How Much Is A 2 Tier Wedding Cake?

Wedding cake pricing chart by tiers A 2-tier wedding cake costs $100 to $350 and serves 25 to 60. A 3-tier wedding cake costs $250 to $850 and serves 75 to 175. Most tiers are 6-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, or 12-inch round cakes. Single-tier wedding cakes are 6′ to 14′ round, and may be up to 10′ tall.
A two-tier wedding cake costs around $60. A three-tier wedding cake costs about $140. Custom cupcakes cost around $10 per dozen.

How much does a 2 tier wedding cake feed?

2 tier wedding cakes start at 6 pounds (30 servings) using a 6′ tier on a 10′ tier. 3 tier wedding cakes start at 10 pounds (50 servings) using 6′, 9′, & 12′ tiers.

How much is a cake for 200 guests?

Reviewing all the cakes found by the wedding cake calculator, for 200 guests we recommend a 5 tier wedding cake where the tiers are 14″, 12″, 10″ and 4″. The average price of such a cake will be between $800 and $850 for US in 2022.

How much should I charge for a 2 tier cake?

Two-Tier Cake Prices

Most bakers will charge anywhere between $4-10 per serving when it comes to two-tier cake pricing. A two-tier cake with an 8-inch base and a 6-inch top, which is the most common size, will serve around 30 people. This will mean the average two-tier cake will cost between $120-$300.

How much does a two-tier cake cost UK?

How much does a two-tier cake cost in the UK? If you only plan on serving 45 to 65 guests a finger size slice of a wedding cake, then you can expect the cost of the wedding cake to average from £130-160. The two-tier cake will measure from 13cm to 24cm for round or square tiers.

How much cake do I need for 25 guests?

10 in cakes can be sensibly served to up to 25 people with each slice measuring about 1 1⁄4 inches across the back or about the width of a teaspoon. As with the 8 inch cakes, 10 inch cakes can be served event style. Cut event style, a 10 inch cake can be served to as many as 39 people.

How much cake do I need for 50 guests?

For 50 guests, you will be needing 40-45 servings from your wedding cake.

How much should I charge for a wedding cake?

The average U.S. wedding cake costs around $350, according to Thumbtack, an online service that matches customers with local professionals. On the lower end, couples spend around $125 and on the higher end, they typically spend upward of $700—often over $1,000! —on their wedding cake.

Why is wedding cake so expensive?

‘Remember, the majority of the cost of your wedding cake is due to the design and the time and supplies it takes to execute,’ she says. ‘Subtracting the cost of the actual edible cake won’t make a significant difference with an over the top, super custom design.’

How many tiers are needed for a wedding cake?

A traditional wedding cake has three tiers and each tier of a wedding cake has its own significance. Tradition has it that the bottom tier is for eating at the ceremony, the middle tier for distributing after the event, and the top tier was saved.

How do you price a tiered cake?

For tiered cakes, they generally start at $4.50 per serving for 2 tiers and the price increases per tier (by $. 25 per tier, so a 4 tiered cake would be a minimum $4.50 per serving) and for difficulty/design. A 5′ + 7′ round tiered cake with 26 servings is $120 minimum, plus taxes.

How do I price my cake?

How much should I charge for my cake?

  1. First, estimate how many hours is this cake going to take – 5 hours.
  2. Then, calculate the cost of ingredients – $20.
  3. Next, determine the labor cost – $20 x 5 = 100.
  4. Add utilities cost – $5.
  5. Sundry cost (small cost) – $5.
  6. Then, calculate the total cost: 20 + 100 + 5 + 5 = $130.

How much is a 2 tier cake in SA?

2 tier wedding cakes start from R3500. They are quite high, roughly about 40cm. 3 tier wedding cakes start from R8000. 1 tier (bottom tiers dummies) from R6000.

How much is a wedding cake for 150 guests?

For 150 guests, you will need about 125-135 servings of your wedding cake.

How much are wedding cupcakes UK?

Wedding cupcakes will typically start at £2.50 each. We can offer more elaborate bespoke cupcakes, perhaps in a variety of flavours, at an additional cost – typically around £3.50 each.

How much is a 3 layer cake?


Servings Tiers Price
75 3-Tier $250.00
100 3-Tier $325.00
125 3-Tier $400.00
150 3-Tier $475.00

How much wedding cake do I need for 200 guests?

Wedding Cake Sizes Chart

Number Of Guests Tiers Size (Width of Tiers)
30 or less 1 10 in
30-60 2 8 in x 10 in
60-120 3 6 in x 10 in x 14 in
120-200 4 6 in x 8 in x 10 in x 12 in

How much wedding cake do I need for 150 guests?

The number of cake servings will help determine the size of your cake. In general, three tiers will serve 50 to 100 guests. So, if you’re having 150 or more, you’ll likely need four or more tiers.

How much cake do I need for 120 guests?

For 120 people, a standard 3 tier will yield enough portions. For dessert, you will require a larger 4-5 tier. Square cakes will yield more portions than round cakes. A great way to add drama and height to your wedding cake design is by adding “fake tiers” – a decorated piece of Styrofoam.

How big of a wedding cake do I need for 100 guests?

The average 12′ wedding cake serves 40-60 people. The 10′ cake on top of that serves 30-40 people and the 8′ cake on top of that serves 20-25 people. So a classic 3-tier cake with 12, 10, and 8 inch layers serves about 100 people.

How much should I charge for a 2 tier cake?

Wyatt Miniard. 0. 8020. Two-Tier Cake Prices. Most bakers will charge anywhere between $4-10 per serving when it comes to two-tier cake pricing. A two-tier cake with an 8-inch base and a 6-inch top, which is the most common size, will serve around 30 people. This will mean the average two-tier cake will cost between $120-$300.

What is the price of a two tier wedding cake?

“The price on any two-tiered or larger cake does tend to average between $7 to $9 per slice, as a base point. It can go way over that depending on the intricacy involved.”

What is a reasonable price for a wedding cake?

There are a lot of factors that go into determining the average wedding cake prices. The average overall cost landing at $540. The range is as low as $1.50 and as high as $12.00 per slice. It’s always best to have a clear idea of how many guests you are expecting before you book your catering or put a deposit on your banquet hall.

What is the best cake for a wedding?

encourages Lee. If you’re a classic couple that wants to stick with tradition, you may want to choose a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream. Some other tried-and-true options include lemon cake with raspberries and strawberry shortcake, says Halabi.

Wedding cake prices

The average wedding cake costs $300 to $800 for a three-tiered cake that feeds 100 to 150 people, depending on the style. Prices for wedding cakes range from $3 to $8 per person, depending on the size, number of tiers, layers, flavors, design, delivery method, and set-up required.

Wedding cake prices

Guests Tiers* Tier sizes Average cost
25 2-Tier 8” + 6” $100 – $240
50 2-Tier 10” + 6” $150 – $300
60 2-Tier 10” + 8” $170 – $350
75 3-Tier 10” + 8” + 6” $250 – $500
100 3-Tier 12” + 8” + 6” $280 – $630
120 3-Tier 14” + 10” + 6” $350 – $800
130 4-Tier 12” + 10” + 8” + 6” $500 – $860
150 3-Tier 16” + 10” + 6” $460 – $820
175 3-Tier 16” + 12” + 8” $540 – $850
175 4-Tier 14” + 12” + 8” + 6” $570 – $850
200 4-Tier 16” + 12” + 8” + 6” $600 – $1,300
225 5-Tier 14” + 12” + 10” + 8” + 6” $800 – $1,500
250 5-Tier 16” + 14” + 10” + 8” + 6” $850 – $1,700
300 5-Tier 16” + 14” + 12” + 8” + 6” $900 – $2,000

*This does not include an optional additional layer for the wedding couple to save money.

Average wedding cake cost

The typical cost of a wedding cake for 100 to 150 guests is shown in the following table.

Average wedding cake cost

National average cost $500
Minimum cost $80
Maximum cost $1,800
Average cost range $300 to $800

The cost information comes from research and project costs that have been disclosed by Fash members. Find the most talented wedding cake designers in your area. Pros can be found here.

Average wedding cake cost per person or serving

In the United States, the typical wedding cake costs $3 to $8 per attendee. A basic cake with classic flavors and a straightforward design may be purchased for as little as $1.50 per slice, while a cake with various gourmet tastes, unusual fillings, and complex decorations can be purchased for as much as $15 each piece.

  • The average cost of a wedding cake per person Type of wedding cake The cost per person is Simple $1.50 – $4.50 per pound Vanilla or chocolate cake with standard tastes and fillings
  • buttercream icing
  • round or square cake form
  • Customized prices range from $5.00 to $8.00. Flavored frosting
  • a more intricate frosting decoration
  • certain high-end tastes or fillings such as ice cream or cream cheese
  • Designers are priced from $9.00 and $15.00. Flavors that are gourmet or unusual
  • Various taste and filling combinations are available.
  • Cakes and tiers that are uniquely formed
  • The intricate pattern work on the icing
  • Specialty cakes that are vegan or gluten-free

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Wedding cake pricing chart by tiers

  • A 2-tier wedding cake ranges in price from $100 to $350 and feeds 25 to 60 people.
  • A three-tier wedding cake ranges in price from $250 to $850 and feeds 75 to 175 guests.
  • The majority of the tiers are circular cakes measuring 6 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches, or 12 inches in diameter. Single-tier wedding cakes range in size from 6″ to 14″ in diameter and can be as tall as 10″.
  • Some couples choose to include an extra tier to take home with them.
Wedding cake prices by tier

Tiers* Servings Price range
1-Tier 8 – 75 $50 – $180
2-Tier 25 – 60 $100 – $350
3-Tier 75 – 175 $250 – $850
4-Tier 150 – 200 $500 – $1,300
5-Tier 250 – 300 $800 – $2,000

*Tier heights ranging from 4 to 6 inches. There is no no-cut top layer included in this price. Single-tier wedding cakes can be up to 14″ in diameter and 10″ in height.

Wedding cake tier serving sizes chart

1″ x 2″ slices of wedding cake are the standard serving size. Plan for 5 percent to 10 percent more servings than you need because some pieces may be cut larger than standard and some guests may take more than one slice.

Wedding cake tier serving sizes chart

Cake shape Tier size (inches wide) Wedding servings
Round 4″ 8
5″ 10
6″ 10
7″ 15
8″ 20
9″ 30
10″ 35
11″ 40
12″ 50
13″ 60
14″ 75
15″ 80
16″ 100
Square 4″ 10
6″ 15
8″ 30
10″ 50
12″ 70
14″ 90
16″ 120

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Wedding cake cost calculator

  • The majority of bakeries use a portion or all of the consultation and tasting costs toward the cost of the wedding cake. A number of other elements influence the final pricing.. An expert baker will charge more than a beginner baker or the bakery at the local big box store
  • Bakery Supplies
  • Labor – The majority of the cake cost is determined by the complexity of the design. Sugar flowers, fondant sculpting, elaborate lacework, and cakes in unusual forms and sizes need a greater investment of time and effort than a circular cake with basic embellishments.
  • Ingredients and flavors — Expensive ingredients, gourmet flavors and fillings, and speciality cakes such as vegan or allergen-free wedding cakes are more expensive than traditional vanilla or chocolate wedding cakes.
  • The use of fondant or gum paste can increase the cost of a slice by $0.50 to $1.00 or more each slice.
  • Different flavor and filling combinations in each tier cost more than a single set of standard flavors and fillings used throughout the cake
  • layers
  • Cake size and number of tiers – Larger cakes with more tiers require more ingredients and take more time to produce, resulting in higher costs. The cost is also affected by the height of the tiers.
  • On average, an additional $20 to $60 is spent on top tiers, which is customarily left uncut for the bride and groom’s enjoyment at home.
  • Location – Bakers in major metropolitan areas such as New York or Los Angeles sometimes charge 25 percent more than the national average.
  • Equipment rental – It is possible that cake stands and cutting equipment will not be provided. Some bakeries also provide cake topper rental services.
  • If delivery and setup are not included, the cost ranges from $40 to $100 or more, depending on the location and distance to the venue.
  • Cake-cutting costs — Some venues charge a cake-cutting fee ranging from $1 to $8 each slice, depending on the location.

Request free sampling from wedding cake vendors in your area. Pros can be found here.

Wedding cake cost by layers

The majority of wedding cakes contain 2 to 3 layers of cake and 1 to 2 layers of filling per tier.Some bakers use additional layers and vary the thickness of the layers according to customer preference.Wedding cakes are generally comprised of one to three tiers, with each tier holding numerous layers of cake and filling, depending on the style.

  1. When it comes to wedding cakes, the terms ″tier″ and ″layer″ are occasionally used interchangeably in the same sentence.
  2. Make sure you and your baker agree on the number of tiers, layers of cake, and filling you want in each tier before proceeding.

Simple vs. designer wedding cake prices

  • Classic flavors such as vanilla or chocolate, buttercream frosting, and a simple design are all priced between $1.50 to $4.50 a slice for a basic wedding cake with a simple design. Designer wedding cakes range in price from $9 to $15 per dish, depending on the flavors, fillings, and level of ostentation used. For each additional unique flavor or filling, an additional $0.25 to $1.00 per slice (or more) is charged.
  • It is common for fondant icing to cost twice as much as buttercream
  • designer wedding cake ingredients include gourmet tastes, sophisticated or intricate fondant icing, sugar flowers, hand painting, and distinctive sculpted shapes

Wedding table cakes prices list

Depending on the size, flavor and icing selection, and the amount of layers and contents, wedding table cakes can range from $20 to $190 in price. Individual cakes on stands are often less expensive than a single cake constructed with numerous levels since there is less effort required. The cost of renting or purchasing a display stand may rise as a result.

Wedding table cakes prices list

Table cake size Servings Average cost
6″ round 12 $20 – $60
8″ round 24 $40 – $120
10″ round 38 $50 – $160
12″ round 56 $60 – $190

Wedding sheet cake prices

Wedding sheet cakes range in price from $0.40 to $1.20 each slice, or $70 to $180 for a full sheet cake. Reduce your overall expenditures by purchasing a smaller tiered cake for show purposes (cake-cutting, pictures, etc.) and serving the guests from a kitchen sheet cake with the same icing and flavors as the display cake.

Wedding sheet cake prices

Sheet cake size Servings Average cost
¼ sheet 54 $30 – $65
½ sheet 108 $45 – $100
Full sheet 192 $70 – $180

Mini or small wedding cakes cost

Mini wedding cakes range in price from $10 to $20 per serving and are single-serving cakes that provide a distinctive display aspect.The cost of 150 tiny wedding cakes ranged from $1,500 to $3,000.Bakers charge extra because of the additional time spent baking, decorating, setting up, and transporting their products.

  1. A little wedding cake for each table costs between $20 and $60 per cake and can help you save money on centerpieces.
  2. Cakes for centerpiece table cakes are approximately 6″ in diameter and 1 layer in height.
  3. Cover it with a transparent dome to keep it from getting damaged throughout the meal.
  4. It is not advisable to serve centerpiece cakes in weddings with children.
  5. Select multiple flavors for your centerpiece cakes and place them on a separate table for slicing and serving so that guests may choose their favorite taste without having to ask someone else at the table.

Wedding cake delivery charges

The cost of wedding cake delivery ranges from $40 to $100 or more, depending on the location, distance to the venue, and amount of setup necessary. Some bakeries include the cost of delivery and setup in the price of the wedding cake. It is typical to tip delivery personnel in the range of $5 to $25 per person.

Wedding cupcakes and desserts prices

Wedding cupcakes cost $2 to $6 per person for 1 to 1.5 cupcakes each attendee, depending on the size of the wedding party.On average, the cost of a wedding dessert table ranges from $5 to $11 per guest.Some dessert bar packages contain a miniature cutting cake, cake pops or cupcakes, cookies, brownies, pastries, doughnuts, and other desserts as part of the box.

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Frequently asked questions

How much do grooms’ cakes cost?

Groom’s cakes can range in price from $1 to $8 per slice or more, depending on the size, flavors, and design of the cake. The size of the cake is determined by when it is served. A typical rule of thumb is to serve 12 slices each person if the wedding cake is served beside it, or 1 piece per guest if the rehearsal dinner is served with it.

Why are wedding cakes so expensive?

Wedding cakes are expensive due to the high quality of the ingredients used, as well as the time and talent necessary to make them.The amount is influenced by the size, flavors, level of intricacy, and business name.A one-of-a-kind, intricate design from a well regarded cake shop would cost far more than a plain cake with standard tastes from a chain store bakery, according to the experts.

How to save money on a wedding cake

  • There are a variety of options for creating a budget-friendly wedding cake: ″Deconstructed″ design — Placing each layer on a separate stand rather than stacking and decorating one enormous cake may result in a cost savings of up to 25% compared to the traditional design.
  • Fresh flowers – Handmade sugar flowers can add $5 to $25 per stem, or more, to the cost of fresh flowers. Flowers that are in season and fresh are more cost-effective. In certain cases, leftover flowers from bouquets or centerpieces might be provided by the florist at no additional charge, resulting in a more coherent effect.
  • Buttercream frosting is the most cost-effective option, because it is far less expensive than fondant. Cakes that are ″naked″ or ″semi-naked″ require less icing, however they may or may not be less expensive because some bakers take extra time to get the desired aesthetic.
  • Negotiate — If the cost of the wedding cake is included in the venue’s event contract, consider asking to get the cutting charge removed or reduced.
  • Pick it up yourself – By picking up the cake yourself, you can save anywhere from $40 to $100 or more on the delivery price. Pickup also eliminates the need to tip a delivery team, but it necessitates extreme caution and accuracy in order to transport it safely to the site.
  • Reduce the number of distinctive elements – various cake and frosting tastes, elaborate and lavish patterns – because each one raises the cost by $0.25 to $1.00 per slice or more. Simplify the design – Choose traditional flavors, a straightforward design, and one or two layers for a cake that is both beautiful and affordable.
  • Servings that are half the size of complete slices increase the number of guests served at the same price as whole slices. Smaller cake pieces are a frequent approach to save money because many guests just consume a bite or two of the cake

Due to the fact that the decoration time and material costs are nearly identical to those of an actual cake, faux or dummy cakes made of Styrofoam lower the total cost by just a small percentage.

Do Walmart and Costco make wedding cakes?

Wedding cakes from Walmart range in price from $30 to $165, depending on the size and style.Walmart provides a variety of cake shapes, including round, sheet cake, and 2-to-3-tiered alternatives.Although the taste and design options are adjustable, they are more limited than those available at a speciality bakery.

  1. It is possible to place orders online up to 30 days in advance.
  2. Costco does not specialize in wedding cakes or cakes with several tiers.
  3. They do, however, provide sheet cakes starting at $20 that may be personalized for a wedding reception or party.
  4. Sheet cakes from Costco are being used by some DIY-savvy couples to make a low-cost, tiered wedding cake.

When to order a wedding cake

A wedding cake should be ordered at least 4 to 6 months before the wedding day. It is best to place your order as soon as you know the location, date, and approximate number of guests. When placing the initial purchase to guarantee a date, it is not usually necessary to choose a design or a taste to go along with it.

Do I have to tip my wedding cake baker?

Because the wedding cake is a product, rather than a service, there is no need to tip the cake baker for their work.Instead, send a thank-you message and encourage others to leave positive evaluations online.If the cake meets or surpasses expectations, or if the baker goes above and beyond, some couples choose to give the baker 10 percent to 15 percent of the total cake cost.

  1. Provide a $5 to $25 per person gratuity to the wedding cake delivery personnel.
  2. If you’re planning an intricate or time-consuming setup, go for the higher end of the scale.
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Tips for hiring a wedding cake bakery

  • Preparation is key when selecting a wedding cake designer for your big day. Schedule three to five cake tastings with different bakeries to try a variety of flavors and choices
  • Color and design inspiration may be found on Instagram and Pinterest.
  • Examine the websites of local bakeries to discover their design style and photographs of prior cakes
  • Check out their ratings and reviews on Fash and Google.
  • Inquire for recommendations from recently married couples.
  • Be aware of the number of guests. If you are still waiting for RSVPs, you should expect 80 percent of your guests to accept your invitation.
  • Obtain at least three different estimations.
  • Before signing or paying in full, be sure you understand all of the contract conditions.

Questions to ask a wedding cake baker

  • Is my wedding date accessible on your calendar?
  • How many cake deliveries do you plan to make on each of the scheduled dates?
  • Do you charge by the slice or by the pound?
  • When it comes to wedding cakes, what is your bare minimum price?
  • What is the difference in price between the different flavors?
  • Do you have any recommendations for icing and flavorings?
  • Do you have a timetable for tastings?
  • The payments for cake tasting or consultation are credited on any subsequent orders for cakes.
  • Can you provide me some examples of your most current cake designs?
  • Is it possible for you to produce vegan or allergen-free cakes (as appropriate)?
  • Is it possible to rent equipment from you?
  • Do you have any other sweets available except cake?
  • What happens if the cake is delivered in a damaged state?
  • How far in advance should I place my order for my cake?
  • What is the amount of the deposit and when do you require it?
  • What exactly is included and what exactly is not included in the quote?
  • Do you have a shipping cost that you charge? Whether or not the charge includes set-up at the venue is unclear.
  • Do you have any plans to beautify the cake table?
  • What other charges might I anticipate?
  • When is the final payment due in full?
  • What is your policy on refunds and cancellations?
  • Can you tell me how many wedding cakes you’ve made?

Fash prices from reputable sellers are provided free of charge: Request no-obligation estimates.

Cake sizes and recommended servings

According to our experience, the recommendations provided below are an excellent general reference for new clients in deciding the size cake they will require.Only you know how much your family and friends are eating, so make adjustments as necessary.Often, you may receive more portions per cake than the number of serves shown above.

  1. This is simply a general overview of the subject.
  2. There are a plethora of other conceivable combinations.
  3. Wedding & Custom Specialty Cakes are our specialty.
  4. Because we assess the yield on OUR cakes to feed 5 people to the pound (3.2 oz.
  5. each slice), if you have 100 guests, we propose a cake that weighs 20 lb.

(One hundred and fifty visitors divided by five equals twenty) If you want to save the top tier for the couple to take home, you’ll need to add another 2-3 pounds to the overall weight.Size and weight of the top levels range from 6″ to 8″ in height and from 1.5 to 3 lbs.When comparing wedding cake rates, always inquire as to how much the cake will weigh, rather than how many portions it would include.Tier heights for our wedding cakes are typically 4″ in height.The diameters are shown in the table below.

Tiers that are rounded Cakes for two-tier weddings start at 6 pounds (30 servings) when employing a 6-inch-thick layer on a 10-inch-thick layer.3 tier wedding cakes start at 10 pounds (50 servings) and may be made with tiers of 6″, 9″, and 12 inches in height.4 layer wedding cakes start at 18 pounds (75 servings) and may be made with tiers of 6″, 8″, 10″, and 12 inches in height.

The price of a five-tier wedding cake starts at 22 pounds (110 sevings) Tiers that are square in shape (some examples, not a strict guide) The weight of 2 levels is 15 pounds (75 servings) 8″ plus 12″ = 16″ Three levels equal 25 pounds (125 servings) 8″ x 12″ x 16″ = 32″ The total weight of the four levels is 27 pounds (135 servings).Birthday & Party Cakes in the Sizes of 4″, 8″, 12″, and 16″ Cakes by the pound |Sheet Cakes |Layer Cakes |

Cakes Made to Order Pound Cakes in a Circle (2.5″ – 3″ tall) Pounds are sold in increments of two, three, and four pounds, respectively.(The measurement in inches is for reference only.) (Plain, Marble, and Chocolate Chip are all options)

2 lb. (8″) 8 – 12 servings
3 lb. (9″) 12 – 18 servings
4 lb. (10″) 16 – 24 servings
5 lb. (12″) 20 – 30 servings
6 lb. (12″) 25 – 35 servings
7 lb. (14″) 30 – 40 servings
8 lb. (14″) 35 – 45 servings

Quarter, half, full, 75, and double sheets are available (All flavor cakes in single height – 2″ high)

1/4 sheet approx. 12
1/2 sheet 25 – 30 servings
Full Sheet 50 – 60 servings
sheet for 75 (3″ high) 75 – 80 servings
Double Sheet(2 full sheets stacked) 100-120+ servings

Layer Cake – a cake with two layers of chocolate or vanilla frosting. Sizes are sold by the inch, for example, 8″, 9″, etc (Typically 4″ tall)

SIZE Servings
8″ 8 – 12
9″ 14 – 18
10″ 18 – 24
12″ 22 – 30

Torte Cakes with a Splash of Color Our more eleborate tortes are heavier than the ones shown above in the same sizes.For example, an 8-inch Carrot Cake may weigh 3.5 pounds or more depending on the ingredients.Simple 3″ tiers in pound cake (these are NOT wedding cakes; they are just basic 3″ tiers).

  1. On this cake, there is less area for embellishment than on others.
  2. The price per serving for these is cheaper than the price per serving for Custom / Wedding Cakes.
  3. The weight is 5 pounds and the portions are 25.
  4. The tiers are 8 inches on 10 inches.
  5. 10 pound – 50 serves – 3 levels of 6″, 9″, and 12″ in height.

Mayfair Bakery, located in Northeast Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, owns the copyright.

What is the best wedding cake size for 200 guests?

We recommend a five-tiered wedding cake for your special day.The tier sizes are as follows: 14 inches, 12 inches, 10 inches, 8 inches, and 4 inches.The following are the advantages of this size: 1/ A presentation of a tall wedding cake with 5 tiers is more stunning than a 4 or 3 layer wedding cake with a greater radius, for example.

  1. 2 – It is believed that around 10% of the population in the United States has a food allergy.
  2. Cow’s milk, eggs, tree nuts, and peanuts are the most prevalent foods to which people are allergic.
  3. When hosting a dinner party for 200 people, one may anticipate around 20 visitors who have food allergies.
  4. Guests with severe food allergies may be accommodated on the second tier from the top, which might be carefully prepared.
  5. 3 – A romantic approach to remember your wedding day is to remove the top tier of the wedding cake, which should be kept in the freezer for a year.

During their first wedding anniversary, the couple can have a slice of the wedding cake with close family and friends while reflecting on their special day, for example, by going over their beautiful wedding photographs.

The average price of such a cake will be between $800 and $850 for US in 2022.

You may be a resident of one of the most crowded metropolitan regions in the world, such as Los Angeles or New York. Then you must add at least 25% to the average price in order to cover your costs. The opposite will be true in less heavily inhabited areas, where costs will be cheaper. Below are two other options that might be ideal for a wedding with about 80 attendees as well.

Wedding Cake with 5 tiers that are 6″ high

  • Tier 1 (14′′) contains 79 parts
  • Tier 2 (12′′) contains 64 portions
  • Tier 3 (10′′) contains 36 portions
  • Tier 4 (8′′) contains 28 portions
  • and Tier 5 (6′′) contains 14 portions.

There were a total of 221 sections. Between $850 and $900 will be the average price for such a dessert in 2022. This leads in a per-person cost of $4.25 to $4.50.

Wedding Cake with 5 tiers that are 4″ high

  • Tier 1 (16′′) contains 79 parts
  • Tier 2 (14′′) contains 50 portions
  • Tier 3 (12′′) contains 36 portions
  • Tier 4 (10′′) contains 21 portions
  • and Tier 5 (8′′) contains 14 portions.

There were a total of 200 parts.Between $800 and $850 will be the average price for such a cake in 2022.This leads in a per-person cost of $4.00 to $4.25.

  1. When you enter the number of people, the Wedding Cake Calculator will display the wedding cakes that have been located, as well as the average cost.
  2. Also included is additional information, such as useful infographics with wedding cake cutting charts and other useful resources.
  3. We also go through the factors that influence the price of the wedding cake and what you should look out for when placing your order.
  4. Wedding cakes are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, flavors, and colors.
  5. The fact that there are so many possibilities makes it tough to pick the best choice in some cases.

Couples frequently hunt for inspiration online, for example, by seeing photographs of wedding cakes, and then purchase something similar to that.Another strategy is to begin by selecting what is most essential to you, and then look for something that matches your preferences and requirements.For example, do you want your cake to have a particular appearance?Alternatively, do you have a spending limit in mind?The decisions about what matters and what doesn’t truly matter are entirely up to the individual.

Here are three types of decisions you’ll have to make to assist you figure out what’s important to you and what sort of cake you would prefer.

A – Practical choices

The size of your wedding cake is perhaps the most practical decision you’ll make, and it will be determined by the number of people you’ll be expecting. Other practical considerations include where you want to get your cake, how long it will take for the cake to be delivered, and the cost of the cake, among others.

B – Taste choices

Wedding cakes are available in a variety of flavors, ranging from the typical vanilla cake to something more unusual like rum cakes. The cake, the cake filling, and the topping all contribute to the overall flavor.

C – Presentation choices

The presentation of your wedding cake is influenced not only by the appearance of the cake (colors, shape, size, and decorating), but also by the location of the cake in the reception area.How and when you want to cut the cake are two more considerations for your cake presentation.When cutting the first slice of cake from a multi-tiered wedding cake, it is usual for the couple to choose the piece from the bottom tier.

  1. It’s possible that you’ll need some assistance with this cake.
  2. Wedding Cake for 200 Guests with an Infographic

The serving chart for this wedding cake

  • The following are five high-resolution charts that demonstrate how to divide each cake layer into pieces. The chart may be opened in another browser tab and printed, which can then be used as a template for cutting the cake when you’re ready. Tier 1 (14′′) contains 79 servings
  • Tier 2 (12′′) contains 64 servings
  • Tier 3 (10′′) contains 36 servings
  • Tier 4 (8′′) contains 28 servings
  • and Tier 5 (4′′) contains 6 servings.

There were a total of 213 servings. Please note that you are using this service at your own risk. Please review the site’s terms and conditions.


Do you require assistance in determining how much money you should set aside for your wedding? The costs will be estimated using this Budget Calculator. You may also obtain a free wedding budget worksheet that you can personalize for your special day.


Do you want to know how many beverages you’ll need for your next gathering? Use our Drinks Calculator to figure out how many soft drinks, beers, wines, cocktails, and spirits you’ll need, as well as the approximate cost of all of your beverages.

Determining Two Tier Cake Pricing

If you want to bake and sell cakes, you will need to be familiar with two-tier cake pricing in order to ensure that you are charging a reasonable price.There is frequently a significant amount of labour involved in creating and assembling a two-tier cake.When it comes to cakes, there is a wide range of pricing.

  1. Making a two-tiered cake will cost more money depending on a number of different factors.
  2. This covers the flavors of the cake and the flavors of the icing, as well as the style and size of the cake.
  3. Knowing the appropriate pricing strategy can help you ensure that your business is profitable.

Cake Layers vs Tiers

It is typical for people to make the mistake of confusing cake layers with cake tiers.They are, however, two quite distinct things.The term ″layers″ refers to separate cakes that are layered on top of one another with icing or filling between each layer.

  1. Cakes can contain two, three, or even four layers depending on the design.
  2. When the layers are piled and topped in icing, they come together to form a whole cake.
  3. Tiers are cakes that are placed one on top of the other on a cake stand.
  4. Tiers are often made up of two, three, or four cakes each.
  5. Each tier is made up of a cake that has many layers on top of it.

Small two-tier cakes are frequently made using an 8-inch base cake and a 6-inch top cake as the starting point.For medium-sized two-tier cakes, a 10-inch base cake and an 8-inch top cake are usually sufficient.When making a huge two-tier cake, a 12-inch base cake with a 10-inch top is commonly used.

Two-Tier Cake Prices

In the event that you run a bakery or wish to sell your own handcrafted cakes, you will want to know how much to charge for your products.Prices vary widely depending on factors like as size, ingredients, location, decorations, and the presence of rivals.For example, a cake that has been carefully adorned with fondant will be more expensive than a cake that has been finished simply with buttercream.

  1. When it comes to two-tier cake price, the majority of bakeries will charge anywhere from $4 to $10 per serving.
  2. It will serve around 30 people if you make a two-tier cake with an 8-inch base and a 6-inch top, which is the most typical size.
  3. The usual two-tier cake will cost between $120-$300, depending on the size and design.
  4. Calculating the value of various components of the cake-making process will assist you in determining how much you should charge.
  5. Understanding these many elements will assist you in determining the appropriate pricing.

3-piece nonstick leakproof springform pan set (four inch, seven inch, and nine inch).


For a plain cake with little or no embellishments, bakers would frequently charge at the lower end of the spectrum, between $4 and $5 per serving. Cakes with extra embellishments, such as flowers, will, on the other hand, cost around $5-6 per serving. Cakes that are covered in fondant and contain complex designs tend to be on the expensive side, costing between $6 and $10 each serving.

Cake and Frosting Flavors

Common cake flavors such as vanilla, white, and yellow are often not significantly more expensive than their regular counterparts. However, more expensive tastes such as almond, Boston cream, coconut, turtle, tiramisu, and key lime may be charged at higher prices by bakeries. Furthermore, any cake varieties that incorporate alcohol will almost certainly be more expensive.


Despite the fact that the majority of two-tier cakes are 8-inch round cakes and 6-inch round cakes, there are several larger sizes available.Using a 10-inch round cake and an 8-inch round cake, you may get between 48 and 60 servings per cake.There is a range in price from $192 to $600 depending on the taste and embellishments chosen.

  1. It will serve around 75-90 people for a huge two-tier cake consisting of a 10-inch round cake and a 12-inch round cake.
  2. This will range in price from $300 to $900, depending on the embellishments and taste selection you make.


Pricing may be influenced by a variety of factors, including location. Bakeries in large cities sometimes demand higher prices than bakeries in small communities. In larger cities, there is greater competition, which might result in a rise in the price.

How To Price Cake?

When someone are initially starting out in the cake business, they will frequently charge less because they are just getting started. Some new, home bakers would charge roughly $2-$3 per dish, depending on their experience. As they get more experience and become more skilled at their craft, they will be able to charge a higher rate.

Ingredient Cost and Labor

When estimating the cost of a cake, it is important to include the costs of ingredients and labor.Determine the cost of ingredients per cake so that you can get an exact idea of the total cost to produce it before you start baking.In order to do so, you may calculate the price depending on the number of servings in the product you purchased and the amount of product you are using each cake.

  1. In addition, the cost of labor will be taken into consideration.
  2. Making and decorating a cake can take several hours, so make certain that the expense of labor is covered before proceeding.
  3. Include the cost of baking ingredients as well while calculating your budget.

Different Factors To Determine Cake Cost

There are a variety of elements that influence the cost of a two-tier cake, all of which must be considered. They will often range in price from $4 to $10 a dish on average. Do you have any queries about the cost of a two-tiered cake? If this is the case, please post your queries in the comments section. Do you think this article is interesting? Please share this with your Facebook friends.

What is the cost of a wedding cake: How much should you pay?

With the big day just around the corner, it’s time to start serious about budgeting and making reservations.The cost of the wedding cake is one of the most important considerations.When it comes down to it, how much does a wedding cake really cost?

  1. When looking for the perfect sweet confection, one thing you’ll notice is that there is a wide range of prices to choose from.
  2. The cost is determined by the size, style, and finish of the item.
  3. A huge cake that feeds 125 people will be more expensive than a smaller cake that feeds just 50 visitors, and vice versa.
  4. Even little details, such as the type of icing used or the flavor of the cake, can have a significant impact on the price.
  5. The location of the baker has an influence on the price as well, because cakes in bustling urban regions are frequently more expensive than cakes in more rural places.

Cake bakers in Knightsbridge demand a higher rate than bakeries in Brighton and Hove, for example.The price of a bakery is also determined by the type of bakery.When compared to a local bakeshop, cake stores and boutique bakeries frequently charge greater prices.Let’s have a look at how much you should expect to pay for your wedding cake and how you may save money!More information may be found at: Amazon Gift Registry vs.

John Lewis & Partners

What’s the average cost of a wedding cake in the UK?

The ‘typical’ wedding cake is three tiered high and can feed up to 80 guests.When it comes to deciding the cost of a wedding cake in the United Kingdom, you have a plethora of options.Rather than spending money on a cake, why not ask a buddy to prepare it instead?

  1. The cost of simple cake mix components ranges from £40 to £70.
  2. In the event that you need to purchase cake pans or other specialized decorations, the cost might rise significantly.
  3. A wedding cake from a high-end bakery in the United Kingdom typically costs between £450 and £750.
  4. A three-tiered cake that serves 95 people would typically cost between £250 and £550 from a basic cake paper.
  5. In the United Kingdom, a designer wedding cake may easily cost £800.

The cost of delivery for a wedding cake is higher.There is a consultation fee of £75 charged by many boutiques and high-end designer bakeries.When you come in for your appointment, you will have the opportunity to taste wedding cakes to help you make your selection.In most cases, once you have booked the wedding cake of your choosing, the consultation cost will be applied to your total cake purchase price.

How much does a wedding cost in the UK?

A large number of individuals choose all-inclusive wedding packages in resort-like settings for their special day.The cost of the wedding cake is included in the prices of the packages.A budget wedding in the United Kingdom can cost as little as a few hundred pounds or as much as £100,000 for a premium package, depending on the location.

  1. The typical wedding in the United Kingdom costs around £30,000, which includes the cost of the wedding cake.
  2. From £200 to £2,000, the wedding cake is included in each of the many wedding packages offered by the venue.

How much should I be spending on a wedding cake?

When shopping for a wedding cake in the United Kingdom, you could anticipate to pay around £350 for a two-tiered cake and approximately £550 for a three-tiered cake.High-end wedding cakes from high-street retailers such as Marks and Spencer’s are priced in the vicinity of these figures.Rosalind Miller, a luxury cake decorator, offers creative wedding cakes that start at £1500 and escalate in price depending on the size, shape, and design chosen.

  1. Wedding cakes are available at Marks and Spencer.
  2. A classic wedding cake has three or more tiers, but if you are planning on having a lower number of guests, you can choose for a smaller cake that will be less expensive.
  3. It is customary for the lowest layer to be significantly bigger than the above one or two tiers.
  4. Traditionally, the little top layer of the cake is not sliced but instead is frozen by the bride and groom, who will then share a slice of the cake on their first anniversary, according to tradition.
  5. If you choose a two-layer cake, you may still keep the little top tier if the lower bottom tier is large enough to allow everyone of your guests to take a finger slice off the cake.

How much does a two-tier cake cost in the UK?

If you only intend on serving 45 to 65 people a finger-sized slice of wedding cake, you may expect the cost of the wedding cake to range from £130 and £160 on average. The two-tier cake will range in size from 13cm to 24cm depending on whether the layers are round or square. Read more about wedding ideas that are now popular in 2021 that we can’t get enough of.

What factors affect the cost of wedding cakes?

  • As previously said, the cost of a wedding cake is primarily determined by the size of the cake
  • however, other considerations such as the design, decorations, flowers, toppers, and the type of cake stand you choose can also influence the price. Designs: Every baker has their own skills and design trends that they follow. A lot of individuals choose a bakery based on the design ideas they want for their wedding cakes. The Geode and the Topsy Turvey cake designs are highly popular right now, but they need a significant amount of effort to master in order to achieve an extraordinary level of competence. Cakes of this nature are currently regarded the gold standard in wedding cakes, and may easily cost £2,600 for a Geode design cake, with a Topsy Turvey cake averaging £6 per slice on average.
  • Decorations: The decorations that are employed are also regarded to be additional add-ons. Colors of icing can be one of these considerations. Conventional marzipan and royal icing are typically more costly than traditional buttercream. Because of the amount of time it takes to construct each design, the elaborate designs created by the baker can also cause the price to rise significantly.
  • Flowers: Fresh flowers on a wedding cake are now in style, especially for spring weddings. They provide an added element of elegance and beauty to the room. Fortunately, many of the fresh flowers used to decorate the top of a wedding cake are also edible, so they may be savored alongside each slice of cake. Fresh flowers for a wedding cake are around £10 for a box of 100 flowers, which is a reasonable price. The average cost of a box of 40 or more flowers is £50. The cost of flowers varies based on the type of flower, the size of the bloom, and the source.
  • Toppers: For more than 150 years, wedding cake toppers have been a staple of the dessert table. The wedding cake for Queen Victoria and Prince Albert was even garnished with a topper, as is customary. Typically, the topper is a miniature version of the bride and groom themselves. The majority of toppers range in price from £10 to £60.
  • The position is as follows: The cake stand serves as a pedestal for your wedding cake and is made of wood. It is an excellent technique to demonstrate the quality of the work. A simple cake stand will cost you between £6 and £15 on average. Additionally, you have the option of purchasing a more costly topper, which may cost anywhere between £30 and £100.
  • Delivery: A typical cake delivery fee is around 50p per mile, with a maximum charge of £15.00 to cover rigid cake shipping, which includes a box and non-slip matting.

What do you get from every price range?

When evaluating what you will receive for each price range of cake, it is a decent rule of thumb to look at the cost per slice of cake.A slice of cake is one finger wide, and it is approximately one inch thick.It is a piece of cake that is rather insignificant.

  1. When planning your wedding and reception, you’ll want to figure out how many guests will be attending so that you can decide the amount of cake you’ll need.
  2. When it comes to labor-intensive designs and speciality components, the typical cost per slice will range between £2 and £6, but it may easily approach £8 per slice.
  3. The cost of the cake and the size that may be required may be determined after you know how many guests will be attending.
  4. Choose between a classic three-tier wedding cake or a two-tier wedding cake to save money if your guest list is smaller and more personal.
  5. Alternatively, for £160.00, Poppy Pickering can create a single-tier wedding cake that will serve 25 people.

They have a three-tiered cake with fondant frosting available for £450.00 or more.It will yield a total of 75 slices.If you have a large number of guests, you might wish to choose a large four-tier cake, which will cost an average of £895.00+ and deliver 180 slices.A five-tier cake that serves 300 servings costs an average of £1250.00 or more.A single cake tier is typically 5 inches deep, and a finger part is 1 inch by 1 inch by 5 inches.

More information may be found at: Tips for selecting the ideal wedding site, including 15 considerations

What do I need to ask a wedding cake baker?

  • When looking for a wedding cake, it’s a good idea to make a list of the most important questions to ask the baker. Keep in mind that each baker’s expertise, designs, and pricing are unique. How many wedding cakes do you usually book to be made on the same day as a wedding ceremony? In order to ensure that your cake arrives on time, you should check with the baker to ensure that he or she is not taking on too much business.
  • How many wedding cakes have you created over your professional career?
  • Do you have a portfolio of your prior wedding cakes that you can share with us?
  • Do you have a list of references from past brides and grooms?
  • Approximately how far in advance will you bake the cake so that it is ready on the wedding day?
  • Are the costs of the cake stand and table as well as the cake top included in the final price?
  • What is the price of your cheapest per-person cake?
  • What do you charge for your cakes? By the tier, perhaps? Do you want it by the slice?
  • Can you tell me about your charges for delivering the wedding cake?
  • What happens if the cake is destroyed during the transportation process?
  • How far in advance do I need to purchase my wedding cake? What is the deposit for the wedding cake?
  • How much does the wedding cake cost?
  • Do you have any additional fees? Do you have a return policy if you cancel your cake order? What happens if you are dissatisfied with your wedding cake? Do you have any other fees?

How do I choose a wedding cake designer?

The majority of individuals pick their wedding cake designer based on personal recommendations.Another option is to look for designers on social media; you can frequently find them posting pictures of their products on Instagram or Facebook, and from there you can get a good sense of their designs and overall style.Many bakeries are well-known for their confectionary masterpieces.

  1. When choosing a designer, you’ll most likely take into consideration the cost.
  2. When you contact a wedding designer, you’ll most likely be scheduled for a meeting during which you’ll be able to see samples of the designer’s cake designs (some designers do charge you to sample the various cakes).
  3. Choosing your wedding cake should be based on your preferences for the kind of cake, the designer’s ability, and whether or not the price is within your financial range before making your final decision.
  4. Prices were last updated on August 27, 2021.
  5. Prices may change at any time without notice, and we are not liable for any changes.

What is the best wedding cake size for 50 guests?

The following measurements are recommended for a three-tier wedding cake when selecting the finest wedding cake size for 50 guests:

Tier Height Diameter Servings
1 6″ 4″ 6
2 6″ 6″ 14
3 6″ 10″ 36

In total 56 servings.

Average price of this wedding cake size for 50 guests

In the United States, the average cost of such a cake will be between $350 and $400 in 2022.Metropolitan locations such as New York and Los Angeles are often more costly than other areas, with prices sometimes reaching up to 25% more than the national average.Please keep in mind that a wedding cake is not a standard product, and that the look and flavor of the cake are highly dependent on the skill of the baker.

  1. The cost of the cake is also determined by the components used and the manner in which it is adorned.
  2. As a result, real prices may differ from those represented by the average prices displayed here.

Why do we suggest this wedding cake size?

This is an excellent option since it offers a lot of advantageous characteristics, including:

1 – Perfect presentation

The way you present yourself during your wedding is quite significant.A taller cake with three tiers, such as this one with three tiers, appears more spectacular than other smaller cakes with larger radiuses.Even if the reception is a little busy, a towering cake will draw more attention to itself, making it a focal point of the event.

  1. Decorations such as a little attractive wedding couple at the top of the tall cake, food-grade pyrotechnics, satin ribbons, and silk or edible flowers can be used to make the presentation more eye-catching.

2 – Easy to save the top tier for your anniversary

Your first wedding anniversary is a significant occasion, and you’ll want to cherish the beautiful memories you had with your loved ones.In many cultures, newlywed couples have a practice of removing the top tier of their wedding cake and storing it in the freezer for a year.It’s possible that you’ll want to do the same on your first special day.

  1. It is advised that you save the top tier of your cake in the 4″ size since it is ideal for packing and freezing without taking up too much room.
  2. It is possible that you will have enough servings for 50 guests even if you do not include the top layer.
  3. Because not all guests will be interested in the cake, half pieces can be presented to tiny children.
  4. Not all bakeries have a wide range of sizes available.
  5. Alternatives to the above, on the other hand, are available that will still be able to meet your requirements.

Our wedding cake calculator assisted us in determining the finest wedding cake alternatives for you to pick from, which we then presented to you.

Best Alternative1 – 2 tier wedding cake, each tier is 6″ high

There are several advantages to this approach, which includes the following measurements:

Tier Height Diameter Servings
1 6″ 6″ 14
2 6″ 10″ 36

In all, there are 50 servings.If you have a tight budget for your wedding cake, this wedding cake is a good choice.Whereas a single tier cake may be less expensive, this two tier cake is more reminiscent of a traditional wedding cake in appearance.

  1. Single-tiered cakes may be more commonly linked with birthday celebrations.
  2. Approximately $5.00 to $6.00 per person, on average, is the cost of this cake, which ranges between $250 and $300.

Best Alternative2 – 3 tier wedding cake, each tier is 4″ high

It has the following dimensions, which makes it a fantastic option as well:

Tier Height Diameter Servings
1 4″ 4″ 4
2 4″ 6″ 10
3 4″ 12″ 36

In all, there are 50 servings.If you want to have a dessert table, you will most likely need fewer than 50 servings because not everyone will want to indulge in dessert.It will be simple to remove the top 4′′ tier and store it in the freezer until your first wedding anniversary comes around.

  1. Approximately $6.00 to $7.00 per person is the typical cost of this cake, which ranges from $300 to 350 dollars on average.
  2. Generally speaking, you should make sure that your cake delivers at least one serving every person who will be attending.
  3. This is especially true when the cake is delivered to each guest by the servers in a personalized manner.
  4. Providing half portions to tiny children is acceptable if your total number of servings is less than 50.
  5. When it comes to a dessert table, where guests must each take home a piece of the wedding cake, you will often require fewer than 50 servings each wedding reception.

Not every guest will be served cake.Many wedding planners recommend that, in this situation, you only cater to around 80-90 percent of your guests.In order to accommodate 50 guests, you will need 40-45 portions from your wedding cake.When you enter the number of people, the Wedding Cake Calculator will display the wedding cakes that have been located, as well as the average cost.You’ll also receive more information, such as useful infographics

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