How Large Is A Quarter Sheet Cake?

For matching a sheet cake to a box, a quarter sheet is 9 x 13, half sheet is 12 x 18 and there are sizes in between.
Sheet cakes are baked in a large, flat rectangular pan and are readily available in most grocery stores or bakeries. How much does a full sheet cake cost? On average, a sheet cake can cost anywhere from $25 to as much as $125.

How many people does a quarter sheet cake feed?

A quarter sheet cake is typically 13 inches by 9 inches and one or two inches deep. With generous portion sizes, you can easily feed up to 30 people. Smaller slices can render up to 54 pieces. It’s a good option for small and small to medium party sizes.

What does a quarter of a sheet cake look like?

A quarter sheet is 9″x13″, a half sheet is 13″x18″ and a full sheet is 18″x26″. Sheet cakes are usually 2 inches in height. The number of servings each cake has is dependent on the serving size.

How big is a 8 inch round cake?

8 inch cakes can be sensibly served to 14 people cutting each slice at about 2 1⁄4 inches across the back. 2 1⁄4 inches is about the length of the spoon part of a tablespoon. 8 inch cakes can also be cut event style.

How much is a quarter sheet cake?

Servings Price
1/4 Sheet-1 Layer 12-15 Med. or 24 Small Servings $24.99
1/4 Sheet-2 Layer 25-30 Med. or 48 Small Servings $36.99
1/2 Sheet-1 Layer 25-30 Med. or 48 Small Servings $36.99
1/2 Sheet-2 Layer 40-50 Med. or 96 Small Servings $59.99

How many inches is a half sheet cake?

Half sheet cake pans usually measure 18” x 12”. Half sheet cakes sold at most bakeries and grocery stores measure 15” x 11” with an average height of 2”, give and take an inch.

What is the measurement of a 1/2 sheet cake?

When you receive a half sheet cake in the bakery, it’s usually either 15 inches by 11 inches, 15 1/2 inches by 10 1/2 inches, or even as large as 16 inches by 12 inches. Since house ovens are smaller compared to bakery or supermarket ovens, a house half sheet cake will probably measure 13 inches by 9 inches.

How many boxes of cake mix do I need for a half sheet cake?

How Many Cake Mixes For A Half Sheet? Ensure to use only one cake mix for a half sheet. In addition to that, you should use only one cake mix for a thin sheet cake appropriate for layering. Likewise, use one cake mix for a bar-style cake.

How big is a 6 inch round cake?

Here’s a cheat sheet for the most common round cake pan sizes: Area of a 6-inch round pan: 29 in. Area of an 8-inch round pan: 51 in.

How many does a 6 inch square cake serve?

A square 6-inch cake can feed up to 18 people as it is bigger than round shapes. So, you can typically get around 8 party slices and 10 wedding slices from a 6-inch cake.

How big is a 9 inch round cake?

A 9-inch round cake pan is 63.5 square inches/holds 8 cups of batter. A 10-inch round cake pan is 78.5 square inches/holds 10-11 cups of batter. Without any adaptions, your 10-inch cake layers will be very thin. You’ll need to increase the batter by 25%.

How much does a quarter sheet cake cost at Walmart?

Walmart Bakery Prices

Food Price
1/4 Sheet Chocolate Cake with Icing $16.48
1/2 Sheet Chocolate Cake with Icing $24.98
1/4 Sheet White Cake and Strawberry Filling $19.48
White Cake, 43 oz $11.98

How tall is a sheet cake?

The term “Sheet Cakes” is sometimes used interchangeably with the term “slab cake.” Some professional bakers differentiate between the two terms as follows: Sheet Cakes are around 2 inches (5 cm) tall. Slab cakes are generally about 3 inches (7 1/2 cm) tall.

How much should a 1/2 sheet cake cost?

On average, most bakeries will charge around $30-$70 for a half-sheet cake. However, some places may charge more based on the type of cake and how it is decorated. Grocery stores will charge on the lower end compared to bakeries. Half sheet cakes typically serve 25-40 people, depending on the size of the slice.

Is a half bigger that a quarter?

So quarter to is 15 minutes bigger than half past. That is a quarter of an hour bigger. So 1/2 is two quarters and 3/4 is what it says on the tin three quarters so three quarters is one quarter bigger than one half. Is a quarter more than half?

How many servings in a quarter sheet cake?

There are 12 servings of a quarter sheet cake. There are 24 servings of half sheet cake. There are 48 servings of a full sheet cake. 1. What is the size of a sheet cake?

How heavy is an a quarter?

USA Coin Book Estimated Value of 1934 Washington Quarter (Heavy Motto Variety) is Worth $6.71 in Average Condition and can be Worth $35 to $146 or more in Uncirculated (MS+) Mint Condition. Click here to Learn How to use Coin Price Charts.

How Big is a Quarter Sheet Cake (Depth & Servings)

  1. Are you preparing for a large gathering and in need of a cake, but are perplexed by the many sizes of sheet cakes?
  2. You’re not alone, but we’re here to make things a little easier for you.
  3. Sheet cakes, which are 9″ by 13″ in size and often 2″ in height, are called quarter sheet cakes.
  4. The serving size might range from 12 to 54 people depending on the occasion.
  5. Hello!
  6. My name is Michelle, and I am a huge fan of baked goods.

As a baker and consumer of sheet cakes, I am well-versed on the subject of cake size selection and preparation.Over the past ten years, I’ve been baking cakes and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.I hope you enjoy cakes as much as I do!Sheet cakes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including quarter, half, and whole.This article will explain how large a quarter sheet cake actually is, as well as some other interesting information you might be interested in, such as the ability to make individual servings of the cake.Everyone, let’s speak about sheet cakes for a minute.

How Big is a Quarter Sheet Cake

When it comes to determining the size of a quarter sheet cake, the answer is rather straightforward: it is one-fourth the size of a full sheet cake. Okay, that’s wonderful. But what are the circumstances of this situation? As a rule of thumb, a quarter sheet cake is 9 inches by 13 inches in size.

How Deep are Quarter Sheet Cakes?

Quarter sheet cakes are also typically two inches in height, according to the industry. It is possible, however, that the depth of a quarter sheet cake will vary depending on who will be preparing the cake and how the cake will be baked. Some pans are just deeper than others, and the results may vary depending on the one you use.

How Many People Will a Quarter Sheet Cake Feed?

  1. The number of serves is determined by two factors: the size of the cake itself and the size of the individual portions on the cake.
  2. Naturally, a quarter sheet cake with more depth will be able to accommodate a larger number of individuals.
  3. Using a quarter sheet cake and cutting it into little pieces will allow you to serve more people.
  4. Most of the time, a quarter sheet cake will serve anywhere from 30 to 50 individuals.
  5. But let’s take a closer look at the amount of servings that may be made from a 9″x13″x2″ quarter sheet cake based on the exact serving sizes.
  6. * These are only educated guesses.

For parties with more than 50 guests, I recommend purchasing a half or full sheet cake to ensure that everyone gets a substantial slice of cake.* Use the following calculation to get an accurate estimate of the number of persons who can be served: The area of the pan (pan length X width) divided by the area of the cake serving size (a piece of cake length X width) equals the number of servings.


It is one-quarter the size of a full-size sheet cake and can accommodate both a large and a small gathering, depending on the size of the portions. If you still have questions concerning the size and information about quarter sheet cakes, continue reading the commonly asked questions section below.

How much does a 1/4 sheet cake feed?

Everything is dependent on the size of the portions. It is possible to feed up to 30 people with a single nice slice of cake. Smaller slices can be sectioned off to accommodate a total of 54 guests. Larger servings are suitable for groups of up to 12 people. In order to accommodate more party guests, a larger-sized sheet cake is recommended.

What size is a 1/4 sheet cake pan?

A 14-sheet cake pan will typically measure 13 inches by 9 inches and be one or two inches deep, depending on the manufacturer. A 14 sheet cake pan, on the other hand, can be significantly smaller and measure 12 inches by 8 inches and be two or three inches deep in some instances.

How much cake do I need for 25 guests?

You’ll need a cake that’s at least 12 inches in diameter to serve 25 people. The result is that with reasonable portion sizes, a quarter sheet pan can comfortably accommodate a gathering of around 25 people. If you desire portions of cake that are larger than life, don’t be afraid to order a larger-than-life cake.

What does a 1/2 sheet cake look like?

Consider obtaining a 12 sheet cake rather than a 14 sheet cake if you want to save money. This cake size is normally approximately 15 inches by 11 inches, however it can be somewhat bigger and measure up to 16 inches by 12 inches if you choose.

Final Thoughts

  1. In most cases, a quarter sheet cake is 13 inches by 9 inches and is one or two inches deep.
  2. Using substantial serving proportions, you can comfortably feed a group of up to 30 individuals.
  3. Smaller slices can yield up to 54 pieces when cut into smaller ones.
  4. It’s a wonderful choice for tiny and small to medium-sized groups of people.
  5. Have you ever had a 1⁄4 sheet cake delivered to your door?
  6. Was it large enough to accommodate your group?

Please tell us how big the party was and if there was enough food in the comments section!Since I was a child, I’ve been a huge fan of sweets.This prompted me to go on a self-taught baking quest that began when I was thirteen years old.Over ten years have passed since I began my baking experiences, and I’ve gained a great deal of knowledge along the road.People now clamor for my wonderful sweets, whether it’s a chocolate cake or a strawberry crepe, and I’m thrilled.

How Many Sheet Cakes And Servings Calculator

  • Published on the 4th of October, 2017. This calculator will assist you in determining the size and quantity of sheet cake you may require based on the number of attendees attending your event. It will also include a breakdown of the calories for various serving sizes. This can help you determine whether or not you will have enough cake for a wedding, birthday party, or other event. You may also alter serving sizes to match your budget. Sheet cakes are normally available in three sizes: quarter, half, and full sheets. A quarter sheet measures 9′′x13′′, a half sheet measures 13′′x18′′, and a full sheet measures 18′′x26′′. In most cases, sheet cakes are 2 inches in height. The number of servings provided by each cake is determined by the size of the serves. Servings per sheet cake are determined by the number of equally sized slices that can be cut, according to the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association and Cake Central. For a 1′′x2′′ serving, a quarter sheet cake has up to 54 servings, a half sheet cake has up to 108 servings, and an entire sheet cake has up to 192 servings.
  • For a 2′′x2′′ serving, use the following measurements: There are as many servings in a quarter sheet cake as there are in a half sheet cake
  • a full sheet cake has as many serves as there are in a complete sheet cake.
  • For a 2′′x3′′ serving, use the following measurements: A quarter sheet cake can hold up to 18 servings, a half sheet cake can hold up to 36 servings, and a full sheet cake can hold up to 64 servings.
  • In order to make a dish measuring 2′′x3′′, follow these steps: Quarter sheet cakes may serve up to 18 people, half sheet cakes can serve up to 36 people, and a full sheet cake can serve up to 64 people.

What is a Half Sheet Cake (Sizes, Benefits, Serving Guide)

  1. A half sheet cake is the half of a sheet cake that is cut in half.
  2. They are rectangular in shape and may be easily adorned and served because of their simplicity.
  3. My name is Angie, and I’m a dessert aficionado who also happens to be a self-taught baker who recently launched a home-based baking business.
  4. I am well-versed in the art of baking and cake decorating, and I take pleasure in simplifying the process and making it more accessible to everyone!
  5. In this post, I will explain what a half sheet cake is, what the sizes and measurements of a half sheet cake are, how to design a half sheet cake, and answer any other questions you may have about half sheet cakes.
  6. Continue reading to find out more!

What is a Sheet Cake?

A sheet cake is a cake that is baked in a rectangle, flat sheet cake pan that is rectangular and flat in shape. Sheet cakes are sometimes referred to as ″slab cakes″ by certain people. Alternatively, they can be served with icing on top, or filled and frosted in layers before being served.

What is a Half Sheet Cake?

An ordinary half sheet cake is merely one-half of a standard full sheet cake, as the name implies. To make half sheet cakes, use a half sheet cake pan, or cut a full sheet cake in half to produce two halves sheets cakes using a half sheet cake pan.

Half Sheet Cake: Benefits

Sheet cakes are a crowd pleaser, and they are especially well suited for large parties since they are much easier to cut and dish out than traditional cakes. The flat top provides plenty of space for you to design and personalize with text. Considering that half sheet cakes are quite simple to produce, they are one of the more cheap cake alternatives for big groups of people.

Half Sheet Cake: Pan Sizes & Dimensions

  1. It is possible that the size of your half sheet cake will vary significantly depending on the brand of your cake pan.
  2. Half sheet cake pans are typically 18″ x 12″ in dimension.
  3. Half sheet cakes, which are available at most bakeries and grocery shops, measure 15″ by 11″ and have an average height of 2″, give or take an inch.
  4. The way you pick to adorn your cake will also have an impact on how large your final cake will be, so plan accordingly.
  5. Some people like to cut the corners of the cake, resulting in a smaller cake, while others prefer to apply a thick coating of frosting, resulting in a somewhat bigger cake.
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Half Sheet Cake: Servings

A single layer half sheet cake may typically feed up to 40 people when baked in a single layer. Of course, the larger the size of each individual slice, the less bits you will get out of each slice. It is possible to cut a sheet cake slice in any size between 1″ and 2″, 2″ and 2″, and 2″ and 3″. They will each provide 36, 54, or 108 servings, depending on the size of the group.

How to Decorate a Half Sheet Cake?

  1. Half sheet cakes are most often adorned with buttercream icing or chocolate ganache, but other options are available.
  2. Because of the cake’s flat surface, it is simple to get a smooth-frosted appearance by spreading your frosting uniformly on all five sides of the cake; however, I like a more textured rustic look myself, which you can accomplish by spreading your frosting evenly on all five sides of the cake.
  3. After you’ve finished icing all of the edges of the cake, you may use the remaining frosting to create a decorative border around the top of the cake.
  4. You may accomplish this by piping along the borders of the cake using a piping tip of your choosing.
  5. I recommend a 1M star tip or a 6B french star tip for this application.
  6. The border will serve as a beautiful frame for any text or edible printed image that you want to include on the cake.

A simple alternative to piping rosettes all over your half sheet cake if a bordered appearance isn’t your thing is to pipe rosettes all over your half sheet cake.This is a relatively simple method for giving your handmade cake a more professional appearance.As with any cake, you’d want to present it on a cake board whenever possible.It is usually a good idea to use a waxed or grease-resistant surface to prevent your cake from sliding about.It is important to size up a bit when picking your cake box and board in order to avoid ruining your masterpiece.Believe me when I say that you don’t want all of the time and effort you put into piping the borders and icing to go to waste.

Choose something that is approximately 19′′ x 14′′ x 4′′.

How to Make a Half Sheet Cake: Recipes

  • Despite the fact that you may locate sheet cake recipes on the internet, there isn’t a huge number to choose from. But don’t be alarmed! Nothing more complicated than finding a layer cake recipe that makes 16 cups of batter, which would be enough to make the equivalent of three 10″ round cake layers. If you want more assistance with conversion, you may refer to this tutorial. For those of you who want to bake a half sheet cake, here are two recipes that you may use: Vanilla (created by Life Love Sugar)
  • Texas Chocolate (created by Tastes Better from Scratch)
  • and more flavors

How to store a half sheet cake?

  1. Despite the fact that you may locate sheet cake recipes on the internet, there isn’t a huge array of options available.
  2. Nevertheless, do not be alarmed.
  3. All you need is a layer cake recipe that generates 16 cups of batter, which is the equal of three 10″ round cake layers, and that you can find online.
  4. If you want further assistance with the converting process, please see this tutorial.
  5. For those of you who want to bake a half sheet cake, here are two recipes to try: (by Life Love Sugar); Texas Chocolate (by Tastes Better from Scratch); Vanilla (by Tastes Better from Scratch);


The following are some frequently asked questions about half sheet cakes.

How many boxes of cake mix do I need for a half sheet cake?

It takes three boxes of cake mix to produce a single-layer half sheet cake, according to the recipe.

Half Sheet Cake vs. Quarter Sheet Cake vs. Full Sheet Cake

Sheet cakes are available in a number of different sizes. A full sheet cake is approximately 18″ by 24″ in size and may serve up to 117 people. A half sheet cake measures 13″ x 18″ and serves approximately 54 people, while a quarter sheet cake is 9″ x 12″ and serves approximately 18 people.

How do you cut a half sheet cake?

  1. Always use a long, thin knife, preferably one that is not serrated, to cut your vegetables.
  2. Determine the number of people you will be feeding before cutting into your cake, using the instructions in our tutorial above.
  3. I propose scoring your cake in order to ensure that you cut enough pieces for everyone at your party.
  4. Preparing a crisp and clean cut is easier if you have a clean heated towel on hand to wipe off your knife after every cut.

Why is it called a half sheet cake?

Because it is half the size of a conventional whole sheet cake when split in half, it is referred to as a half sheet cake.

How many does a half sheet cake serve?

According to the size of the slices and the number of layers in the cake, a half sheet cake can serve up to 108, 54, or 36 people.

How much is a half sheet cake?

Half-sheet cakes are available at supermarkets and bakeries for purchase. Prices will vary depending on how premium the merchant is perceived to be. Costco and Walmart both sell half-sheet cakes for $20 and $30, respectively.

Final Words

  1. Bringing a half sheet cake to a party is a certain way to become the most popular person at the event.
  2. They are delicious, quite simple to make, and take very little time to prepare.
  3. While the calculations can be a little difficult at first, I’m confident that after you get the hang of them, you’ll be making sheet cakes on a regular basis.
  4. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can if you have any more questions about half sheet cakes.
  5. Please post your queries in the comments section below.
  6. I am a self-taught baker who enjoys experimenting with different recipes.

As a side hustle, I began my own home baking company.I’ve been baking for more than ten years and have a passion for it.I was born in Hong Kong and have lived in Canada for a significant portion of my life.If you ever need to find me, I’m most likely to be found in the kitchen, whisking away furiously.

How Many Cake Mixes For A 11×15 Pan

  1. When you stop to think about it, how many cake mixes do you need for a 1115 pan?
  2. In order to do so, you must first determine the volume of a standard cake pan.
  3. Simply multiply the cake pan’s length by its breadth or by its height to find out how many cupcakes will fit in your pan.
  4. A pan with a diameter of 1115 inches and a depth of four inches has a volume of 660 cubic inches, for example.
  5. As a result, make sure you pick the appropriate height for where you anticipate the cake to end up.
  6. This is especially true when baking a cake in a cake pan of the appropriate size; as a result, this measurement is for the depth of a cake.

In addition, most bakeries differentiate orders based on the number of quarter sheet, half sheet, and full sheet cake pans being ordered.In this aspect, it is true that it is a small group of varying sizes.As a result, it would be beneficial to discuss the relative sizes of each.As a result, you can determine which sheet pan size will be most appropriate for the job.For the most part, cake mixes provide directions for 8-inch to 9-inch round baking pans.In order to account for this, determining how much cake mix to use for a 1115 pan is difficult.

To put it another way, it may be referred to as a sheet pan that can serve around twenty people.However, the volume of the cake pan may be calculated with relative ease.In addition, you have the option of converting the volume of the cake pan.Typically, it may be found on the back of the cake mix package.Consequently, you may calculate the amount of cake mix required for an 11-inch-square sheet cake in this manner.

How Many Cakes Mixes For An 11×15 Pan?

  1. Please keep in mind that you will need two cake mixes to fill an 11-inch-square baking sheet.
  2. As a result, when comparing the two cake mixes, the cake will be an inch thicker than when comparing the single version.
  3. As a result, make sure to lengthen the baking time by at least a few minutes to account for this.
  4. If the cake batter threatens to overflow in an 11-inch-round cake pan, keep in mind that this is normal.
  5. The best course of action is to merely pour a portion of the double mix.
  6. After that, throw away everything else.

In addition, bake the cake in a cake pan on top of your baking sheet to minimize spillage during baking.Furthermore, take in mind that the size conversion might be a bit complicated at times, so be patient.Choosing whether pans have widths or lengths that are recognizable from one another is one technique to making it easier to manage.For example, if you have a full sheet pan that is 1824, you should find a half-size pan that is 1218 in size.Also, a 9-by-12-inch quarter-pan would be ideal for this recipe.The primary reason for this is that those numbers are divisible by one another in an equal amount.

How Many Cake Mixes For A Half Sheet?

  1. Make sure you only use one cake mix for each half sheet of cake.
  2. In addition, you should only use one cake mix to make a thin sheet cake that is suitable for stacking, rather than several.
  3. Similarly, one cake mix may be used to make a bar-style cake.
  4. As a result of these factors, their volume will spread around the cake pan, resulting in a thinner cake.
  5. Additionally, consider the amount of the cake batter.
  6. For example, if the cake mixes are insufficient to achieve the desired height of the cake The most successful way is to add an additional egg to the cake batter before baking it.

As a result, the eggs aid in the leavening of the batter.Not only that, but it also causes the cake batter to rise to a greater height.The eggs, on the other hand, provide liquid volume.Stainless Steel Medium Sheet Cake Pan, 11 x 15-Inch, by Wilton Performance Pans

How To Choose The Right Sheet Cake Pan?

  1. Essentially, the size of the sheet pan must always be taken into consideration.
  2. Also, it is important to remember that sheet cake pans may be used to measure ingredients.
  3. Using the formula of length x breadth x height, you can accomplish your goal.
  4. Another thing to consider is that the depth or height of sheet cake pans can vary between one and four inches.
  5. Furthermore, while baking a double-layered or single-layer cake, the depth of the cake pan is quite significant.
  6. If you desire several layers, you have two options based on this information.

To begin, bake two thinner cakes in two shallow pans, one on top of the other.The second option is to utilize a single deep cake pan for baking.If you do this, you will end up with a towering cake that can be sliced into layers once it has completely cooled.Similarly, if you want to make a single-layer cake, it would be ideal to choose a pan that is deeper.Furthermore, when describing the size of the cake, it is preferable to use inches rather than centimeters.There is no conventional definition for a quarter-sized, half-sized, or full-sized sheet cake, though.

In addition, you may utilize a sheet pan extension to make your cooking time longer.The height of the cake is increased by using this method.Aside from that, it assists in preventing the cake batter from overbaking.At the same time, it creates superb straight edges when used properly.Do you think this article is interesting?Please share this with your Facebook friends.

Learn the Small Cake Equation and Make Every Cake a 6-Inch Cake

Do you require further information? Do you enjoy learning new things? Please continue reading.

Cake math, step 1: calculate the area

  • If you want to convert a recipe for a large cake into a recipe for 6-inch pans, start by figuring out how much space the bigger cake pans have. This is simple to calculate for square and rectangular pans
  • simply multiply the length by the height (for example, a 9 × 9 pan equals 81 square inches). Of course, layer cake recipes almost never call for square or rectangular pans, so you’ll most likely have to figure out how much space you’ll need in a circular pan. In order to compute the surface area of a round cake pan, multiply by the pan’s circumference (3.14 is sufficient), and then square the resultant figure (in other words, multiplying it by itself). It’s important to remember that the radius is half the diameter. This gives you 28.26 in2 (which you should round up to 29 in2 for the sake of sanity) if you’re baking in a 6-inch-round cake pan. Do you want to skip right over the pi portion and go directly to the cake? Here’s a quick reference guide to the most commonly used round cake pan sizes: An 8-inch round pan has a surface area of 51 square inches
  • a 9-inch round pan has a surface area of 64 square inches
  • and an 11-inch round pan has a surface area of 79 square inches.

Cake math, step 2: convert the measurements

  1. With the pans’ surface areas known, it’s much easier to work in percentages than it used to be.
  2. Calculate your percentage by dividing the smaller pan area by the bigger pan area (as shown above).
  3. As an illustration: 29 square inches (the size of a 6-inch pan) divided by 51 square inches (the area of an 8-inch pan) is 57 percent of the total surface area.
  4. As a result, the area of a 6-inch pan is 57% of the size of an 8-inch pan.
  5. Following that, we convert the ingredient measurements to percentages based on the percentages.
  6. To obtain the measurements of each ingredient for your smaller cake, multiply the original bigger recipe measurement by the proportion of the smaller cake you want to make.

Make a written record of your findings—do not do this in your thoughts as you go!It is preferable to perform your conversions in grams.To figure out how much flour is needed to make a 6-inch cake recipe from 500 grams of flour, multiply the amount by.57, or 57 percent, to get the correct quantity.500 multiplied by.57 equals 285 grams of flour.King Arthur Flour offers an excellent ingredient weight table that may be used to convert a recipe from volume to grams.) There will be some modest estimates required while converting measures, but don’t be concerned about this.Round to the nearest gram, whether it’s up or down, with the exception of leaveners, which I always round up since I’d rather have a little extra lift in the cake than not enough.

You may just simply walk around to the nearest egg.If you want to go super-technical with the eggs, whisk one until it is homogeneous and then weigh out the amount you need.Keep the remaining aside for an egg wash (or a little treat for your dog).Again, don’t be concerned about working with measures as little as a tenth of a gram.Your cake will turn out perfectly no matter which direction you turn it!

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How Many People Does a 6-inch Cake Feed? (8 and 10-inch)

  1. Is it possible to tell me how many people a cake measuring six inches by eight inches by ten inches may serve?
  2. Let’s have a look and see!
  3. What comes in the way of every successful baker, whether they are amateurs who like baking on Sunday mornings or professionals who work full-time in the industry, is one thing.
  4. What is the maximum number of people that a cake can serve?
  5. It is necessary to determine how many servings the cake will have when you are baking for your family or creating a cake for a large occasion in advance.
  6. While this topic is sometimes forgotten, it is critical to know how many mouths your cake will feed in order to construct the perfect cake.

Cakes account for 23 percent of the bakery business in the United States, and they serve a diverse range of clients around the country.In other words, there are several cake sizes, configurations, and servings that may be utilized at different occasions and for diverse audiences.We’ve put up a thorough guide to assist you understand how many individuals should be doing a separate inch-cake feed each time.Take a look at what follows!

How many people does a 6-inch cake feed?

  1. A 6-inch cake is a delightful treat to keep on hand, especially for small gatherings or special occasions.
  2. If you cut each piece of cake 1 inch broad, a 6-inch round cake will comfortably feed up to 11 people.
  3. If the cake is sliced a little more generously, a 6-inch round cake may serve up to 5 people, with the dish being larger and more filling.
  4. Because square cakes are larger than round cakes, a 6-inch square cake may serve up to 18 people.
  5. As a result, a 6-inch cake will normally provide roughly 8 party portions and 10 wedding servings on average.
  6. A few uncommon shapes, such as the heart shape, the hexagonal shape, and the octagonal form, are also available for niche markets.

It is possible to serve up to 12 people with a 6-inch heart-shaped cake since it has less inches than a square-shaped cake.A tiered cake, which is commonly seen at weddings, is sliced in a variety of ways.Cutting a tiered cake necessitates advance planning based on the number of visitors and the amount of richness in each piece.According to standard practice, a tiered round cake with two tiers of 10 and 6 inches each may be served to 49 people, whereas a square cake of the same size can be offered to 65 people.

How many people does an 8-inch cake feed?

  1. A circular 8-inch cake with a serving size of 1 inch broad may serve up to 20 people, depending on the size of the cake.
  2. If you need to offer the cake to a larger number of guests, the 8-inch cake may accommodate up to 14 people.
  3. There are roughly 2 inches of width between each component.
  4. If you have unexpected friends show up at your celebration, an 8-inch cake can accommodate a maximum of 24 visitors.
  5. On the contrary, a generously portioned 3-inch slice of an 8-inch cake may feed around 8 people.
  6. A square 8-inch cake, on the other hand, can feed up to 32 people because it has more inches than a circular cake and is cut in the event manner.

It is possible to feed up to 114 people from a tiered round cake with triple tiers of 8, 10, and 12 inches if the cake is sliced evenly.It is possible to feed up to 150 people with a square cake of the same size.

How many people does a 10-inch cake feed?

  1. A circular 10-inch cake with a 1-inch-wide portion may feed a maximum of 39 people if the cake is cut in half.
  2. As a result, this size becomes an instant hit at birthday celebrations and other intimate gatherings.
  3. It is possible to serve 24 people from a 10-inch cake by making each serving 1 and a half inches in width.
  4. If the size of each portion is extended to around 2 and a half inches, a 10-inch cake may serve 12 people with a delicious piece of chocolate cake.
  5. With a serving size of 1 inch wide, a 10-inch square cake can serve a staggering 50 people.

Other servings and cake sizes:

Round cake sizes and servings chart

  1. On the custom-made graph below, you can see a full breakdown of round cake sizes as well as serving charts.
  2. Round cakes are available in a number of different sizes and combinations.
  3. These include little 4-inch delights that are easily eaten with tea or coffee, as well as other beverages.
  4. The latter, however, includes larger round cake sizes of up to 16 inches in diameter, which are a natural pick for larger wedding receptions.
  5. Round cakes of varying sizes can be served in a variety of serving sizes, depending on the occasion, the number of visitors, and the serving size that guests are accustomed to receiving.

Square cake sizes and servings chart

  1. Square cakes, like round cakes, are available in a variety of sizes, much like round cakes.
  2. One further advantage of square cakes over round cakes is that square cakes have a greater capacity in terms of volume than round cakes.
  3. As a result, the cakes are richer and have bigger serving sizes than round cakes.
  4. Square cakes are available in a variety of sizes, from the smaller 4 inch and 6 inch sizes to the larger 12-inch and 14-inch ones.
  5. The serving size is determined by the number of persons who will be served and the nature of the event.
  6. We’ve included a custom-made chart that allows you to examine square cake sizes and serves chart in greater depth.


  • Making the decision on how to cut the cake is surely a difficult task that is sometimes overlooked throughout the cake-making process. However, after reading this comprehensive guide, you will be more comfortable with the process of distributing the cake since you will be familiar with the methods involved. You also have a good understanding of how different cake sizes and serving sizes interact with one another. It is usually essential to consider the situation in which the cake is being sliced before proceeding to the portion of the serving that will be used. Once you have mastered these subtleties, you will never make a mistake when deciding on the size of the cake and the number of servings! Do you already have a good understanding of the ideal square and round cake sizes and serving charts? If you have any more queries, please do not hesitate to post a comment below! Other recipes: How Long Does Chicken Keep After Thawing?
  • Cooked Chicken Left Out Overnight: How Long Does Chicken Keep? Is it safe to consume?
  • How Long Does Cooked Bacon Keep in the Fridge?
  • How Long Does Bacon Keep in the Refrigerator After Opening?

Cake Pan Sizes & Conversions

  1. It is possible that this content contains affiliate links.
  2. Please take the time to read my disclosure policy.
  3. A detailed look at popular cake pan sizes and conversions, as well as how to adapt recipes or make replacements based on the pan sizes you have is provided here.
  4. Most likely, unless you have a really well-stocked kitchen that has a plethora of baking pans, at some point you will come across a recipe for which you do not have the precise pan called for.
  5. A cake pan substitute is in reality the subject of the majority of the recipe queries I receive.
  6. I reasoned that it would be simpler to consolidate all of this information into a single, easily accessible location for all of us to reference.

Hello and welcome to my Cake Pan Sizes & Conversions tutorial.

This Post Includes

  • Measurements for common baking pans
  • cake pans that are similar in design
  • Cake Pans may be substituted
  • cake recipes can be adapted to fit certain pans
  • Amount of Batter that several of my cake recipes produce (in ounces)

Common Baking Pan Measurements

  1. In this section, you’ll discover common baking pan measurements, as well as the amount of batter that each pan can contain.
  2. *** Although the amount mentioned is the total amount of batter that each pan can contain, most cake pans are only half-filled on average (unless otherwise noted in the recipe you are using).
  3. The majority of the measurements were obtained in my own kitchen.
  4. Cross-referenced with the tried-and-true Joy of Baking, as well as other sources.

Measurement Conversions

  • 1 inch = 2.54cm
  • 1 cup = 240ml
  1. 12 cup round pans (62 inches (15 x 5cm) in diameter (960ml) 6 cups are equal to 8 2 inches (20 x 5cm) (1.4 liters) 8 cups are equal to 92 inches (23 x 5cm) (1.9 liters) 82-inch-square (20-by-5-centimeter) baking pans yield 8 cups (1.9 liters) 92-inch square (23-by-5-centimeters) Equals 10 cups (2.4 liters) 12 cups are equal to 102 inch square (25 x 5 cm) (2.8 liters) Pans with a rectangular shape – 2 inch (5 cm) 117 inches (28 x 18 cm) height equals ten cups (2.4 liters) 14 cups are equal to 139 inches (33 x 23 cm) (3.3 liters) Nine-and-a-half-inch-square springform pans (23 x 6 cm) yield ten cups (2.4 liters) 12 cups are equal to 10 x 2.5 inches (25 x 6 cm) (2.8 liters) Bundt Pan – the volume of the pan varies depending on the design.
  2. 10-12 cups are equal to 10-3 inch (25 x 8 cm) (2.8 liters) The tube pan measures 9 3 inches (23 x 8 cm) and holds 12 cups (2.8 liters) 10 x 15 inch (27 x 39 cm) Jelly Roll Pans – 1 inch (2.5 cm) tall 10 x 15 inch (27 x 39 cm) Equals 10 cups (2.4 liters) 12 cups (32 x 44 cm) = 12 inches (32 x 44 cm) (2.8 liters) 84-inch (20-by-10-inch) loaf pans (about 3 inches (8 cm) tall) = 4 cups (960 ml) 8 cups are equal to 9 5 inch (23 x 13 cm) (1.9 liters)

How to Determine the Volume Yourself

If you want to determine the volume of a pan on your own, it’s really simple! Simply fill your pan with 1 cup of water at a time and count until it is completely full with water. That’s exactly what I do!

How Much Does This Pan Hold?

  1. Here’s a handy list of the most popular baking pans, as well as the quantity of batter they can contain in each pan and which pans can hold the same amount of batter in each pan.
  2. *** Take note that the amounts mentioned indicate that you should fill the pan completely with batter, which isn’t ideal for baking because it results in a dense, dense product.
  3. Unless otherwise specified, filling pans approximately two-thirds of the way full is the optimum practice.
  4. This allows for the possibility of increasing.
  5. For example, my vanilla cake recipe makes around 8 cups of batter, which I divide between three 9-inch round cake pans (see recipe below).
  6. The two pans each carry 8 cups of batter!

Cake batter is used in each layer, which amounts to just less than 3 cups each layer.

The following section will help you identify which baking pans can be exchanged for others based on the total capacity of the pans.

Round Pans

  • A 6 1/2-inch circular pan contains 4 cups of batter, which is the same amount as an 8-inch loaf pan does. It was a fun find! Cupcake recipes that make 12-16 cupcakes may be baked in three 6-inch cake pans with ease. For additional details, please see my 6 inch cakes.
  • 8-inch round pan contains 6 cups of batter
  • 9-inch round pan holds 8 cups of batter, which is the same as an 8-inch square pan and a 9-inch loaf pan
  • 9-inch square pan holds 8 cups of batter
  • 9-inch loaf pan holds 8 cups of batter
  • A 102 inch round pan contains 10-11 cups of batter, which is the same amount as a 92 inch square pan, 117 inch pan, 1015 inch jelly roll pan, 103 inch Bundt pan, and a 92.5 inch springform pan
  • a 102 inch round pan holds 10-11 cups of batter

Square Pans

  • A 8-inch square pan will hold 8 cups of batter, which is the same amount as a 9-inch round pan and a 9-inch loaf pan
  • a 9-inch square pan will hold 10 cups of batter, which is the same amount as a 10-2-inch round pan, 11-inch pan, 9-2.5-inch springform pan, 10-3-inch Bundt pan, and a 10-15-inch jelly roll pan
  • and a 10-inch square pan will hold 12 cups of batter, which

Rectangle Pans

  • 11-inch pan holds 10 cups of batter, which is the same amount as a 10-inch round pan, a 9-inch square pan, a 9-2.5-inch springform pan, a 10-inch Bundt pan, and a 10-inch 15-inch jelly roll pan
  • 9-13-inch pan holds 14-16 cups of batter, which is the same amount as two 9-inch round pans
  • 11-inch pan holds 10 cups of batter, which is the same amount as two 11-inch round pans

Jelly Roll Pans

  • 1015 inch jelly roll pan holds 10 cups of batter, which is the same as a 102 inch round pan, 9-inch square pan, 11-inch pan, 9-2.5 inch springform pan, and 10-inch Bundt pan
  • 1217 inch jelly roll pan holds 12 cups of batter, which is the same as a 102 inch square pan, 10-inch Bundt pan, 102.5 inch springform pan, and a 9-inch tube pan
  • 1015 inch jelly roll pan holds 10 cups of batter, which

Bundt Pans

  1. Bundt pans are the most common size, measuring 10 inches in diameter.
  2. I have several that are 9.5 inches in diameter, and most Bundt cake recipes will still fit in them.
  3. 10 inch Bundt pan holds 10-12 cups of batter, which is the same amount as a 10 inch round pan (10 cups), 9 inch square pan (10 cups), 10 inch square pan (12 cups), 11 inch pan (10 cups), 1015 inch jelly roll pan (10 cups), 1217 inch jelly roll pan (12 cups), 9 inch tube pan (10 cups), 102.5 inch springform pan (12 cups), and a 9-inch tube pan.
  4. 10 inch Bundt pan holds 10-12 cup of batter, which is the same amount as a 10 (12 cups).

Tube Pans

Tube pans with a diameter of 9 3 inches are the common size. I have a few that are 8 inches and 10 inches in diameter, and most recipes that call for tube pans will fit in either of them. This pan contains 12 cups of batter, which is the same amount as a 102 inch square pan, 1217 inch jelly roll pan, and a 102.5 inch springform pan all at the same size.

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Springform Pans

  • 102.5 inch springform pan holds 12 cups of batter, which is the same as a 102 inch round pan, 92 inch square pan, 117 inch pan, and a 1015 inch jelly roll pan
  • 92.5 inch springform pan holds 10 cups of batter, which is the same as a 102 inch square pan, 1217 inch jelly roll pan, and a 9 3 inch tube pan
  • 92.5 inch springform pan holds 12 cups of batter, which is the same as a 102 inch square pan, 12

Loaf Pans

  • 8-inch loaf pan holds 4 cups of batter, which is the same amount as a 6-inch round pan
  • 9-inch loaf pan holds 8 cups of batter, which is the same amount as a 9-inch round pan and an 8-inch square pan
  • 9-inch loaf pan holds 8 cups of batter, which is the same amount as a 9-inch round pan and an 8-inch square pan

Are you looking for a more in-depth cake making and serving instruction that is based on sizes? I enjoy pointing people to the Wilton Cake Baking & Serving Guide page on the Wilton website. It is quite beneficial!

Substituting Cake Pans

  1. This one is linked to the previous part since it is frequently necessary to use a different cake pan than the one specified in the recipe.
  2. If you are substituting a baking pan that holds the same amount of batter, keep an eye on the baking time because the size of the baked item will alter as a result of the substitution.
  3. Always keep an eye on the oven and start checking for doneness a few minutes sooner than the recipe specifies.
  4. Remember to only fill baking pans about two-thirds of the way full, unless otherwise specified in the recipe.

Adapting Recipes to Fit Certain Cake Pans

  • Adapting recipes to fit the cake pans you have (or need) can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. While it’s usually preferable to follow a recipe exactly as stated, there are occasions when you need to make modifications, and here is where a little arithmetic may come in handy. 1) Determine the maximum volume that your pan can accommodate. You may also calculate the actual surface area of the pan in square inches by dividing the total surface area by the number of square inches. I actually utilized Alice Medrich’s article on this subject from Food 52 to refresh my memory on the issue! In the case of square and rectangle pans, multiply the length of the sides by the number of sides. The surface area of a 9 x 13-inch baking pan, for example, is 117 square inches. 117 divided by 913 equals 117.
  • In the case of circle pans, the area is calculated by multiplying the radius squared by a factor of two. For example, if r = 3.14, the radius is half the diameter, and squaring a number means multiplying it by itself.) For example, the surface area of a 9-inch circular pan is 63 square inches. The radius is 4.5, and the square root of 4.5 is 20.25. Multiply this by 3.14 to get 63.5.

2) Once you’ve determined the volume or square inches that your pan can contain, you may securely make baking pan substitutes. A 913 inch pan, for example, with 117 square inches and a 9-inch round pan, with 63.5 square inches, you may be certain that the volume of one 913 inch pan will fit into TWO 9-inch round pans, as shown in the illustration (approximately 120 square inches total).

2) You can confidently make baking pan alternatives once you’ve determined the volume your pan can contain or its square inches. A 913 inch pan, for example, with 117 square inches and a 9-inch round pan, with 63.5 square inches, you may be certain that the volume of one 913 inch pan will fit into TWO 9-inch round pans, as shown in the example above (approximately 120 square inches total).

How to Avoid the Math

  1. When it comes to baking, I find that doubling the recipe or even creating two batches of batter works best for me the majority of the time (since I don’t trust myself with complicated arithmetic!) (In order to achieve the greatest results in terms of flavor and texture, I usually recommend creating separate complete batches rather than doubling.
  2. Doubling the amount of ingredients increases the danger of over- or under-mixing and might overload your mixer.) Then I use the extra batter to create a few cupcakes on the side that I can freeze for another occasion later on.
  3. It is preferable to have excess batter than to not have enough batter.

What About Eggs?

  1. If you just need a portion of an egg for a recipe adjustment, break the egg, beat it, and then add whatever proportion of the mixture you require.
  2. If you only have 3 Tablespoons of beaten egg but you need 1/3 of an egg, use 1 Tablespoon of the beaten egg.
  3. If you want to be more accurate with your measures or if you aren’t confident in your measurements, you may weigh the beaten egg on a kitchen scale to establish precisely how much you want.
  4. Cook your eggs the next morning with any leftovers you’ve saved by covering them and refrigerating them.

Amount of Batter Some of my Cake Recipes Yield

  • If you need to modify any of my recipes to fit different pan sizes, the following list will be of assistance. These are the recipes that I am familiar with, and all measurements are approximate in nature. The following amounts are approximate: Checkerboard Cake: approximately 8 cups
  • Vanilla Naked Cake: approximately 8 cups
  • Vanilla Cake: approximately 8 cups
  • Chocolate Cake: approximately 6 cups
  • White Cake: approximately 7 cups
  • Banana Cake: approximately 6 cups
  • Strawberry Cake: approximately 7 cups
  • Snickerdoodle Cake: approximately 8 cups
  • Coconut Cake: approximately 7-8 cups
  • Red Velvet Cake: approximately 6-7 cups
  • Lemon Cake: approximately 7 cups

My Favorite Baking Pans

  1. I’ve compiled a list for you!
  2. Invest on a set of these eight baking pans for your kitchen.
  3. I hope that the next time you have a question concerning cake pan sizes and conversions, you will find your answer in this page, allowing you to confidently make the modifications that are necessary to your recipe.
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  5. Getting started with this email series is a terrific idea.
  6. I’ll take you through a handful of my most popular recipes and explain why they’re so effective in the process.

Cakes and Cupcakes

7″ Red Velvet Cake With Cream Cheese Icing, 34 oz $5.98
Rainbow Blast With Vanilla Buttercreme Icing Cake, 45.4 oz $5.98
Italian Creme Cake, 34oz $8.98
Red Velvet Cake with Cream Icing, 34oz $5.98
Triple Chocolate Cake, 32oz $6.98
Camo Blast Cake, 43.4 $12.98
German Chocolate Cake with Fudge Icing, 34oz 5.98$
Golden Cake With Coconut Filling Buttercream Icing, 34oz $5.98
Louisiana Lemon Crunch Creme Cake, 32 oz $5.98
Signature Chocolate Fudge Cake, 16oz $5.98
Signature Red Velvet Pound Cake, 28oz $5.98
Vanilla Creme Cake, 32oz $5.98
Angel Food Cake, 15oz $5.98
German Chocolate Cake, 16oz $5.98
Sock It To Me Creme Cake, 32oz $5.98
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Signature Orange Cranberry Pound Cake, 28oz $5.98
Strawberry Creme Cake, 32oz $5.98
Blueberry Streusel Pound Cake, 28oz $5.98
Tres Leches De Mexico Pecan Fruit 8″ Cake, 53oz $6.98
Bakery Pumpkin Cream Cheese Loaf Cake, 13,7 oz $3.48
Triple Berry Creme with Wild Blueberries and Cranberries, 32 oz $5.98
Chocolate Cream Pie $4.98
Mini Pecan Tarts $5.98
Chocolate Cake 5 oz (no sugar added) $2.98
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Angel Food Cake, 9 oz $4.97
Apple Pie $4.98
Blue Raspberry Mini Cupcakes (12 count) $2.98
Chocolate Mini Cupcakes(12 count) $2.98
Triple Chocolate Mini Cupcakes (12 count) $2.98
Red Velvet 4 count (filled with Cream Cheese) $3.98
Kids Cupcake, 2 oz $0.98
White Cake Square, 5.8 oz $1.98
Carrot Cake, 7.5 oz $1.98
Chocolate Cake Square, 6.33 oz $1.98
Red Velvet Cake Square, 6.33 oz $1.98
Strawberry Swirl and NY Style Cheesecake, 2 slices $2.75
NY Style and Triple Cheesecake, 2 slices $2.75
NY Style Cheesecake, 16 oz $5.98
Triple Chocolate Cheesecake, 16 oz $5.98
Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake, 40 oz $13.48
NY Style Cheesecake, 40 oz $13.48
Red Velvet Cake, 34 oz $12.98
Chocolate Cake But-R-Creme Iced $8.98
Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake $8.98
Boston Creme Cake, 1 lb $6.98
Chocolate Curl Cupcakes, 10 count $6.00
Assorted Cupcakes, 6 count $3.78
Assorted Cupcakes, 24 count $11.98
Assorted Cupcakes, 12 count $6.00
Carrot Cake, 7 inch $8.98
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Variety Cake, 44 oz $12.98
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1/4 Sheet White Cake with Icing $16.48
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1/4 Sheet Chocolate Cake with Icing $16.48
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1/4 Sheet White Cake and Strawberry Filling $19.48
White Cake, 43 oz $11.98

Donuts and Cinnamon Rolls

Glazed Donut Holes, 11.5 oz $2.98
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Raspberry Filled Bismarks, 6 ct $2.78
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Cookies, Muffins, and Brownies

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake with Icing, 30 oz $8.98
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Apple Cherry Bites $3.28
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Raspberry Crumb Cake $2.98
Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins $3.28
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Pound Cake, 4 ct $3.28


Hot rolls, 8 ct $2.28
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Sourdough Loaf $2.48
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French Bread $1.00
Everything French Bread $1.00
Sesame Seed French Bread $1.00
French Bread with Garlic Herb Topping $1.00
Italian Loaf $1.00

Sheet Cakes

  • The terms ″Sheet Cakes″ and ″Slab Cakes″ are occasionally used interchangeably when referring to the same thing. Some expert bakers distinguish between the two phrases using the following criteria: Sheet cakes are around 2 inches (5 cm) in height, whereas slab cakes are approximately 3 inches (7 1/2 cm) in height.
  1. However, despite the fact that they distinguish between the two words sheet and slab, they concede that the majority of consumers confuse the two terms.
  2. The sheet cake you purchased may really be a Sheet Cake (2 inches / 5 cm tall, as opposed to a slab cake’s height of around 3 inches / 7 1/2 cm), which means that larger slices of cake may be required, resulting in less pieces of cake per cake than you would receive out of the slab cake.
  3. An 8 1/2 x 11 inch (23 x 33 cm) pan is used for a quarter-Sheet Cake; an 8 1/2 x 18 inch (30 x 45 cm) pan is used for a half-Sheet Cake (see notes).
  4. Both pan sizes are 2 inches (5 cm) tall, while some are as low as 1 inch (2 1/2 cm) tall, which is essentially a jelly roll pan in shape and function.
  5. Two halves of a Sheet Cake are placed side by side to form a full-Sheet Cake.
  6. Sheet Cakes can be purchased from bakeries in both decorated and unadorned varieties.

This article was originally created on August 14, 2006 and last updated on June 23, 2018.This website makes cash through affiliate links and advertisements at no additional cost to you in order to finance ongoing research.The information on this website is protected by Copyright 2022.Please feel free to cite appropriately, but copying whole pages for your website is considered content theft and will result in a DCMA complaint.

How Much To Charge For A Half Sheet Cake

  1. Is it necessary to refrigerate the ganache?
  2. If you operate a bakery or sell baked goods from your house, you’ll want to know how much a half sheet cake costs in order to budget your purchases.
  3. Half sheet cakes are a popular choice for celebrations such as birthday parties, graduation parties, and other medium-sized gatherings, among other occasions.
  4. They are often vanilla or chocolate in flavor, and they are topped with buttercream icing, however some may have fondant embellishments on top of them.
  5. There are various elements that influence how much you should charge for a half-sheet cake.
  6. Here are some of them: This comprises the décor, taste combinations, degree of experience, and location of the event.

Also include the costs of materials, ingredients, and labor when estimating your budget.

Half Sheet Cake Pricing

  1. Most bakeries would charge between $30 and $70 for a half-sheet cake, which is the industry standard.
  2. Some establishments, however, may charge a higher price depending on the type of cake and how it is adorned.
  3. When compared to bakeries, grocery shops will price on the lower end of the scale.
  4. According to the size of the slice, half sheet cakes serve 25-40 persons on average.
  5. They are available in either one or two layers.
  6. Because they can feed a large number of people and are simple to prepare, they are ideal for any medium-sized gathering.

Getting a sense of how much you should charge for your half sheet cake will be important before you start preparing.This will assist you in fairly pricing your cake and ensuring that you will earn a profit off of it in the long run.


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