What Is A Smash Cake?

What is a smash cake? In case you’re unfamiliar, a smash cake is basically a tiny cake meant to be relished by your kiddo on her first birthday. And since 1-year-olds are pretty much lawless, that means she’ll likely dig in by using her fingers, or “smashing” her face into it the second it’s placed in front of her.

What is a smash cake and how is it made?

A smash cake does differ in its purpose, however. Not many cakes are made for the purpose of being smashed and made into a mess before they’re eaten. A smash cake is just a small cake that you make specifically for a baby’s first birthday party. The baby can do whatever he or she wants to do to the cake.

Why Smash cakes are perfect for your first birthday cake?

Since smash cakes are so small, they are perfect to use as baby’s first birthday cake. This allows the birthday baby to have a cake all to themselves. Babies often explore the world using their hands and mouths.

How big should a smash cake be?

Many bakeries that specialize in birthday cakes may already know what a smash cake is. If not, request a cake that is relatively small in diameter, ideally six inches or less. Some bakeries may be able to make a smash cake for your child and a bigger, matching cake for birthday party guests to eat.

How can I give my Baby a smash cake?

Mostly a fun photo opp, smash cakes can also be an entertaining way to introduce babies to their first real taste of sugar. How can I do this for my own kid? To keep things tidy, place a disposable tablecloth underneath your baby and keep her in just a diaper.

What is a smash cake made of?

And came out many tests later with this little gem – an angel food-inspired healthy smash cake that is light, fluffy, and made with just egg whites, cake flour, cream of tartar, pure vanilla extract, and heavy cream (for topping). The reality is that a smash cake is just for the baby, so it doesn’t need to be fussy.

What is the difference between a smash cake and regular cake?

Most first birthday parties are celebrated with a cake, but smash birthday parties boast two cakes, a large cake and a single serving cake. The large cake is for the adult guests, and the second cake is for the guest of honor.

What is the purpose of a smash cake?

Well, essentially the idea is to put a cake- made and bought specifically for this purpose- in front of your 1 year old and let them wreak havoc on it. The result is meant to produce delightfully cute scenes, as your baby frolics with the frosting, demolishes the sponge and generally makes a giant mess of things.

What is a smash cake for adults?

This might be the best way to celebrate 30. The hilarious shoots typically feature a pretty cake, a picnic blanket on the grass, and a chalkboard sign with stats you’d typically see on a birth announcement or 1st birthday card: height, weight, age, likes, and dislikes.

What size cake is a smash cake?

What is a smash cake? A smash cake is a small cake about 4 inches in diameter that is just for baby to enjoy with their hands to celebrate a first birthday. Smash cakes actually have a long history and date all the way back to the Ancient Egyptians.

Which cake is best for cake smash?

The best cakes to smash are plain old vanilla sponge cakes. They’re soft and crumbly and easy for little hands to break up.

Is a smash cake necessary?

You don’t have to do a smash cake.

Remember, your baby’s first birthday is a momentous occasion for the entire family! Enjoy it, and have some cake if you’d like – or not!

Can babies have cake on their first birthday?

The recommendations advise no cake for children under age 2

One of the most photographed moments at a child’s first birthday party is the little cherub face covered in cake and icing. This may change now that new U.S. dietary guidelines recommend children do not eat cake or candy until they turn two years old.

What flavor should a smash cake be?

What flavor should a smash cake be? Smash cakes can be any flavor you want but typically, toddlers are not used to foods that have really intense flavors so most parents opt for simple flavors like vanilla or chocolate.

What can I use instead of cake smash?

Cake Smash Alternatives

  • Mini Muffins with Whipped Cream.
  • Chocolate Almond Butter Pudding (this easy recipe)
  • Mixed Berries with Yogurt.
  • Watermelon Cake (here’s how to make one)
  • Banana Bread with Coconut Cream.
  • Popsicles (perfect for teething!)
  • Pancakes with Cashew Cream.
  • Mini Cupcakes.
  • Do you do a smash cake for second birthday?

    You can still provide a smash cake. Even a balloon or 2. But a small gathering means less pressure, less chaos, and time to gather with people who actually do care about the second anniversary of your kid’s birth.

    Why do couples smash wedding cake?

    The Romans left us with a terrible wedding tradition. Grooms would break a cake of wheat or barley over the bride’s head for good luck. Such aggressiveness! To this day, you still see grooms smashing cake into their lovely wives’ faces.

    What is a birthday cake smash?

    A cake smash is where a one-year-old gets very messy with a cake and a professional photographer captures the moment. After that, there is often a bubble bath, which is also caught on camera for posterity.

    How long have smash cakes been around?

    The Egyptians started it. The Greeks misinterpreted it. The Romans copied the Greeks but changed it a bit. In the 17th or 18th century it became popular again.

    How to make a healthy Smash cake?

  • Preheat oven to 350ºF (177ºC). Grease and flour 2 of the spots in a standard muffin pan or 1 spot in a jumbo muffin pan.
  • Mix dry ingredients together in a medium mixing bowl until well-combined.
  • Add in wet ingredients and stir until just combined.
  • Pour into greased and floured muffin pan.
  • Bake on center rack for 20-25 minutes.
  • How to make and decorate a smash cake?

  • Pillsbury devil’s food chocolate cake mix
  • Semisweet chocolate chips (optional)
  • Whipped cream cheese frosting
  • Ramekin the size of the cake you want
  • Sprinkles – I tried a few variations before I found this purple sanding sugar that worked perfect!
  • A “1” candle or something to show your little one is one-years-old – This is the candle I bought off Etsy.
  • How to make a smash cake for a first birthday?

  • Grease and line two 6 inch tins (link) with parchment paper.
  • In a bowl mix together the cake flour,baking powder,and salt.
  • In a large bowl cream together the softened butter and sugar with an electric hand mixer or stand mixer until light and fluffy.
  • While mixing,pour in the egg and egg white,mixing well until combined.
  • How to set up a cake Smash?

  • Cake Smash Photoshoot Prep. The roll in this shot is the 107” Seamless paper I linked to earlier – so you can see,my space is small.
  • Photo Shoot Props. When decorating,it’s important to keep shadows in mind.
  • Cake Smash Photography Camera Settings.
  • One Year Old Portraits.
  • Tips for an Outside Cake Smash​​​​​​​.
  • What is a Smash Cake? Why You Need One for Your Baby’s Birthday

    A frequent party custom for as long as any of us can recall has been the serving of cake at gatherings. It goes without saying that a baby’s first birthday celebration is vastly different from an adult’s, and the tradition of smash cake reflects this. It’s understandable if you’ve never heard of or seen a smash cake before that you’re a little confused about what it is.

    What Is a Smash Cake?

    1. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a smash cake, the phrases may conjure up weird pictures in your mind.
    2. Perhaps you see a cake that has been made in parts and then crushed together, for example.
    3. Upon closer inspection, you may discover that a smash cake is virtually indistinguishable from any other cake – at least, not in terms of how it is prepared.
    1. A smash cake, on the other hand, serves a different purpose.
    2. Not many cakes are created with the intention of being broken and turned into a sloppy mess before being consumed.
    3. A smash cake is just a little cake that is made particularly for a baby’s first birthday party and then eaten by the guests.
    4. Any modifications to the cake are entirely up to the child’s discretion.
    5. In most cases, this results in a lot of slamming and a lot of destruction.
    6. Typically, when there is a smash cake, there will be a larger cake for the rest of the party guests.

    The smash cake is intended only for the benefit of the newborn.Of course, there is a chance that the infant will consume it with painstaking care and attention to detail.If you have a lot of experience with newborns, you will realize that this is quite improbable.

    What Is a Smash Cake: Origins

    1. If you’re thinking, ″what exactly is a smash cake,″ read on.
    2. You’re probably scratching your head, wondering where the hell this custom originated from.
    3. It’s a little unclear how the cake-smashing ritual came to be established.
    1. When it comes to newborns eating smash cake at their first birthday celebrations, there are two possibilities that are frequently cited as probable starting points.
    2. The most widely accepted interpretation is that it is derived from a Mexican custom or practice.
    3. The Mordida is a Mexican ritual that dates back centuries.
    4. In Spanish, the word ″mordida″ literally translates as ″bite.″ This ritual entails the boy or girl who is turning one having his or her face thrust into the cake in order to take the first mouthful of the dessert.
    5. First and foremost, everyone at the party will sing the song ″Mordida″ over and over again until it becomes repetitive.
    6. Once this has been accomplished, we’ll have someone, generally one of the parents, come up behind the infant and press his or her face into the cake.

    There is, however, another possible reason for this phenomenon.It’s also conceivable that this ritual arose as a result of the tradition of the bride and groom smashing cake into each other’s faces on the day of their marriage.In spite of some misunderstanding regarding where the fad originated, it is true that the smash cake craze originated in the United States.During the last several years, it has also begun to spread to other nations, including countries like the United Kingdom.

    How a Smash Cake Can Make Your Party Memorable

    1. You now know the answer to the question, ″what is a smash cake?″ now that you know what a smash cake is.
    2. You might still be perplexed as to why somebody would go to such lengths as this, though.
    3. The extra work is not worth the mess that will be left behind when the party is over, in my opinion.
    1. Many parents are seeking for creative methods to make their baby’s first birthday celebration a memorable occasion for their family and friends.
    2. It won’t be memorable for the newborn since, on average, children don’t begin to acquire permanent memories until they are 3 or 4 years old, at the earliest.
    3. However, it will be remembered by everyone else who was present when it occurred.
    4. Aside from that, most of the time, there are lots of wonderful photographs documenting the baby’s interaction with the smash cake.
    5. Many parents will even engage a professional photographer to record this memorable occasion.
    6. As a result, kids will have a plethora of photographs and perhaps even movies to look back on and remember the event years later.

    In fact, some parents may find this to be a pleasurable method of introducing their kid to sugar for the very first time.Because many parents are quite conscientious about their kids’ nutrition in the beginning, the smash cake is an excellent opportunity to let your child to experience cake and frosting for the very first time.While the sweet tastes are certainly appealing, it is also the opportunity to make a sloppy mess by smashing the cake and frosting all over the place that is most enjoyable.

    What Is a Smash Cake: Tips for Making One

    Aside from that, they want to know if they will have to purchase an expensive casing or if they will be able to construct one themselves. The reality is that you are fully responsible for your actions. But if you’re going to bake your own smash cake, there are a few suggestions you might want to keep in mind before getting started.

    Don’t make it too complicated

    Your one-year-old infant is unlikely to have consumed an abundance of sweets. His or her color scheme is most likely extremely straightforward. Not all of your time should be spent fussing on tastes and layerings of flavors. It’s possible that you’ll prefer to stick with conventional flavors like vanilla. Any more than that may really be detrimental to your baby’s health.

    Softness matters

    1. You should strive to get the softest possible texture for the cake in the end.
    2. Ideally, you want your infant to be able to shatter it rather readily with his hands.
    3. That implies you should make every effort to keep the cake itself as moist as possible.
    1. In addition, you should make an effort to keep the icing as soft as possible.
    2. It could be preferable to use buttercream instead of fondant, which is typically used by bakers to decorate elaborate cakes and desserts.
    3. Buttercream can be used as a base, with fondant embellishments added on top.
    4. Ideally, all of the decorations should be tasty in some way or another.

    Be conscientious about ingredients

    1. Take special care to bear in mind any food sensitivities that your child may have while putting together the components for his or her Smash Cake.
    2. Remember to keep any food sensitivities in mind as well.
    3. For example, you might find it useful to know that Italian buttercream contains pasteurized egg whites, which would be harmful to any infant who is allergic to eggs.
    1. Above all, you want your child to have a positive experience, which is something you should keep in mind when you initially inquire as to what a smash cake actually is.
    2. Also, keep in mind that your child will not only be eating this cake, but he or she will also most likely be wearing some of the decorations.
    3. Therefore, you may want to steer clear of the deeper colored icings, which may wind up spoiling his or her clothes and even turning his or her face and hands blue or green for several days thereafter.

    Do a test run

    1. You may choose to introduce your kid to cake a couple of weeks before his or her birthday celebration.
    2. You are not have to bake the full smash cake at that time, but it may be a good idea to allow the youngster to try several varieties of cake at that time.
    3. Using this method, you can make your infant enthused about cake.
    1. Also, you may use this as a chance to find out what kinds of cakes your baby enjoys eating.
    2. It will also be beneficial to determine whether or not your kid has any allergies or sensitivities that you should be aware of.

    Don’t wait until the last minute!

    1. When you pose the question, ″What is a smash cake?″ you will receive a straightforward response.
    2. The process of creating one and arranging the entire event, on the other hand, may not be that straightforward.
    3. If you’re making the cake from scratch, you’ll want to start at least three days before the celebration date.
    1. Bake the cake and set it aside to cool on the first day.
    2. Additionally, you can prepare any icing or fondant that you want to use.
    3. Put the frosting on the cake the next day and then place it in the refrigerator for a few hours.
    4. The third day should be dedicated to complete your décor and putting the finishing touches on your project.
    5. Allowing yourself ample time also offers you the opportunity to create the most aesthetically pleasing cake imaginable.
    6. You may even make certain that it is in keeping with the overall concept of the party.
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    Even if your kid is ultimately going to damage it, you want it to appear beautiful at the beginning for any photographs you may take.

    Ready to Have a Smashing Time?

    1. Anybody who has never heard of a smash cake before is bound to ask themselves, ″what exactly is a smash cake?″.
    2. It turns out that the cake in question isn’t very unique.
    3. The name has something to do with the reason for which it was created.
    1. If you’re thinking of preparing a smash cake for your baby’s first birthday celebration or paying someone else to do so, you should definitely look into the possibility.
    2. It can make for a fantastic photo opportunity, and you can create some very unforgettable memories as a result.
    3. You may even decide that it would be a wonderful idea to treat yourself to a smash cake on your special day.
    4. After all, why should the newborns get to enjoy all the fun?
    5. The desire to smash their dessert and create a mess is common among adults as well, and they should feel free to do so in the appropriate setting and at the appropriate moment!
    6. Would you want to share your thoughts on our response to the topic, ″What is a smash cake?″ Let us know about your smash cake adventures in the comments section!

    What Is a Smash Cake? A Look at a New Birthday Tradition

    1. It’s understandable that if you’ve never gone to a smash cake celebration, you might be thinking, ″What exactly is a smash cake?″ As a relatively new and entertaining custom, it provides a fantastic opportunity to celebrate a child’s birthday with family and friends, especially in today’s social media-crazed world.
    2. Smash cakes are little, elaborately designed cakes that range in size from four to six inches in circumference.
    3. The cakes are often supposed to be eaten by the birthday celebrant, who is usually a child, with their hands, rather than with a fork.

    What Is a Smash Cake, and Who Started This Tradition

    When it comes to desserts in the United States, smash cakes are a relatively new craze. After we’ve reviewed the basics of what a smash cake is, we may go on to discussing where this custom originated. The fact is that no one knows for certain, although there are two widely accepted ideas.


    1. One theory holds that the smash cake is derived from the Mexican birthday ritual of mordida de pastel, which means ″pastry cake.″ Following the blowing out of the candles on the birthday cake, it is customary for the celebrant to take a slice of the cake for good luck, without using any utensils.
    2. As a result, everyone begins to chant, ″Mordida, mordida!″ When the celebrant goes close to the cake, someone in the audience shoves their face into it from behind them.
    3. All of this is done in good humor, however some people may go to extremes to follow the tradition.

    Wedding cake

    It has also been speculated that the smash cake ritual is a variation on the wedding cake tradition, in which the couple serves each other a slice of cake. Wedding cake is typically smashed into the faces of newlyweds as a fun joke on the day of their union.

    What Is a Smash Cake and Why Get One

    Having addressed the question ″What is a smash cake?″ we can now turn our attention to another topic: why do we need a smash cake in the first place?

    Baby’s first cake

    1. Because smash cakes are so little, they are ideal for serving as a first birthday cake for a young child.
    2. This gives the birthday child the opportunity to enjoy a cake all to themselves.
    3. Babies frequently investigate their surroundings with their hands and lips.
    1. Allowing your little one to serve themself their first slice of cake in the cutest way imaginable on their birthday by giving them their very own smash cake!

    Say cheese

    Everyone enjoys looking at newborn pictures! As a result, it’s no surprise that smash cake picture shoots are quite popular. The use of smash cake photography is a beautiful method to capture moments that will last a lifetime. Even though every photographer and family is unique, smash cake picture sessions may frequently feature a themed photoshoot with a cake for the baby to crush on film.


    1. Was it ever brought to your attention that the custom of blowing out the candles on a birthday cake can increase the amount of bacteria present on the cake by up to 120 times.
    2. One slice of cake contains an incredible number of germs!
    3. In the event that you or your birthday party attendees are germaphobes, investing in a smash cake is a fantastic way to provide everyone with a little piece of mind.
    1. The custom of smash cakes is a fun and novel one, but there are a few things you should keep in mind before you offer your child a smash cake.

    Choking hazards

    1. Was it ever brought to your attention that the custom of blowing out the candles on a birthday cake can increase the amount of germs present on the cake by up to 120 times?
    2. One slice of cake has an astounding number of germs!!
    3. You or your guests may be germaphobic, in which case a smash cake is an excellent choice to provide everyone with a little piece of mind.
    1. The practice of smash cakes is a fun and exciting new tradition, but there are a few things you should keep in mind before serving one to your child.

    Not so healthy

    1. Birthday cakes are often high in fat and sugar content.
    2. If you wish to offer your child a less indulgent alternative to the traditional first birthday cake, it is natural that you would want to do it during their first birthday celebration.
    3. Fortunately, there are a variety of healthy cake alternatives to choose from.
    1. In some cake recipes, for example, applesauce may be used in place of eggs and oil, which can save time and money.
    2. Cakes made with whole wheat pastry flour are higher in whole grains and fiber.
    3. Cakes for birthdays typically include a lot of sugar.
    4. While it is unlikely that you will be able to entirely eliminate sugar from your diet, lowering the quantity of sugar you consume or utilizing a natural sweetener may be possible.
    5. Natural sweeteners such as maple syrup and coconut sugar are examples of this type of sweetener.
    6. Honey, on the other hand, should be avoided.

    Honey should not be given to infants under the age of one owing to the possibility of infant botulism being present.

    What Is a Smash Cake and Where to Get One

    Having learned what a smash cake is and what the options are, there is only one question left to ask: Where can you get a smash cake?


    1. If you have a certain theme and appearance in mind for your child’s first birthday, check with your favorite local bakery for ideas.
    2. Many businesses that specialize in birthday cakes are likely to be familiar with the concept of a smash cake.
    3. If this is the case, request a cake with a relatively modest diameter, ideally six inches or less in diameter.
    1. Some bakeries may be able to create a smash cake for your child, as well as a larger, matching cake for the birthday party attendees to devour after the smash cake.
    2. After all, there’s a strong probability that your guests will be pleased that they won’t have to consume cake that has already been shattered by the guest of honor during the celebration!

    Made with love at home

    1. If you enjoy baking, you might consider making your own smash cake at home!
    2. Make little cakes with your creativity that your child will enjoy putting his or her hands and face within.
    3. You may bake a cake in a regular cake pan and then cut it into pieces.
    1. Alternatively, you may purchase specialised mini cake pans.
    2. Consider using big cupcake molds for a smash cake if you like the look of cupcakes but want something a little more substantial in size.

    Fun Smash Cake Ideas for Your Baby

    Are you looking for some creative smash cake ideas? Here are a few suggestions to start your creative juices going.

    Vanilla cake

    If you want to start your child’s birthday party traditions off on the right foot, the classic vanilla birthday cake is a great place to start. In this smash cake lesson from Belle of the Kitchen, a basic vanilla cake recipe is combined with a classic buttercream frosting recipe.

    Healthier chocolate cake

    1. Being a chocolate enthusiast myself, I can’t image celebrating a birthday without a slice of chocolate cake.
    2. In case you’re like me and want to give your kid a healthier start than a mouthful of devil’s food cake, this recipe from The First Year Blog could be worth a try.
    3. Real cocoa is used in this healthier version of chocolate cake, which substitutes oil and sugar with overripe bananas and Greek yogurt to reduce the fat and sugar levels.
    1. (According to the blogger, the flavor is similar to that of a banana chocolate muffin.

    Blueberry banana ombre cake

    This Blueberry Banana Ombre Cake from Lemons for Days is a dish you should try if you want a rich, full-flavored cake that is low in sugar and high in taste. Basically, it’s a fantastic banana cake with blueberry cream frosting and a chocolate ganache filling within. The best part? It’s vegan, grain-free, and completely devoid of processed sugar.

    Fruit tower

    It’s possible that the best smash cake isn’t even a cake at all. This fruit tower from Weelicious provides parents with a healthy alternative to a sugar-laden smash cake by constructing a tower of their child’s favorite fruits for him or her to eat in one sitting. Who says that devastation can’t be beneficial?

    Beyond the First Birthday Smash Cake

    It goes without saying that smash cakes are not appropriate for adults as well as children. The smash cake tradition may be simply adapted to fit the birthday of anyone or anyone’s child. Indeed, each birthday deserves to be commemorated in some way or another.

    Golden and milestones

    1. Milestone birthdays are a fantastic opportunity for older children (and children at heart) to participate in the excitement of a smash cake.
    2. Teenager (age 13), quinceniera or sweet sixteen (15 or 16), and legal maturity (age 18) are all significant birthdays (18).
    3. Adults may also find it entertaining to celebrate with a smash cake in addition to their other activities.
    1. At the end of the day, you only turn 21 once in your life (or 30 or 40).
    2. Smash cakes are also a fantastic choice for celebrating milestone birthdays such as 21st birthdays.
    3. Golden birthdays, also known as lucky birthdays, are celebrated on the day of your birth in the year that you were born.
    4. In the case of a person who was born on the 11th of the month, his or her 11th birthday would be considered a golden birthday.

    Gender reveal smash cake

    1. When it comes to gathering friends and family to celebrate a forthcoming baby, gender reveal parties are quite popular.
    2. Gender reveal cakes are frequently used by expecting parents to reveal the gender of their child, with the inside color suggesting a girl and the interior color indicating a boy.
    3. The use of a gender reveal smash cake is a wonderful method to add even more of a twist to your surprise, which is especially useful if you have other small children.

    Smash cakes for dogs

    1. Dogs are considered to be just as much a part of the family as children.
    2. So why not treat them to a dog-friendly smash cake for their birthday celebrations?
    3. After all, dogs will inevitably destroy any ″cake″ you serve them, so this is a win-win situation.
    1. Making a smash cake for your dog should only include items that are suitable for dogs.
    2. If in doubt, go for a bakery that welcomes dogs.
    3. Alternatively, you may consult your veterinarian to see whether the cake is safe for your best buddy.
    4. Despite the fact that it is a relatively recent ritual, the smash cake has quickly become a fixture of modern childhood.
    5. Making joyful experiences with your kid, or a child at heart, via the use of a smash cake is a great way to create lasting memories that the entire family can enjoy for years to come.
    6. Do you have any suggestions for smash cake designs?

    Please share them in the comments section below!

    How to Embrace a Smash Cake Even if You’re a Neat Freak

    1. Photograph by Alija/Getty Images So, your precious child has reached the age of one—congratulations!
    2. Check out this video for the prettiest (and uh, messiest) way to commemorate this momentous achievement.
    3. What exactly is a smash cake?
    1. It’s really simply a miniature cake that’s been produced particularly for a baby’s first birthday, and the parents may do anything they want with it at their discretion (which usually ends up being a lot of pounding, smooshing and eating).
    2. Smash cakes are mostly used as a picture opportunity, but they may also be a delightful way to expose newborns to their first genuine taste of sweetness.
    3. What can I do to make this happen for my own child?
    4. Make sure your baby is only wearing a diaper and a disposable tablecloth below her to keep the environment clean.
    5. You’ll want to have a towel on hand, but taking a noon bath once the party is finished is also a smart move.
    6. But, hold for a sec, what about the cake?

    Relax.Make a second cake or another treat for the adults to enjoy, and make or purchase a little cake for the birthday boy or girl (a lot of bakeries are on board with the idea).Just make certain that it is lovely and silky (so opt for buttercream frosting instead of fondant).What ever you do, try not to become overly concerned about the mess.

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    What is a smash cake?

    • A smash cake is the most adorable way to commemorate a baby’s first birthday celebration. An important milestone has been reached: baby’s first year, or 365 days since he or she arrived on earth! It’s also common for people to celebrate a baby’s very first slice of cake on this day. Photographing the birthday boy or girl with a birthday cake is a delightful way to commemorate a child’s first birthday. Basically, you acquire a cake and a cake stand, as well as a few photographic goods and party décor products to make a photoshoot setting for your child. After you have completed the setup, position the birthday boy or girl in front of the cake to observe his or her response and capture it by taking photographs of him or her. Will they stomp on it, play with it, or consume it? Observing what happens is really entertaining, as each infant responds in a unique way to the experience. See how my youngest son Aiden reacted to his smash cake in the pictures below
    • he didn’t know what to do with it until we gave him a fork! You may either customize the smash cake arrangement yourself or purchase one of my themed smash cake themes from my party store. They have been completely styled and are ready to ship! You may either snap your own smash cake photography or hire a professional photographer to capture your special moment. It’s the sweetest first birthday tradition, no matter how you look at it! The following items are required for a smash cake picture shoot: Backdrop, preferably white and vinyl so that it may be easily cleaned – Backdrop Express sells high-quality backdrops at reasonable prices.
    • Cake – Susie Cakes Bakery is my favorite, but any cake will suffice
    • Additional props/decorations include: a cake stand, garlands, cute outfits, costumes, and dress-up, as well as accessories.
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    Tips for photographing a smash cake:

    1. These photoshoots are entertaining, but they are also dirty, so only use a paper background if you plan to throw the backdrop away after the cake smash. If you choose a vinyl backdrop, you can wash it off and reuse it
    2. however, make sure you have enough room for your setup and a large enough background to accommodate your needs. The backdrop should be no less than 5 feet by 7 feet, but preferable 6 feet by 10 feet, because a portion of your backdrop will be sitting on the floor, and you will need it to be large enough to accommodate your décor at the top and bottom.
    3. The most straightforward location for photographing a cake smash is close to a window that receives natural light. Think about the rooms in your house that receive the most light, as well as the times of day when the light is the softest if you’re doing this at home
    1. You may choose a theme for your smash cake or keep it simple by using only a few décor elements and, of course, the cake to create a masterpiece.
    2. I specialize in completely designed themed smash cake bundles that include everything you’ll need to stage your own smash cake photography.
    3. You may find them in the party supply store.
    1. Here is a link to my Super Hero Smash Bundle, which my family and I created for my son’s first birthday!


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    What Is A Smash Cake Cupcake?

    Smashed cakes, for those who are unfamiliar with the term, are cake pieces or cupcakes that are prepared for first-born babies to eat by crushing them. I am always amazed at how much happiness a newborn may have after finally tasting sweets..

    What Is The Point Of A Smash Cake?

    There was nothing more to it than the idea of baking a cake, putting it in front of the 1-year-old, and letting them go with it. The fact that your infant frolics in the frosting, demolishes the sponge, and generally makes a mess of everything ends in a really cute film as a result of this inventive method.

    What Is A Smash Cake Made Of?

    A lot of testing went into this small cake, and the result was this beautiful cake-based healthy smash cake that turns light and fluffy with only egg whites, cake flour, cream of tartar, vanilla essence, and heavy cream as its ingredients (the topping). Because a smash cake is intended exclusively for a young child, I didn’t see the need to include any complicated ingredients.

    Is A Smash Cake A Regular Cake?

    In order to avoid getting in the way of other activities, baby cakes are often made of a little cake that is specifically intended for a baby’s first birthday. The smash cake may be used as a picture opportunity as well as a fun method for newborns to learn about sugar as they get older and become more independent.

    How Is A Smash Cake Different?

    Smash cakes, which are just one little cake with very little icing, are the traditional cake for a child’s first day of life in the United States. When your tiny visitors have finished playing with your smaller, smaller cake, just slice into a completely different, larger cake for them to consume.

    What Is A Smash Cake Called?

    They have a celebration called as the Mordida, which they participate in. Traditionally, the parents bury the first-born child’s face in a cake (or even directly into it) in an attempt to get him or her to eat the first bite of cake. ″Morgandida!″ exclaims the rest of the group.

    Is A Smash Cake Necessary?

    It is not necessary to make cake smashers. Keep the following in mind as your child’s first birthday approaches… Enjoy it, and feel free to indulge in some cake at your leisure:))

    What Is The Difference Between A Smash Cake And Regular Cake?

    For the biggest and best first birthday party, two cakes are served: a large one for the main event and a smaller serving cake for the dessert table. A huge cake is great for grownups, and a second cake is ideal for thanking their guests for making the occasion special.

    Where Did The Cake Smashing Tradition Come From?

    Smash birthday celebrations feature two cakes: a large one-tiered cake and a smaller serving cake for the largest and finest first birthday party of the season. A huge cake is great for grownups, and a second cake is ideal for thanking their guests for making the occasion memorable.

    Which Cake Is Best For Cake Smash?

    Simplistic vanilla sponge cakes are among the most satisfying to smash in the kitchen. Because they are soft and crumbly, the fingers may easily pull away from the crumbling nature of the cookies.

    What Flavor Is A Smash Cake?

    When it comes to smash cakes, most parents choose simple flavors such as vanilla or chocolate because it is not necessary for toddlers to be accustomed to foods that contain a variety of flavors. Here’s how I make a delicious vanilla cake that transforms into a delectable chocolate dessert. I’d want to demonstrate how to make this dish as straightforward as possible.

    What Is A Smash Cake For Adults?

    The age of thirty provides an excellent chance to experience life more completely. A lovely cake and a picnic blanket in the grass are standard in most humorous photo shoots, as well as a blackboard sign that declares your height, weight, age, likes, and dislikes with a traditional first-date card or birth announcement, which is also standard.

    What Is A Smash Cake?

    Smash cakes are available in a variety of flavors and designs.A smash cake is the cake that is used to celebrate a child’s first birthday.It is expected that they will consume, smash, and occasionally perform the dirty work on their own, especially when using their hands, and that they will become their own slaves at times!

    For those who are intimidated by the prospect of preparing a smash cake from scratch, a homemade version may be precisely what they are looking for.

    What Size Cake Is A Smash Cake?

    Is there such a thing as a smash cake? Smashed cake, one little slice of cake around four inches in diameter, for a first birthday infant to enjoy with him or her in a smashed cake Bong cakes were first produced in the early nineteenth century by the ancient Egyptians.

    The Best Smash Cake Ideas for an Incredible First Birthday Party

    Even though it seems like it was just yesterday that you were watching your baby’s heartbeat on the monitor, you’re not alone in feeling like you’ve jumped forward in time to prepare his or her first birthday party (who isn’t really a baby anymore).Everyone agrees that the first year of motherhood passes by in a whirlwind of diapers, sleep deprivation, and feelings of exhilaration and tiredness.The good news is that You’ve done it!

    And now it’s time to toast to success.If you’re seeking for creative ways to celebrate your child’s first year of life, a smash cake could be the answer.First birthday smash cakes are a delightful (and a little messy!) way to commemorate a baby’s first year of life.Find out more about the smash cake fad and get inspired by the lovely smash cake photographs and recipes that have been posted on the internet.

    Babies and Their First Birthday Cake

    What is a smash cake?

    In case you’re not familiar with the term, a smash cake is a little cake that is intended to be enjoyed by your child on her first birthday (or any other occasion).In addition, because to the fact that 1-year-olds are essentially lawless, she will almost certainly dig her fingers into the object or ″smash″ her face into it the moment it is placed in front of her.(There are no rules in this place!) When she finally does, Mom, Dad, or any other photographer who happens to be around may record the event in all its Instagram-worthy splendor for her.

    The best part about smash cakes is that they are not only adorable and humorous, but they also serve as the ideal cap to any first birthday celebration.Don’t worry, there will still be plenty of standard birthday cake available for guests to enjoy, just without the presence of a baby.Smash cakes are often designed to be kid-sized for a purpose, and they are intended to be consumed (or destroyed) entirely by the birthday boy or girl on their own.After your little one has enjoyed herself with her own mini cake, you may slice up a whole different, larger cake for your visitors to enjoy as well.

    In the event that you are concerned about allowing your newly-minted toddler to get all messy at her birthday party (because it will get messy!), there are certain precautions you can take in order to keep the mayhem under control.The most effective, if not the most photogenic, method is: Remove your baby’s diaper and dress her in her birthday suit (but do not remove the diaper).

    Another option is to dress your infant in a full-coverage bib, such as one that looks like an art smock.They’re even available in a variety of adorable colors and patterns.Another excellent suggestion: Place a towel, rag, or splat pad under the high chair to catch any spills.For those who are particularly concerned about mess, you may always plan a separate cake smash shot with a professional photographer, which is becoming increasingly popular.

    1. The photographer can construct a backdrop and may even arrange for the cake to be given on the day of the shoot.
    2. Whatever method you go, you can’t go wrong – your kid will almost certainly have a good time, and the photos taken with the smash cake will be priceless.

    What size should a smash cake be?

    In order to accommodate the number of visitors attending the celebration, the primary first birthday cake (the one that everyone will eat) is made in a variety of sizes, which you can find here.A baby’s smash cake, on the other hand, is often a more conventional size.Smash cakes are often little in order to fit on the high chair and be easy for your infant to pick up and hold on to.

    Across the board, these cakes are usually spherical in shape and have a diameter of around 4 inches.It is likely that your baby smash cake will be square, with a height of around 6 inches.However, most smash cakes serve eight people – but don’t worry, there’s no way your infant will consume that much food.More than anything, the smash cake is intended to be a fun picture opportunity rather than an enormous, sweet delight for your baby to consume in its whole.

    Smash cake ideas

    The first birthday of a child is a significant milestone. In addition, there is a great deal of pressure to have all of the elements — including the smash cake — absolutely perfect. Choosing a theme for the party may assist to ensure that everything from the decor to the first birthday cake is cohesive and enjoyable. Here are a few great suggestions to start your creative juices flowing:

    Watercolor smash cake

    This adorable little delicacy has an ombre-like appearance that gives it a modern feel while yet being really delicious. (You could be kicking yourself for allowing your child to get his hands on it!)

    Secret garden smash cake

    A slice of this smash cake seems almost too tempting to devour! (Almost.) Fresh flowers may be used to decorate your photographs, and a charming cake topper can be added for extra flare – just remember to take it off before your baby eats in!

    Fruit smash cake

    This pint-sized smash cake is bursting with fresh fruit and fragrant spices. When you want to give a modest reference to the fall or winter seasons, this is the right choice.

    Pretty in pink smash cake

    Even if you aren’t a natural baker, icing florets may easily hide flaws and make any cake appear more professional than it actually is. Furthermore, you can customize them to match any color scheme of your preference.

    Woodland smash cake

    Are you a fan of all things rustic and outdoorsy? This cake, which is inspired by nature and looks like a birch log, is quite imaginative. Add some figurines of forest-dwelling animals, such as bear, fox, and deer, to make it even more entertaining.

    ″The Little Mermaid″ smash cake

    If you’re planning an under-the-sea-themed party, this Little Mermaid smash cake will be a hit with the kids. Isn’t it true that there’s nothing quite like edible art?

    ″Star Wars″ smash cake

    Fans of the Star Wars franchise, this one’s for you! If you ask me, there are few things sweeter than an R2D2 smash cake, but I believe it’s even nicer when the birthday girl is done up in full Jedi garb, don’t you?

    Snowflake smash cake

    The weather may be frigid outside, but that will not deter your little one from celebrating her first voyage around the sun on her birthday. This smash cake, which has the appearance of glittering snow, is ideal for celebrating a sweet event.

    Airplane smash cake

    This visually appealing cake is delicate, easy, and tasty, and it will elevate your dessert presentation to new heights. Purchase or build a colorful airplane topper to make the cake appear as if it is layered with layers of blue sky.

    Starbucks smash cake

    It’s possible that your kid isn’t a fan of Starbucks, but this theme is amusing for any parent who suffers from a mild coffee addiction themselves. The only obstacle to overcome is finding a baker who is capable of creating a huge Frappuccino cake. (And, of course, avoiding consuming it yourself first.)

    Sprinkle-mania smash cake

    Sprinkles are a favorite among children. This sprinkle-covered smash cake from food blogger Karli Bitner of ″Cooking with Karli″ is not only beautiful to look at, but it’s also simple to make thanks to her step-by-step instructions. Take a look at the instruction here.

    Polka-dot smash cake

    This duet (for twins!) may have the accuracy of a professional baker’s hand, but it’s a style that’s perfectly achievable for anybody to achieve on their own. The possibilities are endless when it comes to personalizing it with your favorite flavors and color schemes.

    ″Hole in One″ golf smash cake

    This mini smash cake is the ideal complement to the adult-sized cake intended for party guests, and it is also really adorable. Laugh as your tiny Tiger Woods-in-training bites into the ″golf ball″ and rips up the grass in front of you.

    Thing 1 and Thing 2 smash cake

    If you’re celebrating not just one, but two first birthdays, a Thing 1 and Thing 2 theme will be perfect for you. Apart from the fact that the color scheme is gender-neutral, each youngster will also receive their very own cake to demolish (how much fun is that?).

    ″Game of Thrones″ smash cake

    Just can’t seem to get over the fact that Game of Thrones is no longer on television? Help the series continue to live on with a first birthday bash inspired by Game of Thrones! When it comes to digging into this dragon-themed smash cake, your young Jon Snow will have a blast. It even comes with three dragon ″eggs.″

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    ″All in Bloom″ smash cake

    If you’re searching for something sweet and straightforward, this elegant-looking cake may be topped with virtually anything (but looks especially great with fresh flowers or greenery). Additionally, edible gold particles elevate the whole experience.

    Baseball smash cake

    Get your bat out of the bag! With a baseball-shaped cake for the birthday tot to enjoy, baseball enthusiasts will have a blast with this game day-themed birthday party. Having trouble figuring out how to pull it off? Wilton Cakes provides a recipe that is simple to follow.

    ″Happ-bee Birthday″ smash cake

    With a smash cake that looks like a hive and is covered with edible bees, you can get into the mood for a bee-themed celebration. It is certain that the entire party will be abuzz about it.

    Strawberry smash cake

    Featuring everything from pink icing and strawberry vines to a cake topper that matches, this choice is delightful in every aspect. It’s also a great choice for a summer get-together.

    ″Healthy Hearts” smash cake

    Believe it or not, there are fruits and vegetables concealed within this delectable smash cake.Your infant, on the other hand, will be none the wiser.On her blog, ″Nutrition in the Kitch,″ food blogger Christal Sczebel shares a recipe for carrot cake that includes unsweetened almond milk, coconut palm sugar, and grated carrots, among other ingredients.

    The best part is that it is gluten- and dairy-free, making it an excellent alternative for children who have food allergies.

    Giant cupcake smash cake

    Smash cakes that are designed to seem like enormous cupcakes are a big fad right now, and for good reason: they are delicious. When you see your infant smash a cupcake the size of her head, it is quite endearing, and it makes for some fantastic photographs.

    Royal smash cake

    Give your child princess or prince the royal treatment with a smash cake topped with — what else? — a crown for their birthday celebration.

    Cookie Monster smash cake

    Considering that Sesame Street is already your child’s favorite television program, why not make one of the show’s most beloved characters the focus of their first birthday celebration? This Cookie-Monster-themed party is complete with a smash cake that is designed to appear like the big monster himself, while he is chewing hungrily on a huge cookie of his own creation!

    Foxy smash cake

    Can you think of anything more sneaky than…a cake that’s fashioned exactly like one of the loveliest woodland critters on the planet? When it comes to rustic-themed parties, this fox smash cake is an excellent option to consider.

    Healthy Smash Cake for Baby’s First Birthday

    A light and fluffy healthy smash cake made without the use of any fats, oils, or sugar.Most crucially (since this cake is intended to produce a huge mess on baby’s first birthday), just five ingredients are required for this cake to be made….and with that, our darling girl turned one year old.

    For her first birthday, we wanted to take a classic smash cake photo, but every recipe I researched looked unnecessarily difficult, requiring fruit purees and a long list of ingredients.I needed something quick and easy, so I headed to the kitchen!We finally came up with this little gem, which is a nutritious smash cake that is inspired by angel food and is created with just egg whites, cake flour, cream of tartar, pure vanilla essence, and heavy cream (for topping).The fact is that a smash cake is only for the baby, so it doesn’t need to be overly elaborate or complicated.

    Make or purchase a traditional birthday cake for the grownups (I served my favorite Chocolate Bundt Cake), but present this small sugar-free birthday cake to the birthday girl or boy.Your child will make a spectacular mess, and you will not have to worry about your child’s first sugar crash.(Scroll down to see the rest of June’s sloppy ″smash″ photographs!) A smash cake is, by definition, a little cake.

    Bake it in a 5 3 inch pan if possible (make careful to choose the ″5 3 inch″ size when selecting the pan size).Despite the fact that this small pan appears to be a one-trick pony, I’ve been using mine all summer to bake this cake (with the addition of a little sugar) as an afternoon snack for the kids or a light dessert for the adults.If you just use the pan once, you may simply pass it on to someone else who has a kid who is about to turn one year old.

    Choosing a Pan for Smash Cake

    • (Revised in July of 2020) In the original version of this recipe, I used a 5 x 3-inch springform pan, which is no longer available for purchase. Since then, I’ve been on the lookout for a different pan that I can recommend to people. For this cake, I tried it out with each of the three alternatives listed below: Pan for 5 34-inch Cheesecake (BEST OPTION
    • make sure to pick the ″5 3 inch″ size): If you want a cake that looks just like the one in these photographs, this pan is your best option for making it. It has precisely the same proportions as the pan I initially used and produces a moist, delicious small cake with tall edges that is perfect for serving with tea. (Caution: Although this is a strong pan, it is difficult to clean. It gets soaked and then put through the dishwasher on the top rack when I’ve finished baking with it.)
    • 52-inch Springform Pan: This is a little springform pan that is barely less than 5 inches wide and 2 inches tall in real measurement. It is approximately the same width as the cake seen before, but has shorter sides than the previous cake. The batter from the recipe below will be enough to fill two of these little pans. It has been brought to my attention by numerous readers that they use two of these pans to produce an adorable tiny two-layer cake.
    • Springform Pan (63-inch Diameter): A wider pan than I used for these photographs, with sides that are all the same height as I used for them. The cake that it produces is one inch broader than the cake seen in the photographs above, but it is still a little cake that is perfect for smashing and eating. Because this pan is somewhat larger than the pan that was used to generate this recipe, I would recommend utilizing the slider in the recipe below to make a double batch of the recipe below. You may have some batter left over, but doing so will ensure that you have enough batter to fill the pan completely.

    Ingredients for Angel Food Smash Cake

    • One of the most appealing aspects of this dish is that it calls for only a handful of ingredients. All you need is the following: Ingredients: Egg Whites – The egg whites serve as the base for this light and fluffy cake. Carefully separate the egg whites from the egg yolks to ensure that there are no yolks in the mixture. (Don’t want to discard those leftover egg yolks? No problem. They may be used to produce lemon curd.) Because cake flour has less protein than all-purpose flour, it yields more soft baked items than the latter. Your angel food cake should be light and fluffy, and cake flour will assist you in accomplishing this goal. Don’t forget to include this component. (And what about all that extra cake flour? Keep it in the freezer until you’re ready to use it to create the iconic New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookies.)
    • Cream of Tartar — This acidic powder aids in the stabilization of egg whites, ensuring that they remain light and fluffy when baking. Don’t forget about it
    • Pure Vanilla Extract – This will give the cake a subtle vanilla taste that will be enjoyed by everybody. This item can be omitted if you desire to keep things simple
    • nonetheless,
    • Heavy Cream — For the topping on this cake, heavy cream (or whipping cream) is whisked into a light, fluffy consistency. A beautiful, unsweetened ″frosting″ may be made with this, which results in amazing messiness for photographs.

    Sugar in Baby’s First Birthday Cake

    Many people do not want to offer their infant sweets on their first birthday, and this is understandable.A smash cake does not require the addition of sugar since most babies will smash the cake and create a joyful, photograph-friendly mess even if the cake does not include any sugar.The sugar-free cake recipe shown here is for a cake that tastes like unsweetened, light, fluffy white bread and is easy to make.

    If you don’t mind a tiny quantity of sugar, you’ll discover measurements for incorporating it into your recipe.By include the optional sugar, you may make this a cake that any adult who like dessert would enjoy as well.

    Do you need cream of tartar in angel food cake?

    When making angel food cake, don’t forget to use cream of tartar. With the addition of cream of tartar, the cake will rise even higher, resulting in a light and fluffy texture that is characteristic of angel food cake. Allow us to discuss how to bake this cake now, shall we?

    Step 1: Separate Egg Whites and Egg Yolks

    This cake requires just egg whites to be made.It’s critical to thoroughly separate the egg whites from the egg yolks while making this recipe.If there is any egg yolk in the mixture, the egg whites will not be able to form the delicate peaks that are necessary to give the cake its light, fluffy consistency.

    In addition, you’ll want to let the egg whites to get to room temperature (approximately 20 to 30 minutes) before starting on the baking process.Egg whites that are room temperature will whip up more readily into delicate, fluffy peaks.

    Step 2: Beat Egg Whites into Soft, Fluffy Peaks

    That’s right, this is the most crucial phase (and the one about which I receive the most inquiries!).Combine the egg whites, cream of tartar, and pure vanilla extract in a mixing bowl using a hand mixer or in the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment and whisk until stiff peaks form.The egg whites must be soft and fluffy when they are ready to be used.

    Using medium-high intensity, this should take 3 to 4 minutes of thumping, but don’t be concerned about the timing.Concentrate on the appearance of the egg whites.It will be opaque and white when correctly combined, and it will be uniformly fluffy throughout when thoroughly combined.When you remove the beaters out of the mixture, look for gentle peaks that rise to the top of the mixture and softly tip over on themselves at the top.

    Step 3: Fold in Cake Flour

    Dust the tops of the egg whites with a little dusting of cake flour.There are many bigger angel food cake recipes that call for you to sift the flour before adding it, but because the proportions used for this cake are so little, there is no need to go through the extra step.Simply sprinkle the flour on top and gently mix the dry ingredients into the egg whites with a whisk or spatula until they are equally blended.

    Take your time with this stage; if you mix too hard or too quickly, the egg whites may get compressed, resulting in a cake with less volume.

    Step 4: Bake and Invert to Cool

    Gently pour the batter into a 5 3 inch pan that has not been buttered (make sure you choose the ″5 3 inch″ size).Bake for about 20 minutes, or until the top of the cake is a light golden brown color.When the cake comes out of the oven, invert it and allow it to cool completely on its side.

    This may sound unusual, but it will aid in the preservation of the cake’s height.Alternatively, you may chill it upside down on a cooling rack, or you can just support it with two tiny cans or jars.

    Reminders: Tips for a Light, Fluffy Angel Food Smash Cake

    1. Use a conventional pan rather than one that has been branded as nonstick.
    2. It is not necessary to oil the pan. As the cake bakes, the egg whites will rise to the top of the pan and stick to the sides of the baking pan. Once it has cooled, you will be able to remove it from the pan by running a knife around the edges.
    3. Allowing the egg whites to come to room temperature before using is recommended.
    4. Using an electric mixer, whip the egg whites until soft, fluffy peaks form. If you don’t mind not worrying about the exact time, simply keep an eye out for opaque, white peaks that rise to the surface and then tip over on themselves at the summit
    5. Fold in the cake flour with a light hand. Don’t mix the egg whites too vigorously or you’ll compress the air bubbles in them.
    6. The cake should be turned upside down to allow for air circulation, which will prevent the cake from sinking as it cools.

    Sifting Cake Flour

    In order to ensure that the flour is readily mixed in without deflating the egg whites, most full-size angel food cakes need sifting the flour before baking.It is not required to complete this step if you are only creating a single batch of the recipe.Using a pastry brush, gently sprinkle the flour over the whole surface of the egg whites before folding it in.

    Sifting the cake flour is recommended when doubling or tripling a recipe since you will be using more of it across a smaller surface area when doubling or tripling it.

    Make Angel Food Cake Ahead

    If you want to prepare this cake ahead of time, bake it according to the directions and allow it to cool fully before serving. Wrap it tightly in plastic wrap and store it in the refrigerator for up to 3 days (let it come to room temperature before serving.) You can also freeze it for up to 4 months if you wrap it well in plastic wrap before freezing (defrost completely before serving).

    “Frosting” for Smash Cake

    The ″frosting″ for this cake is just handmade whipped cream, which is prepared by beating heavy / whipping cream until it is light and fluffy, then folding in the remaining ingredients.When it comes time to apply the frosting, transferring it into a tiny ziptop / plastic bag makes it simple (and photo-friendly) to do so.Seal the bag and then cut a corner off one of the sides.

    Gently push the whipped cream out over the top of the cake in billowy circles, spreading it evenly.Wait until just before serving time to ice the cake on the top.Greetings on the occasion of your child’s first birthday!And a hearty congratulations on your decision to make the cake yourself!

    You may find tons more troubleshooting, tips, and techniques in the comments section below, provided by me and other readers.Please don’t hesitate to ask for help in the comments section if you require assistance during baking.

    Smash Cake Photos

    Are you wondering if this cute little nutritious smash cake is appropriate for a first-birthday-girl? I believe that the photographs speak for themselves.

    Allergy Note

    It is necessary to note that this dish contains dairy, eggs, and wheat. You should always consult your kid’s physician if you have any questions or concerns concerning food allergies or sensitiv

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