What Is The Main Character’S Name In Layer Cake?

The movie, is based on a book of the same name Layer Cake, and the protagonist (character played by Daniel Craig ) has no name there too. He is Anonymous in the book. If you read this interview of the director, Matthew Vaughan, you would know that they gave a name to this anonymous character, for the movie.

Is layer cake an anagram for his real name?

As mentioned by someone else that layer cake could be an anagram for his real name. One possibility could be casey rey or casey I think it quite likely that his name probably is an anagram.

Who is the director of Layer Cake?

Layer Cake (also occasionally stylised as L4YER CAKƐ on some poster artwork) is a 2004 British crime film directed by Matthew Vaughn, in his directorial debut. The screenplay was adapted by J. J. Connolly from his 2000 novel of the same name.

What is the protagonists name in Layer Cake?

‘Layer Cake’ author J.J. Connolly designated his protagonist as ‘XXXX’ in his mind until he could think of a suitable name for the character. Ultimately, he decided that the character didn’t need a name for the story to be effective.

Is Layer Cake a true story?

Many of the anecdotes, the short stories within the larger Layer Cake story, were true, recounted verbatim. People outside the world of crime often think that criminals are highly immoral people, but, interestingly, there seems to be as much protocol and etiquette involved as the royal courts of Europe.

Who is Layer Cake based on?

Layer Cake (film)

Layer Cake
Screenplay by J. J. Connolly
Based on Layer Cake by J. J. Connolly
Produced by Adam Bohling David Reid Matthew Vaughn
Starring Daniel Craig Colm Meaney Kenneth Cranham George Harris Jamie Foreman Sienna Miller Michael Gambon

Who is Sidney in Layer Cake?

Layer Cake (2004) – Ben Whishaw as Sidney – IMDb.

Why is Layer Cake called layer?

The title ‘Layer Cake’ refers to the layers or levels anyone in business goes through in rising to the top. What is revealed is a modern underworld where the rules have changed. There are no ‘codes’, or ‘families’, and respect lasts as long as a line.

What is the meaning of Layer Cake?

Definition of layer cake

chiefly US. : a cake made of more than one layer.

Will there be a Layer Cake 2?

When last we heard about Viva La Madness, a follow-up to the 2005 cult crime thriller Layer Cake starring Daniel Craig, it was set to be a feature length movie starring Jason Statham.

Who is Freddie Hurst in Layer Cake?

Ivan Kaye: Freddie Hurst

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Did Guy Ritchie do Layer Cake?

Layer Cake (United Kingdom, 2004) Layer Cake is the latest in the recent cluster of British gangster/caper films begun by Guy Ritchie’s Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Matthew Vaughn, the director and co-producer of Layer Cake, held the producing credit for Lock and Ritchie’s follow-up, Snatch.

Where does Layer Cake occur?

Although loudmouth Duke – and even louder Slasher – are briefly seen in Amsterdam, the film is shot in, and around, London. Craig is summoned by Jimmy Price (Kenneth Cranham) to Stoke Park Club, Stoke Poges near Slough in Buckinghamshire.

Why was Daniel Craig shot at the end of Layer Cake?

Jimmy has kidnapped Charlotte, to force Eddie to help him get his money back. Jimmy purposely assigned Craig to the job, knowing that Eddie would find Craig trying to track his daughter down, and kill him for it. Thus eliminating Craig, a smart young potential rival, and getting his money back at the same time.

Who is the director of Layer Cake?

Layer Cake (also occasionally stylised as L4YER CAKƐ on some poster artwork) is a 2004 British crime film directed by Matthew Vaughn, in his directorial debut. The screenplay was adapted by J. J. Connolly from his 2000 novel of the same name.

Why is the movie layer cake called Layer Cake?

Why is the film called Layer Cake? (SPOILERS) The title is a reference to the layered nature of the criminal underworld, and indeed, the world itself. As Eddie Temple explains ‘You’re born, you take shit. You get out in the world, you take more shit. You climb a little higher, you take less shit.

Layer Cake (film) – Wikipedia

  • Layer CakeTheatrical poster for the film. Matthew Vaughn is in charge of the direction. J. J. Connolly wrote the screenplay. J. J. Connolly’sLayer Cake served as inspiration. Adam Bohling, David Reid, and Matthew Vaughn collaborated on the production.
  • Daniel Craig, Colm Meaney, Kenneth Cranham, George Harris, Jamie Foreman, Sienna Miller, and Michael Gambon are among the cast members of this film.
  1. Cinematography Ben Davis is a musician and songwriter from the United Kingdom.
  2. Jon Harris was in charge of the editing.
  3. Lisa Gerrard composed the music.
  4. Ilan Eshkeri is a journalist and author.

Productioncompanies Films produced by Marv Films SKA Films is a production company based in Los Angeles.Columbia Pictures is in charge of distribution (through Columbia TriStar Film Distributors International) The first day of October, 2004 was designated as the release date.

Running time 105 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Budget $6.5 million
Box office $11.9 million
  1. Layer Cake (also stylized as L4YER CAK on certain poster artwork) is a 2004 British crime thriller directed by Matthew Vaughn, who was making his feature film directorial debut with the project.
  2. J.
  3. J.
  4. Connolly wrote the screenplay, which was based from his novel of the same name, which was published in 2000.

Its story centres around a London-based criminal, portrayed by Daniel Craig, who is involved in the cocaine trade and wants to get out of the industry.The film also stars Tom Hardy, Colm Meaney, and Sienna Miller, among other actors.Craig’s role is not given a name in the film and is just referred to as ″XXXX″ in the credits.Adam Bohling, David Reid, and Matthew Vaughn worked together to create the picture, with Stephen Marks serving as executive producer.The term alludes to socioeconomic classes, particularly in the context of the British criminal underworld.


  1. The main character (also known as the protagonist) XXXX (who prefers to remain anonymous) is a cocaine distributor in London who despises violence and conducts himself with the care and professionalism of a respectable businessman.
  2. Morty, his enforcer and business partner, and Gene, an Irish criminal who acts as XXXX’s point of contact with mafia leader Jimmy Price, are two of his most important colleagues.
  3. At the exact moment when xxxxxxx is about to call it quits in the criminal world, Jimmy calls him to a lunch meeting and assigns him two assignments to do.
  4. To begin with, Price must seek down Charlie, the runaway daughter of one of his buddies who is hooked to drugs.

XXXX enlists the help of two con guys, Cody and Tiptoes, to track down Charlie.They discover that Charlie has been kidnapped, but are unable to determine who is responsible for her disappearance.As for the second duty, it is the responsibility of the ″Duke,″ a low-level criminal who recently returned to London from Amsterdam with his lover Slasher and a gang of thugs commanded by his right-hand man Gazza, to supervise the purchase of one million ecstasy tablets from the Duke.The Duke and his team had taken the drugs from a band of Serbian war criminals, who were previously unknown to XXXX.In the course of his investigation, XXXX comes across the Duke’s irresponsible nephew, Sidney, and finds himself drawn to Sidney’s girlfriend Tammy.

  1. After unsuccessfully attempting to negotiate the sale of the pills to disgruntled Serbian criminals Trevor and Shanks, XXXX is informed of the drugs’ origin and that a vengeful Serbian assassin named Dragan has been dispatched to reclaim the pills and murder the thieves.
  2. As a result of the Duke’s revelation of his name to the Serbians, XXXX is also a potential target.
  3. In order to have a sexual encounter with Tammy, XXXX arranges to be abducted and taken to Eddie Temple, a powerful mafia boss.
  • When Eddie discloses to Jimmy that Charlie is his daughter, Jimmy is relieved since he has reclaimed her.
  • Jimmy, who had lately lost his entire wealth owing to terrible investments that he blames on Eddie, had wanted her to hold hostage until Eddie regained control of his finances.
  • The recording, which Eddie hands over to xxxxxx, reveals that Jimmy has been acting as an informant for Scotland Yard, and that he intends to expose xxxxxx to the police after the pills have been sold in exchange for amnesty from his own crimes and the money from xxxxx.
  • Eddie insists that XXXX sell him the pills instead of the other way around.
  • In his house, XXXX assassinates Jimmy, but later discovers that his accountant, who was an accomplice of Jimmy’s, has gone, along with all of XXXX’s money.
  • When confronted by Gene and Morty, he reveals the proof of Jimmy’s treason, and the two men recognize him as the new acting chief of operations.

When Slasher threatens to go to the cops if Jimmy doesn’t get them out of their predicament, Gene shows them the body of the Duke, who was slain by one of his men as a result of the threat.After hiring a hitman to ambush and murder Dragan, the latter shoots the hitman dead and demands that XXXX return the drugs that were stolen from the hitman.XXXX is brought to Duke’s old hideaway, where Sidney attempts to barter with Gazza for the pills just as the cops arrive to arrest him.

XXXX and the Duke’s group barely make it out alive during the raid, while Dragan stands by and watches as the pills are seized.It turns out, however, that XXXX had orchestrated the raid, with Cody and Tiptoes acting as police agents in order to seize the drugs.In exchange for peace, XXXX presents the Duke’s severed head to Dragan, who is pleased with the gesture and informs the Serbians that the narcotics have been recovered by the police.When compared to their whole production capability, the Serbians are willing to absorb the loss, which turns out to be a minor sum.In order to complete the sale of the pills as planned, Xxxxxxx and his team are forced to surrender the pills by Eddie’s henchmen, who then introduce him to the ″layer cake″ of criminal hierarchy that Eddie has constructed.

Predicting this double-cross, XXXX hires Trevor and Shanks to carry out an armed robbery on Eddie’s guys and steal the narcotics so that he may clear his debts with the authorities.They gather for lunch at the Stoke Park Country Club to honor their new boss, but XXXX turns down their offer of leadership and goes forward with his original plan to retire from the company.He left the club with Tammy on his arm, but is fatally murdered by Sidney, who is both resentful and regretful.XXXX collapses on the stairs, bleeding profusely.



The first day of filming was June 3, 2003. As the setting for the residence of the character XXXX played by Daniel Craig, Queen’s Gate Mews in South Kensington, London was utilized in the production of the movie Skyfall.


In total, there are 14 tracks on the Layer Cake soundtrack album. The Rolling Stones’ song ″Gimme Shelter″ is also included in the film, however it does not appear on the soundtrack CD as a separate track.


Box office

Film Release date Box office revenue Box office ranking Budget Reference
Worldwide United States United States International Worldwide All time United States All time worldwide
Layer Cake May 2005 May 2005 $2,339,957 $9,510,257 $11,850,214 5,288 Unknown $6.5 million

Home media

Layer Cake was released on DVD and VHS on August 23, 2005, with a Blu-ray release following in 2007. In addition, it was re-released in 2014.

Reception and legacy

  1. Layer Cake garnered overwhelmingly good reviews, with an 80 percent ″Certified fresh″ rating on Rotten Tomatoes and an average rating of 7.03/10 based on 141 customer reviews on the website.
  2. According to the critical consensus, it is ″a stylish, energetic British criminal thriller.″ The film has received a weighted average score of 73 percent on Metacritic, which is based on 30 reviews.
  3. ″The picture was directed by Matthew Vaughn, who also produced Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch, and this one works better than previous films because it doesn’t try so hard to be witty and attempts harder to be threatening,″ wrote Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times.
  4. ″Craig is intriguing here as a criminal who is extremely brilliant, and learns that it is not an advantage because although you might be able to figure out what another smart person is about to do, dumbos like the men he works for are likely to do anything,″ he added of the actor’s performance.

He awarded the film a rating of 3.5 stars out of 4.The San Francisco Chronicle’s Mick LaSalle praised the ″efficient, gripping story″ and noted that Craig’s performance as an improvising, ″intelligent amateur″ had the ″cool-yet-humble vibe of Steve McQueen.″ Craig’s performance as an improvising, ″intelligent amateur″ was described as ″cool-yet-humble vibe of Steve McQueen.″ In his review for Entertainment Weekly, Owen Gleiberman described it as ″a fast, convulsive, and intensely intriguing new British gangster thriller,″ giving it an A-plus.In the words of Variety’s Leslie Felperin, ″There’s a proper lived-in plausibility to Layer Cake’s depiction of the intersection of the worlds of the wealthy, the criminally wealthy, and the criminally rich.″ In the film, Craig had a leading part, and it is widely believed that it was this performance that led to his high-profile selection as James Bond.


Viva La Madness is rumored to be the title of a sequel that will be produced by Jason Statham’s production firm with Statham taking over the character of XXXX from Craig in the lead. Viva La Madness will be a television show for Gaumont International Television, according to a report published on September 17, 2015.


External links

  • In addition to Layer Cake on IMDb, Layer Cake can be found on Box Office Mojo, Rotten Tomatoes, and Metacritic. In addition, a BBC interview with Matthew Vaughn can be seen here.

What was his name in layer cake?

Asked by: Lafayette White IV Score: 4.3/5 (17 votes) In the movie Layer Cake, Daniel Craig stars as a drug dealer. His name is not mentioned throughout the movie. He was even credited as ″XXXX″, he also said near the end, that if you knew his name, you would be as smart as him.

What was the guys name in Layer Cake?

There are two responses. Throughout the film, the character played by Daniel Craig goes by no other name. It should be noted that the film is based on a book with the same title, Layer Cake, and that the protagonist (played by Daniel Craig) is not identified in the book. In the novel, he goes by the name of Anonymous.

Does Daniel Craig have a name in Layer Cake?

Craig’s character in Layer Cake, known only as ″XXXX,″ is a successful drug dealer, in stark contrast to James Bond, who is in many respects the ultimate establishment guy – having attended Eton, served in the British Navy, and then, of course, worked for MI6. The identity of the individual is never revealed, and Craig’s role is merely referred to as ″XXXX″ in the film’s end credits.

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Why is there no name on Layer Cake?

  1. 15.
  2. The protagonist is given the name XXXX since the author was unable to come up with a suitable name.
  3. During the course of writing the novel, he gave the protagonist the name XXXX as a placeholder until he could come up with something more appropriate, but he finally realized that the character didn’t actually require a name in order for the plot to function – and he is completely correct.

Is Layer Cake a true story?

“A lot of people claim that it’s based on them, and there’s a degree of truth in that but actually they were composites of people I’d met and stories people had told me. You’d meet guys at the football and places like that, and you kind of knew they were up to stuff, but they were very low key, very un-showy. 39 related questions found

Is layer cake a Guy Ritchie?

Cake with Layers (United Kingdom, 2004) It is the newest in the recent cluster of British gangster/caper films that began with Guy Ritchie’s Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and has continued with Layer Cake. Layer Cake director and co-producer Matthew Vaughn also served as a producer on Lock and Ritchie’s follow-up film, Snatch, which was released in 2012.

What is the meaning of Layer Cake?

Specifically in the United States: a cake that has more than one layer.

Who is Freddy in Layer Cake?

Ivan Kaye portrays Freddie Hurst. Photos may be found by clicking here (2)

What happened in Layer Cake?

Is XXXX still alive at the end of the layer cake? The denouement is complex, which serves as a suitable conclusion to the chaotic violence that dominates the majority of the film. Eddie robs the boys of their narcotics, while Eddie’s goons hold them at gunpoint until Eddie returns. He is due for his own retribution, and in the closing scene, a violent but contrite Sidney assassinates him.

Is there a sequel to layer cake?

Paperback release date for Viva La Madness (The Gripping Sequel to the Bestselling Thriller Layer Cake) is August 20, 2020.

Is Layer Cake Indica or Sativa?

It was formed by crossing the delectable Wedding Cake X GMO X (Triangle Kush X Skunk1) strains, which resulted in the creation of Layer Cake, which is a somewhat indica dominant hybrid strain (60 percent indica/40 percent sativa).

How tall is Daniel Craig?

Some protestors felt that Craig, who is blond and is 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 m) tall, did not suit the tall, dark-haired Bond represented by the previous Bond actors, to whom audiences had obviously become used.

How did Daniel Craig get the role of James Bond?

One condition was imposed on the British actor who wanted to portray 007: he had to be British. On the six-part podcast for the film, the actor stated that he only took the job after ensuring that he could do something new than previous performers like as Sean Connery, Roger Moore, and Pierce Brosnan had done in the role.

What is layer cake federalism?

Dual federalism is sometimes referred to as ″layer cake federalism,″ which refers to the fact that there are many levels of government, each with its own area of influence. As the frosting on the cake, the federal government serves to unite, but also to divide, the layers of the cake (the states).

Is cake a food?

Cake is a type of delicious dish prepared from flour, sugar, and other ingredients, and it is often cooked in a baking pan. Cake is frequently offered as a celebration dish on ceremonial occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays, among other things.

What kind of strain is layer cake?

The Layer Cake is a hybrid of the Wedding Cake and the GMO (Triangle Kush X Skunk1). The Layer Cake buds are light and fluffy, with a lot of green and orange color in them. The trichomes are strewn around the surface of these nugs.

What happened layer 2 cake?

We were told that Viva La Madness, the sequel to the 2005 cult crime thriller Layer Cake starring Daniel Craig, was going to be a feature-length film starring Jason Statham when we last heard from the studio about it. The good news is that Jason Statham will continue to appear in the film.

What was his name in layer cake

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  2. In case you’re wondering, the notion of an anagram to ″Layer Cake″ is something I’m interested in.
  3. At the very beginning of the film, we witness Daniel Craig leaving his house with the words ″Layer Cake″ scrawled on his door.
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  • Others say that the x’s represent the number of letters in his given name, which is four.
  • But we’ll never really know for sure.
  • The Serbs believe that the British police seized the drugs during the raid, but it turns out that the cops were impersonators.
  • So, in the end, Shanks and Trevor are in possession of the tablets.

Although it is shown in the deleted sequences that Tiptoes and Cody were actual officers, they were also ″crooked″ cops, as evidenced by the fact that they discovered 7 kilos of cocaine during a raid and only turned over 3 kilos to the authorities.While debriefing with Gene following the police raid that resulted in the seizure of the ecstasy, XXxxxx realizes that these are two cops with whom they can ″do business.″ He and Gene then decide to purchase the pills back from this crooked pair.XXXX Besides that, he takes care of Eddie Temple and his muscle, he keeps Gene happy because the proceeds go into his ″retirement fund,″ and he keeps his original buyers, Northerners Shanks and Trevor, happy because they were able to ″shoot ’em up″ like they used to back in the day.

To end on a noteworthy note, the filmmaker is a great fan of Michael Mann’s Heat, in which a drug money laundering banker, referred to as ″player,″ seeks to buy back bonds from De Niro’s group after they have stolen them.Unknown, both films feature Cody-style villains who drive yellow Range Rovers, and both films are directed by the same person.Important story details may be revealed in the summary that follows.Contributor Zone > Getting Started Contributor Zone ».Page can be edited.

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  1. Make a clean sweep of your past.
  2. XXXX, on the other hand, is desperate to get out of the drug business, and in the last moments of the film, he deputizes his partners — Morty, Gene, Clarkie, and Terry — with the burden of running the operation and then walks away from the scene.
  3. Due to the numerous deaths that have occurred during the novel, XXXX has come to appreciate the worth of human life, and he looks forward to spending the rest of his life away from the violent business of the drug trade.
  4. He meets up with his new girlfriend, Tammy, outside of the club for the first time.
  5. He is due for his own retribution, and in the closing scene, a violent but contrite Sidney assassinates him.
  6. Gluttony fosters anger, and hatred breeds violence, and the cherry on top of a cake is the one that is picked first in a layered cake hierarchy, according to the argument.
  • Dragan receives a present from the protagonist in the last minutes of the film.
  • Dragan had hoped to bring back both the drugs and Duke for his bosses, but he is satisfied with the bundle he has received in exchange for them.
  • Dragan is duped by XXXX, who staged a police raid with the assistance of his trusty conmen Cody and Tiptoes, but neither Gazza nor Dragan are aware of this until it is too late to stop it.
  • We all know how that ends up turning out.
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Layer Cake Ending, Explained

  1. Director Matthew Vaughn (Kingsman: The Secret Service), who also directed ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service,’ directs a sleeky criminal thriller that has a decent amount of brutal violence as well as doses of dry British comedy.
  2. The tale centres on a stolen delivery of cocaine, which in turn sparks an unstable gang battle with long-lasting ramifications.
  3. Guy Ritchie’s films serve as inspiration for the film.
  4. Despite the fact that man has free will to act in the interests of his own self-interest, the intense and galvanizing story is based on a straightforward philosophical premise: while man has the ability to act in his own best interests, it is ultimately the immanent will of divinity that determines his fate.

Daniel Craig, Sir Michael Gambon (of ‘Harry Potter’ fame), and Tom Hardy star in a complex narrative that is executed to perfection by a stellar cast that includes names like Daniel Craig, Sir Michael Gambon (of ‘Harry Potter’ fame), and when combined with innovative cinematography and a foreboding score, it makes for the perfect concoction for a mind-bending experience.The conclusion of the film is painted with hurried brushstrokes, making it difficult for the audience to keep track of what is going on at all times.However, to take a word from Gambon’s character in the film, everything ends up in tears, as these kinds of agreements generally do.Please allow us to decipher the film’s conclusion for you if you are perplexed by it.WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Layer Cake Plot Synopsis

  1. In keeping with its title, the picture unfolds like a multi-layered cake, complete with cream and a generous amount of dough.
  2. However, as the old adage goes, one cannot have one’s cake and eat it too.
  3. A modest drug company is being run in Ireland by our unidentified protagonist (credited as XXXX), who is joined by his long-time accomplices Morty and Terry, as well as Clarkie.
  4. Although the globe has been thrown to the wolves, the business is doing rather well.

XXXX receives commands from an elderly gentleman named Jimmy Price, who is communicated to him through his devoted follower Gene.Gene is trusted by the protagonist’s group since Jimmy appears to place a high value on his abilities.XXXX is a middleman in the industry; he purchases narcotics from purchasers and resells them to high-end consumers on a commission basis.Mr.Singh, a crooked accountant, is the conduit through which he channels the filthy money.

  1. Everything is going according to plan until he receives a phone call from Jimmy.
  2. Jimmy has two tasks for him to complete.
  3. First and foremost, a man by the name of Duke is trying to transport a significant supply of narcotics.
  • The protagonist, being in the line of business, should have no difficulty dealing with this situation.
  • The other work, on the other hand, is outside of his field of competence.
  • Charlie Temple, Eddie Temple’s daughter, has gone missing, and the protagonist is tasked with the responsibility of locating her.
  • One million MDMA pills are being transferred, and XXXX is going to haggle with the Duke about this at the shipyard.
  • The hot-headed Duke is not willing to drop the price, and the protagonist withdraws his offer, promising to keep the Duke informed of any developments.
  • At a nightclub, XXXX meets con artists Cody and Tiptoes and offers them a reward for helping him locate Charlie.

In the same bar, he encounters Duke’s nephew Sidney, who is also there with his girlfriend Tammy, who makes sexual advances toward him.As a result of this revelation, XXXX contemplates selling the heroin to a gang run by Trevor and Shanks in Liverpool, but he is informed that the Duke has stolen the cocaine from a brutal Serbian organized criminal organization.Around recent weeks, the Duke has made frequent reference of XXXX’s name in the city, making him an ideal target.

The Serbians dispatch an assassin by the name of Dragan to kill him, but that is not the only issue.When Eddie Temple discovers that XXXX is on the lookout for his daughter, he kidnaps him and then reveals that Jimmy is a police informant who is working against the gang as a double agent.As a result of his failed overseas venture, Jimmy has lost everything, and he now plans to abduct Charlie in order to use her as a bargaining chip.XXXX murders Jimmy in order to balance the score, only to return to Mr.Singh’s office and discover that all of his money has been stolen.

Duke has gone away, along with his loudmouth girlfriend, and the members of xxxxxxx’s squad are keeping an eye on their whereabouts.Under duress, XXXX arranges a meeting with Dragan, and he enlists the help of hitman Mr.Lucky to assassinate him; however, Mr.Lucky is killed in the process.Dragan is a dangerous individual who should not be trifled with, although he has not yet murdered Duke.A conflict between Gene and Morty results in XXXX learning that one of Gene’s accomplices has killed Duke, whose dead corpse is presently being stored in a freezer.

  1. This information is relayed to him by Gene.
  2. In the waning seconds, XXXX rushes to the yard to bargain with Duke’s gang member Gazza, but the area is raided by the police, and the gangsters only manage to escape by an inch or two when the officers arrive.
  3. Surprise, surprise!
  4. The police raid was orchestrated by none other than XXXX himself.
  5. Dragan is satisfied with the bundle provided by XXXX, whereas the narcotics are returned to the guys, who transport them to Eddie Temple for processing.
  6. Eddie, on the other hand, turns out to be a cruel individual.

Layer Cake Ending: Is XXXX Dead?

  1. The denouement is complex, which serves as a suitable conclusion to the chaotic violence that dominates the majority of the film.
  2. Eddie robs the lads of their narcotics as Eddie’s goons hold them at gunpoint for the duration of the story.
  3. But XXXX is astute enough to foresee this act of betrayal, and he has already dispatched Trevor and Skanks to track down Eddie Temple and his associates.
  4. When Eddie’s right-hand man Mr.

Troop is killed during a heist, the Liverpool gang seizes the narcotics and uses them to pay off the debts owed to Eddie.A different sequence reveals the Serbs’ massive scale of operations, as ecstasy tabs are manufactured on a Fordist assembly line in a Fordist manufacturing line.These Serbs appear to treat the one million tabs that set the narrative in motion as routine tasks, exposing the monotony of the lives that are lost as a result of their actions.XXXX, on the other hand, is desperate to get out of the drug business, and in the last moments of the film, he deputizes his partners — Morty, Gene, Clarkie, and Terry — with the burden of running the operation and then walks away from the scene.Due to the numerous deaths that have occurred during the novel, XXXX has come to appreciate the worth of human life, and he looks forward to spending the rest of his life away from the violent business of the drug trade.

  1. He meets up with his new girlfriend, Tammy, outside of the club for the first time.
  2. He is due for his own retribution, and in the closing scene, a violent but contrite Sidney assassinates him.
  3. Gluttony fosters anger, and hatred breeds violence, and the cherry on top of a cake is the one that is picked first in a layered cake hierarchy, according to the argument.
  • For this reason and in the same manner as Crazy Larry and Jimmy Price before him, XXXX will meet with the same uncertain end.
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How Does XXXX Elude The Serbs? What Is In The Package That XXXX Gives Dragan?

  1. Dragan receives a present from the protagonist in the last minutes of the film.
  2. Dragan had hoped to bring back both the drugs and Duke for his bosses, but he is satisfied with the bundle he has received in exchange for them.
  3. Dragan is duped by XXXX, who staged a police raid with the assistance of his trusty conmen Cody and Tiptoes, but neither Gazza nor Dragan are aware of this until it is too late to stop it.
  4. The fabricated raid allows XXXX to obtain the narcotics without having to pay a cent to Duke’s men, and he also manages to persuade Dragan that the drugs have been confiscated by the police.

Dragan returns without the narcotics, and XXXX intends to sell them to Eddie Temple in exchange for money.We all know how that ends up turning out.But, one would wonder, what exactly is in the package that XXXX offers Dragan.It’s anyone’s guess, and at the very last minute, the Serb boss raises the lid of the box to reveal Duke’s severed head.A earlier scene saw the Duke being shot by one of Gene’s men, and we can infer that bringing the Duke’s head is one of the more straightforward duties that he’s been assigned thus far in the tale.

  1. More information may be found at: Best Daniel Craig Movies.

The 7 Layer Cake Writing Method

  • In many ways, baking a seven-layer cake is similar to crafting a novel. You have a plethora of tantalizing and delectable options to choose from, and each new layer builds on the previous one. When you write layer by layer, you are less likely to overlook to include important elements. It will also assist you in determining whether a layer need additional sugar or spice! LAYER1 is sculpted with the SETTINGS feature. Your tale will fall apart if it does not have an appropriate SETTING. If you provide too many information about the location, your novel will become too complex. Take risks and explore until you find the correct combination. WHERE does the action of the narrative take place? Is it the same throughout the tale or does it change?
  • WHEN does the story take place?
  • WHAT is the appropriate quantity of setting description to include?
  • LAYER2 is a combination of CHARACTERS. Characters are essential components of every novel, and your primary characters are especially important. Because you want your readers to care about the primary characters, you should include as much detail as possible about them. WHO/WHAT are they, exactly? Is it a person, an animal, or a plant? Is it an Earthling or an extraterrestrial life force? Is it possible to have a computer with a brain that is lifelike or not?
  • WHAT are their physical characteristics?
  • HOW old are they and where were they born?
  • WHAT does each character’s personality look like? Each one should be easily distinguishable from the others. Are you shy or outgoing? Is it serious or amusing? Who are you: a rule-follower or a rule-breaker? Do you want to be the leader or the follower?
  • CREATE a description of your family and friends, as well as of any opponents or downright villains.
  • DESCRIBE his or her interests, magic abilities, secrets and wishes, pets, and everything else he or she is passionate about, whether it is positive or negative.
  • WHAT challenges or issues do they have to deal with?
  • WHAT DO YOUR CHARACTERS SAY? The use of DIALOGUE should be a significant component of your plot, especially in lengthier stories, because characters (and people) like conversing
  • PLOT and LAYER3 are combined in a single layer. A tale’s PLOT is the sequence of events that takes place throughout the story. Is your narrative bursting with plot twists or dripping with witty dialogue? While most plots follow a common framework, you have complete control over how you mix the elements. REMIND your primary character(s) that they are living a regular existence (exposition)
  • INTRODUCE the occurrence or circumstance that triggered the Rising Action
  • EXAMPLE: HIGHLIGHT the most dramatic moment when the main character confronts the problem head-on (Climax)
  • EXAMPLE: WHAT occurs following the huge moment What changes have occurred in the main character? (Causing a halt to action)
  • At the conclusion, tie all of the tale strands together (Resolution)
  • LAYER4 is agitated by the POINT OF VIEW element. A cake might appear either balanced or lopsided depending on how you look at it. Your choice of narration will also have an impact on how your viewers understand or see your narrative. This crucial feature is discussed in further depth in my blog article DARE TO CHANGE YOUR POINT OF VIEW.. 1ST PERSON NARRATIVE: This narrator is a character within your tale, generally the main character, who tells the story. This narrator only knows what he or she can see and hear from other characters, not what they are thinking about themselves.
  • SECOND PERSON: When the narrator speaks directly to YOU as the reader, this is an example of second-person narrative.
  • 3RD PERSON: This narrator is completely unseen, yet he or she is fully aware of the story and all of the characters, even their thoughts.
  • 3-PERSON LIMITED: Although the tale is written in third person, it clearly represents just one character’s point of view (typically that of the main character), just as it does in first person.
  • A layer of TENSE is applied to LAYER5. Which TENSE is the most appropriate for your story? It everything comes down to personal preference, just like deciding between vanilla and chocolate. Whatever tense you pick, make sure to apply it consistently throughout your writing. It is always preferable to write dialogue and internal thoughts in the present tense, regardless of which tense you use for the rest of the narrative. The PRESENT TENSE is an excellent tool for building tension in your tale. Particularly effective in mysteries, when you want to leave readers wondering about the fate of the key characters.
  • It’s for a good reason that the PAST TENSE is the most widely used tense, since it is the most natural manner for most people to write. It has the ability to create the appearance that an incident took place recently or occurred in the distant past.
  • TONE, WRITING STYLE, and THEME are all included within LAYER6. These components are interconnected and should be combined according to personal preference. The TONE of a tale shows the author’s attitude toward the core topic of the story. Are you planning a formal or informal event? Will it be snarky, serious, frightening, or filled with humor?
  • WRITING STYLE refers to the manner in which you compose your sentences and select your words. Write with loads of description or with powerful action verbs, depending on your preference. Do you prefer to write poetry or prose? The more you write, the more you create your own distinctive writing style.
  • THE THEME is the core message or point of view that you wish to convey to your audience. Some of the most important concepts may be summarized in a few simple phrases, such as ″IMPORTANCE OF FAMILY,″ ″SURVIVAL,″ ″GROWING PAIN,″ and ″OVERCOMING ADVERSITY,″ just to mention a few. When someone inquires as to what your book is actually about, they are inquiring as to its topic.
  • REVISION is strewn liberally throughout LAYER7. Unlike stories, cakes (and other baked goods) rarely turn out exactly the first time they are made. Even if you follow the recipe to the letter, you will almost always make adjustments the second time around. REVISION is beneficial to any tale, regardless of the author’s degree of competence. FIX any grammatical and sentence construction issues that you may have.
  • • SUBSTITUTE more powerful verbs
  • ADD or DELETE adjectives or adverbs? • THOUGHTFULLY CONSIDER utilizing figurative language such as similes, metaphors, exaggeration, alliteration, and puns?
  • DO YOU WANT TO IMPROVE SENSORY DETAILS (sight, hearing, touch, and taste)?
  • If required, make changes to the configuration information or additional descriptions.
  • PLOT REVIEW: Is it moving too quickly or too slowly? Are the scenes in the proper sequence? Should any components be enlarged or shrunk in any way?
  • RECITE conversation to ensure that it comes across as natural
  1. REVISION is strewn across LAYER7.
  2. The first time you make a story (or a cake), it is unlikely to turn out correctly.
  3. The second time around, even if you follow the recipe to the letter, you will almost always make modifications to it.
  4. REVISION is beneficial to any novel, regardless of the author’s degree of skill.

FIX any grammatical and sentence structure mistakes that have occurred.;
• SUBSTITUTE more powerful verbs; ADD or DELETE adjectives or adverbs?• THOUGHTFULLY CONSIDER utilizing figurative language such as similes and metaphors, exaggeration, alliteration, and puns?WOULD YOU LIKE TO IMPROVE SENSORY DETAILS (sight, sound, touch, and flavor)?If required, make changes to the settings or other descriptions.

  1. COMPARE and CONTRAST the plot: Is it moving too quickly or slowly?
  2. Ensure that the scenes are presented in the proper sequence.
  3. Do you think any portions should be enlarged or shrunk?
  • PRACTICE RECITATION to ensure that the discussion is natural sounding;

r/FanTheories – Layer Cake XXXX’s name (Theory)

  1. Please bear with me while I present my first Fan Theory.
  2. I looked around and couldn’t find any previous mention of this, so let’s get this party started.
  3. It is important to note that Daniel Craig’s character is never identified, is mentioned in the credits as XXXX, and even makes the statement ″I’m not sure what I’m doing here.″ ″What’s my name?
  4. If you knew what I was talking about, you’d be as bright as I am ″at the conclusion of the sentence Even if the director/Craig and the book Later Cake claim otherwise, the remark always gave me the impression that his identity was buried someplace in the film!

If you haven’t seen it yet, beware of spoilers ahead of time.After trying to look for hints or slip ups in the usual locations (such as halting when Craig’s character is handed receipts, pausing on the transaction screen while monies are being cleaned, etc.) to no avail, I was relieved when I came across something that seemed to match.After meeting Mr.Price for the first time in the film, XXXX addresses him as Mr.Price in all subsequent meetings with Mr.

  1. Price in the film.
  2. Price then approaches him and begs for a favor, to which XXXX responds, ″It would be my pleasure, Mr.
  3. Price.″ Mr.
  • Price responds in the following way: ″″I’m Jimmy,″ says the narrator.
  • You can refer to me as Jimmy.″ (Price is essentially informing him that they are on a first-name basis.) My hypothesis is that they are both known as Jimmy.
  • It appears to have been done on purpose since when Price says this, XXXX gives a tiny smirk and glances around the room at the other people.
  • To be sure, being ″promoted″ to being on a first name basis with the boss would elicit that emotion, but it’s also possible that the subtle indication that he called you by your first name and that your names are same would elicit that response.
  • Given that ″going forward″ in this business isn’t important to him at this moment (he has already stated that he intends to leave soon), the gesture of his boss putting his faith in him to do him a favor shouldn’t be significant to him at this point either.
  • He’s also not explicitly attempting to portray himself as someone who intends to remain in the drug industry indefinitely, despite Mr.

Price’s assertion that individuals like XXXX are unable to quit because they generate too much revenue for people like Mr.Price.TL;DR – To summarize, Through creative language, it is revealed(?) in the restaurant the first time they meet that Mr.

Price’s and XXXX’s given names are Jimmy and Jimmy, respectively.

Layer Cake (2004)

  1. It was Daniel Craig’s performance in this film that drew the attention of producer Barbara Broccoli, who thought he may be a suitable match for the role of James Bond in the future.
  2. When Gene hands XXXX a revolver, Producer and Director Matthew Vaughn stated on the DVD commentary for that scene that Daniel Craig ″wants to be James Bond.″ Daniel Craig has shown interest in playing James Bond.
  3. Following the success of Casino Royale (2006), Craig would be cast as James Bond, and his co-star Ben Whishaw would feature in more Bond films alongside him.
  4. A montage in the film’s opening sequence shows XXXX walking through what appears to be a drugstore, where he imagines that all of the items are illegal narcotics such as cocaine and ecstasy, labelled with labels such as ″FCUK reality.″ It was produced by Stephen Marks, the founder of French Connection (FCUK), who also served as executive producer.

Jamie Foreman, the actor who portrayed Duke, is the son of infamous London gang enforcer Freddie Foreman, who played the role in the film.Guy Ritchie had been hired to helm the film, but he was unable to do so due to other obligations.J.J.Connolly, the author of ″Layer Cake,″ expressed interest in playing Lucky in this film.J.J.

  1. Connolly, the author of ″Layer Cake,″ referred to his protagonist as ″XXXX″ in his head until he could come up with a more appropriate name for the character.
  2. Ultimately, he came to the conclusion that the figure did not require a name in order for the tale to be effective.
  3. Cody tells Tiptoes that he is pretending to be the Earl of Oxford when he is wooing American females at a pub in this film.
  • Tiptoes believes Cody.
  • However, although though Matthew Vaughn is a descendant of Edward Harley, 3rd Earl of Oxford and Mortimer, the title has been abolished and replaced by the Earl of Oxford and Asquith, he is not entitled to assume the title since it has been abolished and replaced by the Earl of Oxford and Asquith.
  • Morty was initially planned to be played by Louis Emerick (Trevor), but his Liverpool accent proved to be a stumbling block.
  • One hundred and eight pages were devoted to the initial draft of the script.
  • The book on which it was based has 354 pages, and it is written in the third person.
  • Throughout the course of the film, the ″f″ word and its variations are used two hundred and ten times.
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Marcel Iures portrays a Serbian drug dealer (Slavo), but because he is a Romanian actor, he communicates with his team in Romanian.The warehouse where XXXX and Eddie Temple meet is the largest of its sort in the United Kingdom, according to XXXX.The music that plays as XXXX and Morty are driving to meet Jimmy was originally supposed to be a placeholder until a better track could be discovered, but the directors enjoyed it so much that they decided to keep it in the final edit.

The café in which Morty pours out the teapot is based on a real-life establishment in the city of London.The address is 17-19 Regency Street, SW12 4BY, and you may enjoy breakfast there.In the concluding scene, which takes place at Stoke Park country club, XXXX and his colleagues drug traffickers are enjoying a layer cake together.The warehouse where XXXX and Eddie Temple first meet was essentially empty, and the majority of the containers shown in it were digitally created afterwards.The phrase ″Plan for War in Times of Peace″ comes from Sun Tzu’s ″The Art of War,″ and it is written in Chinese, not Roman.

When XXXX enters the home following his confrontation with Eddie Temple, a poster with the words ″The Devil’s Harvest″ is momentarily seen on the right side wall, where he will remain for the remainder of the episode.The Devil’s Harvest is an Amsterdam-based enterprise that distributes marijuana seeds to customers by express courier service.After a few years apart, Daniel Craig (XXXX) and Ben Whishaw (Sidney) would reunite in the Bond films Skyfall (2012), Spectre (2015), and No Time to Die (2021), in which they would portray James Bond and Q, respectively.Fellow actor Tom Hardy (Clarkie) has been tipped as one of the most likely candidates to replace Daniel Craig in the role of the iconic MI6 agent as of 2021, according to reports.The entrance of Eddie Temple’s library is flanked by a wall of volumes, including a copy of Dante Alighieri, which is at eye level on the edge of the door.Jason Flemyng (Crazy Larry) and Dexter Fletcher (Cody) had previously been together in the sleeper smash Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels (1998), which was also directed by Matthew Vaughn and co-produced by the same studio.

  1. Sienna Miller is the sole member of the cast who hails from the United States.

Twenty years on, a look back at Layer Cake

  1. I emailed Sarah three chapters of a novel that I was only half-way through writing.
  2. The spacing and spelling were both a little wrong, to say the least.
  3. Furthermore, the punctuation was excessive.
  4. As a result, I had gone from not knowing what the function of punctuation was (literary traffic lights) to sprinkling it liberally throughout my writing for the sake of completeness and completeness alone.

Sarah read it, told me she loved it, liked it a lot, offered me a few recommendations, and then told me she couldn’t do anything with it since it was too late in the game for her.They already had a large number of crime writers working for them.They didn’t require another, at least not at this time.Sarah was instrumental in connecting me with a gentleman named Tony White, who was curating an anthology of fresh and exciting British writers titled Brit Pulp, which I was able to learn more about.Still available as an e-book from many sources.

  1. Tony inquired as to whether or not I had any short stories that may be suitable for his needs.
  2. A character named Roy ″Twitchy″ Burns appeared in one of my very first writings, Know Your Enemy, who was a neurotic individual with an overactive imagination who was subsequently reborn in the sequel to that story, Viva La Madness.
  3. One of Roy’s new contacts, a woman that Roy has a juvenile crush on, has requested that he and his little team deliver a kilogram of high-quality cocaine to her.
  • On the day of the delivery, Roy is taking delivery of a pizza.
  • It goes without saying that, Roy being Roy, he never makes it there.
  • While things go horribly wrong for Twitchy’s associates, he is lucky in that the gods present him with an exit strategy.
  • He begins to believe that he has been blessed, that he has been placed in a cosmic lucky-shit.
  • Tony was enthralled by it.
  • He proofread it, reshaped the punctuation, adjusted the spacing issues, provided me with a little instruction, and then published Know Your Enemy on his website.

Later, Sarah called me to inform me that she was no longer employed by The Euston Road Mammoth, which was a shock to me at the time.Aside from that, she had been recruited to join the prestigious publishing business of Gerald Duckworth and Company.A war fund had been given to her for the purpose of signing up intriguing new authors, and she was interested in publishing my half-completed manuscript.

She, on the other hand, needed it completed in four months.It was all there in the three chapters that she had read and that had ″stuck with her.″ The idea, the voice, the characters, the dialogue, the set-ups, it was all there.″By the way, what’s the name of this thing?″ Sarah was the one who inquired.″Layer Cake″ is an abbreviation.I responded in the affirmative.

″Doesn’t it seem like a hilarious title for a crime novel?″ It’s a hilarious book, to be honest with you, Sarah.″ ″Do you think you’ll be able to finish it in four months, JJ?″ says the interviewer.″Of course,″ I said, lying.″There shouldn’t be any issues.″ I was able to complete it in four months.It goes without saying that you should avoid getting into verbal altercations with heroin addicts who may be detoxing or with violent crackheads who may be offended by sunshine.Always eat clean; avoid greasy spoons and fried meals at all costs!If you want to make a straight relationship between Valerie the radical feminist on the run scouring through skips for pocket money and Daniel Craig getting cast as James Bond, that’s up to you; I’m not going to tell you what it is.

  1. Layer Cake was published by Duckworth.
  2. In Old Burlington Street, we held a get-together.
  3. The cover quotation was given by Bruce Reynolds, who is most known for masterminding the 1963 Great Train Robbery, which was the greatest theft in British history at the time.
  4. ″It’s the finest crime fiction I’ve ever read,″ said the author, who attended the book launch.
  5. The initial print run was completely sold out in a matter of days.
  6. Because I’d been interviewed by my old friend Robert Elms on his radio program, every taxi driver in London was reading it – or trying to find a copy of it to give to their passengers.
  • Several reputable newspapers, as well as the Daily Express, were writing about me (you always remember the snide ones).
  • I was being highlighted in Time Out and the Evening Standard, and I was conducting interviews for both publications.
  • The Layer Cake film rights were in high demand, resulting in a feeding frenzy.
  • Layer Cake was named the best crime novel of the year by the New York Times.
  • I was receiving quite sexually graphic fan mail from women’s prisons, which I received via my publishers.
  • It was a period when I drank Earl Grey tea with supermodels and movie stars, wrote screenplays, and made cameo appearances in films.
  • I found myself in another planet all of a sudden.
  • What I initially found amusing – and a little unsettling – was being introduced to folks who had read Layer Cake before me.
  • They would speak to me as if they already knew me, as if they knew me very well, as if we had a history together.
  • When I initially noticed it, I thought it was strange, but after some consideration, I realized that it was possible that they knew who I was: reading Layer Cake requires dedication.
  • You will need to spend around 20 hours immersed in the author’s deep, murky recesses – with all of its Jungian darkness disclosed to you – in order to complete the book.
  • Hopefully, you’ll be able to touch the reader’s buttons — catalyze previously suppressed emotions.
  • Some folks – though certainly not everyone – understood what I was attempting to convey.

What I wanted was to write something that was interesting, with a thriller aspect to capture people’s attention and keep the pace going, but also served as a vehicle for conveying thoughts about how we live our lives, about our attitudes, morals, and values.It’s like Brighton Rock, with all of its concepts about disregarding your own conscience while fighting entrenched Catholic guilt, all wrapped up in a fascinating story about treachery and murder on 1930s racetracks.It serves as a social document as well as an insight into how people thought and behaved at the time.I loved the concept of a book that readers could dip into – read chapters as if they were playing cuts from an album – or reread in its whole again and over again without feeling like they were missing anything.

  1. I wanted to produce something akin to a David Bowie or The Rolling Stones record or a jazz improvisation in which you’re never finished, even after many listening, since you’re always uncovering new things and previously undiscovered aspects.
  2. I wanted to do something along the lines of Goodfellas or Apocalypse Now.
  3. That was reusable, re-watchable, and could be seen again and over again with no end in sight.
  4. People would reread the book or see the film multiple times since there are so many revelations in Layer Cake that the protagonist shares with the reader, as well as various subtleties appearing.
  1. Following the completion of Layer Cake for the first time, many readers have shared with me their plans to put the book down, make a cup of tea, drink their cup of tea, and then sit down to reread it all over again, this time equipped with the information and insights they were denied the first time.
  2. When I gave my friends the opportunity to read my short tales, I realized that each person would have a unique perspective on what they had read.
  3. Different readers reacted differently to the same parts, just as a singer cannot dictate how a listener should perceive his or her own songs.
  4. The title Layer Cake was yet another meaning of the phrase ″how deep do you want to go?″ for me personally.
  5. Others thought the book was a contemporary tale about a man who enters a Faustian bargain – his soul in exchange for riches – but we watch as his world, and everything he had arrogantly believed about himself and other people, slowly unravels, leading him to make ruthless decisions, including murder: shooting a man in the back of the head at close range, killing dogs, and ultimately forfeiting his soul forever – pure fucking opera.
  6. While some people felt it was a terrific holiday book – sexy and cool, sleazy and glamorous, geezers and freaks – others thought it was a great holiday read that would wind up being tossed into the swimming pool when it was finished.

It was a one-time use item.That was the end of it.One of the things I was attempting to accomplish, without even realizing it, was to create a piece of art that would appeal to a wide range of people.

  • Layer Cake represented different things to different individuals.
  • Someone referred to it as a best-seller with a cult-like following.
  • Many people took ownership of the story and felt it was their own secret; they felt they knew it; they empathized with the main character.
  • They became friends with him and became simpatico with him.
  • They were good friends.

‘Layer Cake 2’ Is Now a TV Show Starring Jason Statham

  • 17 September 2015
  • MovieWeb
  1. We were told that Viva La Madness, the sequel to the 2005 cult crime thriller Layer Cake starring Daniel Craig, was going to be a feature-length film starring Jason Statham when we last heard from the studio about it.
  2. In an interview conducted earlier this year, the action actor indicated that production on the film will begin the next year.
  3. That was a truthful statement.
  4. The only difference is that, instead of being a film sequel, Viva La Madness has been reimagined as an episodic television crime thriller.

The good news is that Jason Statham will continue to appear in the film.This might be the real reason he pulled out of Marvel’s Daredevil Season 2 negotiations, which would have seen him take on the role of Bullseye in the series.In collaboration with Gaumont International Television, Viva La Madness will be developed as an hour-long television series that will be directly based on J.J.Connolly’s novel of the same name.Hannibal, an NBC horror crime series that was recently cancelled, and Hemlock Grove, a horror series on Netflix, are also produced by the business.

  1. View the whole article at MovieWeb »

Daniel Craig (I)

Jason Statham

Daredevil (2015)

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Layer Cake

  1. It is the newest in the recent cluster of British gangster/caper films that began with Guy Ritchie’s Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and has continued with Layer Cake.
  2. Layer Cake director and co-producer Matthew Vaughn also served as a producer on Lock and Ritchie’s follow-up film, Snatch, which was released in 2012.
  3. Consequently, it should come as no surprise that Layer Cake pulls elements of the ″feel″ from those films in various ways.
  4. Layer Cake has the same macabre sense of black comedy as the other plays, however it is more character-driven and less graphic than the previous productions.

In addition, it has a ″didn’t see that one coming″ moment that is unlike anything else in any of Ritchie’s previous forays into the genre.When the film Layer Cake starts, the protagonist, portrayed by Daniel Craig, is enjoying his life to the fullest.He works as a middleman in drug deals, and he adheres to a strict set of standards that protects him from the va

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