How To Get A Cake From Bake Squad?

All you have to do is fill in your name, phone number, email, and information about yourself. Then, upload a photo and submit it. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get a call about Bake Squad specifically, but you could be considered for future seasons if your criteria match what they’re looking for.
Are the Cakes in Bake Squad Real? Is the Show Scripted? ‘Bake Squad’ is backed by Los Angeles-based theoldschool studio, one of the leading reality and unscripted providers in the entertainment business today. Therefore, it’s safe to say that this series is as genuine as it can be.

Who is in the bake squad on Netflix?

Bake Squad is a brand new cooking competition to Netflix in August 2021. Four bakers chosen by Milk Bar creator Christina Tosi go head to head. So, let’s get to know more about the cast – Maya-Camille Broussard, Ashley Holt, Christophe Rull and Gonzo Jimenez.

Are the Cakes in Bake Squad Real? Is the Netflix Show Scripted?

Following the popularity of programs such as ‘Sugar Rush’ and ‘Nailed It!,’ Netflix is bringing back another show centered around expensive and over-the-top sweets, this time on the streaming service.However, this time around, the competition is between four professional bakers who have been selected by Christina Tosi, pastry chef and owner of the Milk Bar empire, to compete.Furthermore, instead of receiving a large financial award, the victors receive simply visibility, bragging rights, and the opportunity to assist in the celebration of someone’s special day in style following each challenge.So, if you’ve been wondering whether or not ‘Bake Squad’ is real, we’ve got the answers for you right here.

Are the Cakes in Bake Squad Real? Is the Show Scripted?

‘Bake Squad’ is produced by theoldschool studio, which is situated in Los Angeles and is one of the most prominent reality and unscripted content providers in the entertainment industry today.As a result, it is reasonable to conclude that this series is as authentic as it possibly can be.The fact that the participants are all seasoned international chefs — Gonzo Jimenez, Christophe Rull, Ashley Holt, and Maya-Camille Broussard – assures that each delectable rendition is a true representation of the original.After all, we witness them seek to use their abilities and inventiveness to conjure up unprecedented dessert pieces that leave everyone, even Christina Tosi, begging for more.

The fact that they have a time constraint of seven hours to accomplish each assignment, during which they are needed to do something exceptional for a particular occasion, does not limit their creativity in terms of what they can really achieve with their time.They cater to every occasion, from a cancer-fighting party to birthday parties and wedding receptions, to name a few.In fact, we’ll be really honest: witnessing the bakers’ original concepts come to life is arguably the most fascinating thing to see.The evolution from a simple concept to the visually stunning and sweetly satisfying final product has us sincerely hoping that we could also taste the finished products.

Everyone participating in front of the camera has stated that there was no script, no directives, and no restrictions they had to follow throughout the production’s naturalistic approach.Ashley Holt, a cake specialist, also stated that neither of them was concerned about discussing their ideas with one another from the start because they are all distinct personalities and there was no possibility of overlap between their creations.Furthermore, because they are professionals who are really linked to and appreciate one another, they were more than willing to provide a hand whenever it was required.Although the pressure is not excessive, as Maya-Camille emphasized, it is also not unwarranted.

Because this is a television program, we only see the participants on our screens, but we suppose that the pros are also assisted by some extra hands to help them balance out their workload.Aside from this, there is nothing that we can identify as potentially planned or that we can attribute to someone else.Although the scenes are trimmed and positioned in a way that only provides us with the most engaging and intriguing stuff during the post-production process, this does not imply that the series is fabricated or manufactured in any way.In other words, ‘Bake Squad’ is a legitimate reality television show.Where is Bake Squad filmed?Find out more in this article.

Netflix: Meet the Bake Squad cast – Maya, Ashley, Christophe and Gonzo!

When it comes to baking series, Netflix can’t seem to go wrong with its selection.From Somebody Feed Phil to Chef’s Table, Fresh, Fried, and Crispy to Street Food, there is no limit to the number of hunger-inducing episodes available to watch on the subscription streaming service.From Netflix in August 2021 will come a whole new cooking competition called Bake Squad.Four bakers selected by Milk Bar inventor Christina Tosi compete against one another.

The cast of Maya-Camille Broussard’s film, which includes Ashley Holt, Christophe Rull, and Gonzo Jimenez, will be discussed in further detail later on.

Netflix: Meet the Bake Squad

Christopher Rull and Gonzo Jimenez are the members of Christina Tosi’s Bake Squad, which consists of four talented bakers: Maya-Camille Broussard, Ashley Holt, Christophe Rull, and Gonzo Jimenez.The four candidates must compete to be the one who will prepare the meal for someone’s special occasion.In the new Netflix series, there’s a lot of pressure on the bakers to perform on every occasion, from birthday celebrations to weddings.While appearing in the series’ trailer, Ashley Holt stated: ″The entire idea about the Bake Squad is that we can have some friendly rivalry while still remaining a team.″ Where will Celebrity MasterChef 2021 be filmed, you may be interested in knowing.

Maya-Camille Broussard

On her Instagram account, Maya-Camille Broussard portrays herself as a ″Creative Entrepreneur.″ Maya may be found on Twitter at @mayacamillebroussard.Justice For Pies, according to its website, is owned and operated by her.It is a bakery that specializes in sweet and savory pies, quiches, and tarts (among other things).It is said that the Netflix star founded Justice For Pies in memory of her late father, Stephen J.

Broussard, who prided himself on being the ″Pie Master.″

Ashley Holt

Ashley Holt, a 30-year-old artist who appears on the Netflix series, is another creative person. Ashley is originally from Georgia, and she describes herself as a ″Creator of great stuff + fun times″ as well as a ″Culinary Producer + Emmy Award Winning Food Stylist″ in her Instagram bio. Ashley may be found on Twitter at @sugar monsterr, where she has over 44k followers.

Christophe Rull

Christophe Rull is a pastry chef who also works as a sugar sculptor.According to his LinkedIn profile, the exceptional pastry chef most recently worked at the Park Hyatt Aviara Resort Golf Club & Spa in California.With his first job in 2008, the Netflix star began his professional career as a baker in France.Now, with Bake Squad, he is presenting his amazing skill set to audiences across the world.

Follow Christophe on Instagram, where he has over 2.6k followers under the handle @christopherullpro.

Bake Squad Netflix cast: Gonzo Jimenez

As a member of the Bake Squad, Gonzo Jimenez contributes to the team’s success.According to Republica Del Cacao, he was born in Argentina and began working in restaurants when he was seventeen years old.Besides being a pastry chef, the chef is also an accomplished chocolatier.At one point in his career, he worked at five-star restaurants and renowned chefs, and now he’s a Netflix sensation.

Follow Gonzo on Instagram, where he has over 16k followers under the handle @chef.gonzo.Also see: Netflix – Is Paris Hilton expecting a child?


While earning her BA in Journalism at Solent University, Helen began writing for GRV Media, where she found her long-term obsession with the Real Housewives of Atlanta was finally paying off after years of binge-watching the show.Helen has worked with the organization for more than three years, writing about reality television and specializing in content from the United States and the United Kingdom.Outside of work, you can find her experimenting with Nigella Lawson’s latest recipes or strolling along the beach with her dog.

‘Bake Squad’ Features a Handful of Talented Chefs — How Can You Get a Slice of the Pie?

The Netflix series Bake Squad follows the exploits of a group of brilliant pastry cooks from all corners of the dessert and pastry world.The competition program is hosted by Christina Tosi, the founder of Milk Bar.As the Bake Squad candidates go through the many tasks, viewers at home may become inquisitive about how to apply to be a part of the program.The rest of the article is below the advertisement.

To be clear, this is not one of those culinary programs where amateur cooks compete against each other.At the end of it all, there isn’t a million-dollar reward to be won.In spite of this, it is still a cookery show that is sweeping the streaming globe.For those who are already accomplished bakers and chefs in their own right, with a successful professional background, you may be interested in learning how to audition for the program.

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How do you apply to be on ‘Bake Squad’?

For the time being, it does not appear that an official Bake Squad casting website has been established.However, it is possible that you will be able to apply directly through the casting company’s website.Kira Coplin was the casting producer for the first season of Bake Squad, which aired in 2011.According to her LinkedIn profile, she is a casting director for the firm TheOldSchool.

The website for TheOldSchool has a form that may be completed to be considered for any of the projects that are currently under development.To get started, simply provide your name, phone number, email address, and some personal information about yourself.Then, add a photo and submit it to prove your identity.There is no guarantee that you will receive a call regarding Bake Squad in particular, but you may be considered for future seasons if your qualifications match those sought by the show’s producers.

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The ‘Bake Squad’ prize isn’t what you think.

The goal of most reality competition programs is to win a reward at the end, but Bake Squad is different in that it does not utilize that as a motivator.Instead, it’s all about having the best swagger.There does not appear to be a monetary award associated with this contest.However, it is likely that the winner of each season will be able to stake a claim to being the greatest overall on a Netflix culinary competition program.

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Will there be a ‘Bake Squad’ Season 2?

No official word has been given on whether or not Bake Squad will be renewed for a second season at this time.However, given the great response from fans, there is a good likelihood that it will continue to be available on Netflix for a long time.If you use the TheOldSchool website, you may still submit an application to be cast in a role.However, because Christina Tosi was involved in the selection of the bakers for Season 1, it is possible that she will be involved in the selection of the bakers for Season 2 if Bake Squad is renewed.

She spoke with Monsters & Critics about how she assisted in the selection of the Season 1 cast.″I was aware that it would be necessary to have four bakers,″ she explained.″This show is about the spirit and abilities of a baked good, but I realized it would require superheroes to truly harness the superpowers of a baked good, so I decided to make a show about them.I was certain that every single one of these superheroes would have to pass through my ingredient checkpoint.″ Bake Squad is currently available on Netflix.

Big Bakes and Fancy Cakes on Netflix’s ‘Bake Squad’

The fact that Christina Tosi is not well-known outside of New York, where she has established herself and her reputation as a chef at Milk Bar, surprises me.There are several James Beard honors to her credit, and you can purchase boxes of her cookies at Target right now.You can even get nationwide delivery of any number of delectable Milk Bar sweets through may have heard of Milk Bar’s infamous ″Crack Pie,″ which was renamed to ″Milk Bar Pie″ in 2019 following criticism that the moniker made light of the nation’s drug addiction.

It’s a pretty tasty pie, in fact.Pie is one of my favorite foods.In addition, there is cake.In addition, cookies.

Desserts in general, to be honest.Baking with the Bake Squad on Netflix is the type of intriguing schoolwork I’m willing to put up with.Bake Squad is a competition amongst four pastry chefs who are each well-known for their individual pastry skills.Maya-Camille Broussard (Chicago’s Justice of the Pies,) known for her innovative flavor combinations; Ashley Holt (Brooklyn’s Sugar Monster Sweets, known for her cake decorating and sculpting skills); pastry chef Christophe Rull, who creates beautiful sugar work; and Gonzo Jimenez (co-owner of Colorado’s Miette et Chocolat, who is a chocolate specialist) are among the chefs who have been handpicked by To Each episode focuses on a different ″client″ who is in need of a great dessert for a special occasion.

Each of the chefs creates a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, and the customer must choose which one they prefer.It is not a highly competitive market.The cooks are all encouraging of one another and work together to complete the challenges.Jimenez, for example, is always willing to provide his expertise and assistance to the other members of the team who opt to incorporate chocolate into their concoctions.Take, for example, the time Christophe built a life-sized chocolate drum set for a wedding reception.The cymbal is composed of sugar, and each drum contains a different dish, which the bride and groom discover by beating on the set and breaking up the chocolate pieces.

The customers all appear to be regular people who are trying to stay within their budgets for their gatherings.Two birthday parties planned in the park for two of her children, a sister assisting with wedding arrangements, a celebration for someone who beat cancer, and someone arranging a baby’s first birthday party are all examples of people who have overcome adversity.At the end of the season, there is no monetary reward given to the chefs, and I’m curious whether they are being reimbursed for their dishes in any way other than bragging rights.Whether they charge for this type of magic and, if so, how much they charge for it Each tier of this cake is decorated with a distinct theme that is based on the birthday children’s preferred cuisine.In order to get this chilly interior appearance, it is believed that the colored cake batter blobs should be frozen before being placed in the baking pan to bake.There isn’t much in the way of dramatic tension here.

There will be no yelling or screaming.For each bake, there is a time restriction, which is my least favorite aspect of the program.Instead of instilling a false feeling of urgency, they might have accomplished the same impact by editing the video instead.Creations of this caliber do not often come together in a matter of hours, as Ashley points out in one of the later episodes.

  • Personal interviews with the squad members are interspersed throughout each episode in order to instill a sense of competition that does not translate into what we witness taking place in the kitchen itself.
  • Really, I’d like to sit back and watch each of these people bake and chat about their creative processes without being constrained by the limits of episode length and forced plots.
  • There are four flavors in this four-tiered bread pudding cake, which is topped with chocolate shards and sugar decoration around the edge.
  • They are both mind-boggling and uplifting in terms of the degrees of ingenuity on exhibit.
  • My daughter’s ninth birthday cake was a 2D Pikachu cake, but these cakes are far more elaborate.
  • The mirror glaze used on this fairy castle cake is just stunning!
  • How do you ever begin to consume something so aesthetically pleasing?
  • Tosi herself may be the weakest link in this chain.
  • The cheerleader and fixer, she gathers little extras to make the projects even more amazing, such as the supports for the chocolate drum set or fresh flowers to incorporate into the cake pops in this stunning centerpiece.
  • There is nothing in the presentation that gives us a feeling of her abilities, despite the fact that it is an extension of her bakery’s main aim to ″spread joy and encourage celebration.″ She’s here to dress up in outrageous clothing and inform the bakers that they’re running out of time to complete their assignments on schedule.
  • A veteran of a few Food Network series, Christophe Rull, appears to be having the most fun and knows the lighthearted showmanship that is required when it comes to baking on television.
  • When he arrives on the scene, he rides in on a moped, delivering the cakes he had designed to look like pizzas for a Sweet Sixteen celebration.
  • However, watching all eight episodes of Bake Squad has put me in the mood for decadent treats and has me wondering about what I’ll be making when the weather begins to cool down.
  • It has been revealed that Elizabeth Debicki and Dominic West will be the next couple to star in ″The Crown.″ Ted Cruz’s Book Is Only Being Purchased by Ted Cruz, According to Diana and Charles YouTube is the source of the header image.

10 Things You Didn’t Know about ″Bake Squad″ on Netflix

Everyone despises the act of cooking, yet almost everyone would agree that they like the act of eating.It should go without saying that it is understandable why cooking competition shows have grown so popular.Just when you thought there were no more twists that could be placed on cooking competitions, a new program comes along to prove you wrong.In the case of the new Netflix series Bake Squad, this is exactly what has happened.

A unique competition allows bakers to put their abilities to the ultimate test on the show, which is presented by Christina Tosi, a baker and proprietor of Milk Bar in New York City.During the end of each episode, the candidates will be charged with creating a dessert for a special occasion, with the winning dessert being served at the celebration itself.Continue reading to find out some facts about Bake Squad that you probably didn’t know.

1. Creativity Is The Name Of The Game

Due to the fact that people eat with their eyes before anything else, presentation is key when it comes to food preparation.Baking provides a plethora of opportunities for people to express themselves creatively via the use of a diverse range of patterns and colors.In order to remain competitive, the candidates on Bake Squad will have to channel their inner artist to the fullest extent possible.

2. Season One Will Have Eight Episodes

Given the popularity of binge-watching television, many people are interested in knowing how many episodes are in a season before they become too immersed in the show or series.After all, there is a significant difference between a show that can be completed in a week and one that can be completed in a weekend.Anyone who was curious about the number of episodes will find out that Bake Squad will have eight.Currently, all of the episodes will be available on Netflix at the same time, according to our information.

3. You Will Like Recognize The Contestants

Christina Tosi isn’t the only guest star on the evening who will likely be recognized by the audience. In their own right, everyone of the candidates are accomplished individuals. As reported by Delish, ″the contestants are cake specialist Ashley Holt, pastry illusionist Christophe Rull, pie connoisseur Maya-Camille Broussard, and chocolatier/dessert wizard Gonzo Jimenez.″

4. It’s Unclear If There’s A Prize

All of us are well aware that a decent reward is at the core of any successful competition. When individuals realize that they have a chance to win something worthwhile, they tend to push themselves a little more. Even while we are aware that entrants are fighting to have their dessert featured at special events, we are unaware of any further awards that may be awarded.

5. The Show Doesn’t Have Its Own Social Media Accounts

Unfortunately for all of the individuals who enjoy keeping up with their favorite programs on social media, that will not be possible with Bake Squad — at least not for the time being, anyhow. There are no official social media pages for the program as of right now, but that may change if it becomes successful and is extended for a second season.

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6. The Contestants Will Be Booking For A Wide Range Of Special Occasions

If you’ve ever hosted an event to commemorate a particular occasion, you understand how critical it is that everything runs well.Because food is such an important part of this, the candidates will be under intense pressure to put their best foot forward in order to ensure that these special days are remembered in the best possible way.Their catering services will be provided for a variety of events, ranging from wedding receptions to celebrations of cancer survivorship.

7. The Contestants Won’t Just Be Making Cakes

When people think of dessert, cake is most likely one of the first things that spring to mind for most people. The show Bake Squad will undoubtedly feature a significant amount of cake, but it will not be the only delicious treat that the participants will be creating. Some of them will incorporate elements that you would never have thought of on your own before.

8. The Show Isn’t Christina’s First Time Working With Netflix

A great deal of Christina Tosi’s success in her baking business has resulted in several offers to appear on television.She first featured on Chef’s Table in 2018, which marked the beginning of her association with Netflix.She also appeared in the Netflix series Nailed It!, which premiered in 2020.Despite the fact that she has previously worked with Netflix, Bake Squad is the first time she has had her own program.

9. Viewers May Find Themselves Feeling Inspired

If you are the sort of person who enjoys cooking, then watching Bake Squad will most certainly make you want to jump up and get to the kitchen immediately after viewing it. The contestants will present you to a slew of entertaining new concepts. You could even pick up a few tips and tricks that you can use the next time you’re in the kitchen baking something.

10. Lots Of People Are Excited About The Show

Despite the fact that Bake Squad doesn’t premiere until August 11, 2021, many fans have already taken to social media to express how much they are looking forward to the program. ″Everything about this seems fantastic,″ commented a YouTube user by the name of I trench. This individual, on the other hand, stated that he wished the studio had better lighting.

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Bake Squad: Christina Tosi’s baking show on Netflix

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High hopes, high stakes, and high oven temperatures are all courtesy of your new favorite Squad, which you can learn more about here. Watch as Christina Tosi and her hand-picked team of four uniquely outstanding bakers compete to make dessert fantasies come true in this show hosted by our very own Christina Tosi. Netflix has made it accessible!


Did you know that the fairy bake-mother of Bake Squad also happens to be the founder of Milk Bar?Prior to appearing on your television screens, Tosi founded the American-style bakery of her dreams in 2008, with signature treats such as Birthday Cake, Compost Cookies®, and Cereal MilkTM.The bakery has since expanded to 12 locations nationwide, as well as online and in grocery stores, and has become a household name.If you enjoy her work on Bake Squad, you should check out her appearances on Chef’s Table and Chef’s Show on Netflix.

Shop The Bake Squad’s Faves

Tosi’s Bake Squad is well-versed in the art of baking desserts.Consequently, we were interested in learning about their favorite Milk Bar dessert.Naturally, the pie master is a woman of many talents.Maya-Camille adores our Milk Bar Pie, while Ashley, the queen of cakes, can’t get enough of our B’day Cake Truffles.

Gonzo and Christophe’s favorite treats are cookies, specifically Blueberry & Cream and Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow, which are both made with cornflakes.Check out all of their selections in the gallery below!$49.00

Milk Bar® Pie

Our famous, gooey Milk Bar Pie is filled with a sticky, buttery, salty-sweet filling and baked in a large, substantial crust. Our famous, gooey Milk Bar Pie includes a sticky, buttery crust and a sticky, buttery filling. $24.00

Blueberry & Cream Cookie Tin

A muffin top masquerading as a cookie, with little white chocolate chips and vibrant, chewy dried fruit on top of the muffin top. A muffin top masquerading as a cookie: small white chocolate chip cookies. $29.00

B’Day Truffle Dozen Box

To make a single mouthful of our trademark cake, we combined all of the flavors of childhood in one bite. We rolled our classic cake in every flavor you remember from your youth.

The Bake Squad cast and their baking careers before Netflix show

Bake Squad, a new Netflix original series, has premiered and is immediately a major hit with viewers.The show, which is hosted by Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi, follows four professional bakers as they compete to gain the business of a new client in the city.These individuals are not your typical customers, since they are celebrating extremely important occasions ranging from weddings to cancer survivor celebrations.Before beginning their bakes, the contestants strive to learn as much as they can about their clientele, and they make an effort to incorporate their personalities into their creations.

In addition to the bakers, there is a cake specialist and a chocolatier extraordinaire on site, as well as the host who is on hand to supply them with anything they require to take their bakes to the next level.We take a look at the bakers’ backgrounds and what they have accomplished in their jobs prior to participating in Bake Squad.

Ashley Holt

Ashley Holt is the resident cake specialist on the Bake Squad, and she is a self-taught artist in the field of cake decorating.Originally from Brooklyn, New York, she is the owner of the cake and confectionery firm Sugar Monster.For several years prior to starting her cake business, Holt was a model, appearing in major fashion magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.After spending time working for head judge Buddy Valastro, she shifted her focus to baking and won TLC’s The Next Great Baker in 2012.

This was her first major accomplishment in the baking industry.During her time working with Valastro, she was a series regular on his documentary series Cake Boss, which aired for two seasons.

Christophe Rull

The chef Christophe Rull was born and raised in Marseille, France, and learnt to cook by seeing his mother and father in the kitchen.He dropped out of school when he was 15 years old to pursue a culinary profession.He began by working in a Michelin-starred restaurant and quickly rose through the ranks, finally becoming a pastry instructor.He relocated to the United States and began working in the pastry division at the ARIA Resort and MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, before finally transferring to the Park Hyatt in California, where he continues to work today.

His first excursion into television was in 2017, when he competed in and won Food Network’s Halloween Wars.He then went on to win the spin-off show Holiday Wars, which was shown in 2018.Rull also continues to teach pastry at the Stéphane Tréand pastry school in Paris, where he began his career.

Maya-Camille Broussard

Mrs.Maya-Camille Broussard is currently the sole proprietor of Justice of the Pies, a firm she founded in honor of her father, a lifelong pie enthusiast and former district attorney in the city of Chicago, Illinois.Because she is a member of the deaf and hard of hearing population, the pie baker and flavor expert’s tastebuds and sense of smell are enhanced, which she refers to as her ″super power.″ Her bakery not only provides food for paying clients, but it also educates elementary-aged students about cooking in regularly scheduled lessons, and during the pandemic, it provided meals for individuals who were in need of assistance.

Gonzo Jimenez

Gonzo Jiminez, the chocolatier in residence, is originally from Argentina and began working in the culinary profession when he was seventeen years old.After finishing his education, he began working in five-star hotels and with famous chefs, before moving on to some of the most prominent hotel chains in the United States, including the St.Julien in Boulder, Colorado, and the Hyatt.However, the chef has now relocated to Chile, where he has taken over as director of the Chocolate Academy.

He has also established a new chocolate business in the United States with colleague chef David Lewis, which they named Miette et Chocolat.

Christina Tosi

Despite the fact that she is not competing on the show, host Christina Tosi is no stranger to the world of food.In the early 2000s, she began working at the well-known Momofuku firm, where she quickly rose through the ranks and eventually became the pastry area manager.The next year, she started her own bakery, Milk Bar, which quickly became one of the most popular spots in New York City, New York, garnering her the admiration of television personality Anderson Cooper.It has subsequently extended into mail order and into numerous other parts of the United States of America.Bake Squad is currently accessible to watch on Netflix in its entirety.

How to make showstopping desserts like the stars of Netflix’s ‘Bake Squad’

These magnificent candies will be the talk of the party if you serve them.A vanilla checkerboard cake and a truffle croquembouche are created by Christina Tosi and Ashley Holt, stars of the Netflix series ″Bake Squad.″ Illustration for TODAY 25th of August, 2021, 12:22 p.m.UTC Ashley Holt (a former TODAY food stylist!) and Christina Tosi (the chef-owner of Milk Bar) are two of the stars of Netflix’s ″Bake Squad,″ and they both have a lot of experience in the kitchen.So today, they’re joining us to share their sweet, elder wisdom with us — through the creation of two show-stopping desserts: a vanilla checkerboard cake (complete with a dazzling mirror finish) and a truffle croquembouche that will steal the show at any gathering.

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Illustration for TODAY According to Holt, ″I’ve eaten numerous vanilla cakes throughout my life, and this will always be my go-to recipe.″ ″I like that it’s not too sweet and that it’s delightfully moist with a beautiful, tight crumb to it.It freezes nicely and makes an excellent foundation upon which to build.To make it more interesting, experiment with other additions such as chocolate chips, blueberries, citrus zest, sprinkles, and so on.″ Illustration for TODAY ″At Milk Bar, we enjoy creating a croquembouche (a really elegant cone-shaped presentation) out of our cake truffles,″ explains Tosi.″It is quite simple to put together and always elevates the presentation of any dessert display.

The difference between our version and the classic French version is that we utilize cake truffles instead of the typical cream puffs in our version.Use your imagination to create whatever flavor combination of cake truffles that you choose.″ Have you enjoyed those delectable, show-stopping recipes?Following that, try these: Nathan Congleton / THE TIMES OF DAY Nathan Congleton / THE TIMES OF DAY

How This Food Producer Went From Helping Out The Cake Boss To Starring In A New Netflix Show

This interview is part of Delish’s new relationship with Netflix, ″Netflix Cooking School,″ in which we deliver readers unique material related to the premieres of some of Netflix’s most popular new (and returning!) cooking episodes.Bake Squad’s Ashley Holt, the cake aficionado behind Sugar Monster Sweets, is not only responsible for some of the craziest and most viral sculpted cakes in history, but she’s also been a major part of the TV programs of your favorite culinary celebrities, like Buddy Valastro and Joanna Gaines!We talked about how she got started in the culinary industry, what it’s like to collaborate with top-tier chefs on a regular basis, and how she goes about creating those insane cakes you see in the trailer well as why she believes you can build them as well!

Thanks to Ashley Holt for her contribution.

Walk me through your career. How did you end up on a Netflix show with Christina Tosi?

When someone asks me, ″Can you tell me what you do for a living?″ Because I’m an artist, an entrepreneur, a producer, and a consultant, I find myself in a position where I don’t know how to respond.In my more than ten years in the food sector, I’ve developed a fierce sense of competition in my personality.Years ago, I entered a baking competition called Next Great Baker, which I eventually won, and the experience led to other possibilities in television.For a few of years, I was a contestant on Cake Boss.

Working in the food industry became possible as a result of this.I was approached by Buddy to serve as a culinary producer, and my immediate thought was, ″Yeah, yeah, I’m up for it.″ ″What the hell does a culinary producer do?″ I wondered as I walked away.From there, I went on to work as a food stylist for Amazon’s marketplace.I worked as a senior food stylist on The TODAY Show for a number of years.

More recently, I worked as the culinary producer for Joanna Gaines’ new food show, which aired on Food Network.Finally, Bake Squad got in touch with me.I was coming out of my postpartum depression, settling into my new home, and generally feeling a whole lot better.It was as if the cosmos was shouting, ″Pay attention!″ ″Ashley, you’re all set.

We are aware of your presence.We appreciate all of your efforts, and now you may rekindle your enthusiasm.″ Thanks to Ashley Holt for her contribution.

I was going to ask you how you would describe what it is you do these days, but you gave me a whole bunch to work with!

I’m aware of the situation. I work as a culinary producer, a food stylist, and an artist in the food industry.

What can you tell us about working behind the scenes with *the* Cake Boss, *the* Joanna Gaines, and *the* Christina Tosi?

A lot of the time, I have to pinch myself to keep from laughing.Having worked closely with Buddy during the height of his Cake Boss success was a bizarre experience; first as a competitor, then as a staff member, and finally as his culinary producer was a surreal one.From both sides of the camera, he is regarded as a mega-star.Working so closely with Joanna and creating her wildly successful food program is an absolute dream come true.

At the moment, she is causing quite a stir across the world, and I am right there with her, putting everything ready for the performance, and she is an absolutely delightful person to be around.It’s almost as if she is completely unaware of her celebrity status.She’s a real down-to-earth person.Our film has been shortlisted for a Critics’ Choice Award, which we are really excited about.

What about Christina?She was one of the first cooks I ever worked with, and I’ve enjoyed seeing what she’s been able to do at Milk Bar.I am blown away by her ability to fully transform the firm, and her product introductions are nothing short of spectacular.The fact that she will be our show’s host, that we will receive her guidance on everything, and that we will be working so closely with her is a dream come true.

Thanks to Ashley Holt for her contribution.

How did Bake Squad differ from other food TV you’ve shot in the past?

We were able to go large with the necessary assistance, which was a completely new experience for us.In addition, we’re all working together as a group.Each task has a friendly competition, and of course we all want our bake to be selected to be served at the event, but at the end of the day, we’re left standing next to something we’re really pleased of.It’s true that there were instances when we might have benefited from a few additional hours to fine-tune our ideas, but no project can be expected to turn out perfectly every single time.

That is the way things are in the real world, and that is fine!

Let’s talk custom cakes. What do you recommend to people who come to you to create one?

A lot of the time, when people come to me for cake, they want me to run with their concept rather than following it to its logical conclusion.That’s fantastic!Even though there is—and should be—a collaborative element to it, many times when I take cake orders, folks are aware that we are going to do something a bit out of the ordinary.really pushes me as an artist in a positive way.

It never fails that every time I begin to sculpt a complicated cake, I question my abilities, and even I am amazed by what I am capable of.Throughout all of these cakes, I’m on my own small personal voyage of discovery.In addition, everything huge is exciting.What about the more conventional types of cakes?

Those aren’t that enjoyable for me.I don’t particularly enjoy doing things that are very standardized.Thanks to Ashley Holt for her contribution.

What distinguishes a sculpted cake from a cake someone could get just about anywhere else?

The cake is a work of art in and of itself.It has the appearance of being a work of art!Even if it’s a two-foot-tall rabbit that looks like a topiary out of your garden, you’d be shocked that you’d be able to cut into it, or if it’s a typewriter that is so beautifully carved and correctly sized that walking up to it makes you believe you could truly compose a whole novel on it.When you cut into it, you think to yourself, ″Oh my goodness.

There are a total of ten layers of cake inside of the container!″ It deceives the sight, and it’s a crazy ride.

So no part of you was surprised when this became A Whole Thing on the internet this past year, yeah?

Oh, that’s right.I believe it’s fantastic that so many artists are coming out and understanding that the appeal of hyper-realistic cakes has increased in recent years.The sight of so many other people doing the same thing is entertaining, especially since each person’s version of the ″same″ activity is unique.When I made the decision to highlight cakes, it drastically changed the course of my life.

It provided me with a safe haven in which to channel all of my excess energy, as well as a constructive outlet for that energy.It has the potential to have that effect on everyone, which makes it all worthwhile.The greater the number, the better!Thanks to Ashley Holt for her contribution.

But so few people can do it!

We are all very talented in our fields, yet we all started from the same place.My first cakes are a hoot to look at, to say the least.For my first sculpture, a human head sculpture, I sat on my kitchen island for three days, not even changing my clothing.I was completely immersed in it.

I grew infatuated with it.I was able to sculpt every angle of my face, and I did it using calipers and mirrors, focusing on the lines, the highlights, and the curves of my face.I couldn’t believe what I had created—I would have never believed that I was capable of such a feat!I didn’t realize it until I tried it.

No matter how difficult anything appears to be—whether it’s baking a cake or pursuing a different career—remember that we are amazing, strong human beings.We have the ability to do everything we set our minds to.Jacques Torres on the Art of Chocolate and Pastry Making Vegan ‘Un-Cheeburgers’ created by Paris Hilton Pie Making Suggestions from Maya-Camille Broussard The first season of Bake Squad will launch on Netflix on August 11th.In her role as Digital Director for the Food Network, Tess Koman covers breaking (culinary) news as well as opinion pieces and stories on broader events in the food industry.

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