How To Make A Cake Sculpture?

This is the BEST vanilla sculpted cake recipe using AP flour that I have ever tried. It’s moist, tender crumb is great for using in wedding cakes or sculpted cakes and the flavor can easily be adapted to make custom flavors! Preheat oven to 350F and prepare two 8′ rounds with cake goop or preferred pan spray.

What is a sculpting cake?


We specialize in custom sculpted cakes, with all edible components, layers of cake and filling, artistically carved into whatever your heart desires. These cakes are covered in fondant to express realistic texture and aspects, and there is a layer of buttercream adhering this to your cake.

How do you shape a cake without it falling apart?

Freezing also allows you not only to bake the cakes in advance but also to carve more intricate shapes without the cake crumbling and falling apart. How hard your cake freezes depends on the settings of your freezer. It may be necessary to let your cake defrost slightly before attempting to carve.

How do you support a sphere cake?

Dowel – one way to support your cake when weight is a concern would be to dowel the cake. While doweling is a great option – the base of the cake is pretty small so you usually end up making a three-quarter ball just so you can dowel it.

What do you call a cake tin with a hole in the middle?

Advertisement. A bundt cake tin is ring-shaped with a hole in the middle, which is designed to ensure the cake bakes evenly. Most bundt cake tins are moulded with designs, too, typically swirly or fluted, to give your cake wow factor.

How do you make a store bought cake into a masterpiece?

10 Hacks to turn a store-bought cake into a masterpiece

  1. Remove the tacky stuff. Image: A Practical Wedding.
  2. Keep a stash of unique decor on hand. Image: Etsy.
  3. Add your own icing.
  4. Add fresh fruit.
  5. Coat it in ganache.
  6. Cover it in candy.
  7. Write a message.
  8. Top it with toys.

How can I decorate cake at home?

Cake smoother/scraper: For smoothing frosting and making decorative markings and patterns.

  1. 01 of 06. Freeze Your Cakes. The Spruce / Leah Maroney.
  2. 02 of 06. Use a Cake Turntable. ptasha / Getty Images.
  3. 03 of 06. Level Your Cakes.
  4. 04 of 06. Apply a Crumb Coat.
  5. 05 of 06. Applying the Frosting.
  6. 06 of 06. Practice Piping.

What is an example of a sculpture?

Karim: When you think of a sculpture, you might think of Anthony Gormley’s ‘Angel of the North’ Karim: Or you might think of the lions that guard Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square. Karim: And these are great examples, but that’s not the whole story.

How do you teach children to design 3D sculptures?

Ask your pupils to consider which 3D shapes are included in their designs e.g. a head could be made from a spherical shape. Demonstrate to the children how they can use tools to join parts of their sculptures together. Allow the children time to create their sculptures and remind them that if they need to they can re-roll the icing and start again!

Sculpted Cakes — Celebrating Life Cake Boutique

In our minds, cake sculpting allows for virtually any design to be realized.We specialize in custom sculpted cakes, which include all edible components, layers of cake and filling, and are skillfully carved into whatever shape or design you wish.Each of these cakes is covered with fondant to provide a realistic texture and appearance, and a coating of buttercream is used to hold it all together.What is the flavor of fondant like?It is a highly sweet sugar dough that is sometimes compared to the flavor of marshmallows.

When cured, it may be rolled out flat to cover cakes or shaped into 3-D shapes to create decorative elements.If your guests don’t care for it, they may just remove it off of the cake when it’s served.Children frequently enjoy it because of its sweetness, however fondant is normally used to decorate cakes for their appearance rather than their flavor.Prices are determined on the intricacy of the design and the quantity of servings required.The majority of sculpted cakes start at $125 and go up from there.

  • For example, a life-size shoebox that can serve 22 people and has a life-size fondant high heel on top starts at $175 and can serve up to 22 guests.
  • In most cases, two weeks notice is necessary; contact for a price estimate.

Carving cakes – tips from cake decorating expert Lindy Smith

Having a cake that has the proper form is essential to any successful cake design. If you are averse to cake cutting, as some people are, you will be limited to only the most fundamental shapes. Nonetheless, with a little bit of confidence and a sharp knife, it is completely feasible to sculpt a shape from a cake that may transform the ordinary into the spectacular and vice versa.

Having the correct cake

When attempting to carve a cake, it is critical that you select a recipe that is dense enough to allow for successful carving.I prefer to use flavoured Madeira or a high-quality chocolate cake for this occasion.Other recipes, on the other hand, are effective as well, so experiment with your favorites.Do not try a carved cake with a light, fluffy sponge that is too light.Naturally, it will taste good, but it will be quite tough to carve and may even collapse under the weight of the sugarpaste once it is all covered!

To fill or not to fill!

It is not essential to stuff the cakes with fillings.However, I have discovered that many customers like their cakes filled with jam and/or flavoured buttercream rather than plain buttercream.To make a filling, divide the cake into a number of horizontal layers and fill each layer with your favorite filling.To get the greatest results when carving cakes, only thin layers of filling should be used; heavy layers have the tendency to make the cake more unstable and hence less appropriate for cutting.Also, resist the temptation to place jam and buttercream on the same layer because this would cause the top layer to slip, making the cake wobbly and causing it to fall.


Tips for carving cakes:

Sharp knife:

The use of a broad, sharp pastry knife while slicing cakes is absolutely essential for a successful result. If you use a dull knife, it can be time-consuming and the cuts you produce may not be as clean as you would want. It is also possible that portions of the cake can come away as you are carving, which, while they can be mended, is not ideal.

Freezing cake:

The ability to correctly cut a partially frozen cake is far greater than the ability to successfully carve a fresh cake.Freezing also allows you to not only bake the cakes ahead of time, but also cut more detailed figures into the cakes without the cake cracking and disintegrating apart throughout the process.The temperature at which your cake freezes is determined by the settings on your freezer.Depending on how frozen your cake is, it may be necessary to allow it to thaw slightly before carving it.


The precision with which you must slice a cake will be determined by the form you desire.When it comes to a handbag, its organic design means it doesn’t have to be perfect and symmetrical at the same time.It will be necessary to be more precise while making a wonky type cake, for example.Interested in being carefully led through the carving process?Contact us now.

Come and learn how to carve with me.For further information, please see our Learn with Lindy page.Over the years, I have taught a variety of carving courses, ranging from basic hearts to fancy purses, trendy cats, and my world-famous wonky cakes.So why not treat yourself while also learning some essential carving skills in the process?Lindy sends her best wishes.

  • ‘Bringing world-class sugarcraft into the comfort of your own home’ Award-winning, best-selling author and sugarcraft artist, who enjoys designing beautiful, colorful cakes, inspiring others, teaching others, and supplying you with wonderful items, is based in New York City.

How to make a Perfect Sphere Cake Ever Single Time

It is possible to make a beautiful spherical cake, but it is difficult and time-consuming without the proper technique and process.With the aid of this post, you will learn how to pick one of three ways I use to bake excellent spherical cakes every time, each of which has its own advantages.You can make any size cake you want, and it will turn out perfectly each and every time.Who doesn’t despise the process of manufacturing spherical cakes?I used to do it!

In the beginning, I was perplexed as to how everyone else seemed to be able to get such an exact sphere except for me…No matter what I did, it would all come to a head at some point.Not quite as flawless as you may think!For starters, practicing is beneficial, but using the proper technique for the appropriate cake will be far more beneficial.What exactly do I mean by this?

  • I’ll explain more as we get through this topic.
  • This is going to be a lengthy post, so bear with me.
  • If you know who I am, you will know that I will tell you all I know until I have tired myself and you both are spent.
  • Yes, I understand!
  • Not everyone is amused by the lengthy post, but the majority is.
  • So feel free to skip over anything that doesn’t appeal to you.

A few important tips to make a perfect sphere cake

  • A recipe – certainly, it is important to have a recipe that is not too soft to work with. A butter-based cake is preferred since it will firm up when chilled, making it easier for you to work with.. I’ve provided you with the recipes for both my vanilla and chocolate sphere cakes.
  • It doesn’t matter how dense your cake is, if you live in a warm climate, the chances of the bottom cake and icing becoming soft are greater. What happens if the bottom layer of the cake turns mushy? It will not be able to support the weight of the upper portion. I believe you are aware of the rest
  • The use of dowels to support your cake when the weight of the cake is a problem is an option. While doweling is a fantastic choice, the base of the cake is so little that you generally wind up producing a three-quarter ball just to be able to dowel it in the first place. Right?
  • Use a different basis for your sphere cake instead of cake, which is, of course, another approach to increase the stability of your sphere cake. For example, the bottom one-third of your cake may contain rice Krispy treats or whipped cream foam. Yes, there is a form. This is especially true if you have a large cake since the foam provides an excellent bottom.

Support options to make a perfect sphere cake

  • There is no dowel. For cakes for my children, this is normally the strategy I use while I’m putting them together. It’s quick, simple, and requires little effort. As long as the cake will not have to be left out for an extended period of time. However, if I’m baking a cake for a customer, the cake will often need to stay stable for a longer period of time. The majority of the time, I finish my cake a couple hours before the customer is scheduled to pick it up. In addition, the cake is often picked up by the customer a few hours before the celebration actually takes place. As a businessperson, you must take these considerations into consideration in order to avoid a last-minute mishap that might jeopardize your reputation. As a result, in such situations, I will almost always choose one of the choices listed below
  • With the help of Dowels
  • As previously said, the foundation is little, therefore you will need to cut a small piece of the bottom cake and set a small cake board on top of it. This is a simple method for making a ball cake in a short amount of time. It is effective in favorable weather, but it is not a complete solution. It’s more like a three-quarter ball than anything else. It also works great if you want to build anything like a teapot or a wagon, among other things.
  • Rice Krispy Treats (also known as Rice Krispies Treats)
  • If you want a whole ball effect, this is a fantastic alternative to consider. Because the rice Krispy treats are firm, the cake’s base tends to hold up much better under the weight of the cake. You may recall this Cinderella Carriage Cake Tutorial from a while back. The carriage was made out of a spherical cake, which I baked myself. Rice Krispy treats serve as the sphere’s foundation at the bottom.

Styrofoam is a kind of foam.If you have a large ball cake, this is the greatest alternative for you.Neither dowels nor Rice Krispy treats, of course, will work in this situation.The bottom 13 of this Barcelona ball is made of foam.As a result of the 8-inch size and the fact that it was baked in the heat of summer.

In this atmosphere, there is no way I would be able to do the task any other way.

Do I need a ball pan?

Both yes and no!A ball pan is not always a terrible idea in all situations.They are not costly, and you can use them to make not only a ball of cake, but a variety of different cakes that are spherical in shape as well.Alternatively, I’m sure you have stainless steel bowls or Pyrex bowls that are the same shape as a half-sphere in your kitchen cabinet already.Bake two of those and use them in the same way that I did in this post.

A perfect sphere cake with just a cake board and some dowels

  • Make your cake in two half-ball pans
  • this will save you time and effort.
  • Allow cakes to cool fully before cutting off the domes and torting the halves if desired.
  • Using form core or something similar, create two little cake circles or boards. One is about 2 inches in diameter for the bottom of the cake, and the other is roughly an inch less in diameter than the broadest circumference of the ball’s circumference. This will be in the centre of the table for further stability. My ball pan is a 6″ round in this case. As a result, my form core circle is 5 inches in diameter.
  • Using the same ball pan that you used to bake the cake, line the pan with plastic wrap or cling wrap so that the icing doesn’t freeze to the pan during baking
  • 2 inches away from the bottom of the base, place a tiny round board on its side.
  • Now, in the ball pan, layer the cake, alternating between layers of cake and icing
  • You should have two half spheres, similar to the ones seen below.

Chill for 10 mins then continue

  • Dowel the bottom spherical together with bubble tea straws or something like. The one with the 2-inch base
  • the one with the tiny base
  • The dowels must be close to one another in order for them to fit within the 2-inch base.
  • After that, spread a thin layer of icing over the dowels and place the second cake circle (the 5-inch one) on top of it.
  • According to the illustration above, I have two half spheres: the bottom one with dowels and a centerboard, and the top one with simply cake and icing.
  • Fill up any gaps between the two spheres with frosting, and then set the top sphere on top of the bottom sphere.
  • If the frosting is higher than the pan, it should be used. As a result, there is no space between the two spheres. eliminate any extraneous matter
  • When the ball pan is assembled, there should be no gap between the top half and bottom half, resulting in a flawless ball. Any space between the spheres will result in an oval shape rather than a spherical.
  • Refrigerate the cake in the pan for a couple of hours to ensure that it is lovely and firm.
  • Once the pans have been cold, carefully lift them up and remove the plastic wrap.
  • Your beautiful spherical cake should now be ready to be frosted with buttercream or ganache, and then covered with fondant.
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A perfect sphere cake using  Rice Krispy treats as a base

  • In this video, you will learn how simple it is to create Rice Krispy treats using simply melted marshmallows and Rice Krispy treats. In my post – Rice Krispy Treats in Cake Decorating – I’ve included the recipes as well as a lot of other information. As a result, I’ll skim through the fundamentals. Using a microwave-safe bowl, melt the marshmallows.
  • Mix in the Rice Krispy treats until everything is well-combined.
  • Using your hands, press the goodies into the bottom of a ball pan to form the shape of the ball pan.
  • Alternatively, if you intend to include a central dowel in your cake, create a hole in the middle now (a hole added later may result in fractures)
  • In order for the Rice Krispy treats to become firm and hard, place the pan with the goodies in the refrigerator.
  • Continue with the same procedure as I described above once the Rice Krispy treats have firmed up.
  • Using both pans, layer the cake and icing until you have two half
  • set aside.
  • Then, as previously, lay the top sphere on top of the bottom sphere and chill until firm.
  • Remove the cake from the oven when it is completely cool, unwrap it, and finish icing the cake.

A perfect sphere cake using a foam base

  • If you want to use foam as a basis, cut a foam ball the same size as your cake and set it aside. These may be found at any arts and crafts store in your neighborhood. Although these are not food-safe, we will wrap the base with aluminum foil before using them. Make a cut along the bottom of the ball. Depending on the size of your cake, I’d recommend using between 13 and 12 of the ball
  • I used one-third of the ball for an 8-inch ball
  • I’d use one-half of the ball if the cake was larger.
  • Make a cake circle that is the same size as your foam basis once you have cut out the foam base.
  • Using hot glue, attach the two pieces together. (As shown in the image above)
  • After that, cover the entire item in aluminum foil to make it food-safe.
  • A central dowel is required for a huge ball cake, not just for stability, but also to make it simpler to deal with.
  • Place a central dowel through the foam and
  • stack the cake and icing on the cake board (big ball cakes do not require cake pans)

You remember the pumpkin cake?

In this pumpkin cake, I also utilized a spherical cake, which was a first for me!However, I kept it basic by omitting the dowel and the support.Because it was produced during the winter.In this video tutorial on how to create pumpkin cake, you can see some of the steps in the process of making the cake.I have to admit that I have learnt a great deal the hard way.

Because everyone shows you a flawless spherical cake, but no one informs you about the small nuances that are necessary to create that perfect sphere cake.It’s the little things that you only learn by doing them yourself.I’ve learnt a great deal about these cakes over my brief professional stint as a cake designer.I hope that this post will be of use to you while making your next spherical cake.Please feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments section below, and I will do my best to respond to them.

  • Did you find this article/tutorial to be helpful?
  • Please make it a priority.
  • Don’t forget to put it aside for later use.
  • Additionally, a compilation of my instructions and recipes may be found on my Pinterest board.
  • More information may be found by following me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Of course, make sure to subscribe to my blog so that you can receive my instructions and recipes by email as they become available.

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The best bundt cake tins tried and tested

Bundt cake pans are quite popular in the United States, and there is a vast range of forms to choose from.Currently, they are rising in popularity in the United Kingdom, thanks to a large number of bundt cake recipes available on the internet, including our very own bundt cake recipes, of course.However, because the vast majority of those internet recipes will be in American units of measurement, you’ll need cups or the ability to convert cups to metric or imperial units of measurement.Nothing says you can’t use a traditional cake recipe; however, keep in mind that bundt cake pans are often larger than regular cake pans, so you may need to make some alterations.Continue reading to learn about our favorite bundt cake tins, and visit our reviews area to read reviews of anything from stand mixers to baking trays.

We also have over 200 buyer’s guides available in our reviews department.

Nordic Ware Crown Bundt® Pan

  • The best bundt cake pans for creating a wow factor Advantages: eye-catching outcomes
  • comprehensive directions

  • Expensive

This tin is so exquisitely constructed that it would be stunning as a serving dish as well.It’s no secret that Nordic Ware is the undisputed king of bundt cake tins (they even have a trademark on that phrase), and their packaging informs you a little about their history, including the fact that they were initially manufactured in the 1950s.It also comes with step-by-step instructions on how to use and care for the pan itself.Our crown-shaped pan came with a recipe for a delicious-sounding cinnamon swirl and toasted pecan bundt cake, as well as a link to the website where we could find many other recipes.However, (as may be expected considering that it is made in the United States), the recipes call for American measurements such as cups, as well as certain unusual components such as kosher salt.

There is also a Facebook page for the United Kingdom, which may be more user-friendly for those in the country.We prepared the cake tin by brushing it with melted butter and dusting it with flour, as advised, before pouring in our cake batter, which was a lemon zest and poppy seed bundt cake from the Nordic Ware website.After it was baked, we waited exactly 10 minutes before removing it from the oven.A few gentle shakes were required to bring the cake out, but it did so without a hitch.The cake’s intricacy, which included crisp peaks and a leaf-shaped design, was absolutely stunning and definitely a showstopper.

  • This one left a lasting impression on several of our guests!

Available from Royal Design (£38)

Le Creuset Kugelhopf cake tin

  • The best bundt cake tin for a get-together Advantages: Excellent condition
  • Lifetime warranty

  • Large capacity means adapting some recipes

In comparison to many of the other tins we examined, this Le Creuset tin is significantly larger in size.The chocolate and almond marbled bundt cake recipe called for additional batter, or else we wouldn’t have been able to see the entire design.Of course, this also means that it creates a substantial cake, which makes it an excellent centerpiece for a gathering.In order to ensure long-term use of the container, it is guaranteed by a lifetime warranty as long as it is properly cared for and maintained.It’s robust and substantial, yet it’s not too heavy to carry.

A broad brim allows you to easily take it into and out of the oven, and it comes with Le Creuset-branded silicone inserts to make cleanup a piece of cake.When the tin is turned upside-down to turn out a cake, it is also very easy to hold onto the tin.You may also store it in the freezer.Because there is no mention of buttering or oiling the tin in the directions, we decided to take a chance and test whether the non-stick surface worked as advertised – which it did, to our delight.Our cake came out quite easily, almost literally tumbling out as we turned it upside-down on the counter.

  • With a design that runs all the way to the bottom borders, there is also good definition in this area.
  • Available for purchase from Amazon (£31.54).

Tala bundt tin

    Best value bundt cake tinPros:

  • Great price
  • Long guarantee

  • No recipes included

In addition to being a solidly constructed, substantial tin that is built to last, it also comes with a 10-year warranty.It’s safe to put in the freezer and dishwasher as well (though handwashing is recommended).Despite the fact that there are explicit instructions, including the requirement to butter or oil the tin before use, there are no recipes given.The package links you to recipes on the Tala website, but we were only able to find one that was designed for a bundt cake, which we didn’t find particularly appealing.As a result, we experimented with a conventional ginger cake recipe, which we doubled due to the large size of the baking pan.

The cake baked evenly and released effortlessly from the pan.I liked the form, which had well defined marks on the top and a pattern around the base as an added bonus.The marks would encourage you to cut really huge slices, which may or may not be a good thing depending on your preferences.Available at Divertimenti for £15 (plus shipping).

Buyer’s advice

Which bundt cake tin should I buy?

The cost of our sample ranged from just under £8 to over £50, which indicates that price is an important consideration.More costly versions are typically accompanied by a lengthy warranty.The importance of size cannot be overstated.Some of our samples were smaller than others and could only feed four or five people.Those were the ones we used.

If you’re serving a large number of people, the largest ones are ideal.You may also purchase bundt pans that will allow you to make individual bundts.Also consider the aesthetics of the situation.We experimented with a variety of shapes, ranging from a simple ring shape to a complicated crown.Do you want a cake that is a little different, or do you want something spectacular?

  • Bundt cake tins are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, including holiday-themed versions for baking a Christmas cake.
  • A simple trickle of icing over the tops of standard bundt cakes may frequently provide the festive impression of snow-capped mountains, which is ideal if you’re looking for adaptability.

What we looked for in a bundt cake tin

Ease of removal: If your cake becomes stuck to the sides, it will lose its desired effect.We sought for pans that would make it simple to turn out a cake once it had been baked.Clearly defined markings: We were looking for tins that would make a distinct pattern or design on the cake.Ease of cleanup: Cleaning up after baking may be a hassle, especially when using a ridged mold, so tins that didn’t need us to spend too much time at the sink received bonus points.In terms of value for money: Tins that were less expensive yet delivered spectacular results, as well as somewhat more expensive tins with additional features that were warranted, performed well.

Bundt cake recipes

Bundt cake with pineapple and passion fruit filling Bundt cake with chocolate and almond marbling Bundt cake made with soured cream and a butter glaze Bundt cake with bananas and chocolate, drizzled with peanut caramel Bundt cake with blood oranges and olive oil Bundt cake made with Jamaican ginger beer and pineapple. All of our favorite bundt cake recipes are included here.

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Fake a fancy cake with these tips to turn a grocery store dessert into a showstopper

There’s nothing more enjoyable than having a party, but getting the home ready and preparing a cake from scratch?That’s something else entirely.Yeah, that’s probably not going to happen.In related news, Alex Guarnaschelli’s celery hacks could just convert you into a believer.Fortunately, with a store-bought cake and a little imagination, you can create a lot of interesting things.

These tricks will ensure that your grocery store cake looks and tastes as good as the rest of your celebration.

1. Remove the tacky stuff

Image: A Wedding that is both practical and beautiful The first step is to remove the garish decorations that were most likely included with your cake, such as weird icing balloons and hard-as-rocks sugar flowers.The second step is to remove the boring candles.There is nothing left to do but decorate with fresh flowers, a unique ribbon, or whatever else you want to add interest.With the correct finishing touches, you may even transform a birthday cake into a low-cost wedding cake.

2. Keep a stash of unique decor on hand

Image courtesy of Etsy Decorate a store-bought cake with your own adorable embellishments to make it stand out from the crowd. Keep a supply of them on hand in case you find yourself in a bind again. With everything from bunting to balloons, these decorations outperform anything the bakery or your local grocery shop could ever put together.

3. Add your own icing

Making homemade buttercream (or just using Cool Whip) and slathering it over your cake can make it look less beautiful if the frosting on your cake appears to be too perfect.It won’t take long for it to become more inviting.Unique tastes might also assist to distinguish your cake from the crowd.Use this peanut buttercream to decorate a chocolate cake from the bakery.Learn how to frost a cake like a professional baker in this video (VIDEO)

4. Add fresh fruit

Honey and Butter (illustration) Purchase a vanilla cake from the grocery store. Add a layer of freshly whipped cream on top, then pile on fresh fruit — whatever is in season — until the dish is completely covered. Suddenly, your cake is elegant enough to serve at a formal event.

5. Coat it in ganache

Sweetness with a little bit of bite Create the appearance of a gourmet bakery from your grocery store cake by covering it with a rich, decadent ganache before serving. Whipped cream, roasted almonds, fruit or even fondant can be added at this point if you so choose.

6. Cover it in candy

Making Life Delicious is an image from the book Making Life Delicious. Covering your store-bought cake in candy can completely conceal the taste of the cake. Try something simple like this Kit-Kat bar cake, or go for something a little more complicated like this Kit-Kat bar cake. More: Wedding cakes that are anything from ordinary make getting married feel everything but drab.

7. Write a message

Image courtesy of Cool Mom Picks If you don’t have time to decorate with frosting, you may use colorful gummy letters to spell your celebratory wishes on a basic, frosted, grocery store cake. Anything you could do with those hard candy letters (and have you ever attempted writing with icing before?) would look considerably more impressive. It’s more difficult than you think!).

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8. Top it with toys

Image courtesy of Bubbly Nature Creations. Cake and gifts can be combined into one package! Using your imagination, create a festive scene on top of your store-bought cake to make it truly one of a kind. The adorable toys on the cake may be used as entertaining birthday gifts for the birthday boy or girl.

9. Get crazy with your candles

The next image depicts a Banman Land Store-purchased cake with basic birthday candles.Cool handmade candles may add a touch of class to any occasion.Purchase simple white number candles from the dollar shop and decorate them with glitter paint, rhinestones, pom-poms, or anything else you can think of.In either case, they’ll be a lot more interesting than something that comes out of a box.

10. Layer it

Life, Love, and a Spoonful of Sugar By adding different components on top of your cake, you may completely transform it.Being willing to slice and dice store-bought cake opens up a world of possibilities, from cubing angel food or pound cake to use in a trifle to slicing two store-bought birthday cakes horizontally and layering them with jam and buttercream to create a towering masterpiece, being willing to slice and dice your store-bought cake is a good thing.What you didn’t know about frosting…or icing, depending on who you ask.Please leave a remark.

Essential Cake Sculpting Tips

A variety of factors must be taken into consideration while sculpting cakes, including the type of cake to use, the filling, the decoration, and so on. Follow these guidelines to ensure that you obtain the highest-quality cake possible.

1. Plan Your Attack

Make a scaled-down version of the image of your sculpted cake, depending on your project.This is as simple as selecting how tall you want the cake to be, calculating the parts, printing them in separate sections, lining them up, and taping them to the wall of your kitchen as a reference.Using a marker, sketch out the broad shapes you wish to carve (without including any fine details) as well as any support parts that will be needed.

2. Choose the Right Recipes

It is critical to understand the consistency of your cake in order to select acceptable fillings.A cake that is too delicate and open crumbed will not hold up well during carving, and fillings that do not firm up when refrigerated are not suitable for sculpted cakes.Swiss Meringue buttercream is a classic filling that may be used over and over again.The thicker and more firm each layer of cake and buttercream is, the easier it is to carve the cake and buttercream together.You’ll notice that there is less crumbling, less bits leaping off the cake, and less going over the same spots to polish as a result of this method.

As with stacked cakes, be certain that your layers are level and that the last layer is firmly resting onto the first.

3. Make Sure the Cake is Firm

Before slicing, remove any extra buttercream from the cake and lay it in the refrigerator for about two hours to cool and firm up, then again for another two hours. This makes carving a lot simpler and much more clean-looking.

4. Use a Smooth Knife for Small Details

While you may use serrated blades, and some instructions may expressly instruct you to do so, a sharp, straight blade is ideal for carving the finer details of a design.Serrated blades can pull to one side when cutting, resulting in uneven and unexpected slices, as well as removing larger portions of food from the dish.In general, you should bear in mind that you can always go back and remove a little more if necessary.It’s far more difficult to get back on track after spending too much time off.

5. Don’t Throw Away (Or Eat) The Excess!

It’s really difficult to keep those small delectable morsels to yourself, but they may be extremely useful in your design work. Make sure to keep them until the very end. You never know what is going to take place.

6. Create a Smooth Base For Your Fondant

Using ganache to coat your fully carved cake before covering it in fondant or modeling chocolate is a terrific idea. However, when you have such natural, rounded, and organic curves, as well as various sculpted motifs, using a spatula to get a great finish might be a bit of a challenge.

7. Keep the Finishing Details in Mind

It’s tempting to finish the sculpting and detailing on your cake and then sit down with a cup of tea and a good book and relax afterward.But, did you remember to finish up the cake board as well as you could have?Simple little extras, such as a nonpareil-covered baseboard, elevate the project to a higher level of sophistication.Always pay attention to the details because that is where your success will be found!

Tips for Carving Cakes

I don’t do a lot of cake carving, but I’ve done enough to know what truly helps and what actually makes it more difficult to carve a cake properly.Today, I’m going to share some of my favorite cake-carving tips with you.This post includes affiliate links for your convenience.As an Amazon Associate, I receive money when people make qualifying purchases via my links.My policies are available through a link in the website footer.

I’m not one of those cake designers that specializes in sculpted creations that are enormous in scale.I just prefer to keep things on a smaller scale and make cakes that don’t take me a week to complete instead of many weeks.So huge, structured cakes aren’t really my thing, but I do enjoy doing a little carving here and there and cutting out some nice forms from cake.For this post, I wanted to put together some’realistic’ recommendations for how to carve cakes while you’re doing either a 2D or 3D cake.You will avoid a lot of pain if you follow these suggestions, especially if you are not in the practice of carving a large number of cakes.

  • All right, let’s get right to the point: the advice!
  • Prepare the cake by chilling it: I’ve heard that certain cake decorators are able to slice a cake that is at room temperature, but I’ve discovered that it is far easier to carve a cake that is cold.
  • Some people put them in the freezer.
  • I’m not sure about you, but I have trouble slicing into a frozen cake.
  • I find that simply having it cold is plenty for me.
  • It just appears to be less crumbly when it’s cold, for some reason.
  1. Keep an eye on your cake fillings: If you put too much filling between the cake layers, you’ll end up with a major mess on your hands when it comes time to carve the cake.
  2. Some folks actually stack their layers, slice, and THEN add the filling to their cakes before proceeding.
  3. That undoubtedly reduces the amount of mess, but I really don’t want to have to pull my cake apart, add filling, and then put it back together again.
  • The mess that comes with slicing a cake into which there is filling is something I’d prefer not deal with.
  • Nuts, chips, and other similar ingredients should not be used in your cake or fillings.
  • Your knife will get tangled up in there and making carving extremely tough.
  • You also don’t want to go overboard with the contents and garnishes, such as adding fruit.
  • I’m confident that it will taste fantastic, but it will be difficult to carve.
  • It’s going to be a complete disaster.

Make use of a razor-sharp knife: Due to the fact that I rarely engage in carving, I’ve limited myself to using the knives I’ve already acquired….There’s nothing unique about it.Basically, I was just slicing things with an ancient knife that my spouse had gotten from an elderly family member.I’m not even sure what sort of plant it was…The handle had become quite worn.

When I wanted to use it for carving, all I had to do was sharpen it really well, and it worked well for me.I recently purchased a knife that is quite well-made and was rather affordable to purchase.I’m not a knife connoisseur or anything, but this one is appealing to me: ShanaSana Knife is a traditional Japanese blade.

I don’t use it for extremely large projects because it’s not a giant knife, but I find it to be a decent medium-sized knife that works well for the sorts of cakes I make.Ashlee Marie has provided us with yet another knife recommendation: Cake Carving Knife of the Highest Quality from Ashlee Marie Make a cake with a lot of structure: While you don’t want to use a dry cake since it would crumble quickly, you do want it to be on the dense side so that it will hold its shape when baked.If it’s really damp, you may also experience problems with it breaking apart on you.Here are some ideas for extra-durable cakes: Sharon’s Sturdy Cake Recipe may be found at the bottom of that page if you scroll down.Cake that is perfect for carving, created by Veena Azmanov.My homemade and vanilla cake recipes are likewise on the dense side, but they will work for carved cakes as well as regular cakes.

Just keep in mind that you want them to be completely chilled before cutting.It is quite beneficial.Chocolate Butter Cake is a cake that is rich in chocolate.Vanilla Bean Cake (Vanilla Bean Cake Recipe) You may also add extra solidity to your cakes by sprinkling ganache on top of the cake.

It gives things a firmer feel and helps to keep everything together.Something to keep in mind: if you’re making a large structured cake, you’ll definitely need a denser cake; but, if you’re constructing a 2D type cake that isn’t’structured,’ you might be able to get away with a lighter cake…Even using a cake mix from time to time is OK.In order to make the heart drip cake (seen below at the cutting stage), I utilized a cake recipe that turned out perfectly.

Simply follow the other suggestions in the post and make sure the turkey is cool before carving it.All right, let’s go on to the next point.Make use of a template: You might wish to create a template to use as a guide while you are carving.This is entirely dependent on your design, of course, but it is really beneficial.Using PowerPoint, I printed out an hourglass form and then enlarged it up and cut it out to make the corset cake seen below.

As I was cutting out the basic form of the cake, I held this up to the cake.As I was carving the cake, I simply applied it all around the outside of the cake.By the way, this was one of my very first cakes, so please don’t evaluate it based on the photographic quality.Because I didn’t have a heart pan at the time, I just printed out some heart clip art off the internet and used it to cut out the form for the cake seen below.This instruction may be found at the following link: Cake with a chocolate heart on top is called a Chocolate Heart Ball Cake.

This firefighter cake was made for a wedding that I performed some years ago.Given that I didn’t have a pan in this form on hand and I didn’t want to spend money on one that I would only use once, I looked online for clip art and printed it off before blowing it up to the size I required.Because I wanted it to be a little more solid, I printed it on cardstock paper and placed it on top of the cake while I cut around it.In addition, here is another one from my early days.In addition, I created my own templates for the center design.) Obviously, they aren’t the most difficult or structured cakes you’ll ever see, but they serve to demonstrate that carving isn’t limited to the most elaborate or structural cakes.

It is possible that you may need to cool it again before coating it with buttercream or fondant: It’s true that I don’t generally cool my cakes before coating them with buttercream, but some of you may be surprised.This, however, is one of those rare instances.Just after cutting the cake into pieces, you may find yourself in the midst of a collapsing catastrophe if you attempt to spread buttercream on top.I’m not a big fan of frosting cooled cakes, so I’d try this recipe first before committing.Attempt to cover it with a crumb coat, and if it proves to be very crumbly, you’ll just need to cool it before continuing further with the project.

  1. As soon as it has cold, apply the crumb coat and make that layer of buttercream a thinner version of the final buttercream layer to give it a finished look.
  2. Apply your buttercream or ganache on the cake with a flexible smoother to ensure that it is completely smooth.
  3. Especially if you’re going to be putting fondant on top of it.
  1. It has to be really smooth.
  2. I prefer to use a piece of plastic/acetate folder that I have simply cut into a square and smoothed off the edges of the corners.
  3. Flexible, which is advantageous because it just sort of slides over the cake…which is really beneficial with curved cakes.

Here’s an example of what I mean: Keep the cutoffs for later: All of that goodness that you just snipped away…Are you certain that you don’t want to just toss everything away?I see what you’re saying…Also of it is in too little bits to be salvaged, but there are some large sections that have been hacked away as well.You can use those to make cake pops, or you can simply eat them straight up as is!

  • It’s also delicious crumbled on top of a dish of ice cream!
  • Inquire as to how I know this.
  • Don’t put too much pressure on yourself: Okay, my final piece of advice is to try not to be stressed about it.
  • I realize it’s easier said than done, but don’t assume you have to be as extreme as these well-known cake designers in order to achieve success.
  • While those cakes are very stunning, yours does not have to be in the same league.
  • I know for a fact that mine aren’t.

My approach is simply more straightforward, and I want to remain in my comfort zone.Although it is enjoyable to attempt new and hard things because this is how we learn, do not let this cause you to get overly stressed.I just do not make outrageous cakes.I was under the impression that I ‘needed’ to, but the reality was that they made me feel stressed out.To everyone his or her own, though.It’s OK to go all out if that’s your thing; but, if the prospect of it stresses you out and you just want to produce something entertaining that others will appreciate, don’t be concerned about it being a museum-quality display.

We’re meant to be having a good time, aren’t we?I sincerely hope this was useful, and if you have any further suggestions for carving cakes, I’d appreciate it if you could share them in the comments section below!You might also be interested in these other cake decorating tips posts: Making a Cake with Fondant: Some Tips and Tricks Anatomy of a Decorated Cake The Most Common Cake Decorating Mistakes and How to Prevent Them Cakes may be decorated with the help of DIY templates.

Your Comprehensive Guide to Cake Carving

With clean lines and basic forms layered on top of one another in a stacked pattern, round, square, and rectangular cake designs are commonplace.Other cakes, on the other hand, must be cut into precise forms in order to provide the visual effect necessary for a design.As soon as you have learned the fundamentals of cake carving, you will find yourself able to create almost any form of cake for your visitors, ranging from ships to elegant handbags and everything in between.A few fundamental rules should be considered before embarking on your first carved cake design adventure.These ″rules″ will simply assist you in ensuring the success of all of your preparation and hard work.

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1: Have a Plan

Before you start cutting into the cake, have a strategy for yourself. This entails investigating the shape you wish to construct from every possible perspective. The majority of difficult cake carvings will need a set of templates, so take photos of your shape from every aspect possible. Whenever feasible, print out photographs or utilize real things as aids to help you.

2: Choose the Best Base Shape

Choose the foundation form that will be most appropriate for your completed cake.For example, cutting a heart shape from a circular cake is the simplest form to achieve.It is often necessary to construct a pattern from a variety of forms that are assembled rather than from a single large cake that has been sliced down.For example, the quickest and most straightforward method of creating a ″S″ shaped cake is to start with a circular cake.It should be cut in half, then the pieces should be moved apart while the edges are still touching.

This is considerably easier than attempting to carve a ″S″ from scratch.Please keep in mind that if you are stacking multiple components to make a final shape, it is essential that you follow the usual cake foundation standards.When feasible, use dowels to help keep your cake stable, then slice your cake on the cake board you’ve prepared to avoid shifting the completed form too much.The sight of your perfectly prepared cake crumbling when you move it is terrible to witness.

3: Choose the Right Recipe

A solid crumb and a cake recipe that will hold up to cutting are ideal. When it comes to carving a cake, a light, airy chiffon cake with a silky mousse filling would be out of the question. Additionally, this style of cake will not generally hold up to being coated with fondant or thick frosting as well. Instead, make a delicious carrot cake or a mouth-watering fudge masterpiece.

4: Avoid Fillings

If it is not absolutely required, don’t overfill your cake.The majority of people prefer a layer of thick frosting between their cake layers, however this addition may make slicing extremely messy and challenging.If you must stuff your cake, keep the layer of frosting, jam, or glaze thin to prevent the layers from falling off the cake.Also, make sure the cake is totally chilled.The ability to maintain stability is essential for successful cake cutting.

5: Don’t Cut Fresh Cakes

Never attempt to slice a cake that has just been cooked and filled since this sort of cake will frequently disintegrate when cut.Anyone who has ever iced a freshly baked cake understands the frustration of crumbs and falling edges at the corners.This is why we ″crumb″ cakes – that is, cover them with the initial layer of icing – in order to prevent deterioration.When you freeze your cakes, you can be confident that the carved edges are crisp and exact.It will also make it feasible to create designs that are more intricate and sophisticated.

6: Sharp Knives Only

Carving your cakes should be done with a very sharp knife. You may also use a variety of knives to get into the smallest of details or around tricky edges. A serrated knife might also be an excellent option.

7: Clean Edges for Fondant

If you plan on coating the completed cake with fondant, be certain that your cut edges are neat. Fondant is an extremely forgiving substance that will display every curve, lump, and fissure that exists on the surface of the cake. Except if you’re piling icing details on top of the fondant, this can completely spoil your design.

8: Exaggerate the Cuts

Carve the shape with a little exaggeration, almost as if it were a caricature of the completed shape. This is critical because when you cover the cake with icing and fondant, the fine details will be gone forever. A beautiful completed cake, not a glob that is just slightly identifiable, is what you are after.

9: Do Your Best

Don’t settle for anything less than your best efforts, and be prepared to accept that a design may turn out differently than you had envisioned.Often, icing, fondant, or additional design components may be used to conceal mistakes, so be creative in your approach to hiding them.Take consolation in the fact that, with practice, your ″errors″ will be few and far between; thus, cut with confidence.

Vanilla Carving Cake / Sculpting Cake Recipe

  • When sculpting a novelty cake, one of the most crucial things to consider is choosing the proper cake to use as a basis. A cake that can be sliced and managed without crumbling to the ground. A cake with a delicate crumb that is also delectable. It is likely that this vanilla cake recipe for carving will turn out to be the greatest sculpting cake recipe you have ever used. And it’s very tasty. To the right is a table of contents with the following sections: Why use this cake?, Ingredients and replacements, Step by step instructions, How much cake do I need, Tips, and Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Recipe with printable version
  • Participate in the discussion

Not for contests, but for clients or my children’s birthdays, sculpted cakes are something I like doing. This implies that while I’m looking for a cake to slice, I’m looking for one that will also be tasty. As a result, I avoid recipes on the internet that state that they are intended for competition and that they do not taste as delicious, but they are excellent for carving.

Why use this cake?

  • I wish you could see how soft and delicious my carving cake recipes are in person.
  • I’ve been using this vanilla cake for carving recipes – for a long time now – and have successfully carved several cakes with it.
  • It’s not as dense as a pound cake or a sponge cake, but it’s also not as delicate as a vanilla cream cake or my light and fluffy vanilla cake. It’s strongly advised that you freeze the cake for at least an hour before you cut it, if not longer. The cake will have fewer crumbs if it has been frozen. So while I describe this as dense, I also describe it as rich and delightful.
  • Customer feedback on this recipe, as well as my chocolate cake for carving, has been overwhelmingly positive.

Ingredients and substitutes

  • Butter – I prefer to use unsalted butter since it allows me to manage the amount of salt that goes into my recipes. If salted butter is all you have on hand, go ahead and use that. Simply leave out the salt in the recipe.
  • White sugar – White sugar helps to the creation of a good soft sensitive crumb as well as a pleasing color. To make it taste and look different, you may add brown sugar to it.
  • The eggs should be big size, unless otherwise mentioned, during baking. The size of the eggs has become substantially more variable in recent years. Accordingly, one big egg weighs between 50 and 60 grams as a general guideline.
  • Vanilla – A high-quality vanilla bean will make a significant difference in the taste of any recipe. Premium vanilla may be prohibitively costly, which is why I create my own vanilla extract, bean paste, and sugar from scratch.
  • To make this cake, you don’t need to use any special flour (maida). Just normal plain flour (maida) will do. Furthermore, because self-raising flours include leavening, they should be handled with caution.

Step by step instructions


  • Preheat the oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit/165 degrees Celsius/Gas Mark 3
  • Use parchment paper to line a 3 x 6-inch round cake pan or a 2 x 7-inch round cake pan (or your specialty cake pan) after greasing and dusting with flour.
  • Pro tip: The height of your cake will be determined by the width of the cake pan you are using. The round cake pans should serve as a reference for estimating how much cake this batter will produce.
  • Ingredients that are dry
  • Prepare the flour, baking powder, and salt in a separate basin and set it aside.
  • Pro tip: sifting the dry ingredients will result in a cake that is light and fluffy. A whisk, on the other hand, should enough for this one.
  • In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, beat the butter and sugars until light and fluffy, about 3 minutes.
  • Pro tip: It is critical that the butter be at room temperature before using it. Firm butter will result in a lumpy batter, whilst soft butter will not cream to a light and fluffy texture when combined.
  • Add the eggs one at a time, alternating with the vanilla essence, until the mixture is smooth.
  • Pro tip: room temperature eggs will blend easily
  • if the batter begins to curdle, simply add one or two tablespoons of flour to thin it out. As a result, the batter should be able to come back together.
  • Following that, add the flour mixture and buttermilk in three separate additions
  • Divide the batter evenly between the baking pans that have been prepared.
  • Pro tip: I prefer to use cake strips to guarantee that my layer cakes bake flat when they are assembled.


  • Using a skewer, poke a hole in the center of each of the baking pans and bake for 20 to 25 minutes, or until the center of the cake is clean. The baking time is determined by the height and breadth of the cake pan. The baking time will be reduced if you use a bigger pan.
  • Allow for 5 minutes of cooling time in the baking pan. Before you decorate, invert the pan and allow it to cool fully on a wire rack.
  • Wrap the finished product in two layers of plastic wrap, followed by aluminum foil. Set aside for at least one hour in the freezer before you begin to slice into it. Pro tip: Freezing the cake for an hour before carving it can help you cut the cake with less crumbs
  • however, do not freeze the cake until it is firm otherwise it will become more difficult to carve, resulting in more crumbs.

How much cake do I need? 

One of the most often asked inquiries I receive is, ″How much cake do I require?″ In terms of novelty cake, it’s tough for me to make a judgment call.For example, I can’t tell you that you’ll need two of them to make a car-shaped cake.Why?since the size of your automobile template is dependent on its dimensions The result is that the cake yields eight dessert portions instead of the intended 18 fondant cake slices.It has the potential to be twice as effective as before.

So, if you want to bake a cake for 60 people, you would double the recipe by three and use the same procedure as outlined below.


  1. To get a smooth, non-curdled batter, make sure all of your ingredients are at room temperature before you begin baking.
  2. Whip the butter and sugar mixture until it is light and airy in texture, about 2 minutes. If the mixture begins to curdle, add a teaspoon of flour and whisk until it is smooth again.
  3. You may use clear vanilla extract to make the cake’s color lighter, but I like the darker flavor of ordinary dark vanilla extract.
  4. Pre-heat the oven well in advance so that you are not forced to wait once the batter is ready.
  5. If possible, bake cakes on the middle rack
  6. if this is not possible, rotate the cake pans halfway through baking to ensure equal baking.
  7. For this cake, using cake strips is strongly advised in order to have a pleasant light cooked cake rather than a dark one. The top crust peels off with relative ease. You can also make cake strips at home with a little effort.


  • Except if you are using perishable frosting or filling, the cake does not need to be refrigerated once it has been frosted.
  • At room temperature, it will last up to 2 days and in the fridge, it will last up to 5 days.
  • Cover the sliced side of the cake with plastic wrap immediately after cutting to prevent the cake from drying out.

Other pans suggestions

  • You can double this recipe to make this into a sheet cake – a ‘vanilla sheet cake’
  • You can also pour the batter into a well-greased and dusted bundt pan for a ‘vanilla cream bundt cake’
  • This recipe can also be baked into 18 to 20 beautiful vanilla cream cupcakes

Frequently asked questions

Is it true that a thick cake has a longer shelf life?How long does this chocolate carving cake last in the refrigerator?Is it necessary to keep this vanilla sculpting cake refrigerated?Often, people believe that a dense cake can be maintained for a longer period of time.It is true that it has a longer shelf life than the majority of other cakes.

In spite of this, even a dense cake would only last 3 to 4 days when kept at room temperature.If you wrap it tightly in plastic and store it in the refrigerator, you may preserve it for a longer period of time.What is the best way to frost a vanilla carving cake?This chocolate carving is wonderful on its own, especially while it’s still warm, so don’t be hesitant to use it for other purposes besides sculpting and decorating.For my sculpted cakes, I choose to use a buttercream or a chocolate cream cheese icing.

  • For the butter and chocolate are cold, they become more hard, which is beneficial when cutting and manipulating the cake as needed.
  • Is it possible to make an Eggless Vanilla Carving Cake?
  • The eggs are necessary for this dish, however I do have an eggless vanilla cake on hand that is highly popular with my visitors.

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Did you have a good time with this recipe?Please accept my request.Make a note of it and come back to it later.A compilation of my recipes and techniques may also be found on Pinterest, where I have a dedicated board.Follow me on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Printable Recipe


  • When sculpting a novelty cake, one of the most crucial things to consider is choosing the proper cake to use as a basis. A cake that can be sliced and managed without crumbling to the ground. A cake with a delicate crumb that is also delectable. It is likely that this vanilla cake recipe for carving will turn out to be the greatest sculpting cake recipe you have ever used. And it’s very tasty. Veena Azmanov has a Pinterest account. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit/165 degrees Celsius/Gas Mark 3
  • Use parchment paper to line a 3 x 6-inch round cake pan or a 2 x 7-inch round cake pan (or your specialty cake pan) after greasing and dusting with flour. Pro tip: The height of your cake will be determined by the width of the cake pan you are using. The round cake pans should serve as a reference for estimating how much cake this mixture will produce.
  • Ingredients that are dry Prepare the flour, baking powder, and salt in a separate basin and set it aside. Pro tip: sifting the dry ingredients will result in a cake that is light and fluffy. Although a whisk should be sufficient for this task.
  • In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, beat the butter and sugars until light and fluffy, about 3 minutes.
  • Pro tip: It is critical that the butter be at room temperature before using it. Using firm butter will result in a lumpy batter, while using soft butter will result in a batter that is not light and fluffy.
  • Add the eggs one at a time, alternating with the vanilla essence, until the mixt

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