What Happens To The Losing Cakes On Cake Wars?

According to a Food Network rep, all ingredients that can be saved until the next episode’s filming are saved, and the remaining 1,000 cupcakes are given to charitable organizations or eaten by “hardworking cast and crew.”

What happens to the cakes baked on Cupcake Wars?

Are the cakes simply thrown out? While baking competition shows can differ, a user on Quora in 2012 referenced a quote from a Food Network rep who apparently told an unnamed publication that on Cupcake Wars, the 1,000 cupcakes that are baked are either donated to charitable organizations or eaten by “hardworking cast and crew.”

How much does the winner of Cupcake Wars get paid?

The winner also gets $10,000 and I would assume, tons of PR for her or his business in her or his hometown print and digital newspapers. Cupcake Wars finalists’ displays from July 2016. Each hold 1,000 cupcakes to go to a swanky party. (Photo courtesy of Jon’s Blog.)

How do you reward yourself after watching Cupcake Wars?

At the end of a long day, I reward myself by plopping in front of the tube to binge watch Cupcake Wars on the Food Network. If you have cable or the internet, you have 24/7 access to the show. I love watching how inventive the bakers get when told to create cupcakes with crazy combos like barbecued beef jerky, Cheez Whiz and Marshmallow Peeps.

What happened to the cupcakes that didn’t go to the ALMA Awards?

The ones that didn’t go to the Alma Awards were eaten by the cast and crew. Yeah, that’s right. We ate them. We’re on a show called Cupcake Wars! We obviously enjoy eating cupcakes!”

What happens to the cakes after baking shows?

The crew also sometimes gets the opportunity to take leftover items. But if an item has been compromised, it’s tossed. “There’s very minimal of that,” she noted. And at the end of each challenge, items the show doesn’t see a need for anymore are donated to missions, shelters or food banks.

What happens to cakes on Halloween Wars?

‘I can’t answer for certain, but this is my experience. The winner’s cake, of course, went to the person that it was for. The rest of the cakes (we came in 2nd place) went right smack dab into giant trash cans that the cleaning crew rolled out after the shoot was over,’ the person wrote.

Do they really bake 1000 cupcakes on Cupcake Wars?

Yes. They do make one thousand cupcakes on Cupcake Wars. Although he, sadly, did not win, the finalists do make 1000 cupcakes.

Do they remake the cakes on Cake Wars?

Yes people it is TV, they don’t shoot the show and the event on the same day. Apparently the 2000 cupcakes, winners and losers, are given to charity the day of the shoot. The actual party cupcakes are made again on the day of the actual event.

What happens to all the food baked on the Great British baking show?

Where happens to the leftover food on the Bake Off? You will be happy to know that the goodies do not go to waste, as the leftover baked goods are shared between the crew and the bakers themselves.

Where do the bakers stay during Bake Off?

Where did the GBBO contestants stay? The 2021 GBBO contestants stayed in the Down Hall Hotel where the tent was pitched. Partners and children were allowed to join the contestants in the hotel, with shooting taking place on a two days on two days off rotation.

What happens to the cakes in buddy versus Duff?

It was reported that the huge cake was dumped because it had been left out all day, so perhaps it was unsanitary to eat it. Speaking of the cake dumping, Buddy said to the LA Times: “(The Cubs) loved the cake. They felt bad those pictures of the dumpster came out, but what can you do?

Did Halloween Wars get rid of pumpkin carvers?

Food Network Killed ‘Halloween Wars’ Pumpkin Carving Because of COVID.

Why did Halloween Wars get rid of pumpkin carvers?

According to sources who spoke to TMZ, the lack of pumpkin carving in the 2021 season is due to a combination of the show’s filming schedule and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Do contestants on Cake Wars know the theme?

For our episode, they did meet with the contestants before we even started filming to plan their displays, which leads me back to my theory that the contestants know the themes ahead of time.

What happens to food from cooking shows?

Competition shows can take up to 12 or 14 hours to film, so the final dish isn’t always what the judges taste. Food waste is dealt with differently depending on the show, but it is usually donated, eaten by the crew, or thrown out.

Who won Cake Wars 2021?

Cake artist Asia Coffee is part of a three-person team that won the third season of “Holiday Wars,” the holiday-themed baking and cake decorating competition show on Food Network. The finale of the eight-episode season, which started with nine teams auditioning to be part of a field of six, aired Sunday.

What happens to the food on holiday baking championship?

Sometimes extra food is taken home or shared with the crew.

Although the ongoing global pandemic has impacted this tradition, Fuller said, extra food is usually shared among the cast, crew members, and even taken home by judges. ‘There’s a hundred people who work on ‘Holiday Baking Championship,” Fuller told Insider.

What does the winner of Cupcake Wars get?

The winner takes her or his cupcakes to some swanky event, like the celebration Mattel produced when they introduced Barbie’s new DreamHouse. The winner also gets $10,000 and I would assume, tons of PR for her or his business in her or his hometown print and digital newspapers. Cupcake Wars finalists’ displays from July 2016.

Do you eat cupcakes on Cupcake Wars?

We ate them. We’re on a show called Cupcake Wars! We obviously enjoy eating cupcakes!”

How do you reward yourself after watching Cupcake Wars?

At the end of a long day, I reward myself by plopping in front of the tube to binge watch Cupcake Wars on the Food Network. If you have cable or the internet, you have 24/7 access to the show. I love watching how inventive the bakers get when told to create cupcakes with crazy combos like barbecued beef jerky, Cheez Whiz and Marshmallow Peeps.

What happened to the cupcakes that didn’t go to the ALMA Awards?

The ones that didn’t go to the Alma Awards were eaten by the cast and crew. Yeah, that’s right. We ate them. We’re on a show called Cupcake Wars! We obviously enjoy eating cupcakes!”

Are the Cakes on Food Network’s ‘Halloween Wars’ Trashed After Filming?

  1. Are you intimidated by a little friendly competition?
  2. The spooky-delicious series Halloween Wars is returning for a brand-new season, featuring cake decorators and sugar experts competing against one another.
  3. There will be five teams competing on the Food Network reality competition show to design delicious Halloween-themed displays, with the top team taking home a $25,000 grand prize.
  4. The rest of the article is below the advertisement.
  • So, would these contenders’ Halloween-themed masterpieces be enough to frighten the judges out of their chairs, or will their macabre creations fall flat on their faces?
  • Despite the fact that Season 11 has been tipped to be one of the finest seasons to date in terms of delectable cake artistry, many fans are curious about what happens to the cakes once the competition has over.
  • Continue reading for more information.
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What happens to the cakes on ‘Halloween Wars’?

  1. A major issue on many people’s thoughts after seeing the event is: What happens to the boo-tiful creations after the performance?
  2. Is it just a case of throwing away the cakes?
  3. However, while the format of baking competition shows can vary, a user on Quora in 2012 referenced an apparent quote from a Food Network representative who reportedly told an unnamed publication that the 1,000 cupcakes that are baked on Cupcake Wars are either donated to charitable organizations or eaten by the ″hardworking cast and crew.″ Is Halloween Wars, on the other hand, structured in a similar way?
  4. In another topic on Quora, someone claimed to have competed in the Food Network’s Cake Challenge series in 2010, which was shown in 2010.
  • ″I can’t say for definite, but this is what I’ve learned from my own experiences.
  • The winner’s cake, of course, was given to the individual who had been nominated.
  • Everything else, including our second-place cake, went straight into large trash cans that the cleaning staff pulled out once the shoot was over ″the individual who wrote The rest of the article is below the advertisement.
  • They went on to say, ″That made me feel a little sick to my stomach since I despise wasting perfectly edible food.
  • Asked why they couldn’t have gone to a food bank or homeless shelter instead, they responded that liability concerns prevented them from doing so at the time.
  • It’s a pretty terrible situation.
  • I’m guessing the same could be said for all of those cupcakes as well.″ Despite the fact that it has been several years since this policy was implemented, it is likely that Food Network has modified it to be more environmentally friendly.
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Why are there no pumpkin carvers on Season 11 of ‘Halloween Wars’?

  1. Season 11 of Halloween Wars will not include any pumpkin carvers, in contrast to prior seasons of the show.
  2. Fans have expressed their dissatisfaction with the program’s format shift, however one Reddit discussion revealed the rationale for the drastic change.
  3. This Reddit user, who goes by the name Brooke, claims to be a participant on the current season of The Voice and to be a member of Team Cake Coven.
  4. In a discussion that was posted on September 21, 2021, the contestant responded to several fan queries.
  • ″Unfortunately, because to the pandemic, filming was unable to proceed according to schedule.
  • Previous seasons have been filmed in October and November, when pumpkins are in season across the United States, and have been filmed in California.
  • This season’s filming took place in Utah in June.
  • In order to have a season at all, they decided to modify the structure this year and do away with pumpkins altogether ″She sent a letter.
  • Halloween Wars airs on Food Network on Sundays at 9 p.m.
  • EST or on Discovery Plus on Wednesdays at 9 p.m.
  • EST.

Cupcake Wars: What Do They Do with those 1,000 Leftover Cupcakes?

  1. Tobi Schwartz-Cassell contributed to this article.
  2. After a hard day, I like to treat myself by plopping in front of the television and binge-watching Cupcake Wars on the Food Network for a few hours.
  3. If you have cable or internet connection, you may watch the show at any time of day or night.
  4. I enjoy seeing how creative the bakers become when they are challenged to create cupcakes with unusual ingredients such as barbecued beef jerky, Cheez Whiz, and Marshmallow Peeps.
  • I don’t like it when they give the bakers such a little amount of time to finish their jobs, but I understand why they do it.
  • The terror and mayhem, I’m sure, is intended to make for ″excellent television″ for the producers.
  • Consider the alternative: attempting to figure out how to put fish into a cupcake in the absence of sufficient time (no lie, that was really an ingredient on one of the episodes).
  • The show begins with four bakers who compete against one another.
  • There are two elimination rounds, and towards the end of the competition, only two players are left to compete.
  • The winner gets invited to a posh event, such as the launch party for Barbie’s new DreamHouse, where she or he receives a cupcake from the organizer of the contest.
  • The winner also receives $10,000 in addition to, I would guess, a slew of favorable press coverage for her or his company in the print and digital editions of her or his hometown newspapers.
  • As part of the final phase, a carpenter is assigned to each of the two finalists to assist them in creating a party display, and a group of aspiring bakers is assigned to assist the finalists in baking and decorating the 1,000 cupcakes.
  • Everyone pitches in to assist load them onto the massive screen in the last minutes.
  1. The winner is announced, and the final two minutes of the broadcast are spent at a luxurious after-show party.
  2. All in all, it was a lot of fun, but it left me thinking.
  3. What do they do with the 1,000 cupcakes left over from the losing team?
  4. I started with the websites of the Food Network and the Cooking Channel, and worked my way up from there (Fun Fact: they are sister networks).
  5. However, it was on blogs such as HuffPost, mediamikes.com, and Natalie Slater’s bakeanddestroy.com that I was able to get the inside scoop.
  • Slater served as a judge on the pilot, and she addresses the following question on her website’s FAQs page, which appears to be one that I’m not the only one who has asked: ″My grandfather was curious as to what we were doing with all of those cupcakes.
  • The ones who didn’t make it to the Alma Awards were devoured by the actors and crew of the movie.
  • That’s exactly correct.
  • We ate them as a snack.

Cupcake Wars is the name of the show on which we’re appearing!Cupcakes are clearly a favorite treat for us!″ In 2010, professional pastry chef Val Anne Hielte Welch competed on Food Network’s Cake Challenge.Although she has never participated in Cupcake Wars, she does have some insight into the show.″I can’t say for certain, but the winner’s cake (from the Cake Challenge) was obviously given to the individual who had requested it,″ says the author.

  1. Most of the cakes (we finished in second place) were thrown into large garbage cans.
  2. I was appalled by this since I despise it when perfectly nice food is thrown away.
  3. After asking why they couldn’t have been donated to a food bank or homeless shelter, they informed me that liability concerns prevented them from doing so.″ So, what types of cupcakes do you enjoy baking the most?
  4. One of my best friends prepares German Chocolate Cupcakes for me, and she uses Mounds Bars as a base.
  5. Seriously, I’m at a loss for words.

And that’s something I’d never done before.PS: Now that I’ve completed my blog article regarding high-calorie foods, I’d want to share some of my favorite recipes with you.I’m going to promote our upcoming event, which will take place on October 18 and will feature Certified Clinical Hypnotist Katherine Nuyens.

At Illiano’s in Medford, diners will be asked to pick one dish that they would want to fully eliminate from their diet following a 5-course meal.Anything goes, whether it’s sweet or savory.Oreos?Pasta?Cigarettes flavored with candy?

  1. Katherine will then send us all into a light trance in order to do this.
  2. And what will I chose to do away with on October 18th?
  3. You can bet your bottom dollar that it won’t be cupcakes.
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What Happens To The 1000 Cupcakes On Cupcake Wars?

According to the Food Network, a total of 1,000 cupcakes will be donated to charitable organizations or consumed by the diligent cast and crew until the filming is over. This is based on information that has been made available to Food Network.

Do They Actually Make 1000 Cupcakes On Cupcake Wars?

Yes. Every year, a total of one thousand cupcakes are created during Cupcake Wars. The final round of the tournament is actually loaded with 1000 cupcakes, however he was unsuccessful in his attempt to earn the prize. If you are given 45 minutes to make a cupcake in real life, you can complete the task in under an hour.

Are They Making 1000 Cupcakes? What Do They Do With Them.

Cupcakes may be used to produce 1,000 cakes for a party. Jon’s Blog provided the image used in this post. When we reached the final round, we requested the two finalists to put up an elaborate party display and allow us to assist them in baking and decorating the 1,000 cupcakes with a group of eager amateur bakers.

What Happens To The Cakes On Cake Wars That Don’T Win?

In reality, on the day of the picture session in 2000, 2,000 cupcakes, both winners and losers, were donated to a local charity. Approximately one hour before the event, a second batch of celebration cupcakes is baked and distributed. They’re just appearing on television, and they don’t film on the same day as the event.

How Does Halloween Wars Relate Halloween Wars Do With The Cakes After?

In reality, on the day of the picture session in 2000, 2,000 cupcakes, both winners and losers, were donated to a charity. Approximately one hour before the event, a second batch of celebration cupcakes is baked and baked. They’re just appearing on television, and they don’t film on the same day as the event takes place in person.

Are They Going To Use The Cake The Cakes At The End Of Sugar Rush?

Some remaining things may also be taken into consideration by the crew in other instances. When an object has been compromised, it is disposed of in a trash can. In conclusion, there are extremely few of them. Throughout each challenge, goods that do not belong to the show will be collected and donated to missions, shelters, and food banks at the conclusion of the episode.

What Do Cake Wars Do When Esses Do With The Losing Cakes?

″All of the newly made components heading into our next challenge are handed out to area charity organizations, or the finished cupcakes are given out to our hardworking cast members,″ according to a Food Network and Cooking Channel representative. Those present at the studio can access them if they so want.

Before War, Do Cake Wars Contestants Know The Theme?

In other words, while I recognize that participants are provided with early knowledge of any specific challenge themes, I feel that their primary preparation emphasis is also communicated to them beforehand. In general, every cooking competition necessitates their participation. Iron Chef follows in the footsteps of his predecessor.

Are They Getting As Little Ice Do They Get On Cupcake Wars?

  1. A cupcake competition is held every year to see how quickly the contenders can put together a cupcake using strange components in order to attain flavor.
  2. Themes are accompanied with ingredients that are distinctive to the subject, such as oysters, basil, dark chocolate, or champagne.
  3. For example, a date night theme would require participants to take inspiration from unusual foods, such as tiger nut butter.

How Will The Cakes That Don’T Win Wars?

Baking Competition, Cupcake Wars, and Ultimate Cupcakes were all variations on an August 2012 quote from an official Food Network rep who told an unnamed publication that Cupcake Wars baked 1,000 cupcakes for charity and consumed each cupcake baked by a hardworking cast, according to one Quora user in 2012.

In Cake Wars 2020, Who Won Uch Won Cake Wars 2020?

Buddy Valastro defeated Duff to win the title of King of Cakes with a score of 246-245 on Sunday night.

Has Halloween Wars Gone Back N Halloween Wars Get Rid Of Pumpkin?

The Food Network has announced that the popular television show ″Halloween Wars″ will no longer be shown. According to TMZ sources, the absence of pumpkin carving on the program in 2021 is due in large part to the continuing coronavirus outbreak as well as the show’s production schedule in that year.

Halloween 2021 Is Not Going To Feature Pumpkins Because Of A Lack Of Funding.

It is believed to be because to the epidemic, which began later than expected, making it impossible to fill the pumpkins in time for the Halloween premiere, according to TMZ. Fans rushed to social media to express their displeasure. When I was there, I used to love pumpkin carving, but it is no longer available due to the closure.

What Happens to the Leftovers from Your Favorite Food Competitions

  1. The frustration of a losing team or competitor is likely to be felt by everyone who has ever enjoyed the thrill coaster that is watching a culinary competition program, so if you have ever done so, you know what it’s like.
  2. As much as one wishes the winner well, one frequently wonders what happens to the loser once the studio lights go off and they take the humiliating ″walk of shame″ away from the studio floor.
  3. But, perhaps more crucially, what happens to the food that is left over?
  4. If there is an excess of second-place cupcakes left over from Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, or a whole cabinet of fresh vegetables and unchosen meats from Fox’s MasterChef, the fate of uneaten, beautifully constructed, chef-status delicacies remains a mystery for the most part.
  • Spoon looked into three prominent reality competition series, and this is what we discovered.

Cupcake Wars

  1. Featured image courtesy of foodnetwork.com Competitive teams from bakeries all around the United States compete in this fast-paced battle of cupcakes, battling it out in round after rigorous round to create the most creative flavor combinations that are tailored to the topic of the episode in question.
  2. Finale: The pressure is on as each of the two remaining teams must design a 1,000 cupcake display in two hours or they will be eliminated from the competition.
  3. The winner will get a $10,000 award as well as the opportunity to show their work at a major public event.
  4. All of the ingredients that can be kept until the following episode’s production are saved, and the leftover 1,000 cupcakes are donated to charitable organizations or consumed by the ″hardworking cast and crew,″ according to a Food Network representative.


  1. The image is from of fox.com.
  2. This season-long culinary competition makes its way into the living rooms of people all around the world, including versions in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia.
  3. For example, in the British version of this high-stakes game, all leftover raw materials are distributed among the ″youngsters in the crew,″ who may be earning less money, and the remaining prepared meal is consumed by the shooting crew itself.
  4. Quite a few members of the cast and crew bring their own sets of silverware to the set.
  • The Australian version distributes a large portion of its remaining fresh ingredients to humanitarian groups such as Second Bite and Foodbank, which both provide food to the hungry in their respective regions of the country.
  • Anything that isn’t donated to charity is taken home by contestants to use as practice material.
  • We were unable to locate any specifics on the US version, but we can only hope that Gordon Ramsay is generous enough to refrain from simply shoving the remaining food in the faces of those who did not make the cut.

Great British Bake Off

  1. Featured image courtesy of the Daily Mail (UK).
  2. The amateur baking competition in the United Kingdom takes a whole season to finish and awards one of twelve home bakers with a gigantic…
  3. cake stand as a prize.
  4. The experience, the title, and a cake stand with the words ″Great British Bake Off″ inscribed on it are all more important to these bakers than money, which is why they participate.
  • So, what happens to all of the goods that are left over?
  • According to Mel and Sue, the show’s hosts, whatever is left undisclosed by the judges is promptly seized by Mel and Sue.
  • Paul Hollywood, one of the show’s judges, portrays the crew as ″vultures″ who are ready to attack as soon as they are given permission to do so.
  • We would succumb to the same temptation if we were in the same situation at work.
  • Despite the fact that some shows are attempting to dispose of their leftovers in the most environmentally friendly manner feasible, big food and cookery networks are not always forthcoming with information about their procedures.
  • Sadly, much of the food shown on these competition shows, particularly cooked food that has been left out under studio lights and food that is ready to be photographed, will most likely end up in a rubbish bin.
  • In the meanwhile, we at Spoon hope that one day all of that food will find its way into someone’s stomach – hopefully ours.
  • giphy.com provided the animated gif.

What happens to the extra food in cooking competition shows?

  1. In response to a question from listeners Nina Yari and her daughter Niloofar Yari from Dallas, they inquired as to what happens to the surplus food they prepare in baking/cooking competitions after the program is finished, and who is responsible for paying for it.
  2. For example, two to four competitors can each produce 50 or 100 cupcakes; are these cupcakes actually sold?
  3. Donated to a charitable organization?
  4. Is there a list of particular vendors for the programs?
  • Cupcake Wars participants cooked hundreds of sumptuous cupcakes at the conclusion of each episode, whereas contenders on ″Cake Wars″ built towering cakes with intricately detailed fondant frosting by the end of each episode of ″Cake Wars.″ According to Melissa Johnson, a senior challenge producer who has worked on both of these Food Network series, as well as Netflix’s ″Sugar Rush″ and ″Nailed It!″, crew members frequently get to consume the creations that participants prepare.
  • However, there are certain exceptions.
  • ″In the instance of ‘Nailed It!,’ it could be construed as an act of hatred toward our team if we attempted to offer those things to them to test,″ Johnson remarked with a chuckle.
  • It was her way of saying ″bless their hearts,″ referring to the candidates, who she described as ″really good individuals.″ Nevertheless, they are present due to the fact that they are unable to bake adequately.
  • With its fundamental idea, the show, which first aired in 2018 and recently debuted its newest season, centres around novice bakers attempting to re-create intricate cakes and biscuits.
  • Johnson stated that, in all honesty, the food that is baked or made on these reality shows is often thrown away after being consumed.
  • ″We are unable to give any of them, which is a disappointment,″ she stated.
  • ″When it comes to food donation, there are really stringent regulations in place, and for good reason.″ However, she stated that anything that is still in its factory packing and has not been opened can be donated locally, and in fact, this is frequently done.
  • After that, Johnson explained, ″the additional items that couldn’t be given are put up for grabs to the crew, which is nice because you can walk away with some really cool stuff.″ Some of the products she’s snatched include high-end chocolate and butter of the highest quality.
  1. ″It was just random items that I wouldn’t have thought to buy,″ she explained.
  2. The confections created by the winners of programs such as ″Cupcake Wars,″ which ran from 2009 to 2018, and ″Cake Wars,″ which ran from 2015 to 2017, were showcased at special events and festivals.
  3. Events were held to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts, as well as parties to celebrate ″Sesame Street″ and the Super Mario Bros.
  4. video game series.
  5. So, did the candidates have to redo their work in order to compete in these events?
  • According to Johnson, in ″Cake Wars,″ bakers were permitted to keep certain sections of their creations intact (such as fondant embellishments that would not be eaten), but were required to completely re-create the cake components.
  • The baking and the event, she said, may occasionally take place at the same time, depending on the circumstances.
  • In terms of suppliers, Johnson said they can vary from season to seasons, but a sample of the companies she’s worked with includes Nielsen Massey, which provided vanilla products; Callebaut chocolate; Guittard chocolate; Happy Egg; Satin Ice, which provided fondant; Challenge Dairy; and Hot Hands, which provided modeling chocolate.
  • Occasionally, concerts have affiliations with specific charitable organizations.

In the case of ″MasterChef,″ a spokeswoman for Fox Entertainment stated that all leftover food is donated to MEND, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit that offers food, clothes, and other services to low-income individuals and families.In an email, the spokeswoman said that ″we make weekly gifts to them and one substantial donation at the conclusion of the season.″ Specifically for the show ″Top Chef,″ which is currently in its 18th season, ″each meal is prepared for a diner or a judge,″ according to Sandee Birdsong, the show’s senior culinary producer and co-executive producer at Magical Elves, the show’s production company.″Top Chef″ is currently in its 18th season.(″Top Chef″ is presently shown on Bravo on Thursdays at 8 p.m.

  1. EDT/PDT.) ″That way, we don’t throw out any food,″ explained Birdsong, who was a participant on ″Top Chef: Miami″ in 2011.
  2. ″If they have to produce ten dishes, they’re going to ten diners,″ says the chef.
  3. The chef’s assistant explained that when chefs are in the kitchen and take stuff out that they don’t end up utilizing, those items may be returned to the freezer, refrigerator, or shelves in order for the chefs to utilize them in a future challenge.
  4. In addition, the staff is occasionally given the chance to take unused products.
  5. However, if an object has been compromised, it will be discarded.

The presence of this is ″very small,″ she stated.Additionally, at the conclusion of each challenge, products that the program no longer believes are in demand are donated to missions, shelters, and food banks.Through its existence, the play has taken place in a variety of locations around the United States, including New Orleans, Seattle, Chicago; Charleston, South Carolina; and, most recently, Portland, Oregon (in the current season).

Locals labor for the show in various cities, and the program provides meals for them and their families while they are on the job.We provide entire fish, lobsters, and filets for free, according to Birdsong.″Everything is up for grabs.″ By the end of the most recent season, ″Top Chef″ had contributed 5,000 pounds of food to the Union Gospel Mission Portland, which provided meals to around 6,000 individuals.Because the show shows a glimpse of a Whole Foods storefront when the participants go grocery shopping, it’s evident to viewers where the contestants frequently obtain their goods from.However, the grocery store chain does not carry everything.

  1. When the show visits a new place, it makes a point of sourcing local ingredients and meeting with farmers and other food suppliers.
  2. According to Birdsong, they collaborated with the local fisheries in Portland, as well as crabbers and other oyster and clam growers in the area.
  3. ″That’s the most enjoyable aspect about it.″ And we’ll get to travel into the city and explore what it has to offer in terms of gastronomic experiences.″ Cooking reality programs are beginning fresh seasons in the midst of a global pandemic that has never been seen before.
  4. Culinary material gained a new level of popularity during the last year, as more individuals choose to stay at home and work on their culinary abilities.
  5. Sales of bread cookbooks have skyrocketed, while TikTok videos of feta pasta have gone popular.
  1. Moreover, amid the crisis, Netflix enabled individuals to participate in their own ″Nailed It!″ challenges at their own convenience.
  2. According to Johnson, ″I know a number of folks who have attempted to create these things on their own, and it’s just a lot of fun.″ She is dissatisfied with the fact that every last morsel of food on some of these shows cannot be used or consumed.
  3. At the same time, Johnson expressed delight that the group has been able to inspire others.
  4. This indicates that you don’t have to be an expert, which is something I appreciate about things like that.″ It is not necessary to be exceptional at it.
  5. ″Anyone is welcome to give it a shot.″
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Do They Really Make 1000 Cupcakes on Cupcake Wars…and other questions for aceweekly.com

  1. ACE Weekly’s backend is so intriguing that we just launched a weekly section in which we publish many Googled queries from Ace readers and try our best to discover solutions for them.
  2. Check it out!
  3. (For example, ″Anthony Davis Eyebrows″ was the most popular search term last week.) Last summer, we published a cover story interview with James Brown (of Lexington’s Brown’s Bakery) following his appearance on the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars competition.
  4. For the past many years, people have found their way to aceweekly.com by asking the query ″Do they really produce 1000 cupcakes on Cupcake Wars?″ When the show was re-aired lately, the query began to appear more frequently in our search results, which has continued to this day.
  • Clearly, Ace readers are interested in learning more.
  • We searched the internet for an explanation but came up with nothing, so we went right to the source: Mr.
  • Brown himself.
  • He has a video that you may see at the conclusion of this page.) Yes.
  • Cupcake Wars does need contestants to bake a thousand cupcakes.
  • Despite the fact that he did not win, the finalists made a total of 1000 cupcakes.
  • Furthermore, he emphasized that ″each and every one of those cupcakes needs to be tasty.″ In other words, not a single cupcake created for the competition may be used as a styrofoam dummy; instead, the judges must be allowed to choose any cupcake at random and it must be equally as delicious as the next one (or next 900).
  • Furthermore, he stated that the clocks on the timed tasks are accurate.
  • For example, if you are given 45 minutes to prepare a cupcake, you have 45 minutes in real life.
  1. There are no timeouts or commercial breaks for the participants during their performances.
  2. In a similar search, ″rapid turnaround on birthday cakes in Lexington, Kentucky?″ was entered.
  3. (Mr.
  4. Brown would most likely be able to assist you with this as well.) According to the sweet theme of this week’s searches, someone found their way to this page when they asked the question, ″How many doughnuts did Krispy Kreme sell on its 75th anniversary?″ We have not been able to discover an answer to this question, thus it is evident that another field trip is necessary, along with extra research.
  5. A few health-conscious readers inquired about ″which tomatoes grow best in Lexington, Kentucky,″ and we were happy to oblige.
  • There is considerable discussion over this, and we know where you might be able to obtain the ultimate answer: the Arboretum is hosting a Tomato Festival on August 12th.
  • An even more precise request came from a reader: ″Fresh heirloom tomato sauce.″ There will be no peeling.
  • ″It’s really too watery.″ We believe we can assist them in their current situation.
  • Chef Tom’s recipe for Raw Tomato Sauce, which he shared with us a few weeks ago, is included below.

″Weird growth on tomato?″ asked more than one reader in response to this question.This week, if there was any news out of Lexington, Kentucky, we were completely unaware of it.″Timothy Knittel, instructor,″ may have been a search term because he was gracious enough to allow us to share his recipe for making your own bitters, which you can find here.″How about a Creamsicle Donut?″ We don’t have a recipe for something like that.

  1. We wished we could.
  2. Those readers were most likely sent to this page by Rosco Weber’s photograph of Stella Parks’ orange creamsicle float, which was chosen as ″Best Decadent Desserts″ by the Ace Readers in the 2011 Best of Lexington Ace Readers’ Poll.
  3. If Stella ever comes out with a Creamsicle Donut, you can be sure you’ll be the first to know about it.
  4. If you’re looking for ″Sahara Goat Meat Centers in Lexington, Kentucky,″ we recommend that you visit the International Markets part of Ace’s online eating directory, which can be found here.
  5. Watch for more googly moogly replies from aceweekly.com at the same time the following week.

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The Great British Bake Off: Where do the leftovers go?

  1. We’ll take it if there’s any left over, if there is.
  2. Georgie Holland is the author of this piece.
  3. Published on the 14th of October, 2021 The most recent update was made on the 14th of October, 2021.
  4. There’s no doubt that The Great British Bake Off is a top-tier contender when it comes to feel-good shows, and as the days grow shorter and the nights grow darker, there’s no better time to welcome the show, with hosts Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas, as well as judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith, back with open arms than now.
  • However, when her program returns, so does the age-old question that has been haunting our thoughts.
  • And our stomachs, for that matter – what happens to all of the remaining food when the shoot is over?!
  • We’ve done some investigating and are now in a position to throw some light on the matter.

Where happens to the leftover food on the Bake Off?

  1. Fortunately, the remaining baked items are shared among the staff and the bakers themselves, so that nothing goes to waste.
  2. Faenia Moore, the Chief Home Economist on The Great British Bake Off, told BBC Good Food: ″It’s crucial for the bakers to taste what they’ve worked so hard on, so after each task, I put together a ‘baker’s basket’ to be delivered to their lunchroom.
  3. All of the leftovers are shared amongst the cast and crew members, according to Ali, a former series four participant, who told the Birmingham Mail: ″The cameramen actually stand there with forks in their back pockets, waiting to swoop as soon as filming is finished.″ Leftovers, on the other hand, appear to be little more than a fiction in the Bake Off tent, as Ali admits: ″The cakes are supposed to be carried to a lunch area where everyone can share them, but they don’t typically get that far since the crew eats them first.″

How much food is left over on the Bake Off?

  1. So, as long-time viewers of the program will recall, each episode of the show is divided into three rounds: their trademark bake, the technical round, and the showstopper.
  2. The fact that each contender produces three delicious sweets – with only one slice being picked by the judges – means that there will be plenty of treats left over for the bakers and the staff to enjoy.
  3. However, Ali from 2013 disclosed that there are more baked goodies than we may expect, disclosing that the technical staff bakes a Victoria sponge in each of the ovens every day in order to test them!
  4. That is a substantial amount of cake.
  • ″They do it to make sure that all of the ovens are running well and that no one can blame a faulty bake on a technological problem,″ he explained of the motivation for the bulk cake manufacturing.
  • And on the first day, everyone participates in an hour-long practice run-through to ensure that they are familiar with the facility.″ That’s all there is to it!
  • Despite the fact that our hopes of discovering a spot stocked with all of the delicious treat leftovers we could possibly conceive have been dashed, we know they will be shared with the hardworking actors and crew – and they are well earned, we believe!

Scroll through these interesting Bake Off facts:

1. Anyone can apply for Bake Off

  1. With the exception of skilled bakers and chefs!
  2. Applications are accessible to any UK resident over the age of sixteen who lives in the country.
  3. However, they are not permitted to make commercial baking their primary source of income, and they are not permitted to have previously worked as a professional chef or baker.
  4. In addition, candidates must not have obtained any professional catering degrees within the past 10 years to be considered.

2. The GBBO application form is VERY LONG

Seven pages long, it asks a lot of questions, and it requires you to be completely honest about your prior culinary accomplishments and mistakes. You may find it by clicking here.

3. The Great British Bake Off application process doesn’t stop there!

  1. Upon receiving your application form, a researcher will contact you and do a 45-minute phone interview with you.
  2. If they like what they see, they will hire you.
  3. In the event you pass that exam, you will be required to prepare two baked goods and transport them to London, where you will participate in an interview with a producer and go through a screen test.
  4. Do you believe you’re finished?
  • Nope!
  • After that, you’ll have to compete in a Technical Challenge set by the GBBO judges in front of a live audience.
  • They also suggest that you bring another baked good (probably since the manufacturers are great fans of cake and want to taste test their products).
  • After that, if you are still in the running, you will be questioned by the show’s psychologist to ensure that you would be able to manage the stress of shooting.

4. GBBO filming is intense

In the 10-week period between April and June, the program is shot in its entirety, with candidates putting in up to 16 hours per day on set. It is possible for them to condense an entire baking process into an hour, but this results in a significant amount of material being left on the cutting room floor.

5. but at least it’s contained to weekends

That’s correct, candidates only work on their GBBO projects on weekends, allowing them to continue working their regular 9-to-5 jobs throughout the week. They are, however, picked up from their hotels by 9 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday mornings to ensure that they get in as much filming time as possible throughout their stay. I guess there’s no rest for the wicked?

6. GBBO contestants don’t do the washing up themselves

The dishwasher is not used on Bake Off because the noise might interfere with the filming. Home economists, on the other hand, spend 160 hours a year washing everything by hand. We hope they all receive a complimentary hand lotion as a thank you…

7. GBBO contestants pay for ingredients themselves

Yes, you are correct. They only receive their materials until they have advanced to the finals, which makes things rather pricey for the team. This is especially true given that they utilize between 12 and 20 ingredients every bake.

8. A lot of people are involved in the production of GBBO

There are around 50 staff members on site, and sure, they will all be able to have the cakes and pastries once the judges have rendered their decision on the contest.

9. GBBO contestants are encouraged to become friends

  1. The producers take all of the competitors out to dinner together on the first night, and they frequently end up becoming close friends over time.
  2. Because they often stay at the same hotel, dinners, drinks, and socializing become rather regular occurrences.
  3. Consequently, when they express their delight at having chosen the ultimate winner, they are truly delighted for them because they are very much all best friends by that time!

10. They make more cakes than you’d ever dreamed of

Every every morning of filming, they bake a Victoria Sponge in each of the four ovens to ensure that everything is in tip-top form and ready to go. We suppose that towards the conclusion of the shoot, everyone is a little tired of eating that specific style of cake!

11. The show is LITERALLY based on village fetes

You read it correctly: program creator Anna Beattie truly felt that village fete baking competitions would be a good fit for television. According to the numbers of people that saw the video, Anna was completely accurate!

12. Mel and Sue recommended Mary Berry

After being invited to host the program jointly, they immediately suggested that Mary Berry be appointed as a judge, which was the case back when GBBO was shown on BBC One. The show was transferred to Channel 4 in 2017 and was no longer hosted by Mary Berry.

13. It’s not a disaster if someone forgets an ingredient

As a matter of fact, producers are well-prepared in the event that this occurs; they have a runner on standby at a local grocery every morning in the event that a competitor realizes they’ve missed an ingredient over the course of the night.

14. Oven time is crucial

So much so that participants are not permitted to put anything in – or take anything out of – the oven without first calling a producer’s attention to it first. When the key baking moments occur, they want to be certain that they have a camera ready to capture them.

15. The Bake Off challenges are NOT surprises

If you make it through to the Bake Off finals, you will be informed of the tasks that will be presented to you, and you will be required to submit your recipes to the judges for approval. There’s no need to rush things, right?

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16. Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood were off limits

The Bake Off team used to like to keep things professional with participants when the program was shown on BBC One, and they wouldn’t normally speak to them outside of the Bake Off tent.

17. … but Mel and Sue weren’t

The couple were delighted to speak with competitors outside of the cameras – and Sue even stated that she enjoys keeping in contact with them via email after the program had over. N’aww. The Great British Bake Off will continue to air on Channel 4 every Tuesday at 8 p.m.

Now read:

Your comprehensive guide to The Great British Bake Off in 2021 7 heartbreaking moments from the 2020 Great British Bake Off final Bake Off fans were DEVASTATED when the show was eliminated in Week Four.

How to listen to Hits Radio:

Tune in to Singles Radio on our Hits Radio app, your DAB radio, Smart Speakers, or online for the best hits, the biggest throwbacks, and spectacular competitions. The Great British Bake Off is a television competition that takes place every year in the United Kingdom.

Where is GBBO located, when did filming take place and where did contestants stay?

  1. Channel 4 will broadcast the return of The Great British Bake Off tonight, much to the pleasure of fans all throughout the country.
  2. Every year, it delivers a whole new group of talented bakers to our television screens as they compete for the top place in the famous tent.
  3. Since its debut on BBC One in 2010, the show has grown in popularity, and in 2017, it was broadcast on Channel 4.
  4. When Mary Berry relocated, she was replaced by Prue Leith, who now serves as a judge with Paul Hollywood.
  • Throughout the program, Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas provide competitors with a shoulder to cry on or a much-needed chuckle when things get too much in the tent.
  • As the Great British Bake Off returns to our screens, here’s all you need to know about the tent’s current location and where it has been in the past.

Where is the GBBO tent located?

  1. Since 2014, the Great British Bake Off tent has been set up in the grounds of Welford Park, a charming country mansion near the town of Newbury in the county of Berkshire.
  2. However, because to Covid regulations, the tent was moved to a whole other area in 2020, moving the exhibition to Herefordshire and the grounds of Down Hall Hotel, Spa, and Estate.
  3. Located on opposite sides of London, the two venues are around two hours apart by vehicle, according to Google Maps, and may be reached by public transportation.
  4. The actors will once again congregate at the Down Hall Hotel to produce their masterpieces in 2021, following in the footsteps of the previous year.

When did filming for GBBO 2021 take place?

Filming for this year’s GBBO began in July 2021 and will conclude in December 2021. Because of Covid worries, the cast and crew were compelled to isolate before filming could begin, and they were required to do tests before entering the lodging. During the seven weeks of filming, they created their own social bubble to keep Covid from interfering with their work.

Where did the GBBO contestants stay?

The Down Hall Hotel, where the tent was placed, served as a base for the GBBO participants in 2021. Partners and children were permitted to accompany the candidates while they were in the hotel, with shooting taking place on a two-day on, two-day off schedule.

What do they do with the cakes on Buddy vs Duff? Food Network creations’ fate doesn’t look good

  1. ‘Buddy vs Duff’ on Food Network features two men who are the center of attention: Buddy Valastro and Duff Goldman.
  2. Their expertise in cake decorating has allowed them to produce hundreds of show-stopping cakes throughout the course of their careers.
  3. Season 3 of Buddy versus Duff premiered in 2021, which means that fans can expect to be blown away by even more spectacular cakes in the future.
  4. This time last year, the men created cakes with fire-breathing unicorns and life-size dinosaurs.
  • Detailed Roman chariot cakes complete with an enormous horse are expected to be popular in 2021.

Buddy vs Duff season 3 explored

  1. Buddy versus Duff premiered on Food Network for the first time in 2019.
  2. Both Buddy Valastro and Duff Goldman had their own cooking shows on television, with Buddy’s being Cake Boss and Duff’s being Ace of Cakes, and they were both successful.
  3. The Cake Boss competition on Food Network is less about collaboration and more about competitiveness between the cake masters.
  4. Every week, Team Duff competes against Team Buddy to see who can produce the most visually appealing baked good.
  • Read More: Who is Money Hungry host Kal Penn and what is his background?

What do they do with the cakes on Buddy vs Duff?

  1. It doesn’t appear to be a ‘thing’ to consume the cakes on Buddy versus Duff, even if they do look great on the show.
  2. According to the Los Angeles Times, a 400-pound cake made by Buddy was tossed out with the garbage in 2014.
  3. The ″replica of Wrigley Field, which was built to commemorate the ballpark’s centenary in 2014, went uneaten until it was famously thrown away in a garbage,″ according to the Chicago Tribune.
  4. It was alleged that the enormous cake was thrown away since it had been left out all day, making it unclean to consume.
  • Speaking about the cake dumping, Buddy told the Los Angeles Times, ″(The Cubs) were a big fan of the cake.
  • ″They were disappointed that the photographs of the dumpster were published, but what can you do?″ Reality Blurred also had this to say about the program in 2021: ″It’s a big waste of food.″

Are the cakes on Buddy vs Duff edible?

  1. Anyone who has watched Buddy versus Duff for more than a season or two would have noted that the cakes made on the program are less focused on flavor and that the main battle is oriented on appearances.
  2. A few fans of the show have resorted to social media to express their dissatisfaction with the quantity of cake that is really used in the masterpieces and how much of the structure is made of cardboard and other other materials.
  3. ″I wish buddyvsduff was about cakes instead than engineering,″ one person wrote on Twitter.
  4. Plaid, corrugated cardboard, cereal snacks, and modeling chocolate are not considered to be ″cake.″ When the number of cake vs the amount of cardboard is taken into mind, it may be more acceptable that the cakes are frequently tossed after they have been created!
  • View this page for more information: Where is Food Network’s BBQ Brawl filmed?
  1. ON SUNDAYS AT 9 PM EST, WATCH BUDDY VS DUFF ON FOOD NETWORK AND GET FREAKY WITH US ON INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK While earning her BA in Journalism at Solent University, Helen began writing for GRV Media, where she found her long-term obsession with the Real Housewives of Atlanta was finally paying off after years of binge-watching the show.
  2. Helen has worked with the organization for more than three years, writing about reality television and specializing in content from the United States and the United Kingdom.
  3. Outside of work, you can find her experimenting with Nigella Lawson’s latest recipes or strolling along the beach with her dog.

Food Network ‘Halloween Wars’ Pumpkin Carving Gets Axed. Thanks a Lot, COVID-19!

10/6/2021 12:40 AM PT
  1. COVID-19 is continuing wreaking havoc on Halloween traditions, this time by essentially eliminating any chance of pumpkin carving on a famous Food Network show, and it’s causing a ruckus amongst the public.
  2. According to those familiar with the issue, TMZ.
  3. It’s true, as some observant fans have pointed out bitterly throughout this season of ″Halloween Wars,″ chopping up the customary winter squash is currently not an option.
  4. We also have some unpleasant news to share with you.
  • At least for the rest of this year, things will continue in this manner.
  • This is the cause.
  • They say it’s due of the epidemic and the schedule of production – both of which are beyond the control of the showrunners, who are trying their best to accommodate the situation.
  • As you may or may not be aware, a large number of these shows shoot at various times throughout the year – including ‘HW,’ which our sources indicate has frequently shot long before the fall season in the past.
  • They were at a place where pumpkins were plentiful, and they were free to carve them to their hearts’ content.
  • Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case this season.
  • and it’s all because of COVID’s mismanagement of when and how television networks were authorized to shoot.
  • You may add ″Halloween Wars″ to the list of programs that have fallen prey to this.
  • According to our sources, they weren’t able to begin filming until lately.
  1. as a result of which there was a severe scarcity of pumpkins available for the competition Demand for ‘HW’ was driven by seasonality, a pressured supply chain, and stricter COVID-safety requirements for shows with group settings, which made it difficult to pull off on time this year.
  2. I’m waiting for your approval before loading the Instagram media.
  3. It appears that obtaining pumpkins in sufficient quantities for television production is more challenging than just driving down to your local pumpkin patch, which is usually put up in a grocery store parking lot.
  4. However, our production sources tell us that Food Network is pleased with the final result and the involvement of one Zak Bagans, who unquestionably brings the Halloween spirit into the home environment.
  5. Whether to use a pumpkin or not.
  • People, carve your hearts out of wood.

‘Halloween Wars’ Fans Beyond Disappointed After Food Network Cuts Popular Tradition From Show

  1. Although the month of October has arrived, and the television landscape has been suffocating with eerie titles just in time for Halloween, one popular competition is receiving widespread criticism from fans.
  2. This year’s Halloween Wars, the Food Network competition series that pushes teams against one another to produce amazing baking displays, will be missing a popular component: pumpkin caring.
  3. The show will return in 2021 without the popular component.
  4. In an interview with TMZ, insiders said that the absence of pumpkin carving in the 2021 season is due to a combination of the show’s production schedule and the current coronavirus outbreak.
  • Previous seasons of Halloween Wars were shot long before the start of the autumn season, but the current season’s filming did not begin until recently, by which time a pumpkin scarcity had already begun to erupt in the United States.
  • Because of the limitations, the exhibition generally requires significant quantities of pumpkins and gourds, but this year they were unable to get the quantity needed for the competition because of the shortages.
  • The absence of the popular pumpkin carving jobs on this year’s Halloween Wars was attributed to ″seasonal demand, an already-stressed supply chain, and new COVID-safety rules for events in group settings,″ according to industry sources.
  • In light of the fact that pumpkin carving had previously been a major component of the program, as well as cake sculpture and sugar artistry, the absence of pumpkins on Halloween Wars 2021 has not gone ignored by viewers.
  • Even as Food Network viewers tune in weekly to fresh episodes of the show, there has been an increasing amount of pushback on social media as people express their dissatisfaction with the show.
  • Continue reading to find out what viewers had to say about this year’s Halloween Wars, which were almost entirely devoid of pumpkins.

‘Just another competition baking show’

  1. I’m putting in my best effort withHalloweenWars this season, and although the environment is pleasant, the paucity of pumpkin carvers is proving to be too much to bear.
  2. pic.twitter.com/dqX8FbTdjD JESS-O-LANTER (@MercurialMiss) is a Halloween character on Twitter.
  3. 1st of October, 2021 According to one former viewer, ″our family tradition of viewing is now finished.″ ″What is the best way to transport pumpkin carving?
  4. Now it’s just another baking competition program with no sense of humour when it comes to Halloween.″ prevnext

‘Not watching’

  1. I adore this time of year and all they have been up to, but where has all the pumpkin carving enthusiasm gone?
  2. There has always been one on each of the teams on the show.
  3. HalloweenWars— Nick T (@wolfpak999) is on Twitter.
  4. The date is October 5, 2021.
  • ″I’m not watching this year since it’s no fun,″ another user said on one of Food Network’s promotional postings for the event.
  • ″It’s time to bring back the old host as well as the pumpkin carving!″ prevnext

‘Miss the old format’

  1. @FoodNetwork I’d want to talk with the management about something.
  2. HalloweenWars would be little more than Cake Wars if it didn’t include pumpkin carving and sugar works.
  3. I believe I have been duped rather than treated.
  • This brings my formal complaint to a close.
  • pic.twitter.com/JdiiIFFjDd By Donna McAdams (@thehicklife), on Twitter: The date is October 4, 2021.
  • ″Where have all of the pumpkin carvers gone?
  • I really miss the previous format!
  • ″Someone else made a remark.
  • prevnext

‘Totally ruins the show’

  1. Because of the elimination of the pumpkin carving competition from Halloween Wars, the program has become nothing more than a baking competition, which is very pathetic in my opinion.
  2. Josh Thompson (@thejoshlive) is a Twitter user.
  3. The date is October 6, 2021.
  4. ″How can you have Halloween Wars if you don’t have pumpkin carvers?″ a member of the audience wondered.
  • ″Several Halloween cake shows have already been scheduled.
  • The pumpkin carving is what distinguishes the presentation from the rest.
  • I appreciate the new set, but I agree with the other remarks that the original presenter, the pumpkin patch, as well as the previous judge and guest judges, should be brought back.
  • That was one of the things that made the program so good.″ prevnext

‘Reduced to watching reruns’

  1. Because I simply cannot get into the new format ofHalloweenWars, I have been limited to viewing repeats of the series.
  2. It just ain’t happening without Jonathan Bennett and without pumpkin carving.
  3. pic.twitter.com/9LTB49qlaA The Twitter account @jbrown simmons tweeted: ″For Halloween I’m Still Wearing a Mask.″ The date is October 2, 2021.
  4. An further viewer expressed disappointment, saying: ″They screwed with Halloween Wars, and now it sucks.″ ″Include pumpkin carving as an element of the event again.″ prevnext

‘So mad’

I detest that the pumpkin carvers were eliminated from Halloween Wars since that was one of my favorite parts. — Alyssa (@ItsA1yssa) on Halloween Warfare The date is October 4, 2021. ″I’m enraged that they removed the pumpkin carving p

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