How To Make French Cake?


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray a 9-inch round cake pan with cooking spray and set aside.
  • In the bowl of a stand mixer, whip together the butter and 1 cup of the sugar until pale and fluffy, 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Add the eggs and vanilla and beat until smooth.
  • In a medium bowl, whisk together the flour, baking powder and salt.
  • Fold in the apples. Spread the batter in the prepared cake pan
  • What makes a good French cake?

    The freshest eggs, high quality flours and sugars, and pure butter are the cornerstones to good baking, French or otherwise. This very simple French cake includes almond powder for extra flavor and moistness. Great for dessert served with whipped cream or ice cream, or try it as a breakfast coffee cake.

    What is the traditional wedding cake of France?

    These towers of cream puffs are the traditional wedding cake of France. It’s a feast for the eyes and the senses, composed of cream puffs dipped in caramel and wrapped with spun sugar. Modern versions include candy, ganache, chocolate drips, sugar flowers and more. 5. Dacquoise

    What is a French chocolate cake?

    French Chocolate Cake. ‘This is typical of a French homemade cake – dense, dark, and delicious. It is a European sponge cake, with a different texture than its American counterparts. It is excellent dusted with confectioners’ sugar and served with lightly sweetened whipped cream or a fruit coulis.’. Added to shopping list. Go to shopping list.

    What is a French cake made with almond powder?

    This very simple French cake includes almond powder for extra flavor and moistness. Great for dessert served with whipped cream or ice cream, or try it as a breakfast coffee cake. Baba au Rhum. Traditionally a baba au rhum is made with a yeast dough, but here it is quickly made with baking powder for leavening.

    What is an authentic French cake?

    More than just cake and buttercream, French cakes can contain layers of meringue, pastry cream, mousse, pâte à choux, puff pastry, whipped cream, jam, ganache and more.

    What are traditional French desserts?

    10 Top Classic French Dessert Recipes

  • 01 of 10. Pears Belle Helene. The Spruce.
  • 02 of 10. Apple Tarte Tatin. Ben Monk / Getty Images.
  • 03 of 10. Cherry Clafoutis. The Spruce / Regis Vincent.
  • 04 of 10. Babas au Rhum.
  • 05 of 10. Orangettes.
  • 06 of 10. Chocolate Mousse.
  • 07 of 10. Crème au Caramel.
  • 08 of 10. Lemon Tart.
  • How is cake made step by step?

    How to Bake a Cake

    1. Step 1: Prepare Baking Pans.
    2. Step 2: Allow Ingredients to Reach Room Temperature.
    3. Step 3: Preheat the Oven.
    4. Step 4: Stir Together Dry Ingredients.
    5. Step 5: Combine the Butter and Sugar.
    6. Step 6: Add Eggs One at a Time.
    7. Step 7: Alternate Adding Dry and Wet Ingredients.
    8. Step 8: Pour Batter into Pans and Bake.

    What is a French cake called?

    A petit four (plural: petits fours, also known as mignardises) is a small bite-sized confectionery or savory appetizer. The name is French, petit four (French pronunciation: ​), meaning ‘small oven’.

    What is the most famous French cake?

    What to eat in France? 10 Most Popular French Cakes

  • Cheese Dessert. Fiadone. Corsica.
  • Sweet Pastry. Kouign-amann. Douarnenez.
  • Cake. St. Honoré Cake.
  • Cake. Galette des rois. FRANCE. shutterstock.
  • Cake. Fraisier. FRANCE. shutterstock.
  • Cake. Charlotte Russe. FRANCE. shutterstock.
  • Cake. Dacquoise. Dax. France.
  • Cake. Bûche de Noël. Paris. France.
  • What is the most popular French dessert?

    1. Crème brûlée. This custard based dessert is topped with a layer of crunchy caramel. The dessert is popular all over the world, but it originated in France, making it a must-try for anyone who’s traveling through.

    What are the 3 types of cake?

    Below is a comprehensive but by no means exhaustive list of the basic types of cakes.

  • Butter Cake. Bake this easy buttermilk-raspberry butter cake into a layer cake, sheet cake, or even a DIY wedding cake.
  • Pound Cake.
  • Sponge Cake.
  • Genoise Cake.
  • Biscuit Cake.
  • Angel Food Cake.
  • Chiffon Cake.
  • Baked Flourless Cake.
  • What are some French starters?

    Best French starters

  • Steak tartare. This simple recipe makes for a great dinner-party talking point and takes just 15 minutes to prepare.
  • Chicken liver pâté This French-style starter has a luxuriously creamy, rich texture.
  • Baked camembert.
  • Pork rillettes.
  • Twice-baked goat’s cheese soufflés.
  • French onion soup.
  • What are the 7 types of pastry?

    Your Guide to Working with Different Types of Pastry Dough

  • Types of Pastry. There are numerous types of pastries that you can experiment with.
  • Puff Pastry.
  • Short Crust Pastry.
  • Short Crust and The Art of Blind Baking.
  • Pate Sucrée (aka Sweet Shortcrust Pastry)
  • Phyllo (Filo) Pastry.
  • Rough Puff Pastry.
  • Choux Pastry.
  • What are the 6 baking guidelines?

    You get the idea.

  • Use a trusted recipe source.
  • Trust the baking indicators.
  • Using ingredients at room temperature is not just a suggestion.
  • Avoid substitutions (seriously)
  • Bake on the centre rack of the oven.
  • Avoid doubling (or halving) recipes when baking.
  • Learn how to measure correctly.
  • Test your yeast.
  • How do you make a cake in 10 steps?

    Bake a Cake in 10 Steps

    1. 01 of 10. The Basics of Baking a Cake. Elaine Lemm.
    2. 02 of 10. Grease and Preheat. ​Elaine Lemm.
    3. 03 of 10. Prepare Your Ingredients. ​Elaine Lemm.
    4. 04 of 10. Whisk the Dry Mix.
    5. 05 of 10. Cream Your Butter and Sugar.
    6. 06 of 10. Add the Eggs.
    7. 07 of 10. It’s Time to Combine.
    8. 08 of 10. Pour Your Batter in Your Pan.

    What are the six baking guidelines?

    10 Basic Rules of Baking

  • Read your recipe. Before you even start adding things to your mixer, read your recipe all the way through.
  • Do the research.
  • Avoid distractions.
  • Check your ingredients.
  • Check your utensils.
  • Follow the instructions.
  • Preheat the oven.
  • Make accurate measurements.
  • What is crepes in French?

    Crêpes are an ultra-thin pancake common in France that can be made sweet or savory, typically rolled or folded with a variety of fillings from jam or Nutella to ham and cheese to seafood.

    Why are French pastries so good?

    It requires attention to detail, dedication, and a lot of patience to bake such pastries. These are made with different layers that reflect many rich flavours separately. The use of custard in these desserts make it much creamy and rich. Most people adore French pastries due to its light and fluffy texture.

    What does petit fours mean in French?

    French, literally, small oven.

    What types of French cake are there?

  • New York Cheesecake. According to popular belief,there is New York cheesecake,and then there is a list of all other types of cheesecake.
  • Philadelphia Style Cheesecake.
  • Chicago Style Cheesecake.
  • Roman Style Cheesecake.
  • Swedish Style Cheesecake.
  • Vegan Cheesecake.
  • Japanese ‘Cotton’ Cheesecake.
  • No-Bake Cheesecake.
  • Ricotta Cheesecake.
  • Classic Cheesecake.
  • How to say bake a cake in French?

    How to say bake a cake in French. French Translation. faire cuire un gâteau. Find more words!

    How do you make a cake from scratch?

  • Preheat Oven to 350 Degrees F. Set oven to 350 degrees.
  • Butter and Flour Cake Pans. Evenly spread the butter and the flour over the cake pans so the batter will not stick to the pans while baking.
  • Mix All of the Dry Ingredients Together in One Large Bowl.
  • Add Butter.
  • Add Wet Ingredients.
  • Add Eggs.
  • Pour Batter Into Pans.
  • Place Cake Batter in the Oven.
  • What are some French recipes?

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    French Country Apple Cake

    The 26th of March, 2019 This French Country Apple Cake, which is made entirely in one dish, bakes up with a custardy centre loaded with apples and a crackly walnut and sugar topping on top.This French Country Apple Cake has the potential to become your new favorite dessert.This recipe, which is reminiscent of a classic French Apple Cake, features a crumb that is sweet and custardy, as well as a top that is light and crumbly when baked.

    1. The tartness of the fresh apples is well balanced by the toasted walnuts and sweet topping.
    2. Each slice is finished with a drizzle of salted caramel sauce, which serves as the pièce de résistance.

    Watch how to make French Country Apple Cake:

    Tips for making French Country Apple Cake:

    • In order to make this dessert, need a hard apple. Listed below is a fantastic article that describes in detail the 12 finest apples for baking
    • The paring knife that I used in the video is shown below.
    • This cake is usually baked in a normal 9-inch cake pan for me. If you like, you may bake the cake in a springform pan.
    • Mix the cake batter with a hand or stand mixer until it is smooth and creamy.
    • When stored at room temperature (covered), this cake will last for up to two days.

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    1. Make sure to PIN and print this recipe for later!

    French Country Apple Cake

    • This French Country Apple Cake, which is made entirely in one dish, bakes up with a custardy centre loaded with apples and a crackly walnut and sugar topping on top. Desserts are served as a course. French ten minutes for preparation Preparation time: 40 minutes Time allotted: 50 minutes Servings 8 Calories per serving 450kcal a stick (8 tbs) unsalted butter, softened
    • 1 1/4 cups granulated sugar, divided
    • 2 large eggs
    • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    • 1 1/3 cups all-purpose flour
    • 1 1/4 teaspoon baking powder
    • 1/4 teaspoon salt
    • 1/2 cup full-fat sour cream
    • 2 large apples, peeled and sliced
    • 1/2 cup walnuts, finely chopped
    • 1 cup sour cream
    • Salted caramel sauce to be used as a topping
    • Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Prepare a 9-inch round cake pan by spraying it with cooking spray and setting it aside.
    • 1 cup sugar and the butter in the bowl of an electric stand mixer on medium speed for 2 to 3 minutes or until pale and fluffy
    • In a separate bowl, whisk together the eggs and vanilla until creamy
    • In a medium-sized mixing basin, whisk together the flour, baking powder, and salt until well combined. Toss the flour mixture into the butter mixture in three additions, alternating with the sour cream, beginning and ending with the flour mixture
    • stir just until incorporated after each addition.
    • Fold in the apples until everything is well-combined. Spread the batter into the cake pan that has been prepared.
    • Sprinkle the walnuts on top of the cake batter in a uniform layer
    • Sprinkle the remaining 1/4 cup of sugar over the walnuts in an equal layer.
    • Bake for 35-40 minutes, or until a wooden pick inserted in the center comes out clean.
    • Allow the cake to cool in the pan before slicing and serving it straight from the pan. When served, this cake is much nicer if it is still warm from the oven.
    • When ready to serve, drizzle salted caramel sauce over each piece of cake.

    Calories: 450 kilocalories When it comes to cooking, I’m a creature of habit. When I find a recipe that I enjoy, I will make it over and over again in the oven. My French Strawberry Cake has literally hundreds of followers on social media. After all, I reasoned I may as well make that same dish suitable for any season and circumstance.

    More Cake Recipes:

    • French Strawberry Cake, Peach Pecan Upside Down Cake, Kentucky Apple Skillet Cake, Sugared Cranberry Cake, Red White and Blue Berry Cake, Kentucky Butter Cake, and Chocolate Lava Cakes are just a few of the desserts you may make.

    French Cake Recipes – Easy Homemade Desserts from France

    These French cake recipes are all quite simple, allowing you to whip up a decadent handmade treat from France in no time at all.As with any fine French dish, the key to success is to begin with the freshest and most flavorful ingredients possible.When it comes to baking, whether it’s French or not, fresh eggs, high-quality flours and sugars, and pure butter are the foundations of success.

    1. Recipe for Apple Cake The addition of almond powder to this very basic French cake enhances the flavor and moistness of the cake.
    2. It’s delicious as a dessert served with whipped cream or ice cream, or try it as a morning coffee cake at your next breakfast gathering.
    3. Baba au Rhum is a kind of rum.
    4. The traditional way to make this dessert is using yeast dough, however in this recipe, baking powder is used to leaven the dough to save time.
    • This rum-soaked cake, which is baked in a ring shape and topped with whipped cream, is really wonderful.
    • Canneles Bordelais (Bordeaux Canneles) These oddly formed treats might be compared to French cupcakes in appearance.
    • The surface is crispy and caramelized, and the interior is creamy and crepe-like in texture.
    • Rum and vanilla are used to flavor this drink.

    Chestnut Flour CakeThis is a recipe for a handmade cake from Corsica, a Mediterranean island in the Mediterranean Sea that is part of France.Chestnut flour is used in this recipe, which is a common component in Corsican cuisine.Cake with Almond FlourThis simple chocolate cake, known as a Reine de Saba, is made rich and moist by the addition of almond flour.To serve, drizzle with crème anglaise and you have a classic French dessert.Recipe for Chocolate Charlotte This traditional French dessert does not require any baking.

    Lady fingers soaked in brandy are used to line a particular mold, which is then filled with an airy chocolate mousse to create an attractive appearance.Recipe for Chocolate Lava Cake The middle of this cake, which is called Moelleux au chocolat in French, has a warm liquid center.This is a really rich dessert that is simple to prepare ahead of time and then bake just before serving.Chocolate Mousse Cake (or Mousse Cake) Recipe This flourless handmade cake, which is served in a pool of raspberry sauce and topped with sweetened whipped cream, is a chocolate lover’s dream and a cinch to create.Recipe for Cream Puffs The recipe for choux pastry is much simpler to make than you may expect.It serves as the foundation for a variety of French cake recipes, some of which are rather complicated.

    A platter of cream puffs would be a simple and enjoyable dessert to serve during a birthday party.Recipe for French Cheesecake This recipe for a light and not-too-sweet French cake from the Alsace area is adapted from a traditional recipe.It is cooked in a pie crust and has only a little lemon flavor, which is perfect for summer.

    Tarte au fromage blanc is a light, refreshing dessert that is full of flavor.Recipe for King Cake ‘La galette des rois’ is a puff pastry filled with frangipane that contains a surprise inside.Although this simple handmade cake is intended for a Twelfth Night party, you may eat it whenever you choose.Mocha CakeThis cake is a little more complicated than the majority of the other cakes you’ll find on our site.

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    Genoise layers are iced with a coffee-flavored buttercream and topped with toasted almonds for a festive presentation.A decadent and sophisticated dessert.Recipe for Prune Cake Far Breton is a type of French cake that originates in the Brittany area of France.It contains Agen Prunes in the form of a flan-like cake.It’s both delicious and filling.Recipe for Rum Cake A delicacy of the city of Nantes, this French cake dish is known as gteau nantais, which translates as ″nantais cake.″ Almond flour, salted butter, and of course rum are used to make this delicious treat.

    Recipe for Rum Chocolate Cake These delicious tiny pavs, despite their deceptively simple appearance, will have you and your family reaching for another one before you know it.Recipe for Spice Cake Originally from the Alsace area of France, pain d’epices is a classic recipe.You may eat it plain at tea time or for breakfast, or you can include it into other French cuisine.Recipe for Tea Cake Known as the navettes de Saint Victor in the south of France, these sweet pastries have a peculiar flavor that comes from the use of orange blossom water.Serve them with this mascarpone cheese with a hint of orange flavor for a very delicious treat.Recipe for Yule Log Cake Here is a recipe for Buche de Noel that is incredibly simple to make.

    1. This famous French Christmas treat, made with chocolate buttercream and genoise cake, is the ideal blend of flavors.

    16 Types of French Cake You Should Try

    10th of April, 2017 In the category Baking Blog, Cake Decorating Blog, Food and Cooking Blog, by& filed under French people take their sweets extremely seriously, and it’s no secret that they love them!French cakes can feature layers of meringue, pastry cream, mousse, pâte à choux, puff pastry, whipped cream, jam, ganache, and other confections in addition to the traditional cake and buttercream.These 16 delectable French cakes are a wonderful introduction to the world of gateaus and tortes, with recipes ranging from simple and sublime to elaborate and sumptuous in their complexity and complexity.

    16 fabulous types of French cakes

    1. Baba Au Rhum 

    Image courtesy of Chef Iso Baba du Rhum (also known as Rum Baba) are small, yeast-leavened pastries made with rum.They’re often baked in small, cylinder molds, such as the one seen above, which was created by Chef Iso, or in bigger bundt pans, as shown below.After the cake has been made, it is steeped in rum for many hours (hence the name).

    1. Baba Au Rhum is rich on its own, but it may be made even more so by adding whipped cream or pastry cream on the top.

    2. Buche de Noel

    Image courtesy of Jessie Oleson Moore.In the United States, this holiday staple is referred to as a Yule log, but in France, it is referred to as a buche de Noel.Tradition dictates that a thin chocolate cake be wrapped up with either buttercream or whipped cream filling in the center.

    1. It’s completed with chocolate buttercream in the shape of tree bark and topped with marzipan leaves or meringue mushrooms, depending on the flavor.
    2. Modern versions are available in a plethora of taste combinations.

     3. Charlotte

    Image courtesy of Natasha’s Kitchen A Charlotte, like many other types of French cakes, is less of a recipe and more of a method than it is a formal formula.Cookies, cake, or even bread are used to line a cake pan, which is then filled with whipped cream, fruit puree, jams, pastry cream, or fresh fruit.If you’ve never cooked one before, this recipe from Natasha’s Kitchen is a fantastic place to start.

    4. Croquembouche

    Image courtesy of Erin Bakes The traditional wedding cake of France is a tower of cream puffs, and this is the most famous of them. With cream puffs coated in caramel and covered with spun sugar, it’s a feast for the eyes and the taste buds. Candy, ganache, chocolate drips, sugar flowers, and other embellishments are used in modern variations.

    5. Dacquoise

    Pinotshop, a Flickr user, has made this image available under a Creative Commons license.Dacquoise is a coating of meringue that is often made out of finely powdered nuts and other ingredients.For a rustic dessert, they can be piled and filled with cream and fruit; alternatively, they might be placed into elaborate entremet-style cakes.

    1. In her lesson Classic Techniques for Contemporary Layer Cakes, Kathryn Gordon provides a recipe as well as extensive directions on how to utilize turquoise.

    6. Fraisier 

    Photo courtesy of My Evil Twin’s Kitchen.Fraisier cakes, such as this one from My Evil Twin’s Kitchen, are a bright and happy way to celebrate the arrival of summer!Genoise cake, crème mousselini, and a distinctive row of cut strawberries along the bottom border are used in the construction of these desserts.

    1. It is possible to decorate the cake with a number of ingredients, such as whipped cream, jam, fruit puree, ganache, or even extra fresh strawberries.

    7. Gâteau Basque

    Photo courtesy of Savoring Time in the Kitchen. Gâteau Basque is a cake that France and the Basque area of Spain both make and enjoy. A typical Gâteau Basque, such as this one from Savoring Time in the Kitchen, is made up of a firm cake batter that is filled with pastry cream and baked to perfection. Fillings made with jam, fresh fruit, or even chocolate are some of the other possibilities.

    8. Paris-Brest

    This recipe is adapted on Colette Christian’s Paris-Brest cake, which is made with two layers of pâte à choux dough, a filling of hazelnut praline cream, and almonds that have been roasted and sliced.Image from Colette Christian Although the name appears to be provocative, it is not!The wheel-shaped pastry was called in honor of the Paris-Brest cycling race, which took place in the same year.

    9. Petit Fours

    Image courtesy of Erin Bakes These teeny-tiny cake jewels are a must-have for any tea party!Petit fours are traditionally one-inch cubes of cake, although they may be found in a variety of shapes, including hearts, domes, circles, triangles, and other geometric shapes.Layers of pound cake, buttercream, and jam are sandwiched together on the inside of the petit four, with a crisp, sweet frosting decorating the outside.

    1. See the following cake for a terrific demonstration of pound cake recipes in action.

    10. Quatre Quarts

    Image courtesy of Dede Wilson Quartre Quarts is a type of cake that is popular in France. It’s a rich, buttery loaf that’s sliced and served with tea or coffee to round out the meal. Dede Wilson is a subject matter expert in this area. In her workshop, Coffee Shop Cakes, she demonstrates her pound cake recipe and skills, as well as those of others.

    11. Gateau St. Honoré

    Image courtesy of Colette Christian The Gateau St.Honoré is named after St.Honoré, the French patron saint of pastry cooks, who was born in the year 900.

    1. On top of a puff pastry disc, a ring of caramel-coated cream puffs is placed in a circle.
    2. It is common practice to fill the center of the ring with pastry cream and whipped cream.
    3. Afterwards, a cloud of spun sugar is thrown over the confection, as seen in the example above from Colette Christian’s French Pastry Shop Classics.

    12. Clafoutis

    Image courtesy of Gale Gand Clafoutis is a rustic baked custard that is commonly cooked with cherries and served with whipped cream (though really any fruit can be used).It’s one of the more straightforward French cakes to prepare, and it’s a terrific way to show off freshly picked summer fruits.In her lecture Creamy, Dreamy Custards, pastry chef Gale Gand demonstrates how to make Clafoutis, including the recipe and technique for creating them.

    1. Clafoutis do not require any elaborate adornment; instead, a simple dusting of powdered sugar or a dollop of freshly whipped cream is sufficient.

    13. Financier

    Photograph courtesy of Carol Jung/ A simple French cake baked with almond flour and a generous quantity of brown butter, financiers are another favorite of mine.They’re a tea-time favorite, and they’re frequently made with fresh, seasonal fruit.In addition to individual serving sizes, such as this one from Carol Jung at the, financiers may also be obtained as huge round slices or larger rounds offered in slices.

    14. Mille-Feuille

    Image courtesy of Rock Recipes A mille-feuille is literally translated as ″thousand sheets″ in English.Mille-Feuille is a stacked delicacy that may also be referred to as a Napoleon, but the term has evolved to refer to a specific variant of the layered dish that is made of puff pastry, pastry cream, and a topping of marbled chocolate and vanilla icing.When it comes to picking what to put in your mille-feuille, the sky is the limit.

    1. Fresh fruit, purees, ganache, mousses, or buttercream and jam are all options, as seen in this recipe from Rock Recipes.

    15. Opera Cake

    Photo courtesy of Colette ChristianOpera Cake is a coffee and chocolate enthusiast’s dream come true!Pastry chefs often customize the layers of the cake to their liking, but the majority of them feature a coffee-soaked almond sponge cake, coffee buttercream, and ganache, all of which are finished with a chocolate glaze or a sprinkling of cocoa powder.French Dessert Secrets: Sweet Miniatures, presented by Colette Christian in her lesson French Dessert Secrets: Sweet Miniatures, is both luxurious and easy to prepare than you may expect!

    16. Blueberry French Custard Cake

    Image courtesy of Sweet & Savory Meals.This Blueberry French Custard Cake is the epitome of luscious decadence!With a lemon mascarpone buttercream and handmade blueberry sauce on top, you get the best of everything: creaminess, sweetness, and freshness all in one package.

    1. The lemon taste, along with the vanilla blueberry sauce, works together to bring this dessert to a cohesive whole.
    2. This dish is from Sweet & Savory Meals, which you can get here.
    3. Immerse yourself in the sweet life by learning the secrets of world-renowned French éclairs, cream puffs, fruit tarts, and more!
    4. Get ahold of the Class

    French Chocolate Cake

    Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 02/16/2005 I had to do a report about France for my Global Studies class, and I decided to build this for the entire class as a way to engage everyone.It was a huge hit with everyone!Also, I took it to my French teacher, who had lived in France for 30 years, and she confirmed that it was really French, and she requested the recipe, as did four other instructors.Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 01/05/2007 This cake, in my opinion, is fantastic!During my previous employment as a pastry baker, I had created desserts similar to this one.After cooling, the cake normally has a slight sinking effect at the top.

    It’s my favorite to fill the indention with whipped cream, freeze it overnight, and then cover it with melted chocolate ganache frosting (recipe below).Sooo elegant, yet still rather simple.Rating: 1 out of 5 stars 09/04/2001 I followed the recipe exactly, but the result was a complete failure, and I had to throw it away after all.

    • Sorry!
    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 09/14/2010 I’ll confess that I was a little suspicious at first, especially when it came out of the oven and appeared to be quite dry on the exterior.
    • I was worried that it would turn out to be a dry, crunchy mess.

    I was wrong.I was completely mistaken!This was simply delicious.It had the richness of a chocolate cake without the sickening sweetness that you get with typical cakes, which was a pleasant surprise.Everything went down a treat when I served it with raspberry sauce and home made whipped cream.

    Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 03/07/2012I was worried about the cake having just 1/4 cup flour, so I doubled the recipe, and it turned out to be approximately the consistency of a brownie in consistency.Everyone enjoyed the flavor, and the cake looked very attractive with the powdered sugar dusted on top.I’m going to make it again.It would be delicious served with a raspberry sauce or sprinkled with chocolate syrup on the side.Update: I’ve made this cake numerous times without adding any additional flour, and it’s really delicious just as described.I do occasionally use bittersweet chocolate in place of part of the semi-sweet chocolate to give it a stronger chocolate flavor.

    Fantastic!Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 04/30/2007 When I want a rich, dense, and magnificent cake for a gathering, this is the recipe I turn to.People are always asking for the recipe!If you don’t have any cream of tartar on hand, a pinch of salt can suffice in this situation as well.

    • Serving the cake with a sprinkling of powdered sugar and a side of strawberry or raspberry sauce is my preferred method.
    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 11/02/2002 This torte is very delicious.
    • It has a very thick and flavorful texture.
    • When I host dinner parties, I usually offer this as a dessert, and everyone always requests for the recipe..

    For the topping, I use the recipe for Raspberry Sauce, which I combine with freshly whipped cream (no store-bought stuff for this dessert!).Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 02/08/2006 This is a delicious cake that is rich in chocolate (we used chocolate with a 56 percent cacao content), but it is not too sweet.The texture was a little like that of a brownie.I’m not sure why, but after reading the reviews, I was quite conservative with the amount of flour I used.For my boyfriend’s birthday, I served it with raspberry sauce and whipped cream.

    It was a hit with him!The cake stayed fresh for more than a week (even though it was just the two of us).This is something I will absolutely cook again.

    • The Hague, Netherlands (English) Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 02/14/2011I cooked this as a dessert for our Valentine’s Day celebration today.
    • Oh.
    • Oh, my.

    God.AMAZING!Although it appeared to be a lot of effort at first glance, it turned out to be quite simple and quick to put together!Instead of using a springform pan, I used a flan pan, which resulted in a cooking time of around 45 minutes.Then I slathered it with half-batch chocolate ganache (1/2 cup excellent quality semi-sweet chocolate chips heated with 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream and a dab of genuine vanilla extract).

    1. This is definitely going to be added to my list of favorite recipes!
    2. Rating: 4 out of 5 stars 06/06/2000 Although I didn’t have a spring-tin pan or enough chocolate, this cake was excellent and enjoyed by all of my friends; it was a wonderful difference from the conventional American-style chocolate sponge cake; and it worked out rather well even though I didn’t have a spring-tin pan or enough chocolate (2oz.
    3. short) Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 03/31/2006 Exceptionally delectable!
    4. Crisp on the surface, yet moist and fluffy on the interior, this cake was a hit.
    5. I made the mistake of forgetting to add the 3 tablespoons of sugar to the egg whites, but it turned out well, and I enjoy chocolate cakes that are not overly sugary.
    6. I will most definitely be cooking this again.
    1. Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 03/04/2010Wonderful cake, thank you!
    2. It is important to note that 280 grams of chocolate should be used, not 28 grams as specified in the recipe (1 oz).
    3. However, using less chocolate results in a less rich dessert;-) This cake is known as a’moelleux au chocolat’ in France, and it is quite popular.
    4. Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 04/21/2011I didn’t use cream of tartar since I didn’t have any on hand, so I skipped it.

    I used a small amount of baking powder to keep it from sinking and to help it rise more throughout the baking process.The cream of tartar is used to aid in the stabilization of the egg whites.I was looking for alternatives for this product so that I may perhaps offer a product that performs the same thing in the future.

    Despite the fact that salt is not a substitute for cream of tartar, other ingredients such as lemon juice or vinegar can be used to assist stabilize the egg whites.To replace cream of tartar in your recipes, use 3 parts lemon juice or vinegar to 1 part cream of tartar.1 dash cream of tartar would be the liquid equivalent of 3 dashes or drops, I assume, of either lemon juice or vinegar, which would be the liquid equivalent of 1 dash each.It should not be sufficient, with only a few drops to flavor the product and only a few drops to stabilize your egg whites, to flavor the product.Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 09/08/2005 It’s very wonderful!It took some time to put together, but it was well worth it!

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    I drizzled it with raspberry sauce and then topped it with homemade whipped cream to finish it off.yum!Everyone in my family, including my husband, enjoyed it tremendously!Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 11/10/2010Oh my goodness, this was a slice of heaven.

    Leave nothing to chance and believe that it is worthwhile, because you are right!Topped with ganache, this dessert is deserving of a 5 star rating for any event or occasion you’re preparing it for – even if you’re just making it because it’s Wednesday!Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 12/26/2010This cake was a hit with us.It was for Christmas Day supper that I cooked it.Instead of a 9-inch springform pan, I used two 7-inch springform pans ″springform pans and baking them for approximately 40 minutes, or until they were puffy and a toothpick inserted in the center came out clean.The wonderful thing about this cake is that, once it has cooled, it will come away from the pan on its own accord.

    As a result, pulling the ring off is simple.If I know I’m going to give one away, I trace the bottom pan onto a cardboard circle, wrap it in aluminum foil, then press it into the springform pan from the bottom up.As a result, if I decide to leave it behind, I won’t have to worry about the pan bottom being returned to my possession.In the large Belgium bar, I used dark chocolate from TJ’s.I also used the Satiny Chocolate Glaze from this website to finish it off, and I served it with fresh raspberries on the side as a garnish.A delightful mouthful of chocolate deliciousness that is neither overly sweet nor too rich, but rather a nice balance of both.

    1. My plan is to try to make it sugar-free the next time I make it.
    2. This is a wonderful recipe.
    3. Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 10/23/2011 I’ve made this cake three times now, and while the second and third attempts didn’t turn out quite as well as the first, they were still still amazing.

    My third cake looked like a sunken soufflé, and even the Chocolate Ganache recipe I used to cover it couldn’t disguise its melancholy appearance, but it was a huge success with everyone who had a piece of cake.This is the ideal chocolate fix!Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 08/28/2011This was the closest thing I could get to the chocolate cake I had in Paris.

    Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 02/08/2011Amazing!Rich, dark, rich, and very delectable!Fresh raspberries and a Satiny Chocolate Glaze from this website are a must-have for this recipe.

    1. You will not be sorry that you spent the extra time to prepare this sinfulness!
    2. Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 12/07/2011There is only one word for it: heavenly!
    3. Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 05/01/2011It turned out just like I had written it.
    4. Rating: 5 out of 5 stars My partner is from France, and this was a tremendous success with him!
    1. 07/14/2011 I can’t wait to make this for his family when they come to visit us in the next few weeks.
    2. 9 ounces of semi-sweet chocolate and 1 ounce of dark chocolate were added to the flour, as well as 1 table spoon of cocoa powder to the batter.
    3. On top of it, I put my own glaze.
    4. I’m going to cook this again!
    5. Rating: 4 out of 5 stars 02/14/2010I followed the instructions with the exception of reducing the amount of chocolate I used (used 4 oz baking chocolate and 12 T cocoa).
    6. Delicious with strawberry sauce and whipped cream, and the perfect finale to our Valentine’s Day supper.

    Mine did not break apart, but was more like a hybrid between cake, brownie, and cheesecake in texture.Overall, it was a really positive experience.Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 07/26/2005 It was quite good, and it was presented at a sophisticated gathering where everyone enjoyed it.

    • A strawberry and a dollop of whipped cream are garnished on top of each piece of cake, which is topped with an alomand wafer and a sprinkle of cinnamon.
    • This is something I will definitely do again.
    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 12/07/2000I tried this recipe twice and both times it failed.
    • The initial attempt did not turn out as planned.
    • It had sunk much too far.
    • (It’s nearly flat.) However, the flavor was excellent, so I tried it again.

    The second go around was successful.I don’t believe it is that simple to create, but the deep chocolate flavor is delicious.I need to put in additional hours of practice.

    Rating: 5 out of 5 stars On the 29th of January, 2008, I created this for a friend who is French and originally from France.She absolutely adored it!She began by saying that she was going to pay me the highest compliment possible, and then she went on to say that it was even better than her mother’s french chocolate cake.It did, in fact, taste very delicious.Thank you very much for the recipe!

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 03/01/2010Wow, this was truly one of the nicest desserts I’ve ever had the pleasure of making!
    • Making it was a breeze, and my dinner guests were completely enthralled with the results.
    • I halved the recipe and baked it in a 5-inch Springform pan, which worked well.
    • I also used butter instead of margarine, which turned out fantastically!
    • The following recipe is one that I feel I will make again for another dinner gathering this weekend: RATING: 5.0 OUT OF 5 12/06/2009 It’s very delicious – However, it was my fault, not the cake’s, that it had fallen.

    Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 11/21/2006 It started to fall seconds after I took it out of the oven.It had fallen approximately half way down the pan by the time I finished cooking it, but it still tasted fantastic!I prepared this dish at a dinner party and it was a hit with everyone.

    I served it with mint chocolate chip ice cream.Rating: 2 out of 5 stars 03/04/2013 This does not impress me in the least.Although it is simple to prepare, I find it to be somewhat tasteless.This cake is more like a brownie than a traditional layer cake.Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 02/18/2009 This cake is absolutely delicious!

    This is a recipe that I’ve been preparing for years and it’s a huge hit with everyone.I was also concerned about the shortage of flour, but the cake turned out well with the ingredients I used in the recipe below.Yum!

    1. Rating: 2 out of 5 stars 07/14/2006I made sure to follow the instructions to the letter.
    2. The cake, on the other hand, was only passable.
    3. I bake a lot, and the majority of my creations are delicious.
    4. After baking, this cake rapidly began to sink a little in the middle.
    5. In ″folding″ in the egg whites into the chocolate, I employed the proper procedure and do not believe there was a problem with the egg whites.
    6. The texture was similar to that of a fluffy brownie.

    This is something I am unlikely to create again.Michelle, thank you for taking the time to post.Rating: 5 out of 5 stars I prepared this cake for my boyfriend’s father, who is French and was raised in France, as a surprise for him last Christmas.In fact, I am making it for his birthday in 8 days, because he absolutely loves it:) Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 04/25/2007 Absolute delectableness.To give it a little more kick, I added 2 teaspoons of crème de cacao to the mixture.

    • When I sliced it, it didn’t collapse at all, even after being stored overnight.
    • It’s a hit with everyone.
    • Ice cream and strawberry puree are served alongside the dish.
    • Thank you very much!
    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 03/26/2016 This is something I’ve cooked around 8 times and it’s fantastic for birthdays.

    With the addition of whipped cream and fruit, each person may customize their dessert to their liking.I always use the European butter when I can get it.Several of our French exchange students have commented that it tastes similar to the cakes their mothers prepare at home.

    It’s a winner!Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 05/20/2010 deliciously moist cake!I really enjoy the robust flavor!Rating: 4 out of 5 stars 03/14/2007 Texture is excellent.

    The cake did tumble once it had cooled, but that is to be expected with this style of cake.It gave the center of the cake a really ″creamy″ feel, which my family found to be extremely appealing.Obviously, if you were simply serving it as a cake, it could be a little sweeter, but we served it with vanilla bean ice cream, fresh strawberries, and a chocolate ganache, which supplied the necessary’sweetness’ (in my opinion) and contrasted wonderfully with the strong chocolate taste of the cake.Rating: 4 out of 5 stars A friend of mine has a French foreign exchange student residing with him for a month, and I thought you would be interested.

    • Her birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and I volunteered to create the cake for her celebration.
    • I baked a trial cake to test whether I could make it correctly and to see how it would turn out in terms of flavor and texture.
    • My grandparents and I both agreed that it tasted fantastic.
    • My father and sister, on the other hand, were not convinced.
    • But they are not renowned to be lovely lovers.
    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 03/26/2016 Because I enjoyed it so much when I assisted a teenage friend in making this dish for her French class, I decided to bake it again for Easter this year!

    The only modification I made was to cook it for just 35 minutes instead of the recommended 50 minutes because my springform pan was larger than 9 inches.The flavor and texture were both outstanding!As the cake cools, it does have a tendency to fall somewhat in the centre…but as you can see from the photo, I believe this is by design.

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 02/18/2019 I cooked this the other day at a very busy period in my kitchen, under the misguided impression that I was capable of multitasking.
    • After the cake had been in the oven for around 10 minutes, I discovered that I had neglected to add the remaining sugar after the initial 3 tablespoons.
    • I was worried the cake would be horrible, but it turned out to be delicious even without sugar.
    • Perhaps the confectioners sugar I used to sprinkle the table made up for the sugar I had forgotten.

    In any case, it was a huge success and received a lot of positive feedback.Rating: 3 out of 5 stars 06/05/2019I’ve been stirring over medium heat for at least 15 minutes and I’m still getting granulation in the mixture.Rating: 5 out of 5 stars This is an absolutely delicious chocolate torte that is rich, moist, and oh-so-chocolatey.

    10/26/2009 I reduced the quantity of eggs to three and it still turned out delicious.Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 02/15/2019This dish is a real keeper, and I will absolutely cook it again and again.I don’t bake often, but I found this recipe to be straightforward to follow and execute.I made two minor adjustments.First, I prepared my baking pan by lining it with parchment paper.There was no sticking at all when the cake was removed.

    Second, because I couldn’t find my round pan, I made do with a square pan.There will be no modification to the baking time.Serve with raspberry sauce and a dollop of whipped cream on the side.Thank you for sharing this delectable dish with the rest of us.Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 05/03/2013 To be quite honest, I wasn’t going to rank this one since I didn’t have all of the materials on hand, so I made substitutions!

    1. In the case of a craving, a pregnant lady is willing to do everything!
    2. Despite the fact that I substituted oil for the butter and used somewhat less chocolate (since that was all I had on hand), it turned out beautifully!
    3. Because of the lack of butter, the bread is not as thick, but rather nearly fluffy, and it has a wonderful flavor.
    4. I’d want to attempt it again with all of the correct components next time!
    5. Yummy!
    6. Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 05/07/2008 Stunningly beautiful and wonderful!

    Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 04/03/2016 Delicious and light due of folding in the egg whites.I was expecting it to be heavy, but it wasn’t.Honey, this has such a great flavor, my husband commented ″What are your thoughts on this?Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 06/23/2012Wow, this is fantastic!I’m not a huge fan of chocolate cake in general, but this one is delicious.Instead of semi-sweet chocolate chips, I used bittersweet chocolate chips.

    1. On top, I smeared whipped cream and a few raspberries.
    2. I’m going to make it again.
    3. Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 01/01/2017Delicious cake that turned out exactly how the recipe said it would.
    4. There are no substitutions or changes required.
    5. I served it with a raspberry coulis and whipped cream, which were both delicious and went perfectly with the cake.
    6. The second day was significantly better.
    1. One thing to keep in mind is that the cake is extremely time-consuming to make, taking nearly an hour to assemble and another nearly an hour to bake, so plan accordingly.
    2. The process isn’t difficult, though.
    3. Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 09/11/2016 Chocolate taste that is moist, rich, and strong.
    4. This is something I will cook again!

    From light and fruity to decadent chocolate, there’s a recipe for every palette

    • Dinner parties, casual visitors, and private family dinners are all occasions for which we all have our favorite go-to sweets. There’s a delectable dish for every palate, from delicate fruit tastes to thick, dark chocolate, and these classic French sweets are no exception. France is famed for its delectable sweets and pastries—in fact, we wouldn’t even have the word dessert if it weren’t for the French phrase desservir, which literally translates as ″to un-serve the major components of the meal″—which means to un-serve the primary components of the meal. In little time, dessert had evolved into an important and sumptuous conclusion to every dinner party. Whatever your reason for wanting to learn a new cooking skill or simply wanting to incorporate a taste of France into your meal, these 10 genuine dishes are the perfect introduction to classic French sweets that the whole family will love. The flavor of this famous French delicacy is boosted by the addition of cinnamon extract.
    • Because of its simplicity of preparation and attractive appearance, this meal is an excellent choice for entertaining.
    • Adding a dash of lemon zest and a pinch of cayenne pepper to this traditional apple tarte Tatin truly brings it to life. If you want to serve it as an after-dinner treat, top it with a dollop of vanilla ice cream or Chantilly cream.
    • This recipe for cherry clafoutis, also known as Clafouti aux Cerises, is the most well-known variation of the traditional puffed French custard cake that exists today. It is typical in France to serve clafoutis with the cherry pits still in place, so make sure to inform your guests if you want to do so.
    • Babas au Rhum are delicious yeast-risen cakes that are studded with dried fruit and steeped in a hot rum syrup before being served warm. They were once the darling of French cuisine, but they fell out of favor for a while, but they’re back and better than ever this time around. Continue to the fifth of ten sections below.
    • Orangettes are candied orange peel pieces that have been dipped in dark chocolate. If you wrap them in a little cellophane and tie a gorgeous ribbon over them, they make a beautiful present. It takes just four components to make this basic recipe, which you can easily adapt and multiply based on your need.
    • What’s not to love about chocolate mousse, the iconic romantic French dessert that can be produced in minutes and with little effort? Simply combine the five ingredients in a precise mixture before chilling for a no-fuss dessert that you’ll want to make again and again.
    • Crème au caramel is a velvety, rich dessert that may be served at any time of the year. The crème may be made up to one day ahead of time, making your next dessert that much easier to put together.
    • This classic French dessert may be found year-round in bakeries and cafés around the country. The contrast between the cool, acidic lemon filling and the flaky, somewhat sweet crust is excellent. A little dollop of Chantilly cream poured with the dessert completes this delightful delicacy. Continue to number nine of ten below.
    • This decadent cake recipe is made up of layers of light almond sponge cake, coffee buttercream, and dark chocolate ganache, and it is a show-stopping treat.
    • This Breton butter cake is a traditional treat in the region of Brittany. This cake, which is rich in butter and sugar, need no embellishment at all, although berries or whipped cream make for a delightful treat.
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    Here’s How to Make the Best Layer Cake of Your Life

    The cake is light and fluffy, and it is topped with icing.Whether it’s a basic vanilla cake or a decadent chocolate treat, a delightfully moist cake is a must-have centerpiece for every special occasion, no matter what the occasion.Many of our most popular cake recipes begin with the same technique: creaming butter or shortening with sugar until it’s light and fluffy.Creamed cakes are sometimes referred to as such because the fat and sugar are creamed together in the preparation of the cake.Our Test Kitchen will teach you how to make a homemade cake that’s so good that everyone will think you bought it from a fancy bakery.We’ll use tried-and-true methods from our Test Kitchen to teach you how to make a homemade cake that’s so good that everyone will think you bought it from a fancy bakery.

    While it will take some time, none of the processes involved in baking a cake are very difficult, as you will discover in the next section.

    How to Bake a Cake

    Find out how to make the recipe.You must first pick a cake recipe before you can forward with the rest of the process.Alternatively, you may go for a more elaborate recipe, such as a chocolate devil’s food cake or a brilliant red velvet cake recipe, to make your cake more visually appealing to your guests.If you’re not a fan of the typical frostings, a German chocolate cake can be a good alternative.In addition, we offer a few birthday cake recipes for special events like birthdays.Almost any cake can be made with this recipe, and these instructions will guide you through the process of making any of them.

    However, angel food, pound cakes, sponge cakes, and chiffon cakes require different techniques, so be sure to read about those separately if you’re making one of those cakes.

    Step 1: Prepare Baking Pans

    Anyone who bakes a cake does not want it to cling to the pan, thus it is critical to prepare the pans before putting in the batter.With the exception of angel food and chiffon cakes, most recipes ask for greasing and flouring the pan or lining the pan with waxed or parchment paper before baking the cake or pie.While it comes to determining what sort of baking pan to use, our Test Kitchen loves glossy pans since they provide a more golden look when baking.In order to avoid overbrowning, adjust the oven temperature by 25°F if you are using a dark or dull-finish pan and check doneness 3 to 5 minutes earlier than normal.

    Step 2: Allow Ingredients to Reach Room Temperature

    The last thing you want is for your cake to become stuck in the pan, so make sure you prepare your pans well before putting in the mixture.With the exception of angel food and chiffon cakes, most cake recipes ask for greasing and flouring the pan or lining the pan with waxed or parchment paper before baking the cakes.Knowing what sort of baking pan to use is important when attempting to achieve a golden appearance.Our Test Kitchen loves glossy baking pans for this reason.In order to avoid overbrowning, adjust the oven temperature by 25°F if you are using a dark or dull-finish pan and check doneness 3 to 5 minutes earlier than usual.

    Step 3: Preheat the Oven

    It is possible for a cake to bake too rapidly and develop tunnels and cracks, while baking too slowly might result in a cake that is gritty.Allow your oven to warm for at least 10 minutes before beginning, and check the temperature using an oven thermometer ($7 at Target) to ensure it reaches the right temperature.Using black cake pans will need you to lower the oven temperature by 25 degrees Fahrenheit from the one specified in your recipe.

    Step 4: Stir Together Dry Ingredients

    Flour, baking powder and/or baking soda, and salt are some of the most common dry ingredients used in baking.Rather than adding each dry ingredient to the batter one at a time, whisk ($6, Walmart) them together in a separate bowl first.Using this method ensures that the components are evenly dispersed throughout the mixture.someone who is preparing a dessert using butter Photograph courtesy of Kritsada Panichgul

    Step 5: Combine the Butter and Sugar

    • Do you want to know how to produce a cake that has a light, airy crumb? The most crucial step is to cream the butter and sugar together. Here’s how it’s done: Using an electric mixer ($23, Target), whip the butter for 30 seconds on a medium to high speed until it is fluffy. Generally, a stand mixer with a medium speed is required for this phase, whereas a hand mixer with a greater speed is required.
    • On medium speed, beat in the sugar (and vanilla extract, if the recipe asks for it) until the mixture has a light, fluffy texture and is completely incorporated. This will take around 3 to 5 minutes. (DO NOT chop this section short.) While pounding, scrape the sides of the bowl occasionally. As the butter and sugar are blended, little bubbles will be formed, which will give your cake its beautiful, light, and fluffy texture.

    Step 6: Add Eggs One at a Time

    Are you looking for a recipe for a cake with a light, fluffy crumb?The most crucial step is to cream together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy.It works like this: Using an electric mixer ($23, Target), whip the butter for 30 seconds on a medium-to-high speed.It is usually necessary to use a medium speed for a stand mixer and a faster speed for a hand mixer for this stage.On medium speed, beat in the sugar (and vanilla extract, if the recipe asks for it) until the mixture has a light, fluffy texture and is well blended.3 to 5 minutes are required for this procedure.

    PLEASE DON’T SKIP ANY OF THIS.While pounding, scrape down the sides of the bowl occasionally.As the butter and sugar are blended, little bubbles will be formed, which will give your cake its wonderful, light, and fluffy consistency.

    Step 7: Alternate Adding Dry and Wet Ingredients

    Beat on low speed after each addition until the flour mixture and milk (or other liquid indicated in the recipe) are fully incorporated.Alternate between adding part of the flour mixture and some of the milk (or other liquid specified in the recipe).The flour mixture should be used to start and finish the recipe.This is due to the fact that when liquid is added to flour, gluten begins to develop.Too much gluten results in a tough cake, so be sure to start and finish with flour, and avoid overmixing once the liquid has been incorporated.Warning: Do not overmix at this point or you may end up with elongated, uneven holes in your completed cake.

    Test Kitchen Tip: person responsible for spreading cake batter Photograph courtesy of Kritsada Panichgul

    Step 8: Pour Batter into Pans and Bake

    Beat on low speed after each addition until the flour mixture and milk (or other liquid indicated in the recipe) are fully incorporated.Alternately add part of the flour mixture and some of the milk (or other liquid specified in the recipe).The flour mixture should be used to begin and conclude the process.This is due to the fact that when liquid is combined with flour, gluten is formed.Too much gluten results in a difficult cake, so be sure to start and end with flour and avoid overmixing once the liquid has been added.Warning: If you overmix at this point, you may end up with elongated, uneven holes in your completed cake.

    Test Kitchen Tip: Spreading cake batter by one person Photograph courtesy of Kritsada Panichgul.

    Step 9: Check Cake for Doneness

    No one likes to eat a dry cake, which is what happens when it is overbaked.Start testing the cake for doneness after the recipe’s specified minimum baking time has passed, and resist opening the oven door until it is time to avoid letting the heat escape until it is time.Insert a wooden toothpick towards the middle of a creamed cake to keep it from falling apart.If the pick comes out clean (with only a crumb or two stuck to it), the cake has finished baking.The cake should be baked for a few minutes longer if there is any wet batter on it.A new toothpick should be used to test it in a different area.

    Photograph courtesy of Kritsada Panichgul

    Step 10: Cool the Cake

    Allow the cakes to cool in their pans on a wire rack ($15, Walmart) for a maximum of 10 minutes before serving.Using a knife, carefully run it over the edges of the cake to release it from the pan sides before removing it from the pans.Placing a wire rack on top of the cake and inverting the pan will help to prevent cracking.Using tongs, carefully lift the pan off the cake, being careful not to break the cake’s edges.If you used waxed or parchment paper to wrap your cake, gently take the paper away from it.Allow for thorough cooling of the cake (about 1 hour).

    This is an important step in allowing the cake to firm up and become less prone to breaking apart while being frosted.As an added bonus, it prevents the frosting from melting immediately after application!person responsible for icing the cake and assembling the layers Get the recipe for our Buttercream Frosting.

    Step 11: Assemble the Cake

    Brush the cake layers with a pastry brush ($10, Williams Sonoma) before assembling them to prevent crumbs from getting into the icing.12 cup of frosting should be spread over the first layer, and the second layer should be carefully placed on top.Continue until all of the layers have been piled.Test Kitchen Tip: To generously fill and frost a two-layer 9-inch cake, it needs around 212 to 3 cups of icing.Plan on using 312 to 4 cups of cake batter for a three-layer cake.

    Step 12: Add the First Coat of Frosting

    The crumb coat is the key to mastering the art of frosting a layer cake successfully.For this, apply a very thin coating of frosting to the edges and top of the cake and distribute it evenly.While this first coat does not have to be immaculate, it serves an important purpose in keeping crumbs out of the frosting.Allow the cake to rest for 30 minutes to allow the icing to set.Test Kitchen Tip: Use small pieces of waxed paper to wrap around and beneath the initial cake layer when using a pedestal ($13, Walmart) or cake plate to make cleanup easier.

    Step 15: Frost and Decorate

    Spread the remaining frosting generously over the top and edges of the cake, swirling it in as you go, using an offset spatula or table knife.Afterwards, go back and apply more swirls if desired until the cake is thoroughly coated.Serve the cake within 2 hours, or store it in the refrigerator.Having learned how to build a cake from scratch, you may continue to hone your cake decorating abilities at home by experimenting with different colors of frosting, piping techniques, and finishing touches.For additional cake inspiration, here are some simple and elegant cake recipes to get you started on your next baking project.

    Petit four – Wikipedia

    See Android 1.1 for information on the operating system version.

    • Petit four (short for petit fournier) Petit fours in various flavors and sizes. Place of originFranceType of productConfectioneryCourseDessert Ingredients that are essential It varies depending on the kind. Petit four is a recipe from a cookbook. Petit four is a kind of media.

    Petit fours in a French style selection A petit four (plural: petits fours, also known as mignardises) is a little bite-sized confectionery or savory appetizer that can be served as a dessert or a savory appetizer. Petit four (French pronunciation: ), which translates as ″little oven,″ is the name of this French oven.

    History and etymology

    Gas ovens were not available in France throughout the 18th and 19th centuries.In order to bake bread, large brick (Dutch design) ovens were employed, which required a long time not only to heat up but also to cool down after baking.Bakers used the ovens for baking pastry during the cooling phase, taking use of the heat that had been stored in them.Baking à petit four (literally ″in a tiny oven″) was a technique that used a lower temperature to enable for the baking of pastries.


    • Petits fours are available in three different flavors: Miniature cakes coated in fondant or icing, such as miniature éclairs and tartlets, that have been glacé (o

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