Where To Buy Cake Boxes?

Shop for Cake Boxes in Treat Display & Storage. Buy products such as Wilton White Square Corrugated Cake Box with Window, 12 x 12 x 6 inch, 2-Count at Walmart and save.
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What can you put in a cake box for shipping?

Cake Boxes. These boxes are designed to transport your signature cakes. Candy Apple Boxes. These boxes are perfect for packaging delicious candy apples. Candy Boxes. Use these boxes to package candy, fudge, bark, and cookies. Cookie Boxes. In addition to cookies, use these boxes for cupcakes, muffins, and pies. Cupcake Boxes.

How much do cake boxes cost?

You can buy cake boxes wholesale and still present your frosted artwork in packaging that frames your cakes in elegance. Our cheap cake boxes are not cheap cake boxes. 619 – 6′ x 6′ x 4′ White/White Lock & Tab Box with Window $62.14 per Case (100 pieces) $19.96 per Pack (10 pieces)

How do I choose the right box for my cake order?

If you have a heavy, large sheet cake, a corrugated box is the perfect choice, while eco-friendly, non-corrugated boxes are best for lighter orders. We also offer bakery and cake boxes in a variety of festive patterns for any season or your favorite holiday.

What kind of box do you use for a bakery?

Bakery boxes with windows are perfect for grocery stores and bakeries that offer ready-to-purchase cakes, cookies, and cupcakes. Windowless Bakery Boxes. Windowless bakery boxes are ideal for custom orders that have been placed ahead of time and don’t require merchandising to sell them.

What size cake box do you need for a 10 inch cake?

12-Inch Cake Box with Window for 10-Inch Cake, 2-Piece Set.

How do you package a cake?

How to Ship A Cake

  1. Package the cake tightly in a fitted styrofoam mailer.
  2. Insert frozen cool packs around the cake to keep it fresh.
  3. Place the styrofoam mailer inside a sturdy cardboard box.
  4. Seal the box with high-quality shipping tape.
  5. Mark the outside of your box.
  6. Ship your cake.

What size box do I need for a 9 inch cake?

Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 4 in.

What material is used to make cake boxes?

(iii) Resources required: The main raw material for production of cake boxes is kraft papers which will be imported from the neighboring country. Apart from this, the unit requires skilled workers for designing and making the cake boxes.

How big is an 8 inch round cake?

8 inch cakes can be sensibly served to 14 people cutting each slice at about 2 1⁄4 inches across the back. 2 1⁄4 inches is about the length of the spoon part of a tablespoon. 8 inch cakes can also be cut event style.

What size cake box should I use?

The box should be sized to the base board of your cake, about 1 or 2 inches larger than your cake so that the sides won’t crush the cake. Make certain that you secure your cake to the board with icing to prevent shifting during transport.

How much bigger should a cake board be than the cake?

When acting as a base for your cake, you should allow for about 2′ – 4′ of clearance on each side of your cake. So, your cake board should be 4′ – 8′ larger than your cake. For cake drums that are used in between tiers, they should be the same size as your cake.

How do you deliver a cake safely?

Place your cake on a flat surface, never place a cake box on a seat or your lap. Always carry a cake decorating repair kit with you that includes chocolate, royal icing, or extra frosting. And finally drive carefully, avoid sudden breaks speed bumps and hard corners, if possible, avoid any steep roads.

Why do we need to use cake boards that are 1 inch larger than the cake pan?

These boards are thick and give you strength and rigidity for transporting your cake. Choose a board which is at least two inches bigger than the cake tin it was baked in; this allows for the thickness of marzipan, icing and also for any decoration around the edge of the board.

How big is a 6 round cake?

Here’s a cheat sheet for the most common round cake pan sizes: Area of a 6-inch round pan: 29 in. Area of an 8-inch round pan: 51 in.

How tall is a 3 layer cake?

So, instead of a two-layer cake, you now have a three-layer cake. While a double barrel cake is two or three cakes stacked one on top of the other. It can be about 8 to 10 inches tall.

Where can I find cheap cake stands?

  • Where to get cake stand? Ans: TableclothsFactory understands that you want to exhibit your desserts in the most delightful way possible at parties and special events.
  • How to display cake stands? Ans: After the merrymaking,if you don’t want your lovely cake holders to sit in a cupboard where they won’t be used or
  • Where to buy 3 tier cake stands?
  • Where can I get free or cheap moving boxes?

  • Craigslist listings. For those of you unfamiliar with Craigslist,it is an online classifieds listing website where you can kind find almost everything,including free cardboard boxes in your
  • Liquor stores. Your typical liquor store has an arsenal of cardboard boxes.
  • Recycling centers.
  • Schools.
  • Buy/Sell apps.
  • Bookstores and local libraries.
  • Where can you buy lazy cakes?

  • Raw Milk. Remember in school,when you learned that Louis Pasteur figured out how to pasteurize milk,saving millions of lives and making milk safe for everyone to drink?
  • Lazy Cakes. When having trouble sleeping,some people may take melatonin.
  • Ackee Fruit.
  • Sassafras Oil.
  • Bulk Bakery Boxes

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    Make sure to put your exquisitely created confections in these high-quality bakery boxes to ensure their longevity.Offering a vast array of alternatives for any cake, cookie assortment, and cupcake pick is something we take pride in.Choose from a variety of wholesale bakery boxes, including corrugated and non-corrugated options, to meet your specific serving requirements.Our window cake boxes include a transparent glass so that buyers can see what is inside, boosting the number of impulsive purchases of your pre-packaged items.Window bakery boxes are available in a number of shapes, colors, and patterns to match any décor, occasion, or event.

    Please contact us for more information.Purchase plain white or bright pink bakery boxes, or select a colorful pattern for a birthday party, Valentine’s Day, or any other event you may be planning.We even have ecologically friendly bread boxes available for our customers who are concerned about the environment.All of these treat boxes are also quite durable, allowing you to be certain that your baked goodies will arrive at their destination safely and securely every time.

    Whether you’re shipping a dozen pastries or a single slice of pie, we’re confident that we’ll have the bakery box with window that you’re searching for.You’ll also be able to stock up on crucial packaging supplies while saving money when you browse wholesale cake boxes.Anyone who owns or operates a bakery, pizza shop, restaurant, or other foodservice operation will find our collection to be of exceptional value.In the meanwhile, check out our cupcake boxes as well as our cake circles, pads, and boards for securing cupcakes and cakes during transit.

    • We have something for everyone.
    • Our range of disposable bakery supplies is also certain to be advantageous to your company’s operations.
    • Also, be sure to look at the other fantastic things from Baker’s Mark, Choice, Dart, Durable Packaging, Enjay Converters, Polar Pak, and Solia that are now available.

    Cake Boxes

    • FIND THE PERFECT CAKE BOXES FOR YOU! Cake boxes and cupcake boxes, macaroons, cake pops, and pastries are all available for purchase in this area. They are the ideal boxes for cake and dessert stores since they may be purchased in a food-safe cardboard and are produced to order. Choose from a variety of sizes and colors in 21 distinct hues! Items 1 – 20 out of 35 shown. Difficulty: Reduced price!
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    Items 1 – 20 out of 35 shown.

    Ideas for your gift box

    Some ideas for decorating your confectionery, cupcake and macaroon boxes are provided below for your consideration. Personalize them with a ribbon, washi tape, or a label to ensure that the confectionery boxes are as visually appealing as the cakes that will be placed within them.

    Cake boxes and more

    You’ll find the perfect cake box for any type of cake in this section of CAKE BOXES SECTION.INCLUDING MACAROON BOXES, CUPCAKE BOXES, AND MAGDALENA BOXES, AS WELL AS CAKE AND PASTRY BOXES, AND EVEN BOXES FOR CAKE POPS In SelfPackaging, every piece of confectionery is packaged in a little box.Our confectionery boxes are therefore ideal for bakeries, stores, and cafés since they can be customized to include food-safe cardboard as necessary.A unique method to package delicious goodies for your clients or to just present a cake to a friend or family member.Remember that you may make the box more personalized by including a cupcake holder or an insert for cake pops.

    The options are virtually limitless!Observations on the

    where to buy cake boxes – The Blue Monkey Restaurant & Pizzeria

    The solid boxes are constructed entirely of 100 percent recycled paper, with kraft inside to complement the outside.They are all created in the United States of America and conform with FDA rules for food packaging, as well.ITC paper board or imported Kraft paper are both excellent choices for this box project.A mixture of vinegar and baking soda is one of the simplest substitutes for eggs in a cake recipe.In a separate dish, combine 1 teaspoon baking soda and 1 tablespoon vinegar to make a substitute for one egg.

    Why are cake boxes pink?

    It turns out that the pink doughnut box is a Southern California tradition that dates back to the 1950s…. According to folklore, the new doughnut shops that were springing up wanted to purchase boxes that were less expensive than the white ones that the chains were using, and Westco had the solution: surplus pink cardboard stock from other projects.

    What bakery has pink boxes?

    That’s exactly what happened. The next morning, we were informed that ″Prop Master Ellen Freund picked Glaser’s Bake Shop in New York as the location from where the pink box originated.″ It has been in business since 1902 and is still in operation today at 1670 First Avenue at 87th Street.″

    Why are baked goods in pink boxes?

    According to the Los Angeles Times, it was stores established by Cambodian immigrants in Los Angeles during the 1970s that helped to promote the use of pink boxes in the marketplace.Pink boxes were chosen over more expensive white boxes by the store’s proprietors in order to prevent cutting corners on ingredients.Since then, pink boxes have become a hallmark of Los Angeles’ doughnut shops.

    What can I use instead of a cake board?

    In order to make a cake board at home, you may use things that are most likely already in your possession. Heavy-duty cardboard, tin foil, or even wrapping paper might be used as a substitute. You may cut the cardboard to the precise size you need using scissors or an Exacto knife, and then cover it with wrapping paper or aluminum foil to finish it off.

    How big is an 8 round cake?

    8-inch cakes may be served to 14 people if they are sliced into slices that are approximately 2 14 inches wide across the back. The spoon portion of a tablespoon measures around 2 14 inches in length. 8-inch cakes can also be cut in the manner of an occasion.

    What size cake box should I use?

    For safety reasons, you should make your cake box slightly larger than the base board of your cake, perhaps 1 or 2 inches larger than your cake so that the sides do not crush your cake. Make ensuring that your cake is securely attached to the board with icing in order to prevent it from moving during transportation.

    What type of cardboard is used for cake box?

    Cake boxes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Here are a few of the most often encountered: An almost completely enclosed cardboard cake box is the most commonly encountered form of cake box. A glossy outside finish and a matte inside finish are common finishes for these boxes, which can be composed of brown cardboard or white milk board.

    What is a bomb cake?

    Cake bombs are similar to a huge packed cake pop in appearance. They are a combination of cake and frosting that is wrapped around a delectable center filling and baked to perfection. After that, the entire object is covered in chocolate. However, some are much more appealing than others, with centers consisting of cream cheese frosting, caramel, or even cookie dough!

    How do you pack a cake for delivery?

    How to Ship A Cake

    1. Pack the cake securely in a styrofoam envelope with a tight-fitting lid. .
    2. Place frozen cold packs around the cake to protect it from becoming soggy. .
    3. Stuff the styrofoam mailer inside a strong cardboard box and tape it shut. The package should be sealed with high-quality packaging tape. .
    4. Draw a line around the perimeter of your box. .
    5. Have your cake delivered

    How do you keep cakes from sliding on cake boards?

    How do you deliver a cake safely?

    If you are putting your cake on a level surface, avoid placing the cake box on a seat or your lap. Always keep a cake decorating repair kit on hand, which should include chocolate, royal icing, and additional frosting, among other things. Finally, drive cautiously, avoiding sudden brakes, speed bumps, and harsh curves, and, if at all possible, avoid steep routes if at all feasible.

    Can you leave a cake in a cold car?

    Cakes should be stored at room temperature to avoid melting. If it’s a really hot day outside, the air conditioning may not be able to reach the trunk, so it’s probably best to set the cake on the car’s floor to keep it cold. You may see your icing starting to freeze when it gets too cold outdoors, and it may even sweat when it gets back to room temperature.

    How many bananas does it take to replace 3 eggs?

    To substitute whole eggs in chewy baked products such as brownies, use one ripe mashed banana for every egg in the recipe, unless otherwise specified.

    What is the purpose of cake box?

    Cake boxes are available in a plethora of different forms and sizes. Some feature windows or are fully transparent, allowing you to admire your delectable treats. Some feature inserts that keep cupcakes and muffins from falling out of their pans. All of these items are intended to make your life simpler while also showing your cake decorations or cookie decorating collection.

    Is cake box a small business?

    The adventure began with a single little business in 2008…The firm started off as a single little store in 2008, and has grown since then.We currently have more than 180 branches in 2020, with many more to come this year, according to our estimates.Here at Eggfree Cake Box, we like to think of ourselves as a family, and our success is due to the fact that we have remained true to our family values.

    What does Pinkbox mean?

    Pink box definition, meaning of pink box – English dictionary 10 (United States) pejorative terms. a person who is sympathetic to or has been affected by Communism b leftist or radical, especially when done half-heartedly

    What donuts come in a pink box?

    The pink box is a distinctively regional custom, one that is so deeply embedded that it is frequently difficult for an outsider to recognize it. Dunkin’ Donuts, with its vivid orange and pink packaging, may be found across the Northeast.

    Who owns pink donut?

    Judith Siegel and Stephen Siegel, the proprietors of Pinkbox Doughnuts, in the drive-thru of their new location.

    What happened to Ted Ngoy?

    Ted returned to Cambodia, where he currently resides in the capital city of Phenom Penh, after losing everything. His sponsored families were able to continue operating their companies. Cambodian families now own more than 90 percent of the independent doughnut businesses in Los Angeles, according to the Los Angeles Times.

    Why are so many LA donut boxes pink?

    According to the Los Angeles Times, it was stores established by Cambodian immigrants in Los Angeles during the 1970s that helped to promote the use of pink boxes in the marketplace.Pink boxes were chosen over more expensive white boxes by the store’s proprietors in order to prevent cutting corners on ingredients.Since then, pink boxes have become a hallmark of Los Angeles’ doughnut shops.

    Can you use cardboard as a cake board?

    Make your own cake boards from scratch is not that difficult, at least if you follow my instructions. All I use to wrap the board is thick cardboard and food-grade foil (I’ve even used baking foil in the past)…. You may even cover it with beautiful paper to keep it food safe, or you can wrap it in a layer of plastic wrap to keep it safe.

    Are cake boards necessary?

    Wooden cake boards are a necessary for any form of cake that demands structure, such as sculpted cakes, gravity defying cakes, or if you’re doing an outrageously tall tiered cake with several tiers. Whatever board you choose, it should be completely covered and completed with a ribbon to give it a polished and professional appearance.

    Can you use wrapping paper to cover a cake board?

    Whatever type of cake board you choose, whether homemade or purchased, you may cover and decorate it with a variety of food-safe contact paper, ornamental paper, wrapping paper, fondant, or ribbon to complete the board edges if desired. …

    What size cake will feed 60?

    Guide to Baking and Serving a Cake

    4 In. High Cakes The figures for 2 in. pans are based on a two-layer, 4 in. high cake. Fill pans 1/2 to 2/3 full.
    Pan Shape Size Baking Time Minutes
    Round 14 in. 60-65
    16 in. 60-70
    18 in. Half, 3 in. Layer 60-65

    How much does an 8 inch cake cost?


    6 inch 4-6 $45.00
    8 inch 8-12 $55.00
    10 inch 16-20 $70.00
    12 inch 30-40 $80.00

    How many slices can you get from a 9 inch cake?

    When it comes to homemade cake recipes, the most frequent shape is a huge rectangle. It’s prepared in a 9-by-13-inch cake pan, which is normal. You may anticipate to acquire between 12 and 20 pieces from a single cake of this size, which makes it ideal for gatherings and celebrations.

    How to order cake boxes

    Where to buy bakery boxes? || Review by Gretchen’s Bakery

    Coffee Break EP.8 Q&A | Where I buy my Cake boxes/packaging? How to make a Business plan


    Where can I get cake boxes? wholesale cake boxes made in the U.S. cake boxes for sale at wholesale prices near me cake boxes at wholesale prices 12x12x6-inch cake boxes at a low cost Nearby, there are bakery boxes with a window. a cake package from walmart tall cake boxes on the wholesale market

    About The Author

    A Comprehensive Guide to Disposable Cake Boards

    Corrugated Cardboard: Corrugated cardboard is used to make the vast majority of disposable cake boards on the market.Essentially, this material is made up of layers of fluted paper pressed between two outer layers, with the outer layers serving to provide stiffness and the fluted paper serving to provide insulation and thickness.Chipboard with a laminated surface: Because chipboard is constructed of pressed paperboard, it is both lightweight and quite strong.Because it has a laminated surface, it prevents grease from penetrating into the material.These sweets will only be supported by this substance if they are quite tiny in size.

    melamine-coated wood: These cake boards are composed of medium density fiberboard (MDF) that has been coated with melamine for durability.It is durable and break-resistant, and the shell also functions as a sealant to keep grease and other liquids out.The board’s melamine covering makes it simple to clean and ensures that it retains its glossy appearance even after repeated usage.Cake boards can alternatively be built of thick foam, which has a natural resistance to oil and can be used for baking.

    When cutting your cake on the board, you need be careful not to cut into the foam material, which should be covered with a piece of plastic wrap.Make your cakes out of Masonite, which is made of medium-density fibreboard (MDF).Masonite is a reusable material for your cakes.It must be covered with foil, plastic wrap, or fondant before each use in order to keep grease from accumulating.

    • Because of this inconvenience, these boards are often solely employed to give structural support between cake tiers.

    Styles of Corrugated Cardboard Cake Boards

    All corrugated cardboard cake boards have an extra style to choose, which influences not only the aesthetic of the board, but also how it is used in the kitchen. If you’re thinking about utilizing a corrugated cardboard cake board, have a look at these designs.

    5 Secrets to Delivering Cakes Safely – Wow! Is that really edible? Custom Cakes+ Cake Decorating Tutorials

    Cake delivery may be a difficult and nerve-wracking experience.After finishing your masterpiece, you have a small heart attack while bringing it to its final destination.This is the only time you’ll see all of the potholes on the road since you’ll be driving slowly.I’m referring to anything other than gnawing your fingernails and hoping and praying that your work of art does not get ruined during delivery and transportation.If you’re nodding your head in agreement, I understand what you’re going through.

    I’ve been there myself.Even with all of the preparations for the delivery, I still get scared.Why?Because you can’t anticipate every possible circumstance.

    You certainly hope that all of the precautions you took were successful.However, this is not necessarily the case when presenting a cake.In order to give you the opportunity to breathe again, I developed these five techniques for delivering cakes securely.My method of transporting cakes is as follows, and I have never had an issue since I began following these procedures.

    • First and foremost, my first tier cake delivery was a HOT MESS.
    • I purchased a box from U-Haul, but it was far too large to fit on the floor of the front of the car.
    • Which was my favored location at the moment since it allowed me to view the cake.
    • So I assumed that because I wasn’t driving very far, I’d put the box on the front seat of the car (which is something you should never do).
    • While transporting the cake, I believe my heart stopped a few times.

    It was too late for me to go to the place since my cake had been pushed to the rear of the board.I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.I couldn’t believe that something like this had occurred to me.Why!

    Fortunately, it was a dense cake, and I was able to transfer it back to the center of the board with some ease.You should know that I did not have a cake emergency kit, but I was able to get hold of a large spatula and relocate the cake.Thank goodness, the decorations on the bottom of the cake were not harmed, and I was able to reposition them around the cake; it was a fortunate escape.That day, I learnt two important lessons: (1) I needed a cake emergency kit, and (2) I needed to learn how to carry cakes properly.This page may include affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase after clicking on one of the links on this website, I may receive a small compensation.

    I only recommend goods that I personally use and enjoy, as well as lessons that I have taken.Thank you so much for your unwavering support throughout the years.

    This made me think hard about delivering cakes.

    Time and time again, I employ these cake delivery techniques to ensure that no mishaps occur throughout the delivery process.When I start to feel apprehensive or concerned about this, I try to recall why I got into cake designing in the first place and remind myself of that.This generally provides me a lift, so I’ve decided to incorporate cake delivery into my planning process as well.Now I’m aware that there are a variety of excellent cake delivery methods available, such as Cake Safe and the SPS system.However, if you are unable to invest in them at this moment, here are my five secret techniques to properly delivering cakes utilizing common household materials.

    Structure your Cake Correctly

    When it comes to baking any type of cake, having a solid base is critical.Building a cake is equivalent to building a home in terms of complexity.The home will implode if it is not built on a solid foundation, or it will fall if the wind blows too hard against it.I cannot emphasize this enough: knowing that your cake is properly built relieves a lot of the tension that comes with it.This indicates that after the first three layers, you should add dowels.

    To ease your anxieties, you may insert a central dowel that runs through all of the layers and will assist to keep the cake more sturdy when it is being transported.Prior to placing the cakes on top of the cake foundation, I like to insert the center dowel through the cake base or use threaded rods.Another thing to keep in mind is to pick a cake foundation that is robust.Using a solid cake foundation will help to keep the cake from cracking under the weight of the entire cake.

    Finally, remove any cake toppers, sugar flowers, or other decorative elements from the cake and store them in a separate box for travel.It’s better to be cautious than sorry in this situation.

    Use Foam pads  

    Shock absorption may be achieved by using foam cushions.Yes, you read that correctly….Foam cushioning beneath your cake board can assist cushion the blow and protect your cakes from damage caused by potholes and all of the other bumps and jolts throughout the automobile trip.The one I bought was at Joann’s, and with my coupon, it was less than five dollars.After that, I trimmed it to fit the size of the cake box; you are not need to do this.

    Use Shelf-Liner/Yoga mats

    Shelf-liners are one of my favorite things.I occasionally pick them up at Walmart or Dollar Tree for a few cents.Using a shelf liner or yoga mat, cover the whole floor or trunk of your car before placing the cake box on top of it.As a result of my most recent cake tragedy, I now lay a piece of cardboard under the cake board in the box and beneath the box.This prevents the cake and the cake box from shifting throughout the baking process.

    On the bottom, insert a long length of shelf liner, followed by the foam pad and another shelf liner on top of the foam pad, and repeat the process.

    Use Double-sided Carpet Tape

    To make the cake, use a cake board on measure the size and then apply masking tape to both sides of the board.To attach the cake board to the cake foundation, use double-sided carpet tape on both sides of the board.It is responsible for keeping the cake in place.I understand that you believe this is excessive, but it is a little thing to pay for piece of mind.Especially in the heat, buttercream might melt and cause the cake to shift about a little bit.

    This is simply to ensure that the cake board remains in position.

    Use a Cake Box

    Make sure you choose a corrugated shipping box that is approximately the same size as the base of your cake.If you are unable to locate a box that is near to the required size, don’t worry; the shelf-liner and foam will hold the cake in position.In addition, you can find these boxes at Home Depot, Lowes, and Staples, among other places.Remember to write your name on the front of the box.I prefer to cut a window in the front of the cake and attach a clear plastic sheet so that I can see what’s going on within.

    This also serves to protect the cake from the elements, such as rain, trash, and snow, among others.You may create your own cake delivery box by following the instructions in this page.

    Additional Cake Delivery tips:

    • In the summer, allow your automobile to cool down for at least 20 minutes before driving it. Maintain a flat surface for your cake and avoid placing it on a seat or your lap.
    • Bring a cake decorating repair kit with you at all times, and make sure it contains chocolate, royal icing, or more frosting.
    • Finally, drive cautiously, avoiding sudden brakes, speed bumps, and harsh curves, and, if at all feasible, avoid steep routes if possible.

    Do you have any recommendations for cake delivery? Please share them with us in the comments section below; we would really appreciate hearing from you. Best of luck with your caking.

    Choosing the right cake board and box

    It is critical to choose cake boards and cake boxes that are the proper size for the cake.We provide a large selection of high-quality cake boards and cake boxes that are an essential aspect of any cake.Contact us for more information.They enhance the look of the cake while also ensuring that it is not harmed during storage and transportation.In Tamworth, we offer the widest selection of cake boards and boxes — we have sizes ranging from 3 to 22 inches!

    Boards in silver, gold, and a variety of colors are available in both square and circular shapes – but which board do you need for your particular cake?

    Fruit Cakes, Wedding Cakes, Carrot Cake, Chocolate Cakes, Upside-Down Cakes and Pound Cake

    In order to make a heavy cake, such as fruit cakes, Madeira and Dundee cakes, or a special occasion cake such as a wedding, Christening, Christmas or Simnel cake, it is advisable to use a cake board with a diameter of 12mm.These planks are thick, which provides you with strength and stiffness when transporting your cake to its destination.A board at least two inches larger than the cake tin in which it was cooked will allow for the thickness of the marzipan and frosting, as well as any decorations that will be placed around the perimeter of the board.In the event that you want to decorate or letter on the cake board, a larger cake board may be preferable to your needs.

    Sponge Cakes, Battenberg, Carrot Cake, Chocolate Cakes, Upside-Down Cakes and Pound Cake

    Because these cakes are significantly lighter in weight, you may use a thinner ″3mm hardboard,″ which will not overpower the cake, to construct them. Once again, pick a cake board that is at least 2 inches larger than the one you want to use since you’ll want to leave enough space for decoration.

    Croquembouche and Profiterole Stacks   

    When displaying a huge croquembouche, a thicker board, such as a drum, might be more appropriate. Remember to leave around two inches on either side for the display and any caramel threading, so you’ll need something in the range of 12 inches to 18 inches in height, depending on how much choux dough you’re using and how tall you want it to be.

    Cheesecakes, Tarte Tatin, Tiramisu, Gateaux, Ice-Cream Cakes, Cream-Pie Cakes, Banoffee, Genoise and Pavlova  

    If you’re looking for something lighter, or merely a basis for your dessert, our 3mm hardboard is the ideal option. Again, use the two to three inches for display purposes and to keep any elements from slipping off the cake as it is being served up to the guests.

    Shaped Cakes  

    Cake boards of various shapes, including heart, hexagon, and rectangular, are available for use with specialty or novelty cakes. The rectangular boards we provide are available in five different sizes, ranging from 10 x 13 inches to huge 32 x 20 inch thick hardwood boards. Other board shapes, such as hearts and hexagons, can be ordered upon request as well.

    Double stacked boards 

    If you want to create a statement with your boards, you could always double stack two clashing colors together.Stack them one on top of the other, with one slightly bigger than the other to complement the pattern of the cake.A layer in the cake can be created by using them as a foundation.It may be used as a focal point on the cake if it is adhered together with double-sided tape and wrapped with a matching ribbon.

    Cake Boxes 

    Choose a box that is the same size as the cake board you will be using in order to ensure a flawless fit.If the cake is shaped, such as a heart, then measure the width of the board and use that measurement as a guideline.For further stability, little bits of polystyrene or a small piece of non-slip mat can be used to keep the cake from rolling around inside the box.Cake boxes ranging in size from 6 to 20 inches are available in strong white card or festive Christmas boxes for cakes and yule logs.We also provide full-sized box extensions for those taller cakes, because it is critical to have a box that is the proper size in order to preserve the cake from damage.

    Box extenders are available in lengths ranging from 6 to 20 inches.

    In case you wish to give the cake as a gift, we have PME crystal clear cake boxes available for you to choose from. It is available in two sizes: 10 and 12 inches, and when tied with a gorgeous ribbon from our inventory, it transforms your cake into a lovely present.

    Cupcake boxes 

    Cupcakes are a favorite of ours! However, if you need to travel them or present them as a gift, you’ll want to be certain that they’re properly stored and preserved. We have a variety of singles, fours, sixes, twelves, sixteens, and twenty-fives. If you’re looking for something a little more unique, we also have striped boxes and leather-look boxes available.

    Cupcakes can be given out as favors to guests at a wedding or a reception. Our selection of transparent and single cupcake boxes are ideal for this purpose, so why not consider including cupcake favors as part of your next gathering?

    View a larger selection of our cake boards and cake boxes at our online cake shop.

    Learn the Small Cake Equation and Make Every Cake a 6-Inch Cake

    Do you require further information? Do you enjoy learning new things? Please continue reading.

    Cake math, step 1: calculate the area

    • If you want to convert a recipe for a large cake into a recipe for 6-inch pans, start by figuring out how much space the bigger cake pans have. This is simple to calculate for square and rectangular pans
    • simply multiply the length by the height (for example, a 9 × 9 pan equals 81 square inches). Of course, layer cake recipes almost never call for square or rectangular pans, so you’ll most likely have to figure out how much space you’ll need in a circular pan. In order to compute the surface area of a round cake pan, multiply by the pan’s circumference (3.14 is sufficient), and then square the resultant figure (in other words, multiplying it by itself). It’s important to remember that the radius is half the diameter. This gives you 28.26 in2 (which you should round up to 29 in2 for the sake of sanity) if you’re baking in a 6-inch-round cake pan. Do you want to skip right over the pi portion and go directly to the cake? Here’s a quick reference guide to the most commonly used round cake pan sizes: An 8-inch round pan has a surface area of 51 square inches
    • a 9-inch round pan has a surface area of 64 square inches
    • and an 11-inch round pan has a surface area of 79 square inches.

    Cake math, step 2: convert the measurements

    With the pans’ surface areas known, it’s much easier to work in percentages than it used to be.Calculate your percentage by dividing the smaller pan area by the bigger pan area (as shown above).As an illustration: 29 square inches (the size of a 6-inch pan) divided by 51 square inches (the area of an 8-inch pan) is 57 percent of the total surface area.As a result, the area of a 6-inch pan is 57% of the size of an 8-inch pan.Following that, we convert the ingredient measurements to percentages based on the percentages.

    To obtain the measurements of each ingredient for your smaller cake, multiply the original bigger recipe measurement by the proportion of the smaller cake you want to make.Make a written record of your findings—do not do this in your thoughts as you go!It is preferable to perform your conversions in grams.To figure out how much flour is needed to make a 6-inch cake recipe from 500 grams of flour, multiply the amount by.57, or 57 percent, to get the correct quantity.

    500 multiplied by.57 equals 285 grams of flour.King Arthur Flour offers an excellent ingredient weight table that may be used to convert a recipe from volume to grams.) There will be some modest estimates required while converting measures, but don’t be concerned about this.Round to the nearest gram, whether it’s up or down, with the exception of leaveners, which I always round up since I’d rather have a little extra lift in the cake than not enough.You may just simply walk around to the nearest egg.

    • If you want to go super-technical with the eggs, whisk one until it is homogeneous and then weigh out the amount you need.
    • Keep the remaining aside for an egg wash (or a little treat for your dog).
    • Again, don’t be concerned about working with measures as little as a tenth of a gram.
    • Your cake will turn out perfectly no matter which direction you turn it!

    How to make Tall cakes or Extended Height Cakes

    Tall cakes, often known as extended height cakes, have been popular in recent years.They have the capacity to create the overall design of the cake tall, lean, and exquisite by using a variety of different techniques.Making these cakes is not a tough process.Despite this, there are a few safety considerations that should be taken, such as using cake boards, doweling, and stacking.In addition, I discuss the distinctions between tall, extended height cakes, and double barrel cakes in this piece.

    What is the difference between tall and double barrel cakes?

    • A tall cake is typically nothing more than a cake whose height has been increased. Typically, this is accomplished by adding another layer. Instead of a two-layer cake, you now have a three-layer cake to serve your friends and family. A double barrel cake, on the other hand, is a stack of two or three cakes placed one on top of the other. It may grow to reach between 8 and 10 inches in height. So, to put it simply, a tall cake is a cake with an extended height, and a double barrel is a cake with an extended layer height. As an illustration, consider the cake shown below: The top layer is a conventional cake, measuring 4 inches in height
    • the middle tier is a double barrel cake, measuring approximately 10 inches in height
    • and the bottom tier is a tall cake, measuring approximately 6 inches in height.

    Standard cakes

    • A typical cake consists of two layers of cake, with a cake board placed underneath each layer
    • the layers can be either 2 inches or 3 inches tall, thus there can be two layers, resulting in a cake that is 4 to 6 inches tall. As long as they are placed on a sturdy cake circle or board, they will not require any further support.

    A typical cake consists of two layers of cake, with a cake board placed underneath; the layers might be 2 inches or 3 inches tall, with a total of two layers resulting in a cake that is 4 to 6 inches tall. Because they are on a nice cake circle or board, they do not require any further support.

    Tall cakes

    • Tall cakes are my favorite type of cake in general. And, while the majority of my cake orders are for standard 4-inch cakes, I often deliver 5- or 6-inch layer cakes. Despite this, large cakes are far more visually appealing! Isn’t that correct? Take a look at my recent white blossom wedding cake (the photo below). All of these cakes are four-inch layer cakes. Simply close your eyes and visualize this exact cake with six-inch layers for one brief moment: Can you image how much more of a wow impact this cake would have if it were an additional 6 inches tall? Right? There are three layers of cake, each of which is 2 inches in height, and it is a 6-inch cake.
    • You may usually arrange the three layers on a single cake board or circular, as illustrated in the image below.
    • It is not necessary to place a support dowel within a 6 or 7-inch cake in this situation. They may still support their weight as long as they are supported by a sturdy cake board beneath them. One who does not bend
    • one who is rigid.
    • This African safari wedding cake is a fantastic example of the difference between a normal height cake and a tall or extended height cake. These are the typical top two layers – 2 x 2 layers with three fillings = 5-inch tall
    • and the bottom two layers are also conventional.
    • This is in contrast to the bottom tier which has three 2-inch cakes with two layers of fillings, which is 6 inches tall (nearly 7-inch tall cake).

    Double-barrel cakes

    • This is a 6-inch tall cake with three layers, as was the case previously.
    • However, if you decide to divide each layer into many layers, you will need to dowel and sandwich another cake round in between each one. Why?
    • The bottom cake layers will not bow under the weight of the upper cake layers as a result of this
    • the more layers you add, the weaker your structure will become. As a result, the more assistance you require
    • Additionally, more layers imply more mobility. As a result, even a central dowel is often required to ensure that the layers are placed uniformly.

    Consider this to be one cake within your double-barrel cake – can you envision stacking four additional layers on top of that without any support? It wouldn’t hold up under the weight and would start to move around with the icing.

    Servings sizes

    • Tall Cake – Well, it’s only one more layer, so it’s really only making your cake a little bit higher. As a result, each serving is a taller piece of cake rather than a greater number of serves. Of instance, if it was a family gathering, you could offer half a slice of cake. However, in general, you would like to serve your visitors a decent slice of cake that is cut from top to bottom from start to finish. It has a more pleasant visual appearance. As a result, it does not result in any additional servings. However, it does add icing to the cake in terms of finances. As a result, I charge different costs for my tall cakes as opposed to my ordinary cakes.
    • In the event of a double barrel, the answer is yes! It’s two whole cakes sandwiched together with a cake board in the middle, so it can be cut in half and served as two cakes. So you have additional portions, and you price it as if it were two cakes combined into one large double barrel cake.

    Tip Thursday – tall or extended height cake

    I attempted to develop a small diagram to aid you in your understanding.My next post will cover double-barrel cakes, which you can read about here.I hope you find it to be of assistance as well.You may save this Tip Thursday post, as well as my previous Tip Thursday entries, to your Pinterest board.PIN THIS RECIPE TO YOUR PINTEREST BOARD FOR LATER.

    HAVE YOU TRYED MY RECIPE?Please send it to me so that I may see it.Send me a photo of your work by posting it here, below my image on this board, and I’ll post it on this board.On Pinterest, you’ll also discover a collection of my tutorials and recipes that I’ve created.

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