How To Freeze Wedding Cake?

Don’t use aluminum foil — it could lead to freezer burn. Seal it. If you’re storing your cake in a box, wrap the box in several layers of plastic wrap for the best chance of preserving the cake’s taste and texture. Or better yet, place the cake in an airtight container.
How to Freeze the Top Tier of a Wedding Cake. Place the cake, unwrapped, in the freezer for two hours so that it firms up. Remove the cake from the freezer. If the cake is resting on a cardboard cake board, carefully remove the cake from the board and place the cake on a flat surface (like a cutting board).

Can you freeze a cake for a first wedding anniversary?

Freezing Cake Tops. Here’s how to preserve the top tier of the wedding cake for your first anniversary. Place the cake on the upturned lid of an airtight food-storage container, and freeze uncovered for two hours to set. Wrap in plastic wrap, then secure the body of the container in place, like a cake dome.

How to freeze a cake and wrap it?

Remove the cake from the freezer after an hour and start wrapping it. Use cling wrap (plastic wrap) and ensure that the cake is thoroughly covered from top to bottom and all the sides. The wrapping should be absolutely airtight.

Why do people freeze the top layer of wedding cake?

A long-honored tradition for married couples is to freeze the top layer of the wedding cake so they can eat it on their first anniversary for good luck. The custom supposedly dates back to a time when weddings were celebrated with liqueur-soaked fruitcakes.

Can you put wedding cake in the freezer?

Assuming you take the appropriate steps to properly preserve your wedding cake, you should be able to keep it fresh in the freezer for over 365 days. (When in doubt, use extra plastic wrap.)

How do you freeze a wedding cake for one year?

Ms. Hollander advises first chilling the cake in the refrigerator or freezer until it hardens. Then, wrap the cake (and its cake board, if available) in plastic wrap six times, as tight as possible. Next, place the wrapped cake within a zipped plastic bag, and take the air out of it.

How do you preserve wedding cake?

Completely cover the cake with plastic wrap, making sure to wrap airtight. Follow by wrapping with at least 2 layers of heavy duty aluminum foil. The more protection you give the cake, the less chance of freezer taste or freezer burn. If desired, you can also place the cake in a storage container.

Is it better to freeze cake with or without frosting?

While you do not have to freeze a cake before frosting, it is recommended. Freezing a cake before frosting it will result in a moister cake and it will be easier to decorate and add icing.

Does frozen wedding cake taste good?

It’s guaranteed to taste much more fresh and delicious — because it literally is fresh and delicious. MacIsaac, a pastry chef by trade, said, “I want the experience to be as great as it was on the night of their wedding, not some sub-par, tastes-like-frozen-steak experience.”

How long can you freeze wedding cake?

Freeze for up to 3 months. For best taste and texture, don’t freeze cakes for longer than 3 months. You could stretch it to 4 or 5 months, but the sooner you serve it, the fresher it tastes. When ready to thaw: Transfer the wrapped cakes from the freezer to the refrigerator one day before decorating/serving.

How do you store the top tier of a wedding cake?

To preserve the top tier of your wedding cake, you should:

  1. Remove all flowers and adornments from the wedding cake.
  2. Chill the wedding cake in the refrigerator.
  3. Wrap the cake in plastic wrap and place it in your freezer inside an airtight container.
  4. Thaw the cake in the refrigerator for about 24 hours.

Can you eat wedding cake after 10 years?

Kimberly Bailey, owner of The Butter End Cakery, says, ‘There isn’t a safety issue with eating year-old cake, but don’t expect to enjoy it if it’s been freezer burned!’ The truth is, as long as you properly store the cake, it should last even longer than a year.

What does cutting the cake at a wedding symbolize?

Cutting the Cake

The cake cutting represents the first activity done as a couple, although historically the bride did this act alone to symbolize the loss of her virginity. Cake cutting became a more complicated process as cakes became multi-tiered and the number of guests reached the hundreds.

Can you freeze birthday cake slices?

Can You Freeze Birthday Cake Slices? Slices of birthday cake can also be frozen. Wrap each slice, individually, in cling film before transferring it to a freezer bag and then place it carefully into the freezer.

How long can you freeze cake?

How long can you freeze a cake? You can freeze cakes for up to 3 months. To defrost, remove layers of aluminium foil and plastic wrap, and stand at room temperature for 2-3 hours.

Can you freeze cake with buttercream?

Buttercream also freezes well. The best way to freeze a cake is to bake the layers as usual, let them cool completely, and then ice them. Then clear out your freezer and put the iced cake on a tray in the freezer — completely unwrapped. Let it freeze until solid — at least four hours.

Does freezing cake dry it out?

Freezing a cake will not make it dry. If you stored it properly, it will be able to retain its moisture. This is because freezing stops steam from escaping from your cake.

Do professional bakers freeze cake?

Professional decorators freeze their cakes because they say it helps the cakes hold their shape and not turn into a giant pile of crumbs when you add the weight of frosting and decorations. It will help the cake slice into beautiful pieces when it’s ready to serve.

How long can I freeze a fully decorated cake?

– Place your frosted cake uncovered in the freezer until it is fully frozen. – Wrap your cake in plastic wrap before placing it back in the freezer. – Transfer your cake from the freezer to the fridge for twenty-four to forty-eight hours to allow it to thaw out. – Let it sit out for two to three hours to reach room temperature if desired.

How to make a simple, homemade wedding cake?

  • Preheat your oven to 335ºF and prepare two 8’x2′ cake pans with cake goop or another preferred pan release.
  • Combine milk,oil and extracts and set aside
  • Combine your flour,baking powder and salt and set aside
  • Place butter in a stand mixer with a paddle attachment and cream until smooth.
  • What is the best recipe for a wedding cake?

  • Preheat oven to 350
  • Incorporate all ingredients together one by one on low speed.
  • Make sure to mix thoroughly between each ingredient.
  • Once all ingredients are mixed turn mixer to medium and mix for approximately 2 minutes.
  • Bake at 350 for 30 – 35 minutes
  • How to Freeze and Store Your Wedding Cake

    If you want to stick with tradition and save the top tier of your wedding cake, here’s how to properly freeze and store your cake We have included third party products to help you navigate and enjoy life’s biggest moments.Purchases made through links on this page may earn us a commission.According to wedding traditions, the top tier of the wedding cake is stored and used at the christening of the couple’s first child.But since starting a family immediately is not in the plans of most newlyweds, they now choose to use the top tier of their wedding cake on their first anniversary.Such a sweet tradition can however remain sweet, only if you store the wedding cake properly.If not preserved in the right manner, your wedding cake will turn sour and will not keep for an entire year, thus making you miss out on enjoying this wonderful tradition.

    But, worry not.We’re not going to let that happen to you, and have thus put together the following tips, which will ensure that your wedding cake is stored properly, so you can enjoy it on your first anniversary.

    Storing the Wedding Cake

    Make sure to take the cake topper and any other large decorations off the top tier of the wedding cake before cutting it.Smaller decorations, particularly those made of icing, can be left on the cake.It is necessary to shift the cake onto a foil-covered cardboard bottom or onto a plastic plate if it is set on a cake base that has not been coated in foil.Using this method, you can avoid your cake from acquiring any sort of cardboard smell or flavor.Place the cake in the freezer for an hour to firm up.This will harden the icing, preventing it from sticking to the wrapping paper when it is wrapped.

    After an hour, take the cake out of the freezer and begin to wrap it in plastic wrap.Cling wrap (plastic wrap) should be used to completely encircle the cake from top to bottom and all around the edges.There should be no gaps or openings in the covering.Having covered the wedding cake in cling wrap, you will need to double wrap it in aluminum foil paper to protect it from the elements.

    • The use of enough covering will guarantee that the cake does not have a flavor of freezer burn.
    • Fill a freezer-safe container halfway with the cake and wrap it up tightly again with plastic wrap.
    • Leave the container and the cake in the freezer for the following year to prevent spoilage.
    • The techniques outlined above for keeping your wedding cake will ensure that it remains as fresh as the day it was created!

    Should You Eat Frozen Wedding Cake a Year Later? Experts Agree

    A long-standing practice for newlyweds is to freeze the top layer of their wedding cake so that they can have it on their first anniversary as a symbol of good fortune.The tradition is said to have originated when fruitcakes drenched in liquor were served at wedding receptions.Because sugar and alcohol are naturally preserved, these cakes would later be used to assist commemorate the baptism of the first child.While the custom is still practiced today, wary newlyweds aren’t necessarily certain that adhering to it is a good idea for their digestive systems.Because of this, the cake preservation experts who spoke with Inverse all agreed that freezing cake for a year is largely innocuous, so long as the cake is adequately kept during its first storage period.Of course, if you consider consuming potentially offensive food to be ″injury,″ the situation is quite different.

    Because, the vast majority of the time, the cake will not taste nearly as nice a year after it was baked.Richard Miscovitch, department chair of Johnson & Wales University’s International Baking and Pastry Institute, tells Inverse that the flavor of your year-old wedding cake should be your greatest concern.As long as the cake is properly frozen at a consistent food-safe temperature, he explains, ″a year in the freezer has no effect on the quality, but it does have an influence on food safety.″ Miscovitch himself has engage in the tradition: ″I have had wedding cake that had been sitting out for a year, and it was not nearly as nice as it had been on the wedding day.″ ″However, I’m not yet dead!″ Dean Lavornia, another professor at Johns Hopkins University’s Baking and Pastry Institute, acknowledges that the quality of frozen cakes will deteriorate with time, even if the cakes have been ″properly wrapped and kept at a stable freezing temperature throughout the storage period.″ More complications might develop, for example, if a couple decides to relocate during their first year of marriage and is required to carry the ″frozen″ cake in some manner.However, it does not appear probable that anything genuinely hazardous — such as stomach-upsetting mold — can develop on a frozen cake if the mold is not there in the first place and the cake is properly prepared for freezing in the first place.

    How to Preserve the Cake

    With all of the excitement and preparations for your wedding day to deal with, it’s easy to forget about the cake; nevertheless, hasty planning might result in a pastry disaster.Couples should find a method to cover the top layer of their cake with plastic shrink wrap and aluminum foil, lock it inside an airtight container, and place it in the refrigerator as soon as possible after the remainder of the cake has been served.Some caterers may be willing to do it without being asked, but it’s typically not a terrible idea to appoint a groomsman or bridesmaid to ensure that the duty is completed before the cake goes bad.

    1. A cake with cream cheese icing that has been left out in the summer heat throughout a long reception, for example, will not even be worth salvaging in the first place because of the heat.
    2. Some cakes require two steps to be properly prepared for a deep freeze, and this is the case in some circumstances.
    3. It will still melt a little bit even at room temperature, so allow the cake to firm in the refrigerator before freezing it if you do not want to smash the icing when freezing it.
    4. Buttercream frosting melts even more quickly than regular frosting.
    • Cakes containing a lot of moisture, for the most part, will do better in the freezer.
    • Cakes made with oil are supposed to keep longer than cakes made with butter, while chocolate cakes are thought to last longer than vanilla cakes, according to some sources.
    • Fruit-based fillings are unlikely to freeze well since the texture of the fruit changes as a result of freezing and thawing.
    • It doesn’t matter what sort of cake you pick for your wedding; when you’re ready to serve it a year later, you should defrost it first in the refrigerator for roughly 24 hours, then at room temperature for another hour or two.
    • After that, prepare yourself for a mouthful that may not necessarily be disgusting, but it may be substantially less delightful than you remember it to have been.

    A More Delicious Alternative

    In spite of the fact that freezing a cake is generally considered to be safe, some individuals would rather not take the chance on it.According to the Washington Post, Tiffany MacIsaac of Buttercream Bakeshop in Washington, D.C., for example, prefers the traditional die to the modern one.In addition to the traditional cake, she advocates for a new variant on the tradition: producing a small replica of the same cake one year later.

    1. It is guaranteed to taste much more fresh and tasty – because it is, in fact, far more fresh and delicious than before.
    2. In the words of MacIsaac, who works as a pastry chef by profession, ″I want the experience to be as wonderful as it was the night of their wedding, and not a subpar, tastes like frozen steak event.″ There are several aspects that might impact the flavor and general quality of a preserved cake, with packaging being the most essential of these.
    3. Is it safe to use?
    4. Yes, in the majority of cases.
    • Is it, however, delectable?
    • Most likely not.
    • However, this does not exclude you from having a little fun on your anniversary by eating some leftover frozen cake.

    How to Freeze a Wedding Cake

    Article to be downloaded article to be downloaded The top layer of your wedding cake for your one-year anniversary will need some planning, but it is a fun and traditional way to commemorate your first year of marriage with your spouse.Maintaining your cake during the ceremony, correctly packaging your cake for freezing, and then thawing and savoring your cake at the end of the year will allow you to appreciate this particular moment on your anniversary.

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    1 For best freezer results, use a custard, fondant, or chocolate cake instead of a sponge cake.While old-fashioned fruit cakes are the best for freezing, new cakes prepared with custard or fondant icing retain their freshness better than the majority of contemporary cakes.When it comes to tastes, chocolate cake will do better than vanilla cake in the long run.

    1. The practice of preserving your wedding cake started in England, where wedding cakes were traditionally constructed of fruit and steeped in wine to enhance their flavor.
    1. 2If at all possible, avoid having the cake exposed to the sun on your wedding day. If your wedding is taking place outside in a park, have someone take the cake out of the sun and into an air-conditioned space as soon as the cake is no longer required for the ceremony.. Whenever the ceremony is completed, the cake should be removed from the venue as quickly as is practicable. Promotional material
    2. 3 After the ceremony, place the top tier of the cake in the freezer for 1-2 hours to keep it fresh. Make sure all of the non-edible embellishments are removed, and then put it in the freezer without wrapping it for 1-2 hours to solidify the icing. Set a timer to ensure that you don’t forget, and remove the cake from the oven after 2 hours, or as soon as the frosting has become firm. Advertisement
    1. 1 Film your cake in cling wrap so that it is completely airtight. You may now cover the cake firmly in cling wrap because the frosting has hardened as a result of sitting in the freezer. Remove a few sheets of cling wrap from the roll and wrap them around the cake, overlapping for complete covering and continue the process until the cake is completely covered with many layers of cling wrap. As you wrap, make sure to cover all of the edges and corners, and smooth down any air bubbles. You can add as many as 5-6 layers on the cake to avoid freezer burn
    2. since the icing has solidified, you can wrap it securely around the cake without squashing it
    3. and because the frosting has hardened, you can wrap it tightly around the cake without squashing it.
    • 2Cover the cake with an additional layer of tinfoil. Cover the entire cake with tinfoil after it has been wrapped in cling wrap to provide further protection from freezing weather. To cover the cake in one piece, pull off sheets of tinfoil and overlap them around the cake until there is no longer any visible cling wrap.
    • 3Place the cake in an airtight tupperware container with a label on it. To prevent your gift from being opened before your anniversary, attach a piece of tape to the tupperware lid and name it with a sharpie. Tupperware that is airtight will prevent the cake from any moisture that might compromise the cake’s long-term preservation. It can also keep the cake from being knocked around and jostled while it is being frozen. Stack the tupperware containers in the back of the freezer. Remove any objects from your freezer to make it easier to slide the cake all the way to the rear of the oven. You should store the tupperware container at the back of your freezer, where it will not be banged around or interfere with your ability to find other goods in your freezer, because you won’t need to take it out for a year. If you have more than one freezer in your home, place it in the one that receives the least amount of usage
    • otherwise, store it in the refrigerator.
    1. 1Change the cake’s location to the refrigerator 1-2 days before your anniversary celebration. Keep the cake wrapped and in the tupperware container, and just transfer it to the refrigerator to cool. After being in a condition of deep freeze for a year, this will allow the cake to begin the thawing process. 2Thaw the cake on the counter for 1 hour before serving. After taking the cake out of the refrigerator on the anniversary day, gently remove it from its tupperware container and the aluminum foil. Alternatively, you may keep the cling wrap on and leave it on the counter for approximately an hour until it gets room temperature. Remove the cling film from the dish, serve, and enjoy. After an hour has gone, remove the cling film from the cake and place it on a serving platter to finish serving. Celebrate your one-year anniversary with your lover by sharing the cake and basking in the romantic atmosphere. Share recollections of your wedding day with your guests to make it even more entertaining. Congratulations on your one-year anniversary! After you’ve finished eating, it’s preferable to toss away or compost whatever is left rather than trying to save it again. While preserving your wedding cake for one year is a wonderful tradition, it is not a good idea to attempt to preserve it for an extended period of time.

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    1. However, although the most frequent practice nowadays is to wait until one’s anniversary to cut the cake, the English used to cut their cake to commemorate the birth of their first child.
    2. You could also store the cake for a special occasion such as this if you wished to do so.
    • Thank you for submitting a suggestion for consideration! Advertisement Don’t try to consume the cake for more than a year after your wedding reception has ended. It’s possible that you’ll get food poisoning because these cakes aren’t meant to keep that long, even in the freezer, so be cautious.
    • It is possible to prevent some of the problems associated with freezer burn and food poisoning by preparing your cake correctly and freezing it
    • but, your cake will not taste the same as it did on your wedding day. However, if you want a cake that tastes as amazing as that first cake, try getting a fresh cake to commemorate your anniversary 🙂
    • this may still be a really enjoyable custom.


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    • The following items are required: cling wrap, aluminum foil, freezer, large Tupperware container, refrigerator, and wedding cake.

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    This step-by-step guide for how to freeze wedding cake will help you celebrate your first anniversary with the tradition of eating the top tier.

    We wrapped the top tier of our wedding cake in aluminum foil and placed it in the back of our freezer after we were married last summer.We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into!Over the course of the year, as we put frozen bags of shrimp and boxes of veggie burgers on top of it, we speculated about how the cake would taste on our one-year wedding anniversary.

    1. Surprisingly, it turned out to be wonderful (and miraculously devoid of freezer burn!).
    2. The bites of smooth vanilla buttercream that we savored with celebratory glasses of champagne helped to transport us back to our bright and sunny wedding day in the Caribbean.
    3. However, I must say that the cake was not as moist as it had been in August.
    4. In retrospect, we should have done a better job of freezing our wedding cake to ensure its long-term preservation.
    • After consulting with the Taste of Home Test Kitchen, I discovered some useful strategies for freezing wedding cake that I wish I’d known before my husband and I exchanged vows.

    How to Freeze Wedding Cake

    When it comes to freezing wedding cake, it’s not much different than freezing cake in general—the only difference is that wedding cake is more emotive and may include intricate embellishments. Here’s how to keep the top tier of your wedding cake in good condition so that you may eat it on your one-year anniversary:

    1. Check with your baker

    There are several bakeries that provide anniversary cakes, which are copies of the top layer of your wedding cake that allow you to bypass the freezing procedure and enjoy a fresh cake a year after your wedding day.Your baker, on the other hand, may have specific instructions or suggestions for freezing your particular cake if you’re determined to keep the original top layer intact.For example, according to our Test Kitchen, buttercream and ganache freeze well, however meringue-based frosting will not keep up in the freezer.

    1. Test Kitchen tip: Before you start baking, ask the baker for the measurements of the top tier of the cake so that you can prepare a properly sized storage container.
    2. When bringing your cake home after your reception, a cake carrier is ideal; but, for freezing, you can use any sealed plastic container that fits the bill.

    2. Set the frosting

    To ensure that your cake stays as fresh as possible, freeze it as soon as possible—ideally the night before or the day following your wedding.Due to the fact that you will want to relax and enjoy your wedding night, consider appointing a friend or family member to take care of this task ahead of time.Remove any decorations off the cake, such as flowers and the topper, and set it on a serving tray or baking sheet.

    1. Allow for at least three hours (or overnight) of freezing time uncovered to allow the frosting and icing embellishments to solidify.
    2. When you cover the cake in plastic, it will be less likely to smear the frosting.
    3. Make sure the cake is not stored near anything in your freezer that has a strong odor.
    4. Test Kitchen tip: (For example, don’t place it next to the chili you just prepared that hasn’t been frozen completely!)

    3. Cover and freeze

    Remove the cake from the freezer and wrap it tightly in plastic wrap until the frosting is firm again. In order to prevent air and moisture from getting into the cake, the plastic should hug the cake, but it should not be too tight. Place the cake in an airtight container and place it in the freezer.

    How to Defrost Wedding Cake

    Allow 24 to 48 hours before you plan on serving the cake to allow the cake to come to room temperature.Remove the plastic wrap and place the cake in a container with a tight-fitting lid, such as a cake carrier.To defrost the container, place it in a deodorized refrigerator for a few hours.

    1. Move the cake to your counter top a few hours before you plan to serve it to enable it to get to room temperature before cutting into it.
    2. However, if the top layer of your cake was lost during the freezing process, or if the freezing procedure went horribly wrong, there are still ways to commemorate your anniversary with heartfelt baked products.
    3. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can make an anniversary cake for yourself.
    4. Try this White Cake, this Frosted Chocolate Cake, or this Strawberry Mascarpone Cake..
    • Taste of Home’s Celebratory Cakes are sure to please.

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    Years ago, I traveled 4-and-a-half hours to enter a cake contest, the entire while carrying my submission in my lap. But it was worth it. You’ll understand why this silky beauty was called the greatest chocolate cake recipe and earned first place after just one mouthful! Sandra Johnson, of Tioga, Pennsylvania, sent in this message. Recipes may be obtained by clicking here.

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    1. This is a keeper of a recipe!
    2. —Patricia Kreitz from Richland, Pennsylvania.

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    This recipe was given to my mother by one of her friends when I was a youngster, and it has remained a family favorite ever since. When your ″chocolate sweet tooth″ gets the best of you, this is the perfect remedy! — Linda Yeamans, who lives in Ashland, Oregon

    Pumpkin Pie Cake

    The fact that this show-stopping dessert with delectable cinnamon icing is made from a mix will surprise no one! Throughout the year, it is a favorite. —Linda Murray from Allenstown, New Hampshire

    Three-Layer Chocolate Ganache Cake

    This delectable triple-layer confection is the epitome of chocolate decadence. Cake layers can be frozen before final assembly; in fact, they are simpler to deal with when they are thawed and defrosted. Kathleen Smith, of Overland, Missouri, contributed to this article.

    Southern Lane Cake

    This southern-style dessert is a personal favorite of mine, and it’s a hit with my dinner guests as well. This variation of fruitcake, made with nuts, cherries, and raisins in the filling and topping, reminds me of a fruitcake—only much better! —Mabel Parvi of Ridgefield, Washington, U.S.A.

    Blue-Ribbon Red Velvet Cake

    The interior of this two-layer beauty is a vibrant shade of crimson.It asks for more cocoa than typical red velvet cakes, which results in a cake that is very chocolatey.Feel free to experiment with different colors of food coloring to fit the occasion.

    1. At the 2006 Alaska State Fair, this recipe was awarded a blue ribbon in the holiday cake area for its creativity.
    2. This cake, I believe, will be a hit at your home as well as mine!
    3. Anchorage, Alaska resident Cindi DeClue writes:

    Contest-Winning Chocolate Potato Cake

    This luscious chocolate cake took first place in a potato festival baking competition, and I was awarded grand champion honors. If you have a serious sweet taste, you may easily quadruple the icing recipe. —Catherine Hahn from Winamac, Indiana

    Maple Walnut Cake

    With this maple-flavored cake and candied walnuts, I’m paying tribute to my grandfather, who used to produce maple syrup. — The author, Lori Fee, of Middlesex County, New York

    Cherry Cola Cake

    When combined with cherry cola and marshmallows, a zingy chocolate treat is created that is delicious when served with vanilla ice cream. The author, Cheri Mason, of Harmony, North Carolina

    Pumpkin Cake with Whipped Cinnamon Frosting

    This dish was prepared for me by my mother, and just one taste transports me back to my youth. You can simply transform it into a delicious carrot cake recipe by substituting shredded carrots for the pumpkin and adding raisins. Waleska, Georgia resident Melissa Pelkey Hass

    Butterscotch Cake

    Each and every time I create this eye-catching cake, I receive a flood of praises and recipe requests. The filling is comparable to the filling found in German chocolate cake. — Judy Lamon of Louisville, Tennessee, is a writer.

    Cookies-and-Cream Cake

    If you enjoy cookies-and-cream ice cream, you’ll enjoy this cake as much as I do. To create a fun look, chocolate sandwich cookies are mixed in with the batter and pressed into the sweet and creamy frosting before baking. • Pat Habiger, from Spearville, Kansas

    Coconut Chiffon Cake

    The addition of toasted coconut to this towering and stunning cake enhances its aesthetic appeal. With an airy texture and a delectable coconut-ginger taste, it’s a delightful way to round off any meal at any time of year.

    Brooklyn Blackout Cake

    This cake will be a hit with chocolate lovers everywhere.When I was looking for a special cake to prepare for my chocolate-loving daughter-in-birthday, law’s I came upon this recipe.Make careful to allow enough time for the pudding and cake to cool before serving, otherwise the ultimate product will be unsatisfactory.

    1. Howell, Michigan resident Donna Bardocz shared her thoughts on the subject:

    How to Freeze Your Wedding Cake so It Lasts a Year (and Still Tastes Great!)

    Most newlyweds believe that they can just wrap their wedding cake topper in aluminum foil and place it in their freezer, and a year later they will have a lovely (and delicious) memento of their wedding day.This is not the case.Since the christening of the first child, which was expected to take place within the first year, couples have been saving a piece of their wedding cake (usually fruit cake, which is MUCH easier to save because it is already practically preserved) for the christening of their second child, which is expected to take place within the first year.

    1. While that custom sounds wonderful (and is said to bring good luck!
    2. ), if it is not carried out properly, you may find yourself with a clumsily frozen wedding cake on your first anniversary, biting into it and thinking, ″Oh my goodness, this is AWFUL.″ Yup.
    3. This exact thing occurred to me.
    4. So take this counsel to heart!
    • How to properly freeze your wedding cake so that you (and your taste buds) can enjoy it is demonstrated in this video.
    • The top tier of your wedding cake should be saved, or if your wedding cake doesn’t have tiers (or you want to utilize it during your real wedding), just keep a piece that’s large enough to serve two people.
    • Because you’re unlikely to remember to do this after your wedding reception, ask your wedding coordinator, parents, or one of your bridesmaids if they would be willing to do it for you instead.
    • 1.
    • Take away any non-edible decorations from the room (such as the wedding cake topper).
    • If the cake layer is made of cardboard, you’ll want to cover it in aluminum foil before proceeding with the rest of the process.
    • 2.
    • Place your cake in the freezer for a few of hours (as soon as possible after your wedding) to pre-freeze the icing and set it up so it is solid.
    • 3.

    Gently cover the entire piece or tier in saran wrap, taking care not to miss any locations or create any air bubbles in the process.The more you use, the better, because this will help to prevent freezer burn in the long run.4.After that, cover the cake in aluminum foil two or three times.Put the cake in a freezer-safe, airtight Tupperware container and store it in a freezer section where it may remain undisturbed for up to a year.Sixth, a day before your first anniversary, move the cake (still wrapped and in the container) from the freezer to the fridge.

    Afterward, remove the cake from its wrappings and allow it to continue to thaw for a few more hours.8.Allow the cake to come to room temperature BEFORE cutting into it (usually takes about an hour) 9.Have a good time!Remember that most bakeries will be happy to give you a modest, fresh replica of your wedding cake without the design if the notion of freezing and eating your wedding cake makes you feel uncomfortable (which is completely acceptable).

    WGM’ers, have a look at these 14 very amazing wedding cakes: Do you intend to freeze your wedding cake before cutting it?While we only link to items and services that we believe you will enjoy, some of the links on our site are monetized to help us keep the lights on.Purchasing something after clicking via our links may result in us receiving a commission, which allows us to continue providing you with excellent content!All of our opinions are entirely our own.

    Everything to Know About Preserving the Top of Your Wedding Cake

    • Who would have thought that something as simple (and tasty) as a wedding cake could be so deeply ingrained in custom and superstition? Everyone from your baker to your parents is likely to have advised you to conserve the top tier of your wedding cake, but has anybody ever explained why? It is a practice in many cultures to save wedding cake until your first anniversary, since it represents good luck and wealth for newlyweds. A portion of the cake’s top layer will be frozen before being devoured on the couple’s first wedding anniversary. We spoke with cake designer Moriah Michelle and chef Loria Stern to discover more about the wedding cake tradition and how it is carried out in today’s modern world. Continue reading to find out more about its origins and significance. Meet the Subject Matter Expert Moriah Michelle is the founder and proprietor of Wildflower Cakes, a cake business in Denver that specializes in custom wedding cakes. Loria Stern is a chef and caterer based in Santa Barbara, California, who specializes in flower-pressed cakes and cookies. She studied at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City and has a specialty in wedding cake design
    • she studied at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City. Her work has appeared in publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, and the New York Times.

    The History and Meaning of Wedding Cake Preservation

    In the traditional sense, the top tier of a wedding cake is commonly maintained and preserved so that it can be enjoyed again on one of two occasions: your one-year wedding anniversary or the baptism of your firstborn child (which often was within that first year of marriage).You may wonder why this is the case.Moriah Michelle of Wildflower Cakes explains the origins of this post-wedding tradition in her blog article.

    1. ″The idea of saving the top tier of the cake originates from the United Kingdom, where fruit cakes were typically produced for weddings there.
    2. Fruit cakes keep extraordinarily well, and couples would serve the top tier on special occasions such as their first wedding anniversary or their child’s christening, for example ″Michelle expresses herself.
    3. There are a variety of factors that might explain this practice.
    4. First and foremost, there is the obvious significance of incorporating a piece of your wedding into the celebration of your child’s birth.
    • Instead, there is feeling and superstition around good fortune and wealth, which is said to occur when couples share a slice of their cake one year later.
    • Others argue that it’s simply a way to bring a real piece of your wedding day back into your lives on a major, joyous event like a birthday or anniversary.
    • While it is no longer customary for newlyweds to keep fruit cakes (at least not in our experience!
    • ), it is not unheard of for couples to save the top tier of their wedding cake instead.
    • It’s true that it’s becoming less popular, with many people choosing instead for fresh one-year anniversary cakes.
    • We have no problem with this tradition, whether it’s a family tradition or you’ve heard success stories from other brides and want to commemorate your first anniversary with a year-old cake.
    • Many newlyweds are confronted with the difficult problem of properly preserving their wedding cakes, regardless of their religious or philosophical beliefs.

    Wedding Cake Preservation FAQs

    Is it safe to eat a year-old wedding cake?

    If you follow the necessary preservation procedures for your wedding cake, you should be able to store it in the freezer for up to 365 days without losing its freshness. (If in doubt, apply an extra layer of plastic wrap.)

    What’s the best method for preserving the top layer of your wedding cake?

    As soon as it’s time to seal the top tier, double-check that you’re following the instructions exactly.Loria Stern, a professional chef and caterer, had this to say about her profession: ″Wrap the package in plastic wrap and then place it into a Ziploc bag.Don’t allow your freezer to become defrosted.″ Avoid cutting into the top tier of your wedding cake throughout your reception in order to keep it in good condition.

    1. Instead, cut into the bottom tier of your cake and have your catering company package (and refrigerate) the top tier to prevent it from going bad.
    See also:  How Many Calories Are In An English Muffin?

    Are there alternative wedding cake preservation traditions?

    Don’t be concerned! Contact your original bakery and ask them to build you a little cake with the same flavor possibilities as the original wedding cake if the prospect of eating a year-old cake does not appeal to you (or if your freezing procedures do not work). After that, commemorate your one-year milestone and go to work.

    What types of cake hold up the best?

    It is true that certain cakes are more resistant to deterioration than others. ″Dense desserts, such as an English fruit cake or a chocolate cake, will keep best if they are stored frozen for an extended period of time. Cakes made with curds and fresh fruits are not as good as they could be since they deteriorate more quickly and do not hold up as well ″Michelle expresses herself.

    How do you preserve your wedding cake if you plan on moving?

    Are you planning to relocate within the year?Asking your parents or in-laws to keep your cake secure for you may be the wisest course of action.You’ll be able to avoid being in a stressful situation at the last minute if you do so.

    1. Keep in mind that on your wedding day or the day following, you may not be thinking about the correct storage and preservation of your wedding cake.
    2. Moving is difficult enough on its own, believe us.
    3. Make sure you plan ahead of time by designating a dependable family member or friend to collect the top of the cake and place it in the refrigerator as soon as possible.

    How To Preserve the Top of Your Wedding Cake

    The top tier of your wedding cake may be preserved if you’ve always wanted to do so, so go ahead and do it.Follow these instructions to the letter to ensure that the tradition continues.If you follow these instructions, your cake will taste just as delicious the second time around.

    1. Your happy one-year anniversary will be approaching, and you and your husband will be able to toast to yet another year of pleasure and good fortune together.
    1. The top tier of the cake should be placed in the freezer for a few hours immediately following the wedding (or have someone else do so) to prevent the outer layer of frosting from becoming too soft.
    2. Wrap the entire cake in plastic wrap that is suitable to be placed in the freezer. Every inch of the cake should be wrapped in plastic wrap to ensure that no portion is exposed. If you follow these instructions, you will avoid getting the terrible freezer burn.
    3. Place the wrapped tier into a cake box (you can either purchase one from a local craft store or ask your baker to give you with one in advance.)
    4. Wrap the cake box in the same plastic wrap to keep moisture, air, and other contaminants out.
    5. Finally, store the box at the back of the freezer to keep it secure until needed.

    Do You Really Want That Wedding Cake a Year Later? (Published 2020)

    Notes from the Field experts provide advice on how to freeze your cake as well as recommendations for additional commemorative delights to enjoy on your one-year anniversary, according to the experts.The 22nd of July, 2020 It is customary for some newlyweds to share a piece of their preserved wedding cake on the occasion of their first anniversary.The tradition of freezing a cake dates back to a 19th-century custom in which couples kept the top tier of their wedding cake for their first child’s baptism (with some believing it to be an omen of good luck).

    1. According to a 2019 study based on data from the 2020 WeddingWire Newlywed Report, which included interviews with more than 25,000 couples in the United States who were married in 2019, nearly 46 percent of brides and grooms who married in 2019 saved or planned to save the top tier of their wedding cake for their one-year anniversary.
    2. Cindy Rudin, 61, and her husband, Steven Rudin, 63, celebrated their first wedding anniversary thirty-eight years ago by dining at the Doral Hotel in Miami Beach, which has since closed, and enjoying defrosted wedding cake at their house.
    3. ″I was really looking forward to it,″ said Ms.
    4. Rudin, a Miami-based educator who specializes in working with dyslexic children.
    • Unfortunately, the piece of their four-tier vanilla cake with vanilla frosting that had been saved turned out to be inedible.
    • ‘The cake was dreadful; it looked the same as before, but it had the scent of bread that had been sitting in the freezer for too long,’ she said.
    • ″It was thrown out with the rubbish.″ Ms.
    • Rudin, on the other hand, has no regrets.
    • Her parents had followed the custom for many years before her birth.
    • ″It was a lot of fun.
    • Her mother took the initiative to wrap, freeze, and keep the couple’s wedding cake for a year in order to bring back fond memories, she added.
    • ″I’m rather certain it wasn’t properly wrapped.″ Experts provide their finest recommendations for freezing and consuming wedding cake for individuals who want to relish a delectable slice of their wedding cake a year after the wedding.
    • Many bakeries also provide freshly recreated top tiers and other baked delicacies, which are ideal for couples who want a nostalgic dessert without losing shelf space or flavor.

    How to Freeze A Wedding Cake

    It’s ideal to notify the baker of your desire to freeze your cake well before the ingredients are combined together, as this may have an impact on the design components.It’s possible that more air will get through if you have elaborate fondant, décor, and bows on your cake, as well as layers and ruffles, and other such embellishments, according to Leslie Hollander, a pastry specialist at Sugar Up, Sugar!, in Great Falls, Virginia.The most crucial thing to remember is that air circulation must be eliminated.

    1. Ms.
    2. Hollander recommends cooling the cake in the refrigerator or freezer until it hardens before cutting into it.
    3. After that, wrap the cake (as well as its cake board, if one is available) in plastic wrap six times, making sure the wrap is as tight as possible.
    4. After that, seal the cake in a plastic bag with a zipper and squeeze out all of the air from inside.
    • Last but not least, protect the cake with an inverted Tupperware container.
    • Keep the bundle out of the way of the appliance’s door.
    • According to Ms.
    • Hollander, ″if your cake has been frozen for a year, it is likely to have been moved and smooshed.″ ″The more you can do to safeguard and insulate your cake, the better off you’ll be.″

    Defrosting Directions

    A year after their wedding, when couples are anxious to delve into their frozen memories, they will have to be patient for a little longer.Ms.Hollander suggests taking the dessert from the freezer, as well as the Tupperware and plastic wrap, from the refrigerator.

    1. In addition to reusing the cake board and Tupperware, you may also arrange the cake inside an upside-down container.
    2. Place the cake in the refrigerator to defrost, keeping it away from strong-smelling items such as fish.
    3. After the cake has defrosted in the fridge for a couple of hours, remove it from the Tupperware and place it on the counter for another couple of hours.
    4. At room temperature, this dish is delicious.
    • Mr.
    • Hollander, who is cautious about expiration dates, noted that some consumers have reported that the product still tastes great a year later.
    • ″I wouldn’t go any farther than a year.″

    A Shift in Saving Cake

    According to Marc Coolrect, the chief executive of City Cakes in Manhattan, who makes three to five wedding cakes per week for clients in Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York, most couples in New York don’t inquire about freezing procedures because of their small apartments and limited financial resources.″People don’t really have the space to store the top tier of a wedding cake in the city,″ he explained.But what if you only want to save one slice?

    1. While the effort to freeze a single slice of cake may be feasible for certain couples who are limited in space, it becomes extremely difficult for newlyweds who are planning a destination wedding.
    2. Every year, the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa in Hawaii organizes between 75 and 90 wedding ceremonies.
    3. Frances Goss, the hotel’s director of events, estimates that just 10% of the couples who attend the event take cake home with them.
    4. Even couples who live within commuting distance of their wedding locations aren’t committed to the concept of serving cake that has been sitting about for a year.
    • When Christina Burton Babb, also known as Christy, began planning weddings 12 years ago, she would travel with a three-pound makeshift cake wrapping kit, which included plastic wrap, aluminum foil, wax paper, to-go containers, and tape, all contained in a light pink waxy square bag with a zipper closure.
    • Christina Burton Events, owned by Ms.
    • Babb, 31, is responsible for planning 35 to 40 weddings each year in Indianapolis, Lexington, Kentucky, and Louisville, Kentucky.
    • Since local merchants began producing fresh, one-layer copies of wedding cakes for couples to enjoy on their one-year wedding anniversaries, she has discontinued her cake freezing kit five years ago.

    The New Cake

    A wedding cake that has been sitting around for a year isn’t exactly the same (even with the best wrapping protocol).Ordering a replica cake is a more convenient option for couples who have limited storage space or who want to avoid travel hassles.Mini Melanie, a dessert boutique in Brooklyn, was founded by Melanie Moss who is also its pastry chef.

    1. ″People are purchasing wedding cakes from bakeries that they are admirers of,″ she remarked.
    2. ″They’re huge foodies,″ says the author.
    3. Every year, Mini Melanie creates 30 unique wedding cakes for couples.
    4. The bakery offers returning clients four-inch-by-four-inch tiny cakes (beginning at $60) for pick up and delivery in Brooklyn and Manhattan, as well as bite-size cake truffles (12 for $35 to $40) that can be shipped worldwide as an alternative to freezing the original top layer.

    No Cake

    Some couples prefer not to serve cake on their first wedding anniversary to save money.On September 1, 2018, Jill Lydon, a nurse in South Portland, Maine, married her husband, John Lydon, a practice manager at an accounting company in Portland, Maine.″I enjoyed the custom of cutting the cake but wanted to handle things a bit differently,″ Jill Lydon said.

    1. The couple’s reception included a little cake for slicing as well as ice cream sandwiches for the 120 people in their party.
    2. On the occasion of their one-year wedding anniversary, the couple celebrated with cocktails and shared appetizers at the Garden Café, a restaurant within the Portland Regency Hotel & Spa.
    3. In response to a year later, the couple declined the invitation from their baker to duplicate their one-tier cake.
    4. ″To be quite honest, that didn’t even cross my mind,″ Ms.
    • Lydon admitted.
    • ″John doesn’t even like cake,″ says the author.

    How to Preserve Wedding Cake

    Keeping your wedding cake in appropriate storage will prevent the pleasant ritual of sharing the top tier of your wedding cake on your 1st anniversary from becoming a bitter memory.It doesn’t matter how fresh your romance is, having a stale wedding cake is not the best way to remember your special day.Simply follow these easy instructions to ensure that your cake remains as moist and tasty as possible.

    1. Remove any ornaments or large breakable decorations from the room first.
    2. To keep the beauty of your original design, you may choose to leave some of the smaller icing embellishments on the cake.
    3. If the cake is lying on an uncovered cake board, the board should be replaced with one that has been wrapped in aluminum foil.
    4. This will prevent a cardboard flavor from permeating into the cake batter.
    • The cake can be frozen with the separator plate still in place if it is sitting on a plastic separator plate.
    • After that, put the cake in the freezer for about 20 minutes to firm up.
    • This will help to firm up the icing and prevent it from clinging to the plastic wrap during storage.
    • You’re now ready to put the cake in its box.
    • Wrap the cake completely in plastic wrap, making sure to seal the package tightly to prevent it from drying out.
    • After that, cover the entire thing in at least two layers of heavy-duty aluminum foil.
    • The greater the amount of protection you provide the cake, the less likely it is to develop freezer flavor or freezer burn.
    • You may also store the cake in an airtight container if you so wish.
    • Begin defrosting the cake in your refrigerator one day before your first anniversary celebration.

    Remove the cake from its packaging and allow it to continue to thaw for another 2 hours.Allow the cake to rest at room temperature for a few minutes before serving.

    Freezing Cake Before Frosting (Simple Method)

    There are a variety of advantages to freezing your cake before icing it.Aside from that, many expert bakers swear by the benefits of chilling cake before icing.It has also been my experience that this is the best course of action.

    1. And in this post, you will not only discover why freezing your cake before adding decorations and icing is the best option, but you will also learn the most straightforward approach for ensuring that your cake is moist and tasty when it is baked.

    Why You Should Freeze a Cake Before Frosting

    A delightful surprise awaits you if you have never frozen a cake prior to frosting it.By taking the time to freeze your cake before frosting it, you will get far superior results in terms of texture and flavor, as well as icing outcomes.When icing the cake, freezing it first will save you a significant amount of time.

    1. It will greatly improve the ability of your cake to withstand icing.
    2. When you add icing and decorations to your cake, it will keep its shape and be less crumbly as a result of this.
    3. You will also notice that cakes that have been frozen before to icing are significantly more moist than cakes that have been frosted without first being frozen.
    4. This means that not only will you have a cake that is simpler to work with, but you will also get a cake that tastes better!
    • And it is for this reason that most professional bakers usually freeze their cakes before icing them.

    How to Freeze a Cake Before Frosting

    I’ve seen a variety of ways for freezing cakes, some of which are effective and others which are completely ineffective.And if you do it properly, your cake will come out dry, which is something no one likes.This simple method for freezing cake is effective every time, and it is also quick and simple to do.

    1. Simply follow these methods each and every time you bake a cake, and you will be delighted with the results.
    2. Steps in the freezing of the cake
    1. First, prepare your favorite cake recipe

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