How To Freeze Wedding Cake Top Layer?

Immediately following the wedding, place (or have someone else place) the top tier of the cake in the freezer for a few hours to freeze the outer layer of icing. Next, loosely wrap the entire cake with freezer-safe plastic wrap. Cover every inch of cake with plastic wrap, ensuring no piece remains exposed.
How to Freeze the Top Tier of a Wedding Cake. Place the cake, unwrapped, in the freezer for two hours so that it firms up. Remove the cake from the freezer. If the cake is resting on a cardboard cake board, carefully remove the cake from the board and place the cake on a flat surface (like a cutting board).

How to preserve the top tier of your wedding cake?

  • First,know your cake — and set your expectations. Freezing your cake for a whole year,then expecting it to taste the same as it did on your wedding day
  • Pre-freeze it. Before you wrap it in anything,immediately place your cake in the freezer until the icing hardens.
  • Wrap it up.
  • Seal it.
  • Eat up!
  • Or,just forget freezing and order a replica.
  • How to make a simple, homemade wedding cake?

  • Preheat your oven to 335ºF and prepare two 8’x2′ cake pans with cake goop or another preferred pan release.
  • Combine milk,oil and extracts and set aside
  • Combine your flour,baking powder and salt and set aside
  • Place butter in a stand mixer with a paddle attachment and cream until smooth.
  • How long can I freeze a fully decorated cake?

    – Place your frosted cake uncovered in the freezer until it is fully frozen. – Wrap your cake in plastic wrap before placing it back in the freezer. – Transfer your cake from the freezer to the fridge for twenty-four to forty-eight hours to allow it to thaw out. – Let it sit out for two to three hours to reach room temperature if desired.

    Everything to Know About Preserving the Top of Your Wedding Cake

    • Who would have thought that something as simple (and tasty) as a wedding cake could be so deeply ingrained in custom and superstition? Everyone from your baker to your parents is likely to have advised you to conserve the top tier of your wedding cake, but has anybody ever explained why? It is a practice in many cultures to save wedding cake until your first anniversary, since it represents good luck and wealth for newlyweds. A portion of the cake’s top layer will be frozen before being devoured on the couple’s first wedding anniversary. We spoke with cake designer Moriah Michelle and chef Loria Stern to discover more about the wedding cake tradition and how it is carried out in today’s modern world. Continue reading to find out more about its origins and significance. Meet the Subject Matter Expert Moriah Michelle is the founder and proprietor of Wildflower Cakes, a cake business in Denver that specializes in custom wedding cakes. Loria Stern is a chef and caterer based in Santa Barbara, California, who specializes in flower-pressed cakes and cookies. She studied at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City and has a specialty in wedding cake design
    • she studied at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City. Her work has appeared in publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, and the New York Times.

    The History and Meaning of Wedding Cake Preservation

    1. In the traditional sense, the top tier of a wedding cake is commonly maintained and preserved so that it can be enjoyed again on one of two occasions: your one-year wedding anniversary or the baptism of your firstborn child (which often was within that first year of marriage).
    2. You may wonder why this is the case.
    3. Moriah Michelle of Wildflower Cakes explains the origins of this post-wedding tradition in her blog article.
    4. ″The idea of saving the top tier of the cake originates from the United Kingdom, where fruit cakes were typically produced for weddings there.
    5. Fruit cakes keep extraordinarily well, and couples would serve the top tier on special occasions such as their first wedding anniversary or their child’s christening, for example ″Michelle expresses herself.

    There are a variety of factors that might explain this practice.First and foremost, there is the obvious significance of incorporating a piece of your wedding into the celebration of your child’s birth.Instead, there is feeling and superstition around good fortune and wealth, which is said to occur when couples share a slice of their cake one year later.

    • Others argue that it’s simply a way to bring a real piece of your wedding day back into your lives on a major, joyous event like a birthday or anniversary.
    • While it is no longer customary for newlyweds to keep fruit cakes (at least not in our experience!
    • ), it is not unheard of for couples to save the top tier of their wedding cake instead.
    • It’s true that it’s becoming less popular, with many people choosing instead for fresh one-year anniversary cakes.
    • We have no problem with this practice, whether it’s a family tradition or you’ve heard success stories from other weddings and want to commemorate your first anniversary with a year-old cake.

    Many newlyweds are confronted with the difficult problem of properly preserving their wedding cakes, regardless of their religious or philosophical beliefs.

    Wedding Cake Preservation FAQs

    Is it safe to eat a year-old wedding cake?

    If you follow the necessary preservation procedures for your wedding cake, you should be able to store it in the freezer for up to 365 days without losing its freshness. (If in doubt, apply an extra layer of plastic wrap.)

    What’s the best method for preserving the top layer of your wedding cake?

    1. As soon as it’s time to seal the top tier, double-check that you’re following the instructions exactly.
    2. Loria Stern, a professional chef and caterer, had this to say about her profession: ″Wrap the package in plastic wrap and then place it into a Ziploc bag.
    3. Don’t allow your freezer to become defrosted.″ Avoid cutting into the top tier of your wedding cake throughout your reception in order to keep it in good condition.
    4. Instead, cut into the bottom tier of your cake and have your catering company package (and refrigerate) the top tier to prevent it from going bad.

    Are there alternative wedding cake preservation traditions?

    Don’t be concerned! Contact your original bakery and ask them to build you a little cake with the same flavor possibilities as the original wedding cake if the prospect of eating a year-old cake does not appeal to you (or if your freezing procedures do not work). After that, commemorate your one-year milestone and go to work.

    What types of cake hold up the best?

    It is not need to be concerned. Contact your original bakery and ask them to build you a little cake with the same flavor possibilities as the original wedding cake if the prospect of eating a year-old cake does not appeal to you (or if your freezing procedures do not work well enough). Celebrate your one-year anniversary after that and go to work!

    How do you preserve your wedding cake if you plan on moving?

    1. Are you planning to relocate within the year?
    2. Asking your parents or in-laws to keep your cake secure for you may be the wisest course of action.
    3. You’ll be able to avoid being in a stressful situation at the last minute if you do so.
    4. Keep in mind that on your wedding day or the day following, you may not be thinking about the correct storage and preservation of your wedding cake.
    5. Moving is difficult enough on its own, believe us.

    Make sure you plan ahead of time by designating a dependable family member or friend to collect the top of the cake and place it in the refrigerator as soon as possible.

    How To Preserve the Top of Your Wedding Cake

    1. The top tier of your wedding cake may be preserved if you’ve always wanted to do so, so go ahead and do it.
    2. Follow these instructions to the letter to ensure that the tradition continues.
    3. If you follow these instructions, your cake will taste just as delicious the second time around.
    4. Your happy one-year anniversary will be approaching, and you and your husband will be able to toast to yet another year of pleasure and good fortune together.
    1. The top tier of the cake should be placed in the freezer for a few hours immediately following the wedding (or have someone else do so) to prevent the outer layer of frosting from becoming too soft.
    2. Wrap the entire cake in plastic wrap that is suitable to be placed in the freezer. Every inch of the cake should be wrapped in plastic wrap to ensure that no portion is exposed. If you follow these instructions, you will avoid getting the terrible freezer burn.
    3. Place the wrapped tier into a cake box (you can either purchase one from a local craft store or ask your baker to give you with one in advance.)
    4. Wrap the cake box in the same plastic wrap to keep moisture, air, and other contaminants out.
    5. Finally, store the box at the back of the freezer to keep it secure until needed.

    This Is the Proper Way to Freeze a Wedding Cake

    Every editorial product is chosen on its own merits, while we may be compensated or earn an affiliate commission if you purchase something after clicking on one of our affiliate links. As of the time of writing, the ratings and pricing are correct, and all goods are in stock.

    This step-by-step guide for how to freeze wedding cake will help you celebrate your first anniversary with the tradition of eating the top tier.

    1. We wrapped the top tier of our wedding cake in aluminum foil and placed it in the back of our freezer after we were married last summer.
    2. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into!
    3. Over the course of the year, as we put frozen bags of shrimp and boxes of veggie burgers on top of it, we speculated about how the cake would taste on our one-year wedding anniversary.
    4. Surprisingly, it turned out to be wonderful (and miraculously devoid of freezer burn!).
    5. The morsels of creamy vanilla buttercream that we savored with celebratory glasses of champagne helped to bring us back to our bright and beautiful wedding day in the Caribbean.

    However, I must say that the cake was not as moist as it had been in August.In retrospect, we should have done a better job of freezing our wedding cake to ensure its long-term preservation.After consulting with the Taste of Home Test Kitchen, I discovered some useful strategies for freezing wedding cake that I wish I’d known before my husband and I exchanged vows.

    How to Freeze Wedding Cake

    When it comes to freezing wedding cake, it’s not much different than freezing cake in general—the only difference is that wedding cake is more emotive and may include intricate embellishments. Here’s how to keep the top tier of your wedding cake in good condition so that you may eat it on your one-year anniversary:

    1. Check with your baker

    1. There are several bakeries that provide anniversary cakes, which are copies of the top layer of your wedding cake that allow you to bypass the freezing procedure and enjoy a fresh cake a year after your wedding day.
    2. Your baker, on the other hand, may have specific instructions or suggestions for freezing your particular cake if you’re determined to keep the original top layer intact.
    3. For example, according to our Test Kitchen, buttercream and ganache freeze well, however meringue-based frosting will not keep up in the freezer.
    4. Test Kitchen tip: Before you start baking, ask the baker for the measurements of the top tier of the cake so that you can prepare a properly sized storage container.
    5. When bringing your cake home after your reception, a cake carrier is ideal; but, for freezing, you can use any sealed plastic container that fits the bill.

    2. Set the frosting

    1. To ensure that your cake stays as fresh as possible, freeze it as soon as possible—ideally the night before or the day following your wedding.
    2. Due to the fact that you will want to relax and enjoy your wedding night, consider appointing a friend or family member to take care of this task ahead of time.
    3. Remove any decorations off the cake, such as flowers and the topper, and set it on a serving tray or baking sheet.
    4. Allow for at least three hours (or overnight) of freezing time uncovered to allow the frosting and icing embellishments to solidify.
    5. When you cover the cake in plastic, it will be less likely to smear the frosting.

    Make sure the cake is not stored near anything in your freezer that has a strong odor.Test Kitchen tip: (For example, don’t place it next to the chili you just prepared that hasn’t been frozen completely!)

    3. Cover and freeze

    Remove the cake from the freezer and wrap it tightly in plastic wrap until the icing is set again. In order to keep air and moisture from seeping into the cake, the plastic should hug the cake, but it should not be too tight. Place the cake in an airtight container and place it in the freezer.

    How to Defrost Wedding Cake

    1. Allow 24 to 48 hours before you plan on serving the cake to allow the cake to come to room temperature.
    2. Remove the plastic wrap and place the cake in a container with a tight-fitting lid, such as a cake carrier.
    3. To defrost the container, place it in a deodorized refrigerator for a few hours.
    4. Move the cake to your counter top a few hours before you plan to serve it to enable it to get to room temperature before cutting into it.
    5. However, if the top layer of your cake was lost during the freezing process, or if the freezing procedure went horribly wrong, there are still ways to commemorate your anniversary with heartfelt baked products.

    If you prefer a more hands-on approach, you may make an anniversary cake for yourself.Try this White Cake, this Frosted Chocolate Cake, or this Strawberry Mascarpone Cake..Taste of Home’s Celebratory Cakes are sure to please.

    Sandy’s Chocolate Cake

    Years ago, I traveled 4-and-a-half hours to enter a cake contest, the entire while carrying my submission in my lap. But it was worth it. You’ll understand why this silky beauty was called the greatest chocolate cake recipe and earned first place after just one mouthful! Sandra Johnson, of Tioga, Pennsylvania, sent in this message. Recipes may be obtained by clicking here.

    Majestic Pecan Cake

    This dish is a true testament to its title. The three-layer cake with pecan dots is topped with homemade frosting, which is baked from scratch and decorated with edible flowers. Karen R. Jones of Claypool, Indiana, sent in this letter.

    Malted Chocolate & Stout Layer Cake

    Looking for a St. Patrick’s Day dessert that will blow everyone away? Look no further! With a great malt taste and a juicy texture, this decadent chocolate cake is well matched by the creamy Irish cream icing. Jennifer Wayland, of Morris Plains, New Jersey, contributed to this article.

    Best Red Velvet Cake

    When this festive dessert doesn’t materialize, it’s just not Christmas in our household. The frosting on this cake is unlike any other red velvet cake recipe I’ve tried before; it’s as light as snow. —Kathryn Davison from the city of Charlotte, North Carolina

    Chocolate Spice Cake with Caramel Icing

    I discovered this recipe in the late 1980s and immediately recognized it as a remarkable cake. Due to the fact that you must work fast, the caramel frosting might be a bit challenging, but it is well worth it! Marion James of Ferguson, Missouri sent in this message.

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    Chocolate Hazelnut Torte

    The majority of cake recipes serve a large number of people. As a result, we created this lovely small cake that feeds six people. Just enough for two people, with just the proper amount of leftovers! — Test Kitchen for Taste of Home

    Black Walnut Layer Cake

    The recipe for this exquisite cake was given to me by my sister many years ago. The thin coating of icing applied on the exterior of the cake gives it a sleek, contemporary appearance. The following is a letter from Lynn Glaze of Warren, Ohio

    Moist Chocolate Cake

    The recipe for this stunning cake was given to me by my sister many moons ago. Its sleek modern appearance is enhanced by a light coating of frosting applied to the outside. —Lynn Glaze, from Warren, Ohio.

    Butter Pecan Layer Cake

    This cake has the same delicious flavor as the famous butter pecan ice cream flavor, thanks to the addition of pecans and butter. • Becky Miller, from Tallahassee, Florida

    Cherry Nut Cake

    This is a recipe that my grandma created for her children. She came up with a recipe that everyone enjoyed, using cherries and walnuts from the Ozarks. Granny usually used cream from a dairy farm near her home, but half-and-half works just as well and is much more convenient to get by these days. Dianna Jennings lives in Lebanon, Missouri and writes:

    Favorite Coconut Cake

    Whenever I’m looking for a show-stopping dessert for a big event, this is the recipe I reach for. My guests are grateful that I do! Edna Hoffman of Hebron, Indiana, sent this message.

    Strawberry Mascarpone Cake

    Please don’t be deceived by the amount of stages in this recipe; it is simple to put together. While baking, the cake rises to a high and fluffy level, and the berries impart a fresh fruity flavor. If you don’t have any mascarpone cheese on hand, cream cheese may be used as an alternative. Carol Witczak, of Tinley Park, Illinois, contributed to this article.

    Marvelous Marble Cake

    The greatest marble cake is made using pound cake and chocolate. The following is from Birmingham, Alabama resident Ellen Riley:

    Chocolate Bavarian Torte

    Whenever I bring this visually appealing torte to a potluck, I receive a flurry of requests for the recipe. —Edith Holmstrom, a resident of Madison, Wisconsin

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    If you enjoy a delicious and creamy cake, this is the recipe for you. With the tart flavors of lemon juice and lemonade, and the lovely cream cheese icing with sprinkles, this cake is a must-have for every lemon lover. The following is a letter from Lauren Knoelke, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Carrot Cake with Pecan Frosting

    My husband is a huge fan of this easy, old-fashioned carrot cake recipe that I make every week. Even without the nuts, the icing is still rather delicious. A. Badon, of Denham Springs, Louisiana

    Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting

    I once delivered this decadent chocolate cake to my children’s teachers, and it was promptly devoured, necessitating the creation of a second cake. (After all, who eats an entire cake?) Springville, New York resident Megan Moelbert sent in this message

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    This lemon ricotta cake recipe is a treasured family heirloom that has been passed down from my grandmother and mother for several generations. The luscious four-layer cake, which is garnished with shaved lemon zest, is the ideal treat for when you want to dazzle your guests. • Nanette Slaughter lives in Sammamish, Washington.

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    The combination of mocha and peanut butter will satisfy the sweet taste of every guest at your dinner party. The garnish requires a little additional effort, but that’s what special occasions are for, right? Tammy Bollman of Minatare, Nebraska, provided this statement.

    Coconut Italian Cream Cake

    Before arriving to Colorado, I’d never had the pleasure of tasting an Italian cream cake. Now that I live in the region, I bake for others, and this cake is one of the most frequently requested sweets. • Ann Bush from Colorado City, Colorado.

    Frosted Chocolate Cake

    This is my mother’s oldest and most popular chocolate cake recipe, which she has passed down through the generations. Despite the fact that I always believed it should have a more creative name, this is what she named it. Mom would remark that giving anything a fancy name does not make it taste any better. —Beth Bristow et al. West Plains, Missouri is a city in Missouri.

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    This fluffy cake with cream cheese icing is the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten in my life. It’s also incredibly simple to make because it calls for only two jars of baby food rather than fresh carrots that must be shredded. Vero Beach, Florida resident Jeanette McKenna wrote in to say

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    Mama’s Spice Cake

    This cake is something I prepare whenever I have a yearning for a nice old-fashioned delicacy. The recipe has been passed down through generations of great cooks in my family, and their families have enjoyed the lovely spice taste and creamy icing for years. —Nancy Duty, a resident of Jacksonville, Florida.

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    Lemon Layer Cake

    An abundance of acclaim is guaranteed for this citrus-flavored cake with a rich cream cheese icing. The flavor, which is a duet of sweet and acidic undertones, is really delicious. — Summer Goddard lives in Springfield, Virginia with her family.

    Hummingbird Cake

    My father’s favorite cake is this amazing hummingbird cake, which is why I usually prepare it on his birthday. It’s a beautiful dessert for any occasion, and it’s especially nice served alongside a summer lunch. — Nancy Zimmerman, Cape May Court House, Cape May County, New Jersey

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    This delectable triple-layer confection is the epitome of chocolate decadence. Cake layers can be frozen before final assembly; in fact, they are simpler to deal with when they are thawed and defrosted. Kathleen Smith, of Overland, Missouri, contributed to this article.

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    This southern-style dessert is a personal favorite of mine, and it’s a hit with my dinner guests as well. This variation of fruitcake, made with nuts, cherries, and raisins in the filling and topping, reminds me of a fruitcake—only much better! —Mabel Parvi of Ridgefield, Washington, U.S.A.

    Blue-Ribbon Red Velvet Cake

    1. The interior of this two-layer beauty is a vibrant shade of crimson.
    2. It asks for more cocoa than typical red velvet cakes, which results in a cake that is very chocolatey.
    3. Feel free to experiment with different colors of food coloring to fit the occasion.
    4. At the 2006 Alaska State Fair, this recipe was awarded a blue ribbon in the holiday cake area for its creativity.
    5. This cake, I believe, will be a hit at your home as well as mine!

    Anchorage, Alaska resident Cindi DeClue writes:

    Contest-Winning Chocolate Potato Cake

    This luscious chocolate cake took first place in a potato festival baking competition, and I was awarded grand champion honors. If you have a serious sweet taste, you may easily quadruple the icing recipe. —Catherine Hahn from Winamac, Indiana

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    Butterscotch Cake

    Each and every time I create this eye-catching cake, I receive a flood of praises and recipe requests. The filling is comparable to the filling found in German chocolate cake. — Judy Lamon of Louisville, Tennessee, is a writer.

    Cookies-and-Cream Cake

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    Coconut Chiffon Cake

    If you enjoy cookies-and-cream ice cream, you’ll enjoy this cake as much as we did. To create a creative appearance, chocolate sandwich cookies are combined in with the dough and pushed into the sweet and creamy icing. • Pat Habiger, of Spearville, Kansas •

    Brooklyn Blackout Cake

    1. This cake will be a hit with chocolate lovers everywhere.
    2. When I was looking for a special cake to prepare for my chocolate-loving daughter-in-birthday, law’s I came upon this recipe.
    3. Make careful to allow enough time for the pudding and cake to cool before serving, otherwise the ultimate product will be unsatisfactory.
    4. Howell, Michigan resident Donna Bardocz shared her thoughts on the subject:

    How to Freeze and Store Your Wedding Cake

    1. This guide will show you how to properly freeze and preserve your wedding cake if you wish to follow tradition and save the top layer of your wedding cake.
    2. Third-party items have been incorporated to assist you in navigating and enjoying life’s most important moments.
    3. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of our affiliate links, we may receive a commission.
    4. Traditionally, the top tier of the wedding cake is saved and served during the christening of the couple’s first child.
    5. However, because most newlyweds do not want to start a family soon after their wedding, they have decided to utilize the top layer of their wedding cake to commemorate their first anniversary.

    The only way to ensure that such a lovely custom continues is to keep the wedding cake in the appropriate manner.If your wedding cake is not properly kept, it will become sour and will not last for a complete year, depriving you of the opportunity to partake in this lovely custom.But don’t be concerned.

    • In order to prevent this from occurring, we have put together the following suggestions, which will ensure that your wedding cake is preserved correctly so that you may enjoy it on the occasion of your first anniversary.

    Storing the Wedding Cake

    1. Make sure to take the cake topper and any other large decorations off the top tier of the wedding cake before cutting it.
    2. Smaller decorations, particularly those made of icing, can be left on the cake.
    3. It is necessary to shift the cake onto a foil-covered cardboard bottom or onto a plastic plate if it is set on a cake base that has not been coated in foil.
    4. Using this method, you can avoid your cake from acquiring any sort of cardboard smell or flavor.
    5. Place the cake in the freezer for an hour to firm up.

    This will harden the icing, preventing it from sticking to the wrapping paper when it is wrapped.After an hour, take the cake out of the freezer and begin to wrap it in plastic wrap.Cling wrap (plastic wrap) should be used to completely encircle the cake from top to bottom and all around the edges.

    • There should be no gaps or openings in the wrapping.
    • Having covered the wedding cake in cling wrap, you will need to double wrap it in aluminum foil paper to protect it from the elements.
    • The use of enough covering will guarantee that the cake does not have a flavor of freezer burn.
    • Fill a freezer-safe container halfway with the cake and wrap it up tightly again with plastic wrap.
    • Leave the container and the cake in the freezer for the following year to prevent spoilage.

    The techniques outlined above for keeping your wedding cake will ensure that it remains as fresh as the day it was created!

    How to Freeze Your Wedding Cake so It Lasts a Year (and Still Tastes Great!)

    1. Most newlyweds believe that they can just wrap their wedding cake topper in aluminum foil and place it in their freezer, and a year later they will have a lovely (and delicious) memento of their wedding day.
    2. This is not the case.
    3. Since the christening of the first child, which was expected to take place within the first year, couples have been saving a piece of their wedding cake (usually fruit cake, which is MUCH easier to save because it is already practically preserved) for the christening of their second child, which is expected to take place within the first year.
    4. While that custom sounds wonderful (and is said to bring good luck!
    5. ), if it is not carried out properly, you may find yourself with a clumsily frozen wedding cake on your first anniversary, biting into it and thinking, ″Oh my goodness, this is AWFUL.″ Yup.

    This exact thing occurred to me.So take this counsel to heart!How to properly freeze your wedding cake so that you (and your taste buds) can enjoy it is demonstrated in this video.

    • The top tier of your wedding cake should be saved, or if your wedding cake doesn’t have tiers (or you want to utilize it during your real wedding), just keep a piece that’s large enough to serve two people.
    • Because you’re unlikely to remember to do this after your wedding reception, ask your wedding coordinator, parents, or one of your bridesmaids if they would be willing to do it for you instead.
    • 1.
    • Take away any non-edible decorations from the room (such as the wedding cake topper).
    • If the cake layer is made of cardboard, you’ll want to cover it in aluminum foil before proceeding with the rest of the process.

    2.Place your cake in the freezer for a few of hours (as soon as possible after your wedding) to pre-freeze the icing and set it up so it is solid.3.Gently cover the entire piece or tier in saran wrap, taking care not to miss any locations or create any air bubbles in the process.The more you use, the better, because this will help to prevent freezer burn in the long run.4.

    After that, cover the cake in aluminum foil two or three times.Put the cake in a freezer-safe, airtight Tupperware container and store it in a freezer section where it may remain undisturbed for up to a year.Sixth, a day before your first anniversary, move the cake (still wrapped and in the container) from the freezer to the fridge.Afterward, remove the cake from its wrappings and allow it to continue to thaw for a few more hours.8.

    Allow the cake to come to room temperature BEFORE cutting into it (usually takes about an hour) 9.Have a good time!Remember that most bakeries will be happy to give you a modest, fresh replica of your wedding cake without the design if the notion of freezing and eating your wedding cake makes you feel uncomfortable (which is completely acceptable).

    WGM’ers, take a look at these 14 seriously amazing wedding cakes: Do you intend to freeze your wedding cake before cutting it?While we only link to items and services that we believe you will enjoy, some of the links on our site are monetized to help us keep the lights on.Purchasing something after clicking via our links may result in us receiving a commission, which allows us to continue providing you with excellent content!

    1. All of our opinions are entirely our own.
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    How to Preserve Wedding Cake

    1. Keeping your wedding cake in appropriate storage will prevent the pleasant ritual of sharing the top tier of your wedding cake on your 1st anniversary from becoming a bitter memory.
    2. It doesn’t matter how fresh your romance is, having a stale wedding cake is not the best way to remember your special day.
    3. Simply follow these easy instructions to ensure that your cake remains as moist and tasty as possible.
    4. Remove any ornaments or large breakable decorations from the room first.
    5. To keep the beauty of your original design, you may choose to leave some of the smaller icing embellishments on the cake.

    If the cake is lying on an uncovered cake board, the board should be replaced with one that has been wrapped in aluminum foil.This will prevent a cardboard flavor from permeating into the cake batter.The cake can be frozen with the separator plate still in place if it is sitting on a plastic separator plate.

    • After that, put the cake in the freezer for about 20 minutes to firm up.
    • This will help to firm up the icing and prevent it from clinging to the plastic wrap during storage.
    • You’re now ready to put the cake in its box.
    • Wrap the cake completely in plastic wrap, making sure to seal the package tightly to prevent it from drying out.
    • After that, cover the entire thing in at least two layers of heavy-duty aluminum foil.

    The greater the amount of protection you provide the cake, the less likely it is to develop freezer flavor or freezer burn.You may also store the cake in an airtight container if you so wish.Begin defrosting the cake in your refrigerator one day before your first anniversary celebration.Remove the cake from its packaging and allow it to continue to thaw for another 2 hours.Allow the cake to rest at room temperature for a few minutes before serving.

    How to Freeze a Wedding Cake

    1. Article to be downloaded article to be downloaded The top layer of your wedding cake for your one-year anniversary will need some planning, but it is a fun and traditional way to commemorate your first year of marriage with your spouse.
    2. Maintaining your cake during the ceremony, correctly packaging your cake for freezing, and then thawing and savoring your cake at the end of the year will allow you to appreciate this particular moment on your anniversary.
    1. 1 For best freezer results, use a custard, fondant, or chocolate cake instead of a sponge cake.
    2. While old-fashioned fruit cakes are the best for freezing, new cakes prepared with custard or fondant icing retain their freshness better than the majority of contemporary cakes.
    3. When it comes to tastes, chocolate cake will do better than vanilla cake in the long run.
    4. The practice of preserving your wedding cake started in England, where wedding cakes were traditionally constructed of fruit and steeped in wine to enhance their flavor.
    1. 2If at all possible, avoid having the cake exposed to the sun on your wedding day. If your wedding is taking place outside in a park, have someone take the cake out of the sun and into an air-conditioned space as soon as the cake is no longer required for the ceremony.. Whenever the ceremony is completed, the cake should be removed from the venue as quickly as is practicable. Promotional material
    2. 3 After the ceremony, place the top tier of the cake in the freezer for 1-2 hours to keep it fresh. Make sure all of the non-edible embellishments are removed, and then put it in the freezer without wrapping it for 1-2 hours to solidify the icing. Set a timer to ensure that you don’t forget, and remove the cake from the oven after 2 hours, or as soon as the frosting has become firm. Advertisement
    1. 1 Film your cake in cling wrap so that it is completely airtight. You may now cover the cake firmly in cling wrap because the frosting has hardened as a result of sitting in the freezer. Remove a few sheets of cling wrap from the roll and wrap them around the cake, overlapping for complete covering and continue the process until the cake is completely covered with many layers of cling wrap. As you wrap, make sure to cover all of the edges and corners, and smooth down any air bubbles. You can add as many as 5-6 layers on the cake to avoid freezer burn
    2. since the icing has solidified, you can wrap it securely around the cake without squashing it
    3. and because the frosting has hardened, you can wrap it tightly around the cake without squashing it.
    • 2Cover the cake with an additional layer of tinfoil. Cover the entire cake with tinfoil after it has been wrapped in cling wrap to provide further protection from freezing weather. To cover the cake in one piece, pull off sheets of tinfoil and overlap them around the cake until there is no longer any visible cling wrap.
    • 3Place the cake in an airtight tupperware container with a label on it. To prevent your gift from being opened before your anniversary, attach a piece of tape to the tupperware lid and name it with a sharpie. Tupperware that is airtight will prevent the cake from any moisture that might compromise the cake’s long-term preservation. It can also keep the cake from being knocked around and jostled while it is being frozen. Stack the tupperware containers in the back of the freezer. Remove any objects from your freezer to make it easier to slide the cake all the way to the rear of the oven. You should store the tupperware container at the back of your freezer, where it will not be banged around or interfere with your ability to find other goods in your freezer, because you won’t need to take it out for a year. If you have more than one freezer in your home, place it in the one that receives the least amount of usage
    • otherwise, store it in the refrigerator.
    1. 1Change the cake’s location to the refrigerator 1-2 days before your anniversary celebration. Keep the cake wrapped and in the tupperware container, and just transfer it to the refrigerator to cool. After being in a condition of deep freeze for a year, this will allow the cake to begin the thawing process. 2Thaw the cake on the counter for 1 hour before serving. After taking the cake out of the refrigerator on the anniversary day, gently remove it from its tupperware container and the aluminum foil. Alternatively, you may keep the cling wrap on and leave it on the counter for approximately an hour until it gets room temperature. Remove the cling film from the dish, serve, and enjoy. After an hour has gone, remove the cling film from the cake and place it on a serving platter to finish serving. Celebrate your one-year anniversary with your lover by sharing the cake and basking in the romantic atmosphere. Share recollections of your wedding day with your guests to make it even more entertaining. Congratulations on your one-year anniversary! After you’ve finished eating, it’s preferable to toss away or compost whatever is left rather than trying to save it again. While preserving your wedding cake for one year is a wonderful tradition, it is not a good idea to attempt to preserve it for an extended period of time.
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    4. However, although the most frequent practice nowadays is to wait until one’s anniversary to cut the cake, the English used to cut their cake to commemorate the birth of their first child.
    5. You could also store the cake for a special occasion such as this if you wished to do so.
    • Thank you for submitting a suggestion for consideration! Advertisement Don’t try to consume the cake for more than a year after your wedding reception has ended. It’s possible that you’ll get food poisoning because these cakes aren’t meant to keep that long, even in the freezer, so be cautious.
    • It is possible to prevent some of the problems associated with freezer burn and food poisoning by preparing your cake correctly and freezing it
    • but, your cake will not taste the same as it did on your wedding day. However, if you want a cake that tastes as amazing as that first cake, try getting a fresh cake to commemorate your anniversary 🙂
    • this may still be a really enjoyable custom.


    Things You’ll Need

    • The following items are required: cling wrap, aluminum foil, freezer, large Tupperware container, refrigerator, and wedding cake.

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    How To Preserve the Top of Your Wedding Cake

    1. There is generally some cake left over after the wedding, and it is customary to save the cake topper as a keepsake.
    2. Learn how to freeze wedding cake so that you can keep the top of your cake looking as beautiful as possible.
    3. For the wedding couple, this is a ritual that symbolizes good fortune as well as financial prosperity.
    4. The top tier of the wedding cake is kept in excellent condition and then shared by the couple on their first anniversary.
    5. While the practice is progressively being phased away, it is not unusual for couples to freeze their wedding cake topper before cutting the cake.

    Depending on the couple, it may be more of a family custom, or for others, it may be a way to commemorate the achievement of their first ever milestone as a couple on their anniversary day.Numerous couples, for a variety of personal reasons and preferences, find the entire preservation procedure to be a frightening prospect.In today’s article, we’ll walk you through all you need to know about wedding cake preservation, so that your one-year-old cake looks and tastes exactly as delicious as it did the day it was served to you.

    • Continue reading to find out how to freeze wedding cake so that it lasts longer!

    How To Freeze Your Wedding Cake 

    So long as you are committed to keeping your wedding cake safe, go ahead and do it! 😉 Remember that you want your cake to taste just as good after it has been frozen, so it is critical that you follow the instructions exactly. To freeze your wedding cake, follow these simple steps:

    1. Remove any decorations from your tier that are not edible as soon as possible after the wedding
    2. To protect the tier from moisture, wrap it in aluminum foil first
    3. if it’s in a cardboard box, wrap it in aluminum foil first.
    4. Place the top tier of the cake in the freezer, unwrapped, for a couple of hours to ensure that the outer layer of the frosting remains frozen
    5. Wrap the cake in plastic wrap that is freezer-safe, taking care to ensure that no portion of the cake is exposed to the elements. This helps to prevent the painful freezer burns that might occur.
    6. Put the top tier of the cake in a cake box. This may be found at local artisan stores and boutiques. Alternatively, you might ask your baker to prepare one for you in beforehand.
    7. Seal the cake box with the same plastic wrap to ensure that it does not come into contact with any air or moisture. Since a rule, the more plastic wrap you use, the better, as it helps to keep everything airtight.
    8. In order to keep it safe for a year, place the wrapped box towards the back of the freezer or any other portion of the freezer where it will remain undisturbed
    9. Transfer the covered cake to your refrigerator one day before your anniversary celebration.
    10. Remove the wrappings after a couple of hours to allow the defrosting to proceed.
    11. Remove the cake from the refrigerator and allow it to come to room temperature.
    12. Take a deep breath and go to work

    What if you have plans to move?

    1. If you are planning to relocate within the year, you may still save money by avoiding the traditional wedding cake preservation method.
    2. If this is the case, you might ask your parents or parents-in-law to store the cake safely for you until the big day.
    3. You will be able to avoid all of those stressful and last-minute situations if you choose this choice.
    4. When it comes to your wedding day, it’s quite possible that thinking about the preservation of your wedding cake will be the last thing on your mind.
    5. Having someone else take care of such details will relieve your stress and allow you to enjoy your wedding with the utmost tranquility and enjoyment.

    Moving is difficult enough as it is; why not delegate responsibility for the full preservation process to someone who is familiar with the procedure?

    Types of Cakes that Hold Up Best

    1. There is no one-size-fits-all wedding cake, and not all wedding cakes freeze as well as others.
    2. There are many different varieties of cakes available, and some of them will just not do the job.
    3. It will be advisable to work with a cake that will hold up well when it comes to problems of preservation in order to avoid any type of dissatisfaction.
    4. Generally speaking, thick cakes, such as chocolate cakes or English fruit cakes, retain their shape better than the others when frozen for up to one year.
    5. Cakes made with fresh fruits or curd are not as good since they go bad more rapidly than traditional cakes.

    The History of Wedding Cake Preservation

    1. Some people insist that you must conserve the top tier of your wedding cake since it is the most important.
    2. But has anyone ever explained to you why this is so?
    3. Who knew that wedding cakes were so firmly ingrained in tradition to such an extent?
    4. Did you ever consider that there could be some sort of superstitious notion about wedding cakes?
    5. Saving a wedding cake is a centuries-old ritual that has been passed down from generation to generation.

    Couples would traditionally split a slice of their wedding cake during the baptism of their first child, which was supposed to take place within the first year of their marriage, according to tradition.It is customary to save the top tier of your wedding cake, which is then preserved for consumption at one of two occasions: your firstborn’s christening or your one-year wedding anniversary.This post-wedding tradition originated in the United Kingdom.

    • Fruit cake was the most popular form of cake served at weddings in this area.
    • This is due to the fact that fruit cakes preserve very well, and couples would save the top layer of their wedding cake for up to a year, serving it at their anniversary or first child’s baptism.
    • Preservation of wedding cakes has several motives behind it, the first of which is the symbolic component of recycling that unique slice of cake for the occasion of celebrating the birth of your first child as a couple.
    • The second reason is the sentimental value it brings to the table, which goes hand in hand with the superstitious notion that it is a symbol of wealth and good luck for your wedding.
    • Three reasons for sharing a preserved wedding cake include the fact that it allows you to recall your wedding day one year after it took place.
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    Alternatives to Wedding Cake Preservation

    1. If the thought of eating a cake that has been sitting about for a year does not appeal to you, do not be concerned.
    2. Your baker may always create a little duplicate of the original cake that contains the exact same tastes as your wedding cake if you want it.
    3. You’ll be able to put your wedding night behind you and concentrate on your honeymoon!
    4. Instead of putting in the effort of freezing your cake and taking up valuable freezer space, go for a freshly made cake and dive in!
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    In the event that you follow the link and make a purchase, we will get a small commission at no additional cost to you.

    How to Preserve the Top Tier of a Wedding Cake

    1. Preservation of the top tier of your wedding cake for consumption on the first anniversary of your marriage is an ancient practice.
    2. In fact, it may be traced all the way back to Victorian-era marriages in England.
    3. In those days, couples would frequently offer alcohol-soaked fruitcake, which would last for up to a year even in the absence of power or refrigerators.
    4. In order to properly freeze and preserve your wedding cake, you need follow the instructions provided in the following section.
    5. It may not taste precisely as it did on your wedding night, but it is still a tasty delicacy that you and your partner may enjoy together while reminiscing about your special day.

    Here’s how to keep the top tier of a wedding cake fresh so that it may be enjoyed until the first anniversary celebration.

    Is My Wedding Cake Freezable?

    • Some wedding cakes hold up better than others over the years. A fragile cake with lemon curd or custard filling, cream cheese icing, whipped cream frosting, or any other style of frosting, or one that is topped with fresh fruit, may not last as long as you would want. If you plan to save the top layer of your wedding cake, make sure to select a more sturdy cake while comparing different wedding cake designs. Among the cakes that may freeze well are: chocolate
    • carrot (but avoid cream cheese icing)
    • fruitcake (not fresh fruit, but dried/alcohol-soaked fruits)
    • vanilla
    • hazelnut or almond
    • champagne
    • Black Forest
    • and a variety of other flavors.

    Make sure to remove any flowers or other non-edible decorations from the top layer before beginning to freeze it in the freezer. BG Productions is credited with the photo.

    How to Preserve Your Wedding Cake Step-by-Step

    • Once the cake has been sliced at your reception, it’s critical to put the top tier of the cake into the refrigerator or freezer as soon after as feasible. Ask your wedding coordinator or a designated point person to assist you in making sure that this duty is completed correctly. Make a ″pre-freeze″ of your cake. Keep in mind that if there isn’t a freezer at your location, you should put the top tier of your cake into the freezer as soon as you return home to ″pre-freeze,″ or harden, it before taking any further actions to preserve it. For this stage, you can use a single sheet of plastic wrap to protect the surface.
    • Wrap the cake in plastic wrap to keep it fresh. It may take up to 12 hours for the cake to be completely pre-frozen. Remove the cake from the freezer. If it’s on cardboard or similar hard surface, you’ll want to cover it with aluminum foil to protect it from damage. Then wrap the cake in many layers of plastic wrap to protect it from the elements. Work carefully around the whole tier of cake to ensure that no places are overlooked. Also, be certain that there are no air bubbles present. Try to wrap yourself in three or four layers of wrap. This will assist to preserve food for a longer period of time and prevent the dreaded freezer burn from occurring.
    • Make use of a cake box. After you’ve sealed your cake, you should put it in a cake box to keep it safe. Alternatively, you can request one from the bakery that created your cake. Tupperware or similar airtight container can also be used if you haven’t requested one in advance of your arrival.
    • Before placing the entire wrapped tier in the freezer, cover the box or other container with many layers of aluminum foil and maybe a big Ziploc bag.

    Using a permanent pen or sticker, you may choose to label the container. This will prevent it from being unintentionally thrown away when you are cleaning out your freezer.

    How to Defrost Your Cake on Your First Anniversary

    1. Well done on making it through the ups and downs of your first year of married life!
    2. It’s time to toast your success with a slice of the wedding cake that you fought so hard to preserve.
    3. You may enjoy your cake again after you remove it from the freezer and place it in the refrigerator (while still covered in plastic wrap).
    4. This should be done at least 24 hours before your first anniversary.
    5. When you’re ready to consume the cake, remove it from its packaging and allow it to come to room temperature.

    It won’t taste exactly like fresh cake (it’s been in the freezer for a year, after all), but it’ll be a great custom to participate in anyway.Rebecca Denton Photography provided the image for this post.

    Alternative Ideas to Saving Your Wedding Cake

    1. If the idea of saving your cake does not appeal to you or you are unable to do so (for example, if you are having a destination wedding and cannot bring your cake home with you, or if your wedding venue is outdoors and you are serving a cake that you do not believe will hold up well), you can still celebrate your first anniversary with a slice of cake.
    2. If you are celebrating your first wedding anniversary, a fun alternate suggestion is to have your bakery produce a fresh, miniature duplicate of the original wedding cake.
    3. If you don’t live close to the baker who made your wedding cake, you can still ask your local bakery to produce a cake or cupcakes in the same taste as your wedding dessert.
    4. Do you want to remember about your wedding day in depth?
    5. Watching your wedding video allows you to relive the entire event all over again.

    A Wedding Cake So Easy You Can Make It Yourself

    1. Recently, my sister was married, and on the day of her wedding, I was charged with a variety of last-minute maid of honor responsibilities, which I gladly accepted.
    2. She and her fiancé had bought a beautiful 12-inch vanilla buttercream cake as their wedding cake, a showcase cake to complement the many pies that served as the genuine dessert to accompany the fried chicken dinner as a whole.
    3. When it came time for me to place the antique cake topper on the cake, one of my final jobs before the wedding, I couldn’t help but feel that I could have done a better job.
    4. A few weeks later, I found myself in the position of putting together my first-ever wedding cake in the Epi test kitchen, which I rather enjoyed.
    5. Despite the fact that I’ve baked several layer cakes in the past, this was my first two-tiered, swooshed and adorned, full-on wedding cake.

    We were all over the place with excitement (so much so that I couldn’t help but post a sneak peak at the cake on Instagram several weeks before our Cake Week content was published).Was it difficult?No, not at all.

    • Everything from the cake recipe to the icing to the construction and decorating has been simplified to make this the most approachable wedding cake possible while yet maintaining its flavor and, of course, its beauty.
    • I hope you enjoy it!
    • The first time I made it, I was involved in a bike accident a week before it was to be assembled, but I still managed to put it together with my pinky finger broken.
    • That demonstrates how simple it is.) Is it a time-consuming process?
    • Sure.

    However, you may prepare the cakes weeks ahead of time and freeze them, which means that the only labor that has to be done on the day of the event is assembling and icing them.This task can be completed in a couple of hours or less.Is this a project that everyone may participate in?No, without a doubt not.However, if you enjoy baking and would like to share your enthusiasm on your/your sister’s/your best friend’s special day, you can do so.I’ll make good on my commitment.

    1.Make the cake as simple as possible.Wedding cakes can be difficult to design and construct.Cooked on rectangular sheets, which are then divided into numerous layers, or baked in circular cake pans, which are then trimmed and sliced in half, the cake is a popular choice.Evenly trimming a 10-inch cake is difficult unless you have an exceptionally long serrated knife and an incredibly steady hand.

    Because I want it to be as simple as possible, I’ve constructed a cake that bakes relatively nicely (i.e.flat) in the round pans, which means no trimming is required.Simply double the recipe and bake it in two 10-inch pans twice, then split the batter into two 6-inch pans for the smaller layer and bake it in them as well.

    2.Incorporate Flavoring Syrup into the mixture.This is something I’ve said before, and it’s something I’ll repeat again: simple syrup is a cake’s best friend.

    1. It is really necessary when making a tiered cake.
    2. Not only does the syrup give moisture to the cake and help it to last longer on the shelf, but it also enhances the flavor.
    3. For this cake, I’ve used a vanilla-spiked syrup, but you may use any spice, liqueur, or herb to flavor the syrup if you want to add a little additional taste.
    4. 3.
    5. Don’t bother with the buttercream.
    6. Whipped cream may be the most straightforward icing to create, but for a wedding cake, you’ll want something that can be left out for many hours.

    In most cases, this implies buttercream, but conventional buttercream, with its whipped-egg foundation, is not the most straightforward item to create.

    Can You Freeze A Sponge Cake?

    1. Is it possible to freeze a sponge cake?
    2. A sponge cake is one of the most popular forms of cakes to bake and is quite simple to create.
    3. It’s simple, adaptable, and can be made with youngsters who are just starting to cook because it’s not too complicated.
    4. Whether you’re baking a sponge cake for a birthday or another event, you might be wondering if you can freeze sponge cakes.
    5. The answer is yes, you can.

    What is a sponge cake?

    1. A sponge cake is often constructed with a batter consisting of sugar, butter, flour, and eggs, which is baked until firm.
    2. Flavorings such as lemon, vanilla, and chocolate almond can be added to the mix to give it a unique taste.
    3. After that, the sponge batter is cooked in the oven until it is risen and has a golden top.
    4. It may be embellished in a variety of different ways.
    5. Sponge cakes are available in a variety of forms and sizes, ranging from little fairy cakes to elaborate multi-tiered wedding cakes.

    Sponge cake is typically thought of as a form of cake that includes things such as apple cake, lemon drizzle cake, coffee cake, and a victoria sandwich, among other things.Yes, it is possible to freeze a sponge cake.The majority of sponges freeze really well.

    • Depending on the sort of decorations and icing used, you can either freeze the sponge cake before or after it has been decorated and iced.
    • For sponge cakes that will be frozen, it is typically ideal to decorate the cake after it has been frozen rather than before it is frozen.
    • When freezing little individual cakes, such as fairy cakes or mini-muffins, you may notice that the casing separates from the sponge a little bit after freezing.
    • This is normal.
    • Sponge cakes are excellent for baking ahead of time and then freezing, allowing you to prepare them for an event or party months in advance of the event.

    When catering for a big number of guests, such as when constructing a wedding cake, this is something that many people do.Other Articles That You Might Find Useful: Is It Possible to Freeze Maderia Cake?Is It Possible to Freeze Apple Cake?Is It Possible to Freeze Cake Batter?

    Can You Freeze A Homemade Sponge Cake?

    In fact, you may freeze both handmade sponge cakes and sponge cakes that have been purchased from a bakery or supermarket. As previously said, it is preferable to freeze a simple, undecorated sponge if at all possible. I frequently prepare a large batch of cupcakes, freeze them, and then extract two or three at a time to decorate cakes with my daughter as a fun exercise.

    How To Freeze A Sponge Cake

    1. Using the simple procedures outlined here, you can freeze a sponge cake in no time.
    2. If at all feasible, a sponge cake should be frozen before being decorated, since this will yield the best results when the cake is defrosted.
    3. In contrast, if you’re freezing leftovers in order to prevent them from going to waste and they don’t need to look attractive after thawing, freezing them while they’re not adorned is acceptable.
    1. Before you begin, check to see that the cake has completely cooled.
    2. Using cling film, cover the cake securely, using a couple of layers, and making sure the cake is properly wrapped can help prevent freezer burn.
    3. Alternatively, wrap the sponge in tin foil or keep it in a freezer-safe container (such as a Tupperware tub). In addition, a sponge is highly fragile and rapidly absorbs other flavors
    4. therefore, using a second layer of protection (e.g., cling film and foil) could assist prevent this from happening.
    5. Particularly important if you are creating and freezing a variety of sizes and flavors at the same time is to label the cake with the date as well as a description of the cake
    6. If kept in the freezer for about three months, the cake will keep well. Even after this, the food is still safe to consume, but the quality may begin to deteriorate and it may become more prone to freezer burn.

    Try flash freezing smaller cakes, such as fairy cakes or muffins, if you’re freezing a large number of them.Simply place them on a tray and place them in the freezer for around two hours, or until they are firm.They may then be packed in a freezer bag together so that they don’t attach to each other

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