How Many Diapers Do You Need For A Diaper Cake?

This, naturally, depends on what size diaper cake you would like to make. For a 2 tier diaper cake you’ll need 28 diapers, for a 3 tier diaper cake you’ll need 62 diapers and for a 4 tier diaper cake you’ll need 118 diapers. What size diapers are best for a diaper cake?
Most diaper cakes use about 50 to 75 newborn or size 1 diapers. A cake topper (a stuffed animal, ribbon, board book, etc.)
To create the largest of the swirled layers place a stack of diapers in the large pan and curve around the plate to let them form a circle.

What supplies do you need to make a diaper cake?

These are the supplies you need to make a diaper cake. 50 Diapers 51 Regular Sized Rubber Bands (one for each diaper and one for wrapping around the top tier) 2 Extra Large Rubber Bands, also called File Bands (for wrapping around the bottom two tiers)

How many diapers do I need for my Baby’s daycare?

As a rough guide: the base may require 20 and 60 diapers, the second tier about 10 to 40 diapers, and the third tier 5 to 20 diapers. These numbers are just estimates, though, and it’s entirely your choice how big each tier is and how many levels you would like to create.

How much ribbon do I need to make a diaper cake?

A large platter on which to build the cake (a 16-inch disposable cardboard platter sold in a party store works well) About 70 feet of narrow ribbon for tying the rolled diapers (1 foot per diaper) and tying together the tiers

How many size 1 diapers do I need to make a diaper cake?

Diaper Cake Supply List

  1. 50 Diapers.
  2. 51 Regular Sized Rubber Bands (one for each diaper and one for wrapping around the top tier)
  3. 2 Extra Large Rubber Bands, also called File Bands (for wrapping around the bottom two tiers)
  4. 1 Cake Base.
  5. 1 Large Bottle of Lotion or a Paper Towel/Wrapping Paper Cardboard Tube.

How many diapers does it take for a 3 tier diaper cake?

This depends on the size and shape of the diaper cake you’re creating, but you’ll probably need anywhere from 38 to 64 diapers for a three-tier cake.

How many diapers do you need for a small diaper cake?

How Many Diapers Do You Need For a Mini Diaper Cake? For the average mini diaper cake, 25 diapers should suffice, though you may find yourself needing a couple of extra, depending on the side of your base.

What kind of diapers do you use for a diaper cake?

Disposable diapers are the most popular diapers used to make diaper cakes, and if there is no brand preference, then go for a safe brand such as Huggies or Pampers. Regarding the size of the diapers, it is a good idea to go for larger size diapers.

Which diapers are all white?

pampers all white diapers

  • Pampers Swaddlers Disposable Diapers – (Select Size and Count)
  • Pampers Pure Protection Diapers – (Select Size and Count)
  • Pampers Baby Dry Diapers – (Select Size and Count)
  • Pampers Cruisers 360 Disposable Diapers – (Select Size and Count)
  • Pampers Cruisers Diapers – (Select Size and Count)
  • How many diapers does a newborn use a day?

    In the first month of life, newborns average up to 8 to 10 diaper changes per day. And over the first three months (the newborn stage), babies go through about 700 diapers.

    How many diapers come in a pack?

    As with most things, you can save money by buying diapers in bulk. ‘Boxes’ contain more diapers than ‘packs’—for example, a size 1 pack usually has 40 diapers, while a size 1 box contains about 164 diapers.

    How do you make an elephant diaper cake?

    Directions: Roll 2 sets of 4 each diapers (securing each roll with a rubber band) then secure the groups of 4 together with a larger rubber band. Roll 2 sets of 9 each diapers (securing each roll with a rubber band) then secure the groups of 9 in a round shape with a larger rubber band.

    How do you make a mini diaper cake?

  • Cardboard
  • Double-sided tape
  • Rubber bands
  • Scissors
  • Twine
  • Washi tape
  • Paper towel tube
  • Scotch tape
  • Ribbon
  • Diapers
  • What can I use to make a diaper?

  • Use patterned ribbons or layer the ribbons. Go for patterned ribbons like polka dot or a ribbon that has a special trim.
  • Use twine.
  • Cover each tier in fabric.
  • Get creative with the base.
  • Create or print some paper cutouts.
  • Add a bow and bow tie.
  • Add tulle as the trim.
  • Say it with flowers.
  • Hang a pennant banner.
  • Make a sign.
  • How To Make A Diaper Cake: Easy 2, 3 & 4 Tier Options!

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    • Welcome to this step-by-step guide on how to construct a 2, 3, or 4-tier diaper cake!
    • I’ll show you how to bake a diaper cake that the expecting parents will be raving about.
    • These lovely cakes are usually a huge success with everyone!
    1. This guide will provide you with a comprehensive list of DIY diaper cake supplies, as well as step-by-step diaper cake instructions that will put you on the path to success.
    2. Diaper cakes are one-of-a-kind and considerate presents that don’t have to cost a lot of money to purchase.
    3. It doesn’t get any better than giving a practical present that you know the expecting parents will appreciate and utilize.
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    How many diapers do you need to make a diaper cake?

    This, of course, is dependent on the size of the diaper cake that you choose to create. A diaper cake with two tiers will require 28 diapers, a diaper cake with three tiers will require 62 diapers, and a diaper cake with four tiers will necessitate 118 diapers.

    What size diapers are best for a diaper cake?

    Because a large number of infants never fit into newborn diapers, your best chance is to get size 1 or size 2 diapers. As a result, the new parents will have enough time to deconstruct the cake and use the diapers before their child grows into the next size.

    What are the best diapers to use for a diaper cake?

    If the soon-to-be parents have a favorite brand, they would be the most appropriate options. If you don’t want to use colored diapers, you can use white diapers or diapers with patterns that match the theme of your cake. For myself, I prefer to use the Target Up & Up brand diapers because they are white and reasonably priced.

    How much does a diaper cake cost?

    Price ranges for diaper cakes are influenced by a variety of things, including the type of diapers used and if they are wrapped in swaddling blankets.You may also customize your cake by adding different types of accessories.Using this method, I was able to create a four-tier diaper cake for about $30 (thanks to some wonderful Target dollar section purchases!).If you choose pricey diapers, high-end swaddles, and elaborate decorations, the cost can easily rise to $100 (or even more) or even more.

    Diaper cake supplies needed:

    • Okay, now you’re ready to start putting your ideas on paper. The following are the materials you will need to create a lovely diaper cake. One paper towel roll and one toilet paper roll
    • one thick cardboard
    • one box cutter
    • and one empty toilet paper roll
    • Disposable diapers in sizes 1 or 2 (in white or a design that is complementary to your theme). You’ll need 118 dollars for a four-tier cake, 62 dollars for a three-tier cake, and 28 dollars for a modest two-tier cake)
    • Clear elastic bands (1 for each diaper)
    • a hot glue gun (and glue)
    • clear tape
    • and a diaper changing station
    • Scissors
    • \sRibbon
    • Accents (such as swaddling blankets, fake flowers, plush animals, pacifiers, miniature baby toys, baby shoes, and tutus)
    • The following are optional: a cake stand or ornamental charger as a foundation (this works beautifully for the 3 tier option, but the 4 tier option is too large for typical cake stand and charger sizes! )

    Because the materials required are so basic, it is rather simple to get started. Rubber bands, tape, and ribbon, for example, may be purchased for pennies at your local dollar shop or in the dollar area at Target for pennies. If you like, you may purchase pizza pans or chargers to use as a basis for your creation.

    How to make a diaper cake

    Complete step-by-step instructions on how to make a 3 & 4 tier diaper cake:

    1. Fold in half and fasten in the center with a rubber band (I recommend doing this while watching your favorite television program!) *See the section below for information on how to roll diapers properly.
    2. Using cardboard circles (about 11.5′′ and 8.5′′ in diameter, the top layer does not require a base unless you desire one), construct the structure. You can use a variety of different-sized mixing bowls or buckets to get the desired sizes.
    3. The paper towel roll should be hot glued to the cardboard foundation.
    4. 34 diapers should be aligned in a circle around the paper towel roll.
    5. Clear tape should be used to secure it around the centre.
    6. Remove the paper towel roll from the first tier and insert it into a hole in the second tier of cardboard
    7. 20 diapers should be arranged in a circle around the paper towel roll and secured with transparent tape.
    8. Insert a single diaper into the top of a paper towel roll until it is the height of the remaining four diapers placed in another circle for the top layer
    9. repeat with the remaining four diapers.
    10. Put transparent tape in the centre of the tier and you’re ready to add your fourth tier or start decorating.

    Diaper cake instructions for a 4th tier:

    • Using cardboard, cut out a larger-sized foundation (about 14′′ in diameter).
    • Glue a toilet paper roll to the middle of the picture with hot glue
    • Place the diapers in concentric layers around the toilet paper roll so that they form a circle.
    • Clear tape should be used to secure the item all the way around.
    • Top of toilet paper roll to center of foundation of previously created three-tiered cake with hot glue (optional).

    That’s all there is to it! A gorgeous four-tier diaper cake foundation that is ready to be decorated!

    Embellishments used for this rainbow lucky charm diaper cake:

    • The diapers were placed underneath and above the base of each layer, and I used shredded paper in a rainbow of colors (for Easter baskets).
    • Cake is decorated with a wide gold ribbon wrapped in a huge bow and affixed to the front of the cake.
    • Around St. Patrick’s Day, you may see leprechaun and rainbow figures in the dollar area at Target
    • Coins made of gold and green chocolate

    How to make 2 tier mini diaper cakes (often used as centerpieces!)

    A diaper cake with two tiers requires around 28 diapers per cake.In order to properly roll your diapers, you’ll need to use a transparent rubber band to bind them.After that, you’ll need to cut a circle out of cardboard or use a tiny ornamental plate as a base, and you’ll want to hot glue a toilet paper roll to the middle of the circle.Afterwards, you must arrange 20 diapers in a circle and secure them with transparent tape.

    • After that, place a diaper into the toilet paper roll so that it is sturdy and of equal height with the remaining 6 diapers, which you will arrange in a circle around the central one at this point.
    • Clear tape things in place, and you’re ready to start adding ribbon and accessories!

    Frequently Asked Q’s

    How do you roll diapers for a diaper cake?

    The most effective technique to roll diapers is to begin at the top ruffled area and work your way down to the base. One rubber band will hold the diaper in place if you roll from the base, however two rubber bands will be required to keep the frills in place if you roll from the top.

    How do you attach things to a diaper cake?

    • It all depends on what you’re attaching, but here are a few of my favorite tools to have on hand: Glue dots, clear tape, ribbon, pipe cleaners, wooden skewers or popsicle sticks, hot glue, paperclips, and other similar materials

    There’s no way around it: you don’t want anything stuck on the diapers if you want the expecting parents to be able to utilize them. Alternately, you may use a popsicle stick that you can place into a diaper to wrap a ribbon around the object and glue it to the ribbon around the tiers.

    How do you tie ribbon in a perfect bow?

    Isn’t it amazing how much of a difference it makes?! This YouTube video by Lia Griffith demonstrates how to create a flawless bow in a short amount of time every time. Everyday tasks like as diaper cakes, gift wrapping, and putting ribbons on coats and gowns are made easier by using this approach. It’s just perfect!

    Where can I buy a pre-made diaper cake?

    Isn’t it true that it makes all the difference? YouTube user Lia Griffith demonstrates how to knot the perfect bow in a short amount of time. Everyday tasks like as diaper cakes, gift wrapping, and putting ribbons on coats and gowns are made easier by using this technique. The result is fantastic!

    How to make a diaper cake with lots of helpful tips and tricks plus tons of inspiration for how to decorate diaper cakes. 

    This is your one-stop shop for all you need to know about baking a diaper cake!Diaper cakes are a stacked stack of diapers that are rolled or folded to resemble a classic tiered cake in appearance.As a result, they are one of my favorite presents to bring to a baby shower because they can be used as a centerpiece.A diaper cake may be a delightful focus point for baby shower decorations, and it is easy to make one yourself.

    • The process of customizing a diaper cake to match a party theme is quite enjoyable.
    • Plus, they’re a practical present that you know will be appreciated by every new mom you know.
    • The next section contains all of the information you’ll need to prepare a diaper cake for a baby shower.
    1. You will be able to do this task with the assistance of this comprehensive collection of instructions, I guarantee it!
    2. In this tutorial, I’ll lead you through the steps of acquiring supplies, constructing the diaper cake’s structure, and then the fun part: decorating it.

    Best Diapers to Use for a Diaper Cake

    A diaper cake might be difficult to put together because there are so many different types of diapers available.My first recommendation is to get a larger size of diaper…Because kids outgrow newborn and size 1 diapers so fast, many moms get these sizes as presents for their children.I recommend that you purchase size 2, 3, or 4 diapers.

    • Another option is to hunt for plain white diapers or to discover a patterned diaper and choose one that will fit the colors in your nursery decor.
    • There are some extremely cute diapers available these days, many of which have fashionable designs printed on them, and these diapers may really dress up a diaper cake or baby shower.
    • Here are a few of my favorite diaper brands to use for diaper cakes that I enjoy making: One of my favorites are the Huggies with the limited edition Mickey Mouse pattern…
    1. very sweet!
    2. 2.
    3. Pampers Swaddlers are the greatest all-white diaper available on the market.
    • 3.
    • Cloud Island Diapers from Target are available in a variety of adorable patterns for both boys and girls.
    • 4.
    • Hello Bello Diapers from Walmart come in a variety of fashionable designs.
    • 5.
    • Honest Diapers are available in a variety of adorable patterns.
    • 6.
    • Target’s Up and Up Brand Diapers are a more economical choice, and the design is modest enough that you may get away with using them.
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    Choose A Base for your Diaper Cake

    • Building a diaper cake on a firm base will be essential, especially if you intend to take it to a baby shower or if you want to be able to bring it home with the expectant mother. Here are a few ideas for diaper cake bases that you might find useful: Spray paint it, leave it silver, add a circle of scrapbook paper or hot glue some trim around the sides of a metal pizza pan from Dollar Tree.
    • Every type of plastic or melamine charger would work well as the foundation of your diaper cake. 2. Chargers These may be found at practically any craft store, and they are also available at Dollar Tree.
    • Cake Board — Look in the cake decorating department of your local craft shop for pre-cut cardboard circles that may be used to construct genuine cakes from scratch. Besides that, they are ideal for constructing diaper cakes.
    • The use of a tiered cake stand, in conjunction with a cake board, is recommended if you want to transport the diaper cake in one piece, but it does provide for a visually appealing presentation during the celebration

    How Many Diapers Do I Need To Make A Diaper Cake?

    The quantity of diapers you will use to build a diaper cake is determined by the size of the completed cake and the number of layers you intend to use.A larger number of diapers equals a larger cake.You may use the following diaper cake sizing chart to estimate how many diapers you will need to purchase, though.The bottom tier of the diaper cakes I create has a diameter of roughly 12-14 inches and is approximately 12-14 inches high.

    • I used the following number of diapers: The size of the completed diaper cake will be influenced by the size of the diapers you use, which will be a minor factor.
    • In order to make all of the diaper cakes depicted in this post, I needed size 4 diapers.
    • Use newborn or size 1 diapers to make up for the little size difference.
    1. You may need to add one or two additional diapers to each cycle if you are using newborn or size 1.

    Diaper Cake Supply List

    • You’ll need the following items to put together your diaper cake. 51 regular-sized rubber bands (one for each diaper and one for wrapping around the top tier)
    • 50 diapers
    • 51 regular-sized rubber bands
    • File Bands (for wrapping around the bottom two layers of the tiers)
    • 2 extra-large rubber bands, often known as file bands
    • 1 cake base
    • 1 large bottle of lotion or a paper towel/wrapping paper cardboard tube
    • wide ribbon (or other alternative—see below)
    • 1 large bottle of lotion or a paper towel/wrapping paper cardboard tube
    • 1 large bottle of lotion or a paper towel/wrapping paper cardboard tube
    • Decorations (see the list of possibilities below)
    • a hot glue gun and glue sticks
    • a piece of cardstock

    Diaper Cake Assembly Instructions

    1. One diaper should be rolled up and secured with a thin rubber band. Place a hefty bottle of baby lotion or shampoo in the center of the cake base and repeat the process with the remaining diapers. Additionally, an empty paper towel or wrapping paper tube can be utilized.
    2. Begin by forming a layer of rolled-up diapers around the bottle all the way around. To keep everything together, wrap a big rubber band around the outside of each individual diaper and fasten it in place. I recommend having the foundation layer three diapers deep, but you may use as many as you need to completely cover the cake base equally.
    3. Make a second layer on top of the first and reduce the size by at least one round of diapers before putting the second layer together. Repeat the process for the third layer, as well as any more layers you choose to add if needed.

    Whenever your diapers have formed the shape of a three-tiered cake, you are ready to begin decorating.

    Diaper Cake Decorating Ideas

    Every diaper cake must include three types of decorations:

    1. Ribbon. Tulle, rolled-up receiving blankets, or even wrapping paper or scrapbook paper cut into strips can be used in place of ribbon, but you can be creative with what you use.
    2. A charming cake topper for a special occasion. Making a decorative addition to the top of the cake will make it appear finished and will conceal the hole where the paper towel tube or lotion bottle could be visible
    3. Embellishments are ideal for this. These are the ornamental accessories that will give your diaper cake that extra ″wow″ factor that everyone will be talking about. You can use paper flowers, silk flowers, paper shreds, curling ribbon, small toys, bows, floral picks, baby booties, small stuffed animals, or anything else that you think would be cute or that would fit with the theme of your baby shower
    4. however, if you want to be more creative, you can use a combination of materials.

    Here are some ideas for designing diaper cakes for both boys and girls. I’ve included a description of each cake below the photo for your convenience.

    Paper Flowers and Patterned Ribbon | Glitter Scrapbook Paper, Fabric and Curling Ribbon | Burlap, Twine and Faux Succulents | Ribbon, Paper Shreds and Rubber Duckies | Cowboy Bandanas and Paper Star Cupcake Picks | Colorful Tulle and a Unicorn Horn | Burlap, Ribbon, Twine and a Teddy Bear | Floral Diapers, Ribbon and a Silk Flower Topper | Striped Ribbon and Cascading Silk Flowers

    Be creative and have fun when it comes to decorating a diaper cake.There are countless possibilities.Check out this baby shower burp cloth bouquet if you’re seeking for another creative and entertaining baby shower present idea.In learning how to bake a diaper cake, I hope you’ve found this tutorial to be of use.

    • Note: Please pin the image to your Pinterest board so you can easily access this information later.

    How to Make the Perfect DIY Diaper Cake

    Have you been asked to a baby shower and are pondering what to bring as a present?Alternatively, are you the shower’s host and are interested in learning how to prepare a diaper cake to serve as the centerpiece for the dessert table?Any way you slice it, a diaper cake not only looks festive and fantastic, but it’s also a wonderful present for the expecting mother.She is going to adore it!

    • To discover how to make a diaper cake and get inspired by 25 stunning decoration ideas, continue reading this article.

    What Exactly Is a Diaper Cake?

    A diaper cake is essentially a cake-shaped present that is built entirely of disposable diapers.Generally speaking, it is adorned with objects such as ribbons, miniature baby accessories, paper cutouts, and even a small sign that reads something like ″Oh, baby!″ At a baby shower, a diaper cake is frequently given to the mother-to-be by one of the guests, or it may be made by the baby shower host as a centerpiece for the food table.The diaper cake can be decorated to fit the theme of the baby shower, or it can be decorated in a more generic manner to invoke all things baby.In certain cases, the diaper cake can be customized to suit the mother’s personality or preferences; for example, by giving it a modern look with succulents and flora, or by decorating it in the colors of the mother’s favorite sports team, Of course, you do not have to be attending the baby shower in order to make a diaper cake for the expecting mother.

    • Consider making one for a coworker right before she leaves on maternity leave, or bringing one to a sip and see celebration after the baby’s arrival to show off your new creation!
    • No matter how or when you present the diaper cake to the expectant mother, she will be astonished and happy – and you will have a lot of fun making it, as well.

    What You’ll Need to Make a Diaper Cake

    When it comes to making and decorating your diaper cake, there are a plethora of options available to you, as you’ll see, but here’s a basic list of what you’ll need:

    What Diapers to Use

    To prepare a diaper cake, you will, without a doubt, require diapers.We recommend utilizing Swaddlers, Pure Protection, or Cruisers 360° Fit to keep your feet comfortable.You have complete control over the diaper size.It may make more sense, though, to get a larger size because it will be easier to deal with when assembling the cake.

    • Keep in mind that using only one size of diapers may make it easier to level the diaper cake since you won’t have to juggle diapers of varying widths and heights.
    • However, you may want to use a different size diaper for each tier of the cake to make it more visually appealing.
    • As a result, the expectant parents will have a selection of sizes available for their child when they deliver.

    Step-by-Step: How to Make a Diaper Cake

    The process of making a diaper cake requires patience, but it can also be a great deal of fun. Furthermore, it is an excellent opportunity to stimulate your creative thinking. If you follow these five simple steps, you’ll have your final product ready to go before you know it!

    Step 1: Choose a base

    Making sure you have a solid foundation for your diaper cake is essential, especially if it will be transported.If your structure is too frail, the last thing you want is for it to come tumbling down.It is possible to use a piece of strong cardboard, a cake stand, or a big tray for this project.For cardboard, you may cover it with foil or wrapping paper, or cut it into a circle that is exactly the same size as the bottom tier of the cake so that it will be nearly invisible when the cake is served.

    Step 2: Prepare the diapers

    For the most part, there are two techniques for constructing diaper cakes: the roll-up approach and the wrap method.Each individual diaper should be tightly rolled up and secured with a little rubber band in order to prevent it from unfurling.You may also tie a ribbon around each one, but this would take more time and effort.Set each one aside until you’ve rolled up all of the sheets of paper.

    • There isn’t much prep work involved in making a wrap diaper cake.
    • To begin, just remove the diapers from their container and go to step three.

    Step 3: Position the diapers

    In order to make a roll-up diaper cake, arrange the rolls vertically and closely together until you achieve the desired size for the base layer of the cake.Extra-large rubber bands or ribbons can be used to hold the rolls in place while baking.If you’re using a rubber band, you may afterwards wrap it with ribbon to make it look more elegant.When it comes to fastening the ribbon, you can either use a little amount of hot glue (be careful not to get any on the diapers) or tie a small knot that may be hidden behind a design later on.

    • The long ends of the ribbon can also be used to tie a large bow as an alternative.
    • If you’re planning on adding a second tier, insert about three wooden dowels between the diaper rolls to ensure that the following layer of diaper rolls is securely kept in place.
    • Placing more diaper rolls around the dowels will help to create the second tier.
    1. The second tier should be smaller in size than the first tier of the pyramid.
    2. Just like you did with the first tier, use an extra-large rubber band or ribbon to secure the second tier to the first tier.
    3. If the dowels protrude from the wall, you will need to cut off the top points (or use shorter dowels) to make them disappear.
    • After you’ve added as many levels as you’d like (usually cakes have two or three), go to step four.
    • Placing a clean paper towel roll upright on your cake foundation and wrapping the diapers around it will create a wraparound diaper cake.
    • Continue wrapping until the first tier of your diaper cake is as broad as you want it to be on the outside.
    • Put the diapers back in place with an extra-large rubber band or a ribbon once you’re finished using them.
    • Hot glue may be used to secure the ribbon (be careful not to get any on the diapers), or a knot or bow can be tied to finish the look.
    • Use a rubber band to secure the diaper cake to the cake stand so that you may cover it later when you decorate the diaper cake.
    • To be sure to keep in mind, some people like to surprise the expecting parents by using a bottle of champagne instead of an empty paper towel roll.
    • You may also use a baby bottle instead of a water bottle.
    • It might then be included as a component of your gift to the parents.
    • It’s a pleasant surprise either way, but a paper towel roll can suffice in this situation as well.
    • To create a second tier, continue wrapping diapers over the top half of the paper towel roll until it is completely covered.

    Making the second tier smaller than the first tier is important; it should be held in place with a rubber band or ribbon.Alternatively, you may proceed to step four and create a smaller third tier in the same manner.

    Step 4: Add decorations

    Step 5: Wrap the diaper cake

    The cake should be wrapped carefully if it will be transported in order to avoid the cake falling apart or becoming damaged during the transit process.Prepare the table by spreading a huge sheet (or two) of cellophane or soft tulle on it and placing the diaper cake’s base on top of it.Finally, bring the corners of the cellophane up over the cake, compress it together, and tie a ribbon around it to complete the wrapping.

    Different Diaper Cake Shapes

    Not all diaper cakes are made in the shape of a circle! Besides the traditional diaper cake form stated above, you may really build diaper cakes in a variety of shapes that correspond to a certain theme, such as the following:

    25 Diaper Cake Decoration Ideas

    The bottom line

    When it comes to diaper cakes, there is no right or wrong way to make them.It doesn’t matter if you go large or small, lavish or subtle; it is the sentiment that counts, and your efforts will be seen and appreciated.Have fun with it, and watch as the guest of honor’s face brightens as you reveal your creation to him or her.In addition to our post on 42 baby shower gift ideas you’ll adore, we have 16 sensible baby shower gift ideas as well as 25 baby shower presents for the mom-to-be that you should check out.

    Learn How to Make a Diaper Cake for Baby Showers

    Create a baby shower centerpiece that serves as a kind present for the mother-to-be the next time you’re throwing a party for new parents.The preparation of a so-called diaper ″cake″ will take less time than the preparation of an edible cake, and it will remain fresh until the arrival of the new baby.Additionally, you may have just as much fun decorating this cake as you would with an edible cake.While adorable baby animals are wonderful stand-alone gifts, placing one on top of a diaper cake will make the nursery appear even more adorable.

    • To make a diaper cake, simply follow the steps outlined in this guide.
    • Even if you’ve never baked a cake before, you’ll discover that making a diaper cake is as simple as baking a cake from scratch.
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    Cake Supplies

    • Listed below are the materials you’ll need to get started on creating your diaper-cake centerpiece: There are approximately 50 medium-size disposable diapers. It takes 48 diapers to make the cake in this video, but because diaper brands vary in size, it’s a good idea to have a few extra on hand. You may always deliver the extras to the expectant mother in a separate gift
    • however,
    • A big platter on which to construct the cake (a 16-inch disposable cardboard plate purchased from a party supply store works nicely)
    • There will be around 70 feet of thin ribbon used for tying the rolled diapers together (1 foot per diaper) and joining the tiers together.
    • To finish the tiers, you’ll need around 8 feet of 1-inch-wide ribbon.
    • The following items are required: one tall baby bottle
    • little candies to fill the baby bottle
    • adhesive tape
    • All kinds of baby essentials, including pacifiers, teething rings, combs, brushes, rattles, bibs, and other accessories

    Roll the Diapers

    This is the section of the project that will take the most time:

    1. Make 1-foot lengths of the narrow ribbon out of 48 feet of it
    2. Determining if the printed decoration on the diaper will be seen on the cake is an important step. Roll each diaper from the fold outward, being sure to preserve the decoration on the outside of each diaper. If this is the case, roll with the decoration on the inside.
    3. Tie a piece of thin ribbon around the waist of each rolled diaper.

    Assemble the Tiers

    Three layers are required for this diaper cake, and you’ll need an additional set of hands to assist you keep everything together while you tie it all together. Start with the most important tier:

    1. Make sure to fill the baby bottle halfway with sweets. Five or six diapers should be placed around the bottle and tied together securely in that position with a piece of thin ribbon
    2. Make a second tier with around 15 diapers to complete the project. Tie them together one again with the narrow ribbon to make a tight knot.
    3. Making use of around 27 diapers, construct the third and biggest layer. To make the procedure of tying up the diapers a little easier, start by tying an inner circle of diapers with a string. After that, arrange the final row of diapers around the circle and bind them once more.

    Decorate the Cake

    This is the fun part:

    1. Place the heaviest cake tier on the serving tray and set the platter aside. Attach the diapers to the platter by placing numerous pieces of adhesive tape on the bottom of the diapers and pressing them down. Don’t use so much tape that the diapers tear when the mother disassembles the diaper changing station.
    2. Place the second tier on top of the base and attach it to the bottom tier with masking tape, as shown.
    3. Attach the smallest tier to the top of the other tiers in the same manner as you did the other levels.
    4. Wrap the cake in a ribbon and tuck the various baby decorations inside the ribbon all around the cake. To prevent them from coming off, make sure they are firmly fitted and secure with more ribbon if required
    5. The 1-inch ribbon should be put around each tier of the cake, to assist attach the embellishments and add a last finishing touch.
    6. Depending on the baby shower’s theme (teddy bears, unicorns, bubbles, or anything else), you can decorate the cake accordingly.
    7. Using a variety of pink ornaments and toys, you may make it appear as though it is a cake for a little girl. If the parents are unaware of or have not revealed the gender of the child, use a lot of soft pastels, which are traditional baby hues, to decorate the room. Consider using brighter colors in the nursery, which some parents may choose for their child’s room.

    How many diapers do you need to make a diaper cake?

    How many diapers do you think you’ll need? You’ll need anywhere from 38 to 64 diapers for a three-tier diaper cake, depending on the size and style of the cake you’re creating.

    How do you make a small diaper cake?

    How to Make a Mini Diaper Cake (DIY Tutorial) Rolling three diapers together and binding them with rubber bands is an excellent starting point. Use tape to hold your thicker ribbon in place while it is cut to fit the breadth of your cake. Decorate the top with crepe shreds and any other embellishments that you choose!

    What diapers are best for diaper cake?

    At the very least, the size 1 diapers you are familiar with will be utilized. According to Alpha Mom, the best diapers to include in a diaper cake are the relatively-new Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive diapers, which contain a wetness indicator, which is ideal for new parents because it may be difficult to discern whether a baby needs a diaper change at first, according to Alpha Mom.

    What supplies do I need to make a diaper cake?

    Making a Diaper Cake for a Baby Shower is a simple process. There are 60 diapers. Thick cardboard is used. 7 washcloths or teething blankets for your child. There are 67 rubber bands in all. Three extra-large rubber bands are required. Remove the paper towel roll from the dispenser. Pencil. Ribbon with a width of 2 inches.

    How do you roll diapers for a diaper cake?

    Diapers should be rolled. Place the diaper on your work area with the front side facing up. Begin from the top edge of the diaper and roll the diaper tightly towards the folded edge until the diaper is completely closed. Once the diaper has been rolled securely, secure it with a rubber band or a piece of twine that is tied snugly around the diaper.

    How do you attach a stuffed animal to a diaper cake?

    Attach double-sided tape or velcro tabs to the top of the diaper cake and the bottom of the stuffed animal to complete the look. These things hold the stuffed animal in place and allow it to be readily removed if needed later on.

    Can you use diapers from a diaper cake?

    Yes, diapers should be used. What percentage of the diapers that arrive in a diaper cake are actually used by the user?

    What brand of diapers are plain white?

    ″Earth’s Finest″ is the best value (not to mention a fantastic, natural disposable diaper!) available. According to my perspective, this is the first and greatest alternative for locating a basic, white disposable diaper on the market.

    How many diapers do you need for a 2 tier diaper cake?

    The numbers reflect the amount of diapers required for each layer, so if you were building a two-tiered cake, you would require a total of 26 diapers for the entire cake. A three-tiered cake would require a total of 64 diapers.

    A Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Diaper Cake for a Baby Shower

    • On January 12, 2022, an update was made. Diaper cakes are a popular choice for baby showers since they can be used as both an utilitarian present and a decorative centerpiece. It’s possible to purchase diaper cakes from a number of internet shops, but it’s not that difficult to make them from scratch. It may take a little time, but you will save money in the long run. The exact number of components you will require for a diaper cake will be determined by the size of the cake you choose as well as the amount of money you wish to spend on the endeavor. The majority of diaper cakes include between 50 and 75 newborn or size 1 diapers. Here’s everything you’ll need to get started: A cake topper (such as a plush animal, ribbon, board book, or other similar item)
    • a sheet of cardboard or a cake plate
    • clear stretch jewelry cord
    • disposable or cloth diapers
    • ribbon
    • rubber bands
    • a sheet of cardboard or a cake plate

    Besides diapers and wipes, you may choose to include other products including as rattles, board books, teething rings, baby wash and lotion, diaper rash medication, baby wipes, bibs, and other accessories in your diaper cake as well. 1

    Prepare the Diapers

    Preparing the diapers should be the first step. However, you can substitute cloth diapers with disposable diapers if that is what the parents desire. Roll up the diapers securely one at a time, starting at the front of the diaper and working your way back to the rear. Rubber bands can be used to keep it in place. 2

    Build the Base

    Cut a length of transparent stretch jewelry cord to suit the perimeter of the diaper cake’s base layer, making sure it is not too tight.Place objects such as baby lotion, baby wipes, or toys in the middle of the cardboard or cake plate, and then begin inserting the wrapped up diapers one by one until you’ve constructed a circular shape out of the cardboard or cake plate.The diapers should be held together using a length of stretch jewelry cord wrapped around them to form the foundation layer.3

    Build the Second Layer

    Another layer of diapers folded up and tied together with a length of stretch cord can be added on top of the first. Make certain that the diapers are placed close together. If there are any gaps between the diapers or any exposed rubber bands, tie a piece of ribbon around the layer to conceal it. Follow these instructions to complete the construction of the remaining stages. 4

    Decorate the Diaper Cake

    Decorate the diaper cake with board books, teething rings, and other tiny trinkets after all of the tiers have been secured and completed.Put them within the ribbon or attach them to the tiers if you want to be really fancy.This is an excellent time to truly personalize the project for the baby’s mother and father, so don’t be afraid to be imaginative.If the gender and name of the infant are known, you might provide that information as well.

    • The concept is to make the diaper cake both visually appealing and functional at the same time.
    • 5

    Add the Finishing Touches

    Finish the diaper cake with a topper of your choice to complete the look.A stuffed animal, such as a teddy bear, is usually a safe bet, but you could also go for something that matches the theme of the shower or the baby’s room instead of a traditional stuffed animal.For example, a plush monkey would make an excellent topper if the baby’s nursery is to be designed after the jungle, and a stack of board books would be ideal if the parents have requested that shower visitors assist in the creation of the baby’s reading library.Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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    • Please try your search again.

    How to Make a Diaper Cake in a Few Easy Steps

    Return to the top of the page A newborn can go through as many as 12 diapers in a single day (!).In addition, as every new parent is well aware, diapers may rapidly become the main focus of your household when you have a newborn.So why not make them the focal point of a baby shower celebration?Not only a large package of diapers, but also a ″cake″ fashioned entirely of diapers.

    • Diaper cakes have been a trendy concept at baby showers in recent years.
    • And, despite the fact that they appear hard, this project is far less difficult to do than you may expect.
    • Discover all you need to know about creating a distinctive diaper cake centerpiece that the expecting mother will like in this article.

    What is a diaper cake?

    A diaper cake is a cake-shaped construction made of diapers and decorated with flowers or plush animals.It is traditionally served at birthday parties.In most cases, it consists of two or three tiers of rolled diapers that are wrapped in ribbon to make them look like frosting on a cake.You may personalize the design of your diaper cake to match the overall theme of the baby shower you’re hosting.

    • Despite the fact that the most common cake form is a round one, many baby shower hosts create diaper cakes in the shape of vehicles, motorbikes, and even animals to decorate their tables (unicorns and elephants are popular choices).

    Why make a diaper cake?

    Making a diaper cake is a thoughtful and entertaining idea for any baby shower, whether you are hosting or attending.Diaper cakes not only make a kind present and a charming centerpiece, but they’re also quite useful in a variety of situations.After all, new parents can never have too many diapers on hand, so these cakes may be a much-appreciated present for the mom-to-be to take home with her after the baby shower.Some baby shower guests choose to include additional diapering products in the cake (like as wipes and diaper cream) in order to make the present even more helpful for the expecting mother.

    How many diapers do you need for a diaper cake?

    You’ll need anywhere from 38 to 64 diapers for a three-tier diaper cake, depending on the size and style of the cake you’re creating.Here’s a decent approach to figure out what your number is: Decide how big you want the bottom of the cake to be and how many diapers you think it will take to make that base, then multiply that number by two.Consider how many layers you’d like to have in total after that.Dividing the number of diapers in the tier below it by two will give you an estimate of the number of diapers you will need for the following tier in each tier.

    • A three-tier cake with a bottom layer composed of 32 diapers would require 16 diapers on the middle layer and eight diapers on the top layer, for example.

    How to make a diaper cake

    Although they appear complicated, making do-it-yourself diaper cakes is surprisingly simple and can be completed in a few simple steps (and a little bit of patience).You most likely already have most of the ingredients you’ll need at home, and you may personalize your diaper cake by adding embellishments of your choosing.Watch the video instruction below for a step-by-step breakdown of the process: How to Make a Diaper Cake (with Pictures)

    Supplies you’ll need:

    • Cards
    • double-sided tape
    • rubber bands
    • scissors
    • twine
    • washi tape
    • paper towel tubes
    • Scotch tape
    • ribbon
    • diapers
    • embellishments


    1. Attach a tube to a circular piece of cardboard with masking tape
    2. 50 diapers should be rolled up and tied together with rubber bands.
    3. Tie the diapers in a ring around the tube to keep them in place.
    4. Stack additional rings of diapers on top of the first stack.
    5. Wrap the ribbon over the string to conceal it.
    6. Using washi tape, wrap the cardboard around the edge of the table.
    7. Glue letters on the ribbon with a glue stick
    8. Decorate the space

    Heidi Murkoff’s What to Expect When You’re Expecting is in its fifth edition.

    How to Make a Mini Diaper Cake – Step by Step Guide

    Is it your first time hearing about a small diaper cake?Those who are fans of edible cakes might be upset to learn that a little diaper cake is not a treat that can be eaten (though we’re not sure who would want to eat something that looks like a diaper!).Instead, it’s the inverse: a cake-shaped stack of diapers that’s been decorated to appear like a cake.

    • As well as a beautifully designed collection of diapers for the baby, any parent or parent-to-be will be overjoyed to witness a baby shower that includes an edible cake that can be enjoyed.
    • No matter if you use disposable or cloth diapers, diapers are an inescapable and expensive investment for parents, and they’ll be overjoyed to not only get them as a gift, but to have them presented in such a nice and appealing manner.
    • No matter if you’re making a little diaper cake for someone’s baby shower or putting one together for your own baby shower, we’re here to assist you with your project.
    1. WebBabyShower has served over 1 million people, and we know how to make your event a memorable one.
    2. Every step of how to make a little diaper cake will be covered in this post.
    3. Read on for the full tutorial!
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    Throw a Virtual Baby Shower so Everyone Can Celebrate!

    Free Trial – 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee for any reason Setup takes only one minute! 40+ Custom Themes & Personalized Invitations Use any online registry that you like. Send an unlimited number of invitations and updates Give prizes to the winners of the baby shower games with scoreboards. Construct Your Shower

    Best Diapers to Use for a Diaper Cake

    The majority of people believe that newborn diapers, also known as size N diapers, or size 1 diapers for kids up to 14 lbs.are the best diapers to use for a diaper cake.However, this is not true.Furthermore, while it is true that a parent will undoubtedly begin by using size N and size 1 diapers for their newborn, they will very certainly already have an excess of diapers in that size.

    • While shopping for materials, most individuals will instinctively go toward the lowest sizes, not understanding that everyone else has the same concept.
    • As a result, a mother or father will have less diapers for their child to grow into.
    • It’s a good idea to get larger-sized diapers that the baby will be able to fit into in a few months rather than smaller ones.
    1. Size 2 is an excellent choice since it is for children aged 3-8 months.
    2. Not only will this guarantee that a parent is well-prepared, but they will also not have to deconstruct the cake immediately and can instead use it as a decoration for the baby’s nursery for the first several months.
    3. As for designs, you may either buy basic diapers and dress them up with ribbons and strings, or you can take advantage of the wide variety of designs that diapers are available in these days.
    • Diapers are now available in a variety of designs, including everything from stars to flowers to dinosaurs.
    • If you want to use patterned diapers, take in mind the overall concept of the baby shower to ensure that the diaper cake does not conflict with it.
    • Plain diapers, on the other hand, could be the best option for the genuinely inventive among us.
    • You will be challenged to think outside the box as a result of the blank palette they will supply for you to work with.

    What if the parents are choosing cloth diapers?

    Cloth diapers are becoming increasingly popular among parents, which means it may be worthwhile to inquire as to what type of diapers they want to use with their children.Is it possible that they are using a subscription service such as Thirties?Alternatively, they might just purchase items from Amazon as and when they require them.In either case, you may contact them, give them a gift card for a subscription service, or even make them a cloth diaper cake.

    How to Deal with a Base for your Diaper Cake

    Every cake, even ones built entirely of diapers, need a sturdy foundation.It is critical in this situation to have a stable, level base that does not bend.You don’t want the diaper layers to bend or collapse beneath the weight of the diapers on the base.Things to consider for the foundation of the dish include a big serving platter, an aluminum pan, an aluminum pizza pan, or even a thick plastic cutting board.

    • To your advantage, the majority of these goods are likely to be found in your own home.
    • However, if you do need to visit a store, the most of these products can be found for a low price at a dollar store.
    • Keep an eye out for a strong serving dish that won’t bend, as well as a low-cost cake stand like this one that’s not too expensive.

    How Many Diapers Do You Actually Need?

    The number of diapers you’ll require will be determined by the size of your diaper cake. Approximately 25 diapers are required for a little diaper cake, which will be used to construct the first and second tiers of your cake.

    What Will You Need? clot

    To make a small diaper cake, you’ll need a few supplies.

    1. The most essential thing is diapers! Ideally, a size 2 or 3 shoe
    2. A firm foundation that will not flex
    3. Many medium-sized rubber bands for holding the diapers in place
    4. A big rubber band for each tier of the ″cake″
    5. Something to use as a holder for the diapers, such as a paper towel roll
    6. A hot glue gun to attach the paper towel roll to the foundation of the structure.
    7. Glitter, ribbons, and flowers are all excellent choices for décor!

    Diaper Cake How-To Instructions

    • Each diaper for the cake should be rolled into a tiny log form and secured with a medium-sized rubber band.
    • Take your cake foundation and, using your glue gun, attach your cylinder-shaped object to the middle of the cake plate. The diapers will be placed around this object, forming the cake shape, so make sure it is centered and equally distributed!
    • Place each rolled diaper around the middle of the diaper until the entire foundation is covered. You’ll only need two rings of diapers at the foundation of a little diaper cake, so plan accordingly. In contrast, if you’re working with a huge base, you can require three.
    • If necessary, use one of your large rubber bands to hold the diapers together once they have been placed.
    • Once you’ve finished building your base, you may go on to the second layer. The second layer of a wedding cake should be thinner than the base, much as the base of a wedding cake. For example, if you used two rings of diapers as a basis, the second tier should also utilize two rings of diapers. Make a second big rubber band to hold it all together.
    • Now comes the exciting part. It’s time to get creative with your home design!

    Diaper Cake Decorating Ideas

    Some of you may be wondering how to make a tiny diaper cake stand out from the crowd. For starters, when it comes to décor, there are an endless number of adorable small ideas to be found on Pinterest! Here are a few of our personal favorites:

    Lavender Bows and Butterflies 

    It’s the perfect gift for any parent or dad who is expecting a young girl. This purple diaper cake is embellished with paper butterflies and hair ribbons.

    Woodland Creatures

    It’s only right that woodland creatures should take center stage on an attractive diaper cake because they are a common sight in children’s books all across the world.

    A Ballerina’s Tutu

    Having visions of your young girl becoming a professional dancer (or simply someone who appreciates ballet) as she grows up? Then a tutu-themed diaper cake is the perfect choice for you!

    Under the Sea

    This charming tiny fuzzy octopus is nothing like the majestic creatures that live in the actual ocean, but he makes an adorable topping for a diaper cake anyway.

    Adorable Elephants

    Although the adorable elephant topper is the main attraction, the adorable addition of the baby’s name at the bottom is a great finishing touch.

    How to Make a Diaper Cake Quick FAQ

    How Many Diapers Do You Need For a Mini Diaper Cake?

    25 diapers should be sufficient for the normal tiny diaper cake, however you may find yourself requiring a handful of more depending on which side of your foundation you are working with.

    How Do You Make a Small Diaper Cake?

    To begin making a little diaper cake, begin by selecting a small cake foundation.Next, choose a cylinder-shaped item to serve as the cake’s center and attach it in place using tape or other adhesive.After that, roll each diaper and tie it with a rubber band to keep it in place.Afterwards, you should lay your first stack of diapers around the base and fasten it with a big rubber band to keep it in place.

    • Repeat the process for tier two, bearing in mind that it should be narrower this time around.
    • Last but not least, embellish.

    How Many Diapers Do I Need to Make a Tricycle Diaper Cake?

    Tricycle diaper cakes, as the name implies, are currently all the rage, and consist of diapers organized in the shape of a tricycle. Unfortunately, they are exactly as simple to put together as traditional diaper cakes. A tricycle diaper cake will typically take anywhere from 30 to 40 diapers to complete.

    How Many Diapers Do I Need For a Two-Layer Diaper Cake?

    It is recommended that 40 diapers be used for a huge two-layer diaper cake.Did you find this article to be interesting?We certainly hope so!Diaper cakes are a creative way to dress up any baby shower while also giving a memorable present to a new parent or soon-to-be parent.

    • Not only can diaper cakes make beautiful centerpieces for photo shoots, but they also present a mom or dad with something they’ll need in plenty throughout the first few years of their child’s life: diapers.
    • Additionally, diaper cakes can be utilized as a decorative item in the baby’s nursery for a couple of months before the diapers are actually needed.
    • So they may also serve as a small memento of the baby shower, which is a nice touch.
    1. In the event that this post was beneficial to you and provided you with ideas on how to make a little diaper cake, please consider bookmarking it for future reference and sharing it on social media!

    DIY Diaper Cake Decorating Ideas

    Once you’ve constructed the diaper cake, you may get creative with its decoration.When it comes to decorating a diaper cake, the possibilities are endless.For example, you might choose to decorate it in pink or blue to correspond with the gender of the baby, or you could select a theme for the baby shower and decorate it in lovely colors and designs!The following are some of the most often used items to design diaper cakes: Ribbons – A lovely ribbon is essential for a diaper cake.

    • The elastic bands are concealed by a ribbon that is wound around the tiers.
    • You can also use ribbon to make some adorable bows to round off the look.
    • Embellishments – When it comes to decorating your diaper cake, there are several options available to you.
    1. Bows, flowers, paper flowers, curling ribbon, and booties are just a few of the many popular options available.
    2. You could even use baby headbands to hold the cake together, which would act as an additional present for the recipient.
    3. Diaper Cake Topper – Every cake has a topper, and using a cake topper on the diaper cake helps to conceal the cardboard tube’s top.
    • You might decorate the top of the cake with paper flowers, ribbon, real flowers, a cake topper, or a pair of baby booties, for example.
    • A plethora of choices exists.

    How Many Diapers Do I Need for Baby’s First Year?

    New parents place a great deal of emphasis on finding the best bouncer and the most adorable crib bedding for their child. As a new parent, there is one thing you will rely on more than anything else: diapers. And although those are lovely to have, there is one item you will depend on more than anything else: diapers.

    How Many Newborn Diapers Do You Need?

    In the first month of life, babies require an average of 8 to 10 diaper changes every day, depending on their size.Babies go through around 700 diapers throughout their first three months of life (the neonatal stage).The good news is that Because a baby’s bladder develops with age, you’ll be changing fewer diapers as they become older—you should expect to change 5 to 6 diapers per day after six months.As a result, the days of changing diapers every two hours will come to an end.

    • We will keep our word!

    How Many Diapers Do You Need in the First Year?

    During the first year of life, a newborn might go through an average of 2,200 diapers.That’s a lot of dripping shins.If you have the room, a baby shower is an excellent opportunity to start building up a diaper stockpile for the future.When creating your baby registry, keep in mind that you can register for enough diapers to last you for an entire year.

    • You can do this by including individual boxes of diapers for people to gift to you, setting up a diaper cash fund to use to purchase the diapers yourself, or signing up for a diaper subscription service to automatically deliver diapers to you.

    Want to Add Diapers to Your Registry?

    With Babylist, you can create a single register for all of your items, regardless of where they came from. Start your registry today and you’ll get a Hello Baby Box filled with free (and great!) baby-related gifts.

    How to Stockpile Disposable Diapers

    • Here are some recommendations to help you build up a large diaper stockpile before your due date, covering everything from how many diapers to register for to how to figure out what size diapers you’ll need for each stage of your baby’s development. Tip 1: Don’t get too caught up with the infant size. A newborn diaper can accommodate newborns weighing up to 9 pounds on average. Consider the fact that a baby will often acquire up to three pounds in their first month of life, if not more. Furthermore, most hospitals will send you home with an armful of newborn diapers, so you won’t have to spend a lot of money on diapers. Despite the fact that newborn diapers are the most prevalent size that people give as gifts at baby showers, you probably won’t need to register for more than one or two packs of newborn diapers for your baby (120-240 count). After birth, it’s conceivable that your baby could outgrow them within the first few weeks, or that he or she will skip them altogether and move right into Size 1. What would be a more advantageous alternative? Solicit clothing sizes that your child will outgrow in a short period of time. Keep in mind that diaper sizes are determined by the weight of the infant, not the age of the child. Check out the following diaper sizes for Huggies Little Snugglers, as an illustration: a preemie can weigh up to 5 pounds, a newborn can weigh up to 9 pounds, and sizes 1 through 4 range from 8 to 14 pounds
    • sizes 2 and 3 range from 12 to 18 pounds
    • sizes 3 and 4 range from 16 to 28 pounds
    • and sizes 5 and 6 range from 22 to 37 pounds. a preemie can weig

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