How To Make A Soda Can Cake?

  1. Arrange all the soda/beer cans you plan to use in groups, like cake layers.
  2. Measure the cans to determine the size circle you will need for each layer.
  3. Draw your circles on the cardboard or foam core.
  4. Repeat to draw all the circles needed.
  5. Cut out the circles using a utility knife.
  6. Wrap the circles.

What can you make out of pop cans?

Check out the below DIY projects that will put your old soda cans to good use.

  1. Can Herb Garden. Carefully cut the top off of your soda cans, paint them, and then plant.
  2. Birdfeeder.
  3. Seasonal Wreath.
  4. DIY Twinkly Light Strands.
  5. Tea Light Lantern.
  6. Ingredient Labels.
  7. Garden Markers.
  8. DIY Vases.

How many cans does it take to make a beer cake?

A 9-inch circle fits around 6-7 beer cans. A 14-inch cake board or platter is rather wide, so this will be a large base. You will be able to fit around 20-23 bottles or cans on a 14-inch board, for example. Once you complete the bottom layer, take your ribbon and wrap it around the beers.

What can I build with cans?

20 Genius Ways to Recycle Soda Cans into Amazing DIY Projects

  1. Cookie Cutters.
  2. Soda Can Bracelets.
  3. Decorative Flowers.
  4. Lanterns.
  5. Candle Holders.
  6. Keychains.
  7. Soda Tab Belt.
  8. Soda Can Necklace.

What products can be made of waste tin cans?

25 Recycled Tin Can Crafts and Projects

  • Chalkboard Paint Tin Can Pots | The Garden Glove.
  • DIY Birch Bark Vase | City Farmhouse.
  • Birthday in a Can | Oh Happy Day.
  • Dipped Tin Can Storage | Maya.
  • Tin Can Wind Chimes | Cheap Crafting.
  • Can-Do Robots | Spoonful.
  • Tin Can Utensil Holder | Madame Criativa.
  • Is there a plastic liner in soda cans?

    We use BPA in the linings of our beverage cans and in other packaging such as metal caps. The linings protect the quality and taste of the beverage inside.

    How do you put cans on the wall?

    I used little foam 3M sticky squares to hang these on the wall. Anything sticky on both sides will work, but be careful because there is a rim around the bottom of the cans that sticks out a bit. Your sticky needs to be thicker than that rim so that the adhesive still hits the wall when you go to hang the can up.

    How do you organize soda cans in the fridge?

    If you’re storing cans of seltzer or bottles of soda standing upright on the shelves of your fridge, you’re wasting precious space. Instead, reserve space in a drawer for your cans of LaCroix. Lay the cans on their side and stack them to maximize vertical space. And if your drawer space is tight?

    How do you organize sodas in the fridge?

    All you have to do is open one side of a soda pack, place it on the shelf, unseal the opposite side and then push the cans while pulling the box away. The cans will stay lined in perfect rows, just like they were inside the pack. With this hack, you can organize your beverages Kardashian-style in about 15 seconds flat.

    How to make a cake with a can of soda?

  • Divide the cans for the three layers of your cake.
  • If you want to be able to move your soda can cake follow all the steps if you don’t need to be able to move your cake skip gluing the
  • First your going to need to create a cardboard base for the cake.
  • How to make a 12- Pack soda can cake?

  • 12 Pack of your favourite beer (18-24 pack,if you’re advanced)
  • Ribbon (Both thick and thin ribbon)
  • Scissors
  • Glue or Tape
  • 1 Platter
  • 2 Bristle boards (cut into 3 circles 3″,6″ and 9″ in diameter)
  • How do you make a cake with soda?

  • 1 box of your favorite Betty Crocker cake mix – we recommend vanilla,chocolate,or strawberry
  • A can (12 oz) of a carbonated beverage of your choice for each cake mix that you’ve chosen – for best results,try a fruit-flavored soda pop like grape,strawberry,
  • 1 cupcake tin
  • Spoon or scoop
  • Mixer
  • Mixing bowl
  • Toothpicks
  • Can you make a cake with baking soda?

  • Cake mix,any flavor
  • 12 ounces of soda,any flavor
  • Liquid measuring cup
  • Mixing bowl
  • Mixing spoon
  • Cake pan
  • Nonstick spray
  • How to make a soda can cake tutorial

    • DISCLAIMER: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means they are provided at no additional cost to you. Please be aware that I only advocate things that I personally use and believe in. For additional information about my affiliates, please see my disclosure policy, which can be found here. A soda can cake is a wonderful gift for anybody who like soda or canned beer. Make one for someone special for Christmas or their birthday and they will be delighted! Learn how to complete this simple DIY project by following these step-by-step instructions! Our 60th birthday celebration included two soda can cakes, each containing 30 cans of Coca Cola in order to reach the magical number of 60! Here is a step-by-step guide on how I created these! The following materials are required: soda or beer cans, cardboard or foam core, pencil, ruler, utility knife, scissors, decorative ribbon and wrapping paper

    Step 1.Arrange all of the soda/beer cans you intend to use in tiers, similar to how you would assemble a cake.I prepared two cakes, each of which held 30 cans, which came out to the above 1, 3, 7, 19 layout for each cake.I used the same recipe for both cakes.

    Step 2: Measure the cans to estimate the size of the circle that will be needed for each layer of the project.My circles were 3 inches in diameter, 6 inches in diameter, 8 inches in diameter, and 13 inches in diameter for my 1, 3, 7, and 19 can layers, respectively.This provided a little breathing area around each layer of cans.Fill in your circles on the cardboard or foam core using a marker.A piece of ribbon and my pencil served as my substitute for a compass because one was not readily available.

    • Tie the ribbon to the pencil and measure half the length of the ribbon you’ll need to purchase.
    • Hold the ribbon in one place and spin the pencil around the center of the ribbon to make a circle in the desired size.
    • Despite the fact that it is not infallible, it was effective!
    • It is also possible to purchase cake rounds that have already been cut to the appropriate sizes (as seen in this original post about this concept), but I chose to go with the less expensive option of using what I had on hand.
    • Step 4: Continue drawing circles until all of the circles are completed.
    • Remember that the top photo displays eight circles since I was preparing two cakes at the same time.
    • 5th step: Cut out the circles with a utility knife following the template.
    • Remember to be patient and make several cuts in the same location before you break through while cutting through foam core.
    • Please don’t attempt to get it all done in one cut!

    Step 6: Make a ring out of the circles.I decided to employ the same technique that I did for the diaper cake foundation.Make a wider circle of wrapping paper than you’ll need, then make little snips along the sides of the paper circle.

    Fold them over and bind them with tape to create a full circle of protection.Step number seven.To help keep them together, place a beautiful ribbon or string around the exterior of each layer of cans before placing them on top of one another.Your can-baking project is now complete!

    1. To transport your soda can cake, first unstack it and then put each layer flat on the foam core to prevent it from collapsing.
    2. More Father’s Day gift suggestions!

    13 Brilliant Ways You Can Be Reusing Your Empty Soda Cans

    Organize all of the soda/beer cans you intend to use into layers, similar to how you would a cake.Step 1.It worked out to the above 1, 3, 7, 19 configuration for each cake since I constructed two cakes that each contained 30 cans.Using the cans as a guide, figure out what size circle you’ll need for each layer in Step 2.

    My circles were 3 inches in diameter, 6 inches in diameter, 8 inches in diameter, and 13 inches in diameter for my 1, 3, 7, and 19 can layers, respectively.This allowed for a little extra space around each layer of canned goods.Step 3: On the cardboard or foam core, draw your circles.A piece of ribbon and my pencil served as substitutes for a compass because none were available to me.Measure half of the length needed on your ribbon by tying it to the pencil and cutting it to that length.

    • Create your circle by holding the ribbon in one place and spinning the pencil around the center of it.
    • However, it was successful in its purpose!
    • It is also possible to purchase cake rounds that have already been cut to the appropriate sizes (as seen in this original post about this concept), but I chose to go with the less expensive option of using what I had on hand.
    • Step 4: Draw as many circles as you need to complete the task at hand!
    • Keep in mind that the top photo displays eight circles since I was preparing two cakes at the same time!
    • Step 5: Using a utility knife, cut off the circles.
    • A tip for cutting through foam core: be patient and make a bunch of cuts in the same location before you break through the foam core.
    • If you can, avoid trying to get it all done in one cut!
    • The final step is to wrap the circles around the cylinders.

    I decided to utilize the same procedure that I used with the diaper cake foundation.It worked out perfectly.Prepare your wrapping paper by cutting a bigger circle than you will need, then making tiny snips along the corners of your cut circle.

    Using the tape, attach them in a circular shape that covers the whole surface area.Next, we’ll have a look at how to get started with it.To help keep them together, place a beautiful ribbon or string around the exterior of each layer of cans before placing them on top of each other.Everything is now ready for your can cake.

    1. Unstack your soda can cake and set each layer flat on the foam core to avoid it collapsing during transportation.
    2. Yet another round of Father’s Day gift suggestions!

    1. Can Herb Garden

    Cut the tops off of your Coke cans with care, paint them, and then plant them in your garden. Easy-peasy.

    2. Birdfeeder

    Make a half-circle stopper for each end of your soda can (a soup can was used in the example above) by gluing it to the top and bottom of the can. Fill the container with seed and tie a thread or rope around the top to secure it.

    3. Seasonal Wreath

    Make leaves, flowers, or really any form you like out of your Coke can. After that, you may paint or embellish with paper. Finally, connect your forms to a metal hoop or wire to complete the project.

    4. DIY Twinkly Light Strands

    Create your own shapes out of your drink cans and punch a hole in the center of each one of them. Make a unique décor item by adhering the shapes to a strand of standard twinkling lights and you’ll have something truly special.

    5. Tea Light Lantern

    Who knew that tea light candles would fit neatly into soda cans?

    6. Ingredient Labels

    Using a dull pencil or the end of a paintbrush, write the names of all of your cupboard products on pieces of soda cans that have been trimmed to size (just remember to write backwards if you want your letters to be raised on the opposite side).

    7. Garden Markers

    It is also possible to use the first approach to make garden markers. Alternatively, you might buy in some metal stamps to achieve the appearance seen in the pin above.

    8. DIY Vases

    Simply cut the tops off your cans and paint them, just as you did with the herb garden project.

    9. Decorative Laterns

    The containers seen above were built from recycled soup cans, but soda cans would also work nicely. All you need is a metal punch or an awl, as well as a little creativity.

    10. Colorful Ornaments

    For use as a Christmas tree ornament, bohemian house décor, or even just to hang from your rearview mirror, this ornament is perfect.

    11. “Can”dles

    This is a great DIY project for gifts – and for a good chuckle.

    12. Duct Tap And Soda Can Pinwheels

    The use of duct tape will help to keep the children safe from the sharp edges of the table.

    13. DIY Windchime

    Is this anything made by hand or something from Anthropologie? We have no way of knowing. Start putting away those aluminum cans and get to work on some summertime DIY projects. And don’t forget that the ones you don’t keep may be recycled!

    DIY Beer Can Cake

    • Daniel Wilson|
    • November 23, 2020 |
    • Last updated: November 23, 2020 Hello, there!
    • This website is financed by its readers, and we receive compensation if you make a purchase from a store after clicking on a link on our website.
    • There are some folks on our planet who do not love sweet baked items as a way to commemorate special occasions.
    • Some folks enjoy popping up a cool beer on a hot summer day.

    So, why would you offer them cakes and sweets when you can give them the gift of beer instead?If you’re weary of giving beers in bags and cartons, there’s a more creative way to present them: bake them into a beer can ″cake″ for your recipient.The object in question is not a baked product, but rather a three-tiered masterpiece made entirely of beer cans that is sure to please any beer enthusiast.Today, we’re going to show you how to make a DIY Beer Can Cake, which can be used for a variety of special events.

    What You Will Need

    • For your beer can cake, these are the ″ingredients″ you’ll need: Depending on how many layers you desire, a 12-, 18-, or 24-pack of beer will suffice.
    • Glue or tape
    • ribbon
    • glue or tape
    • 1 dish
    • scissors
    • scissors
    • Bristle boards (for a 12-pack, cut into three circles of 3-inches, 6-inches, and 9-inches for a total of 12 bristle boards)
    • If you are unable to locate a plate and bristle boards, you may substitute cardboard or cake boards purchased from a local craft supply store.
    • Keep in mind that the beer cans (or bottles) will be far heavier than your ordinary cake, so you’ll need a really robust foundation to support it.
    • If your beer-lover doesn’t have a preference, you may acquire a variety of different types of beer for him or her.
    • Calculate the number of tiers in your cake so you can determine how many cans of beer you’ll need.

    Step-by-Step Beer Can Cake Tutorial 

    Make a three-tiered beer can cake if you want to be creative. Follow these steps to get started:

    1. To begin, gather your serving platters or cake boards. The majority of beer can cakes are three-tiered, with each board being significantly smaller than the previous one. A 14-inch cake board might be used as the foundation, followed by a 10-inch board for the middle layer and an 8-inch board for the top tier. Some folks may choose to complete two 14-inch boards first, followed by a 12-inch or 10-inch board.
    2. If your platter or cardboard does not have a pattern, you may wrap them in strong paper, aluminum foil, or anything else festive to make them look more festive.
    3. Get a hold of your beer. You can alternate between cans and bottles if you like. A 9-inch circular can accommodate around 6-7 beer cans. Because a 14-inch cake board or plate is rather large, this will serve as a substantial basis. On a 14-inch board, for example, you will be able to accommodate around 20-23 bottles or cans.
    4. As soon as you’ve finished the bottom layer, grab your ribbon and wrap it around the beers.
    5. The following board should be placed on top of the beers from the previous layer.
    6. This time around, use fewer beer cans and leave a space between the cans and the edge of the cardboard this time. Put another ribbon around the cans in the second tier, and then place the third layer on top of that. This should be plenty to completely cover the tops of the cans. The top layer is ideal for storing cans or bottles that were an unusual height and didn’t fit in with the rest of the collection.
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    A 12-pack of beer cans can be used to build two layers of cake if you’re planning on making a more compact cake out of them. The instructions are the same for everyone. Here are a couple of video tutorials to get you started:

    Decorating Your DIY Beer Can Cake

    • You have completed the majority of the construction of your cake, and it is now time to decorate!
    • Ribbons of various colors and designs can be used to dress up the layers of the cake.
    • You may also attach garland to the borders of the cardboard circles if you want a more formal look.
    • The top tier of the DIY beer can cake is where you can express yourself the most creatively, so go creative!
    • The addition of streamers or more ribbon as well as candles can be used to commemorate someone’s birthday.
    • Other choices include creating a little banner, putting a huge bow over it, or attaching it to a figure or plush animal to make a display stand.

    Making a DIY beer can cake for a different occasion?Decorate it with a theme to make it more interesting.Example: If you are constructing a beer can cake for a holiday party, you may use seasonal beer, Christmas-themed colors on the outside of the cake and maybe even an Elf On The Shelf on top.Add some fairy lights or tinsel to finish it off.From individually wrapping the beers for a special surprise to using the labels as an integral part of the overall design, there are several alternatives to choose from.


    For a birthday or holiday celebration, beer can cakes are a terrific opportunity to do something different and memorable. Not only is it one-of-a-kind, but beer can cakes are entertaining for all of the adults there. Following the successful completion of the DIY beer can cake, why not explore all of the amazing beers that may be used in it?

    20 Genius Ways to Recycle Soda Cans into Amazing DIY Projects

    • If you are a frequent soda drinker, it is likely that you have a large number of soda cans sitting about the house.
    • Much though you often recycle those Coke cans for cash, there are certain things you can do with them that are even better than collecting a few pennies for them at the recycling center.
    • I’ve discovered 20 incredible things that you can do with empty soda cans that will make you wonder why you ever tossed them out in the first place, ranging from presents aplenty to beautiful home décor.
    • I hope you like them as much as I did discovering them.
    • There are earrings, wind chimes, and even sculptures in this collection, and your friends and family will have no idea that you built them entirely out of recycled aluminum cans and bottles.
    • It reminds me a little of the egg carton collection that we highlighted a few months ago.

    What’s the best part?These are all simple tasks that are a lot of fun to do, and they will make you look forward to emptying the next fridge pack of drinks – just so you can start another project.

    Cookie Cutters

    • Simply said, it is impossible to locate the proper cookie cutter in the right size at the right time of year.
    • Fortunately, if you manufacture your own, you can have precisely what you want, whenever and wherever you need it.
    • You can construct these DIY cookie cutters from any old soda can in a matter of minutes, and you can cut them into whatever shapes and sizes you need!
    • Instructions in further detail: diyhshp Table Lamp with a Chain The tabs from Coke cans were used to create this stunning light.
    • It’s definitely one-of-a-kind and really stunning.
    • Consider the possibilities of having this hanging in your living room or perhaps your bedroom.

    It’s adaptable and quite simple to construct.You’ll need quite a few soda can tabs for this project, so unless you consume copious amounts of soda on a weekly basis, you may want to enlist the assistance of your friends and family members in collecting the tabs for you.Instructions in further detail: Small Pendant Light Made of a Soda Can Tab

    Soda Can Bracelets

    • These bracelets are really simple to manufacture and are quite attractive.
    • Consider giving them as presents to friends and family.
    • Because you’re repurposing components from discarded Coke cans, you’ll cost next to nothing, and they’ll surely make a distinctive fashion statement.
    • You can decorate them up as you like, making them completely personalized, and think how many you can make from a single drink can!
    • Instructions in detail may be found at

    Decorative Flowers

    • Fill your porch or lawn with these tin flowers, which you can make from old soda cans.
    • What I really like about them is how colorful you can make them, and they have a lovely vintage feel to them.
    • You’ll appreciate how simple they are to prepare.
    • You basically just chop off the tops of the flowers and then slice them vertically to get the flower shapes.
    • After that, you may paint them in your favorite spring colors and you’re done!
    • Detailed instructions may be found at: sweetfajr


    • These hanging lanterns are ideal for evenings spent on the porch or in the backyard.
    • Consider having them hanging about outside during your summer get-togethers.
    • A tealight completes the appearance, and you could even use a citronella candle during the warmer months if you wanted to.
    • This project, as well as the rest of the soda can crafts, is really simple to complete and adds the right rustic touch to your porch or patio.
    • Instructions are available at

    Candle Holders

    • In contrast to the lanterns, these wonderful small tealight candle holders are a welcome change of pace.
    • These may be used both indoors and outdoors.
    • If you want to use them outside, put them on a patio table or on the porch, or even on a foyer table; they’re one of a kind and quite imaginative.
    • In order to conceal the can, you should paint them in the same manner as you would lanterns or flowers, making sure that they are completely in keeping with your décor.
    • Instructions in detail may be found at: aureliaslittleroom


    • You can be sure that adolescents will appreciate a keychain that features the logo of their favorite beverage!
    • Consider the possibilities for graduation or birthday gifts you may design.
    • These keychains are very cute and quite simple to make.
    • When you store your vehicle keys on a personalised soda can keychain, whether you’re making them for yourself or for someone special, you’ll be sure to liven up your road trips.
    • Instructions in detail are available at: craftyladylindsay.

    Soda Tab Belt

    • DIY soda tab belts are a great way to make a statement in the fashion world.
    • In order to connect everything together, you just weave ribbon through each soda pop can tabs.
    • The finished product may be made in any size to suit your needs.
    • Make a number of them in a variety of colors, or combine all of your colors into a single belt.
    • It’s simple to make, and it’s a terrific project for pre-teens and teenagers who are interested in fashion and are looking for a simple yet trendy DIY project.
    • Instructions in detail may be found at planb.annaevers.

    Soda Can Necklace

    • This soda can necklace is just adorable.
    • A stunning piece of jewelry that may be customized to meet your specific requirements.
    • – It’s the perfect handcrafted present idea if you’re seeking for something out of the ordinary.
    • Alternately, if you want a unique piece of jewelry for a specific occasion, you may design and produce precisely what you require.
    • This is a fantastic activity for adolescents because it is so simple to complete.
    • Step-by-step instructions: cutout and keep

    Tin Flower Box Topper

    • Consider how beautiful these tin can flowers would look on a gift basket.
    • You may use them to decorate gift boxes or to use them as decorations in your own house, depending on your preferences.
    • Simply cut and arrange your flowers, and then use them to embellish virtually anything you like.
    • People will appreciate receiving a present that has a unique box topper, or they will adore receiving a bunch of these stunning flowers.
    • Instructions in detail may be found at favecrafts.

    Pencil Holders

    • Cut the tops off of those empty soda cans and use them to make these one-of-a-kind and quite useful pencil holders..
    • Imagine what a fantastic present these would make for a beloved teacher if you let your children decorate them!
    • Of course, they’re simple to construct, as are the most of these projects, and they can be completely modified and ornamented in any way you choose.
    • They’re covered with cork, making them extremely adaptable and gorgeous!
    • Instructions in further detail: Week 18 of Project 14 — Cork-Covered Pencil Cups

    Peace Hanging

    • Make a statement with this cute Peace wall hanging, which was made entirely of discarded soda cans.
    • This peace sign wall hanging is ideal if you have a friend or family member who is a big fan of hippie culture, or even if you’re looking for a creative and unique method to show your own creative side.
    • Leave the tabs in silver as they are, or paint them if you really want to make it stand out from the crowd.
    • Instructions in detail may be found at

    Soda Can Coasters

    • Just think about setting your soda can down on one of these cute soda can coasters.
    • In a similar vein, you might put your favorite soft drink on top of your favorite soft drink – or something similar.
    • Anyway, these coasters are quite simple to create and would make a lovely addition to any living room decor.
    • These are a lot of fun to make and are a fantastic activity for rainy days with the kids.
    • Instructions in detail are available at

    Soda Flower Magnets

    • Imagining decorating your refrigerator with these gorgeous floral magnets made from your favorite drink cans would be a dream come true.
    • You may keep them basic with their natural colors for a more vintage aesthetic, or you can paint them if you want to be very creative with them.
    • No matter which route you take, they’re the perfect complement to your kitchen or workplace, and they’ll hold your documents and letters in place elegantly.
    • Instructions in further detail:

    Soda Can Wreath

    • A gorgeous wreath made of soda cans can be made for any occasion, whether you’re searching for an autumn wreath, something to place on your door for the holidays, or something bright and cheerful to hang on your door in spring.
    • This one is an autumn wreath that is full with gorgeous leaves, but you can adapt it for the season by cutting flowers or other items from your cans to add to the wreath to make it more festive.
    • Create a different one for each season!
    • Detailed instructions may be found at


    • It’s impossible to go wrong with this stunning butterfly mobile if you’re searching for a quick and easy project that will instantly bring warmth and spring-like elements into your home decor.
    • The butterflies capture the sun’s rays and cast a pleasant glow over the entire region.
    • Consider having a swarm of lovely butterflies adorn your patio or porch.
    • This is a simple job, of course, and one that will provide you with many days of pleasure as you sit outside and admire your work.
    • Instructions for making gingerbread snowflakes are included.

    Rustic Stars

    • The state of Texas would be pleased to see these rustic stars made from empty soda cans on display.
    • These are simple to make and may be incorporated into a variety of other crafts.
    • You may use them to decorate a porch or an interior wall, or you can use them to make one-of-a-kind Christmas tree decorations.
    • The options are virtually limitless!
    • Additionally, you may use them to make a mobile or wind chime, or simply place them around the house to give a little extra shine to the environment.
    • milomade provides detailed directions.

    Wind Chimes

    • Speaking of wind chimes, wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to sit outdoors and listen to the breeze brush over this magnificent soda can wind chime?
    • The sound alone is worth the time and work put into the project, which is actually rather simple.
    • This wind chime is also a really attractive piece of furniture that you can personalize and decorate whatever you wish.
    • Throw away your old drink cans and use them to make your own free wind chimes instead of spending hundreds of dollars.
    • Instructions in detail may be found at: madebymarzipan

    Soda Can Earrings

    • So, I showed you a beautiful necklace earlier in the post.
    • Lastly, here’s a tutorial on how to make a set of soda can earrings to go with your new necklace!
    • For this project, you need need basic earring hardware, which you can find at any craft shop.
    • Each can will provide a few different pairs of earrings.
    • You may either spray paint them or leave them as-is.
    • With them, you may manufacture a pair for each day of the month, and you won’t have to spend a single penny.

    Instructions in further detail: bywilma

    Tin Box

    • This beautiful box may be used for present giving or just to display on a table as a piece of table décor.
    • You can keep trinkets or jewelry or whatever else you have in a beautiful box with this simple project that is simple to build and makes excellent use of those old soda cans you have about the house.
    • You may emboss it or leave it as is.
    • You can make many boxes out of your empty cans and use them for a variety of purposes, including providing beautiful gifts or simply decorating your home.
    • Detailed instructions are available at

    Do Coca-Cola cans and bottles contain BPA?

    • Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical that is found in a wide range of products, including various plastics, and is toxic.
    • Our beverage can linings and other packaging, such as metal caps, contain bisphenol A (BPA).
    • The linings help to maintain the quality and taste of the liquid contained therein.
    • Regulating authorities not just in Canada, but also in Australia, the European Union, Japan, New Zealand, and the United States have carried out extensive investigations into the matter.
    • Health Canada, as well as the United States Food and Drug Administration (U.S.
    • FDA) and the European Food Safety Authority, are among the institutions involved (EFSA).
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    According to each agency, minuscule quantities of BPA discovered in can linings pose no danger to consumers.What is the purpose of BPA in Coke can liners?BPA is a chemical that is utilized in the production of hundreds of items across the world, including certain plastics, coatings, and adhesives.Almost all metal cans used for food and beverage goods are coated on the interior with a coating that is made mostly of BPA as a starting material, which is a known carcinogen.This coating protects foods and beverages against contamination and helps them to last longer on the shelves.

    • It is also utilized in the production of shatter-resistant bottles, medical devices (including dental sealants), sports safety equipment, and compact disc covers, among other applications.
    • It has been in use for more than half a century.
    • We are aware that a small number of metal can manufacturers are employing an earlier generation of can liner material as a substitute for some speciality items, but we do not believe this is widespread.
    • As a result, such alternatives are ineffective for the mass manufacture of aluminum beverage cans, and they are ineffective for all sorts of food and beverage containers.
    • Is it safe to eat your products if they are packaged in aluminum cans with liners that contain BPA?
    • All of our items are completely safe, regardless of the sort of container they are packaged in.
    • Based on the data collected, independent scientists concluded that our beverage cans posed no threat to public health and provided us with their assurance.

    Our in-house scientists have also analyzed the data and are confident in the safety of our product packaging.In addition, the scientific body of data has been assessed independently by a number of government authorities from throughout the world, including the United States.Their repeated statements that current levels of Bisphenol A (BPA) exposure through beverage packaging represent no health risk to the general public, including children, have been endorsed by the scientific community.

    Aluminum can liners that contain BPA are the industry norm and have been in use for more than 50 years without causing any harm.In reality, they have contributed to increased food and beverage safety by offering protection against food-borne illnesses.Many research and evaluations done in 2010 and 2011, including one study hailed as ″majorly scientific and careful″ by a top endocrinologist, have bolstered the body of data indicating that BPA is not harmful to people.Find out more about these research projects.Safety and quality of our goods and packaging are of the utmost importance to us, and we adhere to strict standards that meet or exceed legal regulations in this regard.

    If we had any doubts regarding the safety of our packaging, we would not have used it in the first place.In what way do you justify your belief that the amounts of BPA detected in aluminum Coke cans are acceptable?The scientific community is unanimous in its conclusion that the minute quantities of BPA detected in Coca-Cola and other beverage cans pose no danger to the general public.

    • It is correct to say that this agreement is mirrored in the viewpoints made by those regulatory authorities whose missions and responsibilities are to protect the health of the general people.
    • All of the countries where BPA is currently used in food and beverage packaging, including Canada, Australia, the European Union, Japan, New Zealand, and the United States, have conducted extensive reviews and determined that current levels of BPA exposure through food and beverage packaging do not pose a health risk to the general public.
    • We feel it is fair and proper for us to follow the lead set by the regulatory authorities that oversee our industry.
    • In response to the widely publicized dispute, numerous scientific and regulatory organizations opted to conduct their own evaluations of the current research in 2010 and 2011.

    The German Society of Toxicology conducted a comprehensive analysis of the whole body of data – around 5,000 studies – and came to the conclusion that BPA exposure poses no significant danger to the health of the general public.Also in 2010, the Japanese National Institute for Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, the World Health Organization/Food and Agriculture Organization (WHO/FAO), and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) conducted reviews of the available scientific evidence, all of which reached the same conclusion.Find out more about the reviews conducted by Japan, the WHO/FAO, and the European Food Safety Authority.After examining a study on BPA by the French Agency for Food, Environmental, and Occupational Health and Safety (ANSES), the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) published a statement in December 2011 confirming its position.While the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) noted that its risk assessment (which included a hazard assessment) was focused solely on the question at hand – the safety of BPA from foods– the American National Standards Institute (ANSES) conducted only a hazard assessment, which included non-dietary exposure to BPA.

    You can read the complete EFSA opinion here.As an additional piece of evidence, three recent studies (detailed below), including one that was applauded by a top endocrinologist as ″majorly scientific and careful,″ contribute to the growing body of data indicating bisphenol A (BPA) is safe for humans.Are you looking for a BPA-free alternative to the liners you now use?The Coca-Cola Company does not manufacture aluminum cans or epoxy liners; but, we are collaborating with a variety of packaging vendors, cutting-edge technology businesses, and research groups to explore potential alternatives.Our chemists, toxicologists, and packaging specialists must collaborate closely with these parties in order to ensure that any new packaging meets both regulatory safety standards and our own needs for safety, quality, flavor, and performance, thus it is critical that they collaborate closely.

    While we have been asked numerous times for additional information about these efforts, we are unable to provide it because the information about the status, timelines, materials, and processes under consideration is proprietary to our suppliers’ businesses and their suppliers, and we are not in a position to do so.Despite the fact that we feel our involvement in this process is significant, the metal packaging business is very standardized, and we are only one of many companies working in this process.Considering that you are certain that BPA-containing liners are safe for Coke and other beverage cans, why are you collaborating with your suppliers to investigate alternatives?We have complete confidence in the safety of all of our packaging.

    As a result, we acknowledge that some of our consumers and shareowners are concerned about BPA-containing can linings and have launched efforts to get these alternatives legislated.However, while we do not think that such action would be founded on good research, our efforts to develop in this area on a constant basis will assist to guarantee that we are prepared for any scenario, allowing us to defend our company as well as the interests of our consumers and shareowners.Apparently, your shareowners have presented suggestions to you, requesting that you remove BPA from your cans, but you have refused to do so, according to accounts I’ve read.Is that correct?No.

    Our shareowners requested that we prepare a report on our efforts at Coca-Cola to discover an alternative to can liners that contained BPA.The requests came in the form of Shareowner Proposals, which were filed at our 2010 and 2011 Annual Meetings.Our stance on the development of such a report has been made publicly accessible in our Proxy Statements, which may be seen on our website under the Investor Relations section.

    The fact that about 75% of our shareholders voted against the request for a report at the 2011 Annual Meeting is also significant.

    Wall-Mounted Tin Can Tea Lights

    • I personally adore candles
    • I enjoy the sight of the flames, I enjoy the scent, and they are simply wonderful to have around the house. However, because we have cats that like to climb on every horizontal surface in the home, it’s a little risky to keep candles burning in the house. The good news is that there’s a really simple method to get your candles up against a wall and out of the way: Make some tea light holders to hang on the wall out of recycled tin cans! I mean, how awesome is that?! This project is quite simple
    • it took me no more than ten minutes in total. You’ll need: empty tuna cans or cat food cans, paint (either spray paint or ordinary paint will work), tea lights, scrapbook paper or other decorative paper, a gluestick, washi tape (optional), adhesive strips for hanging the cans on the wall, and a few more supplies to complete this project.
    • Having saved our empty cat food tins for months now, I’m overjoyed to have finally discovered a purpose for them.
    • JM had to intervene to prevent me from producing approximately twenty of them; for the time being, we only have three.
    • In order to get started, I cleaned out my trash can.
    • You don’t want any traces of that fishy odor to remain!
    • Once the cans were clean and dried, I took them outside and sprayed the insides with a light layer of gold spray paint to finish them off.
    • Instead of spraying them, you can easily just paint the insides with a brush if you don’t have any, or you may leave them unpainted if you really prefer that silver look.

    Once the paint has dried, cut a strip of paper to fit the exterior of the container and tape it in place.Glue one end of the paper to the can, wrap it around the can, then glue the other end to the can to finish it.A piece of washi tape may be wrapped around the tea light if you wish to add even more flair.To hang these on the wall, I used little foam 3M adhesive squares to hold them in place.Anything with a sticky surface on both sides will work, but be cautious since the cans have a rim around the bottom that extends out a little bit from the bottom.

    • When you want to hang the can, make sure your sticky is thicker than the rim so that the adhesive still adheres to the wall when you remove the can from the wall.
    • Isn’t it amazing how cool this is?
    • What methods do you use to light candles in your home?
    • What about you?
    • Do you have to worry about rowdy pets the way we do?
    • They are actually twice as useful as they are cute since they keep the candles away from the cats while also allowing me to decorate with candles despite the fact that we don’t have a mantel or any other horizontal decoration surfaces in our home.
    • Tagged with: washi tape that has been reused I think that everybody, regardless of ability or experience, may participate in crafts and do-it-yourself projects.

    It brings me great joy to provide easy craft ideas, step-by-step DIY project instructions, cleaning techniques, and other helpful hints and tips, all with the objective of providing you with the tools you need to ″do it yourself,″ finish enjoyable projects, and create beautiful things.I hope you like my posts!

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    How to Make a 12- Pack Soda Can Cake

    • I came across the concept for a soda can cake on Pinterest in 2016 and thought it would be a nice idea for Jared’s birthday the following year.
    • I wanted to bake the cake using Coca-Cola, which was his favorite beverage.
    • I looked for a guide on Pinterest and came across a handful that each required 30+ cans of soda to complete.
    • To be able to bake the cake with only a 12 pack of ingredients, I set out to figure it out on my own, which was a good decision.

    How to Make a Soda Can Cake

    Make this cake in a couple of different ways: one that is portable and one that you construct at a location where you want it to remain.

    Non-Movable Soda Can Cake

    • Originally, I planned to make it as a cake that would be built rather than moved.
    • You can use this method if you are only using it as a decorative item and do not need to move it.
    • This style of cake is more easier to put together because it just requires Soda and ribbon to be completed.
    • To assemble the first layer of ″cake,″ put eight cans of soda in a circle on a baking sheet.
    • It ultimately comes down to one can in the centre with seven cans surrounding it.
    • The following layer consists of three cans that are stacked on top of the first eight cans in a circular pattern.

    The upper layer is comprised of a single can.I attempted to turn all of the cans so that the name of the soda could be seen on the front of the can rather than the back of the can.After putting the cake together, I chose to wrap each tier with a 3-inch wide burlap ribbon to finish it off.How to Make a Juice Box Cake is a related post.I used scotch tape to connect the ribbon to the cans, which worked well.

    • The soda can cake is now complete, or you may embellish it with a little bit more if you so like.
    • I included a couple scratch-and-win lottery tickets as a birthday present for Jared.
    • In order to hold the tickets in place, I attached them to wooden skewers and then fastened those skewers to drink cans.
    • Making this soda cake was a breeze, and the result was a cake that was just the right size.
    • The beauty of this ″Soda″ cake is that it may be made with any canned beverage; it is not need to be soda.

    Movable Soda Can Cake

    • It takes a bit more time and a few more ingredients to make a soda can cake that you can move about.
    • You’ll also need cardboard, scissors, a pen, and a hot glue gun in addition to the soda and ribbon.
    • I used six cans stacked on top of each other to create the foundation layer of the cake.
    • Place all of these cans together on a piece of cardboard and sketch the outline using a pencil.
    • Then cut out the shape you just traced.
    • Once you’ve got it all cut out.

    Apply hot glue to the bottom ridge of each soda can and adhere it to the cardboard using the hot glue gun.Begin with the can in the middle.Once the soda cans are bonded to the cardboard, you can use dots of glue to join the soda cans to one another on the sides of the soda cans after they have been affixed to the cardboard.Check out this post: Father’s Day Coupon Book.Ribbon should be used to decorate the top layer of the cake.

    • I used rope to decorate this cake.
    • Repeat the previous instructions for the second layer, but this time use three cans of soda.
    • In order to create the top layer, wrap one can of soda in ribbon and place it on top of the two previous layers.
    • Every layer of this cake was designed to be transported separately so I wouldn’t have to worry about it while transporting it.
    • I was still able to swiftly stack the layers on top of one another.
    • * In order to ensure that the entire cake is adhered together, first glue the cardboard foundation for the second layer to the cans on the first layer before assembling the cans.
    • You now have two distinct methods for making a soda can cake to choose from.
    See also:  How Much Does 1 4 Sheet Cake Feed?

    This soda can cake is an excellent present for any soda enthusiast.Time required for preparation: 5 minutes 25 minutes are allotted for active time.Time allotted 30 minutes are allotted for this task.

    Difficulty Easy


    • 12-Pack of Soda (or other canned beverage)
    • Ribbon
    • Cardboard (if you want to construct a moveable cake)
    • Scewers (optional)
    • 12-Pack of Soda (or other canned beverage)
    • Candy bars, lottery tickets, and other such items are optional.


    • Scissors 
    • Marker
    • Hot Glue Gun with Glue 


    1. Divide the cans into three equal portions for the three layers of your cake. The base should be 6 or 8 layers, with 3 layers for the second layer and 1 for the top layer.
    2. Continue with the rest of the instructions if you want to be able to move your soda can cake, but skip the gluing the cans together and making the cardboard foundation
    3. otherwise, stop at step 3.
    4. First and foremost, you’ll need to construct a cardboard base for the cake. Assemble the foundation by stacking the cans together on a piece of cardboard, tracing the outline, then cutting it out.
    5. Starting with the center soda can, apply hot glue to the bottom ridge of each soda can and adhere them to the cardboard foundation, starting with the middle can. Make sure the cans are oriented so that the soda logo is facing out.
    6. Additionally, you may wish to use a small amount of glue to bind the cans to one another on the edges of the containers
    7. For the second layer, repeat the methods outlined above (create a cardboard base and connect the soda cans) but this time using three soda cans. Make a connection between the second layer’s base and each of the cans on the first layer’s top
    8. for the top layer, you’ll place a single Coca-Cola can on top of the base. With hot glue, attach it to the layer of soda cans underneath it.
    9. Trim the edges of each layer of your soda can cake with ribbon or twine.
    10. Extras may be added by attaching lottery tickets, gift cards, candy bars, and other items to skiewers and poking them out of your cake using glue or tape.

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    Our Soda and Cake Mix Baking Guide

    • A can of soda and a box of cake mix can be used to make a simple and delectable dessert.
    • A 12-ounce can of soda and an ordinary box of cake mix may be referred to as a ″hack,″ ″shortcut,″ or ″recipe,″ but the combination of the two is nothing short of magical.
    • The end result is a cake that is extremely moist and soft, with more flavor than normal, owing to the addition of your favorite soda.
    • And it’s every bit as bouncy and fluffy as any other cake, which is saying something.
    • When choosing a cake and soda combination, you’ll want to take the icing into consideration as well.
    • If you’re looking for a dessert that’s really simple to make, use our helpful guide to plan out your match.

    Combine traditional flavors such as Coca Cola and chocolate cake mix, or add a little zing to your baking with Canada Dry Ginger Ale and carrot cake mix.a graphic illustrating the relationship between cake mix and soda What is it about this unique combo that makes it work?Even in the absence of oil or eggs, the leavening agents in cake mixes continue to perform their functions.The baking soda is the only liquid you’ll need to transform the powdered mixture into a batter that can be baked.Combine the ingredients, pour the mixture into cake pans, and the combination will behave exactly like any other cake batter.

    • However, before you assume this is some sort of TikTok experiment or Pinterest hack, you should be aware that this approach has been around for several decades.
    • Many old-fashioned cookbooks are replete with recipes that combine soda and cake mix, which were quite popular at the time.
    • Close-Up View from above of a bowl containing cake mix Photograph courtesy of Asmita Gaikwad / EyeEm / Getty Images

    Our favorite soda and cake mix pairings:

    • Coca Cola and chocolate cake mix
    • Sprite and yellow cake mix
    • Dr. Pepper and red velvet cake mix
    • A&W Cream Soda and vanilla cake mix
    • Barq’s Root Beer and spice cake mix
    • Mountain Dew and lemon cake mix
    • Fanta Strawberry and strawberry cake mix
    • Sierra Mist and butter pecan cake mix
    • Pibb Xtra and Devil’s Food cake mix
    • Pibb Xtra and chocolate cake mix

    Simply combine the baking soda and cake mix, then bake according to the package directions for the size of the pan and cooking time specified on the package. The ultimate product will be a deliciously light and fluffy cake made with minimum effort, which we consider to be a win-win situation for everyone involved. Content that is related to this:

    How to Make a Diet Coke Cake (or Any Soda Can Cake, Really)

    • I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had the sudden need to bake a Diet Coke cake, right?
    • Right?!
    • Give me a moment to explain what I’m talking about.
    • The fact that I have an uncontrollable need to get well over my head (or go full-on kitsch) when it comes to baking is not the fault of Duff Goldman or Cupcake Wars or even the Food Network in general.
    • It’s always been a part of my identity.
    • When I was a youngster, I used to make volcano-shaped bundt cakes for my brother’s birthday, complete with rivers of crimson buttercream ″lava.″ A sheet cake in the shape of a guitar for my sister, or a reproduction of the Daytona 500 for my father, would be perfect.

    My best memory, without a question, was the day I created a giant Grave Digger monster truck for my youngest brother, Carson, for his fourth birthday (complete with doughnut ″tires″ and Milano cookie tombstones, of course) for his birthday.This anti-gravity cereal and milk cake comes in a close second.Let’s be honest: none of these cakes seem remotely professional, and several of them are so homemade that they border on Cake Wrecks, but hey, half the pleasure is being able to laugh at your own misshaped masterpiece.It’s often the failures that are most memorable (and entertaining) rather than the victories.In fact, when it came to creating a birthday cake for my Diet Coke-obsessed boss, I knew right away that I had to build a big drink can with her name etched on it, despite my complete lack of creative ability.

    • I had a set of five 6-inch cake pans, so I sought the help of a coworker to create a design that looked like the Diet Coke can label, but with my boss’s name instead of the company’s.
    • In order to have the label printed on two sheets of edible frosting, I took it to a nearby bakery, which can be done for $5-$15 at many bakeries, including most Walmart and Sam’s Club bakeries.

    It Takes a Tower of Cakes to Make One Can.

    • The biggest challenge, I discovered, was patience: patience to bake all 11 layers, and patience to deal with the difficulty of keeping them level during baking.
    • For the sake of proportional balance and to accommodate my 8 1/2-inch by 11-inch layer of edible icing, I required that extra height to make the cake seem as tall as possible.
    • My cake was held together with thin layers of Nutella and Dulce de Leche buttercream, which I sandwiched together with two thin skewers running down the middle to prevent it from becoming the leaning Tower of Pisa (which happened twice before it was secured).
    • Then I put the whole thing in the freezer while I finished making the second batch of buttercream frosting.
    • This helped to further solidify it.
    • I stayed with the classic vanilla flavor, mixing in a few drops of black food coloring at a time until it reached the desired shade of gray.

    I frosted the half-frozen cake with frosting, spreading it evenly across the surface and filling up any gaps between the layers of cake that had formed.

    Adding The Frosting Sheet Is Easier Than You Think.

    • As soon as it was smooth, I delicately pulled away the edible frosting sheet’s paper backing — it’s quite similar to a sticker in that regard — and spread it onto the cake, wrapping it around one half of the cake and adding the second sheet to balance it all out.
    • However, because the icing is so fragile, if you tug on it too hard, it will rip (or, if your hands are too warm or moist, it may begin to disintegrate).
    • However, it is roughly as durable as tissue paper, so you can work with it to some extent.
    • The drawback is that it is practically hard to keep it wrinkle-free for long periods of time.
    • Please let me know if you come up with a solution.
    • As a result of the way my Diet Coke can appeared to have lost a fight with a vending machine.

    Don’t Forget The Lid.

    • It was easy to pipe the remaining cup of gray buttercream frosting because of the wide circle tip on the No.
    • 3 round tip (also known as a wide circle tip, which makes it easier to pipe).
    • When the two edible frosting sheets were joined together, I used a strip of buttercream to seal the seam.
    • I then used a circle of buttercream to form a lip around the top of the cake, as well as a circle for the opening and two interlocking ovals above it to create the pop top.
    • That’s all there is to it.
    • If you want to master this delight, you don’t need any decorating talents – just patience, as you bake one layer after another of cake.

    The edible frosting has no flavor (except from sugar) and melts directly on your tongue, so you won’t have any difficulty cutting into it and it won’t spoil the cake itself in the process.If you’re feeling very ambitious, by all means go ahead and freehand it..

    Here’s what you’ll need to make a Diet Coke cake:

    • A container of Nutella
    • 3 cans buttercream frosting, or 4 cups homemade (for Dulce de Leche buttercream, combine 3 tbsp Dulce de Leche into a 12-oz box of vanilla buttercream)
    • 2 batches of cake (or cake mixes with ingredients)
    • 1 jar Nutella
    • Food coloring in the color of a soda can (or whatever food coloring is required for the soda can you’re attempting to duplicate)
    • Edible icing printed to appear like the soda can in issue
    • 2 sheets edible frosting printed to look like the soda can in question
    • 1 piping bag fitted with a circular No. 3 tip
    • 6 inch cake pans (Wilton offers a wonderful 5-piece set)
    • 2 wooden skewers or thin dowels
    • a 6-inch cake pan (Wilton sells a fantastic 5-piece set)
    • 2 wooden skewers or thin dowels
    • A freezer (this is quite helpful! )

    You can make this simple soda cake—or cupcakes!—with a box of cake mix and a can of soda.

    • Is it possible to create a cake from scratch using a box of cake mix and a can of soda?
    • When I first heard about soda cake, I must confess that I was a little suspicious.
    • However, I tested this recipe and found it to be accurate!
    • It turns out that the resultant cake is absolutely moist and has a soft texture, but it does tend to be a little crumbly since there are no eggs to hold it together.
    • That being said, it’s still a delectable cake, right?
    • (As an added bonus, you can create cupcakes!)

    How to Make Soda Cake

    Photo courtesy of Susan Bronson/Taste of Home


    • 1 box cake mix
    • 1 can (12 ounces) soda

    Editor’s Note: This recipe can also be made using a can of club soda or sparkling water instead of water.


    Step 1: Check out the box

    Preheat your oven to the right temperature according to the directions on the box of mix you are using. Afterwards, coat a cake pan with cooking spray or line muffin cups with paper liners and bake for 30 minutes.

    Step 2: Make the batter

    Using a hand mixer or an electric mixer, beat the cake mix and soda together for two minutes in a large mixing basin until well combined.

    Step 3: Bake the cake(s)

    Pour the batter into the prepared cake pan(s) or divide the mixture evenly among the cupcake cups, whichever method you choose. Cooking times should be determined by the instructions on the box mix.

    Step 4: Decorate

    Once the cake has been allowed to cool completely, you may decorate it with your preferred buttercream frosting. (Or, you know, your favorite store-bought canned frosting)

    What Flavors Work Best?

    • Sylvia Watson/Taste of Home, Inc. When it comes to deciding the sort of cake mix and soda to use, the possibilities are virtually limitless! When you choose a vanilla or yellow cake, the soda taste will be the most prominent
    • however, the soda flavor will be more muted when you use a stronger-flavored cake, such as chocolate cake. Here are some ideas to get you started: Vanilla cake combined with root beer yields Root Beer Float Cake
    • vanilla cake combined with orange soda yields Orange Creamsicle Cake
    • vanilla cake combined with grape soda yields Purple Cow Cake
    • spice cake combined with ginger ale or ginger beer yields Ginger Spice Cake
    • chocolate cake combined with root beer yields Brown Cow Cake
    • lemon cake combined with lemon-lime soda yields Lemonade Cake
    • vanilla cake combined with grape soda yields Purple Cow Cake
    • The following were the combinations I attempted in my kitchen: vanilla cake with root beer, spice cake with ginger ale, lemon cake with lemon-lime soda, and chocolate cake with club soda.
    • Vanilla cake with root beer was the most popular.
    • The vanilla cake with root beer was very delicious!
    • The root beer taste of the cake worked nicely with the vanilla flavor of the cake, as well.
    • The cake mix that our Test Kitchen recommends is the one listed above.

    What Pan Should I Use?

    • I experimented with four different baking pans: a Bundt pan, a 13-inch round cake pan, a 9-inch round cake pan, and a cupcake pan.
    • The results were all delicious.
    • Because this recipe does not contain eggs, which serve as a binding agent, the final cake, while delicious, does not stay together very well.
    • The following is absolutely not the recipe you want to use if you want to bake a sophisticated cake.
    • I had the most luck with the cake when it was baked in a cupcake pan since the cake appeared to stick together the best in cupcake shape.
    • You may, on the other hand, serve the cake directly from the pan, whether it is round or rectangle.

    The cake I baked in a Bundt pan rose for a short time before collapsing.Even after being turned out of the pan (and dusted with a liberal coating of powdered sugar), the cake still looked good, but the pieces were a disaster.Are you looking for more quick and easy dessert ideas?Learn how to create ice cream bread in this tutorial!Recipes for Easy Cakes for Busy Bakers from Taste of Home

    Peanut Butter Chocolate Poke Cake

    • When i

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