What Is Movie Cake About?

The rest of the cast was revealed on April 1. Principal photography, which took place in Los Angeles, began April 3, 2014 and ended May 6. Cake was released in select theatres on December 31, 2014 by Cinelou Films, before going on general release on January 23, 2015 by Freestyle Releasing.

What is the point of the movie Cake?

The Friends star gives a gritty portrayal of suicidal mom Claire Bennett who is hooked on prescription drugs while struggling to live with debilitating injuries she endured in a car crash that killed her child.

Is the movie Cake based on a true story?

Jennifer Aniston’s career-defining performance in hit movie Cake has earned her a flurry of plaudits and award nominations. But few watching the heart-wrenching Hollywood film will be aware that the screen drama is in fact inspired by a tragic and brutal real life story.

How does movie Cake end?

Claire had answered she’d have sex with the entire Madrid soccer but Nina had replied that she’d want to make a birthday cake for her son from scratch. The premonition ends with Nina throwing the cake out a window and then jumping right after.

What caused the scars on Jennifer Aniston’s face?

According to an IMDb description of the 2015 project, Aniston stars as a ‘grieving mother suffering from chronic pain in the aftermath of a fatal car accident.’ That explains the scar — and the dramatic makeunder, which finds the Friends actress with darker hair, very little makeup, and baggy clothes.

How did Jennifer Aniston get hurt in Cake?

This is, of course, validated towards the end of the film when we finally learn that she was injured in a car accident that also killed her son and wrecked her as a person.

Did Jennifer Aniston get hurt?

Aniston explained that she was ‘unable to move’ when she fell off some stairs, resulting in her being rushed to hospital for an MRI scan. She later had a 9mm disc attached to her which forced her to change her workout plan and go easy on her body.

Why did Nina have chronic pain in Cake?

Starring Jennifer Aniston, Cake is the story of Claire Simmons, a woman living with chronic pain after a car accident that took the life of her young son. The film opens with Claire in a chronic pain support group. Claire is called to speak about the recent suicide of Nina, one of the group’s members.

When was the movie Cake filmed?

Cake (2005 film)

Music by Andrew Lockington
Distributed by Lions Gate Entertainment
Release date 2 December 2005 (Canada)
Running time 94 minutes

Did Jennifer Aniston get hit by a car?

Jennifer Aniston was slightly injured in a car crash Tuesday as she drove through a Hollywood residential area. The ‘Friends’ co-star, and wife of actor Brad Pitt, was driving her Jaguar northbound near Sunset Boulevard when a vehicle backing out of a driveway broad-sided her car, Officer Ed Funes said.

Was Jennifer Aniston in a car accident?

Jennifer Aniston’s driver was involved in a slight car accident after she had dinner with old ‘Friends’ castmates, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow at Craig’s in Los Angeles.

What was Jennifer Aniston’s first movie role?

Jennifer Aniston is an American actress, producer, and businesswoman who made her film debut in the 1988 comic science fiction film Mac and Me in an uncredited role of a dancer in McDonald’s.

Is cake a food?

Cake is a form of sweet food made from flour, sugar, and other ingredients, that is usually baked.

Who are the actors in the movie Cake?

Cake (2005) – IMDb Cake: Directed by Nisha Ganatra. With Heather Graham, David Sutcliffe, Taye Diggs, Sandra Oh. A travel writer (Graham) who begrudgingly assumes control of her father’s wedding magazine finds the new experience might just change her take on love.

What is the plot of the book Cake?

Once the meat of the story reveals itself, however, Cake is astonishingly clever, delicate, and emotional. Claire Bennett is the apparent victim of an unexplained accident that left her with chronic pain, a bad attitude, and a trail of broken relationships.

Family murder and anti-depressants: true story of Aniston’s Cake

A whirlwind of accolades and award nominations have been heaped upon Jennifer Aniston for her career-defining performance in the blockbuster comedy Cake.A depressed mother who is addicted to prescription drugs and fighting to cope with the devastating injuries she sustained in a car accident that killed her kid, Claire Bennett is played by the Friends star in a grim new film titled Claire Bennett.When it was not featured on the Oscars shortlist, many reviewers thought it was a snub and that it should have been.The fact that the heartbreaking Hollywood picture was inspired by a terrible and horrific real-life tragedy, however, will be known only to a small number of people who view the film.

  1. According to the Daily Mail Online, screenwriter Patrick Tobin was inspired to write the film after his family suffered a horrible tragedy in which four members of his brother’s family were slain.
  3. Acclaim: Celebrities and critics alike have praised Jennifer Aniston’s performance in Cake, and many have questioned why she has not been nominated or even shortlisted for an Academy Award.
  4. Tim and Deb Tobin with their daughter Alyssa After murdering Tim’s mother and child, as well as his own wife, Tim’s father-in-law turned the gun on himself.
  5. Deb Tobin and Alyssa have a lot of potential.

Both of these people died not long after these photographs were shot.The experience changed Tobin’s life in so many ways that he decided to share his tale with the world in an exclusive interview.He describes how it inspired the plot of Cake and how his brother Tim gave him his blessing to speak about it for the first time.’My brother granted me permission to speak about it, and I believe that discussing how his wife and daughter were the inspiration for this film is a homage to them.’Because they very definitely did,’ Tobin clarifies.

On February 14, 1998, when picking up his family at their father-in-home law’s in the small town of Gillette, Montana, Patrick’s brother Tim Tobin made a gruesome find — he discovered four members of his family dead.During the middle of the night, Don Schell grabbed a.22 calibre handgun and a 357 magnum and shot to death the three people in the world he held most dear – his wife Rita, his daughter Deb, and their infant granddaughter Alyssa – who were the most important people in the world to him.After that, he committed suicide.When Tim returned home the following day, he saw the sight of devastation that will haunt him for the rest of his life.He is still haunted by the image of his wife Deb and his nine-month-old daughter Alyssa lying in a pool of blood, even now.But it was Schell’s 60-year-old status as a non-violent guy who startled the family the most.

Schell had been a devoted grandfather to Tim’s small daughter for most of his life.Tim Tobin and his groomsmen pose with his new bride on their wedding day.Deb Before they were murdered by his father-in-law, Tim Tobin was photographed with his wife Deb and their infant daughter Alyssa at their home.The events that transpired were completely out of character for Tim, and as a result, he filed a lawsuit against GlaxoSmithKline, the British pharmaceutical firm that manufactures Paxil, an anti-depressant that Schell had been prescribed to treat a bout of depression.In 2001, Tobin’s family was successful in their lawsuit and received a settlement of $6.4 million.A jury in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia determined that Schell’s use of Paxil was the primary cause of his death, as well as the deaths of his wife, daughter, and granddaughter.

  1. Paxil, the jury said, can lead some people to murder themselves and/or others, according to the evidence presented.
  2. Following the killing, Tim came to the conclusion that he had nothing else to live for and sunk into a profound, suicidal melancholy.
  3. When Patrick Tobin saw his brother was in distress, he packed up his life in Los Angeles and relocated to Montana to be with him and help keep him as far away from suicide as possible.

I travelled twelve hundred miles to keep a watch on him, mostly to make sure he didn’t kill himself,’ Patrick explains in an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail.’When I got home, Tim was always in the basement, drinking a bottle of scotch and watching films of his kid,’ I remember thinking.Videos showing her eating solid food for the first time or crawling have been posted on the internet.’When the cassettes were finished playing, I’d assist Tim in making his way to his room.’ ‘The tragedy of that day was replayed over and over in his memory,’ Tobin claimed about his brother.

  1. Tim discovered the deaths while driving to Deb’s father’s house to pick up his family, and nothing Tobin could say could take away the horror of the discovery.
  2. In order to obtain an hour or two of dreamless sleep, he would take a handful of Tylenol PMs every night,’ she says.
  3. With the tragedy in mind, Tobin said he drew on his own anguish to make the film Cake, which illustrates how prescription medications can completely devastate people’s lives.

The experience of his brother served as a personal motivation, according to him.’The year I spent with him was really difficult, and it was quite painful and horrifying to witness.Writer Patrick Tobin (right) attends the Toronto International Film Festival with cast members Sam Worthington, Adriana Barraza, Jennifer Aniston, and Anna Kendrick (from left) and director Daniel Barnz (center).

  1. ‘ It was never my aim to write about it, but Jen’s character Claire was the first to express my feelings about it.
  2. Claire had lost her kid, and her character tapped into a lot of my brother’s and our family’s anguish as she played the role.
  3. I believe that my brother was searching for a cause to be alive for a few of years until he became self-destructive and lost interest in life.
  4. Several of Hollywood’s most prominent performers, including Sam Worthington, Felicity Hoffman, Anna Kendrick, and William H.
  1. Macy, were drawn to Tobin’s strong movie script, which stars Aniston as well as Worthington, Hoffman, and Kendrick in the film.
  2. But Tobin expressed his biggest hope for the film, saying that it will cause people to reassess how we are treating pain with pharmaceuticals in the future.
  3. ‘I could walk into a doctor’s office tomorrow and tell him I’m in excruciating pain, and I can assure you that I would walk out with 30 Vicodin tablets in my hand.’ The fact that there is no system in place to trace what I am taking or who supplied it to me means that I would go somewhere else if I couldn’t do it here.

Jen’s character, Claire, even travels to Tijuana in order to obtain hers, and this actually occurs.’ Cake poses the question, ″What is pain management?″ to the audience.Is it something that will make the agony go away, or is it something that will just lessen the ache while keeping it alive at the same time?’ In America, we have a saying: ″We’re Americans, and we want our suffering to go instantly.″ That is the ultimate objective.

  1. ‘Make the discomfort disappear.’ Rather than avoiding chronic pain altogether, Tobin feels that the key to coping with it is ‘coming to terms with it, finding peace with it, and learning to cope with it, in spite of it.’ Personal: Following his brother’s awful experience, Tobin was inspired to create a novel about a character who battles chronic pain and is played by Jennifer Aniston.
  2. She co-stars with Anna Kendrick, whose character commits suicide in the film.
  3. ‘Advances in pain management are basically opioids,’ he said, adding that they are addictive and have the potential to wreck people’s lives.

When it comes to the damage that pharmaceutical medications may wreak, Tobin has had some disturbing first-hand encounters.However, he stated that the subject is also one that is near to the heart of the film’s star, Jennifer Aniston.’At first, I had no idea how to deal with a great deal of discomfort,’ he explained further.My first step was to call the American Pain Society and speak with doctors.’ People, particularly in Los Angeles, who specialize only in the management and treatment of pain abound.One fascinating fact I discovered was that methadone, the medicine used to treat heroin addiction, is also utilized in the production of pain relievers.Jennifer, on the other hand, has been really open and eager to discuss these difficulties.

  1. Jen’s stuntwoman, Stacy Courtney, is a personal friend of Jen’s who was involved in a serious boating accident that resulted in her being addicted to painkillers.
  2. Stacy had to go through a lot, and Jen leaned heavily on Stacy for advice on how to represent the character on-screen and off.
  3. In addition, they appeared on the Dr.

Oz program together, where they discussed chronic pain and pain treatment.Jen knows people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol, and she has worked with people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol.’I felt it was an interesting move not to reveal the reason why Jen’s character is the way she is until later in the film,’ I said.

To avoid others despising her, we employed a sense of humour in this situation.’ Tobin claims that Aniston’s character Claire was based on one of his mother’s friends, Wilma, who played Claire in the film.’She was the only one of my mother’s friends who was not afraid to express herself,’ he said.’She was brutally honest and frank, and she couldn’t care less about what other people thought of her.’ Claire, played by Jennifer Aniston, is addicted to prescription pain medicine, which she obtains through illegal means.According to Tobin, ″Cake inquires as to what constitutes pain management.″ Is it something that will make the agony go away, or is it something that will only lessen the ache while keeping it alive at the same time?Patrick had nothing but admiration for the former Friends actress, who was so devoted to the part that she neglected to exercise for several months and therefore gained weight.

  • ‘Jen was just fantastic right from the start,’ he added.
  • Her dedication to the part was evident because she was portraying a person suffering from chronic agony, which required her to express that fact throughout every scene.’ says the director.
  • ‘ Jen didn’t exercise for several months, and when you’re a fit person who doesn’t exercise, it has an effect on your mental state, as it did for her, and she accepted this transformation.

When Jen was cast in the role of Claire, it became clear very immediately that she was the ideal candidate since she is such a brilliant comic and it comes so effortlessly to her to perform.’ It was critical that the movie had humor since it helped to carry you through the plot, and Jen did an excellent job of it.’ ‘The first time I met Jennifer, she expressed gratitude by saying, ‘Thank you very much for creating such a great script.″ Everybody loved her, and if we had to work late, she would always apologize and thank us all for sticking it out with her.’I ran into her at the wrap party a couple of weeks later and couldn’t tell who she was.

I was aware that she had stopped exercising and had gained a few pounds in preparation for the role, but her transformation two weeks after filming was incredible, and she looked absolutely fantastic.’ Tobin has found the entire experience to be quite surreal, as he never imagined that his family’s story would one day become a box office success.’It all happened in such a flash.

  1. He went on to say, ″As a writer, I wish I’d spent a little less time fretting and a little more time enjoying it.″ ‘It was a really exciting period in my life.
  2. I kept thinking, ‘Oh my God, Jennifer Aniston and Sam Worthington are going to be in this, and Felicity Hoffman and Anna Kendrick and William H.
  3. Macy are going to be in this,’ and then I realized it was true.
  4. Friends advised me to ‘enjoy it since it doesn’t happen very often, so make the most of the opportunity.’ However, I had the impression that I was holding my breath at times and that I should have relaxed more.’ In spite of the terrible background to the plot, Tobin believes that ‘the lesson in this movie is that no matter how awful life gets, there is always, always hope.’ Jennifer Aniston stars in the film.
  5. For Tobin, it is particularly significant that Cake has been able to pay tribute to the horrific family tragedy that nearly resulted in his brother taking his own life.
  • ‘He and my mother came to the Toronto premiere of the film and were in tears by the time they finished seeing it,’ Tobin added.
  • It is true that the scenario with the wind chimes is something that we created for my sister-in-law and niece.
  • That was something I hadn’t shared with my brother or mother.
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Because they felt it was so wonderful, they asked to be included in the film.Roy, played by Sam Worthington, has also recently lost his wife, and in many respects, Roy is also my brother, just as Claire is my sister.I believe it is fair to claim that he was the inspiration for both of those personalities.’The year I spent with my brother was the longest period of time in which I had any experience with suicide.Every now and again, individuals go through a difficult moment, but being around someone who truly does not have anything left to live for is a horrific experience.’ He added his brother Tim, now 46, has now committed his life to helping others and has retrained to become a nurse as a result of the incident.In the end, Tobin remarked, ‘He stayed tough, he stuck it through, and today his life is amazing.

‘He’s remarried, he has two children, and he works as a nurse, so he gets to serve people on a daily basis, which is wonderful.’ Since many people have empathized with Claire’s character, I am convinced that the true message is one of optimism and perseverance, and that it is never too late to try again.I’m getting a lot of letters from people who are suffering from chronic pain.Just recently, I received a nice letter from a woman in Kansas, who expressed her gratitude for ‘translating my experience and dealing with it in the manner in which you did.’ The message of this film is that no matter how bad things get in life, there is always, always hope.’

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What happened to Jennifer Aniston on cake?

While travelling in the passenger seat of the automobile, Claire’s seat is entirely reclined to the point that she is virtually laying down flat, as shown in each shot. As the film progresses, we find that she was seriously injured in a vehicle accident that also claimed the life of her son and severely damaged her personal and professional life.

What was wrong with Nina in cake?

Plot. The former attorney Claire Bennett is still suffering from severe agony a year after a vehicle accident that claimed the life of her son. Her angry demeanor is a result. It is her refusal to accept her son’s death (for which she feels guilty) as well as the suicide of Nina, a fellow member of her chronic pain support group, that has led to her pain pill misuse.

Is the movie cake based on a true story?

A whirlwind of accolades and award nominations have been heaped upon Jennifer Aniston for her career-defining performance in the blockbuster comedy Cake. The fact that the heartbreaking Hollywood picture was inspired by a terrible and horrific real-life tragedy, however, will be known only to a small number of people who view the film.

Why is Parkin called Parkin?

To begin with, parkin was a festive cake, traditionally consumed on the occasion of winter festivals; this tradition is said to have started with the pagan habit of eating special cakes to commemorate the first day of winter.

What did Jennifer Aniston have in cake?

For her leading part in Cake, in which she plays a lady who suffers from acute chronic pain as a result of a horrific automobile accident, Jennifer Aniston didn’t have to search far for guidance. Stacy Courtney, her stunt double of around eight years, had experienced a horrible boat accident in which she was nearly killed, according to her.

What illness does Jennifer Aniston have in cake?

Cake, a film starring Jennifer Aniston, tells the tale of Claire Simmons, a woman who suffers from chronic agony as a result of a car accident that claimed the life of her infant son. Claire is introduced in the film while attending a chronic pain support group. Claire is summoned to the group’s meeting to discuss about Nina’s recent suicide, which occurred among the group’s members.

What is golden syrup in America?

It is a thick, amber-colored kind of inverted sugar syrup that is produced by the process of refining sugar cane or sugar beet juice into sugar or through the treatment of a sugar solution with acid. Desserts and baked goods that contain this ingredient are many.

What is black treacle syrup?

Black treacle syrup is made from a combination of cane molasses and sugar cane. Black treacle syrup is a viscous syrup with a black color and a high viscosity. Due to its rich, robust, and deep flavor, black treacle syrup is the ideal contrast to golden syrup, and it is frequently used to generate a bitter-sweet flavoring in sweets and pastries as a substitute for golden syrup.

What kind of cake is a spelt birthday cake?

″Wacky Cake,″ a classic eggless, dairy-free (and now wheat-free) cake that was popular during the Great Depression and World War II when eggs and butter were either scarce or excessively costly, has been transformed into a spelt-based birthday cake.

Where was the first evidence of spelt found?

Spelt has been found in Transcaucasia, north-east of the Black Sea, dating back to the fifth millennium BC. However, the most plentiful and best-documented archaeological evidence of spelt has been found in Europe, dating back to the fifth millennium BC.

Who are the actors in the free encyclopedia cake?

According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Daniel Barnz directed and wrote the screenplay for Cake, which stars Jennifer Aniston, Adriana Barraza, Felicity Huffman, William H. Macy, Anna Kendrick, and Sam Worthington. It made its world premiere at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival, in the Special Presentations section.

Can you substitute spelt flour for regular wheat flour?

Baking the bread in a pan ensures that the bread retains its form. With conventional wheat flour, I happily start by substituting 50 percent of the flour in cakes and breads, and for things like biscuit-and-pastry recipes, dishes that do not rely on the gluten for structure, you may use a larger percentage of the grain.

Movie Spoiler for the film

Cake that has been ″cut to the chase″ *Please keep in mind that this spoiler was contributed by Mark Annette is the leader of a support group for chronic pain patients, which includes a group of women (Felicity Huffman).They seek to bring closure to the death of one of their members, Nina (Anna Kendrick), who committed herself a month earlier.Several women express their displeasure with Nina for failing to seek assistance and for abandoning her kid.The therapist then inquires about Claire’s (Jennifer Aniston’s) emotional state.

  1. Claire has scars all over her face; she tells the group that Nina leaped from a highway bridge – where the 110 and 105 intersect – fell into a flatbed truck load of secondhand furniture traveling to Acapulco, and wasn’t discovered for hours.
  2. Her corpse was subsequently transported back to the United States in Rubbermaid containers, which were held up at customs for more than a week before her husband could claim it.
  3. Claire applauds Nina because she dislikes it when suicide is made easier for the survivors, which Nina believes is the case.
  4. Claire is transported back to her apartment in a cab.
  5. In the backseat, she has been laying down because she is unable to sit up straight owing to her agony.

Silvana (Adriana Barraza), her hired maid, is there, preparing her a dinner because Claire had gone several hours without eating.Claire receives various voicemails, one of which is from Annette, who encourages her to locate another support group, one that can assist her with her anger issues.Claire listens to the message.The second letter is from her husband, with whom she has recently split; he wishes to come over and pick up the remainder of his belongings, but only while she is not around.Claire is alone in her home, so she goes through her belongings to find medication bottles that she has stashed away.

She is on the verge of running out of medications.She tosses and turns in her sleep, writhing in agony.The opossum observes Claire as she goes into her backyard and soaks in her pool while she does so.On the next morning, she is roused by Silvana, and as she is getting dressed, Claire refuses to apply scar gel to her scars.Claire, who is in excruciating pain, is driven by Silvana, who makes Claire lie down in the car once more.Wendi (Lucy Punch) hasn’t been authorized for medications yet, so they stop by the doctor, where Claire is granted Percocet and Oxycodone prescriptions after buttering up the nurse.

At home, she informs Silvana that she should return home early and then has sex with Arturo, the pool worker.After they are finished, she hands him a tub packed with children’s toys, which he may use for his children.Within sight of the house, Silvana has been waiting in her car, fighting with the pool guy, demanding that Claire’s toys be retained in her custody despite the fact that she has given them away.The next day, Silvana returns home to see her family, who advise her to quit her work because Claire doesn’t pay her enough to put up with her shittiness.In her defense of Claire, Silvana places the tub of toys in her closet, where it will join the previous tubs that she has had to confiscate since Claire gave them away.Claire tosses and turns in her bed, her back hurting.

  1. She hears a knock in the back yard and goes to investigate.
  2. When she goes to have a look, she discovers that it is the deceased Nina, who is resting on an inflatable raft.
  3. They converse, and Nina teases her, wondering why she doesn’t kill herself, given that she is an atheist.

They laugh.Nina then submerges Claire’s head beneath water.Claire is jolted awake from her nightmare.Claire is in water therapy the next day, and she is being quite difficult towards her therapist, Bonnie (Mamie Gummer).

  1. The pain is excruciating, Claire complains, and Bonnie explains that she has had pins in her legs for more than a year and that it is going to be painful.
  2. Bonnie points out that the doctor is curious as to why there has been no improvement in six months, and she proposes that Claire seeks out a different professional to collaborate with.
  3. Claire is alone at the pool later in the day, after everyone has left.

She tries to drown herself by using weights to keep herself beneath the surface of the water, but she manages to swim back to the surface.Silvana transports Claire to the 110 and 105, the locations of Nina’s leap.The MTA employee who saw her death describes what he saw to Claire.

  1. He claims she was up there for a lengthy period of time before she jumped.
  2. Claire comes up to the location where Nina leapt, while Silvana sits in the car, nervously anticipating the outcome.
  3. Nina pauses for a second before leaping from the brink as well – but it turns out to be another nightmare.
  4. The support group’s office is greeted by Claire, who tells Annette that she will sue the organization for discriminating against her based on a past instance (revealing Claire used to be a lawyer).
  1. Claire then claims she’s joking and that she’s come to ask for Nina’s address; when Annette refuses, Claire tells her that she’s no longer joking about the lawsuit and that she’s serious about it.
  2. Claire pays a visit to Nina’s home and meets her husband, Roy, who she immediately falls in love with (Sam Worthington).
  3. She informs him that she used to reside in the house, and he takes her on a tour of the property, which includes his son’s bedroom.

As she walks away, Roy informs her that Annette had informed him of her impending arrival and that he recognizes her as a member of the support group.Claire requests that Silvana transport her to Tijuana since she has run out of meds.Claire is forced to lie down for the duration of the voyage due to the discomfort.

  1. When they arrive, they go to a pharmacy, but are informed that they will not be able to cross the border unless they have prescriptions.
  2. The pharmacy offers her a religious statue so that she may smuggle medications into the country, informing her that she would not be apprehended since she is a wealthy White woman.
  3. Silvana also purchases a brand of laundry detergent that is not available in the United States.

Claire asks Silvana to accompany her to her favorite restaurant, despite the fact that it is somewhat pricey.Silvana comes into two old acquaintances who are condescending towards her, chastising her husband for working at a low-wage job and her daughter for not being married while she is there.The waiter delivers Silvana the receipt, and Claire takes advantage of the situation by making it appear as if Silvana is her friend and that the two of them are in Tijuana for pleasure.She also makes it appear as if Silvana has treated Claire to lunch when the waiter hands Silvana the receipt.When they arrive at the border checkpoint, the border patrol officer becomes suspicious of Claire since she is sitting back in her seat, and they are pulled up and their vehicle examined.Claire makes a phone call to her spouse while in the United States Customs and Border Protection office (we later learnt that the detergent was the reason for the confiscation) (Chris Messina).

  1. When they subsequently arrive at her residence, he will be waiting for them at the front door.
  2. She never answers her phone and never responds to voicemail, so he wanted to make sure they arrived home safely.
  3. He didn’t call since she never answers her phone and never returns message.

In exchange for his assistance in securing her release through his position in a government agency, he requests a thank you; she does not respond.He maintains a kind demeanor, refusing to leave until she informs him of her current condition.Claire sits next to him and tells him that she has been feeling better.

She then informs him that she does not wish to have sexual relations with him, but she requests that he remain in her room with her until she falls asleep.Yes, he does.The next morning, Claire arrives at Nina’s husband’s house, ready to greet him.Her request for a ride is met with an apologetic response from him, who informs her he needs to perform an errand first.She relaxes back in her chair while he drives and apologizes for coming off as a stalker.

  • Eventually, they arrive at a cemetery, where he places a wind chime over Nina’s tombstone.
  • In a dive bar, they discuss about his response to Nina’s death; he claims that in a support group, he had to speak to a partner in the role of Nina, and he had told her, ″Thank you for ruining my life and the life of my son,″ and that he despises her and wishes she burns in Hell.
  • Claire returns to her apartment and asks Roy to sleep with her, not in a sexual way, but so that neither of them has to be alone.
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Claire’s closet door opens the next day, revealing a package containing a Billy Joel CD.That night, she listens to it and sings along with it in a solemn tone..She takes a cab to Rob’s place, where she tells him she was terrified he was going to commit himself, but he understands she just didn’t want to be alone any longer.

Nina’s medical cabinet, which still contains unopened medicines, is raided by Claire.Rob falls asleep very soon, and Claire, high on Percocet, is visited by a premonition of Nina, who mockingly refers to her as a slut and informs her that she takes advantage of others.An unexpected knock on the door wakes Rob and Claire the next morning; Rob had forgotten that his mother is dropping his son back home.

  1. Claire is in the bathroom, taking more pills, when the boy walks through the door.
  2. He inquires as to why her face is covered with scars, and she requests that he allow her to finish urinating.
  3. The youngster informs Claire that his birthday is approaching and that he would want a kite in the shape of a shark for his celebration.
  4. Claire waits in the car as the father and son pay their respects at Nina’s grave and appreciate the new hanging chimes, while Claire continues to take more of Nina’s medicine.
  5. During their visit to a restaurant, Claire notices Nina in the back of the establishment.
  • However, as soon as he confronts her, the image vanishes completely.
  • Claire’s house is visited by Roy, who returns a pocketbook that Claire had left at his residence.
  • It is taken away from him, but he claims he will wait in front of the door since he is concerned about her.

She extends an invitation to him.While Claire sleeps, Roy sits and waits.Upon her reawakening, he presents her with the suicide note Nina had left for him, which simply reads ″FORGIVE ME.″ During their conversation, he informs Claire that Silvana told him about the accident and the loss of her son.During a subsequent conversation with Silvana, Claire discovers that Roy and his kid have been asked to Claire’s house for lunch in a few days, when she would prepare her renowned tamales.Claire apologizes to Bonnie for coming off as an unpleasant old git during her water therapy lesson and explains that she is simply in a lot of pain.Bonnie encourages her to make an effort to improve her condition.

Claire then goes to the center where the support group is conducted and expresses her regret to Annette for blackmailing her.As a show of goodwill, Claire presents Annette with a huge bottle of vodka.Roy and his kid pay a visit to Claire’s home; the youngster expresses a desire to go swimming but has forgotten to bring his swimwear.

  1. The day after her son’s death, Claire goes into his room for the first time in years – Silvana discovers her struggling to open a taped-up box and orders her out of the room.
  2. Silvana is furious with Claire and orders her out of the room.
  3. Roy informs Claire in the backyard that he has decided to leave his support group and that he will return to work the following week.
  • Claire appears to be more put together, as Roy observes her.
  • He inquires as to how Claire is able to continue to live in her home, surrounded by all of the memories.
  • She dismisses the question and returns to her room to continue working.
  • She sneaks out of her hiding place and collects some pills.
  • During their tamale lunch, Roy inquires about an area on the wall where a picture has been removed; nevertheless, she dismisses the inquiry as unimportant.
  • They are stopped when Silvana informs them that a guy (William H.
  • Macy) has arrived at the front door and will not go until they do so.
  • Before calling the police, Claire breaks down and tells the man to get off her fucking property.
  • It is, without a doubt, the man who was responsible for the vehicle tragedy that killed her son and caused her so much suffering.
  • He confesses to her that he is unable to live with himself, but she is unforgiving and begins attacking him.
  • She comes to a halt as she notices Roy’s son standing nearby.
  • Claire’s eyes are burning as a result of the medicine she is taking.
  • She attempts to relieve the agony by taking additional medication, but she ends up feeling worse and vomiting.
  • Claire finds herself in the hospital, where she awakens to find Silvana at her bedside, a rosary in hand, praying for her.
  • Roy pays a visit.
  • She is completely unaware of what is going on.

Claire has a premonition that Nina would walk into the hospital with a cake in her hand.Nina tells Claire that they were asked at the support group what their dream would be if they didn’t have chronic pain, and Claire remembers her response.When Nina asked Claire whether she would want to have sex with the whole Madrid soccer team, Claire said that she would rather to prepare her son’s first birthday cake from scratch.

  1. Following the fulfillment of the prophecy, Nina throws the cake out a window and jumps from the second story.
  2. Claire screams as she pulls her IV out of her arm and demands that she not be given any more medicines.
  3. Clare recalls her first date with her husband, which took place at a drive-in theater, where she discovered he enjoyed Billy Joel.
  4. After seeing a special on a drive-in theater in Riverside, Claire recalls her first date with her husband – they went to a drive-in and she discovered he enjoyed Billy Joel.
  5. Claire instructs Silvana to transport her to Riverside as soon as she is released.

When they get there, they go to the drive-in and see a movie.Claire is in excruciating agony since she hasn’t taken her medications, and she claims she has to get out of the automobile.Nina is sitting on train tracks, which she discovers after sneaking through a hole in the fence.Claire decides to accompany her.Nina successfully persuades her to commit suicide.Then, as they both lay down on the railroad tracks, Nina reminds Claire of the importance of her final thoughts and that they are all she will have to take with her — Claire recalling McDonald’s French fries, Coppertone sunscreen, and her role as a mouse in The Nutcracker.

  • She then goes on to say that she was a nice mother, saying it again in a row.
  • Silvana comes into Claire on the tracks and, once they have returned to the parking lot, she begins to rant in Spanish about how irritated she is with Claire.
  • Claire eventually leaves.
  • Silvana is stopped by Claire, who informs her that their automobile has been taken away.
  • Take a taxi to a motel and spend the night there with Claire and Silvana.

Claire encourages Silvana to share her bed instead of sleeping on a chair once she gets inside.They are holding hands.Silvana returns to the motel after she has loaded their rental vehicle.In this scene, a young runaway girl (Britt Robertson) attempts to break into the SUV but is stopped by Claire, who is lying back in the front passenger seat.She discovers that the girl is from Boise and that she is on her way to Los Angeles.

  • They offer to take her somewhere.
  • She tells them she wants to be an actor, and they tell her she will wind up in the pornographic industry.
  • Claire then offers the young lady $100 in exchange for baking her a yellow cake with fudge icing for her birthday.
  • When they return to her home, the young lady immediately begins baking.
  • Claire’s husband (who had been by to grab his belongings while she was away) has left a note on the kitchen counter that reads, ″He belongs here.″ When she walks into the living room, she notices that the photo she had taken down is now back up — it is of Claire and her kid, and it is a joyful image.
  1. She sobs and hangs the photo on the wall, even contacting her husband to express her gratitude for the gift.
  2. Claire is roused from her sleep by Silvana, who informs her that a fugitive girl has taken her handbag and that she has to find it.
  3. Claire is no longer a vengeful person, and she has no intention of bringing legal action against anyone.

The homemade cake is displayed on the countertop; Claire delivers the cake to Roy’s home, along with a shark kite, in honor of his son’s birthday.Silvana transports Claire to the location of her son’s grave.She decorates his grave with wind chimes, similar to what Roy did at Nina’s.Back in the car, Claire gets a strong impulse to attempt to sit upright.She first changes her mind, but as the film comes to a close, she pulls the lever and the chair returns to its original sitting position.Claire takes a deep breath and smiles.

CUT TO THE CHASE* Claire is a sharp-tongued but pleasant woman who has become dissatisfied with her life after being involved in a car accident that claimed the life of her child and left her in chronic pain.During her visits to Nina’s house, where she befriends her husband and children, she gets obsessed with Nina, another lady suffering from severe pain who just committed suicide.Claire and Nina’s husband work together to deal with their losses and go forward in their lives.Thank you for taking the time to read the spoiler.Please forward this message to your friends.

Ouch! Jennifer Aniston Sports a Large Facial Scar for Her New Movie

Jennifer Aniston is putting on a brave, though damaged, front for her upcoming film, The Big Short.A big scar on her right cheek was seen as the actress, 45, prepared to enter her character for the upcoming film Cake on Friday, April 4, in Los Angeles.More photographs from the set may be found by clicking here.According to a synopsis of the 2015 production on IMDb, Aniston portrays a ″grieving mother who suffers from chronic agony in the aftermath of a terrible vehicle accident.″ Aniston is also a mother herself.

  1. That explains the scar — as well as the radical makeover, which has left the Friends actress with darker hair, very little makeup, and loose clothing on the red carpet.
  2. When Aniston was taken in between sets in a cemetery in Los Angeles on Thursday, April 3, she was the first to show her new style.
  3. She was clothed in beige slacks, a loose T-shirt, and an oversized gray cardigan at the time of the incident.
  4. Among the cast members are Anna Kendrick, Chris Messina from The Mindy Project, and Sam Worthington from Avatar, who portrays the spouse of a lady who attends a chronic pain support group.
  5. Following the woman’s suicide, Aniston’s character establishes a relationship with Worthington’s character, all while suffering with her own personal sorrow, which she shares with him.

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In “Cake,” Why Did Claire Recline Her Car Seat All the Way Back?

In Cake (2014), Claire (Jennifer Aniston) is chauffeured about by her maid, Silvana, to numerous locales during the film (Adriana Barraza).While travelling in the passenger seat of the automobile, Claire’s seat is entirely reclined to the point that she is virtually laying down flat, as shown in each shot.From this vantage point, she directs Silvana on which routes to travel, determines their current location by looking at trees, and even throws a few jabs at conservatives in Orange County to maintain the film’s reputation as a black comedy.Claire maintains that she rides this manner because she has bodily discomfort when she sits straight.

  1. In order to support this allegation, there are multiple scenes in the film where she expresses difficulty while sitting upright.
  2. Her injuries are less difficult to manage while she is lying flat on her back.
  3. Because the film takes such a long time to explain the source of her agony (a vehicle accident), the viewer accepts the concept that her automobile posture is merely intended to alleviate bodily discomfort.
  4. The connection between her condition and automobile travel is fairly obvious throughout the film, making it easy to assume she reclines not only for physical pain reasons, but also because she is unable to sit and look out the car windshield without reliving the accident that resulted in her traumatic experience.
  5. As the film progresses, we find that she was seriously injured in a vehicle accident that also claimed the life of her son and severely damaged her personal and professional life.

When she finally accepts her fate and sits up straight in her car seat, the reclining car seat becomes a very clichéd stereotype in the film’s closing (and incredibly predictable) image.

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When Pain Becomes Personality: Jennifer Aniston’s CAKE On DVD

Skip to the main content « Inside Pain » When Pain Takes On a Life of Its Own: Jennifer Aniston’s CAKE On DVD

When Pain Becomes Personality: Jennifer Aniston’s CAKE On DVD

It’s not often that chronic pain sufferers find themselves in the national limelight, let alone on the big screen, but on April 21st, the film Cake was released on Blu-ray and DVD, and it included a chronic pain patient as the main character.It is estimated that 100 million individuals in the United States suffer from chronic pain, adding to a global total of 1.5 billion people suffering from chronic pain.In addition, the fact that it has taken this long for a big motion production to include a chronic pain patient in a leading role further reinforces the fact that chronic pain is an unseen condition.Even though the film has received a mixed reception, with some criticizing the main actress and others delving into the plot, one thing is certain: chronic pain patients will relate with the representation of chronic pain’s everyday battle.

  1. Cake, a film starring Jennifer Aniston, tells the tale of Claire Simmons, a woman who suffers from chronic agony as a result of a car accident that claimed the life of her infant son.
  2. Claire is introduced in the film while attending a chronic pain support group.
  3. Claire is summoned to the group’s meeting to discuss about Nina’s recent suicide, which occurred among the group’s members.
  4. When she delivers a caustic eulogy in which she applauds Nina’s successful suicide, she is expelled from the support group, which sets the scenario for her character’s journey to find relief from her mental and emotional suffering.
  5. Clare’s story develops throughout the film as we learn about the car accident that killed her son, meet the husband she has pushed away, witness her befriend Nina’s widower, and follow her as she travels to Mexico with Silvana, her housekeeper and the only person Claire has not been able to push away completely.

That Claire is disliked by so many viewers and reviewers of this film is one of the most perplexing aspects of the film’s production.In Hollywood, women who take parts as unattractive or dislikeable characters are often considered to be contenders for an Academy Award nomination.Critics have criticized the film for focusing on Claire’s lack of makeup as well as her scars and abrasive demeanor rather than on the terrible realities of living with chronic pain that are depicted in the film.This does a disservice to the already-rare mainstream investigation into everyday chronic pain, which is already unusual in the first place.There are a couple topics that aren’t covered in the film that are vital to remember.

Chronic pain is often accompanied by mental disorders

Despite the fact that Claire is grieving the death of her son, when sorrow persists for more than six months in a way that interferes with everyday living, it is often considered to be a depressive illness.Pain patients experience depression at a rate roughly four times higher than the general population, and half of those who suffer from chronic pain will try suicide.Claire is definitely suffering from depression, as seen by her excessive sleeping, loss of interest in her prior employment (she works as a lawyer), and feelings of rage and impatience.One critic believes Aniston is responsible for these actions rather than Claire, and goes on to remark, ″Aniston reaches for agony and comes out as pissed.″ Tragic?

  1. ″No, it’s just annoying.″ He even goes so far as to add that if she ends up committing herself by lying down on train tracks, he will feel terrible for the engineer and the paperwork that he would have to fill out as a result of her actions.
  2. However, while this type of thinking may seem extreme, it is an illustration of the widespread misunderstanding and demonization of chronic pain patients and depression sufferers that exists.

Chronic pain patients can be as confused and complex as any other person

Several other critics have characterized Cake as a ″character not worth examining″ rather than a character study.Which aspect of the character isn’t worth examining further?Is she a mother who is broken and grieving?Are you a chronic pain sufferer?

  1. Who better to help than a sad individual who has no idea how to get herself and her life back on track?
  2. Chronic pain, for both patients and their loved ones, may make it seem as though a person is nothing more than a collection of symptoms.
  3. Claire finds it difficult to simply sit up in a car because of the agony.
  4. As Claire’s tale unfolds in Cake, we discover more about the person she is underneath the surface of her suffering.
  5. In addition, we discover how long the travel back to that individual will take.

There is more to every individual who suffers from chronic pain than their agony.There is more to their narrative than just their treatment plan.Chronic pain patients may recognize themselves in Claire’s physical anguish, but they may also discover that they are searching for something more.

Opioid dependence is real, and opioid use is complex

There is legitimate controversy about the use of opioids in chronic pain therapy, and for good cause.Since oxycodone was licensed for usage in the early 1990s, the number of people suffering from opioid abuse and overdose has increased.Although stronger restrictions and prescription monitoring seems to have put this surge under control, Claire’s abuse of opioids, especially when paired with alcohol, is a challenging issue for chronic pain sufferers.While opioids can be a good short-term pain management method for acute injury, there is a very real risk of addiction when used for long-term, chronic pain.

  1. After prolonged usage, neurological changes develop, causing the brain to require higher doses of opioids in order to achieve relief.
  2. This can happen in a couple of days or even weeks, depending on the circumstances.
  3. The neurochemistry of each individual is quite varied.
  4. In exchange for a few seconds of comfort, some chronic pain patients are ready to take this risk in exchange for temporary alleviation.
  5. Others may have never experienced chronic pain or known someone who has had chronic pain, so they cannot assess this readiness to succumb to dependence in order to enjoy a little release from suffering.

It is difficult to truly understand chronic pain unless you experience it

  • Some members of the chronic pain community are quite enraged by what they perceive to be a lack of awareness about exactly how severe chronic pain can be for them.
  • It is extremely evident that Aniston’s character is seeking respite from physical, mental, and emotional anguish, and she is prepared to do whatever it takes to obtain it, including dragging Silvana to Mexico in search of opioids, befriending Nina’s widower, and even considering suicide.
  • Due to the fact that the rest of the world does not understand her, Claire has chosen to isolate herself from the rest of the world.
  • Interestingly, it appears that the majority of critics for this film share this sentiment.
  • They have been concentrating on Aniston’s lack of make-up and snippy demeanor rather than delving deeper into the reasons behind her demeanor and demeanor.
  • There are hints that Claire’s life was not always as happy as it appears.
  • The fact that chronic pain has robbed her of her life seemed to be incidental to those who were disappointed with the film.
  • This is a fair evaluation for those who are unfamiliar with chronic pain in its many manifestations.

This evaluation is made all the more agonizing for people who are suffering.Cake does provide some difficulties.Even though Claire is tough to like, the fact that people closest to her still like her, despite the fact that she pushes them away, helps to alleviate the situation.While the movie unfolds slowly, the audience is fed the story piece by piece, which might be frustrating given that most movies are known for their rapid and creative pacing.In some ways, the film proceeds in the manner of a chronic pain patient: slowly and methodically, and uncertain of what the next moment would bring.For chronic pain patients, seeing their problems portrayed on television may only be the beginning of a process that may result in greater public awareness of their disease.

And it might well be worth all of the criticism that it took to get there in the first place.Have you watched the film Cake?What did you make of it?

  • Image courtesy of Owen Winkler on Flickr.


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Jennifer Aniston In Car Crash

  • Associated Press / January 15, 2002 / 6:15 p.m.
  • Jennifer Aniston was only mildly hurt in a vehicle accident on Tuesday while driving through a Hollywood private neighborhood.
  • Police Officer Ed Funes said the ″Friends″ co-star and wife of actor Brad Pitt was driving her Jaguar northbound near Sunset Boulevard when a vehicle backing out of a property broadsided her vehicle, according to the officer.
  • Aniston was driving alone in the automobile when the collision occurred at 10:30 a.m., according to reports.
  • The automobiles suffered relatively little damage as a result of the accident.
  • Funes stated that the 32-year-old actress had complained of pain, but he did not provide any specifics.
  • An ambulance was dispatched to the scene of the accident, but Aniston refused to be taken to the hospital.
  • ″It was her prerogative not to go (to the hospital),″ a police officer said to the reporter.

″She was looking for medical treatment for herself.″ There was no information available regarding the motorist whose vehicle rear-ended Aniston’s automobile on the scene.Her publicist, Steven Huvane, did not immediately respond to phone calls seeking comment on the situation.In addition to winning the People’s Choice Award for best television actress, NBC’s ″Friends″ was named the finest comedy series on the air on Sunday night.Aniston was in attendance at the Sundance Film Festival last week to promote her new film, ″The Good Girl,″ directed by Miguel Arteta.MMII is an abbreviation for MMII.According to the Associated Press.

All Intellectual Property Rights are Reserved.This information may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without the prior written permission of the author.Thanks for taking the time to read CBS NEWS.

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Watch Jennifer Aniston’s Car Accident After ‘Friends’ Dinner

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