest when we started talking about DIY cake stands that are constructed using the same basic crafting skills that you undoubtedly used as a child, but you’d want a way to make the completed product seem kitschy or mod in some manner?Then we think you’ll enjoy the way Handmade Charlotte created this project, which included dried spaghetti and vibrantly colored paint.Look at these gorgeously textured stands, right?

    7. DIY wood slice dessert tray

    Has the style of your home shifted somewhat toward a more rustic chic feel?And, as a person who loves to pay attention to the tiniest of details, do you want to keep even the smallest aspects in your home consistent with the overall theme?If that’s the case, we highly recommend having a look at how Craftberry Bush created this stunning and surprisingly easy cake stand out of a cut piece of wood and bent wire to form hairpin style legs for inspiration.

    8. Metallic gold geometric cake stand

    Was it because you’ve already established a pretty awesome modern decor scheme throughout your home that we managed to capture your attention when we started talking about modern looking cake stands?Or is it because you prefer something that is slightly more eye catching in terms of shape and construction?For those who fall into this category, we highly recommend having a look at how Bird’s Party created these shiny gold geometric cake stands in just a few easy steps.

    9. Rustic DIY wood slice and branch stand

    Did we genuinely capture your curiosity so well in our talks on wooden cake stands that you can’t help but wonder whether there could be an all-wood alternative out there, rather than simply producing a wooden topped version with metal legs, rather than just making a wooden topped version with metal legs?Then we have a hunch that something like these wood slice and branch stands, which are described in great detail on Tikki Do, would be a little more your style.

    10. Painted terra cotta pot DIY

    Has upcycling always been a favorite pastime of yours, or do you like to utilize any craft or project as an opportunity to practice it?So, we have a hunch you’ll like the way Tara Dennis created these simple yet elegant stands out of terra-cotta pots and trays that had been painted and then flipped upside down!Although their white design appears to be rather striking and clean, these stands will look good no matter what size or color you choose to build them for your business.

    11. Simple DIY wire stand

    In your search for something simple and minimalist, would you prefer to create something that has a slightly more metal and industrial feel to it, even if it has a more homey appearance?Would you prefer to create something that has a slightly more metal and industrial feel to it even if it has a more homey appearance?If that’s the case, we believe you’d be a good candidate to learn how The Merry Thought created this simple DIY wire cake stand.To discover how to do it properly, take a closer look at their tutorial.

    12. Colourful upcycled dishes stand

    Is it true that we really had your attention when we started talking about the notion of upcycling old or atypical objects into cake stands, but that you’d prefer to utilize dishes that are a little more intriguing than the standard plates and vases we suggested?If that’s the case, we think you’ll enjoy the way Centsational Girl constructed the bases of their display stands using variously shaped cocktail glasses!The use of a vibrant color palette elevated the overall appearance of the concept above and beyond the already great forms of the glasses.

    13. Spray painted wood and scalloped edge square stand

    Has it come to your attention that you’ve been scrolling through our list in the hopes of coming across a cake stand that is square in shape rather than rounded in shape like all of the other designs we’ve showed you?If that’s the case, we highly recommend having a look at how In This Wonderful Life created this gorgeous stand out of a painted piece of wood and some scalloped trim for a quirky edge.

    14. Painted trays and candlesticks cake stand

    Have we piqued your interest with this whole concept of building your own cake stand out of other household items before painting it in the colors of your choice, but you can’t help but wish you could find a larger version of the same idea so that you could do things like serve a large batch of decorated cupcakes on it?So we believe you should have a peek at how A Perfectly Crazy Life created these painted candlestick stands out of old trays and unused candlesticks!

    15. Painted chandelier and plates cake stand

    Consider the possibility that you’re baking for a really large event and you want to make sure you have enough cake and dessert to serve all of the people who will be in attendance.You could, for example, construct many different cake stands and arrange them in different ways…You might also try your hand at making this multi-platform cake stand from iHeart Naptime, which was made out of plates and a chandelier.Do you have any other types of DIY cake stands that you’ve constructed in the past that you’ve really loved using but that you don’t see on this list?Tell us everything about it, or send us images of your final item, in the comments area of this article!

    How to Make a Simple but Elegant DIY Cake Stand

    Please help to support this site by spreading the word!Some sweets, especially for special occasions, need to be elevated to a higher level of appreciation.You’ll find yourself looking for excuses to put anything on it after learning how to create a simple DIY cake stand…or maybe even excuses to go out and purchase more cake!This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase after clicking on my links, I will receive a commission.Please go to my disclosures for further information.

    Some DIY cake stands on Pinterest may have piqued your curiosity, and at first glance you might have assumed you required expensive carpentry skills or high-end paint to get the modern farmhouse aesthetic.No, my friends, that is not the case!(I have the sensation of being a rogue magician about to divulge the secrets of the trade.) The simplicity of this lesson will wow you with how simple it is!I anticipate that you’ll start constructing these cake stands to offer as gifts to your friends and to wow them with your skills.That is, at the very least, my plan!

    How to Make a DIY Wooden Cake Stand

    Following my participation in the DIY cake stand challenge on YouTube, I’ve created a helpful video that talks you through the entire process! You’ll even receive a bonus guide for making a dollar store cake stand.

    Supplies You’ll Need

    • Wax brushes (or ordinary bristle brushes), wood glue, and a wooden plaque are all needed to complete this project.

    At the conclusion of this piece, I’ve included some suggestions for wood plaques and candle holders that will work well with a rustic cake stand. The majority of the supplies can be found at your local craft store, if not on Amazon.

    Step 1: Lightly sand wooden pieces

    Ensure that any rough edges are sanded before you begin working with unfinished wood. If you make the mistake of forgetting to use sandpaper from the beginning (like I did), you may always sand between layers of paint. It is important to wash away any grit left over from sanding before applying any paint to the surface once it has dried.

    Step 2: Glue candle holder to plaque

    Attach the candle holder to the middle of your wooden plaque by gluing it on using wood glue.Do you require assistance in locating the center?Try transferring your plaque onto a sheet of paper, cutting it out, then folding it into quarters to make it more sturdy.After that, you may use a pencil to poke a hole through the center of the paper to mark the location of the center point on the plaque.Alternatives include taking your chances with a good, old-fashioned eyeballing approach (which is frequently my favorite) and seeing what happens.

    Place a weight on bottom of candlestick and turn cake stand over so that the plaque side is facing down.This will give you the greatest results (see video).Allow it to dry in this position for at least one night.

    Step 3: Paint entire cake stand

    Now comes the exciting part: playing with your friends! Using 1-2 layers of chalk paint, paint the whole cake stand, allowing about 2 hours between applications. This chalk paint dries extremely quickly and goes on quite thickly, which is just what I’m looking for.

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    Step 4: Apply clear wax

    Now, you’ll note that your DIY cake stand is lacking in personality at this point, which is why I recommend adding this clear wax to give it a more antique, vintage appearance. Starting with a wax brush, apply a thin coat of wax all over your item and wipe away any excess with a clean towel or an old cotton t-shirt to protect your work from dust and other debris.

    Step 5: Apply dark wax

    Apply a thin coat of dark wax in the grooves on the curves and edges of your plaque and candleholder before the clear wax has completely dried. Use a bristle brush to apply the dark wax in the grooves. At first glance, the wax will appear to be quite black, but do not be alarmed! The excess wax will be wiped away after it has been applied until just a tiny bit of distressing is left behind.

    Step 6: Let wax cure

    Allow your item to rest for at least one night before polishing it to the gloss you wish.Make care to keep your DIY cake stand clear of moisture for at least 7 days to ensure the finish is protected.For a little more flare, you can transfer the plaque section of your DIY cake stand onto scrapbook paper and use it as a liner to match whatever party theme you choose to create.(Consider bridal showers, baby showers, birthday celebrations, and weddings, among other things!) Please see my tutorial on painting terracotta pots to make lovely outdoor decor if you have any leftover chalk paint after completing this project.

    Best Plaques and Candle Sticks to Buy

    I selected an oval plaque in my lesson just to have a variety of shapes to choose from when it comes to cake stands. You may, on the other hand, select from any of these excellent choices to convey your point. (Click on the photos to get to the stores.)


    Why should I use chalk paint?

    Unlike other paints, chalk paint has a smooth, velvety texture and does not require sanding or priming before to application. It has an ultra-matte finish that will not seem glossy or sticky when used with a wax finish, making it ideal for this application.

    What’s the difference between acrylic paint and chalk paint?

    Acrylic paint is the finest choice for jobs that call for mixing, highlighting, or stenciling, among other things.Chalk paint is popular for furniture restoration tasks because it allows you to distress a piece using medium-grit sandpaper without the paint being trapped in the sandpaper.Chalk paint is also easy to apply and remove.As an added bonus, while using the wax outlined in this video, you may create a beautiful antiquing effect using chalk paint.

    Do I need to seal my DIY cake stand?

    Yes! Because chalk paint is porous, if you’re using it, you’ll definitely want to apply wax to the completed item once it’s finished to protect it from the elements. In the words of PLAID on their product website, ″If the paint is not protected, it might become scratched and unsightly.″

    Can I use any paint color to make a DIY cake stand?

    Yes, chalk paint is available in a range of colors, allowing you to personalize your cake stand to match any décor!

    You Might Also Like These Articles

    With a variety of additional chalk paint recipes available, you can put your leftover bottles to good use and make extra goods or gifts for friends!

    Pin it for later!

    I hope you have a great time creating your own rustic wooden cake stand! Please feel free to tag me on Instagram @firstdayofhome in order to show me your great work! Please help to support this site by spreading the word!

    5 Ways to Make Your Own Tiered Cake Stand

    I previously shared with you a tabletop succulent garden that was inspired by this cupcake stand, which you can see here.This concept of placing something unexpected–such as these lovely succulents–onto a piece of furniture that was intended for displaying food appealed to me.In addition, I had a great time creating my own tiered stand.Whilst exploring alternative ideas for this project, I came across lots of fantastic ideas that anyone could utilize to create a tiered dessert stand on their own time.For these stands, the options are virtually unlimited!

    Regardless of your skill level, style, or size, you may find a lesson to suit your needs.And I believe I’ve proved rather clearly that these stands are quite adaptable!As well as for entertaining, they may be used to showcase art items, spice jars, cosmetics, and holiday decorations.I guess I’ll have to create a couple more of them….I think I’ll attempt one of these 5 Ways to Make Your Own Tiered Cake Stand to see how it turns out.

    1. 1.
    2. Circles in a Shabby Chic Style Shanty 2 Chic has plans and a tutorial for an effortlessly gorgeous stand, which you can download for free.
    3. On this one, I appreciate how the tiers are fully flat, allowing you plenty of area for delicious goodies!

    Plates and hardware are number two.This stand, which is made of hardware and attractive plates, is the ideal answer for those who are short on storage space.It can be quickly disassembled for more compact storage.

    • Visit HomedIt to learn how to make it.
    • Plates and candlesticks, number three.
    • This modular platform, designed by Ann Wu Photography, does not require any drilling.
    • It’s easy to put together using melamine plates, candlesticks, and adhesive, and it looks great.
    • 4.
    • Stemware and Dessert Plates (optional).

    Kate from Centsational Style presents these bright and cheery dessert tables she built out of stemware and dessert plates she found at a charity store for pennies on the dollar.Choose several and paint them in bright summer colors to combine together and display a variety of sweets.5.The combination of wood and copper As a DIYer with a large scrap pile of my own, I am in love with this wood and copper cake stand from Brittany, aka the Pretty Handy Girl, and her tutorial.You could easily make this with a few shiny copper pipes and some scrap wood if you went to your local hardware shop.Aren’t those entertaining?

    1. Can you conceive of a situation in which you might benefit from using a tiered stand?
    2. For Mother’s Day, I’m thinking of making a nice feminine cake stand out of pretty dinnerware to display.
    3. Stands that are bright and colorful for your summer BBQs or your Christmas festivities.
    4. You may build them in a variety of colors and motifs to complement your home’s decor or a particular theme.

    57 Insanely Beautiful DIY Cake Stand Designs To Realize

    Disclaimer |This post may include affiliate links, which means that we may get a small compensation if you make a qualifying purchase through one of these links at no additional cost to you.In a party or a celebration, cake stands and dessert stands are not required items, and they are not something that we actually require in our homes.However, because they are elements that can come in handy for that one time, diy enthusiasts have created extraordinary cool and inexpensive solutions to this problem, such as diy cake stands that can be used once and then disassembled, stands that require only $1 dollar store elements and paint to surprise guests beyond belief, or stands that are made entirely of recycled materials.If you’re looking for inspiration for your next event, have a look at the images in the gallery below, which argue for excellence in the name of the DIY community.

    57 Beautiful DIY Cake Stand Designs

    1. one wine glass, pearls and plate

    On create this look, just fill a glass halfway with pearls and adhere it to a clear plate; the effect is nothing short of stunning. via

    2. simple wood elements in baby blue

    A visit to your local hardware shop will provide you with everything you need to create trendy cake stands; alternatively, you may salvage furniture legs and boards to shape something comparable at a lower cost. via

    3. Glitter all the way

    Allow your event to shine brightly throughout, and take pleasure in the gleaming presence. via

    4. simple DIY cake Plates

    Plastic parts from the one-dollar store may be combined to create something bright and different in appearance. via

    5. old china and glasses sprayed to life

    We all have that one glass left from the set that will simply not shatter, the last one standing, and there is always that one final plate as well as the last glass. The sculptural forms above are lovely, vibrant, and vivid, and you can use them to build your cake stand right now by just sticking them together and spraying them with the color of your choosing. via

    6. rightfully salvage wood 

    Lemon, chocolate, and vanilla cupcakes are transported here on a little piece of an antique wooden stairway, which is dazzling, elegant, and tiered! Unknown as to where this information came from

    7. Simple trays and candlesticks 


    8. old chandelier and plates

    A solution for large-scale events that will undoubtedly not be forgotten about. Color can also be used to distinguish it even more. via

    9. 5 minute diy cake stand


    10. $1 store elements sprayed

    A really simple and ridiculously inexpensive method to serve dessert. via

    11. candlesticks and wood into cake stands

    The correct shade of pink is determined on the nature of your event, but the one seen above is certainly eye-catching. via

    12. glitter all the way


    13. simple white meets color

    White and color, color all the way, color all the way. via

    14. old china in an IMPECCABLE setting


    15. little league supported by a candlestick


    16. diy wood & copper cake stand

    Straightforward and effective. Feel free to experiment with the proportions of the elements present; in this case, thinner copper tubes would have provided a more delicate and sensible appearance. via

    17. slices of wood become cake stands

    With just one log piece and one slice of wood, you may create something really one-of-a-kind in this world. via

    18. shabby white wearing colorful sweets


    19. flower pots upside down doubling as cake stands

    In a crisp white setting as dessert stands, clay pots are transformed into an airy setting. via

    20. tin boxes and transparent trays 

    The usage of tin boxes is always beneficial, and transporting trays of brownies is not a major difficulty for this fantastic aspect. courtesy of

    21. cloche bells on wooden cake stands 

    Take a look at the whole instruction in the link below for more information on how to create a complete and sculptural presence using basic pieces from your local hobby shop. via

    22. sparkling glitter

    Everything may be transformed with glitter; are you utilizing it properly? via

    23. ombre cake stand

    When it comes to sparkle, are you utilizing it properly. via

    24. simple plastic for sweet needs


    25. glass plate and glass form transparent cake stand

    It is possible that a pumpkin, succulent, or toy would look good in this position because of the glass on the bottom that serves as a cloche bell. via

    26. diy cake stands in full color

    Occasionally, parts of a set might perform well in unexpected ways. via

    27. diy clay pot dessert stand


    28. sweets on sweet diy cake stand

    There’s nothing better than sweets on sweets and pleasure on joy. via

    29. chic and easy to do diy cake stand

    An unadorned tin can, which holds a basic white plate, is wrapped in a golden-glittered sheet of paper; the design is straightforward yet functional, visual, and affordable. via

    30. golden paint over diy dessert stand


    31.cake stand wears colorful pom poms

    Pom poms are a great option for every situation. via

    32. add jewelry accents to your dessert stand

    Nothing is too much when it comes to some events; take note of how the plate on top provided the option to overhang an element here, and how this possibility was used to create an incredible level of beauty. via

    33. wild cat diy cake stands serving colorful sweets

    The amazing cats in this item may be replaced with a variety of other toys that would match the theme of your party. This is an extraordinarily simple method to put a humorous spin on a standard item. via

    34. diy concrete cake stand

    The concrete stand is unquestionably the winner in the high weight category; its distinctive texture is undoubtedly a choice worth considering; nevertheless, white concrete or colored concrete are also fantastic alternatives to the standard color. via

    35. pastel colors on diy candlesticks

    If you choose the proper hue, the outcome will be classic and timeless. via

    36. pink diy dessert stand boosting lace

    Make it your own by scaling and customizing it to your liking. It’s an excellent choice for a baby shower. via

    37. two toned inexpensive dessert stand

    Tammy Mitchell Photography (

    38. tailor the right composition

    Apples play a significant role in this composition, both in terms of their structure and their coloration. via

    39. sugar, diamonds and pink are a recipe

    Sweets arranged in an opulent arrangement. Unknown as to where this information came from

    40. WIRE-FRAME diy cake stand 

    One old camping grill mounted on a homemade pedestal may perform well; it can be painted any color, it is clear, and it is simple to construct. via

    41. yellow sculptural organic dessert stand

    Yellow is a color that has the ability to alter all components, regardless of their natural state. Unknown as to where this information came from

    42. white and pink in a graphic display

    Even a simple dessert display may be improved with temporary pieces, such as this one made of colorful paper. courtesy of

    43. red sugar stand

    A dramatic color choice may completely transform any aspect. via

    44. Marble top delight

    Marble is a beautiful material that should be complemented with an equally attractive interior design. via

    45. striped black and white 

    Inexpensive elements are painted in a spectacular contrast of black, white, and gold to make them look more costly. via

    46. beautiful cake stand dome


    47. metal shabby tray and wooden candlestick

    The difference in materiality between wood and metal creates a fascinating contrast, as well as a stunning sense of balance. via

    48. one ceramic tray and one deep plate

    Designed to be used at your event, this reversible project will assist you in creating something functional and attractive without compromising any of the components in the process. via

    49. two white playful volumes


    50. clay pot in a vivid color

    Using the tray pot of a larger flower pot in conjunction with a smaller flower pot would be fantastic; simply paint them both the same color and utilize them at your events. via

    51. green glass sweet stand wearing sweets


    52. princess part receives color

    A simple feature may be quickly transformed with little ribbons of color, allowing the dessert stand to be reshaped to match your event’s theme on the fly. via

    53. polka dots are always an option

    Wearing polka dots is acceptable in any hue since they give an intriguing element to your outfit and allow

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