Where Can I Buy A Lemon Cake Near Me?

Limoncello Cake – Italian Style, Moist Yellow Cake, Creamy Lemon Filling & Powdered Sugar.. Only 12 left in stock – order soon..

Can I order a cake to be baked online?

We’ve got a lot of cakes to bake! In order to ensure that your cake is carefully baked and shipped with care, we are only able to take online orders for the following week. If you need your cake sooner, please call the office directly at 877-316-2253.

How do I ship a cake to Hawaii or Alaska?

If you need a cake sooner than what the website is offering please call the office at 864-595-7440. Shipments to Hawaii & Alaska will be shipped via FedEx 2nd Day Air or Standard Overnight. Shipments to HI & AK are not eligible for free shipping promotions.

Where are Daisy cakes cakes made?

Our Classic Daisy Cakes are hand-sifted and made from scratch in our Pauline, South Carolina kitchen. Everyone at Daisy Cakes values you as our customer. Our family recipe cakes are baked with pride. Each cake is carefully wrapped and sealed in a signature Daisy Cake Box.

Best 13 Bakeries Online That Deliver Lemon Cakes Nationwide

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read on to find out more Lemons have a distinct aroma that is both seductive and wonderful — it’s fresh but yet light, and it’s not overpowering.Since the beginning of time, bakers have used lemons and incorporated them into their products in a number of different ways.Lemons are used in a variety of ways in baking, including frostings, extracts, and zests in lemon cakes, among other things.Let’s take a look at the top online bakeries that can deliver fresh lemon cakes to virtually any doorstep in the United States.

  • These appear to be DELICIOUS.
  • 1

Three Brothers Bakery

  1. Lemon cake that has been expertly presented One of the first bakeries you should visit is the Three Brothers Bakery, which is known for its Lemon Cream Cake.
  2. Essentially, it is a white sponge cake with a lemon puree filling and a creamy buttercream frosting on top.
  3. The cake is made entirely from scratch by the bakers, who decorate it with buttercream rosettes.
  4. It is also non-dairy, making it suitable for individuals who have dairy restrictions, however it does include wheat, eggs, and soy.
  5. BUY: More information on the Three Brothers Bakery may be found on their website, where you can also place an order for a Lemon Cream Cake.


Caroline’s Cakes

  1. 7-layers of tangy lemon juice Caroline’s Cakes has been featured on Treat Buyer several times, and there’s a good reason for it.
  2. One of Oprah’s favorite desserts is the 7-layer caramel cake that they are famous for.
  3. Their characteristic crisp and tangy lemon curd infused buttercream is layered on top of the same luscious sponge cake they’ve become famous for.
  4. The cake is decorated with a lemon buttercream that they created just for this occasion.
  5. This will be a hit with your visitors, and there will be plenty to go around because it is 9 inches in diameter and feeds 14-20 people.

Leftovers?It will keep in the freezer for up to 6 months if properly stored.BUY: Find out more about Caroline’s Cakes and how to get your own 7-layer lemon cake by visiting the Caroline’s website.3

Soulfully Yours Bakery

  • The finest lemon cake you’ll ever eat. One cannot help but admire the elaborate embellishments on top of this cake! What do you think about a table centerpiece?! Everything about it is fresh — it’s produced with 100 percent genuine lemons and brims with the ideal combination of sweet and bitter. The candied lemons atop the cake provide the ideal finishing touch to what is arguably the greatest lemon lovers’ dessert. With every bite, you’ll get a mouthful of lemon explosion thanks to the silky smooth lemon buttercream that coats the whole cake. When it comes to delivery, you may take advantage of free 2-day shipping and choose from four different sizes according on the occasion: The following sizes are available: 5-inch (serves 8), 6-inch (serves 10), 7-inch (serves 12), and 8-inch (serves 14).

BUY: You can learn more about Soulfully Yours Bakery and place an order for a lemon chiffon layer cake on their website, which you can access here. 4

We Take The Cake

  1. Buttercream roses that have been hand piped We Take The Cake’s most popular dish is the luscious lemon rose cake, which they refer to as the ″luscious lemon rose cake.″ The cake is made up of four layers of lemon cake that are sandwiched together with a zesty lemon cream cheese icing.
  2. To round off the exquisite blend of tastes, a thin layer of raspberry preserve is spread below the frosting, providing a vibrant tart touch to the dessert.
  3. It’s summertime according to We Take The Cake, so why not order one and give Summer to someone?…or yourself:)?
  4. It measures around 4-inches in height and 6-inches broad.
  5. It can accommodate up to 8 people.

TO PURCHASE: You can find out more about We Take The Cake and place an order for their Yellow Rose 4-Layer Lemon Cake on their Goldbelly page, which can be found here.You could be in a bind and want a lemon cake to be delivered as soon as possible.I’m going to recommend this cake since you can have it delivered in as little as two hours and it has over 150 ratings with an average rating of 4/5 stars, which is excellent.It’s also reasonably priced, making it a terrific budget-friendly choice.

  • HOW TO PURCHASE: You can find more information about The Original Cakerie on their Amazon website, where you can also get their Lemons & Cream Shortcake.
  • 6

Bake Me A Wish

  1. Coconut and lemon go together like peanut butter and jelly.
  2. This gourmet lemon layer cake with freshly grated coconut shavings is the greatest coconut cake Bake Me A Wish has ever made.
  3. It’s also the most popular.
  4. Three layers of luscious yellow cake are sandwiched together by layers of lemon glaze, silky smooth vanilla frosting, and shaved coconut on all sides of the cake.
  5. To complete the package, the cake is sent in a beautifully designed gift box, which also includes a complimentary greeting card as an extra special finishing touch.

In order to ensure that your cake, as well as its attractive cake box and accompanying card, are delivered fresh and ready to be enjoyed, we transport it in a chilled shipping box (after thawing).BUY: More information on Bake Me A Wish may be found on their website, where you can also place an order for a Lemon Coconut Cake.7


  1. It’s a nice light dessert to have after dinner.
  2. This cake has received rave reviews and ratings, with reviewers praising the cake’s freshness and deliciousness.
  3. The lemon taste is prominent, and the cake is just the proper amount of moist to satisfy your sweet need.
  4. Other customers have commented that the cake came in excellent condition and that it travels well.
  5. This is one of the most popular goods on the 1-800-Bakery website, which is not unexpected.

Sweet, zesty, and invigorating.The combination of tea, coffee, or champagne is ideal.BUY: Check out their website for more information on 1-800-BAKERY and to place an order for their best-selling Lemon LuLu Cake, which has been ranked #1 by customers.8

Cheryl’s Cookies

  1. Included is a gift container that is both attractive and functional.
  2. How about a lemon infused Bundt cake that has won several awards?
  3. In this award-winning cake, the bakers at Miss Grace utilize freshly squeezed lemons and lemon zest to create the flavor.
  4. In addition to dipping the Bundt cake in their unique lemon glaze, they put the scrumptious cake in a beautifully presented gift tin.
  5. BUY: More information on Miss Grace’s may be found on their Cheryl’s website, where you can also place an order for their Lemon Cake.
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See 8 of Oprah’s Favorite Cakes that are now available for purchase.9

Daisy Cakes

  1. Lemon cake that has won awards Each lemon that goes into this lemon cake that is the talk of the party is zested and juiced by hand.
  2. They meticulously construct each cake from scratch in their South Carolina bakery – it is a State Fair Blue Ribbon winner, as well as being highly rated and reviewed by more than 130 customers.
  3. Four layers of delicate sponge cake are sandwiched between two layers of tangy lemon curd cooked from scratch.
  4. In a blender, they combine the lemon curd with their famous cream cheese frosting to create a flavor explosion of lemony, cream cheese goodness.
  5. BUY: You can learn more about Daisy Cakes and place an order for their Daisy’s Lemon Cake on their Gold Belly page, which can be found here.


We Take The Cake

  1. Lemon pastries with a hint of booze Take a look at these one-of-a-kind desserts from We Take The Cake.
  2. In addition to their bright, zesty lemon cake, which has mild limoncello undertones, the bakers also created an absolutely delicious limoncello citrus cream cheese icing to top it all off.
  3. There are no pre-made frostings or mixes used at We Take The Cake; all of the cakes are prepared fresh daily from scratch in our kitchen.
  4. We are confident that these Limoncello Lemon Boozy tiny Bundt cakes will be the highlight of the party at your next large gathering.
  5. When was the last time you tried one of these alcoholic Bundt cakes?

BUY: More information on We Take The Cake can be found on their Gold Belly page, where you can also get their Limoncello Lemon Boozy Mini Bundt Cake 4-Pack to take home.11

Blue Owl Bakery

  1. There are three levels of lemon bliss.
  2. Three layers of fluffy, delicious lemon cake are filled with fresh lemon mousse.
  3. The entire cake is coated with a zesty lemon buttercream icing that is produced from scratch.
  4. Since its inception in 1983, Blue Owl Bakery has been creating delectable sweet and savory delights for customers all around the world.
  5. Their Caramel Apple Pecan Levee High Pie has been named one of Oprah’s Favorite Things, and they’re also recognized for other desserts.

BUY: More information on Blue Owl Bakery can be found on their Gold Belly page, where you can also place an order for a Lemon Cream Cake.12

Mother Myrick’s Confectionary

  1. A light lemon cake with a lemon curd filling.
  2. This lemon flavoured pound cake from Mother Myrick’s Confectionary is the perfect blend of light and airy, moist and zesty flavor.
  3. Each and every mouthful of this lemon pound cake is enhanced with a fresh lemon icing that soaks into the cake throughout.
  4. Pound cake is the perfect dessert to serve with tea or coffee, but you can also top it with fruit, ice cream, or sorbet to elevate it to a whole new level of deliciousness.
  5. An excellent choice for an after-dinner dessert because it is not overly rich and will be warmly welcomed.

BUY: More information on Mother Myrick’s Confectionary may be found on their website, where you can even order your own Lemon LuLu cake.13

Pittman & Davis

  1. Affordable A lemon taste that rivals the size of Texas!
  2. This is a luscious yellow cake that is softly frosted and has a lemon taste that melts in your mouth.
  3. Several reviewers have stated that the dessert is ″to die for,″ and they are quite particular about their desserts!
  4. Perfect for gifts, holidays, congrats, or just to express your gratitude.
  5. BUY: Visit Pittman & Davis’ website for additional information and to place an order for a Yellow Rose Lemon Cake of your own.


  • It’s possible to find some excellent selections while looking for the top bakeries that deliver fresh lemon cakes throughout the United States and Canada. The Lemon Chiffon Cake from Soulfully Yours Bakery is our top pick for the most visually appealing and delicious lemon cake. It will look stunning at even the most formal of parties or occasions, and it will taste just as delicious as it looks. The candied lemons used as a finishing touch definitely elevate this cake to a new level of excellence. If you’re looking for a more substantial lemon cake, We Take The Cake has a stunning Yellow Rose Lemon Raspberry Cake that looks really stunning. Because of the hand piped rose buttercream on the inside, it’s a popular seller and looks as gorgeous on the exterior as it does on the inside. I can’t help but suggest Amazon to anyone who finds themselves in a tight spot — both in terms of time and money. The company can deliver a gourmet Lemon & Cream Shortcake in less than 2 hours in many areas, plus they provide free delivery on purchases over $35 (which isn’t difficult to do!). For those of you with limited resources, here’s something to consider: Check out Bake Me A Wish if you want to spice up your Lemon Cake a little bit more than usual. Lemon Coconut Cake is a substantial dessert that mixes fresh, tangy lemons with authentic coconut flakes to create an unforgettable taste experience. It’s one of the largest cakes on our top list that you’ve seen so far, and it comes packaged in a gift box that’s ready to be given as a gift, along with a complementary greeting card. To finish, try the Limoncello Lemon Boozy Mini Bundt Cakes from We Take The Cake for a taste that your guests are unlikely to have experienced before – but would really like. There are four individual-sized Bundt cakes in this collection, each of which has been infused with limoncello and glazed with a citrus cream cheese glaze. Whichever lemon cake recipe you select from this list, rest certain that it will be delicious and that you will not be disappointed. Simply select the one that best suits your needs and the theme of your next event! Enjoy! You may also be interested in the following: A list of five gourmet bakeries that will deliver pink champagne cake to your door
  • There are eight of Oprah’s favorite cakes available for purchase right now.
  • 7 of the best online bakeries to order delectable caramel cakes from
  • Top 7 Gourmet Chocolate Cakes You Can Order Online and Have Delivered to Your Door

The 11 Best Places for Lemon Cake in Indianapolis

1.Starbucks 8.06706 E 82nd St, Indianapolis, INcoffee Shop Castleton 56 tips and reviews 8.06706 E 82nd St, Indianapolis, IN You can’t go wrong with a slice of Lemon Cake and a cup of decent coffee (preferably blonde roast)!Angie Bruce (anonymous): This is a pleasant, cozy Starbucks that is near to the mall, but it is far less hectic than the Starbucks that is linked to the mall.Friendly baristas, as well as a comfortable seating space!Burt Bossi (Burt Bossi): Please be patient.The parking lot is a complete farce.

  1. The second establishment is Shapiro’s Delicatessen.
  2. 8.7808 S Meridian St (between Sycamore and W McCarty Sts), Indianapolis, Indiana 46202 The eli / Bodega is located in downtown Indianapolis and has 96 tips and reviews.
  3. Carrie Savage-favorite Zimmerman’s foods are corned beef, pastrami, and macaroni and cheese.
  4. Desserts are amazing, especially the lemon cake.
  5. Pricey.
  6. Every once and again, it’s worthwhile.

Zach Steiner’s Deli is the best deli outside of New York.Pastrami, Reubens, Matzo ball soup, and Celray soda are some of the dishes on the menu.M.D.High: Give the Ruben a shot!

3.Portillo’s, located at 8.38150 US 31 S in Indianapolis, Indiana.There are no recommendations or reviews for this restaurant.4.Wheatley’s8.38902 Southeastern Ave (Northeastern Ave.), Indianapolis, IN 46220 Wanamaker is an American restaurant with six recommendations and reviews.

Greg Earle: I’m going to be honest with you.On weekends, I always look forward to the biscuits and gravy.Nora Caguioa (Nora Caguioa): The seafood is just wonderful.Generally speaking, the environment is pleasant.

The carrot cake was really delicious, and it was the finest I’d tasted since my grandmother’s.We will very certainly return.Daniel Graves: As always, fantastic work!Excellent cuisine at a reasonable price!It’s great to be able to support small companies.

  • 5.
  • Starbucks Indianapolis, IN – 8.85702 E Washington St – Irvington – 25 tips and reviews – 8.85702 E Washington St – Irvington In the best spot to read and study, if you don’t have anything to read, there’s a public library right across the street where you can obtain a book and then come back to have a delicious iced tea lemonade!
  • Emmanuel Hermosillo: Kelsey Dulgar says, ″This is the finest Starbucks I’ve ever been to.″ Karina Oertel: Starbucks is my favorite coffee shop in the entire world!
  • Brittany Hendrix: This is the best coffee shop in the city!
  • Everything is delicious, but the scones and pie are really worth trying.
  1. Jennifer Hill’s e-mail address is.
  2. My favorite beverage is a rhubarb oolong iced tea made using oolong tea leaves.
  3. It has a refreshing taste of summer!
  4. Also, the scones are quite delicious!

I can’t decide which flavor I prefer more: the chocolate chip or the peach vanilla.Lulu’s is one of my favorite restaurants.Thomas Stair: A wonderful tiny privately owned coffee business that provides excellent service.

  • Coffee and pastries go together like peanut butter and jelly.
  • Brennen Jones: The catfish nuggets are my favorite.
  • With fries for less than ten dollars Stephen Hiser: The Italian Beef Combo is delicious, unless you are allergic to spicy peppers in which case avoid it.
  • Captain Small Talk: This place is fantastic!

Willie Matis: Go get yourself a salad.The Chicken Taco Salad is a delicious dish.It’s really good.And, of course, It’s a cookie.It’s fine since you had a salad to compensate.Kelsey V.

writes: The chicken salad is delicious, and the croissants are to die for.Enjoy!The baked items must be obtained, says Carol Collins.

Buca di Beppo is number nine on the list.E.86th St.(at Castleton Square Dr.), Indianapolis, IN 46202 Castleton’s Italian Restaurant has 17 recommendations and reviews.

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Cory Brown (Courtesy of Cory Brown): Buca holds a very particular place in my heart, as do many other places.The ambiance is excellent, and the servers are always polite to deal with.Take some time to relax with a glass of wine and take pleasure in the company of others.

  • This restaurant is well recommended for small social events.
  • Crystal Irvine: The best Italian cuisine in the area!
  • A meatball is an absolute must!
  • Stephen Howard: Everything is in fine working order.
  • However, the pizza is excellent.
  • Sweet-Rose Colvin recommends a strawberry lemon cupcake as a must-have.

Any cupcake will do.Brian Wyrick: The ice cream is very delicious!Jake Smith: The Black Tie cupcake was very delicious.If you specify that you’re a fan of the Patriots, Bears, or Texans, you could get a surprise visit from linebacker Rosevelt Colvin, who plays for the New England Patriots.

11.The Cheesecake Factory8.48701 Keystone Xing Ste 4A (at E 86th St), Indianapolis, IN 46220 Keystone at The Crossing is an American restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.94 recommendations and testimonials Sarah: The amounts are enormous, so they are perfect for sharing.The zucchini and avocado fries served as an appetizer were really wonderful!Jake Greenfield declares that his cheese cake is the best in the world!

  1. Givannivan Saunders: This is the real factory where the product is made.
  2. Cheese is produced here by machines, which also slaughter dessert fiends for the production of cake.

The 15 Best Places for Lemon Cake in Atlanta

1.Aria Restaurant, located at 8.6490 E Paces Ferry Rd NE (at Maple St), in Atlanta, Georgia.Restaurant in Buckhead Village with 48 suggestions and reviews on new American cuisine Appetizer of lobster, main course of fish, and warm lemon pound cake with quince and ice cream.For groups, this is an exceptional service.Jennifer Kjellgren & Associates, an Intown Expert firm: Without a doubt, one of the best meals I’ve had in Atlanta.Local, seasonal ingredients are used to cook this dish to exquisite perfection.

  1. The Vidalia onion soup, lobster cocktail, Blue Ridge fish, and sorbet were all delicious and made for a perfect meal on a plate.
  2. This summer treat, which has fresh sorbets of citrus fruits such as tangerine, passion fruit, lemon, ruby grapefruit, and pineapple, is topped with meringue and is the ultimate summer dessert.
  3. More information can be found here.
  4. The Fresh Market is number two on the list.
  5. The address is 8.32099 Peachtree Rd NW (at Bennett St.
  6. NW) in Atlanta, Georgia.

Market & Grocery Store Peachtree Hills 34 recommendations and testimonials Tye W.says the lemon pound cake and brownies in the bakery department are DELICIOUS and FRESH!Julie Champion (interviewer): Products that are expensive but one-of-a-kind are available.You may choose from a number of flavors and brands of Kombucha, and it’s always on sale!

It was also nice to eat the sushi here without the use of rice.Nest Realty is owned and operated by Jennifer Kjellgren.Atlanta: One of my favorite grocery stores in the city is located here.Very cozy and intimate – excellent gourmet choices, convenient parking, and nice service.Because of its smaller size and lack of people, I really prefer it over Whole Foods.

Grace: I’m having a Nutella mocha coffee!Yummy!Reduce the amount by half to make it less sweet.Lemon pound cake, of course:) Loisaida Sam Sandberg (Sam Sandberg): The scramble in a wrap is my go-to dish; it’s incredibly tasty.

Beware of reggae music!Dahna Chandler: There are a number of restaurants in the city that serve some of the greatest food and service in the city.It’s a genuine coffeehouse, as opposed to some of the larger franchises.4.Gunshow The GARestaurant GARestaurant Ormewood Park is located at 9.0924 Garrett St SE Ste C in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • There are 55 tips and reviews for this restaurant.
  • Abigail Arthur-Chillman: Short Rib, Smoked Hamhocks, Spanish Octopus, Buffalo Pork Belly, Banana Pudding, Lemon Cake, all of it, really.
  • Kirstie Castaneira (Kirstie Castaneira): Every week’s menu is different, but everything was delicious.
  • The cooks bring each item around to you, ready to eat, and you may choose whether or not to consume it.
  • a fantastic experience AJC: Follow the flow: The meals you’ve been admiring on the menu may not be the first to arrive, but they will eventually make their way to your table.
  1. More information may be found here.
  2. 5.
  3. It’s a Piece of Cake 7.73830 Princeton Lakes Ct SW300 (Camp Creek Pkwy), Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America 20 recommendations and reviews for the Upcake Shop in Princeton Lakes Glenda Fields Burrus: They create delicious Caramel, White Chocolate, and Lemon Cakes, among other things.
  4. I went out to get an Oreo dessert for my daughter’s birthday party.

Hanifah Akbar’s White Chocolate Cake with Nuts is a delicious treat.It’s like heaven on earth!This bakery is fantastic!

  • It’s great that it’s finally in my neck of the woods!
  • Camp Creek, you’re a babe!
  • Woot!
  • Shalonda C.: I really like their packaging!

PieceofCake 6.It’s a Piece of Cake 8.43215 Roswell Rd NE (between E Andrews Dr NW and Irby Ave NW), Atlanta, GA 30326.Dessert Shop in Buckhead with 21 recommendations and ratings Jstar * (Joseph Star): The Caramel Cake is our favorite, but the Orange Cream Cake comes in a close second for us.Every birthday should be celebrated with a full cake!Purchase a ″slice of cake″ for yourself.″HUNK OF CAKE!″ should be the name of this dessert.

It’s enormous and dreadful.Atlanta: They will transport their gourmet cakes directly to the front door of your special event or celebration.Loafing with a Sense of Creativity Atlanta: The moment your inner fat child sets his eyes on this Strawberry cake, he will go completely insane.

It is enormous enough for a guy, but it is baby pink enough for the women.More information may be found here.BigMo Striker’s recommendation: try the duck omelet!Awesome!

It’s a nice, peaceful area to have breakfast.Jackson Reynolds: There is a bothersome lack of electrical outlets.Laila F.: My favorite cocktail is the basil gimlet.

  • It’s light and refreshing, and it pairs well with the mac and cheese.
  • Allison Barbarash (interviewer): Ms.
  • Yvonne is a saccharine sweet beam of southern sunshine in the heart of the Buckhead neighborhood.
  • Hugs were exchanged around the table.
  • With the lemon pound cake or lemon bar, you can’t go wrong, can you?
  • If you enjoy the flavor of lemon, that is.

Tim Kopp: The grits are a must-try, and Ms Yvonne and her hugs make this hidden gem a must-visit if you’re in the neighborhood.It’s like a small piece of heaven.Maggie Harrington: Yvonne is just amazing, and her hugs are out of this world.9.

Starbucks, located at 743393 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, Georgia 1 tip at a coffee shop in Lenox Tiffany Taylor’s favorite things are customer service and the Cinnamon Nutmeg Latte.Angela K: Every flavor is delicious, but the Betty, a brownie cupcake with buttercream icing, is the best of the bunch.There is definitely enough cupcake for two people.GourmetLive: ″Where else can you get one delicious cupcake on any odd day but a food cart,″ asks Nicole German, owner of RD and Nicole’s Nutrition.To keep up with the on Twitter, follow @YumYumCupcake or visit savoryexposure.com: Get the greatest cupcakes Atlanta has to offer at Cupcakes by Design.

  1. Mr.
  2. Everything (number 11) Atlanta, GA 7.6882 Martin Luther King Jr Dr SW, Atlanta, GASandwich Place Vine City 27 recommendations and reviews Vené Franco (Venezuela): This is the first time.
  3. I had the yellow rice with grilled chicken and ″everything″ – of course – and it was really delicious.
  4. Comfort food that is delicious and filling.
  5. It is recommended that you serve it with the spicy creole sauce.
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TheAfricanKing: The philly cheesesteak, the gyro, and the meat and veggies over rice are all excellent choices.The Bite Lifethe yellow rice dish with chicken and shrimp from the restaurant!Patrick’s Sub Shop is the number twelve.7.41200 Collier Rd NW (Defoor Ave NW), Atlanta, GASandwich Place Underwood Hills 12 tips and reviews 7.41200 Collier Rd NW (Defoor Ave NW), Atlanta, GA Tumble Weed is a first-time visitor who has been passing by for a long time.

  1. I arrived in the peak of the lunch rush.
  2. We had to wait for at least 10-15 minutes, however the staff was working really hard to execute our orders.
  3. It was really worth it!
  4. The finest sandwiches may be found in Atlanta!
  5. YUM.
  1. Jennifer Boardman’s office is located on the southwest corner of Collier Road and DeFoors Ferry.
  2. For more than three decades, this hidden gem has been delivering some of the greatest sandwiches in Atlanta.
  3. Make your sub steamed instead of fried.
  4. Delish!
  5. Reza Alavi: I’m Reza Alavi.
  1. This is quite normal.
  2. There is no kick.
  3. Murphy’s 9.1997 Virginia Ave NE (at Todd Rd.
  4. NE), Atlanta, GA 30339 140 recommendations and reviews for American Restaurant Virginia Highland Nichole: Expect a long wait, but it’s well worth it because this is one of the greatest eating locations in Atlanta.
  5. The french toast is just delicious.
  6. Mr.
  • Murphy’s provides one of the greatest breakfasts and wine selections in the city, according to Cheryl Johnson.
  • As described by Atlanta Cuisine Critic.com: ″Great food combined with good service in a calm, pleasant setting equals pleasure for brunch in the ATL.″ CHECK OUT OUR COMPLETE REVIEW!
  • More information may be found here.
  • The Cheesecake Factory (number 14) Lenox Square Mall is located at 9.03393 Peachtree Rd NE Ste 3076A in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • 130 recommendations and reviews for Lenox’s American Restaurant Jamie Macrowski: The dinner was really wonderful!
  • I had the chicken and steak combination, which was delicious!

Amazing!Browne bread is the greatest, according to Fatima Al Slail.Antroine Majette: I’m not even sure why they bring out the white bread; it’s all about the whole wheat bread here, right?8.51065 Peachtree St NE Ste 2 (11th Street), Atlanta, GA 30308 Café Midtown 144 recommendations and reviews Ronald Clayton Small (Ronald Clayton Small): Excellent for a late-night snack.

  1. Excellent selection of beverages, including coffee and tea!
  2. Caffè Cioccoloccino Bianco is really delicious, according to Nicole Almeida.
  3. Tamara Whitehead recommends the White Chocolate Amaretto Cheese Cake for dessert, as well as the spicy tortellini, which is very delicious!

Packed & Shipped by Hand

Daisy Cakes appreciates you as a customer, and everyone on our team does as well. Our family recipe cakes are created with a sense of accomplishment. Each cake is individually wrapped and sealed in a Daisy Cake Box, which is unique to the company.

How to Unbox Your Daisy Cake!

We transport our cakes frozen to ensure that they reach to you in pristine condition.We meticulously load everything into a cooler and cover it with dry ice to make a properly insulated, chilled box that will be delivered right to your home!Storage Instructions: When your Daisy Cake comes, remove it from the shipping container and place it in the freezer until you’re ready to thaw it out to assemble and serve it.Just wait till you open the package before you notice the refreshing wind!OR Defrost and serve (6 hours) – Before serving, completely unwrap and allow to thaw.The Daisy Cake will be the perfect serving temperature after six hours of thawing on the counter!

  1. Notification: Once a cake has been thawed, it should not be frozen or refrigerated again, or it will become dry.
  2. Please keep the product covered and at room temperature.

We ship to all 50 States!

The South may be experienced no matter where you live in the United States.Whatever your taste, we’ll make sure your first bite is a memorable one, whether you’re seeking for a flavor of home or your first taste of Southern Baking.Fedex is used to send packages to and from all 50 states.Please do not send to PO Boxes.Ground delivery transit times are supplied by FedEx as estimates only, and they are not guaranteed to be accurate.The majority of purchases are delivered within 1 to 2 days of being picked up by FedEx.

  1. If you need your cake as soon as possible, we recommend that you upgrade to FedEx Standard Overnight shipping during the checkout process.

Storage Tips

  • When traveling with your family, bring a frozen cake with you. Within 6 hours, your cake will be thawed and ready to enjoy.
  • Stock up on Minikins in advance of those times when you need a slice of love delivered to your door in a personalized portion! Keeping a Minikin on hand is recommended in case of breakups, period pains, or even a romantic encounter.
  • Share a Minikin with someone you care about – what better way to celebrate each other than to share a Minikin with your best friend, lover, or a member of your family?

Shipping Schedule

We have a large number of cakes to create!We are only able to accept online orders for cakes that will be cooked and dispatched the following week in order to ensure that your cake is properly created and shipped with care.In the event that you want your cake sooner, please contact our office immediately at 877-316-2253.Thank you very much!Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are the days we ship, with cakes arriving in 1-3 days.All orders are sent the evening before the scheduled ship date.

  1. Please do not include the day your order is in transit when calculating your shipment date.
  2. This means that the shipping date you choose when making your purchase is the day on which your cake leaves our facility, not the day on which your cake will be delivered.
  3. If you want a cake sooner than what is available on the internet, please contact the office at 864-595-7440.

Special Shipping Cases

Hawaii & Alaska:

Shipments to Hawaii and Alaska will be delivered using FedEx 2nd Day Air or FedEx Standard Overnight service, respectively. Free shipping promotions are not applicable to shipments to Hawaii and Alaska.

Overnight Shipping:

In addition to standard delivery, overnight shipping is offered Monday through Friday at an extra cost. Please contact us at 877-316-2253 for prices and other information.


Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are the only days when we do not ship or make deliveries. We also do not make deliveries on the following holidays: New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Eve and Day.

Any other questions, just give us a ring!

Our office is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. EASTERN time Monday through Friday. Please contact us by phone at 877-316-2253.

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