What Episode Does The Whole Cake Island Arc End?

Not long ago, One Piece confirmed chapter 902 marked the end of the ‘ Whole Cake Island ‘ arc. The explosive update saw the Straw Hat gang run from Big Mom as the Yonko went to challenge Jinbe and the Sun Pirates for the treachery. After all, the series did confirm its new arc will be called the ‘Reverie’ arc.
The Whole Cake Island arc, spanning over a total of 9 volumes, is also the second longest arc in the entire One Piece manga. The arc begins on Chapter 825 of the manga and ends on Chapter 902, spanning over 78 chapters in total.

What happened in Whole Cake Island episode 877?

Episode 877 came together to wrap the Whole Cake Island arc, and it did so with lots of emotion. As an arc finale, the big episode did plenty, but there are some highlights which standout. As fans all expected, the Straw Hats were able to escape Big Mom’s territory with a bit of help.

How many episodes is Whole Cake Island arc?

The first story arc, called ‘Whole Cake Island’, adapts material from the rest of the 82nd volume to the beginning of the 90th volume of the manga by Eiichiro Oda.

One Piece (season 19)

One Piece
Country of origin Japan
No. of episodes 107
Original network Fuji Television

What episodes are Whole Cake Island?

Whole Cake Island Arc

  • Volumes. 82-90, 9 volumes.
  • Manga Chapters: 825-902, 78 chapters.
  • Anime Episodes: 783-877, 95 episodes.
  • Year(s) Released: 2016-2018 (Manga) 2017-2019 (Anime)
  • Can I skip Whole Cake Island arc?

    Do not skip it. It’s not only canon but also very important. You get introduced to a great amount of characters that are very important in both Whole Cake Island and Wano in the future.

    What episode is the cake island arc?

    Start Streaming Anime Subs and Dubs: http://funi.to/Trial Preview of episode 878 Whole Cake Island arc has now finished, and the new arc is starting! Tune in tonight: Luffy refuses to let anyone or anything stand in the way of his quest to become king of all pirates.

    Which arc is after Wano?

    If Shanks has the last Road Poneglyph in his possession, the country where it is located likely is where the next place that the Straw Hat Pirates visit will be. Looking closely at all the inspirations around Shanks, Elbaf looks to be the next big arc after the Wano Country arc wraps up.

    What is the longest arc in One Piece?

    1 Dressrosa – 102 Chapters

    Beginning in Chapter 700 and marking its end in Chapter 801, Dressrosa is the longest arc in One Piece so far.

    What episode Luffy vs Katakuri?

    Characters. ‘A Hard Battle Starts – Luffy vs. Katakuri’ is the 852nd episode of the One Piece anime.

    Where was Zoro during the whole cake arc?

    Zoro’s gone to Wano along with Franky, Robin, Usopp, Kine’mon, Kanjuro and Raizo.

    What chapter does Sanji leave the crew?

    Tech. ‘To My Buds – Sanji’s Farewell Note’ is the 764th episode of the One Piece anime.

    What is the best arc in One Piece?

    One Piece: Top 10 Arcs Ranked

    1. 1 Enies Lobby Arc. The Enies Lobby arc is considered to be one of the best arcs in the entirety of One Piece, and for good reason.
    2. 2 Marineford Arc.
    3. 3 Wano Country Arc.
    4. 4 Punk Hazard Arc.
    5. 5 Dressrosa Arc.
    6. 6 Impel Down Arc.
    7. 7 Whole Cake Island Arc.
    8. 8 Thriller Bark Arc.

    What episode does Luffy get his scar?

    The part where Luffy stabbed himself under the eye was shown in the first parts of the special episode. But in the manga, this was shown in Chapter 1 when Luffy was shown as a kid. As for the scar that he got in the Marineford Arc, it was in Episode 487.

    Which arc is after Zou?

    The Zou Arc is the twenty-eighth story arc in the series and the first arc in the Four Emperors Saga of One Piece, continuing from the Dressrosa Arc and the Dressrosa Saga.

    Year(s) Released:

    ← Previous anime Next anime →
    Silver Mine Arc Marine Rookie Arc

    How long is WANO arc?

    Given how much ground One Piece has left to cover after the ”Wano Country” arc, Oda is likely eager to want to wrap the storyline up as soon as possible, something another two acts would only get in the way of. At 128 chapters and counting, the ”Wano Country” arc is by far the longest in the series’ history.

    Is Zoro in Whole Cake Island?

    this also means that Zoro will defeat Kaido or at least be a huge reason why.

    What episode does WANO arc start?

    One Piece: Chapter 1042.

    What happened in Whole Cake Island episode 877?

    Episode 877 came together to wrap the Whole Cake Island arc, and it did so with lots of emotion. As an arc finale, the big episode did plenty, but there are some highlights which standout. As fans all expected, the Straw Hats were able to escape Big Mom’s territory with a bit of help.

    What happened in one piece episode 877?

    At long last, audiences were welcomed to the arc’s finale, and it was plenty worthy of the hype creator Eiichiro Oda promised fans. This weekend, One Piece gifted fans a present like few others with its new episode. Episode 877 came together to wrap the Whole Cake Island arc, and it did so with lots of emotion.

    How many episodes is the whole cake island arc?

    It is divided into two plot arcs. A narrative arc named ″ Whole Cake Island ″ adapts content from the manga’s 82nd volume to the beginning of its 90th book, which is the first story arc in the manga’s 82nd volume. The manga’s first story arc is called ″ Whole Cake Island ″. a single piece (season 19)

    One Piece
    No. of episodes 107
    Original network Fuji Television
    Original release April 9, 2017 – June 30, 2019

    What episode does the whole cake island arc end?

    Ahead of the premiere of One Piece episode 877, here are some spoilers: The entire Cake Island arc comes to an end, the Sun Pirates and Germa 66 withdraw from the battle. In One Piece Episode 877, Monkey D. Luffy and the Strawhat Pirates were on their way out of Whole Cake Island as the episode began.

    Is the whole cake Island Arc good?

    Overall, it was an excellent story arc. Because it doesn’t involve the entire crew and there wasn’t much of a win (apart from achieving their primary goal), it isn’t one of the finest One Piece arcs. However, it is still a really nice film.

    Can I skip whole cake island arc?

    Do not skip this step. It is not just canon, but it is also quite significant. You are introduced to a large number of individuals who will play pivotal roles in the future of both Whole Cake Island and Wano. It is also a really solid arc, not the greatest of all time, but still quite nice!.

    Is Big Mom afraid of Shanks?

    TL;DR Shanks is a threat to Big Mom because he is simply too powerful for her to handle.

    Why did Big Mom kill Sanji?

    Big Mom wasn’t interested in the Vinsmokes themselves; she was just interested in their cloning technology. And by eradicating them, it ensured that it would never be replicated in another location.

    Is Big Mom defeated by Luffy?

    This arc is not about escaping Sanji’s domain; instead, it is about escaping Luffy’s territory… So far, Luffy has been victorious against Katakuri (although by a slim margin), and he is currently escaping from the mirror world with the assistance of Pekoms. The current episode came to a close when Germa 66 emerged to assist Luffy and Sanji in their escape.

    Where is Zoro in whole cake island arc?

    Land of Wano

    What’s after Whole Cake Island Arc?

    Unsurprisingly, One Piece stated that the conclusion of arc’Whole Cake Island’was reached with chapter 902. After a tense standoff with Big Mom, the Straw Hat gang was forced to flee as the Yonko went after Jinbe and the Sun Pirates for their betrayal in the explosive update. Indeed, the series has confirmed that its upcoming season would be titled the ‘Reverie’ season.

    What if Zoro was in Whole Cake Island?

    If Zoro had been there on the entire cake island, he would have been able to assist Luffy and allow him to conserve part of his power and stamina. When the army arrives after Luffy and Zoro defeat Cracker, they would have been able to hold out for a longer period of time, but they would have been taken anyway.

    Is Zoro from WANO?

    Zoro himself can’t be from Wano because Oda has claimed on several occasions that he was born in the East Blue, but we don’t know anything about Koshiro’s family. In addition to providing Koshiro and Kuina with a Wano heritage, it would also provide Zoro with a further tie to the Wano through them and Wado Ichimonji.

    Is WANO arc the last arc?

    It is said in the description that ″According to Oda, the Wano arc is a plot that is significantly tied to the last chapter.″ According to the editor, the Wano arc will have a connection to the last chapter of the One Piece manga.

    Should I skip Dressrosa arc?

    Dressrosa arc should never, ever be skipped. Period. This story arc is mostly on Sanji and his family, as well as Bigmom and her extended family. In the event that you skip the chapter, you may not understand why Bigmom despises Luffy so much, or how Luffy’s new gear and abilities have evolved. If you complete all of the arcs, the experience will be considerably more interesting.

    Can I skip Punk Hazard Arc?

    No, don’t skip it since it pretty much lays the stage for the following arc, which is incredible, so just keep going. It really gets better near the conclusion of punk danger, but the beginning is a little tedious. If it isn’t filler, you aren’t allowed to skip it. If you want to finish it as fast as possible, just read it. Take a look at the manga.

    Can I skip marineford arc?

    Those who wish to move ahead to the part of the story when all of the major badass characters, such as Ace and WhiteBeard, are involved can go to the Marineford Arc. During that story arc, you will see an all-out battle between Whitebeard and the Marines in order to save Ace.

    One Piece: 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Whole Cake Island Arc

    One of the most fascinating story arcs in the One Piece series is the one involving the island of Whole Cake.It takes place after the events of the Zou arc and is mostly concerned with Monkey D.Luffy’s journey to the land of the Yonko, Charlotte Linlin, also known as Big Mom.

    Luffy is being guided by one of Big Mom’s servants, Pekoms, in his quest to reclaim his chef, Sanji, from the clutches of the Yonko clan.Some of his crewmates, such as Chopper, Brook, and Nami, as well as others, such as Pedro Carrot, are accompanying him.Here are ten interesting facts about the Whole Cake Island arc in One Piece that you probably didn’t know.

    10 Number of Volumes In The Manga

    The Whole Cake Island arc of the One Piece manga is really rather lengthy in terms of volume content due to the fact that it is a crucial addition to the ongoing Yonko Saga.It takes place across nine volumes in all, beginning with One Piece Vol.82 and ending with One Piece Vol.

    90, according to the manga’s events of the story arc.Despite the fact that it is a lengthy arc, it is unquestionably one of the most expressive in the series, and it effectively showcases both Eiichiro Oda’s abilities and the diversity of the One Piece ensemble.

    9 Manga Chapters

    The Whole Cake Island arc, which spans a total of 9 volumes, is also the second longest arc in the whole One Piece manga series, with a total runtime of over 900 pages.The arc begins on Chapter 825 of the manga and concludes on Chapter 902, a total of 78 chapters in total.The manga is published in Japanese.

    Whole Cake Island is now the second-largest arc in One Piece history, behind only Dressrosa, which has a whopping 102 chapters dedicated to it, making it the biggest arc in the series’ history.Due to the fact that more than half of the Wano Country arc remains and we’ve already passed the halfway point in the series, it’s possible that the Wano Country arc will surpass it as the second-longest arc in the series.

    8 Anime Episodes

    In the anime adaptation of One Piece, Whole Cake takes the position of the second-longest arc, just as it does in the manga adaptation.However, it takes up 95 episodes of the anime series, making it the longest episode in the series.The only arc in the One Piece anime that is longer than Whole Cake Island is Dressrosa, which lasts for a total of 119 episodes.

    There are pace concerns in the anime, which is nothing new for the One Piece series, which is one of the reasons why it takes longer to complete the arcs.The fact that Oda is taking more frequent pauses now almost probably implies that the anime will have to slow down even more in order to avoid falling behind.

    7 Years of Running

    The Whole Cake Island arc is a relatively fresh addition to the series, having began only a couple of years ago and continuing to this day.In the manga, the story arc began in 2016 and concluded in 2018, requiring a total of two years to complete.As depicted in the anime, the story arc began in 2017 and came to a close just recently, in 2019.

    Despite being brief, the Reverie arc was equally essential and had a significant impact on the One Piece universe in more ways than one.This was true for both the anime and the manga, which saw the Whole Cake Island arc followed by the Reverie arc.

    6 Alternative Names

    The Whole Cake Island arc, like many other arcs in One Piece, has a plethora of alternate titles, each of which refers to a different major aspect of the arc’s theme.The most popular of the bunch is the ‘Sanji Retrieval Arc,’ which makes sense considering that a significant portion of the arc is devoted to bringing Sanji back to life.This arc is also referred to as the ‘Tea Party From Hell Arc,’ since it focuses more on Big Mom’s horrible tea parties and offers the audience a better understanding of what her gatherings are like.

    5 The Arc Number

    The fact that One Piece is a complex series that some people believe will go on indefinitely is not a secret to anyone.The manga has been finished in 30 story arcs, and it is currently on its 31st, and very probably the most significant, arc, the Wano Country arc, at the time of writing.Regarding Whole Cake Island, it is the 29th arc overall, and it is the 29th in chronological sequence of the arcs.

    When the arc concludes, it will most likely be replaced by another, shorter arc in the versus Yonko Saga, which will take its place.

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    4 Post Time-skip Debuts

    When you consider how long the series has been running, it’s no wonder that One Piece boasts a large ensemble cast.A large number of characters who had previously appeared in the main tale or in the short cover stories that Eiichiro Oda is renowned for making their debut in the Whole Cake Island arc did so in the main story or in the short cover stories.This includes characters such as ‘Hawkeyes’ Mihawk, the first mate of the Sun Pirates Aladine, Yonko Red-Hair Shanks and two of his trusty commanders in the form of Yasopp and Benn Beckmann, and Stansen, a giant from Elbaf who was released from an auction shop during the Sabaody Archipelago arc.

    3 The Vinsmoke Family

    Numerous story strands were established by Eiichiro Oda throughout the course of the whole Whole Cake Island arc, and unquestionably the most significant of these was the one centered on the Vinsmoke Family.It was Sanji’s family, the Vinsmokes, who made the decision for him to marry Charlotte Pudding, the 35th daughter of the Big Mom family, who is well-known around the world for her beauty and intelligence.We are also introduced to Sanji’s full family, which includes his father, Judge, and his four brothers, Icihiji, Niji, Yonji, and Reiju, who are all played by different actors.

    Vinsmoke Sora, Sanji’s mother, is also shown in flashback to provide insight into her personality.

    2 The Duval Connection

    As shown in the Sabaody Archipelago arc of One Piece, Sanji and Duval are, ironically, entwined in their love for one another.Although it wasn’t immediately evident why this was the case, this arc exposes that it was none other than Sanji’s father, Vinsmoke Judge, who was behind the dispatch of bounty hunters in pursuit of the guy shown in the wanted poster in question.This was done in order for Sanji to be located.

    Later, following the events of the Dressrosa arc, Judge took more steps to include Sanji into his game by changing his reward poster to read ″Only Alive.″

    1 The Charlotte Family

    Because the Whole Cake Island arc is centered on Yonko Big Mom, viewers will be able to gain a comprehensive understanding of her powers, her domain, and her family.Big Mom has been married 43 times, which isn’t as astonishing as the fact that she has a total of 46 boys and 39 girls, according to the information disclosed.Her kingdom, which she refers to as Totto Land, is revealed to be an archipelago of 35 islands, each of which is controlled by a different member of her family.

    Big Mom herself is the Queen of Totto Land, and she dwells on Whole Cake Island, which is located in the middle of the kingdom.The Next Chapter of One Piece has 5 better Haki users than Luffy (& 5 Who Are Worse) Next Depending on your zodiac sign, which male character from Naruto are you?Rei Penber’s biographical information (1034 Articles Published) Rei Penber is a lifelong anime and manga enthusiast.He is the author of some of the items on this site that you like reading and others that you didn’t enjoy reading.When he isn’t writing, he may be found reading a variety of different manga.

    When he has the opportunity, he enjoys taking in the sights and sounds of nature.You may get out to him through his email address: [email protected] Penber has more to say.

    ‘One Piece’ Brings Whole Cake Island Arc To A Close

    One Piece has been trudging through the Big Mom Island arc for more than a year, but the drama couldn’t carry on indefinitely without a conclusion.Finally, the conclusion of the arc was unveiled to the public, and it lived up to the high expectations that creator Eiichiro Oda had raised among fans.With the release of its latest episode over the weekend, One Piece gave fans a gift unlike any other.

    The last episode of the Whole Cake Island storyline, Episode 877, came together beautifully and with a great deal of emotion.As an arc conclusion, the huge episode accomplished a great deal, but there are a few highlights that stick out in particular.With a little aid from their friends, the Straw Hats were able to flee Big Mom’s area, just as everyone had predicted.The Straw Hats were able to depart because of the collaboration of the Germa 66 and the Sun Pirates.There has been no news on how the teams that were left behind are faring, but Monkey D.

    Luffy and his crew appear to be in good health.Some shocking admissions were made among the members of the team, and not all of them were positive.For starters, Sanji learnt that Pedro had been slain during the trip to Big Mom’s island, which caused the chef to become extremely depressed.Sanji has no remembrance of the pirate being kissed by Pudding before he escaped, and he has no idea what happened after that.After all, Pudding managed to steal his recollection of the event, and fans were able to witness just how much the girl has been transformed by the hero.One Piece has completed its narrative arc and is moving forward at full speed to the next story arc.

    • The Reverie arc, which will begin in the next episode of the anime, will sift through the consequences from Luffy’s challenge to Big Mom and a big gathering of all of the world’s powers, will begin in the next episode.
    • So, are you ready to go on the next chapter of One Piece with me?
    • Let me know in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to discuss anything and anything comics and anime related!

    In 1997, Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump published the first serialization of Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece, which was written by Oda himself.It has subsequently been compiled into more than 80 volumes, and it has been a critical and economic success across the world, with several of the volumes breaking printing records in their home country of Japan.Even more impressive, the manga has set a Guinness World Record for the most copies produced for the same comic book by a single creator, and it is the best-selling manga series in the world, with over 430 million copies sold to date.

    The series maintained its position as the most popular manga series in 2018, which astonished fans of big new entrants.-0comments Is it time for you to subscribe to ComicBook Nation, the official podcast of ComicBook.com?If not, you should.You may listen to it by clicking here or by scrolling down.In this newest episode, we discuss the possibility of a Dragon Ball Super revival, as well as Kofi’s visit to the set of Godzilla: King of the Monsters, among other topics.

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    One Piece (season 19) – Wikipedia

    One Piece
    Season 19Whole Cake Island
    The cover of the first DVD compilation of the nineteenth season released by Avex Pictures.
    Country of origin Japan
    No. of episodes 107
    Original network Fuji Television
    Original release April 9, 2017 –June 30, 2019
    Season chronology
    ← PreviousSeason 18 Next →Season 20
    List of episodes

    One Piece Season Nineteen was produced by Toei Animation and directed by Toshinori Fukuzawa.It was the nineteenth season of the One Piece anime series.The season premiered on Fuji Television on April 9, 2017, with the first episode airing on April 9.

    It continues the exploits of Monkey D.Luffy and his band of Straw Hat Pirates in the same vein as the rest of the series.It is divided into two plot arcs.The first narrative arc, titled ″Whole Cake Island,″ adapts content from the manga’s 82nd volume to the beginning of the 90th volume, with the remainder of the 82nd volume serving as a bridge between the two.He and his tiny crew must save Sanji from the consequences of his forced marriage in order to complete the political alliance that has been formed between his family, the Vinsmoke family, and Big Mom and Big Dad’s families.

    The second narrative arc, titled ″Reverie,″ draws on material from the remainder of the 90th book to tell its plot.The story revolves around the assembly of royals from all around the world for the Reverie, a seven-day conference where they examine issues that might have global implications.Currently, as of October 2018, this season’s theme song is comprised of three different compositions.The opening themes for episodes 783 to 806, ″We Can″ (!, W Kyan!) by Kishidan and Hiroshi Kitadani, ″Hope″ by Namie Amuro for episodes 807 to 855, and ″Super Powers″ by V6 for episodes 856 to 889 are all composed by Kishidan and Hiroshi Kitadani.

    Episode list

    ″Whole Cake Island″


    Home releases


    Avex Pictures (Japan, Region 2/A)

    Volume Episodes Release date Ref.
    19thシーズン ドレスローザ編 piece.01 783–786 September 6, 2017
    piece.02 787–790 October 4, 2017
    piece.03 791–794 November 1, 2017
    piece.04 795–798 December 6, 2017
    piece.05 799–802 January 10, 2018
    piece.06 803–806 February 7, 2018
    piece.07 807–810 March 7, 2018
    piece.08 811–814 April 4, 2018
    piece.09 815–818 May 2, 2018
    piece.10 819–822 June 6, 2018
    piece.11 824–826 July 4, 2018
    piece.12 827–830 August 1, 2018
    piece.13 831–834 September 5, 2018
    piece.14 835–838 October 3, 2018
    piece.15 839–842 November 7, 2018
    piece.16 843–846 December 5, 2018
    piece.17 847–850 January 9, 2019
    piece.18 851–854 February 6, 2019
    piece.19 855–858 March 6, 2019
    piece.20 859-862 April 3, 2019
    piece.21 863-866 May 8, 2019
    piece.22 867-870 June 5, 2019
    piece.23 871-874 July 3, 2019
    piece.24 875-878 August 7, 2019
    piece.25 879-882 September 4, 2019
    piece.26 883-885 October 2, 2019
    piece.27 886-888 November 6, 2019
    piece.28 889-891 December 4, 2019
    ONE PIECE Log Collection ″WHOLE CAKE ISLAND″ 783–796 June 26, 2020
    ″GERMA″ 797–809 July 31, 2020
    ″PUDDING″ 810–822 August 8, 2020
    ″WEDDING″ 823–835 September 25, 2020
    ″BIG MOM″ 836-849 June 21, 2021
    ″KATAKURI″ 850-863 July 30, 2021
    ″SNAKEMAN″ 864-877 August 27, 2021
    ″LEVELY″ 878-891 September 24, 2021


    Sam Leach, writing for Anime News Network, gave the first two episodes of Reverie a ″B-″ and a ″B″ rating, praising the character interactions but criticizing the lengthy flashback sequences as ″disposable″ and arguing that the anime’s pacing was not always sympathetic to the manga material from which it was adapted.



    • ‘General’ is an abbreviation for ″generally accepted″ (in Japanese). Toei Animation is a Japanese animation studio. It was retrieved on the 24th of August, 2011. (in Japanese). Fuji Television is a Japanese television network. Obtainable on August 12, 2011


    One Piece: The Next Big Arc After Wano Country

    As of right now, One Piece is nearing the conclusion of its Wano Country arc, which began over four years ago and has grown to become the series’ longest-running arc in the process.Although Wano is a lengthy arc when compared to the majority of the story’s other arcs, it is also critical to the overall storyline since it represents Luffy’s most significant stride forward in his quest to get the One Piece.In Wano, Luffy is engaged in a head-to-head battle with one of the Yonko of the Sea in Kaido in an effort to beat him and free Wano Country from its oppressive rule.

    As a result of defeating Kaido, Luffy would also get the third Road Poneglyph and an even higher position in the One Piece universe, which would put him a significant step closer to achieving his objective.In Onigashima, the majority of the fight has already been completed, and everything now revolves around Luffy vs Kaido.As soon as the fight is over, though, the tale will begin to move on towards the next major arc, which is something that everyone is looking forward to seeing unfold.Even by One Piece standards, the Wano Country arc has been a lengthy one, and it’s understandable why.However, following such a lengthy story arc, it is probable that Eiichiro Oda will take some time to depict the aftermath of the battle.

    Following the war, fans will most likely be treated to the final few chapters, in which the alliance bids farewell to their loved ones who perished in the conflict and finally holds a banquet.As a result of this, Oda is known for dropping large amounts of information towards the conclusion of episodes, which means that the key revelations concerning Oden’s Journal, Joy Boy, and the Road Poneglyph might all take place near the end of an episode.After all of that is said and done, the question remains as to where the Straw Hats will be heading in the next months.The Straw Hat Pirates should travel to the location of the fourth Road Poneglyph, as logic would imply.Although no one knows who owns the Road Poneglyph at this time, the last individuals who saw it were those from an earlier age, especially Shanks of the Roger Pirates and maybe Marco of the Whitebeard Pirates.Because Marco is already on Wano, it would be simple to build a link to Shanks, putting the Straw Hat Pirates on the route to eventually reach him and stealing the Road Poneglyph from him to finish the voyage.

    • If Shanks still has the final Road Poneglyph in his hands, it is probable that the nation in which it is located will be the next location that the Straw Hat Pirates will visit before they depart.
    • Looking closely at all of the inspirations around Shanks, Elbaf appears to be the next major arc following the conclusion of the Wano Country arc.
    • For starters, Shanks and his crew appear to be primarily based on the Viking motif, with Shanks maybe even being influenced by Erik the Red, a Norwegian Viking, in their appearance.

    Furthermore, Shanks’ ship, the Red Force, is adorned with a dragon in the bow, which is eerily similar to the Drekar, which were Viking ships that were used in battle.If the Straw Hat Pirates do decide to travel to Elbaf after Wano, the plot will most likely center on characters like as Shanks, Usopp, and potentially even Nami, as well as other minor characters.Of course, Luffy will be at the heart of the story arc, as he has been throughout it.

    Identifying and locating the remaining Road Poneglyph will undoubtedly be the top goal in Elbaf.Shanks, who is believed to have a link to the Poneglyph, will also get the opportunity to see Luffy and see that their promise is fulfilled.Surprisingly, Luffy stated in Punk Hazard that he also desired to eliminate Shanks and the rest of the Yonko, implying that fans may witness the two battle it out for the last Road Poneglyph.Furthermore, Oda is undoubtedly going to take advantage of this opportunity to delve deeply into Viking mythology and merge it as seamlessly as possible into One Piece.In One Piece, characters such as Loki, the prince of Elbaf, have previously been alluded to, and his army of giants is something that fans will undoubtedly be looking forward to.

    Given that Usopp is greatly influenced by the Giants of the land, Elbaf will also serve as the setting for him to realize a big amount of his ambition of being a fearless fighter of the sea.In the event that the Red-Hair Pirates land on Elbaf, Usopp will have the opportunity to reconnect with his father.Nami, on the other hand, may be able to uncover information about her background that the majority of her followers are unaware of.She, too, has a connection to Elbaf, just like Shanks does.Moreover, according to Oda, Nami would be a Swedish national in the real world, therefore cementing her connection to the country.Nami and Usopp’s character arcs will very surely be tackled, as will Luffy’s confrontation with Shanks and fulfilling his vow, as will Luffy’s pursuit of the last Road Poneglyph, and eventually the setting of the road for the final island in One Piece: Laugh Tale.

    1. The arc has the potential to be one of the final few ‘dense’ arcs in the tale, since it sets the stage for everything that will happen after it concludes.
    2. MORE: One Piece: The Best Villains, Ranked Funny Elden Ring Image Shows What Game Would Look Like in a Ubisoft Open World MORE: One Piece: The Best Villains, Ranked A satirical graphic has surfaced depicting how FromSoftware’s Elden Ring might appear if Ubisoft were in charge of developing the open world RPG instead of FromSoftware.
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    4. He is the author of some of the items on this site that you like reading and others that you didn’t enjoy reading.
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    When he isn’t writing, he may be found reading a variety of different manga.When he has the opportunity, he enjoys taking in the sights and sounds of nature.Rei Penber has more to say.

    One Piece: 10 Longest Arcs In The Manga, Ranked

    Since its debut in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump in 1997, Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece has grown into a massively successful manga and anime series of its own.The manga follows Monkey D.Luffy as he embarks on what may be described as the largest adventure ever recorded, in which he starts out on a voyage to become the King of the Pirates.

    Despite the fact that the manga has been running for 23 years and has some of the longest arcs, there is no doubting that they are wonderfully written.While the manga has been running for 23 years, it contains some of the longest arcs.

    10 Punk Hazard – 46 Chapters

    The Punk Hazard arc takes place after the two-year time-skip that occurs in the main story of One Piece.Starting in chapter 654 and ending in the 699th chapter of the manga, this story follows the characters’ journey.The Straw Hat Pirates travel to their first island in the New World during the Punk Hazard arc, despite the fact that they did not want to go there in the first place.

    This arc serves as a prelude to the final confrontation with Kaido, as Luffy joins forces with Trafalgar Law to take down Doflamingo, also known as Joker, in order to put an end to Kaido’s SMILE manufacturing operation.

    9 Thriller Bark – 48 Chapters

    During the Thriller Bark storyline, the Straw Hat Pirates are captured in the Florian Triangle and taken aboard a gigantic ship known as the Thriller Bark by a mysterious woman.This arc, which spans chapters 442 to 489, is one of the longest in the One Piece series and rates among the top ten.Aside from facing battle against Gecko Moria in this arc, the Straw Hat Pirates must band together in order to take on the Zombie of the Continent Puller, Oars, who has taken over the world.

    8 Fishman Island – 51 Chapters

    Taking place from Chapter 603 onwards, Fishman Island is an arc that has been in development since the beginning of One Piece.Water 7 concludes with the Straw Hats being informed that their next destination is Fishman Island; however, unforeseen circumstances prevent them from traveling to the island at the time of their announcement.After regrouping on the Sabaody Archipelago, they eventually make their way to the island and take on Hordy Jones and his gang.

    They do an excellent job at breaking down the enmity between Humans and Fishman before coming to a satisfying conclusion in Chapter 653.

    7 Water 7 – 53 Chapters

    Water 7 is a manga chapter that begins in Chapter 322 and finishes in Chapter 374 of the manga.This is the second arc in the Water 7 Saga, and it is tied to the Enies Lobby storyline, which takes place after the events of this arc.In this arc, Luffy and the Straw Hat crew travel to the City of Water in order to locate a shipwright to repair the Going Merry before continuing their journey.

    During this time, the crew’s fidelity is challenged in the Water 7 arc, and new foes in the shape of CP-9 make their first appearance on the scene.

    6 Enies Lobby – 56 Chapters

    After picking off immediately where Water 7 left off in chapter 375 of the manga, Enies Lobby continues through the whole 430th chapter of the manga.Known as ″Enies Lobby,″ this arc is widely regarded as one of the best in the whole series, and it involves Luffy and his crew traveling to one of the three major World Government strongholds in order to liberate Nico Robin.The arc contains some of One Piece’s most memorable battles and provides fans with an in-depth insight at Nico Robin’s backstory.

    Enies Lobby is without a doubt one of the most well-written arcs in the entire novel, if not the greatest.

    5 Alabasta – 63 Chapters

    The Alabasta arc of One Piece began with Chapter 155 of the manga and extended all the way up to Chapter 217, making it one of the story’s longest arcs.Because of a scarcity of rain, the Kingdom of Alabasta had been thrown into chaos, and this episode detailed one of the series’ most important conflicts.Ultimately, Crocodile, one of the Seven Sea Warlords, was the mastermind behind the entire calamity, and Luffy and his crew went to great lengths to defeat him and restore peace to the land as a result of their efforts.

    4 Skypiea – 66 Chapters

    When One Piece has finished with the Alabasta arc, it moves on to the Sky Island epic, the majority of which is covered by the Skypiea arc, which spans from chapter 237 to chapter 302.In this episode, Luffy and his crew embark on an expedition in the skies, where they find the City of Gold, also known as Shandora.This episode truly summarizes everything One Piece is about.

    Along the way, they stumble upon God Enel and beat him, putting an end to the centuries-old rivalry between the Skypieans and Shandians.

    3 Whole Cake Island – 78 Chapters

    Whole Cake Island, one of the best arcs in One Piece following the two-year time-skip, runs from Chapter 825 to Chapter 902, and it sees the Straw Hat Pirates travel all the way to Totland, the home of one of the Four Emperors of the Sea, Big Mom, in order to reclaim Sanji from the hands of the pirates.After a while, the crew’s primary focus turns from saving Sanji to assisting him in saving his family from the ruthless Big Mom.The fight between Luffy and Katakuri on Whole Cake Island was certainly a highlight for many fans.

    2 Wano Country – 92+ Chapters

    The Wano Country arc of One Piece began in chapter 909 and is currently ongoing, with the manga having recently reached its 1000th chapter (a few days ago).The story is divided into three acts, the first two of which have already concluded, and the third of which looks to be reaching its climax.It sees the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai combination eventually take on Yonko Kaido and Big Mom, and the liberation of Wano Country is the result of their efforts.

    This arc will likely surpass the previous record for the longest One Piece arc before it concludes, however for the time being it is ranked second.

    1 Dressrosa – 102 Chapters

    Dressrosa is the longest story arc in One Piece so far, beginning in Chapter 700 and concluding in Chapter 801.The Straw Hat Pirates, Trafalgar Law, and Kin’emon travel to Dressrosa in order to deal with Doflamingo and demolish the Smile factory in this arc of the story.The arc serves as a larger prelude to the Four Emperors Saga, but it also accomplishes a great deal on its own terms.

    It is also founded following the defeat of Doflamingo by Luffy and the formation of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.UP NEXT: One Piece: 10 Weird Facts About Chopper That You Never Knew Before Season 3 of The Demon Slayer will feature a number of exciting new elements from the manga.Rei Penber’s biographical information (1034 Articles Published) Rei Penber is a lifelong anime and manga enthusiast.He is the author of some of the items on this site that you like reading and others that you didn’t enjoy reading.When he isn’t writing, he may be found reading a variety of different manga.

    When he has the opportunity, he enjoys taking in the sights and sounds of nature.You may get out to him through his email address: [email protected] Penber has more to say.

    Episode 852

    It is the 852nd episode of the One Piece anime series, titled ″A Hard Battle Starts – Luffy vs. Katakuri.″

    Short Summary

    Upon arrival in Cacao Island, Sanji, Pudding, and Chiffon immediately set about creating a fresh wedding cake with the aid of the WCI 31. Now that they’ve returned to Mirro-World, Katakuri has maintained his lead against Luffy. The Big Mom Pirates are preparing to launch an attack on the Thousand Sunny now that Brûlée is awake again.

    Long Summary

    When Luffy uses his Elephant Gun after dueling with speed, Katakuri predicts that Luffy would hit him with power next, which he believes will be the case.Katakuri’s even bigger mochi fist, on the other hand, smashes into his gigantic fist, sending him slamming through the wall.As Luffy falls to the ground, Katakuri’s men applaud, but Luffy swiftly recovers and launches another assault with Grizzly Magnum, which Katakuri’s men applaud.

    Katakuri, on the other hand, develops two larger fists in the same amount of time and overwhelms Luffy once more.After their fight, Katakuri converts the fists back into mochi and uses it to cover Luffy’s arms, allowing him to spin Luffy around in the process.Despite Luffy’s efforts, he manages to get out of the mochi and attempt to strike Katakuri with Gigant Axe, but Katakuri avoids the assault by creating an even larger foot out of mochi and pounding Luffy into the ground instead.After the onslaught, Luffy is left laying in a crater, and Katakuri declares that there will be no win for Luffy in the future, with his soldiers assuming that Luffy has already been vanquished.Meanwhile, Pudding binds Chiffon with handcuffs in order to pass her off as a prisoner, and Sanji is able to get away by hiding in Rabiyan’s fold with the help of Pudding.

    In Cacao Island, Pudding informs the worried locals that Chiffon was not a crucial part of her husband Capone Bege’s plot to kill Big Mom.When the group arrives, Big Mom is found dead.Some of the animals are aware of Sanji’s presence, but Pudding manages to keep moving forward in order to keep him hidden.The Choco Police officer drives her to the Sweets Factory, where they talk about the wedding and Big Mom’s rampage around the neighborhood.The officer announces that Whole Cake Island’s 31 best head chefs have been collected to assist in the creation of the cake, and the chefs emerge from their kitchens, eager to get to work.WCI 31 present themselves to Pudding’s crew and Pudding orders the residents outside to refrain from peering in at any point while she is inside the Sweet Factory.

    • Afterward, she summons each of the cooks to a private meeting with her, during which she manipulates their memories in order to make them believe that the wedding between her and Sanji was a success and that the cake was wrecked by bad weather.
    • Meanwhile, Sanji shows Chiffon his cake plans, and she is taken surprised by how well he remembers all of the components just by smelling them all together.
    • Pudding then joins them, and she tells the cooks what she did as a result of her actions.

    When they are finished, Sanji gives them orders, asking Chiffon to prepare the chiffon cake and Pudding to make the chocolate, and he will make the secret ingredient that he claims would unleash real bliss for everyone.Their baking time will be limited to two hours and forty minutes, and they will decorate it after transporting it out to sea with the purpose of crossing paths with Big Mom and the Straw Hat Pirates between Cacao and Whole Cake Island and feeding her there.The WCI 31 does not believe that they would be able to cook in such a short period of time, but Chiffon intimidates them into action as the group begins working together.

    Upon arriving in the Mirro-World, Katakuri receives a phone call from Perospero, who informs him that the Straw Hats have escaped from their blockade on Whole Cake Island, but that they are coming up with him and the crew through the ocean.In response to his question, Katakuri reveals that he is on the verge of finishing out Luffy in his fight with him.Perospero is insulting Pedro and his sacrifice, and Luffy overhears him saying that it was all in vain.Luffy regains consciousness.Perospero threatens Luffy that he would die in vain as well as the phone call ends, and as he begins chatting to Brûlée, Katakuri notices that Luffy has gotten up and is walking around.

    Angry Katakuri effortlessly dodges Luffy’s Elephant Gatling assault and then counters it with a larger mochi fist, sending Luffy slamming into the wall once again.Luffy is sent crashing into the wall again.Katakuri claims that he is stronger than Luffy in every way, and he pummels the pirate with hundreds of mochi fists, leaving him laying submissively on the ground as a result of his boast.Katakuri orders Brûlée to lead the warriors into battle against the Thousand Sunny, while Mascarpone and Joscarpone arrive with a mirror that leads to the Thousand Sunny.To grab the mirror, Luffy attacks them, but Katakuri knocks him to the ground.Brûlée, on the other hand, beams with delight as Mascarpone and Joscarpone fire fiery arrow towards the gateway to the Sunny, causing Luffy to lose his balance and fall.

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    Characters in Order of Appearance

    Anime Notes

    • The following is included in the anime: Pudding momentarily passes out from happiness after seeing Sanji grin at her just before landing on Cacao Island.
    • Upon Pudding’s arrival on Cacao Island, the locals are taken aback by her beauty.
    • When they get at Cacao Island, a dog and a pig appear to have sniffed out Sanji, who is believed to be hidden among Rabiyan’s folds.
    • During his time within Rabiyan, Sanji is shown working on his cake pattern.
    • After Katakuri awakens Brûlée, Luffy attempts to attack Katakuri with Elephant Gatling
    • however, this is unsuccessful.
    • In the manga, Luffy attempted to utilize Elephant Gun before he was defeated the first time he encountered it. When fighting Sanji at the Cacao Island Sweets Factory, Luffy prefers to utilize Grizzly Magnum and Gigant Axe
    • in the manga, there was a moment when Pudding gave Sanji the middle finger while they were inside. Pudding, on the other hand, points with her index finger in the anime.

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    Episode 764

    The One Piece episode ″To My Buds – Sanji’s Farewell Note″ is the 764th episode of the anime series One Piece.

    Short Summary

    Sanji had written a message for his crewmates only a few days before, but when he handed it to Nami, Chopper, and Brook, he took advantage of the situation and flung them out of Capone Bege’s corpse.As a result, Sanji held Caesar Clown at gunpoint, knowing that the two of them were vital to the Big Mom Pirates and the one who was organising the wedding, and he decided to attend the wedding quietly as long as his crewmates were kept safe.Bege was compelled to flee Zou as a result of this, as well as the coming of Nekomamushi, and she did so with Sanji and Caesar in tow.

    Luffy returns to the present and, after deciding what to do about the issue, decides to track down Sanji and question him about his predicament.

    Long Summary

    In the last several days, when Vito murmured something into Sanji’s ear, a surprised Sanji inquired of Captain Capone Bege as to how they knew what Vito had said.Beginning with ″silly question,″ Bege went on to explain that Big Mom holds unfathomable power and influence, allowing her to find out everything she wants and do whatever she wants.In response to Nami, Chopper, and Brook’s questions on what Vito had told him, Sanji took another pull off his cigarette and inquired of Bege for a pen and paper.

    Beginning with Bege’s cooperation, and finishing with Sanji’s handwriting on the piece of paper before passing it over to Nami.He explained to his shackled crewmates that he had never anticipated having to cope with this aspect of his ancestry and that he wanted to go and straighten things out on his own.In the midst of his crewmates’ befuddlement, Sanji asked them whether they were ready before flinging them off Bege’s corpse.As Nami, Chopper, and Brook shrank back to their usual sizes and fell to the ground, an incensed Caesar Clown questioned why Sanji had not freed him before launching an attack on the scared Fire Tank Pirates.″Why didn’t Sanji liberate me?″ he pondered.

    Vito informed his crewmates that they would not be able to harm the Straw Hat, while Sanji kicked a pirate’s rifle into the air, causing him to fall.His next move was to seize the gun and pound Caesar’s skull into the floor with his foot, all while aiming the weapon towards the scientist.As Caesar writhed in pain and the Fire Tank Pirates swooped in for the kill, Sanji yelled at them that he knew they would not be able to touch him because he had discovered that the person who changed the condition of his bounty to ″Only Alive″ was the same person who was in charge of arranging the wedding.As a result, the individual did not want the Fire Tank Pirates to cause him any physical harm.In exchange for being spared his crewmates’ lives, Sanji consented to accompany the pirates to the wedding, and Bege ordered his men to stand back when he discovered Nekomamushi standing behind his true body.Bege became apprehensive when he saw the gigantic mink, and Nekomamushi inquired about Pekoms’s corpse.

    • The two of them were crewmates, according to Bege, who stated that Pekoms had been eliminated by remnants of Jack’s soldiers.
    • Nami soon arrived and questioned his account, which Bege categorically rejected while she, Chopper, and Brook peered inside Bege’s body in an attempt to find Sanji.
    • As Bege closed the holes inside Sanji’s body, he turned toward them and made a pledge to return.

    Immediately after, the pirate captain sprang away and materialized tank treads around his legs, allowing him to escape at high speed.Despite her best efforts, Nami was unable to catch up with him, and Sanji’s letter flew off her shoulder, unfolding as it touched down on the ground.Wanda then appeared to assist the Straw Hats, but Nekomamushi intervened and prevented her from doing so.

    Brook came to the conclusion that Sanji would most likely not return once the contents of his message were disclosed, which claimed that he was going to see a woman and would be returning shortly after.During the time that the Guardians were tending to the Straw Hats and removing their shackles, Nekomamushi informed Wanda that she should allow the Straw Hats to keep the specifics of the incident to themselves since that was what they want.He also ordered his warriors to carry the injured Pekoms to a medical facility before diving into a thicket of silver vine to escape capture.Now that we’re back in the present, the Straw Hats are digesting the news, and Luffy wonders if Sanji will return with his wife as well.Brook, on the other hand, reminds him that the bride is Big Mom’s daughter, and that this means that they will be Big Mom’s minions.

    The Straw Hats were stopping Big Mom from gaining control of the Straw Hats, and it appeared as though Sanji went alone in order to split himself off from the crew and deal with the matter himself, thereby preventing Big Mom from taking control of the Straw Hats.Usopp muses about the name Vinsmoke, observing that they had traveled from the North Blue to the East Blue and then to the New World, which is an impressive effort; Robin acknowledges that she is familiar with the term.In exchange for allowing him to go before the rest of the crew arrived, Nami expresses regret.Robin is OK, while Chopper is not, as he does not sure if Sanji will be arriving again.Zoro, on the other hand, is fine with it since he believes Sanji has gotten them into even more difficulty.They were already at odds with Kaidou as a result of sabotaging his SMILE trade and siding with his crew, and now Sanji had been engaged with another Emperor, Big Mom, further complicating matters.

    1. Some of the Straw Hats become enraged at Zoro, but Luffy intervenes, claiming that the only thing they could do at this point is travel inside Big Mom’s territory and find Sanji to question him about his reasons for being there.
    2. His crewmates are horrified at the prospect of invading an Emperor’s domain, but Brook claims that the Big Mom Pirates left behind someone who may be of assistance to the crew.
    3. He then brings his attention back to the present, determined to continue his quest to Nekomamushi.

    Characters in Order of Appearance

    Anime Notes

    • In response to Brook’s question on what Vito murmured in Sanji’s ear in the manga, Chopper stayed deafeningly silence. In the anime, Chopper declares that they will fight even an Emperor before being warned to be silent by one of the Fire Tank Pirates
    • in the manga, Sanji just took a rifle and kept Caesar captive after tossing Nami, Chopper, and Brook out of Bege’s castle. In the anime, he is also pitted against Bege’s subordinates, which he wins. While fighting against them, one of Bege’s men was about to shoot Sanji until Vito called at him to stop.
    • In response to Bege’s attempt to deceive Nekomamushi about who shot Pekoms, Nami alerted Nekomamushi to the genuine perpetrator.
    • With Nami chasing after them and yelling Sanji’s name before falling, the scenario in which Bege was escaping with Sanji has been expanded.
    • In contrast to the manga, the anime does not show Brook singing about Nekomamushi and Robin remarking on the song as Luffy is reading Sanji’s message
    • instead, Luffy is reading the note from Sanji himself.
    • Sanji’s hands were resting on the table at the time of the threat from Bege and Brook’s expression of worry. This is a minor inaccuracy in the anime. It cut to a position behind Sanji, close to Brook, where Sanji’s hands were on the armchair’s arms before flashing back to a closer view of Sanji lying down on the table, where his arms were once again resting on the table.

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    One Piece: Top 10 Arcs Ranked

    One Piece, both in its manga and anime versions, has been a hugely successful property for a long period of time.The series, which is beloved for its characters and worldbuilding, has achieved unprecedented popularity, which has continued to this day.In the case of a series as extensive as One Piece, it is understandable that certain segments have garnered more positive reception than others.

    One Piece includes a number of arcs that are regarded to represent the culmination of the plot, despite having over 1000 chapters of manga and more than that amount of anime episodes in its duration.

    10 Sabaody Archipelago Arc

    1. During the events of one piece, the Sabaody Archipelago Arc is particularly significant in that it introduces the World Nobles, often known as the Celestial Dragons, who are fearsome adversaries who hold great political and dictatorial authority.
    2. Many later personalities and events may be traced back to the deeds of these villains in their original form.
    3. While there are probably more significant or enjoyable arcs throughout the course of the series, the Sabaody Archipelago Arc performs a significant lot of work in setting up future events and characters while being riveting and vital in its own right.

    9 Alabasta Arc

    1. It is in this chapter of the Alabasta Saga that we find the Straw Hat Pirates attempting to defuse a great battle that has been developing for some time.
    2. Notably, it is during this arc that Luffy suffers his first defeat, when he is pitted against the legendary warlord Crocodile.
    3. The Arabasta arc, on the other hand, has a lot of other significant features, ranging from the expansion of the wider lore of One Piece to the increased prominence of characters like as Robin and Nami.

    8 Thriller Bark Arc

    1. With the debut of Brook, a skeleton who eventually becomes the pianist for the Straw Hat Pirates, the Thriller Bark Arc is perhaps the most well-known episode in the series.
    2. The story arc likewise takes place aboard a ship with the same name that has been haunted, and it has a variety of mystical themes.
    3. Thriller Bark also has the Straw Hats dealing with a number of Warlords of the Sea, the most notable of whom is Gecko Maria, greatly upping the level of danger the main protagonists must struggle with.
    4. Between the new threats it brought and the recurrent characters it established, the Thriller Bark arc surely merits its spot among the finest of the series.

    7 Whole Cake Island Arc

    1. As part of the Whole Cake Island arc, Luffy and a group of his supporters set out to save the Straw Hat member Sanji from being forced into an arranged marriage.
    2. However, they quickly become engaged in a conspiracy to assassinate Big Mom, a very deadly pirate who also happens to be one of the four Emperors of the New World.
    3. It is worth noting that the Whole Cake Island Arc takes place in one of the strangest locations in One Piece, which is far darker than it appears.
    4. This arc also introduces a number of new characters, including Sanji

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