How To Make A Motorcycle Diaper Cake Video?

Make the Wheels for the Motorcycle Diaper Cake. Place 24 diapers into the 8′ cake pan by fanning them against the edge of the pan. Adjust the diaper edges to create an evenly-spaced spiral. Place the paper towel tube in the spiral’s core as a place holder. Then place a rubber band around the spiral to secure it.

How many diapers do you need for a motorcycle diaper cake?

2. Make the Wheels for the Motorcycle Diaper Cake. Place 24 diapers into the 8′ cake pan by fanning them against the edge of the pan. Adjust the diaper edges to create an evenly-spaced spiral.

What size diapers do you use to make a diaper cake?

Most diaper cakes use about 50 to 75 newborn or size 1 diapers. A cake topper (a stuffed animal, ribbon, board book, etc.)

How do you make a diaper pizza?

  1. Open the large pizza box.
  2. Place a diaper on your work surface with the back side facing up.
  3. Cut an 18-inch length of 1-inch-wide satin ribbon.
  4. Stack small baby care items and toys on the center of each diaper pizza slice.
  5. Place a small focal toy (no higher than the height of the box) in the center of the pizza box.

How do you make a diaper basket?

DIY Diaper Cake Basket Instructions

  1. Roll up each diaper individually and tie with a rubber band.
  2. Use ribbon to hide the rubber bands.
  3. Cut the styrofoam wreath in half and wrap with your ribbon of choice.
  4. Pin the foam to the top of the diapers on the side or push a dowel through the base and into the foam.

How do you make a diaper train?

Create the Wheels of the Train Diaper Cake

Take one diaper, and place the thin ribbon on top. Roll the diaper around the ribbon by starting at the top of the diaper (thin end). Roll with the printed side facing in. Roll seven more diapers around the first, then secure the roll by placing a rubber band around the roll.

How to make your own diaper cake?

How to make a diaper cake: Roll up all the diapers into small balls and wrap a rubber band around each of them. If you like, you can also roll up baby clothes and add them to the base of the cake. Use approximately 56 diaper rolls for the base layer. It can be a good idea to use the baking pan to create a nice round shape for the cake.

How to make a motorcycle birthday cake?

  • ¼ sheet cake
  • 4” diameter round chocolate cake,2” thick
  • 5 cups chocolate buttercream
  • 1/2 cup vanilla buttercream
  • 1/3 batch of modeling chocolate – some tinted light blue
  • 2 cups chocolate glaze
  • 1/3 cup chocolate chips,ground in a food processor to look like dirt
  • White piping chocolate for the inscription
  • Cocoa powder for dusting
  • How do you make a mini diaper cake?

  • Cardboard
  • Double-sided tape
  • Rubber bands
  • Scissors
  • Twine
  • Washi tape
  • Paper towel tube
  • Scotch tape
  • Ribbon
  • Diapers
  • How to Make a Motorcycle Diaper Cake

    Baby showers are an excellent opportunity to offer something that is both considerate and functional, and a gift that is both in keeping with the theme of the baby shower and also made of diapers fulfills both requirements.In the event that you’ve been invited to a baby shower and are looking for the ideal present idea, a motorbike diaper cake is a surefire winner.While creating one of these may appear to be difficult, don’t worry: this motorbike diaper cake tutorial will walk you through the process step by step with simplicity.

    1. Gather What You’ll Need for a Motorcycle Diaper Cake

    • Giving something meaningful and helpful during a baby shower is a terrific way to express your appreciation, and a gift that is both in keeping with the theme of the party and is also made of disposable diapers ticks all of those boxes. In the event that you’ve been invited to a baby shower and are looking for the ideal present idea, a motorbike diaper cake is a surefire hit. Don’t be intimidated by the prospect of making one of these
    • this motorbike diaper cake tutorial will walk you through the process step by step.

    2. Make the Wheels for the Motorcycle Diaper Cake

    • By fanning the diapers against the edge of the cake pan, you can fit 24 diapers into an 8″ cake pan. Adjust the diaper borders so that they form a spiral with appropriately spaced intervals
    • To use as a place holder, insert the paper towel tube into the spiral’s core. After that, wrap a rubber band around the spiral to keep it in place.
    • Set the spiral aside when it has been removed from the pan. Then repeat this process two more times to create a total of three wheels
    • however, do not include the tube in the middle of the last two spirals
    • instead, leave it out entirely.

    3. Assemble the Wheels

    • Using a piece of ribbon, wrap each wheel so that the rubber band is covered. Use hot glue to attach the ends of the ribbon together, being careful not to get glue on the diapers or the ribbon itself.
    • Thread the paper towel tube through the center hole of one of the other wheels, making sure it is securely fastened. It is now necessary to attach the tube to two wheels, which will serve as your back wheels.
    • Extend the two wheels to their respective end points on the roll, such that their outside edges are buried inside the wheel.
    • To do this, place your third (front) wheel in the area between the two rear wheels.

    4. Tie the Wheels Together

    • Prepare a receiving blanket by folding it in half diagonally and rolling it to form a tube.
    • Thread one end through the paper towel roll and the other end through the front wheel to link all three wheels together.
    • Rubber band the blanket ends together to keep them from unraveling.
    • Disguise the rubber band by carefully rolling the blanket around such that the knot is tucked within the paper towel tube.
    • Use ribbon to conceal the exposed paper towel roll
    • otherwise, leave it exposed.

    5. Make the Seat

    • Roll a single diaper into a cylinder shape. Wrap four additional diapers around this one and tie the roll together with a rubber band to keep it from unraveling. Ribbon should be wrapped around the rubber band.
    • Place the roll between the two back wheels, with the ribbon aligned vertically to create the motorbike seat
    • this will be the motorcycle seat.
    • Take a bib and drape it over the seat of the car

    6. Add the Front Fender and Headlight

    • To form the front fender, place a second bib on top of the front wheel.
    • Placing a bottle on top with the cap/nipple pointing backward will help to stabilize the structure. This will function as the headlight.

    7. Create the Handlebars

    • To fold the second receiving blanket in half diagonally, take it and fold it in half lengthwise. Roll it up into a tube form starting at the sharp end.
    • Rubber bands should be placed on the ends and the centre of the tube to prevent it from unrolling.
    • Using this receiving blanket, thread it through the hole in the front wheel until there is an equal quantity of blanket hanging out on either side.
    • With a rubber band, secure the ends of the bottle over the top of the bottle’s opening.
    • Placing the blanket ends at a 45-degree angle will make them look like handlebars. A bow can be used to conceal the apparent rubber band.
    • Handgrips can be made by tying mittens to the ends of the receiving blanket, as shown.

    8. Add the Finishing Touches

    • Place a stuffed animal on top of the pile.
    • To attach the plush animal’s hands to the handlebars, you can use double-sided tape if you want to be fancy.
    • Alternatively, you may stuff the paper towel holes with more baby socks and mittens.

    That’s all there is to it!That baby shower is about to get a whole lot more exciting, thanks in part to this awesome motorbike diaper cake.A train-themed diaper cake is another option if you want or if the theme of the shower calls for anything along those lines.If you’re assisting with the planning of the baby shower, then have a look at these baby shower game ideas, which may provide you with inspiration to make the event even more memorable for the mother-to-be.

    A Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Diaper Cake for a Baby Shower

    • The result is as follows: It’s time to ride off to that baby shower with this super-cool motorbike diaper cake. If you choose, or if the shower theme calls for it, you might also try crafting a diaper cake with a train motif. Take a look at these baby shower game ideas if you’re assisting with the planning of the party, as they may provide you with inspiration to make it even more memorable for the momma to be.

    Besides diapers and wipes, you may choose to include other products including as rattles, board books, teething rings, baby wash and lotion, diaper rash medication, baby wipes, bibs, and other accessories in your diaper cake as well. 1

    Prepare the Diapers

    Preparing the diapers should be the first step. However, you can substitute cloth diapers with disposable diapers if that is what the parents desire. Roll up the diapers securely one at a time, starting at the front of the diaper and working your way back to the rear. Rubber bands can be used to keep it in place. 2

    Build the Base

    Cut a length of transparent stretch jewelry cord to suit the perimeter of the diaper cake’s base layer, making sure it is not too tight.Place objects such as baby lotion, baby wipes, or toys in the middle of the cardboard or cake plate, and then begin inserting the wrapped up diapers one by one until you’ve constructed a circular shape out of the cardboard or cake plate.The diapers should be held together using a length of stretch jewelry cord wrapped around them to form the foundation layer.3

    Build the Second Layer

    Another layer of diapers folded up and tied together with a length of stretch cord can be added on top of the first. Make certain that the diapers are placed close together. If there are any gaps between the diapers or any exposed rubber bands, tie a piece of ribbon around the layer to conceal it. Follow these instructions to complete the construction of the remaining stages. 4

    Decorate the Diaper Cake

    Decorate the diaper cake with board books, teething rings, and other tiny trinkets after all of the tiers have been secured and completed.Put them within the ribbon or attach them to the tiers if you want to be really fancy.This is an excellent time to truly personalize the project for the baby’s mother and father, so don’t be afraid to be imaginative.If the gender and name of the infant are known, you might provide that information as well.The concept is to make the diaper cake both visually appealing and functional at the same time.

    1. 5

    Add the Finishing Touches

    Finish the diaper cake with a topper of your choice to complete the look.A stuffed animal, such as a teddy bear, is usually a safe bet, but you could also go for something that matches the theme of the shower or the baby’s room instead of a traditional stuffed animal.For example, a plush monkey would make an excellent topper if the baby’s nursery is to be designed after the jungle, and a stack of board books would be ideal if the parents have requested that shower visitors assist in the creation of the baby’s reading library.Thank you for sharing your thoughts!Thank you for taking the time to join up.

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    How to Make a Diaper Pizza

    • A clean, big pizza box
    • a receiving blanket
    • and other supplies.
    • 10 disposable baby diapers
    • sticky tape
    • measuring tape
    • 10 disposable newborn diapers
    • 5 yards of satin ribbon with a width of 1 inch
    • Scissors
    • There should be at least 10 different little infant care products and toys
    • a small main toy.
    • Wrapping paper for a baby shower in little quantities
    • A spray adhesive, a baby shower invitation, hot glue and a hot glue gun

    Make a diaper pizza as a baby shower present for your friends and family.Take your baby shower present idea in a different way by making a diaper pizza instead of a diaper cake.Diapers are used to create the shape of the pizza crust, and they are then adorned as individual ″slices″ of pizza.It’s easy to create diaper pizzas at home, and because they require less baby things and ingredients than a diaper cake, this present is less expensive without appearing to be so at first glance.

    Step 1

    Open the huge pizza box and take a bite.Spread a receiving blanket over the bottom of the box and secure it with tape.Fold each of the four corners of the receiving blanket into the center of the blanket.To construct the foundation of the pizza crust, roll the folded edges of the blanket all the way to the inner border of the container.Using your hands, firmly press the rolls together in the corners to shape the pizza crust and make it more round.

    Step 2

    Placing a diaper on your work desk with the back facing up will make your job much easier. Then, using a 1-inch piece of adhesive tape, attach the top corners to the top edge of the paper. While you are working, the tape will keep the diaper in the shape of a pizza, and you will remove it afterwards. Then repeat the process with the other nine diaper pizza slices.

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    Step 3

    Make an 18-inch length of satin ribbon with a 1-inch-wide width.Placing the ribbon on your work area so that the length runs horizontally is the first step.Using the tapered end of the ribbon as a guide, position a pizza slice on the ribbon with the front side facing up.Make sure the ribbon is just over the middle of the slice when you’re finished.Cut nine additional pieces of ribbon and arrange the remaining pizza slices in the same manner as before.

    Step 4

    Stack tiny baby care products and toys in the center of each diaper pizza slice to create a towering tower of fun.Do not stack the boxes any higher than the height of the box itself.Bring the ends of the ribbon to the front of each pizza slice and tie them together in a bow over the stacked items to keep them from falling over.Trim the ends of the ribbon.Remove the adhesive tape from the surface.

    Step 5

    A tiny focus toy (no taller than the box) should be placed at the middle of the pizza box for added interest. Placing the pizza slices around the toy so that the tapered ends of the slices touch the toy is a good idea. Close the lid of the box.

    Step 6

    Take the height of the box at its highest point.Remove the measurement from the paper and cut a piece of baby wrapping paper that is 1/2 inch smaller.Spray glue on the reverse of the wrapping paper and let it dry.Wrapping paper should be placed in the center of the box’s top.To finish the present, hot glue the front of the baby shower invitation to the middle of the top of the wrapping paper to form a bow.


    The height of the box should be measured. To wrap the baby, cut a square of baby wrapping paper that is half an inch smaller than the measurement. To adhere the wrapping paper to itself, spray it with glue. Top of the box should be wrapped in wrapping paper. Finally, to finish the present, hot glue the front and center of the baby shower invitation to the top of the wrapping paper.

    Make a DIY Diaper Cake Basket for a Mom-To-Be

    Everyone has heard of a diaper cake, but have you ever heard of a diaper cake basket that you can make yourself? I created a diaper cake basket that can be used as a centerpiece for an occasion as well as a present for the expecting mother.

    DIY Diaper Cake Supplies:

    DIY Diaper Cake Basket Instructions

    1.Roll up each diaper individually and secure with a rubber band to prevent it from unraveling.You’ll need enough to cover the whole circumference of the cake dish.Then arrange them in threes and secure them with a rubber band.Continue in this manner with all of them.

    1. Then, using the glue, join all of the parts together to form a circle.
    2. 2.
    3. Cover the rubber bands with ribbon to make them less visible.
    4. Tie a bow in the front and decorate with your favorite accessories or flowers.
    5. I chose an elephant for the shower because it was in keeping with the theme of the shower and his nursery.
    6. Pins should be used to keep the ribbon in place along the way.
    • Make a half-circle out of the styrofoam wreath and wrap it with your favorite ribbon.
    • Pins or hot glue can be used to keep it in place.
    • In step four, pin or insert a dowel through the base of the diapers and into the foam to hold it in place.
    • (Move them upward through the diaper and into the foam at the bottom of the diaper.) 5.
    • Stuff a crinkled piece of paper into the center of the basket.
    1. 6.
    2. Now comes the exciting part: filling the basket with goodies of your choosing!
    3. Pacifiers, onesies, rubber duckies, bottles, diaper rash cream, spoons, wipes, and other baby supplies are available.

    Observe the following precaution: Do not lift the basket by the handle.Only by grasping the base can it be transported.If you enjoy constructing DIY diaper baskets, you may also be interested in these 10 other diaper basket ideas that you might want to consider for your next baby shower, as well as these baby onesie cupcakes.Find out how to make a diaper cake in three simple stages by watching this video.

    1. In your opinion, what do you think of the diaper cake basket?
    2. What kinds of unique baby shower gift ideas do you come up with?
    3. If you want even more chuckles, check out these funny Baby Shower games.


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    How to Make a Train Diaper Cake

    If you’re planning to attend a baby shower soon and want to give the mother-to-be something practical and entertaining, a diaper cake is the perfect option.Alternatively, if you’re throwing a baby shower, a train diaper cake would make a lovely ornamental centerpiece for the table.You would think that making one of these is difficult, but if you follow the steps for making a diaper train cake, you’ll have one that is ready to go rather quickly.

    1. Gather What You’ll Need for a Train Diaper Cake

    • 12 Pampers Diapers
    • 3 long pieces of thin ribbon
    • Rubber bands
    • 6 pieces of broad ribbon, 15.5″ long
    • Hot glue gun
    • 8.5″ x 14″ rectangular foam core
    • Safety pins
    • 2 receiving blankets
    • (1) one spool of 1.5-inch wide ribbon
    • (1) one bib
    • (1) one container of wet wipes
    • (1) pair of baby socks
    • (1) teething ring
    • (1) one teething ring
    • Toys, bottles, pacifiers, and other baby accoutrements are available.

    2. Create the Wheels of the Train Diaper Cake

    • Take one diaper and tie a tiny ribbon across the top of it. Begin at the top of the diaper and work your way down to the bottom of the diaper (thin end). Roll the paper so that the printed side is facing in.
    • To secure the roll, wrap a rubber band around it after rolling seven more diapers around it.
    • Repeat this technique around the same piece of ribbon one more time, forming another roll around the ribbon.
    • Afterwards, repeat the process with the other two lengths of ribbon, for a total of three ribbons that have two rolls on each.

    3. Prepare the Cab

    • Take one diaper and tie a tiny ribbon across the top of it to secure it. Begin at the top of the diaper and roll the diaper around the ribbon until it is completely covered (thin end). The printed side should be facing in as you roll.
    • To secure the roll, wrap a rubber band around it after rolling seven additional diapers around it.
    • Make one more roll around the same piece of ribbon, and then repeat the process once more.
    • Afterwards, repeat the process with the other two lengths of ribbon, for a total of three ribbons that have two rolls on each

    4. Decorate With Ribbon

    • The interior (the side that you don’t want people to view) of your fleece blanket should be facing up.
    • Cut an 8.5-inch-square piece of foam core ″14″ x 14″
    • Make a central hole in the blanket, then fold the edges inwards toward the center, fastening the ends with a safety pin to keep the foam core in place. This will serve as the train’s starting point.
    • Placing the base with the safety pins facing up is the best option. There should be a straight line between the back of the cab and the base.
    • Make another receiving blanket and fold it until it’s 5.25 inches square ″a long way out Wrap this folded receiving blanket over the cab and base, then pin it to the blanket of the base using safety pins
    • this will keep the cab and base warm.
    • Assemble the cab foundation on top of the six wheels that you previously constructed.
    • Cut six pieces of broad ribbon at 15.5 inches in width ″a long time Cover the rubber bands on each of the six wheels with a piece of cloth. Attach the ends of the ribbon together with hot glue, taking care not to get glue on the diapers in the process
    • Take a 1.5-inch piece of paper ″Wrap a broad ribbon around the cab’s base, sealing the ends of the ribbon together using a hot glue gun. Make every effort to keep the joint to the side of the cab.

    5. Add the Final Touches to the Cab

    • Create the front grill of the train by draping a bib over the front of the foundation.
    • A tall, skinny container of wet wipes, and a second fleece blanket should be brought along. Fold the fleece blanket in half so that it is the same length as the canister (see illustration). The blanket should be rolled around the canister and secured at the ends using safety pins. This will serve as the locomotive’s boiler. Place it on the base in front of the cab
    • this will be your starting point.
    • Working your way up from beneath the cab’s first wheel, lift the ribbon that’s been strung through its wheels and hot glue the ends of the ribbon together at their ends
    • this will be your starting point.
    • Make a second repeating pattern with the central ribbon going over the boiler
    • Then repeat the process with the front ribbon across the boiler
    • Then fold up one diaper and tie it with a rubber band to keep it in place. To do this, take one pair of baby socks and place one half of the wrapped diaper into one sock, followed by another sock on top of that to cover the other half of the diaper
    • Decorate the train with a teething ring to make it more visible

    6. Make the Train Cars

    • Roll up 21 diapers so that the image is on the outside. Using the flat banded edge as a guide, roll each into a tight roll, moving in toward the thick folded edge. Rubber bands should be used to secure each roll.
    • To make the box, take a 31.5″ length of 0.5″ wide elastic band and wrap it around the exterior of the box, measuring 6″ by 9″ by 3″. Using the hot glue gun, attach the ends of the elastic band to each other as shown.
    • Using your fingers, begin to slide the rolled diapers in between the box and the elastic band. Repeat the process until the diapers have completely ringed the box.
    • Ribbon should be wrapped around the elastic and glued to both ends of the ribbon to keep it in place
    • however, avoid getting glue on the diapers.
    • To use a second diaper, fold it in half vertically on the yellow stripe, starting at the bottom (with the picture side in). Roll it from the thick end to the thin end, then bind the roll with a rubber band at the beginning and finish. Make four wheels for each railway vehicle that you will be building.
    • The ribbon from the wheels should be hot glued to the bottom of the box. Please be cautious not to get any adhesive on the diapers once more!
    • Provide baby toys, bottles, teddy animals, and other delights in each train car.
    • Connect the vehicles to the engine (and to one another) with the use of link toys or teething rings.

    Everything has been completed!Your train is ready to depart for the baby shower in a few minutes.When planning a baby shower, make sure to read over our useful baby shower checklist to ensure that you don’t forget anything vital.You should also check out some of these wonderful baby shower game ideas to keep your guests entertained.Meanwhile, if you’re looking for more diaper cake inspiration, have a look at the stroller diaper cake, the princess castle diaper cake, and the bathtub diaper cake.

    1. With so many options to pick from, you’re sure to discover one that you like.

    Motorcycle Diaper Cake Tutorial

    Today, we’re thrilled to share with you this Motorcycle Diaper Cake Tutorial, which is excellent for a baby shower or any special occasion. They are simple to construct and look fantastic. It’s enjoyable and simple, and you’ll be pleased with the outcome. Our post includes a fantastic video that will walk you through the process, and you will be delighted with the outcomes.

    Items Required For Project

    • Thanks to Thoms Crafts and Treats for the inspiration. 4 receiving blankets made of flannel
    • The following items are included: two baby bibs, one pair of baby socks, 35 size two diaper, two pacifiers, one sippy cup with handles, one medium/small stuffed animal.
    • The following supplies are required: one 2-inch ribbon roll, one yarn roll, one package of plastic teething ring toys (optional), tape, scissors, and rubber bands.

    Motorcycle Diaper Cake Tutorial – Video

    Thanks to Thoms Crafts and Treats for the inspiration.4 Flannel Receiving Blankets (for the children);
    2 baby bibs; 1 pair of baby socks; 35 size 2 diapers; 2 pacifiers; 1 sippy cup with handles; one medium/small stuffed animal; 35 size 2 diapers
    The following items are required: one 2-inch ribbon roll, one yarn roll, one package of plastic teething ring toys (optional), tape, scissors, and rubber bands.

    Motorbike Diaper Cake Instructions

    Thoms Crafts and Treats has a comprehensive visual guide and step-by-step directions for making the Motorcycle Diaper Cake.

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    • DIY Watermelon Baby Carriage
    • Baby Washcloth Teddy Bear
    • Favorite Baby Shower Ideas

    How to Make a Motorcycle Diaper Cake

    Article in PDF format Article in PDF format Become the talk of the town at your next baby shower by creating a clever motorbike diaper cake for the expectant mother.This creation is perfect for a motorbike enthusiast or just for someone who enjoys cute things.It doesn’t demand a lot of crafting talents; all you need are a few items and a few hours of your time.The motorbike tires are represented by the swirls you’re about to make.

    1. 1Place folded diapers in the bottom of a cake pan. Begin by lining one side of the diapers and stacking them on their sides so that they sit upright but are stacked horizontally. As you finish one side of the pan, move to the other side of the pan and finish that area as well.
    2. 2Continue lining the sides of the pan with folded diapers to complete the job. Continue to swirl the diapers around in the pan.
    3. 3Keep the diapers contained in the pan. Lift the diaper ″tire″ from the pan and carefully set it on a firm surface using one of the rubber bands or soft elastic loops. Consider enlisting the assistance of a buddy for this task since if even one diaper comes loose from the band, you’ll have to do the operation all over again!
    4. 5 Make another diaper tire. Create this swirl inside the pan in the same manner as you did the previous one. Glue the rubber band around the diapers, and then carefully raise and place it next to the first diaper tire.
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    6 Decorative ribbon should be wrapped around each diaper tire. The ribbon should be used to cover the rubber band or elastic loop. This enhances the appearance and contributes to the overall impression of a tire. Make a pinhole in the center of the ribbon and bury the pin towards the bottom of the tire so it doesn’t stand out.

    1. 1Fold the first receiving blanket in half lengthwise, then in half widthwise. It may be essential to iron the blanket to eliminate creases.
    2. The blanket should be rolled in a fairly tight roll at this point. The diaper tire hole must be large enough for the roll to fit in the centre of the hole. Hold the blanket roll in place with pins.
    3. 3Pass the blanket through the diaper tire hole that has been rolled up. Match the ends of the blanket so that it hangs out half and half on each side. If required, pin each end of the blanket to ensure that the roll remains in place.
    4. 4 Turn the diaper tire so that it is on its side (so it now looks like a tire). The blanket should be joined from the first diaper tire to the second diaper tire. Align the tires so that they form the basis of the motorbike by placing them adjacent to each other. The blanket’s loose end should be tucked into a hole in the second diaper tire. Pull gently so that the blanket holds the two tires in place without difficulty.
    5. Insert a pin into the ends of the blanket to ensure that it remains in place within the tires.
    1. 5Fold the second blanket in half lengthwise, starting at one end. Then, in the same manner as you did with the first blanket, roll the second blanket. 6Place the blanket into the opening of the front tire. Slide the blanket all the way through the opening until the ends of both blankets come together. Advertisement
    1. 1Pin the bib to the top of the front diaper tire with a safety pin to keep it in place. Continue to make sure that the image or child’s name is visible and facing outward. 2Hold the ends of the front diaper tire blanket up and to the side. Slide the ring toy through the top of the blanket so that it holds the two ends of the blanket together. 3. Insert the baby bottle over the bib and beneath the ring toy until it is nearly all the way down to the diaper tire. 4. 4Increase the definition and strength of the handlebars by bending them slightly more than normal. 5Put a little piece of rolled-up light cardboard into each handlebar roll, and stuff the baby socks with a small bit of tissue paper to puff out the garment. 6Put one sock on each side of the handlebars to finish off the look of the handlebars. If they don’t stay in place naturally, try pinning them in place.
    2. 7Add the second bib to the back diaper tire in the same manner you put the first bib to the front.
    3. 8Prop the stuffed toy on top so that it seems like the toy is riding the motorbike. When working with malleable toys, you may need to pin them in place.
    4. 9Finishing the project Your gift for the expecting mother is now a delightful, adorable, and really practical item. Advertisement
    • Inquire about something There are 200 characters remaining. Include your email address so that you may be notified when this question has been resolved. Advertisement submissions are welcome. In a large basket filled with treats for mom (such as spa gift cards, a bottle of champagne and even an adorable nightgown she may wear in the hospital), place the diaper cake.
    • Bring together by wrapping the washcloth over the infant bottle and placing it atop the bib.


    Things You’ll Need

    • At least 34 diapers, an 8-inch (20-cm) cake pan, and a few rubber bands are necessary.
    • There are two receiving blankets and two bibs.
    • The following toys are good for a newborn or infant: A chain-link toy
    • 1 pair of newborn socks, 1 baby bottle, and 1 washcloth are included.
    • A plush stuffed toy (that does not contain any buttons or other objects that may pose a choking hazard)
    • a stuffed animal (that does not contain any buttons or other items that could constitute a choking hazard)
    • Scissors for sewing
    • Pins with straight ends
    • Rubber bands or elastic loops are used to hold things together.
    • Decorative ribbon in the color of your choosing that suits the general motif (such as the toy, blankets, bibs, etc.) of your project
    • A few sheets of tissue paper and a light piece of cardboard are all you need.

    About This Article

    The wheels of a motorbike diaper cake are made by tying two spherical bundles of diapers in ribbon and placing them on a cake plate or other flat surface.Then, using a rolled-up baby blanket, bind the wheels together, and tie another blanket to the front tire to serve as the basis for the handlebars (see photo).After that, put a charming bib over each tire, insert cardboard into the handlebars to give them definition, and tie a baby sock over the end of each handlebar to finish off the look.Finally, place a plush animal on the back of your diaper motorbike to keep it from rolling away.Continue reading for advice on how to select adorable accessories for your motorbike diaper cake.

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    How To Make A Diaper Cake Centerpiece

    Diaper cakes are a beautiful centerpiece that is created to seem like a three-tiered cake, but it is built entirely of disposable diapers.Diaper cakes are a popular baby shower décor since they are easy to make and inexpensive.And, after the shower, the expecting mother will be able to take all of those useful diapers home with her.I recently volunteered to assist with the planning of a baby shower, and when the topic of decorations came up, I mentioned that a diaper cake may be entertaining, and I volunteered to do the actual making.Yes, I stated that we should bake our own diaper cake.

    Gathering Your Diaper Cake Supplies

    • For starters, you’ll need to acquire a few basic items before you can begin working on your diaper cake. A trip at the dollar shop was among my first destinations, where I was able to pick up a few of amusing trinkets. The following is a list of the items I used: A large plate or cardboard circle (I used a 13-inch dollar store ″charger″ plate)
    • an empty cardboard tube from a roll of paper toweling
    • and a large piece of string or yarn.
    • Rubber bands (which I already had in my stock)
    • string (which I also already had in my collection)
    • The following items are required: wide ribbon (I got a roll of 1-1/2′′ ribbon at the dollar shop)
    • tape, pins, or a hot glue gun (for fastening the ribbon)
    • embellishments (I used dollar store small rubber duckies!
    • Disposable diapers (see below for additional information on diapers)

    A snapshot of some of the items I needed to get started is shown below:

    How Many Diapers Do You Need to Make A Diaper Cake?

    The diapers, of course, are the most important component of your diaper cake.I chose to use Size 1 disposable diapers because, while they were not the tiniest newborn size available, they were still tiny enough to be useful for getting a new baby started.I ended up using 50 diapers for my diaper cake, and I would recommend that as the very minimum number of diapers you would use.There is no doubt that you could construct a larger cake with more or larger layers, but using 50 diapers will give you a diaper cake that is around 14 inches tall, which is a good height for a centerpiece.The only little inconvenience you may have with the 50 diaper purchase is the manner in which the diapers are packed.

    1. The size 1 diapers I ordered arrived in a 44-pack, which means I had to buy two packs and still had a lot of diapers left over after washing them.
    2. I just brought my spare diapers to the baby shower and made sure to send them home with the mom-to-be once she had finished with them.

    Diaper Cake Step-By-Step Assembly Instructions

    • Start assembling your diaper cake as soon as you’ve acquired all of the necessary materials. The steps I took were as follows: Preparing the Diapers — Because you will be standing the diapers up on their sides, you will need to wrap them up into little bundles before using them. I folded/rolled the size 1 diapers into thirds and then attached them with a rubber band for the size 1 diapers that I had used. A small portion of the print pattern on the diapers that I used was rolled to the inside in order to display as much of the white section of the diaper as possible. In Step 2, you’ll assemble the bottom layer of your plate by placing a cardboard paper toweling tube in the center of your plate (you can tape it to the plate to make it more secure if you wish). Begin to wrap the diaper bundles around the tube’s inside. I used 29 diapers for my bottom tier, which resulted in three layers of diapers around the tube in the end. Step 3: Tie a Thread Around the Tier — Once you’ve positioned the diaper bundles for the first layer around the cardboard tube, you’ll want to secure them in place by tying a string around each of them. For the second tier, you’ll want to do the same thing. Tie the string in a small knot in the middle of the tier, in the same location as the rubberbands, and trim any leftover ends of the string short. Repeat with the other strings. Then repeat the process for the Middle Layer. Step 4: Arrange 15 diapers around the cardboard tube, arranging them on top of the bottom tier for the middle tier. The middle stage will be made up of two layers that will wrap around the tube. Using a string, bind the tier together. Make a second tier by arranging six diapers around the cardboard tube and stacking them on top of the middle tier. Step 5: Repeat the process for a third tier. The diaper bundles will now protrude a small amount above the tube’s top. Using a string, bind the tier together. Step 6: Wrap the rubberbands in ribbon and tie them together — Now that the diaper cake has been built, we recognize that it is not a math paper, and we do not want to expose our work to everyone. So, we wrap the rubberbands in ribbon and tie them together with ribbon. In order to conceal the rubber bands and thread, you’ll want to cut strips of ribbon to the right length and wrap them around the rubber band region on each tier of the structure. For this project, I used 1-1/2′′ wide ribbon and required around 2-1/2 yards altogether. It was fastened in place using double stick tape and pins, which I made myself. It’s possible that you may also use hot glue. Step 7: Embellishments should be added – To finish off your diaper cake, you’ll want to adorn it with some decorations and ornaments. Something to place on top of the cake, namely to hide the opening where the cardboard tube is, will be particularly useful. I used a rubber duck to decorate the top of the cake, and then added some curling ribbon and my dollar shop small rubber ducks to complete the look. Last but not least, this is where you may express yourself anyway you choose. You may use a theme to create your cake, or you can include lots of small objects in your cake for the mom-to-be to take home after the shower. After that, your labor is completed, and you have created your own diaper cake. I discovered that this process moved ahead much more quickly and easily than I had anticipated. I believe you will find that creating a diaper cake is time well spent since it not only serves as a charming and attractive touch to the baby shower, but it is also a practical and useful thing that the mom-to-be can take home with her when the party is over. For your convenience, I’ve included the whole diaper cake printable directions below: A diaper cake centerpiece is a simple yet effective décor for a baby shower that can be constructed using little resources. Additionally, it’s a practical and helpful present for the mom to be, who may take it home with her after the shower. Centerpiece for a baby shower is a keyword. 1 Centerpiece is produced from this recipe. (I used size 1 disposable diapers.) 50 disposable diapers
    • 1 large plate or cardboard circle (about 13″ in diameter) ″2 1/2 yards of string
    • 1 cardboard tube from a roll of paper toweling″
    • 50 Medium Size Rubber bands
    • 1 cardboard tube from a roll of paper toweling 1-and-a-half ″Little Baby Item for a cake topper
    • Other small baby trinkets or embellishments
    • Tape, pins, or a hot glue gun (for fastening ribbon)
    • Wide Ribbon
    • Using a rubber band, roll up each of the diapers and fasten them. (I folded/rolled my size 1 diapers into thirds before using them.)
    • Put 29 folded diapers on their ends and place them around the cardboard roll in the centre of the plate (you may want to attach it with tape). This will make the bottom tier of the cake look like a snowman. This will consist of three layers of diaper bundles arranged in a circle around the tube. Tie a piece of thread around the centre of the tier, in the same region as the rubber bands, to keep it in place.
    • Place 15 diapers around the cardboard tube and place them on top of the bottom layer to complete the middle tier. Around the tube, there will be two layers of this. To keep the tier in place, tie a string around it.
    • To assemble the top layer, wrap six diapers around a cardboard tube and place them on top of the middle tier. This will be a single layer of diapers around the tube, with the diapers extending a little past the tube’s top. To keep the tier in place, tie a string around it.
    • Ribbon may be used to cover the rubber bands and thread on each layer. Cut a piece of ribbon to the right size and wrap it around the tier, fastening it in place with tape, pins, hot glue, or any combination of those materials.
    • Finish the diaper cake by adding a baby object on top of the cake to cover the space where the cardboard tube was previously located. Other miniature baby things or curling ribbon streamers can be incorporated into the cake as desired.
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    How to Make a Motorcycle Cake

    Modeling chocolate is used to construct the tastiest sort of motorbike for tearing up single track roads.Bakers who are faced with two-wheel vehicle designs, such as bicycles, dirt bikes, scooters and other similar items may find this motorcycle cake instruction to be of great assistance.We pick two-wheelers as an example since the difficulty with them is that they do not transition well into consumable form.Consider the labor and infrastructure required to create a gumpaste standing moped cake decoration, for example, and the time and resources required to do it.Alternatively, picture cutting a motorbike form out of a cake and the ensuing icing disaster that would occur.

    1. No, thank you very much!
    2. It is my goal in this lesson to show you how to create an impressive looking mogul (or mound) of cake, as well as how to construct a motorcycle out of cake pieces and arrange them on the mogul to give the idea of a fully functional standing vehicle.

    Edible Materials Needed

    • 14-inch sheet cake
    • a 4-inch-diameter spherical chocolate cake that is 2 inches thick
    • 5 cups chocolate buttercream
    • 1/2 cup vanilla buttercream
    • a third batch of modeling chocolate – part of it dyed pale blue
    • 5 cups chocolate frosting
    • 1/2 cup vanilla frosting
    • 2 cups chocolate glaze
    • 1/3 cup chocolate chips, crushed in a food processor to appear like dirt
    • 2 cups chocolate chips, melted in a double boiler
    • Chocolate piped in white for the lettering
    • cocoa powder for the finishing dusting

    Equipment Needed

    • Pan with a quarter sheet of aluminum foil ″ target=″ blank″ rel=″noopener noreferrer″>Quarter sheet pan
    • 4″ round cake pan (or 4″ round cutter)″ target=″ blank″ rel=″noopener noreferrer″>Quarter sheet pan
    • 4″ round cake pan (or 4″ round cutter)″ In addition to the 4″ round cake pan (or 4″ round cutter), the following items are recommended: ″ rel=″noopener noreferrer″>4″ round cake pan (or 4″ round cutter)
    • 4 1/2″ round cutter
    • felt tip marker
    • parchment paper″ target=″ blank″ rel=″noopener noreferrer″>Parchment paper, craft utility knife, gumpaste/fondant modeling tools, small rounds and square microcutters

    Take a look at the size of these microcutters in comparison to the American quarter.

    Step-by-Step Instructions

    1.Cut a 4″ wide cylinder of cake in half to produce two wheels (alternatively, cut 4″ circles out of a sheet of cake using a 4″ cutter) 2.Bake the cake according to package directions.Wrap them securely in plastic wrap, pushing down on the edges to gently round them.Make a solid block of ice.

    1. 2.
    2. After the wheels have been frozen, dip the tops of the wheels in chocolate glaze and turn them upside down.
    3. Make sure the wheels have had at least 20 minutes to set in the refrigerator before handling them again.
    4. Get your hands on the Chocolate Glaze.
    5. Recipe 3) Saw diagonally through a 1/4 sheet cake the long way, removing the 90o front ledge and creating a 90o back ledge.
    6. Rotate the wedge 180 degrees before reattaching it to the cake, resulting in a sloped surface, similar to a mountain face, on which to showcase the motorcycle and other decorations.
    • If you like, you can build a quarter-cake in the shape of a mound during the filling process.
    • In order to indicate the position of the wheels, plunge a 4 1/2″ round cutter into the face of the mogul from above.
    • Hollow down a little portion of each area to create grooves for the wheels to nest in.
    • The grooves should be slightly angled inwards so that the wheels will both lean inwards.
    • 5 – Cover the cake completely with plastic wrap and use a piece of parchment paper to draw the contour of both the cake and the wheel compartments.
    1. The final design of the motorcycle will be based on this template.
    2. 6.
    3. Using a little offset spatula, spread chocolate buttercream on top of the mogul to finish it off.

    While the frosting is still soft, fold in a little amount of vanilla buttercream to give the finished product some movement.Place the cake in the refrigerator to allow it to firm up.7.Using the wheels and the contour of the cake to frame the size of the motorcycle, draw a motorbike onto the parchment paper.

    1. Reference photographs of dirt bikes on the internet to get a concept of what they look like.
    2. Then, using masking tape, attach the drawing to the flat underside of a clean sheet pan.
    3. 9.
    4. Place another piece of parchment over the sketch and secure it with tape as well (working directly on top of the sketch may get marker ink on the modeling chocolate).
    • This sketch will now serve as a template for the construction of the motor and its components.
    • 10.
    • Using modeling chocolate, create the components of the bike, making certain portions bulge more than others to lend depth and dimension.

    Construct disconnected pieces that fit together like a jigsaw but are not attached to one another.When it comes time to place them on the cake, they will be able to be rotated and rearranged in this manner.11.Using the leftover modeling chocolate scraps, roll them out to 1/16″ thin sheets and cut tiny shapes out of them to give detail to the engine and armor.Create imprints of nuts and bolts with a sharp sculpting object.

    Sample the book Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate

    12.Allow the motorcycle parts to rest, undisturbed and unprotected, at a cool room temperature for at least two hours before attempting to handle them once more.13.Using the buttercream, embed the wheels, then add the rims and suspension to complete the look.Place the engine components immediately on the cake’s surface, so that they are visible.

    1. Angle the wheelhouses such that they link with the engine in such a way that the bike is in the shape of a concave C, as if turning on a mogul.
    2. 14.
    3. Using a tiny offset spatula, apply chocolate buttercream roughly behind the wheels to secure them and give the effect that loose dirt is kicking up behind them.
    4. 15.
    5. In order to make the cake seem more like dirt/gravel, press ground chocolate chips into the buttercream around the bottom of the cake.
    6. 16.
    • Drizzle the chocolate glaze along the outside of the cake’s back border.
    • White chocolate and vegetable oil are combined to form an inscription.
    • For more information on my lesson, Chocolate Cake Writing Tips, please see this link.
    • 17.
    • Lightly dust the top of the cake with cocoa powder to give it a last touch of grime and grit.
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    How to Make a Diaper Cake in a Few Easy Steps

    Return to the top of the page A newborn can go through as many as 12 diapers in a single day (!).In addition, as every new parent is well aware, diapers may rapidly become the main focus of your household when you have a newborn.So why not make them the focal point of a baby shower celebration?Not only a large package of diapers, but also a ″cake″ fashioned entirely of diapers.Diaper cakes have been a trendy concept at baby showers in recent years.

    1. And, despite the fact that they appear hard, this project is far less difficult to do than you may expect.
    2. Discover all you need to know about creating a distinctive diaper cake centerpiece that the expecting mother will like in this article.

    What is a diaper cake?

    A diaper cake is a cake-shaped construction made of diapers and decorated with flowers or plush animals.It is traditionally served at birthday parties.In most cases, it consists of two or three tiers of rolled diapers that are wrapped in ribbon to make them look like frosting on a cake.You may personalize the design of your diaper cake to match the overall theme of the baby shower you’re hosting.Despite the fact that the most common cake form is a round one, many baby shower hosts create diaper cakes in the shape of vehicles, motorbikes, and even animals to decorate their tables (unicorns and elephants are popular choices).

    Why make a diaper cake?

    Making a diaper cake is a thoughtful and entertaining idea for any baby shower, whether you are hosting or attending.Diaper cakes not only make a kind present and a charming centerpiece, but they’re also quite useful in a variety of situations.After all, new parents can never have too many diapers on hand, so these cakes may be a much-appreciated present for the mom-to-be to take home with her after the baby shower.Some baby shower guests choose to include additional diapering products in the cake (like as wipes and diaper cream) in order to make the present even more helpful for the expecting mother.

    How many diapers do you need for a diaper cake?

    You’ll need anywhere from 38 to 64 diapers for a three-tier diaper cake, depending on the size and style of the cake you’re crafting.Here’s a good way to figure out what your number is: Decide how big you want the bottom of the cake to be and how many diapers you think it will take to make that base, then multiply that number by two.Consider how many layers you’d like to have in total after that.Dividing the number of diapers in the tier below it by two will give you an estimate of the number of diapers you will need for the following tier in each tier.A three-tier cake with a bottom layer composed of 32 diapers would require 16 diapers on the middle layer and eight diapers on the top layer, for example.

    How to make a diaper cake

    Although they appear complicated, making do-it-yourself diaper cakes is surprisingly simple and can be completed in a few simple steps (and a little bit of patience).You most likely already have most of the ingredients you’ll need at home, and you may personalize your diaper cake by adding embellishments of your choosing.Watch the video instruction below for a step-by-step breakdown of the process: How to Make a Diaper Cake (with Pictures)

    Supplies you’ll need:

    • Cards
    • double-sided tape
    • rubber bands
    • scissors
    • twine
    • washi tape
    • paper towel tubes
    • Scotch tape
    • ribbon
    • diapers
    • embellishments


    1. Attach a tube to a circular piece of cardboard with masking tape
    2. 50 diapers should be rolled up and tied together with rubber bands.
    3. Tie the diapers in a ring around the tube to keep them in place.
    4. Stack additional rings of diapers on top of the first stack.
    5. Wrap the ribbon over the string to conceal it.
    6. Using washi tape, wrap the cardboard around the edge of the table.
    7. Glue letters on the ribbon with a glue stick
    8. Decorate the space

    Heidi Murkoff’s What to Expect When You’re Expecting is in its fifth edition.

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