How Much Does A Sheet Cake Cost?

Sheet cakes are baked in a large, flat rectangular pan and are readily available in most grocery stores or bakeries. How much does a full sheet cake cost? On average, a sheet cake can cost anywhere from $25 to as much as $125.
Typically, you can spend anywhere from $25 to $150 on a sheet cake, depending on size, frosting type, decor, and more.
Sheet cakes can cost anywhere from $25 to $125 on average. Sheet cakes cost a lot depending on their size, the ingredients they used, the decorations, the type of frosting, and where they were purchased.Table

How many servings are in a sheet cake?

1 Quarter Sheet Cake – 54 servings 2 Half Sheet Cake – 108 servings 3 Full Sheet Cake – 192 servings

How much should I charge for a sheet cake?

Experience Level. Experience level plays a big role in pricing. For home bakers just starting out, they will likely charge $30-45 per sheet cake. However, more experienced bakers with specialty bakeries will in general charge $50 and upwards for half sheet cakes.

How much is a sheet cake from a bakery?

Servings Price
1/2 Sheet-1 Layer 25-30 Med. or 48 Small Servings $40.99
1/2 Sheet-2 Layer 40-50 Med. or 96 Small Servings $64.99
Full Sheet-1 Layer 50-60 Med. or 96 Small Servings $85.99
Full Sheet-2 Layer 85-100 Med or 180 Small Servings $152.99

How much is a sheet cake for 30 people?

The half sheet cake is approximately 11-by-15 inches in size and typically one layer that serves 30 to 40 people. Half sheet cakes are great for any birthday celebration and are also easily decorated with creative messages or graphics.

How much should I charge for a smash cake?

The prices range between $30 to $85 for a smash cake. However, it greatly depends on the sizes and designs. For instance, it costs approximately 50 dollars for a single-layer 5-inched round smash cake. Also, it has buttercream with minimal decorations.

How much does a 6 cake cost?


6 inch 4-6 $45.00
8 inch 8-12 $55.00
10 inch 16-20 $70.00
12 inch 30-40 $80.00

How big is a full sheet cake?

A full-sheet pan measures 26-by-18 inches and typically has sides that are about one inch high.

How much is a half sheet cake at Costco?

1. They’re insanely cheap. It’ll set you back less than 20 bucks—$18.99, to be exact—to order a half-sheet cake from Costco. Chances are, you couldn’t beat that price even if you made one yourself.

How much should a birthday cake cost?

Even if you need a smaller quantity of let’s say 20 servings, a decorated ¼ sheet cake will cost on average $25 to $35, while a 2-tiered cake for the same amount of servings will be in the $85 to $120 range.

Is a 12×18 a full sheet cake?

If the cake is 4′ tall then you use the wedding cake size of 1x2x4 and get 108 servings. A 12 X18 sheet pan is the standard half sheet for professional bakeries and cut into 2 x 2 inches serves 54 people. Professional bakeries literally use a sheet pan for a full sheet cake. Hence the terms full sheet, half sheet etc.

How much cake do I need for 15 guests?

Cake Portions Chart

Cake Size Round Cake Square Cake
5 inch (13 cm) 8 servings 8 servings
6 inch (15 cm) 11 servings 18 servings
7 inch (18 cm) 15 servings 24 servings
8 inch (20 cm) 20 servings 32 servings

How many does a 9×13 sheet cake serve?

Cake Baking & Serving Guide

4 In. High Cakes The figures for 2 in. pans are based on a two-layer, 4 in. high cake. Fill pans 1/2 to 2/3 full.
Pan Shape Size Party Servings
Sheet 9 x 13 in. 36
11 x 15 in. 54
12 x 18 in. 72

How much is a 3 layer cake?


Servings Tiers Price
75 3-Tier $250.00
100 3-Tier $325.00
125 3-Tier $400.00
150 3-Tier $475.00

How much does a 4 cake cost?

An 8′ round with 24 servings is minimum $96 (plus taxes). For tiered cakes, they generally start at $4.50 per serving for 2 tiers and the price increases per tier (by $. 25 per tier, so a 4 tiered cake would be a minimum $4.50 per serving) and for difficulty/design.

How much should I charge for a dozen cupcakes?

When it comes to the price of 12 cupcakes, a good starting point is approximately $2.25 per standard cupcake, or about $27 for the dozen. If someone is ordering cupcakes that have a lot of icing and decoration on them, you may want to charge more money.

How heavy is a full sheet cake?

The amount of batter for the 2 inch cake is based on a pan that is 2/3 full of batter. For the 3 inch cakes the amount is based on a pan 1/2 way full of batter. The average cake mix will make an approximate 4 to 5 cups of batter depending on the ounces it has. The icing amounts are an approximation just as well.

How many servings in full sheet cake?

  • 18” x 26” x 2” Serving Size 2′ x 2′: 117 Servings Serving Size 2′ x 3′: 78 Servings
  • 18” x 24” x 2” Serving Size 2′ x 2′: 108 Servings Serving Size 2′ x 3′: 72 Servings
  • 16” x 24” x 3” Serving Size 2′ x 2′: 96 Servings Serving Size 2′ x 3′: 64 Servings
  • How many does a full sheet cake serve?

    A full sheet cake provides approximately 70 to 80 servings, depending on the cake’s actual measurements and the serving size. The average full sheet cake measures approximately 14 by 22 to 18 by 24 inches. The standard serving size measures 2 by 2 inches.

    How Much Does a Full Sheet Cake Cost?

    The most recent update was made on August 15, 2018. When it comes to sheet cakes, these are basic cakes that normally consist of only one layer and are frosted with buttercream or whipped icing. Sheet cakes are prepared on a large, flat rectangular pan and are easily found in most grocery shops and bakeries. Sheet cakes are also available online.

    How much does a full sheet cake cost?

    On average, a sheet cake may cost anywhere from $25 to as much as $125, depending on the size and design.The cost of a sheet cake will vary depending on the size of the cake, the materials used, the decorations, the kind of icing, and the location where it is purchased.We conducted research into some of the most prominent stores and bakeries around the United States and were able to come up with the pricing listed in the table below.

    • A sheet cake price list may be found on the Bettersweet Bakery website, which is based in Wisconsin and sells sheet cakes.
    • A 913-inch cake, for example, will cost $35 to $39, and a 1218-inch sheet cake, which can serve up to 40 people, will cost $62 to $66, depending on the size.
    • Members on reported that one member spent $20 for a quarter sheet cake, while another said that she discovered pricing for a half sheet cake to be around $40 at most local grocery shops.
    • A really well thought out and thorough guide detailing how much you should charge for a cake if you were to produce one was written by Rose Atwater of
    • She stated in the comments area that she often costs $3 per dish.
    Retailer 1/4 sheet 1/2 sheet Full sheet
    Average Local Bakery $32 $45 $75
    Average Local Grocery Store $20 $30 $50
    BJs $16 $23 $40
    Costco $16 $20 $50
    Kroger $25 $30 $54
    Publix $27 $50 $91
    Safeway $20 $23 $56
    Sam’s Club $16 $20 $50
    Vons $28 $44 $55
    Walmart $17 $25 $45
    Wegmans $20 $34
    Whole Foods $40 $65 $110
    Winn Dixie $25 $35 $60

    Sheet cake overview

    The following types of sheet cakes are sometimes divided into categories: quarter sheet, half sheet, bigger than typical half sheet, and full sheet.A quarter sheet (9′′ x 13′′) may serve around 30 people; a half sheet (11′′ x 15′′) can serve approximately 50 people; a bigger than normal half sheet (12′′ x 18′′) can serve approximately 60 people; and finally, a full sheet (16′′ x 24′′) can serve approximately 96 people.Please see the chart below for sheet sizes.

    • Most bakeries will provide a few standard flavors, the most frequent of which are chocolate or vanilla, depending on the location.
    • These two flavors will almost always be the most affordable option, although many bakeries will be able to fulfill other requests for an additional fee.
    • The buttercream icing, a beautiful border, and a few lines of basic lettering should all be included in the above-mentioned budget estimations.

    Sheet cake sizes

    Size Dimensions Serves 2″x2″ Pieces of Cake
    1/4 Sheet 9″ x 13″ 20 24
    1/2 Sheet 11″ x 15″ 40 48
    Larger than Average 1/2 Sheet 12″ x 16″ 60 56
    Full 18″ x 24″ 80 96

    What are the extra costs?

    Customized embellishments, which are frequently provided by a local bakery, might raise the cost of the cake.According to the size of the cake and the quantity of decorations required, adding sugar flowers or chocolate handcrafted flowers might add an extra $50 to $350 to the final cost.If a bespoke cake topper is required, the cost might range from $25 to $100, depending on the topper.

    • A simple fondant bow that is put to the side or on top of the cake might cost between $25 and $45, depending on the size.
    • Specialty cake flavors, frosting, and/or filings that are not included in the standard cake pricing of the bakery might raise the price by $5 to $25 or more per cake, depending on the bakery.
    • Most bakeries will deliver the cake if necessary for a little price; however, if the cake is to be delivered outside of the bakery’s delivery radius, the fee will be more expensive.
    • The majority of the time, this cost will be in the $25 to $50 price range.
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    • For additional information, please refer to our disclosure policy.

    Average Reported Cost:$0

    Average Price Of A Wedding Cake: A 2022 Guide For You

    If you’re planning a wedding, there’s no question that the image of the wedding cake is permanently etched in your memory.However, if you’re not familiar with the industry, the typical cost of a wedding cake may come as a surprise.Wedding cake is a type of cake that is baked for a wedding.

    • When it comes to wedding cakes, the average price varies drastically depending on whether you’re making them yourself or obtaining them from an outside vendor, as well as how many people you’re expecting.
    • We’re here to help you understand everything so that you know precisely what to anticipate.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the most popular wedding cake?

    When should you order a wedding cake?

    What Is The Average Price Of A Wedding Cake?

    In order to determine the typical wedding cake pricing, a variety of considerations must be taken into consideration. The average overall expenditure came to $540 on average.

    The Average Cost Of Wedding Cake Per Slice

    The prices range from as little as $1.50 per slice to as much as $12.00 per slice. It’s usually a good idea to have a good estimate of how many guests will be attending your event before booking your caterer or putting down a deposit on your banquet location. This is the most effective method to approach the task of planning your wedding cake.

    What Impacts The Cost Of A Wedding Cake?

    You’re probably thinking to yourself, ″Why can’t I receive a straight answer?″ at this point. Because of all the variables, you’re always coming into large ranges of values. We’ll go over each of them in detail so that you have a better sense of which side of the range you should be focussing on at any given time.

    Wedding Cake Ingredients

    • 1 Isn’t butter, wheat, sugar, and eggs a given? Yes, they are the fundamentals, but even them are subject to a wide variety of quality. The better the quality of your baker’s ingredients, the more upmarket your bakery is likely to be. As soon as you include up all of the extras, such as flavorings and frosting as well as the specialized equipment required to make it happen, you can see the difference between a $100 and a $1000 wedding cake in your mind. When it comes to the cost of a wedding cake, a simple design with some decorative edges will keep costs on the lower end of the normal range. As soon as you start adding pearls and fondant and icing flowers and 3-D wafer paper and hand-painted embellishments, you’ll be on your way to being in the upper echelon of cake design and decorating. Adding a few layers may not seem like a huge concern, but the higher you go in the tier structure, the greater the likelihood of a calamity occurring. In order to reproduce Queen Victoria’s 300-pound wonder, only the highly skilled (and pricey) hands of a master are required! There are five varieties of typical wedding cake frosting: buttercream, fondant, whipped cream, and ganache. Buttercream, Meringue, Whipped Cream, Fondant Icing, Ganache, and Royal Icing are all examples of frostings.

    Each requires a different set of materials, some of which are more difficult to deal with than others. For those who want to keep prices down, you may always choose for the increasingly fashionable ″naked″ appearance.

    Wedding Cake Delivery Fees

    5 In most cases, the cost of the cake does not include delivery costs and taxes. Even if you choose the most prestigious baker in the city, the cost of delivery will be more than if you use a conventional delivery service since they will have to go further. Why? They are in charge of keeping it at the proper temperature and ensuring that it is entirely undamaged at all times.

    Cake Equipment Rentals

    6 If you’re planning on renting cupcake displays, cake stands, and cake toppers from your baker, this will add to the overall cost of your wedding.

    Wedding Dessert Types And Cost

    • This list of wedding cake options is perfect for those wishing to spice things up with something different for their wedding reception. Cupcakes, cake pops, croquembouche, macarons, and other confections

    The first two will be a big hit with both the guests and the newlyweds.A welcome splash of color to spruce up vibrant wedding theme colors, wedding cupcakes and cake pops also have the added bonus of being extremely simple to predetermine amounts; one per guest plus a few extras just in case.The second and third are surprising and glitzy, and they go perfectly with historic themes like The Great Gatsby or anything from old-world France or Italy, among other things.

    • It takes a bit more time and work to calculate portions, but the results are well worth it.
    • Even while it is usually a good idea to deliver something unexpected, if you are searching for a means to minimize the cost of your wedding cake, you will have to seek someplace else for inspiration.
    • It costs $2.50 to $4.00 each service for these wedding cake substitutes, which is comparable to the price of a traditional wedding cake.

    Wedding Cake Serving Sizes

    In most cases, calculating how much square cake you’ll need to feed your whole guest list is rather straightforward; but, when dealing with circle cakes and many layers, the math becomes a bit more involved.

    Wedding Cake Serving Chart

    • Make use of this chart to estimate how much wedding cake you’ll need to serve your guests. 8 servings with 5″, 12 servings with 6″, 7″ with 16 servings with 8″, 24 servings with 9″, 10 servings with 38 servings with 11″ with 47 servings with 12″ with 56 servings with 13 servings with 78 servings with 15 servings with 89 servings with 15″.
    • Take note that these values are based on the average piece size and deal with the typical depth of the cake. Because a deeper cake makes for thinner pieces, these suggestions are no longer valid. Consult with your wedding cake baker, who will be well-versed in the number of guests who will be served by their wedding cake. Consider this: a standard-sized 3-tier wedding cake will feed 50 to 100 people, depending on the size of the cake. Make advantage of these numbers as your starting points if you want to take your sheet cake in a different direction. The following sizes are available: quarter sheet cake (54 servings), half sheet cake (108 servings), and full sheet cake (192 servings).

    What Is the Cost of a Wedding Cake for 100 People?365 to 570 dollars If you use the typical wedding cake cost as a guideline, you can serve 100 guests for a reasonable price.What Is the Cost of a Wedding Cake for 150 People?

    • Between $525 and $840 This may be the most adaptable option, since it can be achieved through a range of tier and form options.
    • When it comes to wedding cakes, how much does a cake for 200 guests cost?
    • From $765 to $1080 The location where you acquire the cake and the complexity of your design determine the cost of your wedding cake.
    • What Is the Cost of a Wedding Cake for 250 People?
    • $900+ You would expect the cost of feeding 125 people to be double that of feeding 50 visitors, however economies of scale begin to come in when you have this many guests.
    • Every year, we recommend that you budget 5-10 percent extra than you think you’ll need to cover unexpected expenses.

    The likelihood is that you’ll cut a few slices that are too large, that unexpected visitors will arrive, or that some sly guests will make their way to a second piece is high.Of course, you’ll want to budget more more for special occasions such as anniversaries or souvenirs.

    Tips On Saving Money On A Wedding Cake

    Keep these suggestions in mind if you want to keep your wedding cake costs lower than the national average for the occasion.

    1. Keep things straightforward: The higher the number of levels and the more sophisticated the design, the more expensive it will be
    2. You will receive two cakes. It is possible to keep expenses down by baking a smaller tiered cake for photographs and your anniversary, and giving your guests the same tastes through sheet cake.
    3. Consider a new perspective. Flowers made from real flowers are less expensive than ones made from icing.
    4. Buttercream should be used to decorate. When compared to regular frosting, this is less expensive. When you’re feeding 200 or more people, this may add up to a significant amount of money.

    This article will assist you in estimating the typical cost of a wedding cake so that you may include a suitable sum in your budget and include the cake in your planning. Make sure you have enough for all of your guests before making judgments about design and ingredients until you have the cake of your dreams that is also within your budget when it comes time to work with final figures.

    How much does a sheet cake cost at Sam’s Club?

    CommunityAnswer.It is possible to serve 72-96 persons with a complete sheet cake.Prices for sheet cakes (include buttercream icing,border,and simple decorations) a quarter of a sheet (9×13) $25.00 a third of a sheet (11×15) $35.00 half a sheet (12×18) $50.00 2/3 of a sheet (22×15) $65.00 for a complete sheet of paper (24×18) $100.00.

    • In the same vein, how far in advance do I need to place an order for a cake from Sam’s Club?
    • They recommend at least 24 hours, although they do have cakes ready for purchase (that are not personalized) at our local Sam’s Club near the bakery that are available all of the time.
    • Some cakes (for example, those with monogram letters) must be ordered 5-7 days in advance of the event date.
    • In addition, how much does a half sheet cake cost at Sam’s Club, and where can I get one?
    • CommunityAnswer.
    • A half-sheet cake may serve between 24-36 people depending on the size.

    A total of 18 people found this answer useful.Is it possible to order personalized cakes from Sam’s Club?Sam’s Club provides a vast selection of beautifully designed cakes, which are presently only offered in club locations that have a fresh bakery on site.

    To discover and contact a Sam’s Club Fresh Bakery near you, use our Club Locator.Once you’ve found a bakery, explore the assortment and place your order.

    Your Sheet Cake Prices

    Indydebi Posted on May 10th, 2007 at 12:47 p.m.I agree with the points made in the previous article.If you examine closely, it appears that you are guessing your expenses rather than computing your real expenditures.

    • Is it true that you’re paying 12 cents each egg?
    • Even at Walmart, my eggs are just 6 to 8 cents per egg, depending on the size.
    • $4 for powdered sugar for a 9×13 baking pan?
    • Really?
    • It costs $1.28 for a 2 lb bag at my local Walmart, and I would probably only use one 2 lb bag.
    • Is it really $1.50 for shortening?

    I use 1-1/3 cups of powdered sugar and 2 pounds of granulated sugar.My Sam’s Club pricing is $0.15 per cup, which equates to 20 cents for shortening in this recipe.However, my sheet cake pricing is $1.50/serving, which is calculated based on a 2×2 serving size.

    And I don’t work in any sizes smaller than 11×15 inches.The cost of 11×15 – serves 35 people is $5312×18 – serves 54 people is $81 A 9×13 cake would cost $40 (1.67/serving, 24 servings), because smaller cakes have the same overhead and fixed expenses as larger ones; hence, price should be increased to account for these expenditures.It costs 83 cents per serving for your 9×13, according to your pricing.When it comes to your 11×15, you’re charging 75 cents each serve.For your 12×18, you’re charging 55 cents each serve, which is a lot.If you recalculate your true expenditures, you’ll find that you appear better than you believe.

    • However, your pricing continues to be too cheap.

    Cake Pricing Guide: How To Price A Cake

    • This cake price guide has been in the works for quite some time. I can’t tell you how many times people have approached me with the question of how much a cake should cost. It always brings me back to the beginning of my cake-making career whenever I hear that question. The first cake I sold was to a customer who had no clue how much a baked, personalized cake should cost. I had no clue how much it would cost to bake my cakes, and I was comparing the pricing of my cakes to those of grocery store cakes. Over time, I learned to appreciate the worth of my time and work, and I became more aware of the kind of individuals for whom I wanted to bake. However, I continued to undercharge for my cakes for YEARS! The primary reason I’m providing this piece is to assist you in determining the worth of the hours of labor you put into your bespoke cakes and in determining the appropriate price to charge for them. Among the objectives of this cake pricing guide are to: assist you in appreciating the value of your time
    • ensure that you are continually generating a profit on your cakes
    • and empower you to correctly price your cakes based on your clients and geographic location.

    Basic Formula to Price a Cake

    When estimating the cost of a personalized cake, I prefer to follow the method shown below.Instead of wedding cakes, I like to utilize this for smaller bespoke cakes (which are usually priced by the number of servings).Cake price is labor (estimated hours of work multiplied by your hourly rate) plus the cost of ingredients plus overhead.

    • It all boils down to fundamental cost accounting, which takes into account both direct and indirect expenses.
    • And, of course, recognizing the importance of your time!
    • I’d like to emphasize that this approach may be used to baked goods such as handmade cookies and cupcakes.
    • It is effective for every baked item that a home baker is capable of producing.

    Labor: Valuing Your Time

    Yes, you are correct. Your time is precious, and you should be compensated for the services you provide. It is your profession as a cake decorator, and the number of hours you intend to spend on a cake should be taken into consideration. If someone requests an elaborate cake topper or delicate sugar flowers, the cost of these should be factored into the final pricing.

    Estimating the Time a Cake Will Take

    Then you might wonder, ″but what if a cake takes longer to bake and decorate than I want it to?″ And this is when things become difficult.An unexpected request from an existing or potential client might be extremely difficult to fulfill.It’s possible that you have no clue how long something will take, or that you’ll have to attempt it several times before you succeed.

    • In those sorts of scenarios, all you can do is make the best guess you can and hope that you’re near to being correct.
    • Some cakes will take longer to bake than anticipated, while others will take less time.
    • I try to reassure myself that everything will work out in the end.
    • I’d also want to point out that I only take into account active time for this portion of the calculation.
    • Non-productive time, such as waiting for your cake layers to cool or for a fondant feature to set, is not included in this calculation.

    Hourly Rate

    The second aspect that might be difficult to figure out is your hourly rate of compensation.When it comes to cake, the further along you are on your trip, the easier it is to find this out.I know that when I first started out, I was grateful for any cake orders that came my way.In addition, I lacked experience and confidence in my abilities.The idea of compensating myself for each cake I baked sounded absurd at the time.But you know what?

    I’ll tell you something.If you worked in a bakery, you would be compensated on an hourly basis!Even if you believe you are still in the learning process, you should pay yourself at least the minimum salary.You may also modify your hourly rate to reflect your previous work experience and abilities.You may start off at a slower rate, but as your talents expand over time, you will be able to boost your rate of progress.

    Cost of Ingredients: Direct Costs

    Now we’ll get to the second half of my calculation, which is the cost of your raw materials.All of these expenses are categorized as direct costs.The ingredients you use to bake each cake are included in your direct costs.It’s critical that you keep track of these so that you can figure out how much it costs to produce a particular cake.Most of us have a collection of go-to recipes (such as my vanilla cake recipe), and it’s actually rather simple to figure out how much it will cost with a little bit of research and calculation.Even though this may be the work of my inner CPA, I constructed an Excel spreadsheet to assist me in rapidly calculating the cost of each cake that I make.

    I understand that not everyone enjoys statistics in the same way that I do, but I believe that the majority of bakers out there like being organized and exact.

    Create a Pricing Spreadsheet

    A costing sheet is less difficult to develop than you may believe, and once it has been made, the file will take care of the rest of the job for you.

    List Out Your Ingredients

    Each and every item I purchase for my cakes is listed on a master sheet, which includes everything from butter to freeze-dried strawberry powder! Following the completion of my ingredients list, I added a price column to the right of it.

    Price of Each Ingredient

    After that, I went through my grocery shop and receipts to find out how much each component was going to cost.However, you are not required to know how much a container of salt costs.The price of a teaspoon or the cost of a cup of flour is essential information.The next column, which I created, provides a standard serving amount for each component.For example, I use a teaspoon to measure baking powder and a cup to measure brown sugar while baking.

    Calculate the Cost per Unit

    This subsequent step will take some time.You must determine how many servings of each item are included within a container or bag.Consider the following example: a small bag of granulated sugar contains approximately 8 cups of sugar.If you’ve made it this far, consider yourself lucky.The cost per unit of each component can now be readily calculated, and the results can be linked to your recipes!

    Calculate the Cost for Your Most Popular Recipes

    For each of my most popular cake recipes, I created a separate tab, and then calculated the costs for each of my cake batter and frosting varieties. I realize this is a lot of effort, but it will be worth it in the end. It also allows you to see how much money you’re actually making on each cake that you sell, which is a valuable tool.

    Overhead and Special Equipment: Indirect Costs

    Finally, we’ve reached the final component of our equation — indirect expenses.Indirect expenses are everything you spend money on to produce a cake that is not directly related to the components.Depending on the cake, this might involve variable expenditures like the purchase of cake boxes, cardboard cake rounds, parchment paper, or even particular cutters or molds that are required to fulfill the cake order successfully.Fixed expenditures such as rent and energy, as well as large baking equipment like as ovens and stand mixers, are included.Even though the majority of us home bakers do not have a distinct area to work from, I believe that virtually all of us have purchased baking equipment!Whether you’re using an edible printer or an airbrush, you should assess the depreciation of such instruments throughout their estimated lifetime and include them in your overhead costs calculations.

    You’ll be able to accurately account for all of the expenses associated with baking cakes.These kinds of expenses may quickly pile up, so it’s critical to factor them into your price calculations.

    Recognizing Your Clientele

    As I previously stated, one of the most common mistakes that home bakers do is attempting to compete with grocery store baked goods.I believe that we have all done it at some point in our lives.Individuals who dash to Walmart at the last minute to pick up a sheet cake, on the other hand, are not the same people who reach out to you weeks (or months) in advance to commission you to make a unique cake for a special occasion.Grocery stores employ lower-cost ingredients and bake in large quantities.You’re working with top-of-the-line ingredients to create unique tastes and visually appealing presentations.Your cake should not be priced at a level that is comparable to the cost of a supermarket cake.

    You Should Be Too Expensive For Some People

    In 2016, when I was still selling my cakes, the average price for an 8-inch tier cake was $100, according to my records.I had more demand than I could handle, and individuals in New York City are ready to pay a lot of money for unique items.Even after that, people continued to tell me that I should charge more for my cakes.It really blew my head.People typically spend more than $100 on a custom-designed cake.Your interest rate should be high enough that some customers will choose to walk away.

    Unless you’re receiving complaints that you’re charging too much, you’re probably not charging enough.To find out how much people in your region are prepared to pay for a bespoke cake, it’s quite acceptable to ask around first.By contacting other custom bakers in your region, you may get a sense of what rates are going for in your area.It’s also a fantastic way to meet new people!

    Don’t Try To Undercut Other Bakers / Bakeries

    Just make sure you aren’t trying to undercut the prices of other local bakeries or cake stores.Because the cake community is small, you want to help out your fellow bakers whenever you can.If you receive a cake order merely because your pricing is lower than the competition, you may not be attracting the type of customers you desire.The sort of individual who goes about for the lowest bespoke cake they can find is often not the type of person you want to be a recurring client at your bakery.You can rely on me on this!Additionally, if you set your rates too cheap, you risk devaluing custom baking in your region, which will ultimately affect everyone in the end.

    Understand That Other Bakers Aren’t Competition, They’re Fellow Artists

    When I first started baking cakes, I viewed other bakers as competitors, which was foolish of me.In truth, each cake maker has their own own style and range of products to offer.It may take some time for you to find your own personal style, but the more cakes you bake, the more you will organically develop it.I discovered that I really enjoyed working with American buttercream and that I adored creating bright, fun cake designs!

    What Goes Around Comes Around

    It’s uncommon that I got to deal with fondant, and when I did, I’d happily recommend them to one of my other cake buddies who specialized in those sorts of cakes, rather than working with them myself.Alternatively, if my cake calendar was completely packed, I would refer customers to other area bakers whom I knew and trusted.When the same thing happened to them, they returned the favor, and as a result, we developed a wonderful working connection between ourselves.

    Delivery vs. Pick Up

    Was there another rookie error I made at the start of my journey?I DID NOT CHARGE FOR DELIVERY IN THIS CASE.It makes me feel uncomfortable to say that out loud.If someone requests that you bring a cake, you should always charge a fee.You have the option of charging a flat cost for delivery within a specified radius, or you may charge a distance-based fee for deliveries outside of that radius.In either case, remember to include in the cost of petrol, the wear and strain on your vehicle, and the monetary worth of the time it will take you to transport the cake to your customer.

    Strategies for Friends and Family

    • If you’ve learned how to price a cake for business, what do you do when friends and family want you to bake something for them? There is no correct answer to this question, and it is a matter of personal preference. Baking businesses have done a number of things, including: offering a specified discount (for example, 50% off)
    • just charging for ingredients
    • providing cakes free of charge, but only to direct family members
    • charging full price.

    No matter the technique you use, make your intentions crystal clear from the start.When you explain how much money and work goes into baking a cake, the majority of people are sympathetic and accepting.I adored preparing birthday cakes for my friends for no charge, and I always thought of it as a gift from me to them!As a result, I never felt any sort of pressure to bake for them because they never requested or expected me to do so.But I also didn’t have to worry about my extended relatives requesting baptism and anniversary cakes for me.A large number of people, on the other hand, are in a different scenario.

    It is best to establish ground rules in advance if you have demanding family or friends who want you to drop everything and prepare intricate cakes for them.Thus, expectations will be more realistic, and future conflict will be avoided.

    Key Takeaways on How To Price a Cake:

    • You should respect your time.
    • Maintain meticulous records on the costs of your ingredients.
    • Include any additional expenditures (such as cake boxes, special equipment, and so on) in your pricing
    • Understand the type of clients you’re aiming for, and work hard to expand your consumer base
    • Make contact with other bakers in the area
    • Deliveries will be charged a fee.
    • Establish a consistent expectation for friends and family members in order to avoid awkward situations.

    Let Me Know Your Thoughts!

    If you have any further suggestions on how to price a cake, or if you have any questions that I haven’t addressed, please leave a remark in the section below.

    Other Related Posts:

    • In order to focus on my baking business full-time, I quit my corporate job. Here are some things you should think about before quitting your corporate job.
    • ‘What Should I Do With All of My Cakes That I Don’t Sell?’ I wonder.
    • My business model is that of a cake baker who does not sell her cakes.


    The prices shown below are the starting pricing for the most often requested cake sizes. Cakes by Cassandra can provide you with an accurate price quotation upon request.

    Size/Shape: 4 inch/round Approx. Servings: 2-4 slices Description:Personal-sized mini cake (1 cake flavor) Base Price:Individual Cake: $35.00Smash Cake: $15.00(Reduced price when ordering accompanying birthday cake/cupcakes.)
    Size/Shape: 6 inch/round Approx. Servings: 4-8 slices Description:Personal sized mini cake  (1 cake flavor) Base Price:Individual Cake: $35.00Smash Cake: $20.00
    Size/Shape: 6 inch/square Approx. Servings:16-18 Description:2-3 layers (1 cake flavor) Base Price:$40.00
    Size/Shape: 8 inch/round Approx. Servings:14 – 18(24 event style) Description:4 inch high – 2 layers (1 cake flavor) Base Price:$40.00
    Size/Shape: 9 inch/square Approx. Servings: 16-25 Description:1 layer sheet cake (1 cake flavor) – Base Price:$40.00
    Size/Shape: 10 inch/round Approx. Servings:24 – 32(39 event style) Description:4 inch high – 2 or 3 layers (1 cake flavor) Base Price:$60.00
    Size/Shape: 10 inch/square Approx. Servings: 25 Description: 1 layer sheet cake (1 cake flavor) – Base Price:$50.00
    Size/Shape: 11×15 inch/rectangle Approx. Servings: 40 Description: 1/2 sheet cake – 1 layer approx. 2 inches high (1 cake flavor) – Base Price:$65.00
    Size/Shape: shaped cakes Approx. Servings: varies Description:Any cake that combines one or more of the above cakes or is carved into a unique shape Base Price:Price will be determined by complexity of design – begins at $8.00 per serving
    Size/Shape: round cupcakes Approx. Servings: 24 Description:2 dozen regular size cupcakes (1 cake flavor) Base Price: $45.00
    Size/Shape: square cupcakes Approx. Servings: 20 Description:20 square shaped cupcakes (1 cake flavor) Base Price:$45.00
    Size/Shape: mini cupcakes Approx. Servings: 48 Description: 48 mini cupcakes (1 cake flavor) Base Price:$50.00
    Size/Shape: cake pops / truffles Approx. Servings: varies Description: cooked cake mixed with icing dipped in chocolate – truffles are bite size – cake pops are bigger and on sticks Base Price:Basic Pop $1.50Specialty Pop $2.00Truffle $1.25


    Cake Pricing

    Cupcake flavors change every month, with the season, so feel free to call the shop to see what our cake flavors are in stock! Is a list of past cupcake flavors on our cupcake menu page as well. We have cupcakes in stock, ready to go, everyday.For custom orders, we do ask for a minimum of 14 days notice. Cupcakes can be completely customized with flavor combinations, handmade toppers and buttercream frostings and fillings. We can match any color combinations, or create cake toppers to make your event perfect.​Because our pricing is linked to our time, if you let us know what your budget and serving requirements are, we can work with you to design a cake to meet your needs.​The exact cake pricing is dependent on designs, size, and detail. The pricing here is a general guideline! There is a minimum of 14 days notice for all custom work, based on availability. We require deposits to be paid 10 days before. We are small shop and do book up quickly on weekends/holidays. Please plan advance notice for all custom orders!We require a 50% deposit to hold and confirm all custom cake orders.​Traditional Sized Cupcake PricingTraditional cupcake: $2.50Specialty cupcake: $3.001/2 dozen traditional: $15.001/2 dozen specialty: $18.001 dozen traditional: $26.001 dozen specialty: $32.006 Traditional & 6 Specialty: $29.00We also offer larger sized cupcakes as well, available for pre-order.Custom Cupcake Pricing: Custom cupcakes with colored frostings, sprinkles, or basic frosting work would start at $26.00 per dozen. No fillings or toppers. Custom cupcake with specialty flavors, fillings, with basic frosting work start at $32.00 per dozen. ​Custom made fondant toppers or  fondant accent pieces and figurines are priced at the same rate of $85 per hour of work.

    Most wanted Costco cakes 2022

    If you’re searching for a great cake at an inexpensive price for your next occasion, Costco is a wonderful choice.Cakes are available in a variety of flavors, and the pricing for Costco cakes are hard to beat.Costco cakes are available in a range of flavors and sizes, so you’re likely to find one that meets your requirements.Furthermore, with pricing beginning at just $11.99, it’s simple to keep inside your budget.So what are you waiting for?Get started today!

    Make sure to get your cake as soon as possible because they can sometimes sell out closer to the event’s date.Listed here are some of the greatest Costco cakes for the year 2022.

    Costco Cakes Prices

    Costco cakes are quite popular, and they frequently sell out.That is why it is critical to become familiar with the various Costco cake costs before making a trip to the shop.Knowing what to expect can help you ensure that you receive the cake of your dreams — without breaking the bank in the process.Continue reading for more information on the various cake price options available at Costco.Although the pricing of Costco cakes appear to be reasonable, they are actually extremely pricey for the level of quality you receive.However, if you are searching for something reasonably priced and distinctive, the Costco food court menu is a fantastic choice to consider.

    In addition, their pastries are delectable!You can see the order form at the bottom of this page.Costco Cakes are priced between $11 and $15 per serving.

    Unbeatable Costco Cakes Bakery Products

    It’s hard to beat Costco Bakery when it comes to getting high-quality cakes at a reasonable price.Choosing from a diverse selection that includes anything from sheet cakes to fully customised alternatives, you’re sure to find a cake that meets both your preferences and your budget.Furthermore, the team at Costco is very skilled in cake decoration, so you can be confident that your cake will be stunning no matter what theme you pick.If you want to save money on your next birthday or celebration cake, visit Costco.You will not be disappointed!

    Amazing Costco Cakes Flavors

    • Costco cakes are a popular choice for birthdays and other events since they are reasonably priced. The business provides a range of tastes to pick from, such as chocolate, vanilla, and more variations of these. An 8-inch cake starts at $19.99 and goes up from there. Aside from that, Costco provides bespoke cakes that may be customised with photographs and texts. The Most Popular Costco Cake Flavors Vanilla
    • \sChocolate
    • Costco is a fantastic location to find reasonably priced and delectable food. The sheet cake that they provide is no exception. A Costco sheet cake may appear to be a routine buy from the outside looking in. However, when you take a look at what this alternative has to offer, it becomes immediately clear why it is one of the most popular goods that the company has on hand to provide. Here are just a handful of the reasons why Costco sheet cake has become so well known. First and foremost, it is really reasonably priced.
    • Furthermore, it is available in a range of sizes to meet every event.
    • Finally, Costco sheet cake is well-known for its delectable flavor and perfectly moist consistency.

    For those seeking for an outstanding and reasonably priced dessert option, Costco sheet cake is a great choice.

    Costco Sheet Cake Price

    Costco Cakes Birthday 

    If you’re searching for an economical and delectable birthday cake, Costco is a wonderful choice.The cakes are available in a variety of flavors and patterns, and you may pick and choose from what you like the most.In addition, Costco’s pricing are typically far lower than those of other bakeries.Costco is an excellent place to shop if you want to save money on your next birthday cake or other celebration.

    Costco Chocolate Cake

    Chocolate cake is a classic treat that is enjoyed by many people all around the world.Recognized for its great culinary offerings, Costco is known for its exquisite chocolate cake, which is no exception.There’s nothing better than a luscious and rich cake for any occasion, and this one is simple to make at home.The shop has returned its All-American small cakes to fulfill our sweet tooth demands with simplicity and convenience, and they will be available while supplies last (or if it ever does).

    Costco Cakes Prices and Sizes

    Prices and sizes of Costco cakes vary, but on average, Costco cakes are less expensive than those offered by most other care providers.In addition, the size of the Costco cake is often substantially greater than the size of most store-bought cakes.The use of this method is particularly advantageous when hosting a large event or when you want to save money on your cake.However, because the Costco cakes are so huge, they frequently need placing an order with a longer lead time.If you’re thinking about buying a Costco cake, make sure to plan ahead of time!Several types of cakes are available for purchase at the store, some of which are quite reasonable.

    Costco is also your best choice if you’re searching for a huge cake of any kind.Check out the pricing and sizes listed below to discover what would work best for your occasion.When it comes to Costco cakes, there are a variety of alternatives to pick from on the menu.So whether you’re looking for a birthday cake, an anniversary cake, or a wedding cake, Costco offers what you’re searching for.Look no farther than the cakes available at Costco!

    You’ll discover a range of flavors and sizes to select from, so you’ll be able to choose the right cake for your next party without any difficulty.Furthermore, because of Costco’s low pricing, you may save money without sacrificing the quality of the product.So what are you waiting for?Get started today!Begin exploring the cakes available at Costco right now!Order Form for Costco Cakes,

    Costco Cakes Canada

    When it comes to festivities, whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, or another special occasion, the cake is frequently the focal point.When it comes to finding a great, reasonably priced cake for your next special occasion, go no further than the Costco Cakes Canada selection!The number of cakes available is astounding, and they are all fairly priced and crafted with high-quality ingredients.In addition, you may get one online and have it delivered straight to your front step.Continue reading for more details about Costco’s cake selection.

    Costco Cakes Prices Canada

    If you’ve ever visited Costco, you’re probably aware that they provide some of the most competitive pricing on a wide range of products, from food to clothing to appliances.Was it ever brought to your attention that Costco cakes are likewise a bargain?In this section, we’ll look at the various Costco cake costs in Canada, so you can have a better sense of how much you’ll be paying if you purchase one of these treats.Prices for cakes at Costco in Canada may be found here.Surprise yourself by how much money you can save this way!In addition, our cakes are always fresh and delectable.

    So what are you waiting for?Get started today!Today is the day to get your cake fix!

    Costco Cakes Price UK

    • Costco cakes in the United Kingdom are priced differently based on the size and style of the cake. In general, smaller tiny cakes will cost between £10 and £15, although bigger cakes can cost up to £40 per serving. Before purchasing a cake, it is vital to review the pricing list to see whether certain designs are more expensive than others. All Costco cakes are baked fresh in-store and come with a complimentary birthday greeting on the inside. Costco cake in the United Kingdom Dimensions: Each Costco cake is 40cm x 30cm in dimensions. Costco cake in the United Kingdom feeds 48 people. Costco Cakes Prices in the United Kingdom: The price is £14.99 (£13.99 for a plain, undecorated version). Wheat
    • \sMilk
    • \sSoya

    For additional information about the menu in the United Kingdom, go here.Visit.When it comes to ordering cakes, the majority of people believe that they must do it through a specialist bakery.You may not be aware of the fact that you can also purchase cakes from Costco.We’ll walk you through the process of ordering a cake from Costco right now.As a result, whether you are searching for a birthday cake or something unique for a special occasion, continue reading for advice on how to find the ideal cake from Costco.

    How to order a cake from Costco?

    They request that you place your order for your cake through our local Costco warehouse bakery, since they do not have online ordering choices. Note that they demand a completed order form and two days’ notice before pickup or delivery—this is so that they can determine which flavor combination will work best for them.

    How much are Costco Cakes?

    With Costco cakes, there are several alternatives to pick from in terms of design and flavoring. Everything from sheet cakes to fully personalized cakes complete with all the bells and whistles is available. But how much do these Costco cakes cost, and are they really worth it for that kind of money? In this section, we’ll take a look at some of the many cake alternatives offered at Costco.

    How much is a Costco Sheet Cake?

    When it comes to cakes, Costco offers the most competitive pricing.Costco’s half-sheet cake is roughly $20 and serves 48 people — it’s far less expensive than any other store’s equivalent!You may also compare this pricing to that of other well-known retailers, which charge approximately 25$ each sheet of paper-thin sliced food.Whether your birthday boy or girl prefers a simple short fruit platter or an elegant tall fruit plentitude type dessert, we have both options available here in our marketplace; together, they cost virtually nothing after promotion discounts, thanks largely to increased volume sales regulars bump up product prices just enough so that everyone wins.

    You order a Costco cake online? 

    The most often asked question is: can I get a Costco cake online?The answer is no; Costco cakes are not available for purchase on the internet.We at Costco bakery would like to inform you that they do not currently provide an online cake ordering service.This is due to their tight two-day notice requirement, as well as the necessity for order forms for bakers’ needs–all of which are designed to assure your happiness!

    PRICING — Paige’s Bakehouse

    • All of our cakes are created from scratch, right here in our kitchen! We require at least one week’s notice, but if you give us a call, we will do everything we can to accommodate your needs! All of the prices shown below are subject to change based on the addition of additional elements and design. Accessories like as bows, 3D figurines, flowers, metallic embellishments, and pearls are available at an extra fee. The fluffy buttercream, drips, and text on these elegantly simple cakes are all made by hand. All in the colors and flavors of your choosing. 6″ costs $48
    • 8″ costs $80
    • 10″ costs $120
    • 12″ costs $150.
    • Make a design that is uniquely yours. These costs include buttercream frosting as well as 2-3 miniature edible ″characters″ that are appropriate for the size of the cake being ordered. Additional characters and design options may result in a higher or lower price. Round and sheet cakes are both available. 6″ costs $60, 8″ costs $100, 10″ costs $125, and 12″ costs $150.
    • This collection of imaginative cakes is iced in fondant and embellished with basic fondant elements and accents. Additional designs and elements may result in a higher or lower price. 6″ costs $80, 8″ costs $120, 10″ costs $150, and 12″ costs $250.

    These three-tiered cakes are ideal for any celebration..Our most popular 2 tier sizes are mentioned here, while we also offer a wide range of alternative sizes.A basic buttercream pattern is also included in the prices given above.6″ and 8″ – $ 176 each (feeds 32 ppl) 6″ and 10″ – $ 250 each (feeds 45-50 ppl) These are a lot of fun, and they’re completely unique.If you can imagine it, we can make it a reality.Pricing is determined on the design, serving size, and level of intricacy.

    Inquire within 24 hours for price.

    These little cakes are ideal for your baby’s first picture shoot or as a birthday surprise for a single person on a special occasion. The price includes our trademark design, but may vary depending on the number of extra designs and elements requested. 5″ smash cake is available for $25.

    • 1/4 sheet (serves 25 people), 1/2 sheet (serves 50 people), and full sheet (serves 100 people).
    • Personalized – $ 2 per serving, Custom – $ 3 per serving, Fondant – $ 4 per serving

    PUBLIX CAKES- Prices & Offer

    What precisely is the Publix Company, and why are Publix Cakes so popular among the general public?George Jenkins, the founder of Publix Food Stores, established his first store in Winter Haven, Florida, in September of 1930.Jenkins envisioned a ″food palace″ that was open, airy, and inviting, and he introduced technologies like as air conditioning and motorized doors to the world of grocery shopping in order to achieve his goal.To that end, by 1945, Jenkins had established 19 major grocery shops around Florida, and now, the Publix grocery chain has more than 1,000 sites nationally.Today, the multibillion-dollar corporation takes great pleasure in delivering complete client satisfaction.In addition, the always-busy bakery section works tirelessly to ensure that all customers are satisfied with their Publix cakes and pastries.

    That is precisely why we are considering creating this post regarding their excellent offer and reasonable pricing on the internet.So, let’s have a look at what makes them one of the most successful bakery services available today!

    PUBLIX CAKES – Table of Prices

    The following are the most current pricing for Publix cakes on the market.

    Publix Birthday, Graduation, and Baby Shower Cake Prices
    Sheet Cakes
    1/4 sheet Serves 15-20 $32
    1/2 sheet Serves 35-40 $60
    3/4 sheet Serves 55-60 $70
    Full sheet Serves 75-80 $118
    Round Cakes
    Round Cakes Serves 6-10 $25-$35
    Specialty Cakes
    Order Speciality cakes such as cake in the shape of dog, car, house etc $25-$75
    Wedding Cakes
    Round Tier Cakes Serve 75-150 people $370-540 Depends on size/ingredients you choose
    Square Cakes Serves 100-150 people $450-$680 Depends on size/ingredients you choose

    PUBLIX CAKES – Offers for Special Occasions

    Consider some of the most popular Publix cakes for special occasions, which are listed below.

    Publix Baby Shower Cakes

    Making arrangements for the addition of a child to a family is a difficult and time-consuming undertaking.Because of this, baby showers are an excellent method for families to receive much-needed goods for their new baby while also celebrating the impending birth of their child.The majority of attendees look forward to a slice of cake once the presents have been given out and the activities have been completed.That is the point at which Publix cakes may transform a wonderful occasion into something unexpected!Their wonderful cakes are a fantastic alternative for any baby shower host who wishes to present guests with a nice dessert at a reasonable price.Yes, they are more expensive than the other cakes we have covered thus far.

    On the other side, they have a more attractive appearance.Furthermore, a variety of baby-themed sheet cakes are available in a variety of flavors, including marble, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and red velvet, to name a few examples.Not to mention the fact that you have the option of choosing between buttercream or cream cheese frosting.

    Publix Birthday Cakes

    Birthday cake, according to all parents, is the one thing that children look forward to more than receiving their birthday gifts.As a result, Publix provides a plethora of kid-friendly theme cakes.The excellent designs of their items will ensure that your child’s birthday party will be a smash success with all of his or her friends.In addition to beautifully crafted cakes with decorations (which can be edible or not), Publix cake costs for themed cakes include a personalized greeting for your child.Additionally, Publix provides double number cakes for older children and adults who do not choose to have a theme cake for their birthday celebration.Despite the fact that these ones are not themed, they are nevertheless really attractive.

    Publix Graduation Cakes

    Having completed their end-of-year exams, the majority of high school and college graduates are more than eager to commemorate their accomplishments in a suitable manner.If you want to express your congrats, nothing beats a luscious Publix graduation cake.A tiny cake might be a pleasant surprise for your child or loved one even if they don’t wish to attend a party.In addition, they can assemble a cupcake set for a small gathering of friends.So don’t be concerned!No matter how many people you plan to bring, Publix will be there to support you!

    Not to mention that Publix carries a wide variety of gourmet small cakes that may serve up to 10 people each.A few of their popular flavors include caramel pecan crunch, chantilly cake, and chocolate avalanche.In addition, their cake pricing are incredibly reasonable, even when getting a sumptuous small cake from them.Keep in mind, on the other hand, that although some of these cakes are available for immediate pickup, others require a 24-hour notice in order to be prepared.As a result, plan your event well in advance!

    Publix Wedding Cakes

    If you are shopping for a wedding cake, you should consider purchasing one from Publix instead.They are well-known for producing high-quality sweets that are cooked fresh on a daily basis at their location.The Publix Bakery takes great satisfaction in producing top-of-the-line goods while also giving excellent customer service to its customers.They don’t make any distinctions when it comes to their wedding cakes.Bakery Publix offers two different styles of wedding cakes.The round tier cake and the square cake are both available.

    Their round-tier wedding cake can accommodate anywhere from 75 to 150 guests, and their square wedding cake can accommodate anywhere from 100 to 150 people on the same day.In contrast, if you’re interested in ordering a Publix wedding cake, we recommend that you visit your local Publix shop.There, you should speak with a member of the bakery’s staff who is nice and helpful.In addition, they advise that you submit your order at least two weeks in advance of when you want it.

    Publix Holiday Cakes

    Throughout the holiday season, Publix takes great satisfaction in offering a wide variety of delicious bakery products.Without a cake

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