How To Order Costco Sheet Cake?

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How do I order a custom cake at Costco?

When you visit your local Costco, a bakery team member will ask you to complete a cake order form. For a custom cake design, keep in mind that all Costco bakeries require a two-day notice. By ordering two days in advance, your Costco bakery can ensure you’ll be able to get exactly what you want.

How much is a sheet cake at Costco?

All decorated Costco sheet cakes are just $18.99, and they serve almost 50 party guests. If you are having a smaller birthday party, you may want to consider a specialty cake option, such as pound cake topped with fresh strawberries or a carrot cake.

How much does a cheesecake cost at Costco?

Costco Cakes Prices Cake Type Price Cheesecake $12.99 Pound Cake $6.99 Flavored Round Cakes $10.99-$16.99 5 more rows

How far in advance can you order a Costco cake?

For a custom cake design, keep in mind that all Costco bakeries require a two-day notice. By ordering two days in advance, your Costco bakery can ensure you’ll be able to get exactly what you want.

How much is a sheet cake from Costco?

You can buy a half-sheet cake at Costco for $19.99, and it can serve up to 48 people per cake. This is cheap already, but it’s an even better deal when you look at the prices for other stores. Just compare to BJ’s and Walmart at roughly $25 for a half-sheet cake, and you can easily see the winner here.

How do i pre order Costco cake?

We ask that you order at your local Costco warehouse’s bakery, as we don’t provide online cake-ordering options. Please keep in mind that you’ll need to complete an order form, and our bakers require a two-day notice—this is all to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you want!

How much is a Costco sheet cake 2021?

According to the Instagram account Costco Connoisseur, which posts about products sold at the warehouse club, the cakes are available by special order only for $19.99. The cakes come in vanilla and chocolate.

Does Costco make sheet cakes anymore?

You can take a Costco cake home on the spot.

Costco keeps its bakery section full of ready-made sheet cakes, some plain, some with birthday messages, and—around the holidays—some with festive designs.

Did Costco stop selling sheet cakes?

Despite this and the efforts of loyal Costco customers, the company doubled down on their decision to no longer sell the sheet cakes at this time, confirming this in a statement to USA Today. Instead, they’re encouraging people to opt for the round, 10-inch cakes available at store bakeries.

How big is a Costco sheet cake?

Compared to one of the 10-inch round cakes, which only feeds up to a dozen for more than half the price, there is no comparison — the half-sheet’s 12 x 16 inches of fluffy frosted goodness comes out on top (or on plate) every time.

How many people does a sheet cake feed?

A full Sheet Cake Pan is 18 by 24 inches, which will usually serve 48 to 96 people. This is a fabulous event cake for charities and grand company celebrations.

How big is a sheet cake?

Cake sizes are named after the sheet pan that the cake is baked in. A full-size commercial sheet cake pan is 18×24 or 18×26 inches in size. A half-sheet is half that size, and a quarter-sheet or 9×13-inch pan, which usually results in 16 to 24 servings of cake, is one-quarter the size.

How long will a Costco cake last?

Unless it is a fruit cake, no regular cake will last 2 months even in a fridge. To keep it fresh and good for that long, it need to be properly package and freeze in a freezer. If your cake is a Twinkie, then it might last a lot longer than 2 months without a fridge.

Is Costco cake good?

Costco sheet cakes are a fantastic value, and you certainly get your money’s worth. For one thing, they’re freaking huge. A half sheet cake weighs in at about nine and a half pounds and is said to serve 48 people.

How much is a full sheet cake?

Servings Price
1/2 Sheet-1 Layer 25-30 Med. or 48 Small Servings $40.99
1/2 Sheet-2 Layer 40-50 Med. or 96 Small Servings $64.99
Full Sheet-1 Layer 50-60 Med. or 96 Small Servings $85.99
Full Sheet-2 Layer 85-100 Med or 180 Small Servings $152.99

How big is half a sheet cake?

Exactly half the size of full-sheet pans, half-sheet pans measure 18-by-13 inches, also with sides about one inch high. These are the pans we use most often in the Epicurious test kitchen, and it’s the go-to pan for those sheet-pan dinners you keep reading about.

Does Costco make round cakes?

Costco 10″ Round White Birthday Cake.

Can Costco put pictures on cakes?

You can order an edible image of your invitation or other graphic and place it on a Costco cake.

How much does a sheet cake at Costco cost?

How much does a Costco sheet cake cost? On average, a Costco half sheet cake will cost $19. This is the price regardless of how you customize it at a local Costco store. According to this blog post on He and She Eat Clean, she tells us how to order a cake from Costco and mentions it will cost $18.99 and also includes what an order form looks like. Costco sheet cake overview

Can you order a cake from Costco?

Yes, Costco accepts custom cake orders. According to Costco’s in-store order form, the bakery team offers a wide variety of designs suited for every type of occasion—including birthday parties, graduation, sports events, and weddings. In total, customers can choose between 27 different designs to decorate their cakes.

How much do cupcakes cost at Costco?

They are 2 layer cakes with 2 pounds of chocolate or vanilla mousse filling. They can serve up to 48 people! If you’re a procrastinator like myself & you’ve completely forgot to order a cake, not to worry. Grab 1 or 2 or 10 of the pre-made cakes that range between $12-$18 (scroll for photos).

Costco Cakes: Your Guide to Buying Cakes at Costco

Not everyone has the time or patience to bake from scratch, even though there is nothing that can compare to a freshly baked cake from scratch.For your next birthday party or anniversary celebration, Costco’s bakery section provides a variety of high-quality and reasonably priced options to choose from.Sheet cakes in vanilla and chocolate flavors are available at a reasonable price from Costco.It is possible to feed up to 48 people using a half-sheet cake purchased from Costco.

To place an order for a personalized cake, you will need to go to the bakery located within your local Costco warehouse.Flavor, size, and unique embellishments like as writing or icing designs are all available for customization.Let’s take a look at the cake-buying procedure at Costco, as well as if the big-box shop provides online cake ordering and the cake customizing possibilities available.

How to Order a Cake from Costco

When you visit your local Costco, a member of the bakery staff will ask you to fill out a cake order form, which you will then submit.It’s important to remember that all Costco bakeries demand a two-day advance notice for custom cake designs.If you place your order at least two days in advance, local Costco bakery can assure that you will receive exactly what you desire.When making an order for your Costco cake, you’ll have the option of selecting the cake’s size, custom design, as well as the day and time of pick-up.

As part of the ordering procedure, you may also provide an optional message to be written on the cake and select cake decorations from a list of available alternatives provided by the bakery.

Can You Order Cakes from Costco Online?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to order a cake from Costco over the internet.Because Costco’s website does not provide online ordering for cakes, the easiest approach to place an order for a cake is to visit the bakery at your local Costco warehouse at least two days before you need to pick it up to avoid disappointment.Your cake order may also be accepted through fax, depending on your Costco store.faxing your cake order As a result, because the cake-ordering process differs from shop to store, it’s important to phone your local warehouse and chat with a baker team member before going in to ensure that they follow the same procedure as you did.

As an alternative, if you don’t want a personalized cake, Costco’s bakery section has a supply of ready-made sheet cakes on hand that you may pick up and take home on the spot.A unique message on a plain cake may be added to make it more memorable.While some ready-made cakes have birthday inscriptions or seasonal designs, you can always ask a member of the bakery staff to put a bespoke message on it to make it more memorable.In most situations, Costco’s bakery section will have a variety of icing colors available, allowing you to customize your cake with a color and message that is appropriate for the occasion.Is it possible for you to predict how many different types of Costco cake there are? On January 30, 2018, Southern Living (@Southern Living) released a statement.

What Cakes Are Available at Costco?

Despite the fact that Costco offers an almost limitless number of customization options, the retailer’s cakes are only available in two flavors: white cake filled with vanilla cheesecake mousse and topped with vanilla buttercream frosting, or chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse and topped with chocolate buttercream frosting.Costco has dramatically reduced the number of cake varieties that are offered in recent years.Previously, in the United States, Costco’s carrot cake sheet cake, which was filled with apricot mousse and topped with cream cheese frosting and almonds, was a popular item among its customers.If you go outside of the United States, Costco provides an even more remarkable range, with warehouses in Australia allowing consumers the chance to mix and combine different varieties of cake to create their own unique flavors.

Customers continue to laud the quality, freshness, and taste of Costco cakes, making them a popular choice for celebrations such as birthdays, graduation parties, and even weddings, despite the restricted flavor selection.

How Much Is a Costco Cake?

  1. When it comes to bespoke cakes, Costco has some of the most reasonably priced alternatives available on the market right now.
  2. If you get a half sheet from Costco, you’ll pay just $18.99 for enough food to feed 48 people, which works out to around 39 cents per person per meal.
  3. Costco’s cakes are substantially less expensive than those sold at other grocery shops, such as Walmart, Whole Foods, and Kroger, among others.
  4. The same basic half sheet cake at Walmart will cost you $30, but the same basic half sheet cake at Kroger costs $35.
  5. Whole Foods’ famed berry Chantilly cake, on the other hand, would set you back $90 for a half sheet, which is on the higher end of the price spectrum.

Despite the fact that you’ll almost certainly wind up spending a few extra dollars for customisation, Costco’s pricing remain unbeatable.A personalized cake from a high-end bakery may easily cost twice or three times as much as a Costco cake, and even a tiny four-inch cake from your local bakeshop would likely wind up costing you a few dollars more than a Costco cake in most cases.My kid just celebrated his fifth birthday!?Additionally, we purchased a birthday sheet cake from Costco…

the one that serves ″48 people.″ Despite the fact that we did not throw a birthday party, we did purchase a ″48 people cake″ for FOUR people….What’s up with that?I’m eating cake for breakfast.On April 29, 2021, Leila Tualla (@LeilaTualla) tweeted:

What Size Is a Costco Cake?

  1. However, despite the fact that Costco promotes a sheet cake, their cakes are actually half sheet cakes, measuring 12 inches by 16 inches.
  2. Half sheet cakes can feed around 48 people, which means you’ll be able to cut your cake into 48 squares of two inches in height and width.
  3. Even if you’re looking for something smaller, buying at your local Costco bakery can help you save money on your grocery bill overall.
  4. The bakery area of Costco also sells readymade cakes, brownies, cookies, and a variety of other bakery items, in addition to half sheet cakes and other baked goods.
  5. In order to find out more about the selections at your local store, contact and speak with a member of the bakery team or visit the Costco website.

Is Costco the only place to get a Pepe the frog cake?Pic courtesy of v (@VeraSaysThis) on Twitter: The 11th of September, 2016

Can You Order Custom Cakes from Costco?

  1. Costco does, in fact, allow bespoke cake orders.
  2. In accordance with the company’s in-store purchase form, the bakery team offers a broad selection of designs suitable for any sort of celebration, including birthday parties and graduations as well as sporting events and wedding receptions.
  3. There are a total of 27 distinct designs available for clients to pick from when it comes to decorating their cakes.
  4. While conventional birthday images include rainbows, flower arrangements, and candles, Costco also provides a variety of other unusual designs, such as graduation hats and crosses, for its customers.
  5. Costco’s bakery team also takes custom orders two days in advance to guarantee that their cake decorations have enough time to make a bespoke cake for your special occasion if you cannot find an illustration that matches your needs.

Many people enjoy Costco cakes because of their high quality and freshness, and many at-home bakers have experimented with modifying the cakes they buy at Costco.If you’re interested in creating your own personalized cake, Costco’s bakery offers ready-made sheet cakes that have just been frosted with a base layer of buttercream, making them the ideal canvas for creating your own design.Despite the fact that Costco provides personalization possibilities, they do not decorate cakes using branded or copyrighted pictures.The bakery at Costco, like many other grocery store bakeries, will not construct character-type cakes or Disney designs, or any other cakes that include copyrighted imagery, so as not to infringe on intellectual property rights.

Can You Freeze a Costco Cake?

  1. In the days leading up to your big event, you may freeze a Costco cake to keep it fresh.
  2. Cakes from Costco are conventional layer cakes that may be frozen and re-defrosted for usage at a later date.
  3. However, if you freeze buttercream frosting for a lengthy amount of time, the consistency of the frosting may be affected.
  4. You should not have any problems freezing your Costco cake because the company keeps their cakes frozen before putting them on display.
  5. Transfer your cake to the freezer as soon as you get it home in order to maintain the stiffness of the icing for the finest results.

If you have enough space in your freezer, you may put your cake in a box to prevent it from being crushed.If you’re looking for a certain design and are unable to locate it on the cake display in your bakery, you may ask a member of the Costco bakery crew to check the freezer at the rear of the store.For those who are purchasing a cake on the same day that they intend to consume it, bear in mind that you will need to set aside a few hours for the cake to thaw if it was purchased frozen in advance.

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  1. When it comes to quality, freshness, and cost, Costco’s cakes beat most grocery stores and even local bakeries.
  2. Whether you’re interested in tasting Costco’s famous sheet cake or planning for your next special occasion, contact your local Costco bakery to learn more about your store’s available cake options, customization, and how to place an order.
  3. If you’re interested in finding out more about shopping at Costco, check out the related articles below.
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  5. (Everything You Need to Know) Does Costco Take EBT?

(Yes, Here’s What You Need to Know)

Costco Cakes Prices, Models & How to Order

  1. The Costco warehouse club is one of the most popular warehouse retail chains in the nation because their prices are so convenient, and their product quality is so high.
  2. Just like most other items at Costco, Costco cakes are delicious and very budget-friendly.
  3. They come in a few different basic styles and flavors, and even some of the most expensive Costco cakes are only about $20.
  4. Costco may not have a huge variety of cakes, but they do have quite a few different decorations to pick from.
  5. In this article, we will tell you more about the cost for all of these designs, Costco cake prices in 2019, and their best models for birthday parties, baby showers, graduation parties, and more.

Costco Cakes Prices

Cake Type Price
Costco Sheet Cakes
Decorated Half Sheet White Cake (serves 48) $18.99
Decorated Half Sheet Chocolate Cake (serves 48) $18.99
Undecorated Half Sheet Cake (serves 48, only available at select locations) $15.99
Costco Specialty Cakes
Cheesecake $12.99
Pound Cake $6.99
Flavored Round Cakes $10.99-$16.99

Costco Cake Models

  1. As a result of their low costs and outstanding product quality, the Costco warehouse club has become one of the most popular warehouse retail companies in the country.
  2. Costco cakes are tasty and extremely affordable, much like the majority of the other things available at the warehouse club.
  3. Even some of the most costly Costco cakes are only around $20.
  4. They are available in a few different basic designs and flavors, and even the most expensive are just about $20.
  5. Although Costco does not provide a large selection of cakes, they do offer a large selection of cake decorations to choose from.

Here, we will go over the cost of each design, as well as Costco cake costs in 2019 and their finest models for various occasions like as birthday celebrations, baby showers, graduation parties, and other celebrations.

The Costco Birthday Cake

  1. Sheet cakes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them ideal for huge birthday celebrations.
  2. Basic celebration motifs, such as rainbows, balloons, and flowers, are appropriate for birthday visitors of all ages and sexual orientations.
  3. Various themed patterns, such as clowns, pirate ships, surfboards, and caterpillars, are available for children to enjoy.
  4. A funny ″Over the Hill″ cake portraying the Grim Reaper is available for adult birthdays.
  5. If the birthday boy or girl is not (too) sensitive about their age, this cake is a good choice.

You might also be interested in: Safeway Cakes Prices, Models, and Ordering Information Almost 50 people may be served by a single Costco sheet cake, which costs $18.99 and is fully adorned.For a smaller birthday celebration, you might want to explore a speciality cake choice, such as pound cake with fresh strawberries on top or a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.Despite the fact that the decorations are not individualized, these are really good.

The Costco Baby Shower Cake

  1. A large number of Costco’s sheet cake designs are appropriate for baby showers, and there is even one that is expressly designed for baby showers.
  2. It’s a charming tiny baby carriage that may be drawn in either a boy or a girl form for a baby shower design that is available.
  3. Aside from that, there are a few adorable rose designs for cakes, which may appear particularly festive when drawn in pastel hues over white icing.
  4. When ordering a cake from Costco, you may put any message you want on it, whether it’s a congratulations message for the parents or a welcome greeting for the baby.
  5. A delicious Costco cheesecake is a terrific option for modest baby showers, and it is always a success at these types of celebrations.

The Costco Graduation Cake

  1. When buying a Costco sheet cake, you have a few different graduation options to choose from.
  2. There is a cake at Costco that is particularly intended for graduation, and it features a graduation cap next to some balloons that display the year that the graduate will be graduating.
  3. Also available at Costco are a variety of basic celebrations and special occasion cakes that may be customized to incorporate the graduate’s school colors, as well as a message congratulating the individual on their graduation.
  4. If the graduate has specific hobbies, there are a few different Costco cake alternatives to consider.
  5. If the graduate participated in a sport at their school, you can pick from a baseball, football, basketball, or soccer design available at Costco.

Graduates who plan to join the military following graduation may find the American flag-themed dessert to be particularly appealing.

Costco Wedding Cake

  1. Even while Costco does not provide tiered wedding cakes that can serve hundreds of guests, they do offer a lovely, romantic design that is ideal for smaller weddings.
  2. In a traditional bridal style, the Lattice Heart pattern is a lovely white-on-white decoration with a traditional appeal.
  3. It has a lacey backdrop with a heart encircled by flowers as its focal point.
  4. See also: Central Market Cakes: Prices, Models, and Ordering Information You can include the names of the bride and groom within the heart if you so wish.
  5. If desired, the traditional rose pattern from Costco can also be used for a wedding.

When ordering a cake, you can choose that it be decorated with roses in the color of the wedding’s motif.The option of making the groom’s cake out of chocolate is available for larger weddings with a large number of guests to serve.When it comes to functioning as a groom’s cake, the Chocolate Bouquet design is particularly well-suited.

Other Costco Bakery Products

  1. There are a variety of other tasty bakery goods available to accompany the scrumptious Costco cakes.
  2. These gourmet sweets from Costco are ideal for a wide range of special events and celebrations.
  3. Costco’s selection of baked goods includes fruit-filled tarts, cake pops, chocolate truffles, chocolate-covered strawberries, and brownies, all of which are available at wholesale pricing.
  4. You can be sure that your visitors will enjoy the delectable assortments of baked products from Costco!

How to Order Costco Cakes

  1. Costco cakes will have to be purchased in advance and picked up in store in the United States.
  2. You may place an order for a cake by visiting the shop and completing a copy of the Costco cake purchase form 2019 (available online).
  3. Customers in the United Kingdom and Australia can place an order online, but they must do so at least 24 hours in advance in order to have a custom Costco cake built in time for the event.
  4. Please keep in mind that many retailers need a three-day notice before accepting a return.
  5. You must pick up all of the cakes you purchase from our bakery at the time mentioned on the cake ordering form.

Final Word

  1. Costco offers a wide variety of design styles that are appropriate for a wide range of special events, from birthdays and baby showers to graduation celebrations and weddings, among others.
  2. Due to the fact that all basic half sheet cakes are only $18.99, Costco cakes are a reasonable price.
  3. Please leave a comment below to tell us about your favorite Costco cake and your thoughts on the cost of Costco cakes!

How To Order Costco Sheet Cake?

  1. When you shop at Costco, you can choose from a wide variety of design styles that are appropriate for a variety of special occasions, from birthdays to baby showers to graduation parties to weddings.
  2. Costco cakes are reasonably priced, with all basic half sheet cakes costing just $18.99.
  3. Let us know in the comments what your favorite Costco cake is, as well as what you think about the prices of Costco cake.

Does Costco Still Sell Sheet Cakes 2021?

According to a statement issued on Wednesday, the firm has no plans to bring back its 1/2 Sheet Cakes in the short future. It appears that our smaller 10′′ White & 10′′ Chocolate Cakes are proving to be a favorite with our members.

Can You Special Order Cakes From Costco?

Cakes from Costco may be requested as custom creations. Costco offers custom-sized cakes that may be bought online. It is stated on the Costco bakery team’s in-store purchase form that they provide a broad choice of designs that are appropriate for every occasion, including birthday celebrations and graduations as well as sporting events and weddings.

Why Is Costco No Longer Selling Sheet Cakes?

For the time being, the organization does not have an estimated return date for them. Today’s update (July 24, 2020): Costco has announced that they will no longer be selling its wildly popular half-sheet cakes. Several of them stated that there was no quick plan to bring them back, and many felt that this was done for their own protection.

Can You Order Round Cakes From Costco?

Recently, Costco announced that it will no longer be selling its renowned half-sheet cakes, a move that has both disappointed and astonished many of the company’s loyal customers. Those who wish to make their own cake at home now have the option of ordering a 10-inch round cake from a bakery.

How Can I Customize My Costco Cake?

When you visit Costco, the bakery staff will ask you to fill out a cake order form, which you will need to bring with you. If you want a custom cake design, place your order at least two days in advance to ensure that Costco bakeries can give you with the precise product you desire.

What Kind Of Cakes Can You Get At Costco?

There are just two varieties available from the firm. White cake can be ordered from Costco or purchased from a bakery, depending on your preference. Make a chocolate cake or a vanilla cake if you want something different. An ice cream sandwich is made out of vanilla sheet cake, coated with white buttercream, and filled with vanilla cheesecake mousse.

Can You Order A Plain Cake From Costco?

Costco does not appear to be able to create bespoke designs for customers. It is possible to purchase a simple cake and then have the patterns applied.

Most wanted Costco cakes 2022

  1. If you’re searching for a great cake at an inexpensive price for your next occasion, Costco is a wonderful choice.
  2. Cakes are available in a variety of flavors, and the pricing for Costco cakes are hard to beat.
  3. Costco cakes are available in a range of flavors and sizes, so you’re likely to find one that meets your requirements.
  4. Furthermore, with pricing beginning at just $11.99, it’s simple to keep inside your budget.
  5. So what are you waiting for?

Get started today!Make sure to get your cake as soon as possible because they can sometimes sell out closer to the event’s date.Listed here are some of the greatest Costco cakes for the year 2022.

Costco Cakes Prices

  1. Costco cakes are quite popular, and they frequently sell out.
  2. That is why it is critical to become familiar with the various Costco cake costs before making a trip to the shop.
  3. Knowing what to expect can help you ensure that you receive the cake of your dreams — without breaking the bank in the process.
  4. Continue reading for more information on the various cake price options available at Costco.
  5. Although the pricing of Costco cakes appear to be reasonable, they are actually extremely pricey for the level of quality you receive.

However, if you are searching for something reasonably priced and distinctive, the Costco food court menu is a fantastic choice to consider.In addition, their pastries are delectable!You can see the order form at the bottom of this page.Costco Cakes are priced between $11 and $15 per serving.

Unbeatable Costco Cakes Bakery Products

  1. It’s hard to beat Costco Bakery when it comes to getting high-quality cakes at a reasonable price.
  2. Choosing from a diverse selection that includes anything from sheet cakes to fully customised alternatives, you’re sure to find a cake that meets both your preferences and your budget.
  3. Furthermore, the team at Costco is very skilled in cake decoration, so you can be confident that your cake will be stunning no matter what theme you pick.
  4. If you want to save money on your next birthday or celebration cake, visit Costco.
  5. You will not be disappointed!

Amazing Costco Cakes Flavors

  • Costco cakes are a popular choice for birthdays and other events since they are reasonably priced. The business provides a range of tastes to pick from, such as chocolate, vanilla, and more variations of these. An 8-inch cake starts at $19.99 and goes up from there. Aside from that, Costco provides bespoke cakes that may be customised with photographs and texts. The Most Popular Costco Cake Flavors Vanilla
  • \sChocolate
  • Costco is a fantastic location to find reasonably priced and delectable food. The sheet cake that they provide is no exception. A Costco sheet cake may appear to be a routine buy from the outside looking in. However, when you take a look at what this alternative has to offer, it becomes immediately clear why it is one of the most popular goods that the company has on hand to provide. Here are just a handful of the reasons why Costco sheet cake has become so well known. First and foremost, it is really reasonably priced.
  • Furthermore, it is available in a range of sizes to meet every event.
  • Finally, Costco sheet cake is well-known for its delectable flavor and perfectly moist consistency.

For those seeking for an outstanding and reasonably priced dessert option, Costco sheet cake is a great choice.

Costco Sheet Cake Price

Costco Cakes Birthday 

  1. If you’re searching for an economical and delectable birthday cake, Costco is a wonderful choice.
  2. The cakes are available in a variety of flavors and patterns, and you may pick and choose from what you like the most.
  3. In addition, Costco’s pricing are typically far lower than those of other bakeries.
  4. Costco is an excellent place to shop if you want to save money on your next birthday cake or other celebration.

Costco Chocolate Cake

  1. Chocolate cake is a classic treat that is enjoyed by many people all around the world.
  2. Recognized for its great culinary offerings, Costco is known for its exquisite chocolate cake, which is no exception.
  3. There’s nothing better than a luscious and rich cake for any occasion, and this one is simple to make at home.
  4. The shop has returned its All-American small cakes to fulfill our sweet tooth demands with simplicity and convenience, and they will be available while supplies last (or if it ever does).

Costco Cakes Prices and Sizes

  1. Prices and sizes of Costco cakes vary, but on average, Costco cakes are less expensive than those offered by most other care providers.
  2. In addition, the size of the Costco cake is often substantially greater than the size of most store-bought cakes.
  3. The use of this method is particularly advantageous when hosting a large event or when you want to save money on your cake.
  4. However, because the Costco cakes are so huge, they frequently need placing an order with a longer lead time.
  5. If you’re thinking about buying a Costco cake, make sure to plan ahead of time!

Several types of cakes are available for purchase at the store, some of which are quite reasonable.Costco is also your best choice if you’re searching for a huge cake of any kind.Check out the pricing and sizes listed below to discover what would work best for your occasion.When it comes to Costco cakes, there are a variety of alternatives to pick from on the menu.

So whether you’re looking for a birthday cake, an anniversary cake, or a wedding cake, Costco offers what you’re searching for.Look no farther than the cakes available at Costco!You’ll discover a range of flavors and sizes to select from, so you’ll be able to choose the right cake for your next party without any difficulty.Furthermore, because of Costco’s low pricing, you may save money without sacrificing the quality of the product.

  1. So what are you waiting for?
  2. Get started today!
  3. Begin exploring the cakes available at Costco right now!
  4. Order Form for Costco Cakes,

Costco Cakes Canada

  1. When it comes to festivities, whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, or another special occasion, the cake is frequently the focal point.
  2. When it comes to finding a great, reasonably priced cake for your next special occasion, go no further than the Costco Cakes Canada selection!
  3. The number of cakes available is astounding, and they are all fairly priced and crafted with high-quality ingredients.
  4. In addition, you may get one online and have it delivered straight to your front step.
  5. Continue reading for more details about Costco’s cake selection.

Costco Cakes Prices Canada

  1. If you’ve ever visited Costco, you’re probably aware that they provide some of the most competitive pricing on a wide range of products, from food to clothing to appliances.
  2. Was it ever brought to your attention that Costco cakes are likewise a bargain?
  3. In this section, we’ll look at the various Costco cake costs in Canada, so you can have a better sense of how much you’ll be paying if you purchase one of these treats.
  4. Prices for cakes at Costco in Canada may be found here.
  5. Surprise yourself by how much money you can save this way!

In addition, our cakes are always fresh and delectable.So what are you waiting for?Get started today!Today is the day to get your cake fix!

Costco Cakes Price UK

  • Costco cakes in the United Kingdom are priced differently based on the size and style of the cake. In general, smaller tiny cakes will cost between £10 and £15, although bigger cakes can cost up to £40 per serving. Before purchasing a cake, it is vital to review the pricing list to see whether certain designs are more expensive than others. All Costco cakes are baked fresh in-store and come with a complimentary birthday greeting on the inside. Costco cake in the United Kingdom Dimensions: Each Costco cake is 40cm x 30cm in dimensions. Costco cake in the United Kingdom feeds 48 people. Costco Cakes Prices in the United Kingdom: The price is £14.99 (£13.99 for a plain, undecorated version). Wheat
  • \sMilk
  • \sSoya
  1. For additional information about the menu in the United Kingdom, go here.
  2. Visit.
  3. When it comes to ordering cakes, the majority of people believe that they must do it through a specialist bakery.
  4. You may not be aware of the fact that you can also purchase cakes from Costco.
  5. We’ll walk you through the process of ordering a cake from Costco right now.

As a result, whether you are searching for a birthday cake or something unique for a special occasion, continue reading for advice on how to find the ideal cake from Costco.

How to order a cake from Costco?

They request that you place your order for your cake through our local Costco warehouse bakery, since they do not have online ordering choices. Note that they demand a completed order form and two days’ notice before pickup or delivery—this is so that they can determine which flavor combination will work best for them.

How much are Costco Cakes?

When it comes to Costco cakes, there are a lot of different options to choose from. You can get everything from sheet cakes to customized cakes with all the bells and whistles. But how much do these Costco cakes cost, and are they worth the price? Here, we’ll look at some of the different cake options available at Costco.

How much is a Costco Sheet Cake?

  1. When it comes to cakes, Costco offers the most competitive pricing.
  2. Costco’s half-sheet cake is roughly $20 and serves 48 people — it’s far less expensive than any other store’s equivalent!
  3. You may also compare this pricing to that of other well-known retailers, which charge approximately 25$ each sheet of paper-thin sliced food.
  4. Whether your birthday boy or girl prefers a simple short fruit platter or an elegant tall fruit plentitude type dessert, we have both options available here in our marketplace; together, they cost virtually nothing after promotion discounts, thanks largely to increased volume sales regulars bump up product prices just enough so that everyone wins.

You order a Costco cake online? 

  1. The most often asked question is: can I get a Costco cake online?
  2. The answer is no; Costco cakes are not available for purchase on the internet.
  3. We at Costco bakery would like to inform you that they do not currently provide an online cake ordering service.
  4. This is due to their tight two-day notice requirement, as well as the necessity for order forms for bakers’ needs–all of which are designed to assure your happiness!

What is a Costco Cake Order Form?

  1. Given their gigantic size (they can feed up to 48 people) and reasonable pricing (less than 20 US dollars per cake), it’s no surprise that Costco cakes have become so popular.
  2. In order to accommodate the large number of designs available, Costco has developed an order form that allows customers to purchase bespoke cakes for every occasion, from birthdays to sports celebrations.
  3. The Costco cake order form may be used to place an order for a personalized cake up to a few days in advance of the event.
  4. Fill out this form if you’d like to order one for yourself or someone in your family or friends.

Required Information for Filling Costco Cake Order Form

  • When filling out the Costco Cake Order Form, be sure you include the following information so that your cake may be personalized. Color of cake
  • Cake Decorations
  • Cake Message
  • Personal Information
  • Additional Information

Step By Step Guide to Fill Out Costco Cake Order Form

  1. Instructions on how to order a personalized sheet cake and fill out the order form may be found in this section.
  2. In the first step, you must pick between two varieties of cake, which may be either a vanilla or a chocolate cake.
  3. Step 2: Select one of the 27 potential decorations from the list.
  4. It is also possible to specify the color of the rose.
  5. The next step is to acquire a cake with a plain top if you aren’t satisfied with any of the designs available.

You may then make any modifications you want to the design at that point.Step 4: Please indicate in this box whether you would want any writing on the top of your cake.Messages such as ″Congratulations!″ and″Happy Birthday!″ are written on the majority of cakes.Step 5: Fill up this area with your name as a Costco bakery member to verify that the cake is delivered to the correct individual.

Additionally, if you would like to be notified when your order has been delivered, please include your phone number.Step 6: Confirm the bakery’s operating hours and make a note of the time and date that you prefer to pick up the cake.

The Most Common Uses of Costco Cake Order Form

  1. The following are some of the most typical situations in which people utilize the form to ensure that they receive their Costco sheet cake on time.
  2. Birthdays: Getting a customised Costco birthday cake for someone is a wonderful way to make them feel more special.
  3. You can request that the bakery department customize your cake with a special message or design using a Costco cake order form.
  4. When it comes to weddings, many couples plan them, and one of the most fun elements of the process is shopping for and selecting the perfect wedding cake.
  5. For newlyweds who do not want to deal with the hassle of preparing meals for their guests, a Costco cake purchase form is an excellent option.

Costco Wedding Cakes are available in a variety of colors, but they are only available in one size: a half sheet cake that serves 48 guests.Shower for the new mother: Friends and relatives of the expectant woman typically plan a baby shower at the end of her pregnancy.Baby shower presents are traditionally ordered together with the baby shower cake, which is a tradition in the United States.These cakes may be obtained from Costco by completing and mailing a Costco cake order form to them.

Costco baby shower cakes are designed with a baby theme in mind and are produced exclusively for baby shower celebrations.Graduate Party: Graduation parties provide an opportunity to unwind while also congratulating the newly graduated.Purchasing a graduation cake from Costco is a lovely and economical way to express your family’s gratitude and pride in your accomplishments.The Costco cake order form may be used to place an order for the personalized cake.

  1. It’s usually the most challenging aspect of the holiday season when it comes to preparing meals for family and friends.
  2. Instead of spending hours baking for your family, friends, and coworkers, you can use the Costco cake order form to save time, which will make your life a lot less complicated.

It’s hard to resist the appeal of Costco cakes. Just read this before you call to place an order!

  1. When it comes to grocery shopping, Costco is unquestionably a fantastic fairy tale, considering that their pricing (as well as their goods) are incomparably lower than those of rival supermarket chains.
  2. Aside from the numerous Costco buying ideas that might help you save money, we’ve discovered another one you’re sure to appreciate: purchasing Costco cakes.
  3. Here’s everything you need to know about Costco before you go!

The Price Is Right

  1. It costs $19.99 to purchase a half-sheet cake at Costco, and each cake can feed up to 48 people.
  2. This is already a good offer, but when you compare it to the costs at other retailers, it becomes an even better deal.
  3. Simply comparing the price of a half-sheet cake at BJ’s Wholesale Club versus Walmart, you can see who comes out on top in this contest.
  4. Costco offers a wide variety of high-quality products at a significantly lower price than other warehouse and retail retailers.
  5. It’s no surprise that we keep returning for their incredible Costco finds.

Costco Cakes Feed a Lot of People

Can you predict how many there are? It is possible to feed a staggering 48 people with the half-sheet cake we indicated above. While that may only cover approximately a third of my mother’s enormous family, it will most certainly suffice for a large number of smaller gatherings and get-togethers. It’s kind of like a surprise birthday party, you know?

There Are Only Two Flavors

  1. It is possible for humans to be quite basic beings, and having too many options might cause us to get anxious.
  2. Don’t get too worked up over it!
  3. Purchase a white vanilla half-sheet cake with vanilla cheesecake mousse and white buttercream frosting from Costco, or a chocolate half-sheet cake with chocolate mousse filling and chocolate buttercream icing from Target.
  4. We can vouch for the fact that both are unquestionably tasty.

You Don’t Have to Preorder Costco Cakes

We’ve all experienced the terror of rushing to the shop in search of a last-minute birthday cake for someone. I’m certain I have! Knowing that you can walk out with a half-sheet cake right away is one of the best parts about coming to Costco. On rare occasions, you could even get lucky and come across a delicious Costco tiramisu cake.

But You Can Place Custom Orders

People who want to plan ahead can place a personalized order for Costco cakes from the bakery by calling beforehand. Make sure to allow them ample time, which should be approximately 2-3 days or more, to do the task. Costco provides a variety of options for you, whether you want to include adorable photos or particular messages.

Bakers Will Decorate Costco Cakes

On the sheet cake custom order sheet, you can choose from one of 30 possible designs. You may purchase anything you desire, whether it’s conventional celebratory balloons for a graduation party or a patriotic American flag for a patriotic holiday celebration.

You Can Decorate the Cake Yourself

Costco cakes are, in fact, the perfect canvas for your creativity. The sight of perfectly written cakes is impressive, but we like the thought of adding a handcrafted touch to an otherwise store-bought delicacy. Learn how to write on a cake by following these simple guidelines!

Are half-sheet cakes back at Costco? There are reports the popular cakes are back at some clubs

  1. Are Costco’s famed half-sheet cakes once again available for purchase?
  2. There are allegations that the desserts have reappeared to select stores over two months after the business removed them due to the coronavirus epidemic.
  3. However, there has been a significant modification in the sweets.
  4. A Costco Connoisseur Instagram account, which writes about items offered at the warehouse club, says the cakes can only be ordered on a one-time basis for $19.99 and are only available by special order.
  5. The cakes are available in two flavors: vanilla and chocolate.

Cake ordering stations were located in warehouse sites in Santa Clara and San Jose, according to NBC Bay Area, a California television station, which reported the discovery on Tuesday.Costco personnel, however, confirmed to USA TODAY on Wednesday that the cakes had not been returned.Starbucks Rewards will be updated in the near future: During the autumn, Starbucks intends to upgrade its rewards program, which will include new methods to purchase and receive free beverages.Amazon boxes have a variety of new applications: Amazon presents boxes that can be recycled to make cat houses, forts, and other unique constructions, among other things.

″As of right now, we are not selling our 1/2 Sheet Cakes in any US locations, and we have no immediate plans to bring them back,″ the business said in a statement on Wednesday.″Currently, we are not selling our 1/2 Sheet Cakes in any US locations,″ the company said in a statement.Currently, we are concentrating on our smaller 10″ White & 10″ Chocolate Cakes, which are proving to be popular with our members.Costco’s response was practically verbatim with the one it sent to USA TODAY in June of this year.

  1. Early in May, a Facebook post advertising circular graduation cakes for Costco customers became the first to publicize the change.
  2. Many people pleaded with Costco to reconsider the decision, and they stated that the sheet cakes froze well.
  3. ″Please bring back the sheet cakes, even if it’s simply for preordering purposes alone.
  4. The circular tables are not large enough to accommodate larger families ″Costco’s Facebook post received a response from one of its members.
  5. ″Our grocery store cakes are good, but they’re not as wonderful as Costco cakes.″ Costco responded to comments on the May Facebook post by stating that the sheet cakes are no longer available for special order and providing an explanation for the decision to discontinue the cakes.

According to Costco, ″in order to assist in limiting personal touch and creating greater room for social distance, Costco has curtailed service in several categories.″ A petition on was established a month ago, requesting that the cake be returned.As of Wednesday night, 570 individuals had signed the petition.″Bring back the delicious half-sheet cakes from Costco, please!There will never be another birthday or special event quite like it again ″According to the petition, ″It’s absolute perfection!″ Follow Kelly Tyko, a reporter for USA TODAY, on Twitter: @KellyTyko.

10 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Costco Cake

As a result of Costco’s free samples and dirt-cheap wine stealing the show, the big-box store’s sheet cakes get lost in the mix. But if you look a little closer, you’ll see a group of buyers who are completely smitten with the cakes available for purchase in the bakery aisle. Here’s what you need to know before you decide to become one of the groupies.

1. They’re insanely cheap.

  1. Ordering a half-sheet cake from Costco will cost you less than 20 dollars—$18.99, to be exact.
  2. You’d be hard pressed to find a better deal even if you built it yourself.
  3. It also outperforms the competition: BJ’s Wholesale Club, another big-box retailer, sells a similar-sized cake for $24, while Walmart’s cake costs almost $25.
  4. Costco removed them from their shelves in 2020, therefore you may have to ask for them or place an order ahead of time if you want them.

2. Costco cakes feed so many people.

It is possible to serve up to 48 people with just one of Costco’s half-sheet cakes. That implies that once the cuts are done and the pieces are distributed, you will have spent just 39 cents per person.

3. One Costco cake weighs more than a newborn.

If you were to put your half-sheet cake on a scale, it would weigh around nine and a half pounds, according to the manufacturer. According to the order sheet from Costco, two of those pounds are the mousse filling for the cake.

4. There are only two flavors offered.

  1. You have the option of ordering either a white cake (often known as vanilla cake) or a chocolate cake from Costco.
  2. The first is a vanilla sheet cake filled with vanilla cheesecake mousse and frosted with white buttercream.
  3. The second is a chocolate sheet cake filled with chocolate cheesecake mousse and decorated with chocolate buttercream.
  4. The latter is a chocolate rendition of the former, consisting of a chocolate sheet cake, chocolate mousse filling, and chocolate buttercream frosting.

5. Customers used to have more options.

When I was younger, you could get a carrot cake sheet cake from Costco that was filled with apricot mousse and iced with cream cheese frosting that had slivered almonds on top. If you travel outside of the United States, you can find even more options. For example, Costco Australia offers you to combine a raspberry filling with either chocolate or vanilla sponge cake.

6. You can take a Costco cake home on the spot.

Costco keeps its bakery section full of ready-made sheet cakes, some plain, some with birthday messages, and—around the holidays—some with festive designs.

7. But custom orders require advance planning.

Give bakers a day or two notice if you want them to create anything unique for you, such as an elaborate pattern or a personalized message.

8. Bakers can decorate in more than two dozen ways.

There are over 30 different designs to pick from on the sheet cake order form. While there are the traditional methods to frost sheets cakes—with balloons or flowers—there are also some more unusual options like a pirate ship, skateboard, or a party owl…whatever that means in this context.

9. The dinosaur design was part of a scandal.

  1. According to The Inquisitr, a lady complained that the dinosaur on her child’s birthday cake had only three legs, each of which looked like the number ″6.″ The article was published in 2015.
  2. She said that the bakers had placed the satanic ″666″ message in the cake on purpose to deceive people.
  3. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the article in question had been authored by the mother in issue’s boyfriend, and the Costco store at the core of the story acknowledged that no complaints had ever been received.

10. They’re the perfect blank slate.

  1. Costco’s sheet cakes might appear to be quite plain no matter how you cut them, which has led to a slew of at-home bakers creating their own variations.
  2. You may get a cake that has simply been frosted with a base layer and then decorate it at home to your liking.
  3. Sarah Weinberg is a writer and editor based in New York City.
  4. Editor-in-Chief The deputy editor at Delish, Sarah Weinberg has previously worked as a food and travel journalist for a variety of magazines, including Food Network Magazine and Country Living.
  5. Felicia LaLomia’s full name is Felicia LaLomia.

Deputy Food & Culture Editor Felicia LaLomia is the Deputy Food & Culture Editor of material was generated and maintained by a third party and imported onto this website in order to assist users in providing their email addresses for further consideration.You may be able to discover further information on this and other related items at the website

Costco Doubled Down On Their Decision To Discontinue Sheet Cakes After Fans Created A Petition

  1. Today’s update (July 24, 2020): Earlier this month, Costco announced that they will no longer be selling its wildly famous half-sheet cakes.
  2. ″There are no urgent intentions to bring them back,″ they claimed, leading others to believe this was a choice based on concerns for their well-being.
  3. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, big gatherings that would necessitate a cake of such size are not now suggested owing to the risk of infection.
  4. Fans of the cake, on the other hand, have been attempting to take matters into their own hands.
  5. Eventually, one lady began a petition, requesting that Costco bring the cakes back.

To date, 660 individuals have signed it, with a target of 1,000 signatures by the time this article is published.All of the material on this page was imported from Twitter.Visiting their website may allow you to access the same stuff in a different format, or it may provide you with even more information than you could get elsewhere.Costco has sheet cake personalization stations, according to an NBC Bay Area reporter who discovered them on Tuesday in his neighborhood.

Despite this, as well as the efforts of dedicated Costco consumers, the corporation has reaffirmed its decision to discontinue the sale of sheet cakes for the time being, as confirmed in a statement to USA Today.As an alternative, they are urging customers to choose the circular, 10-inch cakes that are available at supermarket bakeries.The original post was published on June 23, 2020: Costco is discontinuing the sale of its extremely popular half-sheet cakes in its bakeries in favor of round, 10-inch cakes, which will be available soon.Delish received confirmation of the change from the corporation, which read as follows: ″We are presently not selling our 1/2 sheet cakes in any of our US stores, and we have no plans to bring them back in the near future, at least not at this time.

  1. We are concentrating on our smaller 10″ White & 10″ Chocolate Cakes, which appear to be popular with our members at the moment.″ In May, they sent a similar message on their Facebook page, in which they stated that ″half-sheet cakes are now not available for order or customization.″ It was imported from Facebook to create this content.
  2. Visiting their website may allow you to access the same stuff in a different format, or it may provide you with even more information than you could get elsewhere.
  3. As you are surely aware, Costco’s sheet cakes are quite popular, with customers buying them for a variety of occasions ranging from birthday celebrations to weddings.
  4. While we do not know the specific reason for Costco’s decision, we may conclude that it is most likely due to a fall in demand, since fewer people are hosting parties and gatherings during the COVID-19 epidemic, as a result of which demand has decreased.
  5. Individual and smaller-sized cakes have been offered by many different bakeries around the country, for graduation celebrations and just for enjoyment while socially isolated.

Costco’s article received a lot of negative feedback, and the comments area was filled of people who identified themselves as Costco workers and others who identified themselves as Costco customers, some of whom offered their own opinions about why the company made the decision to alter.In response to the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic in the United States, several merchants, including Costco, are making minor adjustments to their processes to ensure that all locations have the supplies they require despite continued high demand and disruptions in the supply chain, as they pointed out.It doesn’t matter what prompted the change; as Costco has pointed out, there is still a way to commemorate special occasions with a Costco cake by buying one of the circular variants.This material was generated and maintained by a third party and imported onto this website in order to assist users in providing their email addresses for further consideration.You may be able to discover further information on this and other related items at the website

The Truth About Costco Sheet Cakes

  1. Shutterstock A image of limitless aisles filled and heaped with everything from condiments to camping equipment comes to mind when thinking about Costco — with complimentary food samples lurking around every bend — comes to mind.
  2. Costco’s in-house Kirkland Signature brand has built up a cult following over the years, but many customers believe that the actual crown jewel of the retailer’s massive collection is the retailer’s renowned sheet cake, which is available at Costco locations nationwide.
  3. You’ve certainly seen one of these rectangular confections at a birthday party or two as a youngster, or the crowd-pleasing dessert may have been the focal point of your own birthday celebration.
  4. Perhaps you’ve made your way over to the bakery on a Friday evening and scooped up a sheet cake to eat completely by yourself (because you can, and there’s no need to place an order!).
  5. However, this cherished bakery treat has made its way into the hearts (and stomachs) of Americans for many years now, no matter what the circumstances are.

Read these interesting facts about the delectable delicacy before you indulge in yet another piece of the tantalizing dessert.

Costco sheet cakes can be decorated with a vast array of different designs

  1. With an eye toward celebrating the famous dessert’s enormous adaptability and appeal, Costco has a cake design to suit every event, age group, and personality.
  2. According to this order form, the bakery crew at the merchant will be able to create exactly 27 different icing images to be used to decorate your confection.
  3. Birthday designs include a rainbow, a rose bouquet, a princess crown, and a ″over-the-hill″ variation for when your party guest of honor is turning 40, among other options.
  4. Design options include a crucifix, baby carriage (in either pink or blue), and graduation cap, among others, to commemorate virtually every milestone in between.
  5. Basically, if it’s a big event in your life, Costco’s bakery has a cake design to commemorate the occasion.

In addition, the Costco cake artisans can build just about any sports ball under the sun, making them the ideal choice for a tasty way to cap off a little league season or a Super Bowl celebration with friends and family.If nothing in this selection appeals to you, the big-box store’s bakery also accepts custom orders a few days in advance to provide its cake decorators enough time to create a unique design or personalised message for you (via Delish).

Costco’s sheet cakes are only offered in two flavors in the U.S.

  1. When it comes to Costco’s iconic half-sheet cakes, the possibilities are unlimited — with the exception of taste, of course.
  2. They are easily customized and readily available in a pinch.
  3. White cake covered with vanilla cheesecake mousse (a whopping two pounds of it!) and topped with luscious vanilla buttercream frosting, or chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse and frosted with chocolate buttercream (yes, you read it correctly).
  4. There isn’t a great deal of variation, but they perform the job well enough.
  5. According to Delish, the warehouse store’s bakery used to offer more unusual tastes, such as a carrot cake cradling apricot mousse that’s dolloped with cream cheese frosting before being sprinkled with slivered almonds — a recipe for which can be found here.

In addition, the taste bonus supplied by Costco’s Australian locations was rather excellent.Customers had the option of adding a fruity touch to their sponge cakes by selecting a raspberry filling to accompany either a chocolate or a vanilla cake.Despite this, given the dessert’s continued popularity, American customers clearly value the high-quality and freshness of each cake, and they are not opposed to a more customized approach to these desserts.

Costco’s sheet cakes are just as sweet on your wallet as your tongue

  1. Shutterstock Because of its size, flavor, and low cost, the retailer’s most popular dessert may well be the ideal low-cost treat for the whole family.
  2. Considering their versatility to be personalized to fit any style or occasion, Costco’s hallmark dessert is an absolute deal for $18.99.
  3. For example, the cost of a cake from a high-end independent patisserie may quickly climb into the triple digits, and eve

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