What Does Eat The Cake Anna Mae Mean?

The infamous “Eat the cake Anna Mae” scene, a very dramatic and toxic one, is the one Summer is referencing where Ike proclaims he loves Tina but smashes cake into her face and assaults one of the backup singers while Tina insists that it is all okay.

What is eat the cake?

One such expression of euphemism is “Eating cake.” Eating cake in a normal layman’s language is quite simple but its euphemistic meaning refers to sexual intercourse on the beach. Instead of saying sex on the beach humans often refer to the following euphemism for conveying the same meaning.

Who is Anne Mae?

Anna Mae is a singer and songwriter in music genres such as Folk, Country, Rock and French Chanson. She was born in 1990 in the hinterland of Lucerne, where she still is living today and creating her tunes.

Who ate the cake meaning?

used for talking about the attitude of someone who really does not care about a group of people or does not understand their problems although they pretend to. Synonyms and related words. Ways of saying that you do not care.

What does cake mean in slang?

Cake (Slang Meaning) Cake is a slang term which is often used to refer to a nice fat ass on a girl.

What does it mean when someone calls you Anna Mae?

a-nna-mae. Origin:American. Popularity:7488. Meaning:He (God) has favored me.

What is Anna Mae Aquash known for?

Annie Mae Aquash (Mi’kmaq name Naguset Eask) (March 27, 1945 – mid-December 1975) was a First Nations activist and Mi’kmaq tribal member from Nova Scotia, Canada.

Anna Mae Aquash
Known for Activism with the American Indian Movement

What happened to Anna Mae Aquash 1976?

Anna Mae Aquash, née Anna Mae Pictou, (born March 27, 1945, near Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia, Canada—found dead February 24, 1976, northeast border of Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota, U.S.), Canadian-born Mi’kmaq Indian activist noted for her mysterious death by homicide shortly after her participation in a protest

What does the phrase like having your cake and eating it too mean?

: to have or enjoy the good parts of something without having or dealing with the bad parts They seem to think they can have their cake and eat it too by having excellent schools for their son without paying high taxes.

What is cake in drug slang?

‘Kilogramme of Cocaine’ is the most common definition for CAKE on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. CAKE. Definition: Kilogramme of Cocaine.

What is the etymology of have your cake and eat it too?

The oldest known use of the proverb you can’t have your cake and eat it too was in a letter from Thomas, Duke of Norfolk to Thomas Cromwell in 1538. In British English, the last word is often omitted from the proverb, as in you can’t have your cake and eat it.

What is caking Urban Dictionary?

Caking is when you’re extra sweet to someone you’re really interested in. You’re always texting them sweet nothings, and the attention is undivided. Caking.

What does takes the cake mean?

Definition of take the cake

informal. : to win the prize : to rank first While it didn’t take the cake for the warmest Christmas on record, it was close.— Krista McEnany —typically used to describe something that is very surprising, foolish, remarkable, annoying, etc.

What does is the cake baked mean?

Once a critical number of investors have traded on an earnings estimate, the news will be considered baked in the cake, meaning the news will have already influenced the stock’s market price. And investors who hope to profit from taking action on this information have instead obtained it too late.

What was Anna Mae’s name before she became famous?

Before she became uber famous, her name was Anna Mae. When she was in a diner, after she released her first single, two kids came up to her and asked for her autograph, not her husband’s, Ike. Ike got jealous. He got some cake so they could celebrate, but when Anna Mae didn’t want to eat it, he said, ‘Eat the cake, Anna Mae!’

What did the king do to Anna Mae?

He got some cake so they could celebrate, but when Anna Mae didn’t want to eat it, he said, ‘Eat the cake, Anna Mae!’ and pretty much forced it in her mouth and started attacking her.

Is Anna Mae a reference to Tina Turner?

Eat the cake, Anna Mae (used in Beyonce ft. Jay Z’s song ‘ Drunk In Love,’ is a reference to Tina Turner. Before she became uber famous, her name was Anna Mae. When she was in a diner, after she released her first single, two kids came up to her and asked for her autograph, not her husband’s, Ike.

How did Anna Mae get away from her abusive partner?

Ike got jealous. He got some cake so they could celebrate, but when Anna Mae didn’t want to eat it, he said, ‘Eat the cake, Anna Mae!’ and pretty much forced it in her mouth and started attacking her. She was able to get away from her abusive partner, and start her musical career.

What does eating cake mean sexually?

With the passage of time, people have devised a variety of techniques for communicating a certain idea without using the real words, which might be troublesome in public.These terms are sometimes referred to as euphemistic words because they are intended to soften the impact of incorrect or abrasive language.Continue reading to learn the euphemism meaning of the phrase ″eating cake.″ Euphemisms like ″eating cake″ are examples of this type of language.When speaking in plain English, eating cake is a straightforward act; nevertheless the euphemism connotation relates to sexual encounter on the beach……………………..Humans frequently use the following euphemism to communicate the same idea as the phrase ″sex on the beach″ instead of the more literal phrase.

The term ″cake″ may also refer to a girl’s buttocks, therefore having a lovely cake is synonymous with having a nice buttocks.During a flirtatious exchange, the term is frequently employed to communicate sophisticated meaning through the use of simple slang.

When did the euphemism become popular?

Throughout history, people have created a variety of techniques for communicating a certain meaning without using the actual words, which might be troublesome when spoken aloud in public.When used in place of incorrect or brutal terms to soften the impact of the words, these words are referred to as euphemistic language.Please continue reading to discover out what eating cake means in euphemism terms..Euphemisms like ″eating cake″ are examples of this.When spoken in plain English, eating cake is a straightforward task; nevertheless the euphemism term alludes to sexual encounter on the beach..

Humans frequently use the following euphemism to communicate the same idea as ″sex on the beach″ instead of the more literal phrase.Having a nice cake is synonymous with having a nice buttocks, therefore having a nice cake is synonymous with having a nice buttocks.When flirting with someone, the word is frequently used to express complicated meaning in a simple slang manner with a single phrase.

Why is a cake compared to a woman’s ass?

When someone says ″cake,″ they’re referring to a lovely ass. It aids in the communication of complex meaning in simple words. A woman’s ass cake is used as an example, and the connection is made in order to avoid the use of unsuitable language.

The song – Cake by the Ocean.

Joe Jonas revealed the true meaning of the song in an interview with Billboard magazine.Because of their miscommunications, the song was eventually renamed Cake by the Beach because of its funky and original style, which perfectly defines the band’s sound and personality.For various people, the song can have a variety of distinct meanings.Some may associate it with eating genuine cakes by the water, while others may associate it with having sex by the ocean, and yet others may associate it with serving as a party song for their beach trips.There are several statistics linked with the song, including the fact that it is the band’s first single, which means it is their first song ever.

The song debuted at number 44 on the Billboard Hot 100 and quickly rose to become the most popular single of 2016.

There are several cakes shown in the music videos, as well as ideas for different cake tastes that can be enjoyable to have while relaxing on the sands of the beach.

Throughout the music video, the song features vanilla, confetti, chocolate, and red velvet cakes, among other flavors.

To be really honest, the lyrics are completely ridiculous and contain several references to cakes.

DNCE band

  • The band, which is led by Joe Jonas, is an American-Korean band that made their debut in the year 2015 with the song ″Cake by the Ocean.″ The band is lead by Joe Jonas and is an American-Korean band. Republic Records signed the band to a recording contract. It is a dance and rock-oriented band led by Joe Jonas, who also serves as their vocalist. Other members include Jack Lawless, who serves as their drummer, Cold Whittle, who serves as their bassist and keyboardist, and JinJoo Lee, who serves as their guitarist. The band’s beginnings are in California, namely Los Angeles, and its songs have had a significant impact on the American public. In 2016, their first single, Cake by the Ocean, peaked at number 44 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was nominated for a Teen Choice Award for Favorite Party Song. Other songs released by the band include: Kissing Strangers (2016), Blown (2016), Toothbrush (2016), Body Moves (2016), TV in the Morning (2018), and TV in the Morning (2016).

From 2016 until 2019, the band was in full operation. The band chose to take a sabbatical in 2019 and has not returned as of this writing.

List of songs that have hidden sexual meanings-

  • Hailee Stenfiled – Love Myself. 

It is empowering in the sense that it encourages women and young girls to appreciate their bodies. However, the song also includes references to feminine pleasure in various passages. ‘Live while you’re still young,’ sings One Direction.

Songs with lyrics about getting it tonight may be found online. Work from home is the fifth harmony.

It is mentioned in several places throughout the song that having sex at home is preferable, such as making the bed look like an ocean. A Prayer in the form of Madonna

Despite the fact that the lyrics are straightforward, the song is about male pleasure and is sexual in nature.

Other Euphemistic phrases related to cake, desserts.

Cakehole is slang for the inside of one’s mouth. It is also referred to as ″to close someone’s pie hole″ in some circles.

  • Frosting the cake- Refers to male ejaculation.

Icing on the cake is when a man has completely pleased his female partner.

Cheesecake is frequently linked to a woman’s figure and appearance, and it is used to describe a seductive lady.

Fruitcake is a slang term that can refer to either homosexual males or members of the LGBT community.

  • Whoopie Cakes- Slang for a female’s buttocks.


Such lingo and euphemisms do make our lives a little easier, though.They are useful while flirting and may also be employed in front of children to defend one’s personal space.There is a great deal of slang that has become popular among Generation Z.Period, Flex, Lit, Karen, No cap, and Tea are just a few of the slang phrases that can be found on Tik Tok.These slang expressions are hip and may be used to communicate the correct message to the appropriate audience.

It is critical to be current in order to be accepted by the younger generation.

Biography – Anna Mae

  • Anna Mae is a singer-songwriter who performs in a variety of musical styles, including folk, country, rock, and French chanson.
  • She was born in 1990 in the Lucerne hinterland, where she continues to live and work while making her music.
  • Anna Mae is proud of her artistic work, which she exhibits not only in her own nation of Switzerland, but also in other countries such as France, England, and North America.
  • Later, she was featured in Canadian Music Week 2018 in Toronto, where she was given the opportunity to play a selection of songs for the audience.
  1. Another highlight is her trip to the Midwest region of the United States.
  2. Anna Mae represents the following characteristics: woman strength, depth, and diversity.
  3. It is said by her that one should not ″leave any stone unturned in the pursuit of one’s aspirations, and that everything is possible if one simply believes in oneself.″ As a result of her influences, such as Tina Turner, Johnny Cash, and Edith Piaf, Anna Mae writes songs that are about love, freedom, and peace, as well as the quest of happiness and life in the modern world.
  4. She left her work as a secretary in 2016 to devote her time and energy entirely to what she loves the most: music.
  5. Anna Mae’s greatest ambition has been to perform in front of the entire world since she was a youngster.

She has never given up on her dream, which has led her to become an independent artist and to make her living via singing and songwriting, which she has been doing since 2017.The next year, Anna Mae published her first EP, ″Let It Roll,″ produced by Tobi Gmür, as well as a single, ″River,″ a duet with Chrigel Zenger, in 2018.In March 2021, Anna Mae will release her debut album, ″Out Of The Woods,″ which was produced by Steffen Peters.The release of this new album demonstrates how the artist has matured and evolved both herself and her music over the course of the previous years.It appears like Anna Mae is ready to take another step ahead in pursuit of greater ambitions, and she is displaying an even stronger determination than before to never give up on her true love, which is singing and composing.Untold numbers of performances have shaped Anna Mae into an authentically expressive, varied, and seasoned performer who has learnt to touch people’s hearts not just via her songs, but also through her positive attitude and a voice that sings with passion.

In the near future, Anna Mae hopes to establish herself as a well-known singer-songwriter on a national and worldwide scale.Anna Mae is a self-made lady who aspires to use her music as a tool to bridge the gap between people all over the world, to provide a voice to those who have been silenced, and to send a message that it is past time to listen to mother earth and to find our way back home.Anna Mae has a strong degree of desire, strength, and tenacity, and she is confident in her ability to achieve her objectives sooner rather than later.″Never give up on what you believe in; doing so will help to cure the world.″ – Anna Mae et al.

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What does eating cake mean sexually?

  • Asked in the following category: General The most recent update was made on March 26th, 2021.
  • Making cake by the sea is a slang term for having sex on the beach.
  • It is derived from the title of the band’s debut hit, ″Cake by the Ocean,″ which was released in 2015.noun Beautiful buttocks.
  • The cake was awarded to Lil’ Momma.
  1. More terms with the same meaning may be found here: buttocks, butt, ass.
  2. Furthermore, what does it signify when a female eats cake mean?
  3. A cake is a slang phrase that is commonly used to refer to a lovely big ass on a lady.
  4. Cake is a slang term that means ″great fat ass.″ As an example, Kid Ink’s ″Bad Ass″ song has the rap line ″Now then let me see that Cake…
  5. Cake…

Cake, like Entenmann’s – Ass up…gon’ take it down like a sedative″ (Let me see that Cake, Cake, Cake), which is a reference to Entenmann’s ″Bad Ass″ song.As a result, what does it mean to ″eat someone else’s cake″ imply?This information comes from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.You can’t have your cake and eat it (as well) is a famous English idiomatic proverb or figure of speech that means ″you can’t have your cake and eat it (as well).″ The adage directly translates as ″you can’t have your cake and eat it at the same time.″ Once the cake has been consumed, it is no longer available.What exactly does it imply to refer to someone as a cake?

When you call someone a fruitcake, you are implying that they are insane or that their behavior is extremely bizarre.This is a quick word challenge.

Anna Mae Aquash

  • Date of birth: March 27, 1945, Canada (My birthday is in five days.) The body was discovered on February 24, 1976, in South Dakota.
  • Ann Marie Aquash, née Anna Mae Pictou (born March 27, 1945, near Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia, Canada—found dead February 24, 1976, northeast border of Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota, United States), Canadian-born Mi’kmaq Indian activist best known for her mysterious homicide shortly after participating in a demonstration at Wounded Knee.
  • Aquash was reared in poverty and, as a kid, attended schools located outside of the reserve.
  • When she was in her freshman year of high school, she dropped out and went to work picking berries and digging potatoes in the Maine countryside.
  1. At the age of 17, she and her friend, fellow Mi’kmaq Jake Maloney, relocated to Boston, where they became part of a Mi’kmaq community that had recently established there.
  2. Aquash gave birth to her first child in 1964 and another in 1965, and she and Maloney eventually tied the knot in New Brunswick, Canada, however they were no longer together by 1968.
  3. Aquash worked as a volunteer at the Boston Indian Council during the 1960s, which was inspired by the American civil rights movement.
  4. As part of that endeavor, Aquash assisted with the Boston Indian Council’s campaign for indigenous rights as outlined in numerous treaties (now North American Indian Center of Boston).
  5. She initially became aware of the activities of the American Indian Movement (AIM) when she was in college, however she did not get actively involved in the movement until a few years later after graduating.

It was in March 1972 when Aquash took part in what was known as the Trail of Broken Treaties, a cross-country demonstration that culminated in a sit-in at the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Washington, D.C., in order to attract attention to the plight of indigenous peoples.It was subsequently determined that the demonstration, which was organized by AIM, had failed in its purpose.In April 1973, AIM planned a demonstration in South Dakota at the site of the 1890 Wounded Knee massacre, which was coordinated by the American Indian Movement.The demonstration was held in order to bring an end to a corrupt government on the adjacent Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.The occupation came to an end after 70 days as a result of federal involvement.She and her husband, Nogeeshik Aquash (whom she married in 1973), played a crucial role in delivering food and other necessities to the Wounded Knee demonstrators.

Aquash began working with AIM at its St.Paul, Minnesota, office in the spring of 1974.Later that year, she was promoted to the position of director of AIM’s Los Angeles office.The Menominee Indians were protesting being removed of their status as federally recognized Indians at an abbey in Gresham, Wisconsin, in early 1975, and she was present.As a result of these efforts, Aquash’s standing within AIM has grown to a national level.Aquash participated in an AIM meeting in Farmington, New Mexico, in the middle of 1975, in order to assist Navajo demonstrations against mining difficulties.

AIM’s security head, Leonard Peltier, was also in attendance.Peltier is said to have confronted Aquash in Farmington about her alleged participation with the FBI, according to reports.Following the conversation, both men were summoned back to the Pine Ridge Reservation to assist in providing security for the residents.Following their arrival, an incident known as the ″Jumping Bull shoot-out″ took place on June 26, 1975, in which two agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and a Native American were murdered during a confrontation with the Native Americans.

Peltier was found guilty of the deaths of the agents.Aquash’s corpse was discovered not long after Peltier was apprehended.Aquash and her husband had divorced a few months before her death.In September 1975, she was taken into custody on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota on allegations that included, among other things, firearms possession.

  1. She skipped bail and was apprehended in November in Oregon (on nine counts stemming from an event in Ontario) by federal officials who had intercepted an AIM caravan on its way from the state of Washington’s Port Madison Reservation to the state of Oregon.
  2. She was returned to South Dakota and freed on personal recognizance, with the understanding that she would appear in court the next day for a trial on November 25, 1975.
  3. After she failed to appear in court, a bench warrant was issued for her arrest.
  4. Her whereabouts remained a mystery for over three months.
  5. Her bones were recovered on the Pine Ridge Reservation on February 24, 1976, and were identified as belonging to her.
  1. The circumstances surrounding the death of the unidentified remains, particularly the presence of a gunshot wound in her skull for a few weeks, were difficult to piece together.
  2. In the initial autopsy, which was performed by the Pine Ridge Public Health Service, the cause of death was determined to be exposure.
  3. It was decided to chop the hands off of the unidentified corpse and send them to the FBI for identification.
  4. It wasn’t until March 3, 1976, that the FBI was able to positively identify Aquash’s fingerprints from his severed hands.

Her family demanded a second autopsy, which was performed by the same agency on March 10 and confirmed her death.Investigators discovered a.32-caliber bullet wound in the back of her skull at that time, indicating that her death had been the result of a homicide.When Aquash died in 1994, three grand juries were convened to investigate the circumstances of his death.As a result of his role in the murder, Arlo Looking Cloud was sentenced to life in prison in 2003 after a lengthy investigation and multiple trials.

His sentence was reduced to 20 years in 2011 as a result of his cooperation with the state’s investigation into John Graham (also known as John Boy Patton), who was convicted guilty of felony murder in the death of Aquash in 2010.Many feel that Aquash was assassinated because she was known to have too much information on specific AIM members and was therefore viewed as a liability by the group.Diane Cismowski is a writer and editor.Those in charge of editing the Encyclopaedia Britannica


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What Does CAKE Mean?

CAKE is an abbreviation for ″Kilogramme of Cocaine.″

″Cyber Speak″ Test

You now understand what CAKE stands for, but are you fluent in Cyber Speak? Let’s see how it goes!

Summary of Key Points

CAKE is most commonly defined as ″Kilogramme of Cocaine″ on social media platforms like as Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Definition: Kilogramme of Cocaine
Type: Slang Word (Jargon)
Guessability: 3: Guessable
Typical Users: Adults

Second Definition for CAKE

This interpretation was also noted:

Definition: Concurrent Activity, Anticipation, Knowlegde, Efficient Drills (most common in military circles)
Type: Abbreviation
Guessability: 3: Guessable
Typical Users: Adults

Example of CAKE Used in a Text

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There are new and creative methods to communicate I love you. Text-speak is the use of only numbers to communicate. A glossary of dating jargon

Have your cake and eat it too

  • Proverbs are phrases that show a well-known piece of wisdom or a universal truth.
  • The saying ″you can’t have your cake and eat it too″ is a good example of this.
  • After discussing the meaning of the phrase ″you can’t have your cake and eat it too,″ we will consider where the phrase originated and some instances of how it is used in sentences.
  • To say that you can’t have your cake and eat it too suggests that you must make a decision; you cannot have it both ways.
  1. A cake cannot be eaten by someone who wishes to keep it in his possession; these two options are mutually incompatible, to put it another way.
  2. A proverb from Albania that argues that you cannot swim and not get wet, as well as a German adage that declares that you cannot dance at two wedding receptions at the same time, express the same feeling about the need of selecting a decision.
  3. An early 1538 letter from Thomas, Duke of Norfolk to Thomas Cromwell contained one of the earliest recorded instances of the saying ″you can’t have your cake and eat it too.″ As in the phrase ″you can’t have your cake and eat it,″ the last word of a proverb is frequently deleted in British English; for example, you cannot have your cake and eat it.
  4. As an example, Continentals mumble about driving a ruthless bargain: there will be no ″have your cake and eat it too″ nonsense about autonomous British access to the EU’s coveted single market if the United Kingdom does not join the EU.
  5. (Source: The Ottawa Citizen.) To quote Mary Beard, the classicist: ″I honestly don’t think you can have your cake and eat it, either – you can’t whitewash Rhodes out of history while continuing to use his money,″ she says.

This is according to The National Review.To the contrary, if you pretend today to be a Civil Society activist while collecting money from politicians and political parties to carry out their orders tomorrow, just remember that you cannot have your cake and eat it, as they say in the United States.(Source: The Nigerian Observer.)

5 dating terms to update your love vocab

  • Instagrandstand In order to gain attention on social media Instagrandstanding is when you meticulously design your Instagram account in order to attract the attention of a certain person.
  • Whether you’re posting tales, showcasing your style, or boasting about how many friends you have, all of your Instagram posts are meant to be seen by this individual in order to draw their attention to what you’re doing.
  • To keep a guilty secret in your stash Simply put, stashing away someone means that you are dating them but are not telling anyone about them.
  • In the sad event that you are not known by their friends or family, even after dating for a while and they keep you concealed away from their inner circle, you have unhappily been stored.
  1. to frighten Ghosting is a type of prank.
  2. Ghosting is the act of disappearing without any notice or closure, caspering would be the act of ghosting but more politely, and haunting is when they are no longer physically present in your life but continue to exist digitally through your social media accounts.
  3. Delete, delete, delete!
  4. to bake a cake The act of flirting with a cake has been defined as follows: (not literally) The act of being extra kind to someone you’re extremely interested in is known as caking.
  5. You’re always messaging them sweet nothings, and their full attention is yours.

a bird box is a container for birds to live in.To be deafeningly in love Bird boxing, named after the Sandra Bullock film of the same name, is when someone you’re dating treats you badly or is otherwise bad for you, yet you’re so captivated by your love for them that you continue to date them despite your affections for them being unhealthy.Who hasn’t gone to the place?Follow @BeingFeline on Twitter for the latest updates.Originally published on HT Brunch on April 21, 2019Follow us on Twitter.com/HTBrunch Keep up with us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/hindustantimesbrunch.INFORMATION ABOUT THE AUTHOR Ms.

Samreen Tungekar works as a content producer for the HT Brunch website.She writes on fashion, lifestyle, and everything else that has a hashtag attached to it.

What Is Baked in the Cake?

  • The expression ″baked in the cake″ refers to the fact that certain important information, such as unsubstantiated news stories or earnings projections, has already been taken into consideration and reflected in the market price of a particular securities before it is publicly traded.
  • In most cases, an investor who learns about fresh information too late will not benefit from acting on it since the price has already shifted to reflect the future information.
  • It may also refer to a complicated issue including numerous intertwined aspects that cannot be isolated from one another, as well as a present or imminent crisis that cannot be resolved or avoided by a simple change in circumstances.
  • If one believes that an imminent and inescapable recession is built into the cake, one might equally argue that long-term unemployment is baked into the cake in terms of the economy.

Key Takeaways

  • ″Baked in the cake″ refers to information that has already been reflected in the price of a securities.
  • Using news announcements as a source of income, it is difficult to generate above-average earnings since it is assumed that the price always reflects the most recent and most accurate data.
  • When the market is taken by surprise, it might take traders days or even weeks to change their positions properly.
  • In addition to a recession, the idiom ″baked in the cake″ can apply to any complicated problem that may be unsolveable or inescapable, such as a political crisis.
  • It is difficult for investors to profit from breaking news since they must be among the first few individuals to hear about it and how it may affect stock prices
  • therefore, it is tough for them to profit from breaking news.
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Understanding Baked in the Cake

  • If you’re an investor looking to benefit on breaking news, you’ll have to answer a challenging question: How many other investors have already acted on the news, both before and after it was released?
  • This basic issue has everything to do with insider trading and asymmetric information, among other things.
  • For an investor to profit on breaking news, he or she must be among the first to learn of it.
  • Once a significant number of investors have traded on an earnings projection, the news will be deemed baked in the cake, which means that the news will already have had an impact on the stock’s market price at that point.
  1. The information has also arrived too late for investors who had hoped to profit from taking action based on the information.
  2. However, this isn’t always the case in every situation.
  3. It can take days or even weeks for traders to amass or dispose of positions after receiving news, even if there is an early reaction to the news.
  4. As a result, trends can persist for far longer periods of time than the seconds immediately after a news release.
  5. Investors should be cautious about the news they trade on and the sources from which they get their information.

The introduction of the internet has enhanced the availability of information, however it is difficult to determine the source and reliability of the material available on the internet.An investor who receives material, non-public information from an employee of a company and then trades the company’s stock may be subject to an investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), as acting on non-public information to profit from investing in that company may constitute illegal insider trading under the Securities and Exchange Act (SEC).Additionally, in addition to worries regarding the source of information discovered on the internet, investors should consider the possibility that information gleaned from online sources may already have been baked into the cake.Many internet sources may not be publishing influential information in a timely manner that allows investors to take action on the knowledge to their advantage.

Example of Baked in the Cake

  • Assume that the official prediction for Abercrombie & Fitch Company’s (ANF) quarterly earnings is $1 per share of common stock.
  • The whisper number is $1.25, which indicates that traders expect significantly greater earnings than what the experts are projecting publicly.
  • It’s possible that the experts think this, but they don’t want to be overconfident and appear silly if they are proven incorrect.
  • After heading into the results report, it’s possible that the price has already surged to reflect the $1.25 projected revenue figure.
  1. Even if profits come in at $1.25 per share, there may be some volatility, but the market received what it was expecting, thus there may not be much movement in the stock’s price.
  2. The announcement had already been planned in advance.
  3. While arriving at $1 would be consistent with analyst expectations, the price might collapse as a result of this result being announced.
  4. If earnings come in at $1.75 per share, it will come as a surprise to almost everyone, and the price will certainly climb.
  5. It will take some time for the market to acclimatize to this new facts and bake it into the price since these other possibilities are greater shocks.

Special Considerations

  • In a news release, the whisper number is the number that traders, investors, and analysts believe will be released on the day of the release.
  • This may differ from the analysts’ formal public estimates, which are available on the internet.
  • Knowing the whisper number can assist in determining what is most likely already baked into the cake/price in the first place.
  • An advantage may be gained if a trader has a sense of what other traders are anticipating and how they will respond to the news, particularly if the news is different from what was expected.
  1. Whisper numbers are derived from how traders position themselves in the days preceding up to an announcement, as well as through surveys, sentiment indicators, and general social media chatter—are traders optimistic, pessimistic, or aloof, for example?
  2. All of these conditions may aid in predicting which direction the price will move depending on the actual news figure that is released later in the day.
  3. If anything alters the expectation that the price is based on, persons who made bets on a specific event may find themselves in the wrong if the price is based on that assumption.
  4. This new knowledge will cause the price to fluctuate in response to it.
  5. That knowledge will eventually be baked into the system as well.

Eat the Cake, Anna-Mae

  • Because it is quite conceivable to be raunchy as all hell and dance around with your cheeks falling out of your shorts and still connect with the notion of women’s equality, I prefer not to get involved in disputes over Beyonce Knowles’ feminism.
  • That is, at its most basic level, what feminism is meant to be about: the equality of men and women.
  • However, just as straightforward as that description is, it is also straightforward to recognize what feminism is not.
  • Moreover, what Mrs.
  1. Knowles-Carter performed last night, during her Grammy performance of ″Drunk in Love,″ was a blatantly anti-feminist statement.
  2. Fans are aware that her husband, Jay Z, makes a lighthearted allusion to a horrible scene from the 1993 Tina Turner film, ″What’s Love Got to Do With It?″ during his appearance on the hit show ″Drunk in Love.″ His customary swagger can be heard when he sings, ″I’m Ike Turner Turner/You know I don’t play/Now take the cake, Anna-Mae/Eat the cake, Anna-Mae,″ as he introduces himself.
  3. When Ike Turner, enraged by the attention Tina is receiving, smashes cake into her face and hits the backup singer who attempts to protect her, this is the scene that you’re talking about.
  4. ″Eat the cake, Anna-Mae,″ a roadie groaningly urges when the fighting has subsided.
  5. This section of the song is omitted by at least one radio station–in the United Kingdom–because it contains a sarcastic jest that refers to physical violence.

Consequently, when Jay came to the ″Eat the cake″ line last night, I hoped that Queen Bey would remain mute on the matter.As an alternative, she amps up the bass of her voice and yells along with her husband, ″Eat the cake, Anna-Mae!″ This is made much worse by the fact that Tina Turner is supposed to be one of Beyoncé’s inspirations.Moments like these are important.They matter even when they aren’t intended to be a huge issue, or when they are ″funny,″ or when they mirror the video, or when they come from the faces of individuals we like.I’m disappointed with Beyoncé’s performance.I wish she could have been more Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and less ″Cater 2 U″ at this particular point in time.

However, it’s possible that this is simply too much to expect.

Why Beyonce and Jay Z’s reference to Anna Mae in Drunk in Love is too much

  • Hollie McNish is dismayed that Beyonce, a woman she admired as a youngster, made a reference to Tina Turner’s awful assault in her new song and accompanying video, which she found offensive.
  • In case you haven’t heard, Beyoncé has recently released a new studio album, which you can purchase here.
  • There are 14 new tracks and 17 new videos.
  • It is currently ranked first in more than 100 nations around the world.
  1. I was really looking forward to this CD.
  2. A lot of my teenage years were spent debating whether Kelly or Beyoncé was a better vocalist (I was with Kelly), while bouncing to Survivor’s lines ‘You thought that I’d be helpless without you/But you were wrong/But I’m smarter’ after horrible house parties, and it was a lot of fun.
  3. Anyway.
  4. ‘Drunk in Love’ is a song about Beyoncé and Jay Z’s romantic life, and it features none other than Mr Beyoncé himself, and I sat down with my partner to see the first teaser video for it last night.
  5. It all starts with a bang.

A beach scene with waves smashing on the sand in black and white.Cool.This went on for about a minute.My companion became a little restless.But it’s OK.Then there’s Beyoncé.

Holding a large prize, she is dressed in sultry underwear.She sings like a diva, and even if I’m getting a little tired of yet another lingerie commercial, she appears to be content with her own body.She sings, dances, and sings about how much she enjoys having sex with her lover while wearing a smile on her face.Everything is fine.I’m relieved.In addition, the song is quite catchy.

After that, there’s Jay Z.Obviously fully clothed, and I’m beginning to wonder whether all male celebs engage in sexual activity while still dressed.Kanye?Robin?

Flo-Rida?Is it necessary to wear socks as well?Then he starts rapping, and I nearly spat out my drink as he started.″Did you hear what he said?″ my partner exclaims angrily.

  1. What the [email protected]£k is going on?
  2. Jay Z is a rapper who is well-known for his music.
  3. So, what exactly are you saying?
  4. Rewind.
  5. Repeat.
  1. This is what he has to say about it.
  2. ″My name is Ike Turner…
  3. I’m sure you’re aware that I don’t play.
  4. Anna Mae, it’s time to eat the cake.

″Eat the Cake, Anna Mae,″ the narrator said.Beyoncé can be seen behind him, mouthing the words with a smile.Tina Turner is on stage performing.(Image courtesy of Mirrorpix) This line is from the Tina Turner biopic What’s Love Got To Do With It, for those of you who, unlike me, are not obsessed with Tina Turner and have not watched the film adaptation of her life story – What’s Love Got To Do With It – nearly 100 times.

Tina Turner, whose real name is Anna Mae Bullock, has just released her own music single, and two children approach her in a diner and ask for her autograph, prompting her to say yes.It’s not her husband Ike’s fault.Ike is envious of you.He tells her that she should ″eat the cake″ so that they can all celebrate her newfound independence.

  1. She isn’t interested in any.
  2. Anna Mae refuses to eat the cake, and when he says ″Eat the cake, Anna Mae,″ he stands up and shoves the cake in her mouth and across her face.
  3. Her friend, who also happens to be the backing vocalist, attempts to stop him.
  4. Ike threatens her, beats her, and she flees, shouting to Tina Turner, ″You’ll be dead if you stay with him,″ as she runs away.
  5. In a film that charts the continuous raping and beating of his wife by a jealous and violent husband, it is one of the most humiliating scenes; a wife who goes on to become one of the biggest music icons, rock’n’roll icons, female icons, black female icons, and icons of recovery from domestic abuse of the twentieth century.

So.I’m just not understanding it.’It’s just rap music,’ I hear someone say.

However, this is not the case.There is a plethora of non-violent rap music available on the market.So what is the point of doing it?

Let’s talk about being intoxicated.Let’s talk about having a good time with sex.Talk about having a passionate, drunken sex session in the kitchen at a house party with your friends.Everything is fine.Everything is contained within this song.

Adding on a rap sing-a-long quoting words spat at a woman who was beaten and nearly died, but who managed to flee (unlike many others in her situation), saving herself and her children from a violent partner while also reinventing a highly successful music career is a cherry on top of the cake.What does love have to do with any of this?According to a tweet, ″don’t judge the entire album on that single song.″ The question is, what should I do?What if you just ignore it and start singing along to Flawless or XO instead?I’m not sure.Having friends with someone who calls my mother a slag but is exceptionally nice to my grandfather strikes me as a similar situation.

  • I don’t believe it operates in this manner.
  • Finally, I’ve come to terms with the fact that Beyoncé is a popstar, not a politician.
  • However, this is excessive.
  • The move is both risky and insulting – to Tina Turner and anyone else who has been through the hell that this happily married, middle-upper class, billionaire celebrity couple appears to be laughing off.
  • Furthermore, I was really hoping to enjoy this album.
  • For quite some time, I have admired Beyonce’s music.
  • Argh.
  • I can’t stop myself from wondering: What does Tina think?

Beyonce’s Drunk In Love: should we have a problem with it?

  • Should we take a second look at Beyoncé’s Drunk in Love album once more?
  • While performing with her husband, Jay Z, at the Grammys, she mouthed along to his guest verse, calling attention to one specific phrase that has never quite set well with her: ″I’m Ike, Turner turn up / Baby no I don’t play / Now, eat the cake, Anna Mae / I said, eat the cake, Anna Mae.″ This sentence still irritates me more than a month after Beyoncé surprised the music business with the release of her self-titled fifth studio album without warning.
  • An emotionally charged sequence from the Oscar-nominated Tina Turner biopic, What’s Love Got to Do With It, in which Tina (played by Angela Bassett) and her notoriously violent husband and manager Ike (Lawrence Fishburne) engage in a physical altercation, is referenced in the song.
  • Ike orders Tina – who was born Anna Mae Bullock – to eat the cake he’d ordered in a diner, and Bassett ends up squabbling with Lawrence and with cake smeared across her face in the height of the drama.
  1. Around the time of the album’s release, there was some negative feedback from blogs and the mainstream media, but most of the dust from that seemed to have cleared by the time of the singer’s Grammy performance on Sunday night.
  2. But why is this so?
  3. On a record that critics have hailed as Beyonce’s most feminist to date, and one that she proudly proclaims to be her most honest to date, it’s strange to see two major stars shoehorn a domestic violence reference into a track that otherwise celebrates love and all of the glory of marital hook-ups.
  4. But that’s exactly what happened here: two major stars shoehorned a domestic violence reference into a track that otherwise celebrates love and all of the glory of mari Furthermore, it’s irritating to have a few words detract from the magnificence of Beyoncé twanging on about the ″surfboard″ she’s riding in the bathtub as she’s bathing.
  5. There are several problematic lines in the song, including one where Jay Z claims to ″beat the box up like Mike in ’97, I bite,″ implying that Beyoncé is a fan of rather enthusiastic sex (since box is a slang term for the vagina in question) and another where he refers to a convicted rapist, all of which are problematic.
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And thus, at the risk of contributing to the Beyoncé-as-feminist-thinkpiece bubble that had burst by Christmas 2013, it seems necessary to at the very least investigate whether the silence on whether this line means anything is meaningful.So yet, there haven’t been many in the mainstream media who have.From Sasha Frere-Jones of the New Yorker to Sydette Harry of Salon, the overall response in December was ″this sounds strange, but we don’t know why, so we’ll just leave it.″ The following was sufficient for Frere-Jones: ″I won’t pretend to understand how this potentially unpleasant reference between Jay Z and Beyoncé works, but it’s her album and they appear to be having a good time on the beach, so some type of inversion is at work.″ ″Is that problematic?″ Harry inquires, to which she responds, ″Yes, but rather than being a frivolous throwaway, it may pertain to Beyoncé and Jay Z’s relationship and possibly bedroom chat between the two.″ Then there’s nothing else we hear about it.Do you want to read on your phone?Here’s where you can see the video for Drunk in Love.A liveblog rapper Kitty Pryde wrote for Noisey in which she misheard the word ″Anna Mae″ as ″anime″ sparked a firestorm of criticism on social media from those who believed she was stupid and ill-informed about the music industry.

However, the reference, as well as the power couple’s decision to employ it, were not questioned this time around.In rap, riffing on the phrase ″eat the cake″ isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but it is entertaining.Rihanna’s Birthday Cake, starring Chris Brown, features a cheeky use of the slang term cunnilingus (from the Urban Dictionary), which makes a cameo appearance on the radio cut for the UK radio version of the song.Lil B, a prolific left-field rapper known for his song Wonton Soup, also made a clear allusion to the Anna Mae scene.Adding Anna Mae at the end, on the other hand, raises issues that writers at the Huffington Post, International Business Times, and Salon (again) are beginning to notice once again.The phrase can undoubtedly come off as cruel and inconsiderate to people who have suffered from mental and physical violence at the hands of their spouses.

As an illustration of Drunk in Love’s ability to offend, consider Bang Radio’s choice to cut away the ″Anna Mae″ allusion from the show’s airwaves.Nonetheless, does Beyoncé’s singing along to the phrase invalidate her album’s celebration of unexpected motherhood, or its inclusion of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TED address on feminism, in the process?After all, we expect musicians to include elements of their personal life into their performances.In not enabling Beyoncé to defend her own creative licence to release something controversial, the awkward quiet around the lyrics may be doing her a harm.

Because, on the surface, the option appears to be a disagreeable one.And it simply makes me want to ask Beyoncé one simple question: why, exactly?

The day Beyoncé and Jay Z made fun of Tina Turner and domestic violence and the world seemed to like it

  • The Grammy Awards took place on January 26th, when Beyoncé and Jay Z performed the opening performance, ″Drunk in Love,″ for the entire world to see.
  • Song is from Beyoncé’s last self-titled album and was a huge smash all over the world when it was released.
  • However, there is something wrong with the words of that song, and the majority of people were unaware of it.
  • The song goes: ″I’m Ike Turner, crank up/Baby, no, I don’t play, now eat the cake, Anna Mae/Say eat the cake, Anna Mae/Say eat the cake, Anna Mae.″ Tina Turner was given the name Anna Mae Bullock when she was born.
  1. Ike Turner was a physically and verbally violent husband.
  2. According to an interview with Spin magazine published in 1985, ″Yeah, I beat her up, but I didn’t beat her up anymore than the normal person hits his wife….
  3. If she claims I mistreated her, it’s possible I did.″ During the course of several years, Tina was mistreated by Ike, to the point that she attempted suicide during a dispute they had in 1968.
  4. During the film What’s Love Got to Do With It?, a biography of Tina Turner’s life and career, there is a scene in which Tina and Ike are eating a cake at a restaurant; when Tina refuses to eat, Ike insists on it and assaults her.
  5. This is the scene: ″Eat the cake, Anna Mae,″ says the narrator.

When Jay Z and Beyoncé go to a restaurant, does he treat her in this manner?Perhaps not, but it is something that many women experience at some point in their life.This is known as domestic violence, and it is a dreadful crime, as shown in the lyrics of Drunk in Love.That’s something we could all watch on the Grammys.The presentation was a hit with the audience.I guess we shouldn’t be bothered about domestic violence any longer.

Everyone, including Beyoncé, Who Runs the World (Girls) super lady, has surrendered.

″Eat the cake, Anna Mae!″: Jay Z delivers his Tina Turner lyric at the Grammys

  • Beyonce and Jay-Z perform at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards on January 26, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.
  • (AP photo by Matt Sayles) When Jay Z and Beyoncé sang ″Drunk in Love″ during the Grammy Awards’ opening act, they made an expected and predictably odd allusion to the trauma Tina Turner had undergone.
  • ″Go ahead and eat the cake, Anna Mae!″ In the couple’s ode to the sexual delight they obtain from each other, Jay Z sings the song.
  • That line, as well as Jay Z’s reference to himself as ″Ike Turner,″ as many have pointed out since the December release of Beyoncé’s self-titled album, bring back uncomfortable memories of the biopic ″What’s Love Got to Do With It,″ in which Ike Turner forces cake into Tina Turner’s mouth so that they can celebrate her career, which was based on the book by the same name.
  1. It’s a particularly shocking line, given Jay Z’s unwavering and seemingly unreserved support for Beyoncé’s professional achievement, which, like Tina Turner’s, has overtaken her husband’s in recent years.
  2. (Beyoncé also performed alongside Tina Turner at the 2008 Grammy Awards, referring to the ″Proud Mary″ singer as a ″legend″ and the ″queen.″ Perhaps that shouldn’t have come as a surprise.
  3. Recently, at least one other rap song made allusion to a great figure’s onscreen abuse: Nicki Minaj’s ″Oprah″ rap, in which she declared herself to be Oprah’s successor and then begged ″Harpo″ to ″beat me.″ Harpo is the name of Winfrey’s production firm, as well as the name of the character who defeats Winfrey’s character in the film ″The Color Purple.″ Moreover, since the 2007 release of ″B’Day,″ which includes the songs ″Ring the Alarm″ (about an unidentified partner straying) and ″Irreplaceable″ (about a split) and closes with the song ″Resentment,″ Beyoncé and Jay Z have been acting out their (actual or imaginary) relationship problems (again about an unnamed partner cheating).
  4. Jay Z was in the crowd when Beyoncé sang ″You Oughta Know″ by Alanis Morissette at the Grammys the last time she was on stage with them.
  5. Alluding to abuse on the public stage, it would appear, is simply one of the ways they make it entertaining – or, more specifically, how they maintain their relationship generally accessible to fans who are hoping to extract a universal message from their songs.

As Beyoncé’s music has become more baroque in style, the references to it have been more numerous.

Daniel D’Addario


What do Beyonc�’s and Jay-Z’s ″Drunk in Love″ lyrics Mean?

No, this will not answer whether the Queen B is a feminist.

  • It should be noted that Nordette Adams did not write the lyrics explanations on this page.
  • Its creator desires to remain unidentified for the time being.
  • A lot of people are interested in debating whether or not Beyonc Knowles is a feminist.
  • Mr.
  1. & Mrs.
  2. Carter (Jay-Z and Beyonc ) sang ″Drunk in Love″ at the 2014 Grammy Awards, and Colorlines’ Akbia Solomon says she’s tired of the subject, but she does have some concerns about some of the choices made by the Carters during their performance.
  3. She is particularly upset that the celebrities did not erase a portion of Jay-verse Z’s in the song that refers to spousal abuser Ike Turner and then uses the words, ″Eat the cake, Anna-Mae,″ which she considers to be inappropriate.
  4. ‘What’s Love Got to Do With It?’ is a violent scene from the Tina Turner movie What’s Love Got to Do With It?
  5. (video).

As a result of the uproar and widespread discussion, the proprietor of this website began to speculate on what the song and its accompanying video may signify.What exactly are Beyoncé and Jay-Z attempting to communicate?Is there a message of societal worth being conveyed through irony, or is ″Drunk in Love″ merely a sex song in the traditional sense?I was perplexed, so I turned to a woman who happens to be a hip-hop scholar for help in deciphering the lyrics.She wrote me an email with an explication or explanation of Jay-verse Z’s in the song, which is included below; however, she would want to remain anonymous since she feels it is important.I have complied with her requests.

WARNING: The following explanation contains language that is appropriate for adults.

One Explication of ″Drunk in Love″

  • BY AN UNKNOWN PERSON This song is really difficult, and it contains a significant amount of street lingo for sex.
  • It’s densely metaphorical, and it’ll take a lot of work to get through it.
  • A woman’s assets are represented by the term ″cake,″ which also refers to oral sex performed on a woman.
  • As in Rihanna’s song ″Cake Cake Cake″ (also known as ″Birthday Cake″).
  1. ″Drunk in Love″ is unquestionably about a power conflict, but it’s a very sexual power struggle about who’s in command.
  2. Beyoncé begins by talking about how she is going to put the heat on Jay-Z, and she does it first, hence the allusion to her lips in the opening sentence.
  3. So, in essence, she must learn to utilize her lips for more than simply speaking purposes.
  4. Jay-Z is making a joke about Beyoncé initiating the sexual encounter.
  5. It appears like Beyoncé is confident in her ability to attract male admirers, and Jay-Z is calling her out on it.

Jay Z is now gloating about the item he received (i.e.sling).It appears that he is being served, as Beyonc hinted to earlier in the song with her mouth.Meanwhile, the song is taking a turn, throwing us a curve1, and Jay-Z is seizing the reins for the first time.So there isn’t any need for an explanation; he is serving her and she is losing her grip on the situation.They are also in the heat of the moment, which necessitates this lack of explanation.

On the surface, Box appears to be slang for vagina.Beat it up is slang for aggressive sex, but he’s also making a reference to the boxer Mike Tyson2.In 1997, Mike Tyson chewed Holyfield’s ear off, bringing us full circle to the oral sex allusion of ″eat the cake.″ Take a bite of the cake.Take a bite of the wonderful stuff.Her tormentor is serious about what he is doing to her and is going to push her into the next stage of his treatment.As at a climax, the highest level of turn up is used.

Moreover, this is another another allusion to ″beating3 the cherry up,″ or, as Beyonc puts it in another song called BLOW, ″he’s turning the cherry out.″ (Yes, I am aware of this.) This is all quite nasty.) The point at which everyone becomes perplexed is when it comes to understanding these sentences since it is dependent on establishing who is speaking in this portion.I believe that taking a deeper look at the punctuation will be the key to understanding how to comprehend this paragraph.Taking the cake literally, he’s doing it in a metaphorical sense (oral sex).Take note that Anna Mae, not Ike, says ″taste the cake.″ This time, Beyoncé is changing the script and encouraging the man to consume his food thoroughly.

When Rihanna sings ″Cake Cake Cake,″ she is saying, ″I’m going to make you my bitch.″ Currently, it appears like Beyonc is attempting to turn Ike (i.e.Jay-Z) into her bitch.Anna Mae4 is the name she has given him.-OR- It is also possible that Jay-Z has gained control as a result of his sexual oral abilities.

  1. He now has complete influence over Beyonc, who has turned up and turned out5 and is willing to do whatever he commands.
  2. He now has complete control over her, and he can do whatever he wants with her.
  3. The result was the sentence, ″Eat your cake, Anna Mae!″ As soon as he regains control of the situation, he acts pleasant and sweet love is made between them.
  4. Notes from the editor:
  1. Someone someone wrote to warn me that the word curve and the allusion to ″his package″ have even more double entendres than I had realized.
  2. The above explanation, according to several commenters, informs them about some things they were unaware of
  3. however, they still believe that references to Mike Tyson, due to his alleged abuse of his ex-wife Robin Givens, and Ike Turner, due to his documented abuse of Tina Turner, are inappropriate in a relationship song
  4. Take a look at note number 2
  5. It is popular in hip-hop to use intertextuality (reference or allusion to other literary works, films, and other singers’ songs/raps) to convey meaning.
  6. When someone is ″turned up,″ they are loose, free, or wild
  7. when they are ″turned out,″ they are bringing about someone’s sexual awakening, giving them the biggest orgasm of all time, or helping them realize the truth about themselves.

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  • The following are five reasons to adore Beyonce, the feminist work in progress:
  • When it comes to Beyonce during the Super Bowl, she either empowers or objectsifies – BLOGHER
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