How Much Is A Slice Of Cheesecake At Cheesecake Factory?

Food Price
Original $6.95 to $7.95
Fresh Strawberry $6.95 to $7.95
Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch Cheesecake $6.95 to $7.95
Salted Caramel Cheesecake $6.95 to $7.95

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Where can I find the menu prices at Cheesecake Factory?

You can find the full list of menu prices on the Cheesecake Factory Menu Price page. Or you can go straight to the individual category by clicking one of these links below: *Not all items shown are available at every restaurant.

What is the history of the Cheesecake Factory?

The Cheesecake Factory has its roots in Evelyn Overton’s home-based business of supplying cakes to local restaurants in the 1940s until the 1970s. In 1978, Evelyn’s son, David M. Overton, opened the first Cheesecake Factory restaurant, which featured 10 cheesecake varieties along with salads and sandwiches.

How much is a 10 inch Cheesecake Factory cake?

Cheesecake Factory Menu Prices Item Price 10 Inch Ultimate Red Velvet Cake Cheesec $59.07 10 Inch Reese’s® Peanut Butter Chocolate $59.07 10 Inch Dulce De Leche Caramel Cheesecak $56.21 10 Inch White Chocolate Raspberry Truffl $55.58 39 more rows

Does Cheesecake Factory own Barnes and noble?

It also owns and operates two baked good production facilities in Rocky Mount, North Carolina and Calabasas, California, as well as licenses bakery-based menus under The Cheesecake Factory Bakery Café brand. Its baked goods, including its world-famous cheesecakes, are also sold in Barnes & Noble stores and cafes.

Can you buy whole cheesecakes at Cheesecake Factory?

Can You Buy a Whole Cheesecake in Every Flavor? Yes! You can choose anything from the Original to the Ultimate Red Velvet or Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. Plus, there are three different sizes to choose from.

How much is a 10 inch cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory?

Cheesecake Factory Menu Prices

Item Price Change
10 Inch Original $48.76 +$0.54 +1.12%
10 Inch Fresh Strawberry $60.64 +$0.42 +0.70%
10 Inch Toasted Marshmallow S’Mores Galore™ $58.23 +$0.01 +0.02%
10 Inch Adam’s Peanut Butter Cup Fudge Ripple $57.10 +$0.13 +0.23%

Why is Cheesecake Factory so expensive?

About one-third of a restaurant’s revenue goes towards labor costs, another third goes towards food costs, and the remaining third mostly goes to overhead. The average restaurant only nets about 2 to 6 percent of profit each year. In other words, The Cheesecake Factory is expensive because it has to turn a profit.

How much is a 10 inch cheesecake?

Cheesecake & Traditional Cakes

Traditional Round Cakes
Size Serves Price
8 inches 12-14 $33.50
9 inches 14-16 $35.00
10 inches 16-20 $42.00

How many slices are in a 7 inch cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory?

The box contains 8 pre-sliced servings of the 7 inch original cheesecake. The original cheesecake is also available in 6 inch petite, 6 inch, 9 inch sizes.

How many slices are in a 10 inch cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory?

All cheesecakes and specialty cakes come in 10-inch sizes, serving 12 – 15 people, and most are sold pre-sliced into 12 slices. Our most popular cheesecakes are also available in 7-inch sizes, serving 6 – 8 people. Select cheesecakes come in our 6-inch size, serving 4 – 6 people.

How big is a slice of Cheesecake Factory cheesecake?

You can buy whole Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes in 3 different sizes. The 6-inch cheesecakes serve 4-6 people, and the 7-inch cheesecakes serve 6-8 people. Finally, the 10-inch cheesecakes serve 12-15 people. The whole cheesecake calories range from 4,000 to 17,000, depending on the flavor and size.

Does Cheesecake Factory give you free cake on your birthday?

They stick to the traditional song. You do not get a free slice of cheesecake for your birthday.

Why is The Cheesecake Factory so unhealthy?

But some are more on the unhealthier side than others. Consumer Reports (CR) just dished on which ones are the worst. Of these, the Cheesecake Factory is the unhealthiest chain restaurant. It lacks whole grains, has large portions, and one dish with twice as much sodium as the daily recommendation.

Is Cheesecake Factory a good date?

The Cheesecake Factory is the perfect place, as it is slightly upscale, yet casual at the same time. There are plenty of menu directions to choose from, and naturally, nothing helps finish the night off like a slice of cheesecake.

How many slices are in a 9 inch cheesecake?

Cheesecake. Cheesecakes are thin and baked in either 9- or 10-inch pie plates. The standard serving size cuts cheesecake into 12 even slices. You can cut them a little thinner and get up to 16 slices out of one cheesecake.

How many slices are in a 12 inch cheesecake?

12 inch cakes can be very generously served to 40 people with each slice measuring about 1 inch across the back. A standard fork is about one inch wide. Keep in mind that the thinner slice of a 12 inch cake is 6 inches long and 4 or 5 inches tall.

How many people does 10-inch cheesecake serve?

All cheesecakes and specialty cakes come in 10-inch sizes, serving 12 – 15 people.

How much is a whole cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory?

The box contains 8 pre-sliced servings of the 7 inch original cheesecake. The original cheesecake is also available in 6 inch petite, 6 inch, 9 inch sizes. How much does the entire Cheesecake Factory menu cost? How much is a whole pumpkin cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory? The 7-inch cheesecake is $59.99, and serves eight people.

How much does a Cheesecake Factory Cost?

The Cheesecake Factory. – $6~ per slice, depending on flavor – $13 to $20 per 6-inch – $16 to $22 per 7-inch – $34 to $42 per 10-inch. Specialty Bakery. $33 to $50 per 9-inch. Homemade. $10 to $15 for basic ingredients.

What is the Cheesecake Factory menu?

  • Impossible Burger…comes with vegan cheese,lettuce,tomato,pickles,onion and their special sauce (vegan 1000 island dressing) on a toasted vegan brioche bun.
  • Skinny Impossible Burger…the ‘Skinny’ Impossible Burger comes with a dairy based mayo,a different toasted bun than the regular version and with a green salad.
  • Evelyn’s Favorite Pasta.
  • How much is a slice of cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory?

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    How much is a single slice of cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory?

    I’m not sure about strawberry cheesecake, but the usual price of cheesecake slices varies based on the sort of variety you receive. Individual slices often range from $7.95 to $12.95, depending on the type of cheesecake you obtain.

    What is the average price for a slice of cheesecake?

    How much does a cheesecake set you back?

    Type of Cheesecake Average Price
    The Cheesecake Factory – $6~ per slice, depending on flavor – $13 to $20 per 6-inch – $16 to $22 per 7-inch – $34 to $42 per 10-inch
    Specialty Bakery $33 to $50 per 9-inch
    Homemade $10 to $15 for basic ingredients

    How much is a slice of Oreo cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory?

    What is the price of a cheesecake?

    Item Price
    7 Inch Ultimate Red Velvet Cake Cheesecake™ $32.01
    7 Inch Oreo® Dream Extreme Cheesecake $32.01
    7 Inch Salted Caramel Cheesecake $31.29
    7 Inch 30th Anniversary Chocolate Cake Cheesecake $31.30

    Why is Cheesecake Factory so expensive?

    Labor costs account for around one-third of a restaurant’s income, while food costs account for another third, and the other third is primarily used for overhead expenses. The ordinary restaurant makes between 2 and 6 percent profit on a yearly basis, on average. In other words, The Cheesecake Factory is pricey because it must make a profit in order to continue operating.

    What is the most popular cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory?

    The Cheesecake Factory’s top seven cheesecakes are listed below.

    1. Extreme Oreo Dream Cheesecake
    2. Celebration Cheesecake
    3. Toasted Marshmallow S’mores Galore
    4. Cinnamon Swirl Cheesecake
    5. Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch Cheesecake
    6. White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake is a kind of cheesecake.

    Do you get a free cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory on your birthday?

    The answer is no, you will not receive a complimentary cheesecake on your birthday, but rather an ice cream cake with sprinkles and a candle instead.

    Is The Cheesecake Factory expensive?

    In addition, the chain restaurant is more expensive than more middle-of-the-road eateries such as Chili’s or Olive Garden, according to the survey. Entrees at Chili’s range in price from roughly $15 to $21, whereas fajitas at the restaurant are about $13 per person. However, according to Stella Stratigos, a former Cheesecake Factory waiter, you get what you paid for at the restaurant.

    How much is a 10 inch cheesecake?

    Cheesecakes and other traditional cakes are available.

    Traditional Round Cakes
    Size Serves Price
    8 inches 12-14 $33.50
    9 inches 14-16 $35.00
    10 inches 16-20 $42.00

    What food is Cheesecake Factory known for?

    We ranked the 34 best dishes from the Cheesecake Factory in order of their deliciousness.

    1. Pin it for later
    2. Jamaican Black Pepper Shrimp. PIN IT..
    3. White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cheesecake. PIN IT..
    4. Shepherds Pie. PIN IT..
    5. Cuban Sandwich. PIN IT. PIN IT.
    6. PIN IT.

    How many people will a 6 cheesecake feed?

    1. Approximately how many people can a 6 inch cheesecake serve?
    2. You can cut a 6 inch cheesecake into 4-6 slices, which is equal to 4-6 servings, depending on how thick the slices are.
    3. This is what I like to think of as a tiny cheesecake that serves two people.
    4. Each individual receives 2-3 slices, which should be enough to last them throughout the week.
    5. Sponsored Links are those that have been paid for by a company.

    How many does a 7-inch cheesecake feed?

    Some of our most popular cheesecakes are also available in 7-inch versions, which can serve 6 – 8 people each slice. Several of our cheesecakes are available in our 6-inch size, which serves 4–6 people.

    How much are drinks at Cheesecake Factory?

    Prices for Glamburgers and Sandwiches at the Cheesecake Factory. Prices for Cheesecake Factory Specialty Items. Cheesecake Factory Steaks & Chops Prices are shown below. Cheesecake Factory Pasta Prices are shown below. … The Cheesecake Factory’s Price Categories are shown on the menu.

    Item Price
    Item Price
    Soft Drinks $2.95
    Strawberry Fruit Smoothie $5.95
    Strawberry Lemonade $4.75

    What is the best thing at cheesecake Factory?

    There are so many options to choose from at The Cheesecake Factory! Check out these seven of the best dinners that you should try!

    1. Crispy Chicken Costoletta
    2. Truffle-Honey Chicken
    3. Stuffed Cheddar Burger
    4. Molto Meat Flatbread Pizza
    5. Factory Turkey Burger
    6. Chicken Parmesan ″Pizza Style″
    7. Cauliflower Tacos
    8. Cauliflower Tacos
    9. Cauliflower Tacos
    10. Cauliflower Tacos
    11. Cauliflower Tacos
    12. Cauliflower Tacos
    13. Cauliflower Tacos
    14. Cauliflower Tacos
    15. Cauliflower

    Is The Cheesecake Factory Good?

    However, while it’s easy to make fun of the Cheesecake Factory’s cuisine, it’s important to remember that it’s fresh and that most of it is well-executed. As far as restaurants go, it appears to be a really pleasant place to work (it is the only restaurant to appear on Fortune’s list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For). The Cheesecake Factory could perhaps become a favorite of mine.

    What’s the difference between French cheesecake and regular cheesecake?

    In comparison to traditional cheesecakes, French cheesecakes are often lighter and fluffier. The crust of this cheesecake is crunchy and buttery. A creamy filling with a silky texture and zesty flavor. Advertisements. READ ON FOR MORE INFORMATION.

    How Much Is A Cheesecake At The Cheese Cake Factory?

    For the time being, you may place an order for them through the Cheesecake Factory website. Price varies based on the size and flavor of the cheesecake, but an Original Cheesecake will run you about $20. If you enjoy chocolate, you can acquire a 7-inch Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake for less than $32 if you shop around.

    How Much Does A 10 Inch Cheesecake Cost At Cheesecake Factory?

    Item Price
    10 Inch Original $48.76
    10 Inch Fresh Strawberry $60.64
    10 Inch Toasted Marshmallow S’Mores Galore™ $58.23

    How Much Does 8 Cheesecake Cost?

    Traditional Round Cakes
    Size Serves Price
    6 inches 6 – 8 $26.50
    8 inches 12-14 $33.50
    9 inches 14-16 $35.00

    How Much Does It Cost To Eat At The Cheesecake Factory?

    The cheesecake factory manufactures a large number of different types of cheesecake. Restaurant fare includes cheesecakes, starter dishes such as flatbread pizza and grilled chicken sandwiches as well as spaghetti, seafood, and sweets such as cheesecakes. There is a $15-20 fee for nice cuisine at this establishment.

    How Much Do Cheesecakes Cost At Cheesecake Factory?

    Food Price
    Original $6.95 to $7.95
    Fresh Strawberry $6.95 to $7.95
    Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch Cheesecake $6.95 to $7.95

    How Much Does A 10 Inch Cheesecake Cost?

    Traditional Round Cakes
    Size Serves Price
    8 inches 12-14 $33.50
    9 inches 14-16 $35.00
    10 inches 16-20 $42.00

    What Is The Average Price Of A Whole Cheesecake?

    Type of Cheesecake Average Price
    The Cheesecake Factory – $6~ per slice, depending on flavor – $13 to $20 per 6-inch – $16 to $22 per 7-inch – $34 to $42 per 10-inch
    Specialty Bakery $33 to $50 per 9-inch
    Homemade $10 to $15 for basic ingredients

    How Big Is A Whole Cheesecake From Cheesecake Factory?

    1. We keep our complete cheesecakes in a deep freezer until they are ready to be served.
    2. You may put them in your freezer so that you can eat them when they are still fresh later.
    3. After defrosting the frozen food in your refrigerator for around two hours, you may eat it at your leisure at your house.
    4. Cheesecakes and speciality cakes are offered in 10 inch and 15 inch sizes, respectively, and may serve 12 to 15 people.

    How Many Slices Are In A 10 Inch Cheesecake?

    Cheesecakes and speciality cakes are available in 10 inch and 12 inch sizes, with the majority of them being sold pre-sliced into 12 slices.

    Why Is Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake So Expensive?

    The money generated by a restaurant is separated into three categories: labor expenses, food costs, and overhead. The cost of labor accounts for around one-third of total income. According to industry data, between 2 and 6 percent of restaurant revenues are wasted each year. As a result, the Cheesecake Factory is pricey due to the fact that it must generate money.

    How Much Do Whole Cheesecakes Cost?

    If you want an Original Cheesecake that is 6 inches in diameter and tastes nice, you can purchase one for roughly $20. If you enjoy chocolate, you can acquire a 7-inch Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake for less than $32 if you shop around.

    How Many Does An 8 Inch Cheesecake Serve?

    Because there are 14 persons who are capable of cutting each slice of an 8-inch cake to around 2 12 inches across the back, the cake may be presented to them in a reasonable manner.

    Why Are Cheesecakes So Expensive?

    The cost of ingredients is prohibitively exorbitant. Theoretically, the more expensive components should result in better-tasting cuisine, but the final decision is up to you. They employ higher-quality ingredients (which results in better-tasting food), but they demand higher rates to make up for the greater expense of doing so.

    What Is The Best Meal At Cheesecake Factory?

    1. In addition to the costoletta with crispy chicken, I also tried truffle-honey chicken.
    2. a filled Cheddar Burger.
    3. Pizza Molto Meat Flatbread
    4. and a Factory Turkey Burger from Turkey Burger Factory.
    5. Chipotle chicken parmigiano.
    6. Cauliflower tacos.
    7. Pizza Style is a brand of chicken parmigiano.

    The whole cheesecakes are served ″deeply chilled,″ and can be defrosted ASAP or stashed in the freezer to save for later.

    1. You’re probably familiar with The Cheesecake Factory because of their large, excellent menu, which offers anything from salad and steak to 34 distinct types of cheesecake and everything in between.
    2. However, there is one huge flaw in The Cheesecake Factory’s menu, and I believe we’ve all faced it at some point in our lives.
    3. How are we expected to limit ourselves to just one slice of cheesecake?
    4. Cheesecake is, without a doubt, my all-time favorite sweet treat to indulge in.
    5. For as far as I can remember, it has been a staple of every family event since I was born.
    6. You can imagine my delight when I discovered that I could get an ENTIRE Cheesecake Factory cheesecake directly from the restaurant.

    Yes, you read that correctly: a full cheesecake!I’m on the verge of passing out.

    Can You Buy a Whole Cheesecake in Every Flavor?

    1. Yes!
    2. You may select from a variety of flavors, including the Original, the Ultimate Red Velvet, and the Chocolate Raspberry Truffle.
    3. Aside from that, you may pick between three various sizes.
    4. A 10-inch cheesecake serves around 10-12 people, a 7-inch cheesecake serves approximately 6-8 people, and a 6-inch cheesecake serves approximately 4-6 people.
    5. You may choose the proper dessert for your gathering this season based on the number of people attending (and remember to be safe!).
    6. The cheesecakes are presented ″deeply cold″ in their whole.

    Each cheesecake takes around 2 hours to thaw from the freezer.You may also store them in your freezer for later consumption.

    How to Order a Cheesecake

    1. You can order them directly from the Cheesecake Factory’s website right now, and they will be delivered immediately.
    2. Prices vary depending on the size and flavor of the cheesecake, but you can expect to pay around $20 for a 6-inch Original Cheesecake.
    3. If you prefer chocolate, you can get a 7-inch Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake for just under $32 if you hurry.
    4. As previously stated, shuffle through the various options and select the most appropriate dessert for you.
    5. Enjoy your delectable dessert and remember to be safe during this festive season!
    6. Our Favorite Cheesecake Recipes (And Why You Should, Too)

    Dulce de Leche Cheesecake

    1. I’m originally from Paraguay, and dulce de leche reminds me of my home country whenever I eat it.
    2. If you can’t locate salted caramel ice cream topping at your local grocery store, try caramel ice cream topping instead.
    3. Although the flavor will be modified, this luscious dessert will still be delicious.
    4. —Sonia Lipham, of Ranburne, in the United States Making cheesecake for the first time?
    5. Take a look at our comprehensive instruction on how to create cheesecake.

    Yogurt-Ricotta Cheesecake

    Italian ricotta cheesecakes have always been a favorite of mine, although they contain much too much sugar for my taste. I prepared a diabetic-friendly version, and no one in my family knew the difference! The sugar-free strawberry ice cream topping and fresh strawberries are my favorite accompaniments to this dessert. •Diane Shipley from Mentor, Ohio

    Red Velvet Cheesecake

    This cheesecake will quickly become a staple on your dessert menu since it is festive and oh, so delicious. The red velvet filling is laced with cocoa and baked in a chocolate cookie crumb crust before being topped with cream cheese icing and served. Carole Dively, of Chapin, South Carolina. —

    Contest-Winning Blueberry Swirl Cheesecake

    Recipe for blueberry cheesecake, which I frequently cook for family gatherings, is my all-time favorite recipe. — Cathy Medley of Clyde, Ohio, is a writer.

    Double-Layer Pumpkin Cheesecake

    For family gatherings, I frequently cook this blueberry cheesecake, which is my personal favorite. — Cathy Medley of Clyde, Ohio, submitted this entry.

    Frozen Chocolate Cheesecake Tart

    I originally served this delectable dessert to a group of guests during a dinner party. They were blown away by the rich flavor and look of the dish. My husband stated that it was the nicest dessert he had ever had in his whole life, and I agreed. She is Heather Bennett from Dunbar, West Virginia.

    Mocha Truffle Cheesecake

    This decadent treat was inspired by a period in which I couldn’t get enough cheesecake or coffee, so I made it myself. Its brownie-like crust and creamy mocha layer were both delicious and satisfying. The fact that it may be prepared ahead of time makes it excellent for get-togethers. Shelley Dormady of Great Falls, Montana contributed to this article.

    Cinnamon Apple Cheesecake

    This creamy dessert is elevated by an eye-catching topping of cinnamon-spiced apple slices and a handmade oat-and-walnut crust that is sure to impress. — Emily Ann Young of Edmond, Oklahoma, is a writer.

    Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake

    In order to combine two of my all-time favorites: cheesecake for the grown-up in me and chocolate chip cookie dough for the young girl in me, I made this recipe. The tanginess of the sour cream balances out the sweetness of the dish. Everyone who has tried this delectable cookie dough cheesecake has raved about it. “I’m from Kewaskum, Wisconsin,” says Julie Craig.

    S’more Cheesecake

    This decadent dessert is every bit as delectable as the campfire nibble that served as inspiration for it. It’s a delicious way to enjoy a summertime favourite at any time of the year. This item is so popular with our four-year-old daughter that she has requested it for her next birthday! Cary, North Carolina resident Robin Andrews

    Pineapple Pie with Coconut Cream

    Pineapples and coconuts can be found in abundance across the South Pacific, which is why we accentuate their flavors in this creamy chilled pineapple pie topped with coconut cream. Divine! — Karen Naihe lives in Kamuela, Hawaii with her family.

    Honey Pecan Cheesecake

    Cheesecake is especially delicious on special occasions such as birthdays and holidays. It took first place in our annual church bake-off, which was held this year. The writer, Tish Frish, of Hampden, Maine

    Creamy Tiramisu Cheesecake

    It is an Italian treat made of ladyfinger sponge cake dipped in coffee that is known as ″tiramisu,″ which translates as ″pick-me-up.″ When you combine it with cream cheese, you get a sure picker-upper that redefines a classic. Indian Harbour Beach, Florida resident Mrs. Priscilla Gilbert shares her thoughts.

    Pistachio Cardamom Cheesecake

    Cardamom has a sweet and warming flavor that reminds you of clove, allspice, and pepper all rolled into one spice. It is used in baking and cooking. Make a paste out of it and mix it with pistachios before adding it to cheesecake for a dessert that evokes the unique flavors of India. Loomis, California resident Carolyn Harkonnen shares her thoughts.

    Chocolate Turtle Cheesecake

    When I make this decadent mini cheesecake, I always receive positive feedback. There are three distinct layers of caramel, chocolate, and vanilla in this instant favorite. The writer, Erin Byrd, of Springfield, Missouri

    No-Bake Chocolate Chip Cannoli Cheesecake

    I prepare this cannoli cheesecake in the summer to serve as a tasty and refreshing treat for my guests. I appreciate the extra benefit of not having to turn on the oven when it’s hot outside. • Kristen Heigl, from Staten Island, New York

    Chocolate Malt Cheesecake

    Chocolate malts were a favorite of my mother-in- law’s, as were cheesecakes. Can you guess who gave me this recipe to use? I’m sure you can. When I make this recipe, I sometimes use pretzel crumbs instead of graham cracker crumbs. Despite their appearance, they produce a delicious crust! Rewey, Wisconsin, resident Anita Moffett writes:

    Roasted Banana & Pecan Cheesecake

    We keep bananas on hand, but with just the two of us in the house, they ripen far quicker than we can consume them before they go bad. This makes them ideal for roasting and baking into a cheesecake with a nutty crust, as demonstrated here. Pennsylvanian Patricia Harmon from Baden expressed her gratitude for the opportunity.

    Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake

    Those who enjoy the flavor of chocolate will find this to be the perfect cheesecake for them. Every mouthful of creamy goodness melts in your tongue. As a result of its appearance and ease of preparation, this dessert is one of my go-to recipes whenever I want to provide a tasty treat to my family, friends, or colleagues. “I’m from Cumberland, Maine,” Mary Jones says.

    Coconut Cheesecake & Rhubarb Compote

    I took my daughter’s love of cheesecake and combined it with my mother’s love of coconut and rhubarb to create this dessert. You could also try it with a smidgeon of chocolate sauce. — Wendy Rusch of Trego, Wisconsin, is a writer.

    Salted Caramel Cappuccino Cheesecake

    1. After years of living in Seattle, I’ve developed a serious addiction to coffee!
    2. As part of my temporary relocation across the nation, I baked this salted caramel coffee and espresso cheesecake to satisfy my craving for sweet and savory flavors.
    3. It gave me a lift on days when I was depressed about having to leave one of the world’s most great coffee places.
    4. • Julie Merriman, a Seattle, Washington-based freelance writer

    Spiced Apple Cheesecake

    1. The advantage of living in apple country is that you have the freedom to choose the apples and recipes that you wish to use all year long for your delight.
    2. Granny Smith apples are tangy and crisp, and they are grown in the United States.
    3. Combining them with spices such as cinnamon, sugar, and nutmeg, they produce a delicious topping for a cheesecake from the Pacific Northwest region.
    4. —Grace Hughes, of Oroville, in the state of Washington

    Luscious Almond Cheesecake

    On the occasion of my wedding shower 11 years ago, a relative presented me with this recipe as well as a set of springform pans. It turns into a delectable cheesecake. The cake was such a hit with my son Tommy that he has already requested it for his birthday cake this year. Brenda Clifford of Overland Park, Kansas, contributed to this article.

    Caramel Fudge Cheesecake

    It’s difficult to say no to this decadent chocolate cheesecake, which has a fudgy crust, crunchy nuts, and a gooey coating of caramel on top. In order to develop this version, I merged many recipes to produce a dessert that appealed to both the chocolate and cheesecake enthusiasts in my family. The writer, Brenda Ruse, of Truro, Nova Scotia

    Winning Cranberry Cheesecake

    1. Eggnog and cranberries would not be complete without them over the holidays.
    2. It’s the combination of the two that makes this delectable cheesecake the ideal ending to a spectacular dinner party.
    3. Install the dessert station near the beginning of your dinner, not only to elicit ″aahs″ and ″oohs,″ but also to remind guests that they should save space for dessert!
    4. The following is from Nancy Zimmerman of Cape May Court House in New Jersey:

    Why Is Cheesecake Factory So Expensive? (Top 12 Reasons)

    1. If you want to know why Cheesecake Factory is so expensive, go no further than the following article: Why Is Cheesecake Factory So Expensive?
    2. (The Top 12 Reasons for Doing So) Probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of The Cheesecake Factory is a huge piece of cheesecake on a white plate, sprinkled with your favorite sauce or topping.
    3. At least, it’s the first image that comes to mind when you think about it.
    4. As soon as that vision fades, you’re left thinking about the $25 spaghetti you normally order and the $40 bill that your server lays on the table in front of you at the conclusion of your dinner.
    5. You might be thinking, ″Why is The Cheesecake Factory so expensive?″ after reading this.
    6. Is it because of the food?

    Is it a problem with the service?Is it under the control of the Mafia?This guide will provide you with all of the information you require.

    Why Is The Cheesecake Factory So Expensive? (Top 12 Reasons)

    There are a variety of factors that contribute to The Cheesecake Factory’s higher price tag than other franchise restaurants. The Top 12 are listed below. Some of these may have escaped your attention in the past.

    1. Ingredients Are Expensive

    1. When comparing restaurant rates, it’s crucial to take the cost of the ingredients into consideration.
    2. While many restaurants attempt to keep pricing as low as possible by using the lowest ingredients they can find, The Cheesecake Factory takes the opposite strategy.
    3. They employ higher-quality ingredients (which results in better-tasting food), yet they charge greater prices for menu items in order to compensate for the higher expense.
    4. In principle, the more expensive components should also result in better-tasting cuisine, but that is entirely up to you to determine.

    2. Restaurant Overhead Is High

    1. The overhead of a restaurant is notoriously high.
    2. Labor costs account for around one-third of a restaurant’s income, while food costs account for another third, and the other third is primarily used for overhead expenses.
    3. The ordinary restaurant makes between 2 and 6 percent profit on a yearly basis, on average.
    4. In other words, The Cheesecake Factory is pricey because it must make a profit in order to continue operating.
    5. Even if they reduced menu pricing while maintaining or increasing expenditures elsewhere, they would still lose money.

    3. Customers Enjoy The Ambience

    1. If you ask one of the Cheesecake Factory’s customers why they came to the restaurant, they’ll most likely respond, ″for the cheesecake, of course.″ Many customers, on the other hand, appreciate the atmosphere created by the restaurant.
    2. A quiet, friendly restaurant with dim lighting and comfy seating is what you’ll find here.
    3. It has a more upscale atmosphere than other mid-range chain restaurants, and consumers are ready to spend a little extra to experience that upscale feel.
    4. Certainly not a fine dining place, but it is a notch above a chain restaurant such as Applebee’s or a fast food joint.

    4. Demand Is High

    1. This gets us to our second point: there is a high level of demand.
    2. What is it about The Cheesecake Factory that makes their dish so expensive?
    3. They do so because they can.
    4. If you’ve ever visited The Cheesecake Factory, you’ve probably noticed that there is a significant wait.
    5. On a Friday or Saturday night, it is not uncommon to have to wait for a table for an hour or more.
    6. People are eager to dine here, and the high costs do not appear to be deterring them.

    If consumers are prepared to pay more for your product or service, why would you price less?This is a straightforward question in the business world.

    5. Pricing Is Competitive

    1. Apart from the fact that consumers are prepared to pay greater costs, the menu items are typically priced competitively as well.
    2. Similarly priced dinners may be found at similar places, such as Outback Steakhouse, if you do a little research.
    3. While many clients believe this range to be prohibitively pricey, others are unconcerned.
    4. They anticipate to pay $20 for their dinner, and they aren’t bothered by the prospect of spending $40 on a filling entree and delectable dessert.

    6. Food Is Prepped Onsite

    1. For those of you who have worked in or know someone who has worked in a restaurant, you are probably aware that most chain restaurants do not prepare their food on site.
    2. Prepackaged, frozen, or refrigerated goods are more common, and they are prepared in the microwave, oven, or on the grill rather than from scratch.
    3. This is especially true for products that need a significant amount of preparation and ingredients, such as soups, sauces, and other similar items.
    4. It comes as a bit of a surprise, though, to learn that The Cheesecake Factory manufactures the majority of its goods from scratch right on the premises.
    5. They do have one notable exception, however: they sell cheesecake that is sent frozen.) Because it is manufactured in a facility and distributed throughout the United States, the flavor is uniform.) While the extra preparation improves the flavor (and freshness) of the meal, it also increases the cost of the dish by a significant amount in terms of labor and ingredients.
    6. It’s impossible to compare frozen, prepackaged foods with freshly prepared items that are cooked by hand.

    It’s the same of comparing a Lean Cuisine meal to a dish prepared by your grandma.They’re not the same, and you’ll be able to detect the difference when you bite into one.

    7. Waiting Tables Is A Demanding Job

    1. Because servers are primarily paid in tips, most clients do not take the income of a waiter into consideration when comparing menu pricing.
    2. Most restaurants pay their servers less than the federal minimum wage, and they are supposed to make the majority of their money by delivering exceptional service to their clients, which is not always possible.
    3. Even at The Cheesecake Factory, however, several former employees have stated that the job is more demanding than most others in the industry.
    4. Aside from the fact that the menu is quite extensive—virtually it’s a book—the company’s regulations are also rather stringent.
    5. Every aspect of the job, from welcoming guests to cleaning dishes, must be done with precision and cleanliness, and servers must adhere to strict requirements in practically every situation.
    6. What is the reason for this impact on prices?

    Because the majority of clients leave a tip that is a proportion of their total bill.As a result, the majority of servers earn a salary that is entirely dependent on the menu prices.Let’s look at some examples: A typical customer at Chili’s will likely pay between $15 and $20 for their total bill if the server is working there as well (if you exclude alcohol).Depending on the average tip percentage (15 to 20%), a server can expect to earn between $2.25 and $4.00 per customer.If that same server works at The Cheesecake Factory, the average customer will most likely pay between $30 and $40 for their total bill there, according to estimates (including dessert but excluding alcohol).The average tip per customer ranges between $4.50 and $8.00 per visit.

    1. If the job is significantly more demanding than other serving roles, the corporation must ensure that its employees are fairly rewarded, and a higher menu price accomplishes this goal effectively.

    8. Higher Prices Create Perceived Value

    1. There is, of course, another motive for firms to charge higher prices for their products.
    2. High costs, according to many industry experts, increase ″perceived value″ for their consumer base.
    3. What exactly does this mean?
    4. Simply said, it means that if you price more for your goods, people will instinctively believe that it is worth more money.
    5. WOULD THE CAKE FACTORY’S CUSTOMER BASE CHANGE IF THEY CHARGED $10-$15 per meal (like Chili’s or Applebee’s did), would they see a decrease in their number of customers?
    6. Some individuals believe this, and it is possible that this is part of their approach.

    You are also telling them that your business is of superior quality when you portray yourself as a more costly chain restaurant, and they believe you.

    9. It’s Corporate Policy

    1. If you believe that increasing pricing at The Cheesecake Factory are a result of business leaders’ desire to make more money, you are most likely correct.
    2. Who can blame them, after all?
    3. Despite the fact that we have not received a comment from the CEO, every ex employee paints a similar image.
    4. The Cheesecake Factory aspires to offer a nice dining experience that is yet affordable for the majority of middle-class people.
    5. If you look attentively, you will see that all of the indicators are present.
    6. The furnishings are comfy, and there is a lot of atmosphere in the room.

    You can expect your food to be presented with a touch of additional formality, and all of the linens will be immaculate.Your dish is beautifully decorated with garnishes and flourishes, and the bread basket is particularly attractive.Despite the fact that the majority of customers do not consider it a high-class restaurant, the owners are clearly going in that direction and wish to distinguish themselves from lesser franchises.It is these same ideals that are reflected in the higher menu prices.

    10. It’s A “Special Occasion” Restaurant

    1. While you might choose The Cheesecake Factory on a random Friday because you’re in the mood for some delectable Key Lime Cheesecake, that’s not the primary reason most people visit.
    2. The Cheesecake Factory is a restaurant that is reserved for ″special occasions.″ The likelihood of you having cheesecake on your birthday night is rather high if your parents are taking you ″somewhere nice″ for dinner on your special day.
    3. Also popular for graduation parties, anniversary dinners, engagements, and even after-prom celebrations, the venue can accommodate up to 200 guests.
    4. Events like these are special enough to merit dressing up a little and splurging, but not extraordinary enough to deserve Wagyu meat and champagne.
    5. In other words, you want to feel a bit posh without having to shell out a ludicrous amount of money, and The Cheesecake Factory is the perfect place to do so.

    11. It’s A Publicly Traded Company

    1. The Cheesecake Factory went public in 1992, marking the company’s first year on the market.
    2. They raised capital through the sale of shares, and every publicly listed firm is obligated to provide financial statements to its shareholders (and the general public).
    3. The Cheesecake Factory’s financial accounts may be published on their website, which is a true testament to their transparency.
    4. What impact does this have on their pricing?
    5. It is, to put it mildly, difficult.
    6. When a corporation is privately held, it is owned by a single individual or a small group of individuals.

    The firm’s executives are only responsible to the owners, regardless of whether the company makes money, breaks even, or loses money over the year.When a firm goes public, though, the risks are far higher—literally speaking.In order to determine whether they are earning money or losing money on their investment, investors want to know how much money they are making.They want to know as much as they can about the company’s finances, and they expect to see a high rate of return on their initial investment.If the corporation does not make money, the investors do not make money as well.They will sell their stock, resulting in a decrease in the value of the corporation.

    1. What is the most straightforward method of avoiding this?
    2. Making as much money as possible is the goal.
    3. What method will you use to do this?
    4. By increasing the price of goods and services (amongst other things).
    5. If The Cheesecake Factory were to cut their prices, they would very certainly face backlash from its investors.

    It’s for this reason that you should definitely anticipate price hikes every year.

    12. Inflation Keeps Going Up

    1. Price increases in restaurants, as with most other goods and services, are connected to inflation.
    2. Prices will continue to rise as long as the value of money continues to decline.
    3. It’s a basic matter of economics.
    4. While the majority of people believe that the average rate of inflation is 3 percent, the reality is that it is constantly increasing.
    5. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the rate of inflation in 2021 will be more than 4 percent.
    6. In order to stay up with inflation, The Cheesecake Factory must raise its pricing by 4 percent (or more) every year on an annual basis.

    This impacts all businesses, not just The Cheesecake Factory, and it is a widespread problem.If you pay attention, you will see that costs are increasing in every business.Groceries, petrol, cosmetics, fast food—every firm must raise prices in order to maintain a consistent profit margin in today’s competitive environment.

    How To Save Money At The Cheesecake Factory

    Those looking to save money on their next visit to The Cheesecake Factory will be pleased to know that today is their lucky day. Because it is incompatible with the restaurant’s design and branding, it is not well-known for offering special discounts or offering coupons. With a couple of these suggestions, you may have a delicious supper while keeping your expenses to a minimum.

    1. Skip The Salad And Appetizer

    1. Nothing increases the size of a bill more quickly than a salad or an appetizer.
    2. Skipping these small extras is difficult, especially if you’re hungry, but it’s one of the most straightforward methods to make your bill as low as possible.
    3. In comparison to an ordinary dinner, the little plates are insignificant, and the price tag is too expensive.
    4. Choosing the Factory Nachos is a good option if you just cannot wait for your dinner.
    5. They can provide enough food for a small group of people at a reasonable price.

    2. Split An Entree

    1. Going with a group of friends?
    2. Inquire if anybody would be interested in splitting an entrée.
    3. When it comes to portions, most of the entrees at The Cheesecake Factory are substantial and can easily be shared between two people (as long as you’re not overstuffed).
    4. It’s like having your dinner for half the price, which is especially advantageous if you don’t want to take leftovers home with you!
    5. Bonus: If you’re on a diet, this is a wonderful alternative for you as well.
    6. If you have a large portion of an entree on your plate, you are more likely to finish it all.

    When you split an entree, however, the kitchen will usually divide the meal across two plates as a matter of course.Because you are only serving half of the food on your plate, you consume less food.It’s a straightforward piece of science.

    3. Take Advantage Of Happy Hour

    1. If you really want to save money, go to The Cheesecake Factory at Happy Hour on weekdays and weekends.
    2. You’ll have to come straight from work if you want to take advantage of this, since it’s generally only available from 4 p.m.
    3. to 6 p.m.
    4. on weekdays.
    5. However, it’s well worth the effort.
    6. During Happy Hour, the majority of beverages cost $6.95.

    (or less).Even better, The Cheesecake Factory’s Happy Hour menu includes appetizers, which is a rare find these days.While we typically advise against ordering appetizers, you may get away with ordering two or three at Happy Hour for the same price as a regular meal.Consider purchasing a few of appetizers and dividing them with your companions to get the most value for your money possible.

    4. Come On National Cheesecake Day

    1. In every visit to The Cheesecake Factory, dessert is one of the most costly elements of the experience.
    2. Even if it isn’t made on-site, we don’t advocate skipping it because it is also the most delicious portion of the meal.
    3. If you want to save money on cheesecake, you should come on National Cheesecake Day, which is celebrated on March 1.
    4. Every year, in July, this event is celebrated, and the restaurant will usually provide a special promotion or a new cheesecake flavor to mark the occasion.
    5. Past promotions have included everything from a 50 percent discount on cheesecake to a charitable gift with every purchase.
    6. Keep an eye on The Cheesecake Factory’s news feed to see what they have planned for the upcoming season.

    5. Order Water

    1. Of course, ordering water at any restaurant is another method to save money on every meal.
    2. When it comes to restaurants, alcohol has some of the biggest markups of any item on the menu, and it is especially pricey.
    3. Soda is also extremely expensive for the amount of liquid you receive.
    4. Water, on the other hand, is frequently free, and it is far more hydrating than either alcohol or soda.
    5. By buying a little amount of H2O, you may save anywhere from $3 to $15 (or more).
    6. Then you can treat yourself to some dessert.

    Restaurants Like The Cheesecake Factory

    If you decide that you would rather not to visit The Cheesecake Factory, here are a few alternatives that are similar. Although the costs are not always lower, the cuisine and whole experience are on par with the competition.

    1. Outback Steakhouse

    1. It’s possible that you disagree, but Outback Steakhouse is quite similar to The Cheesecake Factory.
    2. The ambiance isn’t quite as pleasant, and the cuisine isn’t quite as remarkable, but the two establishments have certain elements in common.
    3. Almost all of Outback’s cuisine is prepared fresh, and the meals are rather big.
    4. They also feature a large selection of delicious beverages and pastries.
    5. Booths are spacious and comfortable, and the restaurant strives to provide a more pleasant overall experience than other franchise restaurants.

    2. Carrabba’s Italian Grill

    1. Carrabba’s is another alternative, especially if you want pasta, and it is owned by the same parent corporation as Outback Steakhouse.
    2. While many people consider this restaurant to be an improvement over Olive Garden, many others believe it to be a far cry from a real Italian restaurant.
    3. Food is roughly $20 per dish, and they also have drinks and sweets available on the menu.
    4. In addition, the atmosphere is pleasant.

    3. P.F. Chang’s China Bistro

    If you’re in the mood for Asian cuisine, P.F. Chang’s may be the greatest option. Their dishes are in the same pricing range as those at The Cheesecake Factory, and the atmosphere is pleasant as well. A notch above your average Chinese takeout joint.

    4. Chuy’s

    Chuy’s is a Tex-Mex restaurant that serves delectable cocktails as well as a range of dishes. It’s a touch less expensive than The Cheesecake Factory, but it’s also significantly noisier. It is, on the other hand, more of an experience than your average Mexican restaurant. You should try the Creamy Jalapeno Cilantro Dip if you go.

    Wedding Cake Information

    At Chuy’s, you may enjoy delectable beverages as well as a wide selection of meals from across the world. In comparison to The Cheesecake Factory, it is a little less expensive, but it is also significantly noisier. Instead of your typical Mexican restaurant, it’s more of an experience here. Take a chance on the Creamy Jalapeo Cilantro dip if you go.

    Cheesecake & Traditional Cakes

    Size Mini 6″ 8″ 9″ 10″ 12″
    Number of Servings 1 8 12 14 16-20 25-30
    Plain $5.00 $27.00 $32.00 $40.00 $53.00 $63.00
    Plain iced N/A $30.00 $35.755 $44.00 $59.00 $70.00
    Strawberry Marble Cherry Marble Blueberry Marble Raspberry Marble Pineapple Marble Peach Marble Apple Marble Lemon Marble Key Lime Marble Chocolate Marble Caramel Marble All Chocolate Chocolate Chip Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Mint Choclate Chip Peppermint (Seasonal) Amaretto Creamsicle $5.00 $29.50 $34.50 $42.50 $54.00 $64.50
    Above flavors iced N/A $32.50 $38.25 $46.50 $60.00 $72.00
    Peanut Butter Cookies ‘n Cream Heath Butterfinger White Choclate Pumpkin (Seasonal) $5.00 $31.00 $36.00 $45.00 $56.00 $66.50
    Above flavors iced N/A $34.00 $39.00 $48.00 $62.00 $73.50
    Turtle Swirl Caramel Apple Peanut Butter Cup Fruit Topped Cheesecakes $5.00 $32.50 $40.00 $48.00 $62.00 $73.50
    Sugar Free Cheesecakes   6″ 8″      
    Plain   $30.00 $36.00      
    Sugar Free Flavors: Reese Cup Chocolate Chunk Strawberry Marble Blackberry Marble Raspberry Marble Apricot Marble   $36.00 $38.00      
    Sheet Cakes Sheet cakes are available in Traditional cake flavors of White, Yellow, Chocolate and Marble, Lemon, Strawberry and Red Velvet. Our Cheesecakes are also availabe in Sheet Cake sizing.
    Traditional Flavors
    size Price
    1/4 Sheet $40.00
    1/2 Sheet $51.00
    Full Sheet $80.00
    Size Prices
    1/4 Sheet $48.00 / $52.00 with icing
    1/2 Sheet $63.00 / $71.00 with icing
    Full Sheet $110.00 with icing
    Traditional Round Cakes
    Size Serves Price
    6 inches 6 – 8 $26.50
    8 inches 12-14 $33.50
    9 inches 14-16 $35.00
    10 inches 16-20 $42.00
    12 inches 25-30 $48.00
    Fillings: an Additional $4.00 per cake
    1. Cakes in a basket weave will cost an additional $10.00 for 6″ and 8″ sized cakes; cakes in a 9″, 10″, and 12″ size would cost an additional $14.00.
    2. Baby Booties are available for an additional $4.25.
    3. Prices are subject to change without notice; please contact us for the most up-to-date pricing information.
    4. The cakes will be picked up frozen, unless otherwise specified.
    5. Seasonal tastes are only accessible during the seasons in which they are intended.

    7 Inch Original Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake

    100126-9-1-8 PRODUCT CODES: 100126-9-1-8


    1. The iconic original cheesecake served at The Cheesecake Factory restaurants is now available in a 7-inch form.
    2. With a graham cracker shell, the Cheesecake Factory’s famed creamy cheesecake is a crowd-pleaser.
    3. The package comprises eight portions of the 7-inch original cheesecake that have been pre-sliced.
    4. 6 inch tiny, 6 inch and 9 inch varieties are all available in addition to the original cheesecake.


    Each/PS 8
    Case/Pack 6 Pk
    Shelf Life Unit (months) 11
    Net Weight KG per Unit 964g
    Gross Weight KG per carton 6.69 kg
    Ti (cartons per layer) x Hi (layers per pallet) 15 x 8
    Carton Dimension in cm 39.05 x 18.58 x 22.23
      Download Product Specification

    • Description


    The Cheesecake Factory’s famed original cheesecake is available in a 7-inch variant at its locations. With a graham cracker shell, the Cheesecake Factory’s famed creamy cheesecake is served. The 7-inch original cheesecake comes pre-sliced into 8 portions in the package. 6 inch tiny, 6 inch and 9 inch versions are also available for the traditional cheesecake.


    Each/PS 8
    Case/Pack 6 Pk
    Shelf Life Unit (months) 11
    Net Weight KG per Unit 964g
    Gross Weight KG per carton 6.69 kg
    Ti (cartons per layer) x Hi (layers per pallet) 15 x 8
    Carton Dimension in cm 39.05 x 18.58 x 22.23

    Everything You Need to Know About the Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake

    1. The Cheesecake Factory has one of the most amazing menus in the business, with over 250 products cooked from scratch, including a noteworthy dessert selection, among other things.
    2. Did you know that you can top off your dinner with one of the more than 30 cheesecakes available at the Cheesecake Factory?
    3. There are more than 30 varieties to choose from, and they aren’t all the traditional cheesecake tastes you may anticipate.
    4. In total, 34 cheesecake varieties are available at The Cheesecake Factory, with costs ranging from $7.99 to $8.99 per slice.
    5. Whole cheesecakes are also available for purchase in restaurants and grocery shops, with prices ranging from $22 to $64.
    6. The Cheesecake Factory is celebrating National Cheesecake Day by producing a new cheesecake flavor and giving a portion of the proceeds to a charitable organization.

    Throughout this post, we’ll go over everything you need to know about each and every cheesecake on the Cheesecake Factory’s extensive menu.Additionally, all of the information about their whole cheesecakes — what is available for purchase, where you can buy them, and more – is included.To get your favorite cuisine delivered to your door via GrubHub or DoorDash, simply click on the links below.The Cheesecake Factory features a vast dessert menu that includes over 34 different and delicious cheesecake varieties that are all made in-house.A slice of cheesecake can be enjoyed at the conclusion of your dinner for just $7.95 or $8.95.The calorie content of Cheesecake Factory cheesecake slices ranges from 550 to 1800.

    1. Find all 34 delicious Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake varieties listed in the table below, along with how much a slice costs and how many calories each one has in the table below.
    2. It is only available seasonally beginning in September, so make sure to taste one of these delectable desserts over the Christmas season.
    3. Make a statement at the holiday dessert table by serving up one of our delectable entire cheesecakes.
    4. Place an order for a pickup or Curbside To-Go: This was posted by The Cheesecake Factory on December 17, 2018 (@Cheesecake).

    Can You Buy a Whole Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake?

    1. Whole cheesecakes from the Cheesecake Factory are available in three distinct sizes.
    2. 4-6 people may be served by the 6-inch cheesecakes, and 6-8 people can be served by the 7-inch cheesecake.
    3. In the end, the 10-inch cheesecakes may feed 12-15 people each.
    4. The total number of calories in a cheesecake varies from 4,000 to 17,000, depending on the taste and size.
    5. In order to guarantee that your Cheesecake Factory cheesecake travels safely from the restaurant back to your house or event site, the entire cheesecake is sold ″deeply cooled.″ They may be stored in the freezer and defrosted in the refrigerator at least 2 hours before you intend to serve them, if possible.
    6. In order to purchase a complete cheesecake, visit the Bakery Counter at your local Cheesecake Factory or place an order online for pick-up at your convenience.

    If you have a specific flavor or size in mind, you may place an order for your cheesecake ahead of time.During the Christmas season, it is advised that you place your order in advance.If you’re having difficulties picking which cheesecake flavor will suit everyone on your team, consider ordering halves of two different 10-inch cheesecakes instead!

    What Are the Cheesecake Factory Whole Cheesecake Prices?

    1. The cost of a complete Cheesecake Factory cheesecake is determined on the size and flavor of the cheesecake that you choose to order.
    2. The costs for the 6-inch cheesecake range from $22 to $30.
    3. The 7-inch cheesecakes range in price from $30 to $40 per piece.
    4. Also available is a 10-inch cheesecake with costs ranging from $51 to $64.
    5. Every cheesecake flavor is offered in a 10-inch cake size, which is the most popular.
    6. Flavors for the 6- and 7-inch cheesecakes are a little more limited.

    For further information on what sizes are available for each flavor, as well as how much the entire cheesecake costs based on size and flavor, check the chart below.

    What Grocery Stores Sell Cheesecake Factory Cheesecakes?

    • Food shops and retailers that carry Cheesecake Factory Cheesecakes include Costco, Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club, Publix Supermarkets, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Ralphs Stores, and Barnes & Nobles, to name a few. Whole cheesecakes can be purchased frozen or defrosted, as well as single slices, at partnering grocery shops. Look in the frozen and bakery sections of your local grocery store to see if they have ″The Cheesecake Factory at Home.″ Generally, the 7-inch cake size is what you’ll find in the frozen desserts area of your local grocery store when you buy a complete frozen cheesecake. Different flavors are available at different grocery stores, however below is a list of the most frequent flavors that are available: Chocolate Mousse
    • Cinnabon Cinnamon Swirl
    • Original
    • Strawberry Topped
    • White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle
    • Grand Selection: 4 different flavors
    • Pumpkin (seasonal)
    • Vanilla Mousse
    • Cinnabon Cinnamon Swirl
    • Vanilla Mousse
    • Cinnabon Cinnamon Swirl
    • Vanilla Mousse
    • Cinnabon Cinnamon Swirl
    • Vanilla Mousse
    • Cinnabon Cinnamon Swirl
    • Vanilla Mousse
    • Cinnabon Cinnamon Swirl
    • Whole cheesecakes that have been thawed may be obtained in the bakery areas of participating supermarket shops. Perfect for when you don’t have time to defrost your food during the day! The following varieties are available at the whole cheesecake bakery: Chocolate Mousse, Original, White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, and Strawberry Shortcake.
    • Four distinct flavors are available: Vanilla Bean, Dulce de Leche, Triple Chocolate, Pumpkin (seasonal), and Salted Caramel in the Grand Selection.
    • Chee

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