How To Make A Yarn Cake By Hand?

How to Make Yarn Cakes 1 Select which colors you’d like to use in your yarn cake. 2 Decide the order in which you’d like the colors. 3 Start winding the first with your yarn ball winder. (here’s a great article if you’re unsure which one you need!) 4 When you get to the end (or whenever you want to change colors) make a Russian Join. More

What is a yarn cake?

A yarn cake sits flat on the table. It has a nice easy end to draw out of the center. If its done right, the yarn won’t tangle up and the cake won’t flop or bounce around. A yarn cake as a great and wonderful thing and nearly every yarn shop in the world will wind up your yarn into a cake with their ball winder.

How to unwind yarn Hanks and make cakes?

The two most popular products for unwinding hanks and making cakes are: This little tool transforms yarn into compact center-pull cakes that sit nicely while you work with the yarn. I personally prefer to use a yarn cake winder and can really recommend it. A Swift Umbrella holds your hanks in place as you wind them.

Do you need a ball Winder to make a yarn cake?

A yarn cake as a great and wonderful thing and nearly every yarn shop in the world will wind up your yarn into a cake with their ball winder. But you don’t need a ball winder to make a yarn cake.

Do yarn cakes tangle up?

If its done right, the yarn won’t tangle up and the cake won’t flop or bounce around. A yarn cake as a great and wonderful thing and nearly every yarn shop in the world will wind up your yarn into a cake with their ball winder.

Why do people wind yarn into cakes?

A nicely wound yarn cake will save you headache and frustration and make for a more pleasant knitting and crocheting experience. A yarn cake sits flat on the table. It has a nice easy end to draw out of the center. If its done right, the yarn won’t tangle up and the cake won’t flop or bounce around.

How do yarn cakes work?

A yarn cake is a yarn that is wound into a flat ‘cake’ shape with a flat top and bottom. It’s designed to be used as a center-pull ball which is very convenient as it stops the yarn bundle moving or rolling around when knitting or crocheting.

Which end of yarn do I start with?

All skeins have an outside end that allows you to begin work by unrolling the yarn from the outside. You can begin knitting or crocheting from the outside, wind it into a ball by hand, or use a wool winder to make a pull skein. However, many people prefer to pull from the center as it can keep the ball neater.

What can I crochet with a yarn cake?

What can I crochet with a yarn cake? Just about anything! I’ve seen so many amazing projects made with cake yarns, and the color matching makes it so easy. So whip up a hat, scarf, blanket, garment – just about anything you can imagine.

How many balls of yarn are in a skein?

100 grams of yarn is equal to 250 yards. There are approximately 236 yards in 1 skein of yarn. You’ll need to buy the 100 gram balls to do the project if you are working with a skein of yarn. Otherwise, it will be 2 50 gram balls of yarn for each skein of yarn you’ll need to buy.

How many yarn cakes do I need for a blanket?

For a full-size blanket, you will need quite a bit of yarn, probably around 13-18 balls or skeins of yarn. Usually, afghans are very colorful, so you may have one skein of each and, if it’s it’s really colorful, that can add up. If the blanket only has one or a few colors, it may only be 10 skeins.

Is it necessary to roll yarn into a ball?

If you are working with yarn in a hank like LB Collection Organic Wool, winding the yarn into a ball is the best way to prevent tangling as you work. After unfolding the hank, loop it around a swift (or chair back, or the hands of a willing friend) to keep it stable as you follow the steps below to wind it into a ball.

Do you pull from the center of a yarn cake?

A Cake of Yarn:

Cakes are center pull and are typically what you make when you have a hank of yarn. Since you can’t use a hank as it is to knit or crochet you wind it into a cake using a ball winder and swift. Cakes can also be made with left over yarn.

Why don’t they sell yarn in balls?

The biggest reason yarn so often comes in hanks is that it travels much more reliably that way. Wound balls tend to snag, fall apart, and generally become tangled knots. Also, leaving yarn unwound is usually better for the fiber for storage. When yarn is wound, it puts tension on the fiber.

Do you need a ball Winder to make a yarn cake?

A yarn cake as a great and wonderful thing and nearly every yarn shop in the world will wind up your yarn into a cake with their ball winder. But you don’t need a ball winder to make a yarn cake.

Do yarn cakes tangle up?

If its done right, the yarn won’t tangle up and the cake won’t flop or bounce around. A yarn cake as a great and wonderful thing and nearly every yarn shop in the world will wind up your yarn into a cake with their ball winder.

What is the best way to wind yarn?

A dowel will work. So will a broom handle, a fat knitting needle, or the empty tube from your next roll of toilet paper. If you want to be fancy-pants about hand winding yarn, you can get a nostepinne. But only really hopeless yarn-geeks bother with those.

How to Hand Wind Yarn Into a Cake

My first confession is that I enjoy winding yarn.It’s a lot of fun.It gives me an excuse to play with my yarn, and when I wound up other knitters’ and crocheters’ yarn (which I have been known to do), it gives me a reason to play with their yarn as well.However, it is more than simply a time for fun.

With a properly coiled yarn cake, you may save yourself headaches and stress while having a more enjoyable knitting and crocheting experience….A yarn cake is flat on the table and ready to be served.It has a beautiful, simple end that is easy to pull out of the middle.If everything is done correctly, the yarn will not tangle and the cake will not flop or bounce around.

  • A yarn cake is a fantastic and useful item, and practically every yarn store in the world will wind up your yarn into a cake using their ball winder if you ask them.
  • A yarn cake, on the other hand, does not require the use of a ball winder.
  • All you need is a stick to get started.
  • A dowel will suffice.

A broom handle, a large knitting needle, or the empty tube from your next roll of toilet paper can all suffice as substitutes.Getting a nostepinne is an option if you want to be extra sophisticated when it comes to hand winding yarn.However, only the most hopeless of yarn-geeks bother with them.Confession number two: I have three nostepinnes.

  • I too have a ball winder, but I also weave yarn cakes by hand from time to time, and not only for pleasure.
  • If I just have a tiny bit of yarn, say 50 yards or less, I wrap it into a small cake using a small nostepinne thin stick and store it for later use.
  • That works out much better in the long run.

Winding Yarn Into a Cake By Hand

Give it a shot since it’s quite simple. You’ll be producing yarn cakes in no time at all, and believe me when I say that they’re well worth the time investment. And don’t forget to pick up a copy of the yarn cake cozy pattern. It’s a freebie, and you’re going to need something to transport your cakes, aren’t you? Right.

Also, if you like free stuff check out:
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How to unwind a hank of yarn into a ball or cake – tutorial by Wilmade

The majority of hand colored yarns are packaged in attractive hanks.A hank of yarn is a form of yarn that is twisted into a pretzel shape, similar to that of a pretzel.You’ll need to unwind a hank before you can begin working with it properly.Once you understand what you need to do, the procedure is fairly straightforward.

With the help of photographs, I will demonstrate step-by-step how to unwind a hank of yarn and roll it into a ball without the need of pricey gear like as yarn swift umbrellas or yarn cake winders.

Why would people buy hanks in the first place

  • You could be perplexed as to why you would require a hank of any sort in the first place. They are more time-consuming to make than ready-to-use cake variations. There are a number of noteworthy advantages: The benefits of hanks include: being smaller, taking up less space, and being easier to store
  • saving money on shipping costs
  • being able to see all of the colors in the skein better, so you won’t be surprised by a’mystery color’
  • some people prefer the way hanks look, for example, for taking beautiful Instagram pictures
  • keeping your yarn wound into balls for an extended period of time can stretch out the yarn. Yarn that has been wrapped into hanks has been shown to breathe more effectively.

How to unwind a hank of yarn

How to unwind a hank of yarn is demonstrated in the following stages.Unless otherwise stated, the yarn used in my photographs is fingering weight 100 percent SW merino hanks from Kraeo.Remove the two ends of the hank and split them to reveal the folded shape.Remove any tags or labels that may have been attached.

2.Untwist the yarn and put it flat on a work surface.3.You’ll note that the hank is tied together with knots.

  • Knots should be cut and removed.
  • It is best to untie the knot or trim the yarn as near as possible to the knot if the ends of the yarn have been knotted together.
  • 4.
  • Put two chairs together so that their backs are against each other.

Wrap the yarn around the back of the chair.Create a ball by taking up one end of the yarn and wrapping it around your fingers a few times.Continue wrapping the yarn around the ball, adjusting the ball as you go to ensure that it is uniformly distributed.

Products that make unwinding yarn hanks easier

If you work with hanks on a regular basis, it may be worthwhile to investigate certain products that will make the procedure more convenient.When it comes to unwinding hanks and baking cakes, the two most common goods are: Knit Picks offers a yarn cake winder for $19.99.It is a little instrument that turns yarn into tiny center-pull cakes that may be used to hold the yarn while you work with it.Personal preference: I like to use a yarn cake winder, which I can highly suggest.

Yarn Swift Umbrella from Knit Picks is available for $59.99.A Swift Umbrella helps you keep your hanks in place while you wind them up.Despite the fact that I was able to complete the task with the help of chairs, I want to utilize a rapid umbrella the next time because it will make the procedure easier and faster.


I hope you found this tutorial to be helpful! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in my Facebook discussion group. I made this group so that you may exchange images and progress reports, ask questions, and offer assistance to one another. If you’re wondering what I did with the yarn in the image, it’s my new To The Point Shawl (which is available as a free pattern)!

Free crochet patterns


Hi! My name is Wilma, and I’m a 26-year-old crochet designer from the Netherlands. I particularly enjoy creating clothing, shawls, caps, goods for newborns, and items for the house and interior. Every one of my free crochet designs may be found right here on my blog. I’d love to meet new people on social media and make friends!

Wind a Perfect Yarn Cake By Hand

Despite the fact that I own a yarn winder (this one, specifically), which I like, there are times when I crave the old-school vibe of sitting in front of the television, or in front of a blazing fireplace, or just with a circle of friends, winding yarn and daydreaming about my next project.Isn’t that comforting to think about?The use of this approach will assist you in creating the perfect yarn cake in a variety of settings where a yarn winder is not readily available.This post includes affiliate links for your convenience.

I’m not sure what’s at the middle of a ball of yarn, other than maybe a jumble of strands, and it’s common practice to unwind the yarn starting from the outside.However, as you pull, the ball starts to roll all over the place.A variety of methods have been devised to deal with this difficulty, including customized yarn bowls that may be used to corral an errant ball and yarn cakes wound on a yarn winder that assure a cylindrical form with an easy-to-pull center pull yarn end.But what if you don’t have a yarn bowl or a yarn winder on hand to make a yarn ball?

  • See the video below for an affordable and simple method of keeping track of your yarn.
  • The Baby Penguin Amigurumi is an excellent project for organizing extra yarns in your stash, or for cutting a big self-striping yarn skein into the colors you need, like I did for my Baby Penguin Amigurumi.
  • Whichever the case may be, this is a tip that you’ll want to have in your back pocket.
  • All you need is your yarn and a marker to do this project.

Permanent markers, such as this one or this one, that are more commonplace are my preference.Please visit my YouTube channel and SUBSCRIBE if you like this simple method for keeping your yarn stash in order.I will be posting more knitting patterns, tips, and lessons on there soon.Remember to click on the Notifications button to ensure that you don’t miss any new movies on the site!

How to Wind Scrap Yarn Into Cakes

As a crocheter and yarn addict, I have a tendency to acquire a large number of yarn ends and leftovers from various projects.Making your own unique yarn from them is a fantastic way to make use of them all at once.You will learn how to wind leftover yarn into cakes and how to wind two different yarns at the same time in this tutorial.When it comes time to work on your next scrappy yarn project, you’ll have everything ready to go.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you purchase something after clicking on one of my links or advertisements, I may make a small compensation.This has no effect on your costs; it just contributes to the continued operation of this blog.Thank you very much for your help!For additional information, please see the Privacy Policy and Affiliate Deals page.

Yarn Scraps & A Ball Winder

You may wind yarn by hand, but I prefer to use a ball winder since it is more efficient.This ball winder, although it is made by KnitPicks, was purchased on Amazon for around $20.This splits down into three pieces and may be easily reassembled in the original box for storage.In addition, the color is fantastic!

This comes together in minutes and fits perfectly on the side of my work table.I had a bag full of items that needed to be wound up, so I spread everything out on the table to sift through it.Before I begin to relax, I prefer to categorize things into categories that are similar in nature.However, I don’t pay too much attention to the fiber type and instead group yarns of comparable weights together.

  • The majority of them are acrylic, with only a few wools and cottons thrown in for good measure.
  • I’ve got a load of Halloween-themed yarn, a pile of fall bulky yarn, and a pile of fall worsted weight yarn.
  • The yarn in the upper left corner was unwound when it was received, but it needs to be wrapped up!
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Winding & Joining

To begin winding the yarn, just hook the end of the yarn into one of the slots on the bobbin.If you like, you may use the end for a central pull if you choose.On the side, there’s a swirly wire that may be used to aid with tension.I normally hold the yarn between the yarn ball and the tension wire in order to prevent it from pulling too hard.

Then all you have to do is turn the handle and walk away!When it comes time to add more yarn to a project, I prefer to employ the ″magic knot″ technique.There are a variety of methods for joining yarn ends, but this is the one I prefer.Because I had more of certain yarn than I had of others, I utilized a ″sophisticated procedure″ to meter out the rest of the yarn.

  • I alternated the colors with the solid, and for the bigger skeins, I counted more pulls to the right of the needle.
  • That’s the pile to the right of the camera in the photo below.
  • In addition to my yarn ball holder, which I constructed out of a plastic bag, this complex system included other components.
  • I’m a complete genius!: D


Once the yarn has been coiled into a delicious cake, there are numerous options for storing and labeling it, if necessary.Unlike some others, I want to be able to use them on my yarn butler, so I’m not going to let the cake collapse on itself.In order to finish the first few that I made, I either wrapped a thread around one side or looped the label through and stapled it in place.Although these cakes are a little larger, the use of a rolled up index card inserted into the center performed far better.

After that, I wrapped up this monstrous cake…This was clearly not going to be accomplished with an index card!I happened to have an empty paper towel tube laying around that worked well.I’ve tried multiple times to crochet with this yarn, but it just doesn’t work well for clothes or a blanket, at least not in my opinion.

  • Here’s a portion of it that has been crocheted…
  • That glistening white portion looks like some form of plastic-like thread to me.
  • I’m thinking I’ll just use it to build a wall hanging because I really like it!
  • It’s Red Heart Boutique Changes, and it’s no longer available for purchase.

You can buy some on Amazon in a variety of colorways if you’re willing to pay more than $15 per skein for it!

Scrappy Yarn Cakes

It’s time to go back to the scrappy yarn cakes!This is what my Halloween yarn cake will look like when finished…I did have some purple and a smidgeon of burgundy left over, though.The burgundy went into my worsted weight fall pile, and the purple was wrapped up to be used with the Halloween cake I was making.

Here’s my hefty fall pile, all linked and ready to be whittled away…When the cake became bigger, the yarn became a little slippery, and I had to hold the yarn down in order to get it all the way to the finish.From this one, there was a little cream and grey left over…I made a decision to use up all of my excess chunky skeins, which were largely made of Homespun fiber.

  • When I think of a corner to corner blanket, I see this arrangement with the scrappy yarn cake in the centre.
  • What are your thoughts on this?
  • By the way, Homespun Cakes are now available at Lion Brand!
  • Both skeins include the same amount of yarn, however the skeins contain 19 hues that are entirely distinct from one another.

I may or may not have a candidate coming to test out….; This is my pile of fall worsted weight yarn before I start spinning it all…For this particular piece, I really like how the colors came together!Possibly my fave of the bunch so far!I discovered that I had more worsted scraps in a bin on my shelf than I realized.

  • On this one, I opted to just start with brown and work my way through to grey.
  • There are already some knots in it as a result of me frogging a panel from corner to corner.
  • After everything was said and done, I had to make two cakes for them and slide the two larger black balls with my Halloween cake inside the other.
  • The cakes made from the yarn seen above are the ones on the far right.
  • What about all the little, inconsequential details?
  1. After seeing this video, I decided to save the rest of the ingredients to turn into stuffing!
  2. Only thing left is to locate a yarn carder that is not too costly!
  3. Perhaps I’ll come across one on my next thrifting excursion.: D

Winding Two Yarns

I’m planning on making a coat out of the two yarns below.I’ll be holding the two yarns together to do this, so it makes since to wind them up into a cake to make it easier to crochet with.The one on the right is Lion Brand Homeland in Pinnacles & the one on the left is LB Collection Silk Mohair in Sunset.I put both of them in my fancy holder & set it up to wind away.

Since the acrylic is so much heavier, I had to pull out a pile of it then wind it.Be sure to turn the pile over before you start winding & you’ll have less tangles!The lighter yarn wanted to bunch up, so I really had to watch it & feel for it as it went through my hand.I was a little surprised when the acrylic ran out first, especially since it had about 30 more yards than the silk mohair!

  • Okay, this is my favorite cake now!
  • It’s so soft & squishy & those colors are just stunning!
  • Just look at that halo!
  • I shared this picture on Instagram when I was test swatching these for my coat.

This is before I wound it all up.Someone had a question about how that actually works – crocheting two yarns together.So, I decided to do a YouTube tutorial on it, which you can check out below ~>

How To: Keep Those Yarn Cakes Tidy!

The 25th of September, 2019 While knitting or crocheting, here’s a simple DIY technique for keeping those center-pull yarn cakes orderly.These simple to create ″Skein Spanx″ provide your cakes the support they need to keep them from collapsing and becoming tangled as the yarn is pulled out of the center.Instructions are included.One of the most advantageous aspects is that you most likely already have all of the items you require in your home!

My daughter, who is eight years old, enjoys wearing skirts and tights.Because she also enjoys running about, playing on the playground, and other activities that cause holes to appear in her tights almost instantly, I’m baffled as to why she finds that combination so appealing.Until I came across adverts for some yarn cozies made by a variety of brilliant crafters and my inner DIYer had a ″Ah ha!″ moment, that is.I’ve also experimented with some of my own mid-calf length stockings, and the results have been as impressive.

  • The term ″skein Spanx″ refers to elastic tubes that are wrapped around yarn cakes to prevent the yarn from collapsing in on itself and becoming tangled when knitting with the center-pull end of the yarn (also known as ″yarn cozies″ or ″skein jackets″ by others).
  • You will never have to stop and re-cake your yarn again over the course of your project since your yarn cake will never begin to collapse!
  • By knitting from the center-pull end of the cake rather than the outside end, your yarn will remain in place as you knit, rather than moving about, falling off tables/couches, or imparting undesirable twist to your yarn if it is unable to move while knitting.
  • If you are just planning on creating one pair of these Skein Spanx, all you really need is a pair of tights or stockings and something to cut them with to complete the project.

One or two other pieces of equipment that I find useful are a cutting mat, rotary cutters instead of scissors, and a ruler.A rotary cutter is preferable for this project since it provides incredibly clean and uniform edges, which is ideal for this project.To avoid jagged edges along the cut edge while using scissors, you must use very large and sharp scissors that can make the cut in a single motion.If you wish to produce more than two Skein Spanx from a single pair of tights or stockings, you’ll need to use a sewing machine.

  • The supplies I’m using for this lesson include a self-healing cutting mat, rotary cutters, a 6-inch wide quilting ruler, and a pair of lovely kitty print tights from Target ($3.99).
  • Once upon a time, my daughter owned a pair of them, but they were far too soiled and filthy for me to repurpose once she gave them over.
  • I purchased the largest size they had available so that the tights’ legs would be longer, allowing me to manufacture more Skein Spanx from a single pair of tights.
  • I also purchased the largest size they had available so that the tights’ legs would be longer.
  • It may be essential to remove the packing off your tights/stockings.
  1. Place one foot over the other such that they are mirror images of one another, folding the foot in half if it is a waist-length pair of shoes, etc.
  2. For those of you who aren’t perfectionists, you can simply cut a straight line across your Skein Spanx at about the length you want it to be and call it a day if you aren’t concerned with getting it right.
  3. In fact, that is precisely what I did for my first one in order to check whether my concept would even work, and it turned out just fine, except from the somewhat jagged/crooked edges caused by my butcher job with the scissors.
  4. To avoid the jagged and crooked edges that I mentioned above, I recommend putting the tights/stockings flat on your cutting mat as in the photo above and using a ruler as a guide for your rotary cutter to cut a straight line at the length you specified in your measurements.
  1. My Skein Spanx should be around 6′′ in length (15.24 cm).
  2. This length allows for the use of any size skein of yarn without restriction.
  3. In all seriousness, they worked flawlessly on a large 250g ball of aran weight yarn (400 yards) without a hitch.
  4. By folding the top down over itself, I was able to fit a 30g cake of fingering weight yarn into the exact same size bag as before.
  5. In the event that you are just producing one pair of tights/stockings from whatever you are reusing, then congrats!
  6. You have completed your task!
  • To turn the previously described 8-year-tights old’s with holes into something that is still usable took around 30 seconds using this procedure.
  • Are you using tights or stockings that are not riddled with holes and that can be repurposed to make numerous more Skein Spanx?
  • Is it possible to use the upper section of a pair of mid-calf length stockings that you already have in your possession?

Continue reading if you agree!If you are using a pair of full length over-the-hip style tights/stockings, cut straight lines every 6.25′′ (15.9cm) or so until the tights/stockings are completely covered.Because you will need to seal one end of the tubes with a seam allowance, you should add a little more length here.

Continually repeat this along the length of your tights as many times as you are able.In the event that you’re using a pair of mid-calf length stockings and aren’t sure what to do with the top half, treat it the same way I do the tubes in the next parts and stitch it on the cut side.I was able to cut enough pieces from this one pair of kids size 14/16 tights to make enough parts for six full-sized Skein Spanx.Aside from that, I was also able to cut another pair of 5′′ (12.7cm) tubes off the very top of the stack (not visible), which would result in a shorter set that would definitely still function on smaller yarn cakes.However, while it is theoretically possible to leave the tubes as they are and they will *do* keep your yarn clean, I like to seal one end to simulate the foot area of the tights.

  1. The covered bottom keeps your yarn clean and safe from whatever surface it is placed on while in use, as well as from any other things that may be thrown into your project bag.
  2. – Turn the tubes inside out so that the correct sides of the tubes are facing each other.
  3. Line up the edges as closely as possible without becoming overly concerned with the result.
  4. They do have a propensity to curl somewhat, so don’t be concerned about getting it perfectly straight.
  1. That this is coming from a little insane perfectionist should give you some indication that this isn’t a project that will be adversely affected by minor flaws.
  2. Select as wide as your machine will allow for a zig-zag stitch with a medium stitch length on your sewing machine.
  3. A zig-zag stitch holds the edges of the fabric together while yet allowing it to expand as much as the cloth is supposed to.
  4. This aids in the Skein Spanx’s ability to stretch to fit any size yarn cake.
  5. Always begin and end your seam with a reverse stitch to aid in the locking of the seam in place.
  6. Always stretch the cloth slightly during sewing to ensure that it retains as much of its stretchiness as possible after the stitching process.

I am by no means a professional seamstress, and I had a lot of trouble at the top edge with the cloth becoming caught and the threads overlapping and forming a small bunch.I believe this occurs because the cloth is so elastic that it does not move in sync with the fabric through which your hand is attempting to slip.If something like this occurs to you, don’t panic!When you reach the ″bump″ caused by overlapping stitches, stop sewing, raise your machine foot, and shift the cloth up just a bit.

  1. I started with fairly long thread tails trailing from the top so that I could pull them after the initial reverse stitches to aid in getting that problematic top piece to slip under the foot the way it should have.
  2. Following the top corner, you will be able to stretch the fabric and move it along by holding either side of the edges, as seen in the photograph above.
  3. The completed seam should be similar to the one seen in the figure above, if not identical.
  4. It is far from ideal and appears stretched out and wavy, but after flipping the Skein Spanx right side out and placing it on a yarn cake, this does not appear to be an issue.

Using your hand, insert it into the open side of the tube and stretch it slightly to ensure that both sides of the fabric are inserted into the seam the entire way through.Re-stitch the zig-zag thread over the holes or weak points, being sure to reverse the stitch on either side of the ″patch″ to ensure that the new seam is securely fastened.That is something I have definitely had to do on more than one occasion, and the end product does not show any signs of it.We’ve completed our work, which is wonderful!

Turn them over so that the correct side is facing up and you are ready to go!To put the Skein Spanx on my yarn cakes, I like to turn the yarn cake upside down so that the bottom is facing up, then stretch the Skein Spanx out while centering it over the yarn cake and sliding the stretched Skein Spanx down over the yarn cake (much like putting tights on a child’s foot), then repeat.If the Skein Spanx is higher than your yarn cake, you may either fold the top down until the top edge of the cake is even with the top of the Skein Spanx, or you can leave it hanging over the edge of the cake.

You will still be able to move freely with your working yarn, and the top of your yarn will be kept clean and protected at all times!The yarn cake may easily be removed from its container by peeling it away from its edges while pulling the yarn cake upward from the bottom.There are some yarn cakes that have been taken from the center and I do not advocate taking a Skein Spanx from one of these yarn cakes.Replace the partial yarn cake with a fresh cake using the center-pull end of the yarn, while your Skein Spanx maintains the partial cake orderly and untangled while you are winding.Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.I’d love to see your finished Skein Spanx on Instagram, so please tag me @craftslayerpdx or use the hashtag #skeinspanx if you post a picture.

Self-Striping Yarn Cakes – Which brand do I choose? Pattern Ideas & FAQs

  • I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be collaborating with American Yarns once more in the coming months to bring you some new yarn reviews as well as some original patterns. Today’s post is a big one, in which I compare the FIVE most popular brands of self-striping yarn cakes on the market. It is brought to you by American Yarns, who sponsored this post. I realized that my original yarn cake review post comparing Caron Cakes and Sweet Roll Cakes had been extremely popular, garnering a slew of questions, comments, and feedback. As a result, I decided to write a larger and more comprehensive post answering every question you might have about yarn cake. Caron Cakes, Caron Baby Cakes, Bernat Pop, Premier Sweet Roll, and Lion Brand Mandala are the five kinds of self-striping yarn cakes that I’ll be comparing in this post.

I thought it might be helpful to answer some often asked issues regarding self-striping yarn cakes that are universally applicable to virtually all of the brands.Of course, if there’s anything I’ve missed, please let me know by leaving a question in the comments area and I’ll include it.At the conclusion of this essay, I’ll compile a list of patterns that work well with yarn cakes that you may use to make your own.

What is a Yarn Cake and how does it differ from a regular ball of yarn?

An example of a yarn cake is a yarn that has been twisted into a flat, round ‘cake’ shape with flat top and bottom edges.While knitting or crocheting, it is intended to be used as a center-pull ball, which is extremely helpful since it prevents the yarn bundle from sliding about or rolling around while knitting.You can build your own yarn cake from any yarn using a ball winder, but in the case of the yarns included in this post, they have already been pre-caked (I just made up that phrase) by the manufacturer before shipping.Another appealing characteristic of yarn cakes is that they allow you to see the color variations that occur in the yarns.

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How do Self-Striping Yarn Cakes differ from Variegated yarns?

Variegated yarns are yarns in which the color varies from one end of the yarn to another.The length of a yarn’s color run will decide whether or not it will produce stripes when spun.Working with brief color shifts results in a splotchy pattern when the yarn is woven together.Color changes that are long in duration will result in stripes when worked up.

The stripe becomes thicker as the length of each color’s length increases.This is important to bear in mind when picking a striping yarn, since the thickness of the stripe will also be determined by the breadth of the piece.When working with self-striping yarns, it is important to note that some have abrupt color changes, which may be apparent depending on where the shift occurs on the piece.Others feature slight variations that mix from one color to the next, providing a gradient impression between the two.

What are the advantages of using Self-Striping yarn cakes over multiple balls of regular yarn?

The advantage of utilizing self-striping yarn cakes is that you may have three, five, or more colors of yarn in a single ball, which saves you money on having to purchase numerous balls of yarn for a single brightly colored item.Because most yarn cakes are rather large, one ball may go a long way and may be sufficient for tiny crafts, making them an extremely cost-effective option.Because the colors have been picked by a yarn designer, they typically work well together, which eliminates the need for guesswork if you aren’t sure when it comes to picking colors.There are no annoying yarn ends to weave in since the colors change fluidly, which allows you to save time by weaving less.

Projects that take advantage of striping yarn color changes can also produce some spectacular results.

What are the disadvantages of using Self-Striping yarn cakes?

The primary problem that many crafters have with self-striping yarn cakes is that they have no control over how the colors change while they are being created.Depending on your project’s pattern, the adjustments may be placed in an area that does not appear to be particularly appealing.If you are a ″control freak″ or if you are looking for a certain color pattern, this lack of control may be an issue for you.To get around this, you can split up the yarn and change the colors wherever it is most convenient for you.

Some crafters have ‘deconstructed’ yarn cakes in order to have greater control over the color variations in their finished products.Not every pattern looks nice when knit with self-striping yarn, though.A smart idea is to do some preliminary study on a yarn/pattern combo before diving in headfirst.If you’re having trouble visualizing what your finished product will look like, check out Ravelry to see if anybody else has completed a project with your selected self-striping yarn cake.If in doubt, choose for a pattern that has been made specifically for self-striping yarns.Towards the end of this essay, I’ll include a summary of suggested patterns.

Which Self-Striping yarn cake is the best?

So, now that I’ve answered the fundamental questions, let’s get down to business and compare some yarn cakes!While every review will have some element of subjectivity, I’ve attempted to offer the most factual information possible to assist you in making your own decision about the yarn that is best suited for your project, in addition to my own thoughts and ideas, and personal preferences.I’ll go through each yarn individually, listing the advantages and disadvantages of each one, and then summarize my thoughts on which one I like at the end.In order to better understand the changes in sizes and yarn thickness amongst the cakes, let’s first compare them all to one another.

As you can see, Caron Cakes are the biggest of the balls, weighing 200g each.Bernat Pop appears to be the same size as the previous ball, but it is actually a smaller ball at 140g; the loftiness of the yarn gives the impression that it is larger.Mandala yarn is noticeably thinner than the other yarns since it is a DK/8ply yarn, as contrast to the other yarns, which are all worsted/10ply.You’ll also see how the colors change as the yarn progresses through it.It’s fascinating to observe that some colors appear more than once in the ball, and that the number of times they appear can change depending on how the ball is twisted.Most balls will start and finish with the same color, which is perfect for crafts such as infinity scarves or if you are putting numerous balls together in one item.

One thing to keep in mind is that not all balls in the same colorway will begin with the same color.This may make a significant impact in the overall appearance of your project.For example, as you can see in the image below, when a single colorway of yarn (Bernat Pop, Pop Art) is coiled, the appearance of the ball changes depending on which color was used to begin with.Bernat Pop — Color scheme inspired by pop art If you just need one ball for a little project, this may not make a difference to you; but, if you are purchasing numerous balls for a larger project, such as a blanket with a regular striping pattern, it is critical to pick balls that have nearly the same color pattern arrangement.If you are making a purchase in person, this is quite simple; however, making a decision when shopping online is far more difficult.

  • Fortunately, the ladies at American Yarns are quite nice and hand-pick each and every order, so they can fulfill unusual requests if necessary — simply send them an email after placing your order.
  • Let’s take a closer look at each yarn individually: According to the American Yarns website (as of September 2018, all prices are current), the prices indicated below are only a reference.
  • Prices may fluctuate somewhat from time to time due to variations in the Australian dollar vs the US dollar.
  • Prices are in Australian dollars unless otherwise stated.

Caron Cakes

  • It was Caron who first introduced the self-striping yarn cake craze, with many other businesses quickly following after and releasing their own variations. The following are the primary characteristics of Caron Cakes: 5 different colors
  • Wool and acrylic blend
  • 200g/350m
  • 10ply/worsted
  • 20 percent wool, 80 percent acrylic
  • The price each ball is $14.50, and the price per ten meters is 41 cents.
  • Sharp color shifts with speckles running through the yarn
  • Every 43m or so, the color changes
  • Caron Cake Advantages: Large ball
  • available in 19 different color combinations
  • If you like natural fibers in your yarn, this one has wool in it.
  • There are a plethora of Caron Cake designs available.
  • Caron Cake’s disadvantages include the following: it appears and feels the most’synthetic’ of all the yarns
  • it has a shine that I do not care for
  • it is the most expensive of all the yarns.
  • Knots are a common complaint among crafters – I have experienced knots in this yarn in the past, but the ball photographed, for whatever reason, did not have any
  • When compared to other brands, this one has a coarser, slightly irritating feel.
  • Hand washing is mandatory.
  • Wool allergies should avoid this product.

Caron Cakes is best suited for large projects where you want to minimize the number of balls used in order to reduce the amount of time spent weaving in the ends.Crafts requiring a lot of color changes or smaller projects that can be accomplished with a single big Caron cake ball are both good candidates for this technique.Caron Cakes have a texture that I don’t particularly care for; it feels a little too ‘acrylic-y’ to me, despite the fact that it contains wool.It’s still a lovely yarn, but it’s not my first pick if there are other alternatives available.

Caron Baby Cakes

  • This yarn is intended for use in the creation of baby clothes and nursery items. In comparison to the original Caron Cake, this ball is half the size of the original. The following are the primary characteristics of Caron Baby Cakes: 4-5 different colors
  • 18 percent nylon, 82 percent acrylic
  • 100g/211m
  • 10ply/worsted
  • 100g/211m
  • $12.95 per ball – price per 10m = 61 cents
  • $12.95 per ball
  • Color shifts that are noticeable in pastel colors
  • color changes that occur approximately every 35m
  • Aspects of Caron Baby Cake that customers like: Extremely soft and squishy
  • Tasteful pastel color ranges
  • Wool-free
  • The use of nylon increases the longevity of the product.
  • Washable in the washing machine
  • Caron Baby Cake Drawbacks: Expensive per 10m compared to other yarns
  • small ball
  • difficult to work with.
  • Some color shifts are extremely slight
  • others are more noticeable.
  • Very soft — it is possible that it will pill
  • Only available in the pastel color scheme

Caron Cakes is best suited for use in baby clothes and blankets, according to the manufacturer.This yarn is so soft and feels beautiful that I wish it came in a variety of colors other than pastels.Small crafts, like as caps and cardigans, are a good fit.I believe that sewing a huge blanket out of this would be too expensive, and for a comparable price, I would definitely settle for a machine washable baby merino.

Bernat Pop

  • Another yarn cake with a variety of colorful color shifts. Exceptionally soft and lofty yarn that is somewhat thicker and more substantial than Caron Cakes Yarn. The following are the primary characteristics of Bernat Pop: ten colors
  • one hundred percent acrylic
  • 140 g/256 m
  • ten plies
  • ten cents every ten meters
  • $10.49 each ball – price per ten meters = 41 cents
  • Sharp color changes with speckles running through the yarn
  • color changes occur approximately every 42m.
  • Bernat Pop Advantages:Very great yarn texture – doesn’t seem synthetic
  • very soft and comfortable.
  • Color option that is both vibrant and machine washable
  • It feels like wool, but it is not irritating
  • It appears to be long-lasting
  • Bernat Pop’s disadvantages include: a little fuzzy texture that may not be suitable for everyone
  • More yarn than you believe
  • the ball appears to be the same size as Caron cakes, but contains less yarn.
  • There was one knot in the ball, which I discovered.

Bernat Pop is best suited for projects that demand for worsted self-striping yarn, such as sweaters and hats.Because of its durability, this yarn would be perfect for blankets, clothes, home décor items, and toys.I really adore this yarn and can’t wait to use it in a variety of projects in the future.The color possibilities that are offered are pretty great, with a decent mix of neutrals and vivid colors to choose from.

Suitable for both knitting and crochet tasks, this yarn is a terrific all-rounder.The yarn has a silky feel to it, and it may be confused with wool.This acrylic yarn is ideal for persons who are allergic to synthetic fibers.

Premier Sweet Roll

  • Sweet Roll, the second cake yarn to hit the market after Caron Cakes, was the second cake yarn to hit the market. The biggest distinction between this yarn and all the others is that it only contains three colors that are repeated twice. The following are the primary characteristics of Bernat Pop: The yarn has three colors (repeated twice)
  • 100 percent acrylic
  • 140g/224m
  • 10ply/worsted (although on the thinner side, more like DK/8ply)
  • $9.50 per ball – price per ten meters = 42 cents
  • Sharp color shifts with speckles running through the yarn
  • Every 37 milliseconds, the color changes
  • Sweet Roll Advantages: It feels sturdy and is firmly spun, so it is less prone to pill.
  • This item is machine washable.
  • There is a huge variety of colors available.
  • Not itchy – but soft
  • There are no knots in any of the four balls I’ve come across
  • Sweet Roll’s disadvantages include: being stiffer and having less drape than other yarns
  • having a smaller ball.
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If you’re knitting something that asks for worsted self-striping yarn, Sweet Roll is the yarn for you.Because of its durability, this yarn would be perfect for blankets, clothes, home décor items, and toys.If you desire shorter stripes that repeat, this is the yarn for you.I really like this yarn and find it enjoyable to crochet with because it has excellent stitch definition.

Especially well suited for work that will be cleaned frequently..A fantastic all-arounder!Because the balls are smaller, you may need to purchase more balls depending on the project, but this is an excellent chance to combine a few different colorways for a multi-colored look.

Lion Brand Mandala

  • The following are the primary characteristics of Mandala yarn: 6 to 9 different colors
  • 100% acrylic
  • 150g/540m
  • 8ply/DK (although on the thinner side, more like a Sport/5ply)
  • 100 percent acrylic
  • 150g/540m
  • $12.50 per ball – price per 10m = 23 cents
  • $12.50 per ball
  • Color changes in a gradient manner
  • Every 60m or so, the color changes
  • Mandala Advantages: Massive metreage (yardage) — a single ball travels a long distance
  • Excellent value for money per metre (yard)
  • Very great yarn texture — it doesn’t have a synthetic feel to it.
  • Color transitions with a gradient
  • This item is machine washable.
  • It feels like wool, but it is not irritating
  • DK in a lighter weight is more adaptable.
  • Color choices that are appealing
  • something that seems and feels costly.
  • Lots of one-ball projects among the designs provided
  • a good collection of patterns.

Negatives about Mandala: I encountered one knot, which was not too awful considering how long this yarn is.

A lighter weight yarn like as Mandala is best suited for garment designs that call for a looser fit.Perfect for shawls that want to show off their gradient design.This yarn is just stunning, and it has the appearance and feel of a much more premium/expensive yarn.The gradient effect is just stunning, and I’m encouraged to build a slew of projects that make use of it to its maximum potential.

The amount of ball meterage is substantial, making it an excellent bargain.

Cinti’s Picks for the best Self-Striping Yarn Cakes – The final verdict

  • All of the yarns shown have their own advantages, but my favorite selections are: Mandala – for the lovely gradient effect it creates as well as the amazing value it offers
  • Aran – for its softness and versatility
  • and Silk – for its softness and versatility.
  • Bernat Pop is a soft and adaptable fabric.
  • Sweet Roll is a wonderful all-arounder for projects that will be subjected to a lot of wear and tear.

What to make with Yarn Cakes – 9 Yarn Cake Pattern Ideas

  • Many people have asked me about the best patterns and projects to do with self-striping yarn, and I have answered their questions on the best patterns and projects to make using yarn cakes. I’m hoping to come up with more original cake yarn patterns in the future, but for now, I’ve combed the internet for some of my favorite patterns to share with you. I’ve compiled a collection of crochet and knitting patterns for you to enjoy. Some people only use one ball of yarn, which is perfect if you have a yarn cake lying around and aren’t sure what to do with it. There are also a few of larger crafts included for when you’ve had the yarn cake itch. Even while the designs I’ve picked make advantage of the yarn cake without breaking it, you may always cut the yarn and re-join it if you want greater control over where the color changes take place. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, these designs are completely free! If you like this post, I hope it provided some ideas for your next self-striping yarn cake project. What to do with yarn cakes – There are a variety of possibilities. Here are some fantastic knitting and crochet designs to get you started. From top to bottom, the list is arranged as follows: a RowEntrelac Crochet Baby Blanket using Caron Baby Cakes as the specified yarn
  • Caron Cakes, Bernat Pop, or Sweet Roll yarns are recommended for the Campfire Cardigan
  • Caron Cakes, Bernat Pop, or Sweet Roll yarns are recommended for the Step it up Knit Shawl
  • Caron Cakes, Bernat Pop, or Sweet Roll yarns are recommended for the Campfire Cardigan
  • Caron Cakes, Bernat Pop, or Sweet Roll yarns are recommended for the Campfire Cardigan
  • Caron Cakes, Bernat Pop, or Sweet Roll yarns are recommended for the
  • Middle of the First Row Ombre Crochet Shawl – suggested yarn Mandala
  • Cakes two to Tango – suggested yarn Mandala
  • Ombre Hexagon Blanket – suggested yarn Caron Cakes, Bernat Pop
  • Ombre Hexagon Blanket – suggested yarn Caron Cakes, Bernat Pop
  • Ombre Hexagon Blanket – suggested yarn Caron Cakes, Bernat Pop
  • Ombre Hexagon Blanket – suggested yarn Caron Cakes, Bernat
  • Bottom RowSweet Stripes Crochet Laptop Case – suggested yarn Sweet Roll
  • Super Groovy Poncho – suggested yarn Sweet Roll, Bernat Pop, Caron Cakes
  • Super Groovy Poncho – suggested yarn Sweet Roll, Bernat Pop, Caron Cakes
  • The Crochet Star Pop Bag is made using the specified yarn Bernat Pop in the color Sweet Roll.

All of the yarns displayed on this page are available from IT? PIN IT FOR LATER!

How do I find the end of the skein or ball? How do I pull from the center?

The vast majority of Lion Brand yarns are available as ″pull skeins″ or ″center pull balls.″ These include balls with names like Vanna’s Choice, Wool-Ease, Babysoft, Pound of Love, and other oblong shapes that are similar in form.It also contains skeins from companies such as Homespun and Amazing.It also contains ″cake″ forms such as LB Collection Silk Mohair or LB Collection Baby Alpaca, which are also available from the company.All skeins feature an outside end, which allows you to begin working by unrolling the yarn from the outside of the skein, rather than the inside.

You may start knitting or crocheting from the outside in, wind it into a ball by hand, or use a wool winder to create a pull skein from the outside in.Many individuals, however, prefer to draw from the center of the ball since it might help to keep the ball more organized.To determine the center ″pull″ or ″end″ of the ball if you don’t want to start from the outside end, please follow the procedures below:

  1. The yarn tail that is visible from outside the ball but has been tucked within the ball should be pulled out. (See illustration) The reason for this is that if you do not remove the tangle immediately, it may become entangled in your inner end and create tangling later.
  2. Extend your fingers from either side of the skein to the other end of the ball from whence that outer end was tucked
  3. then, with your thumb and index finger of each hand, squeeze the skein between your fingers until they meet
  4. Make a beeline towards the very middle. Take this out, and the situation should be resolved
  5. A little extra yarn will normally come out with it, but it will be rapidly depleted. To keep the ball looking nice, you may also wrap any leftover yarn around the edge of the ball. Continue wrapping until you reach the center ″end″ of the yarn.
  6. Begin working from this point forward

If you want further assistance, please contact support!

25 Marvelously Modern Crochet Patterns made with Caron Cakes Yarn

Searching for the greatest Caron Cakes crochet patterns?Look no further.Please have a look at this collection of 25 fabulously trendy crochet patterns created with Caron Cakes yarn.Who doesn’t like a good piece of cake?

Yarn cakes are now a thing, in addition to the more traditional cakes such as chocolate, vanilla, and lemon.Have you ever experimented with cake yarn?Instead of being a passing trend, it has become the next greatest thing in the world of yarn!Here are all of the reasons why I adore yarn cakes in general, and Caron Cakes in particular.First and foremost, I adore the fact that yarn cakes remain motionless.This happens whether you pull from the centre or on either side.

It simply sits there.Every time I attempt to crochet from a ball of yarn, the yarn tries to flee from my grasping hands.Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels this way!Second, the color shifting effects are spectacular.It’s just wonderful!

  • I never have to be concerned about the colors I choose being complementary.
  • I don’t have to worry about remembering when I’m supposed to switch colors.
  • Furthermore, the fact that colors do not have to be changed manually every few rows results in far fewer ends.
  • This saves me a great deal of time and irritation because I absolutely despise weaving in ends!
  • Thank you!

Third, the skein sizes are quite generous.You get far more yardage than you would from a standard skein of yarn, which means you will not need to purchase as many skeins to complete your crochet creation.In addition, Caron Cakes yarn is available in a variety of colors and patterns to suit your creative needs.In addition to Caron Chunky Cakes and Caron Cotton Cakes, there are also simply plain old Caron Cakes to choose from.There are possibly much more than that, and I am not even aware of them!So, what exactly can you make out of Caron Cakes yarn these days?

In general, anything and anything is OK!You remember how I told you they were adaptable, don’t you?Our free crochet patterns include shawls, blankets, pillows, duster, and market bags, among other things.Scroll down to discover all of the fantastic free crochet designs – as well as all of the lovely hues of the different Caron Cakes yarns – available!

If you would like to follow me on Instagram (and get sneak peaks at what I’m working on), I would really appreciate it.Please visit my Facebook page (and come join in the fun!) Follow me on Pinterest (I pin a lot of free designs to my boards!) and Instagram.Join my Facebook group for more information (lots of awesome crochet talk there) Additionally, you may find me on Ravelry or subscribe to my YouTube channel, which has more than 16.5K followers.

About Caron Cakes Yarn

The original Caron Cakes yarn is a worsted weight yarn that is available in a plethora of color options.It is available at Michael’s shops and is also available on right now.It is a self-striping yarn, which means it will change colors on its own, and you will not have to bother about picking colors or weaving in all of the excess ends.Most cakes will have the same color at the beginning and finish, making it simple to join a new cake if you are working on a bigger project.

This is a wool/acrylic hybrid, so it does have some natural fibers in its construction.If my recollection serves me well, this was the original cake yarn that kicked off the entire fad.There are some very stunning products that result from this technique!

Common Questions about Caron Cakes

What exactly is a yarn cake, and how does it vary from a standard skein of yarn in terms of construction?In order to have flat sides, a cake must be coiled in a specific method.This makes it less likely to roll away from you, and it is also typically simpler to identify the end in the center to begin your project.Using this method produces the same form as using a ball winder, but it is already coiled for you!

What can I make with a yarn cake that isn’t a blanket?Almost anything is possible!I’ve seen so many beautiful creations created using cake yarns, and the color matching makes it so simple to put them together.So go to work on a hat, a scarf, a blanket, a dress, or pretty much anything else you can think of.What is the weight of a Caron Cake of yarn?The original Caron Cake is a worsted weight yarn that has been discontinued (weight4).

Since the beginning, they have created a plethora of various variations, but the Caron Cakes yarn is still worsted.

Tips for Crocheting Caron Cakes Crochet Patterns

It is important to ensure that you are using the same dye lot and that the colors are woven in the same sequence when using more than one skein.I have seen many cakes that claim to be the same color way but appear VERY different in the cake because the colors are wound in a different order.Be warned that, regardless of the brand, you may occasionally discover knots in a cake.This can be annoying and will need cutting the knot out and weaving in the ends of the cake.

Also, because of the high wool content of this yarn, it is recommended that you hand wash and dry it flat before using it again.Let’s get to the Caron Cakes crochet designs, shall we?

The Best Free Caron Cakes Crochet Patterns

1. Hugs & Kisses Blanket

In this loves and kisses blanket, bobble stitches are used to create the ″o’s″ and x stitches are used to create the ″x’s.″ Do you understand what I’m saying?XOXO!The Caron Cakes Dreamy Rose hue is the ideal complement to this love-themed blanket.Between the textures, the ripples, and the colors, this blanket has so much individuality!

The Crochet Crowd created the design.The free crochet pattern may be found by clicking here.

2. Ring Around the Rosie Vest

In case you haven’t created a circular vest before, you are missing out on something great!You can complete this gorgeous vest in a short amount of time by using only basic stitches and crocheting in the round.Unlike traditional clothing designs, there is no stitching and no shaping required with this method.Every time, the round form results in a vest that is flawlessly suited and flattering!

The Lavender Chair was created by a designer.The free crochet pattern may be found by clicking here.

3. Easy Market Tote

The thought of wandering around the farmer’s market with this stylish purse draped over my shoulder is completely appealing to me.″Omg, where did you acquire that adorable tote?″ people will exclaim.And I’ll say something like, ″Oh, this old thing?″I made it entirely by myself!″ Single crochet, double crochet, and shell stitches are used to create this pattern, which is done in the round from the bottom up and requires less than one skein of Caron Cakes yarn!

Crochet Website created by Loops and Love Crochet The free crochet pattern may be found by clicking here.

4. Sunset Dreams Shawl

The Sunset Dreams colour of the Caron Cakes yarn is giving me serious Easter vibes, and I’m loving it.This adorable shawl would look lovely draped over my Sunday best outfit, or worn as a scarf over a t-shirt and jeans, as seen in the picture.Single crochet, double crochet, and post stitches are used to create this one-piece pattern.Yarnspirations is the designer.

The free crochet pattern may be found by clicking here.

5. Continuous Granny Square Shrug

I am really love with the granny stitch in any and all forms, and this elegant shrug is no exception!The fact that this adorable and warm shrug is fashioned entirely of granny squares is almost too much to accept.The user-friendly design includes both a written and a video lesson for those who are just getting started.The Snugglery is the designer of this item.

The free crochet pattern may be found by clicking here.

6. Crochet Cat Sack H

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