How To Get Rid Of Love Handles And Muffin Top?

Added sugar (found in foods like cookies, sports drinks, fast foods and soda) is one of the biggest culprits of fat and love handles. On top of that, most sugary foods are loaded with calories, but lack nutrients. Banish added sugar from your diet as much as possible to help get rid of your muffin top.

How to get rid of Love Handles with fat loss?

You’re going to have to reduce your overall body fat percentage with fat loss to get rid of your love handles. Focusing on fat loss instead of just weight loss is going to be key to getting rid of your stubborn love handle fat. Then you can use the targeted exercises below to lose your love handles and stubborn lower back fat.

What are LoveLove handles and how to get rid of them?

Love handles are another name for the excess fat that sits at the sides of the waist and hangs over the top of pants. Also known as a muffin top, this fat can be a challenge to lose.

How can I Tone Up my Love Handles?

This will help to tone up your love handles when combined with the MRT and HIIT workouts a few times a week. Try to set a timer for 30 seconds per exercise. It’s a good idea to do these exercises in front of the mirror so you can check your form.

Is it possible to lose muffin top?

“It is definitely possible to lose the muffin top,” Robles says. “However, it is not an overnight fix.” It isn’t possible to spot-reduce fat from specific problem areas. But as you lose overall body fat, you’ll see your midsection shrink.

How long does it take to lose love handles?

You shouldn’t have to wait too long for results, Nasser says. If you eat a healthy, low-fat diet, burn more calories than you take in, and enjoy a good mix of cardio and ab workout time, you’ll watch your love handles start to melt away within a few weeks.

How do I lose my muffin top in 2 weeks?

Six ways to beat your muffin top in just two weeks

  1. Drink more water.
  2. Do some core workouts.
  3. Monitor your portions.
  4. Realise that stress is affecting your weight – and make relaxation a priority.
  5. Consume fat-burners like green tea and avocado.
  6. Ditch the sugar.

How do I get rid of the fat around my waist?

19 Effective Tips to Lose Belly Fat (Backed by Science)

  1. Eat plenty of soluble fiber.
  2. Avoid foods that contain trans fats.
  3. Don’t drink too much alcohol.
  4. Eat a high protein diet.
  5. Reduce your stress levels.
  6. Don’t eat a lot of sugary foods.
  7. Do aerobic exercise (cardio)
  8. Cut back on carbs — especially refined carbs.

How do love handles form?

The underlying cause of love handles is fat retention. Generally speaking, fat cells accumulate when your body takes in too many calories or you don’t burn as many calories as you’re consuming. Over time, these fat cells can become noticeable as they accumulate in certain areas, such as around your waist and hips.

Does running eliminate love handles?

Increase Your Cardio

Aerobic workouts help burn calories and reduce excess fat on the body, which can help slim down love handles ( 35, 36). Many people feel intimidated by the high-intensity nature of some aerobic workouts, like spinning or running.

What kind of foods cause love handles?

Avoid alcohol and sugary foods: Consuming sugary food and alcohol may lead to weight gain and love handles. Individuals should instead try to eat a moderate and balanced diet. This may involve consuming lean proteins, beans, and leafy vegetables to increase protein and fiber intake.

Does plank reduce love handles?

Planks. Jordan says planks are one of the best exercises for getting rid of love handles because they engage the whole body and take major effort to hold with perfect form. ‘Planks create long lines that look great and are good for proper functionality, while crunches shorten the front line of the body,’ Jordan says.

What foods cause muffin top?

Potato chips, sugar-sweetened drinks, processed meats and unprocessed red meat were each linked to weight gain of about a pound or more. Eating more french fries led to an average gain of over 3 pounds. Eating more refined grains and sweets or desserts led to about half a pound of weight gain.

What foods get rid of muffin tops?

Eliminate that muffin top with these foods.

Melt away fat with these foods, and let us know your favorite combinations in the comments.

  1. Eggs. They truly are incredible!
  2. Green Tea.
  3. Avocado.
  4. Almonds.
  5. Quinoa.
  6. Grapefruit.
  7. Salmon.
  8. Lemon.

What workouts get rid of muffin tops?

Do These 7 Exercises Everyday To Get Rid Of Muffin Top Belly

  • Side Planks.
  • Crunches.
  • Russian Twists.
  • Burpees.
  • Bird Dog.
  • Leg Lifts.
  • Cardio.
  • How to get rid of Love Handles?

    Cutting back on the amount of added sugar in your diet can help reduce body fat, including love handles. 2. Focus on Healthy Fats Filling up on healthy fats like avocados, olive oil, nuts, seeds and fatty fish can help slim your waistline.

    Are My Love Handles gone if I’ve lost weight?

    Even though you may have lost a lot of weight already that doesn’t mean that your love handles aren’t gone too. Love handles are one of the most stubborn areas to get rid of on the body when you’re trying to lose weight. But most people go about getting rid of their love handles all wrong.

    Why do I Have Love Handles?

    Your body wants to store more of your excess fat there so it seems like any fat you carry on your body will go straight to your troublesome love handles. The reason is that women are evolved to carry more fat than men. When you think about it women need to have more nutrient stores to raise a baby and children ( 2 ).

    How to Get Rid of Love Handles: 5 Muffin Top Exercises That Work

    It doesn’t matter what you call them – love handles or muffin top – they may be a major source of frustration. Despite the fact that they have a lovely moniker, most women despise their love handles. This collection of exercises and advice for how to get rid of love handles will be perfect for you if you want to tighten up your abs and strengthen your core.

    What Are Love Handles?

    • It is the extra fat that lies on the sides of your waist, also known as a muffin top, that is responsible for your love handles.
    • They protrude from the top of your jeans, and they are more obvious when you are wearing tight-fitting apparel.
    • When it comes to attempting to get rid of love handles, they are particularly difficult to get rid of.
    • It is true that they may not respond as rapidly to food and exercise modifications as other regions of the body, but if you follow a strict schedule, you will undoubtedly see benefits!

    What Causes Love Handles?

    • Love handles are caused by fat retention and excess fat buildup around the hips and stomach area, and they are a cosmetic concern.
    • As a result of consuming more calories than your body is able to burn, fat cells form in specific places of the body, such as the waist and hips.
    • If you continue to consume too many calories, the fat cells will increase in these locations.
    • A person’s love handles can develop in any part of the body, although some people are more prone to developing them than others.
    • There are a number of things that increase your chances of developing love handles.

    It is possible to develop love handles due to an excess of hormones, particularly cortisol.In addition to increasing your hunger, cortisol tells the body to alter your metabolism to a fat-storing mode, which can cause fat to build around your waist and hips.Lack of physical activity, as well as a diet heavy in fat, sugar, and processed foods, can all contribute to the development of love handles.A poor diet along with a lack of physical activity are two of the most significant factors contributing to weight growth and fat retention.It is necessary to burn fat in order to lose weight; yet, you cannot burn fat while sitting about and munching on high-calorie meals.

    1. In addition, sleep deprivation is a source of worry.
    2. You will get more agitated and fatigued if you do not get enough sleep.
    3. When you add a hectic schedule to the mix, it becomes difficult to make good meal choices.
    4. Sleeping properly can guarantee that you are well rested, can manage your time effectively, and can make healthier food choices for your body as a result.

    How to Prevent Love Handles

    • 1.
    • Eliminate any added sugars.
    • Added sugar (found in foods such as cookies, sports drinks, fast food, and soda) is one of the most significant contributors to belly fat and love handle development.
    • On top of that, most sugary meals are high in calories but low in nutrients, making them particularly dangerous.
    • Remove as much added sugar from your diet as possible to aid in the reduction of your muffin top.

    2.Emphasize the importance of healthy fats and fiber.Not all fats are created equal.Avocados, almonds, and fatty fish are examples of healthy fats that can really help you lose weight.They assist in keeping you content throughout the day, allowing you to feel fuller longer and preventing you from compulsively snacking.

    1. Fibre is another excellent dietary component that helps you feel fuller for a longer period of time.
    2. Foods high in fiber, such as beans, oats, fruits, and vegetables, are high in nutrients and have been demonstrated to reduce the number of calories consumed per day by persons who consume them.
    3. 3.
    4. Resistance Training Resistance training, in conjunction with a better diet, is essential for losing love handles.
    5. Resistance exercise helps your body grow more lean muscle while also burning more calories when you’re not working out or sleeping.
    6. It also has the added benefit of increasing your metabolism, which allows you to burn more calories throughout the day.

    4.Increase your cardiovascular fitness.Along with physical training, you should be boosting your cardio to help you lose weight and get rid of that muffin top.

    Running or cycling are examples of cardiovascular or aerobic exercise since they both elevate your heart rate for an extended length of time.Combining aerobic exercise with weight training is a powerful combo for getting rid of love handles quickly and effectively!

    5 Muffin Top Exercises That Work

    • Workout for Muffin Tops (15 Minutes) |
    • Holly Dolke This at-home workout requires no equipment and will assist you in losing weight and getting rid of your love handles!
    • It will only take 15 minutes, but it will push you to your limits so that you see results.
    • Each action in the workout consists of a single major circuit that is completed twice and includes exercises such as balancing woodchoppers and hip dip planks.
    • Prepare yourself to experience the heat!

    No More Muffin Top After This Total Ab Workout |XHIT Daily A thorough ab exercise that targets your muffin top will be provided by everything from starfish crunches to leg circles, heel touches, and oblique crunches.This collection of ab workouts will help you tone and shrink your waist, and all you need is an exercise mat to complete them!|Blogilates |

    1. The 5 Best Muffin Top Melting Moves |
    2. If you prefer a sleek hourglass form over love handles, this workout will guide you through 5 movements that are the most efficient at targeting your obliques!
    3. You may simply perform the exercises in the comfort of your own home, and you will undoubtedly see a difference if you practice them on a consistent basis!
    4. Ten-Minute Abs Workout – Say Goodbye to the Muffin Top |
    5. Pamela Reif In just ten minutes, you’ll train your whole abdominal area, with a particular emphasis on your obliques, in order to lose your love handles!
    6. You’ll feel stronger and smaller after this workout, and you won’t need any equipment other than a yoga mat.

    Exercises will range from planks to cross crunches to bicycle crunches, and you’ll be sure to feel the heat after each one.Create a blaze in your oblique muscles with this Muffin Top Workout |POPSUGAR Fitness For those seeking for a muffin top exercise that is a bit more involved, here is the program for you!

    This workout, which takes just under 20 minutes, targets your waist with the help of a barre teacher who concentrates on strengthening your core and obliques.Only a towel is required for this workout, which is necessary because you will undoubtedly be sweating after completing it.Are you prepared to put in the effort now that you have learned how to get rid of love handles?

    1. Make use of these ideas and exercises to finally get rid of your muffin top!
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    13 Best Love Handle Exercises & Workout (Burn Stubborn Fat)

    • In order to get rid of your muffin top, you need perform the finest workouts for love handles available on the market today.
    • If we’re being really honest, there isn’t a much to like about love handles.
    • You could be making fantastic success with your weight loss, but it might be difficult to lose the love handles that have developed.
    • You might not even be that overweight, but your obstinate love handles make you feel like you’re the last person on the planet to lose weight.
    • If you have love handles (also known as muffin tops or spare tires), it may be quite unpleasant and uncomfortable to be seen in public.

    Reduce your general body fat if you want to get rid of those love handles you’ve been carrying around.Afterwards, you may target and tone your love handles by performing these specialized workouts.Some people believe that performing oblique workouts can cause your love handles to bulge, but this is just not true.I’m sure you’ll agree that having large love handles around your waist is the last thing you want to have on your body.However, by following the workouts listed below, you will be able to remove your love handles much more quickly than you may expect.

    1. Here you will find the finest workouts you can do to target and get rid of your love handles, allowing you to lose weight quickly and effectively.
    2. Having fat around your love handles or on your lower back is a solid indication that your hormones are interfering with how and where your body stores fat.
    3. If everything you eat seems to be making its way right to your love handles, it’s most likely due to hereditary and hormonal factors.
    4. Insulin resistance is a major contributing factor to the accumulation of fat around the waist and love handles in many persons.
    5. It’s also a significant contributing factor to their inability to completely eliminate them.
    6. Cortisol and insulin are the primary hormones responsible for causing people to accumulate belly fat as well as stubborn love handle fat, according to research.

    According to studies, males tend to carry more abdominal fat, whilst women tend to carry more fat in their hips and thighs (1).It is possible, however, that you are accumulating excess fat on your love handles as a result of your genetics and hormones.Your body’s stress hormone, cortisol, is also known as the ″stress hormone.″ When you have excessive levels of cortisol coursing through your body, it might cause fat accumulation around your abdomen to grow (2).

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    You may overeat if you are stressed out, which will just exacerbate the situation even worse.Insulin is a hormone produced by your body that allows sugar to enter cells and be used as fuel.Because of the surge in blood sugar that occurs after eating anything sweet, your body will release insulin to counteract the effect.

    1. As a result, insulin will allow the sugar to enter your bloodstream, allowing you to reduce your blood sugar levels in your body.
    2. Insulin resistance is a condition in which your body develops over time.
    3. As a result, the sugar will have an increasingly tough time getting into your cells.
    4. If you don’t use this energy, it will be stored as fat in your cells and in your bloodstream as sugar.
    5. It will generally be stored in your stomach and love handles, which is the most frustrating part of all of this.

    This is only one of the reasons why you need to do more than simply ″reduce weight″ in order to be successful.

    How to Lose Love Handles Fast

    • If you want to get rid of your love handles, you’ll need to lower your overall body fat percentage through fat reduction.
    • It will be necessary to concentrate on fat loss rather than weight loss in order to get rid of your resistant love handle fatty deposits.
    • Afterwards, you may perform the specific workouts listed below to remove those pesky love handles and obstinate lower back fat.
    • Even if you perform the workouts listed below, you will need to maintain a healthy diet in order to remove your love handles.
    • Love handles are impossible to get rid of if you consume an excessive amount of unhealthy meals that are responsible for causing you to store stubborn fat in the first place.

    There’s an old adage that goes, ″You can’t out-train a lousy diet,″ and it’s completely accurate.The most effective thing you can do is eliminate sugar from your diet, since it has been shown to help you lose belly fat (3).It has also been shown that eating a lot of fructose causes an increase in total stomach fat (4).The usage of high fructose corn syrup is one example, which, according to this study, leads to an increase in stomach fat (5).Sugary beverages, such as soda, should also be avoided because they have been related to significant belly fat accumulation (6).

    1. Even diet Coke, which contains zero calories, has been shown to induce belly fat accumulation in studies.
    2. Instead, leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables should provide the majority of your carbohydrate needs.
    3. Whole grains should be kept to a minimum as well.
    4. Increasing healthy fats in your diet is essential if you want to shed stubborn love handle fat.
    5. According to the findings of this study, individuals who consumed avocados shed more belly fat (7).
    6. You can see my list of beneficial fats here.

    As also, make sure you are getting enough fiber in your diet.According to the findings of this study, increasing your soluble fiber intake by 10 g per day can help you reduce about 4 percent of your visceral belly fat (8).Make an effort to live a more active lifestyle as well.

    According to this study, every 15 minutes you spend inactive might result in a 0.05′′ rise in your waist circumference (9).Consider including some weightlifting into your fitness regimen as well.According to the findings of this study, it is more effective in reducing your weight and total belly size than simply doing cardio or strength training (10).

    1. If you wish to decrease belly fat and love handles, you should try to get more sleep.
    2. According to the findings of this study, individuals who slept for only five hours per night had higher belly fat than those who slept for eight hours each night (11).
    3. Increase the amount of protein in your diet to help you lose lower back fat.
    4. According to the findings of this study, individuals who had a high-protein diet shed more belly fat than those who consumed a low-protein diet (12).
    5. A grass-fed low-carb whey protein smoothie, such as this one from BioTrust Nutrition, is a great way to complement your diet.

    Last but not least, make a concerted effort to minimize your alcohol consumption.According to the findings of this study, drinking is associated with weight gain and increases in body fat around the abdomen (13).

    Best Love Handles Workout

    • Now, it is true that it will be practically hard to reduce fat deposits in certain areas of your physique.
    • However, you may lose fat across your entire body and then use these activities to tone up your love handles by increasing muscle mass.
    • It is possible to combine all of these movements into a single workout to get rid of your love handles.
    • First and foremost, I would suggest selecting a small number of your favorites.
    • When you’re finished with your usual workouts, consider cycling through them 2-3 times a week.

    Exercises such as High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and metabolic resistance training should constitute the majority of your routine.When it comes to decreasing body fat and building lean muscle to your body, these are the exercises that will provide the most benefit for your time and money.When you’re done, you should be able to include these workouts for love handles to help you lose back fat.When paired with MRT and HIIT exercises a few times a week, this will aid in toning your love handles and reducing belly fat.Set a timer for 30 seconds for each exercise if possible.

    1. In order to ensure proper form, it is recommended that you perform these exercises in front of a mirror.
    2. Otherwise, your form may be wrong, and you may not receive the optimum effects from these workouts if you don’t pay attention.
    3. To keep things interesting in your workouts and to make these love handle exercises more interesting, it’s always a good idea to switch things around.
    4. This will not only assist to keep things interesting, but it will also keep your body challenged by performing a range of activities.
    5. Making a habit of performing these exercises many times each week can help you get rid of your spare tire.

    13 Best Exercises for Love Handles & Obliques

    • These workouts will not only help you lose weight, but they will also help you tighten and tone up your stomach.
    • When it comes to losing stubborn fat, improving your body composition is critical to success.
    • Therefore, mere weight loss will not be sufficient to achieve success.
    • You must first reduce your overall body fat percentage before you may remove the obstinate fat.
    • And by using the workouts listed below, you’ll be able to add lean muscle mass to your frame while toning your abs and obliques.


    1. Begin in the standing position with a dumbbell or medicine ball at your chest
    2. then gently rotate your body to one side while squatting at the same time
    3. then repeat on the other side.
    4. Reach down with the dumbbell or medicine ball to the outside of your ankle and hold it there.
    5. Finally, when you rise to your feet and rotate, bring the way across your body and over your head to the other side in what looks like a chopping action, then stand back up and repeat. After that, switch sides.

    Russian Twists

    1. To perform Russian Twists, begin in a sitting posture with your legs together and leaning back with your chest out and shoulders back
    2. this is the starting position.
    3. Continue to hold your weight and move it to the outside of your body to the outside of your body
    4. Maintaining your knee stability during the action is critical, and lifting your feet off the floor might make things much more difficult to maintain

    Side-Ups Compared to ordinary side planks, these are far more challenging. However, if this is too tough for you, you may just begin with conventional side planks instead.

    1. Beginning in the side plank position, with your elbow below your shoulder and one foot on top of the other, begin by laying on your side.
    2. As you do this, establish a straight line with your body from your hips to your shoulders.
    3. Throughout the exercise, squeeze your glutes together and maintain a strong abdominal core.
    4. Continue to slowly lower and bring your hips up towards the ground while maintaining your body’s straight posture.

    Mountain Climbers Who Climb Cross-Body Consider this to be a variation on the inverted bicycle crunches workout. Although bicycle crunches are equally beneficial for your abs, this will target your sides more effectively.

    1. Begin in the push-up position, with your hands on your shoulders and your feet together, maintaining your body as straight as possible.
    2. Make a quick explosion with one leg up, bringing it across your torso and towards her opposite arm
    3. In the same motion that you return that same knee to its initial position, bring your other knee to meet the opposing elbow that is crossing your torso.

    Reach Throughs on the Side of the Plank

    1. Beginning in the side plank position with your elbow below your shoulder and one foot on top of the other, perform a series of reps.
    2. Raise your hips off the ground so that they are in a straight line with the rest of your body.
    3. When you’re finished, reach below your body gently as if you’re going to scratch her back.
    4. Taking it slow, slowly bring yourself back to the beginning position

    Spiderman Pushups

    1. Begin in the push-up position with your hands, or if your shoulders and feet are together, in the plank position.
    2. Beginning to lower your chest towards the ground as you bring the knee of your right leg up to your right elbow, lower your chest towards the ground.
    3. Return to the starting position by extending your right elbow to the starting position and returning your right leg to the starting position to push yourself back up. Then repeat the process on the opposite side.

    Rotating Planks

    1. In the plank position, place your elbows on your shoulders, maintain a straight spine, and place your feet together.
    2. Beginning with a slow rotation of your body into a side plank, while allowing your feet to rotate in sync with your body
    3. Finish with a pause before gently returning to the middle and continuing with a side plank on the opposite side


    1. As you lie on your side, bring your feet together, but with your bottom foot slightly behind your top foot. Your knees should be slightly bent
    2. your top elbow should be raised with your hand behind your head
    3. Afterwards, begin crunching syllables by extending your elbow and your foot towards the sky
    4. After reaching the peak, squeeze your abs and love handles together before slowly lowering yourself back down to the ground

    Overpasses for the Crab Bridge

    1. Begin in the crab bridge position, with your hands and feet flat on the floor, knees bent, and your hips lifted off the ground
    2. then, repeat.
    3. Begin by raising your hips off the ground and then reaching up and across your body with one arm
    4. Toss your body around while twisting your hand
    5. Once you’ve returned to the beginning point, repeat the same on the other side.

    Band Twists

    1. You’ll need a band that’s around chest height away from you to do this workout for love handles.
    2. While gripping the band, keep your arms out stretched in front of your chest.
    3. Then, while maintaining your abs firm, begin to rotate your body away from the anchoring point.
    4. Then bring yourself back to your starting position and repeat the same on the opposite side.

    Ball Twists

    1. Assume a supine position on an exercise ball with your upper back supported by the ball, knees bent, and feet flat on the floor
    2. You can lift a weight, such as a medicine ball or a dumbbell, and hold it over your head.
    3. Then, by bringing the dumbbell to one side of your body, slowly begin to rotate your torso.
    4. Keep your website up and running, and when you reach the finish, bring it back up to the beginning point before repeating the process on the opposite side.

    Pallof Press

    1. Create an anchoring point around chest height away from you by wrapping a band around it.
    2. Hold the band out in front of you with your arms straight from your upper torso, your arms stretched away from you.
    3. In order for you to feel the band as you stretch your arms, make sure there is sufficient tension in it.
    4. While participating in this activity, maintain control over your hunger and your body.
    5. Simply move the band away from your chest in a back and forth motion. Try everything you can to resist the impulse to press her body closer to the anchoring point.

    Kick Outs

    1. In the push-up posture, with your hands in the shoulders and both feet together, begin your workout.
    2. Then, starting with your outer leg below your body, continue to spin to the side of your body.
    3. At the conclusion of the movement, strive to contact her hand on the other side of the total
    4. Afterwards, raise yourself back to the unique posture and repeat on the other side.
    What is the cause of love handles?
    • The reason you have love handles is that you have an excessive amount of fat on your body, and your body prefers to retain it in this location.
    • Having a high body fat percentage increases your chances of developing love handles by a factor of several hundred percent.
    • Our bodies have evolved to store surplus energy for future use, and many of us have a tendency to store this excess energy in the areas around our waists and love handles.
    Can you get rid of love handles by running?

    The act of jogging will undoubtedly assist to reduce the look of your love handles, but it will be difficult to get rid of them for good. You’ll also need to reduce your body fat percentage by increasing the amount of muscle you have on your body. When paired with jogging, several of the workouts listed above will assist to tone and slim down your love handles even further.

    The Last Word
    • When you’re performing these workouts for love handles, keep in mind that you’re also trying to lower your general body fat percentage as well.
    • The most effective strategy to shed general body fat is to follow a healthy diet and engage in fat-burning exercises.
    • Check out The Flat Belly Formula for the most effective method of losing stubborn body fat rapidly so that you may get rid of your love handles as soon as possible.
    • Then all you have to do is use these workouts to help you lose weight around your love handles and lower back.
    • If you stick to a healthy diet and exercise routine, you’ll be able to lose weight and shrink down your muffin top much more quickly than you think.

    You now have a better understanding of the best workouts for love handles, and it’s time to put them into action in order to lose weight and achieve the results you desire.Josh has a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition Science from the University of Arizona.The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) has certified him as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).As a Strength and Conditioning Coach, he has experience working at both the high school and collegiate levels.He has more than ten years of experience working as a personal trainer and nutritionist.

    1. Also, he is the author of the book The Flat Belly Formula.
    2. Through food and exercise, he aims to be able to provide inspiration and results to others all over the globe who want to live a better lifestyle.
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    How to Get Rid of Love Handles for Women (No More Muffin Top)

    • As a woman seeking to eliminate your love handles, you can be certain that the solution is far more straightforward than you may expect.
    • I understand that losing your love handles might seem like the last thing on your mind, but there is still hope for you.
    • Even if you may have dropped a significant amount of weight, this does not imply that your love handles have disappeared as well.
    • Getting rid of love handles might be one of the most difficult parts of the body to lose weight from when you’re attempting to reduce weight.
    • However, the majority of people approach losing their love handles in the wrong way.

    Then they are disappointed when they do not see any outcomes as a consequence of their efforts.It might be discouraging to observe progress on the rest of your body while remaining stuck with problem areas such as those pesky love handles.In addition to this, it’s true that spot reduction isn’t a particularly efficient approach of getting rid of your love handles.However, there are several strategies you may employ to more effectively target resistant fat.I understand that it may seem like your love handles will never go away, but I can tell you that if you follow the approach outlined here, you will see results much sooner than you expect simply by following these easy procedures.

    1. Women’s physiology changes as they grow older, and they tend to retain more of their fat in their abdomen and love handles (1).
    2. Because of this precise reason, it is considerably more difficult to get rid of stubborn fat around your waistline and love handles.
    3. Because your body prefers to retain more of your excess fat in this area, it appears that whatever fat you carry on your body will be directed to your bothersome love handles rather than anywhere else.
    4. The explanation for this is that women have evolved to carry a greater amount of fat than males.
    5. When you stop to think about it, women require higher nutritional reserves in order to nurture a newborn and children (2).
    6. The women who were better suited to carrying fat on their bodies were far more likely to survive and pass on their DNA as a result of this throughout evolutionary history.

    And it is for this reason that women nowadays are more likely than men to retain excess fat, despite the fact that it is strongly against their preferences.While many women carry fat in their hips, buttocks, and thighs, it can also be problematic in the abdomen and love handles of certain women.Back fat and cellulite are also among the most challenging regions for women to deal with.

    It is unfortunate because having excess visceral fat is associated with major health problems such as heart disease and diabetes (3,4).The majority of women are less prone than males to accumulate visceral fat.Women are more likely than males to retain fat in the form of subcutaneous fat, which is fat that is located directly beneath the skin (5).

    1. Your genetics will also play a significant role in determining where fat will be deposited on your body.
    2. It is far more probable that you will have extra fat stored on your stomach and love handles if you have an apple-shaped body structure.
    3. This will make it more difficult for you to remove obstinate love handles, but it does not rule out the possibility of success in the long run.
    4. If you’re a male, go here to learn about the most effective techniques to get rid of love handles.

    The Reason Why You Can’t Get Rid of Your Love Handles

    • In other words, the major reason you haven’t been able to eliminate your love handles even if you have dropped weight is because you still have an excessive amount of body fat on your body.
    • You would think this is obvious, but if you were able to reduce your body fat any further, you would be able to permanently eliminate those pesky love handles from your body.
    • When most people strive to lose weight, they simply reduce their caloric intake and increase their physical activity.
    • As of right now, this is beneficial for weight loss, but it is only somewhat efficient for decreasing your body fat levels up to a certain amount.
    • If you want to lose weight and reduce your body fat, you’ll have to do more than just reduce your calorie intake and increase your exercise.

    The majority of individuals are already aware that you cannot always target certain target regions on your body for weight loss (6).This is due to the fact that your body does not use the same parts of your body to burn fat and grow muscle at the same time.If you still have a lot of weight to lose, you should first concentrate on getting rid of the majority of the fat that is currently on your body before attempting to target stubborn fat more precisely.And, in order to more effectively target the stubborn fat on your love handles, I’d recommend including the following techniques into your routine.

    Get Your Hormones Right

    • One of the most important reasons you are unable to lose stubborn fat is that your hormones are not adjusted for fat burning.
    • The most straightforward and apparent method of controlling your hormones is to regulate your diet.
    • In the event that your body receives an excessive amount of insulin, your body will accumulate additional extra body fat (7).
    • Moreover, the most effective strategy to regulate your insulin levels and keep them low is to likewise control your blood glucose levels.
    • The most effective strategy to regulate your blood sugar and keep it on the lower end is to avoid starchy, processed, and refined carbs altogether (8).

    Sugar and artificial sweeteners are included in this category because they can both raise your blood sugar and insulin levels.You may also lose weight by engaging in intermittent fasting, which will assist to enhance insulin levels in your body as a side effect.According to research, persons who practice intermittent fasting see changes in their insulin response (9).Your body will be far more likely to utilise fat for energy when your insulin levels are low, as opposed to storing it in your body.You may obtain a copy of my Food List Cheat Sheet, which contains a list of my approved and suggested flat belly meals.

    1. It will also be necessary to regulate your cortisol levels in order to reduce your abdominal fat and love handles.
    2. In the event that you are persistently stressed out or do not get enough sleep, your body will produce excessive levels of cortisol.
    3. Numerous studies have found a relationship between elevated cortisol levels and increases in abdomen obesity in women (10).
    4. Begin by enhancing the quality of your sleep in order to naturally reduce stress levels.
    5. Make an effort to get 7-8 hours of decent sleep each night.
    6. Afterwards, take whatever steps are necessary to keep yourself as relaxed as possible during the day.

    I know it’s easier said than done, but even the smallest actions, such as taking a short stroll or taking a little afternoon sleep, may make a significant difference.You may also try taking some CBD oil to assist decrease your stress level and fall asleep more quickly and deeply at night.If you have any thyroid issues, it’s important to concentrate on having them resolved as well.

    It is possible to have an out-of-control thyroid that will wreck havoc on your body, causing it to retain extra fat (11).You will, however, be better equipped to tackle the stubborn fat that is holding you back once your thyroid has been corrected and brought under control.

    Exercises to Get Rid of Love Handles for Women

    • Even if you cannot spot decrease particular portions of your body using traditional ways, this does not rule out the possibility of women using these activities to tone the area in question.
    • You’ll be able to employ these best workouts for love handles to tone and shape your love handles once your body fat has been reduced to a healthy level.
    • This will assist in making them more defined and preventing them from bulging out.
    • If you want to enhance the amount of fat you burn throughout your workouts, I highly recommend combining these exercises with high-intensity interval training.
    • For example, you could race on the treadmill for 40 seconds and then jump off and perform some side planks for 20 seconds on each side of the treadmill.

    Alternatively, you can do your cardio exercise if you prefer, but if you want to lose weight quickly, I recommend doing intense exercises such as high-intensity interval training, metabolic resistance training, and Afterburn effect workouts to burn more fat off your body while maintaining your lean muscle mass to help tone things up faster.If you just increase your aerobic activity, you may lose more weight, but you will also lose some muscle at the same time.Furthermore, as previously said, if your body fat percentage stays high, you will continue to have love handles even if you are reducing weight.

    Diet Tips to Lose Love Handles for Women

    • If you’re a woman, simply managing your calories isn’t going to be enough to get rid of your love handles.
    • Instead, you must eliminate the items that are causing you to retain extra fat in the first place as well.
    • To do this, you must reduce the amount of carbohydrates you consume and obtain most of your carbohydrates from veggies such as kale, spinach, Swiss chard, and broccoli.
    • Processed foods, refined carbohydrates, sugar, vegetable oils, and excessive alcohol should all be avoided in your diet since they will lead you to accumulate more fat in your body than you would otherwise.
    • Increase your protein intake because studies have shown that it is significantly more effective for fat reduction (12).

    Don’t be concerned about a high-fat diet causing kidney damage because this is a complete fiction (13).A high-protein diet can aid in the development of lean, toned muscle in your body, which will also help to reduce your body fat percentage (14).Don’t be scared to incorporate some healthy fats into your diet as well.They will assist to fill out your stomach, allowing you to feel fuller for a longer period of time (15).Furthermore, they will assist you in maintaining better control over your blood sugar levels.

    1. To lose your love handles, make sure you’re consuming lots of water while dieting and exercising.
    2. According to studies, the more water people drink when dieting, the more weight they are able to shed (16).
    3. Furthermore, if you have some water in your stomach, you will be less likely to feel hungry all of the time as well.
    4. Check out The Flat Belly Formula for a comprehensive eating program that can help you lose your love handles and belly fat.
    How do love handles go away?
    • To summarize, if you have reduced your overall body fat to the point where the obstinate fat in your love handles disappears, your love handles will finally go.
    • Obviously, this varies from person to person and is dependent on how much weight you need to shed in the first place.
    • For the majority of women, it’s preferable to get their body fat down into the teens, or even lower, in order to start seeing some noticeable effects with their love handles.
    • Observing and according to the strategy shown here, you will be able to reduce your body fat percentage to the point where your love handles will no longer be an issue.
    The Last Word

    It comes down to this: if you’re a woman, getting rid of your love handles is all about decreasing your body fat percentage.And this can be difficult considering that women have been genetically programmed to accumulate extra fat at a higher rate than males.However, by following the tactics outlined in this article, you will be able to reduce your body fat more quickly.Then, once you’ve reduced your overall body fat, you’ll be able to say goodbye to your love handles for good.Reduce the amount of time you spend on aerobic exercises such as running and cycling when exercising.Increase your high-intensity exercise and mix it with carefully targeted activities to help you lose weight and tone your love handles even faster.

    Then, if you begin dieting by eliminating poor carbohydrates from your diet and increasing your protein intake, you will be preparing your body for the nutrients it requires to lose body fat rapidly.In the end, but certainly not least, your hormones play an important part in determining how much fat your body is willing to burn off.Having a hormonal imbalance can cause your body to persistently hang onto fat in difficult locations such as your love handles.

    1. Nevertheless, once you get your hormones under control, your body will swiftly begin to burn fat from difficult parts of the body.
    2. Now that you’ve learned how to get rid of love handles for women, it’s time to put your newfound knowledge into action so you may lose weight and trim down that muffin top faster than you ever imagined.
    3. Josh has a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition Science from the University of Arizona.
    • The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) has certified him as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).
    • As a Strength and Conditioning Coach, he has experience working at both the high school and collegiate levels.
    • He has more than ten years of experience working as a personal trainer and nutritionist.
    • Also, he is the author of the book The Flat Belly Formula.
    1. Through food and exercise, he aims to be able to provide inspiration and results to others all over the globe who want to live a better lifestyle.

    What Is a ″Muffin Top″ and How Do I Get Rid of It?

    There’s a good chance you’ve heard someone moan about their ″muffin top″ at some point.Unfortunately, they aren’t referring to the perfectly-crusty top of a blueberry muffin or a pumpkin muffin here.Instead, it’s more probable that the ″muffin top″ in issue refers to a frequent problem region around the stomach, which includes what many people refer to as ″love handles.″ This article will explain what creates this persistent abdominal fat and what you can do to avoid it.

    What Is a Muffin Top?

    It is common terminology to refer to an accumulation of fat around the stomach, just above the hips, as a ″muffin top.″ The additional fat may pour out over the waistband of tight-fitting jeans — ″exactly like a muffin above the paper cup,″ notes Robert Ziltzer, M.D., FACP, FAAP, obesity medicine physician and writer of ″Chasing Diets,″ who describes how this happens.According to Ziltzer, there are two forms of belly fat that might contribute to a muffin top: subcutaneous fat (the soft, pinchable fat immediately below the skin) and visceral fat (the fat that is stored deep inside the abdominal cavity) (a deeper layer of fat that surrounds the abdominal organs).

    See also:  How To Frost Two Layer Cake?

    What Causes a Muffin Top?

    A number of factors can increase the likelihood of developing a bulge in the belly, including:


    ″Muffin tops″ are manufactured in the same way as genuine muffins are produced in the kitchen.Making a habit of eating too many calories every day can lead to fat storage around the midsection, so make sure you are burning more calories than you are consuming, advises Brittany Noel Robles, M.D., M.P.H, CPT, an OBGYN and NASM-certified personal trainer.″If you are eating too many calories every day, it can lead to fat storage around the midsection,″ she says.


    According to Ziltzer, your genetics impact how and where you retain fat. While you have no control over your genes, exercise and a balanced diet can assist you in losing weight.


    Anxiety, anxiety, and despair can all contribute to the development of stomach rolls.According to Abby Nouis, an ACSM-certified personal trainer and facility director at QuickHIT Fitness in Madison, WI.″Stress causes the production of cortisol in your body, which instructs your body to hang on to that fat, particularly around your waist,″ she explains.Stress can also lead to binge eating, which can contribute to weight gain in the long run.

    Lack of exercise

    If you aren’t burning off as many calories as you consume, those additional calories will almost certainly end up in your midsection. Whether you favor high-intensity interval training (HIIT), barre, dance, or boxing, make sure you’re getting your body moving every day.

    Not enough sleep

    According to recent research, a shorter sleep duration is connected with a higher body mass index, a larger waist circumference, and more subcutaneous fat accumulation.The lack of sleep has an impact on your hunger, desires, and mood, according to Nouis, and it can also impair your drive to exercise, she adds.Relaxing with meditation or stretching before bed might assist you in getting a good night’s sleep.

    Can I Lose My Muffin Top?

    Yes, but it will take time and effort on your part as well.The muffin top can be lost, according to Robles, who believes it is doable.″However, it is not a solution that can be implemented immediately.″ It is not viable to target fat reduction in specific problem regions of the body.However, when you decrease total body fat, you’ll see a reduction in the size of your stomach.As a result, Robles believes that the most effective weight-loss strategy is a multi-channel approach that targets the controllable contributing elements, such as nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress reduction.Preserving a balanced diet and getting the right amount of calories is essential.

    Nouis advocates eating a variety of nutrient-dense vegetables, such as broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, spinach, and cauliflower, in addition to a sufficient amount of protein.Last but not least, remember to take care of yourself.Healthy stress management techniques can help you lower cortisol levels in your body and sleep better at night, both of which can help you avoid gaining weight and losing your waistline (or muffin top).

    Say Good-Bye to Your Love Handles – Fitness Center – Everyday Health

    Despite the fact that they’re referred to by cutesy terms such as muffin tops and love handles, no one like the roll of fat that protrudes from the waistband of their trousers and destroys the sleek line of exercise clothing, clinging sweater, and fitted shirts that they’ve spent a lot of money on.Certified personal trainer Jason Keigher CSCS, CPT, who works with clients in New York City, says that ″love handles″ are one of the most prevalent reasons individuals exercise and employ a personal trainer.It is frequently after a punishing abdominal workout including thousands of crunches that people seek the assistance of a fitness professional out of frustration.″The majority of individuals believe that practicing crunches would help them lose their love handles, but this is incorrect,″ explains Keigher.When done correctly, crunches can help to tone muscles, however the difficulty is that love handles are devoid of any significant muscle.He explains that they are overweight, and that in order to lose weight, they must follow a balanced diet and participate in a tough cardiovascular program.

    In Sylvia Nasser’s experience as a certified personal trainer on Long Island, N.Y., she claims that if you work your body correctly, you will notice benefits.Continue reading to find out how to lose weight.

    Getting Rid of Love Handles: Your Strategy

    The total strategy, according to Nasser, should include 30 to 45 minutes of cardio three to four times a week, strength training (including the exercises below) two to three times a week, and one day of rest per week to allow your body to develop muscle.In addition, she adds that a diversity of cardio activities will be the most successful – don’t limit yourself to only the elliptical or a few spinning sessions.Getting caught in a cardio regimen might result in a stagnation in performance.As an alternative, you should continue to challenge different muscle groups.She also believes that high-intensity interval training regimens are more effective at burning fat than exercising at a constant pace throughout your workout.Alternate two minutes at your normal pace with one minute at a quicker speed on the treadmill, for example.

    Your initial objectives will be to lose weight and cut down the excess fat on your body.Following that — or at the very least making substantial progress — you may begin to tone the muscles behind your love handles.As you burn fat and raise your metabolism as a result of increasing your muscle mass, the excess padding will gradually disappear.

    1. Before you begin, Keigher offers a word of warning for ladies who may be suffering from diastasis recti, which is a midline split in the abdominal muscles around the bellybutton and is typically a post-pregnancy issue.
    2. Check with a doctor and a trainer to see if there are any options for correcting the diastasis, and then receive their approval before beginning this sort of abdominal training.

    Ab Workout: Kiss Love Handles Goodbye

    • Make the following five workouts a part of your plan to reduce waist and hip circumference: Keigher recommends the following exercise: ″Bicycle crunches will train your internal and external obliques, as well as your rectus abdominis,″ he explains. Place your hands behind your head without interlacing your fingers while lying on your back with your legs bent. Lifting your chin a little bit can help.
    • Twist your left arm such that your left elbow points toward your right knee while extending your left leg
    • Extend the opposite leg, rotating such that your right elbow goes toward your left knee
    • pull one leg back in and the other out.
    • Work your way up to three sets of 25 repetitions each.
    • Secondly, stand with your feet about hip-width apart and perform standing trunk twists.
    • Keep your hips and legs facing forward as you twist to the right, extending your left arm out to the right (as if you were punching someone).
    • Attempt to twist in the other way (to the left), extending your right arm out in a left-handed punch.
    • Attempt to complete 100 repetitions.
    • 3. Twisting Legs While Lying Down Lie down on your back with your arms extended out to the sides and your hands flat on your yoga mat, and breathe in and out.
    • Lift your legs and bend your knees so that your calves are parallel to the floor and your thighs make a 90-degree angle with your torso
    • repeat on other side.
    • Continue to lower both legs together to one side until your outer right thigh meets the ground on the right side, while keeping the 90-degree angle
    • Bringing them back to the middle and then lowering them to the opposite side till your outside left thigh hits the ground
    • Work your way up to three sets of 25 repetitions each.
    • Nasser notes that side planks ″strengthen your core, both in the front and the back,″ as well as your shoulders and arms. Lie down on your right side with your elbow resting on the floor
    • Extend your legs straight out in front of you, with your feet stacked. Ideally, the outside edge of your right foot should be on the ground.
    • Maintain a straight line with your body by engaging your core (you can modify it by putting your right knee down on the floor if you need support). Hold for 20 to 30 seconds, or even longer if you have the ability
    • Completely prostrate yourself on the floor and exchange sides
    • Lift the upper leg and hold it up such that it does not come into contact with the bottom leg for an extra difficulty.
    • Holding each side for about 30 seconds, perform four or five reps, increasing the number of reps as your strength grows.
    • 5. Russian Twists while seated Sit on the ground with your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground
    • Lie down with your arms out in front of you and your hands squeezed together
    • Lean back about 45 degrees to have a better view. Twist your body to the left in a steady, controlled motion to finish. Return to the center of the room and twist to the right. A whole rep should take roughly 20 seconds, therefore that’s one rep completed in 20 seconds. Take a deep breath, and then repeat. Start with four to five reps and increase the number of reps as your strength increases.
    • Lifting your feet off the floor while performing this exercise will provide an additional challenge.

    According to Nasser, you shouldn’t have to wait for results for too long. Your love handles will begin to melt away within a few weeks if you eat a nutritious, low-fat diet, exercise regularly, and consume more calories than you burn. You should also incorporate cardio and abdominal workouts into your routine.

    Six ways to beat your muffin top in two weeks

    These suggestions may be able to assist you in losing a little amount of excess weight before Christmas Day arrives.Image courtesy of Getty Images The holiday season is well and truly upon us, and for many of us, this is the ideal time to shed our muffin tops in order to slip into our bathing suits and to the beach for the weekend.However, for many of us, it is time to crack open a cold one, eat grilled cuisine every weekend, and hope that someone will offer us another slice of toasted sourdough bread on Christmas Day!While this annual bout of excess tastes fantastic and feels great to let free while on vacation, it can also leave some people feeling anxious and fearful about the future.Some people experience a conflict of conscience when they choose to avoid going to the gym in favor of a relaxing weekend in the sun.Then, as the New Year approaches, there is a stampede of individuals signing up for gym memberships, with ‘conquer the bulge’ high on their list of new year’s objectives.

    It’s vital to remember that a couple of weeks of holiday delights and leisure are not the end of the world, and we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves for having indulged in such indulgences.However, there are certain things we can do to maintain our bodies healthy in the lead-up to the season, so that we feel joyful, fit, and in balance during the season.The Daily Mail interviewed nutritionist and personal trainer Julian Gaine of the UK-based start-up MealKitt, who gave his top advice for losing weight and getting rid of that muffin top just in time for the holidays.

    1. Drink more water

    We all know how much water is good for you, especially when it comes to weight reduction.But perhaps you aren’t getting enough information about how good water is for you.Water consumption reduces snacking, which is beneficial when attempting to lose weight because snacks are often heavy in empty calories and sugar.This is especially true for those aiming to lose weight around the stomach area, which is the first location sugar enters the body.Water also helps to wash out any junk from our cells, which may aid in the burning of fat and the speeding up of our metabolisms, so serving as yet another means of aiding in the loss of extra weight.

    2. Do some core workouts

    When it comes to getting rid of your muffin top, you should concentrate on core exercises such as abdominal crunches, oblique twists, and leg lifts, among others.It is important to maintain the strength of your core muscles since it will not only assist you in achieving that washboard stomach you’ve been longing for, but it will also improve your posture and provide you with more strength when performing other workouts such as jogging and walking.

    3. Monitor your portions

    One of the first things you should do is keep track of how much food you are eating at each meal.It is common for people to pour out their morning bowl of ‘healthy’ Granola without realizing that they are about to absorb half of their daily calorie intake without even realizing it.If you truly want to get rid of that muffin top as quickly as possible, consider adopting portion control equipment.Food preparation and portion control continue to be two of the most important reasons why we battle with weight management, as do our increasingly busy lives, which make it difficult to find the time to cook balanced and nutritious meals on a regular basis.

    4. Realise that stress is affecting your weight – and make relaxation a priority

    When focusing on your stomach area, it is critical to keep an eye on your stress levels, since elevated stress levels have been known to cause weight gain around the midsection.This is mostly due to the development of higher cortisol levels in the body, which causes fat to be removed from other regions of the body and deposited around the stomach.To avoid this, you should strive to de-stress in a conscious manner.Of course, this is difficult to do in the run-up to the holiday season when you’re trying to get everything ready for the big event, but you must make an effort to de-stress and take some time out for yourself.

    5. Consume fat-burners like green tea and avocado

    When attempting to target certain regions of your body, it is quite simple to become preoccupied with all of the things that you are unable to consume.There are a variety of meals that you should include on your plate in order to help you lose belly fat and get rid of the dreaded muffin top before the holiday season.You must plan your meals around items that help you lose weight by melting fat, such as avocado, almonds, green tea, yoghurt, berries, and plain water.Despite the fact that some of these foods are heavy in fat, they are also high in healthy fats, which can aid in weight loss when consumed in moderation since they assist you to feel filled for a longer period of time.


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