How To Make Cake Toppers On Cricut?

Instructions for Making the Cake Topper with Cricut

  1. Decide on your theme and color palette. First and foremost, decide on your cake topper theme.
  2. Plan your design. Step 2 is to decide on your elements to decorate your topper.
  3. Look for the images for your elements. Next, look for the images for whatever elements you have written down for your cake topper.

How to make cake toppers with Cricut fonts?

How to Make Cake Toppers with Cricut Fonts. 1 Step 1 – Add and Edit Text. Click on the “Text” button located on the left panel of the Canvas and type in “happy birthday.”. Initially, your text 2 Step 2 – Overlap and Weld Text. 3 Step 3 – Copy and Flip Design. 4 Step 4 – Resize, Change Color and Make it. 5 Step 5 – Cutting Process.

Where can I find the “ever after” cake topper in Cricut Design Space?

The “Ever After” topper is in Cricut Design Space under the code #M10842C2. The “Mr & Mrs. Cake Topper” is available to download on this post (in the Free SVG Files section).

What can I make with my Cricut?

The first “Merry Christmas Topper” has a background made with Green Corrugated Paper, and the second topper is made of glitter cardstock only. Last but not least! If you are getting married or helping a friend with her wedding, make sure you use your Cricut to make a Wedding Cake Topper!

What material do you use to make a cake topper with Cricut?

Materials for Cricut Cake Toppers

  1. Cricut Machine (Maker, Explore Family, Joy, Explore 3, Maker 3)
  2. Glitter Cardstock.
  3. Colorful Cardstock for the back of the topper (optional).
  4. Fine Point Blade.
  5. Cake topper sticks.
  6. High-Quality Glue (please don’t use cheap or kids glue)
  7. Standard Green Mat.
  8. Scraper (for cleaning up the mat)

Can you make edible cake toppers with a Cricut?

Cutting edible sheets like frosting sheets and wafer papers with Cricut machine is quite easy too. You just have to adjust the paper size of the Cricut as its standard mat size is either 12”X12” or 12”X24”. Icinginks edible sheets come in the standard size of 8”X11” or 11”X17”.

What kind of cardstock do you use for cake toppers?

When creating a cake topper, it’s important to use the thickest and sturdiest card stock available. I always use Michael’s “Recollections” brand glitter card stock for all of my cake toppers. Hobby lobby has a similar brand called “Paper Studio”, but the weight is slightly lighter.

How big should a cake topper be on Cricut?

I made mine 6 inches wide, which is the same size as the cake. I think it’s substantial enough, yet delicate to balance with the cake.

Can the Cricut print edible images?

If you already have an edible printer, use the Cricut® Design Space TM to tell the printer what to print out and where on the edible paper. Then the same software tells the Cricut® where everything is within a 9.25′ x 6.75′ area on the edible paper to create perfectly cut pictures, logos, images, and more.

Can I cut sugar sheets with my Cricut?

The answer is Yes! You can use Wilton Sugar Sheets with your Cricut Cake! This will require purchasing a regular Cricut Cutting Mat. These mats, used with the regular Cricut(no “s” Personal Electronic Cutters, have a sticky surface, as opposed to the smooth surfaced Cricut Cake Mats.

Can Cricut JOY make cake toppers?

Top off your celebration cupcakes with some extra-special toppers created using your Cricut machine! ld also use the Cricut Joy or the Explore Air 2.

What materials do I need to make a cake topper?

DIY Cake Topper Tutorial with Cricut

  1. The Cricut machine of your choice (I have an Explore Air)
  2. Cricut Weeding Tool + Spatula.
  3. Glitter Cardstock.
  4. Poster Board (optional but recommended)
  5. Bamboo Skewers.
  6. ModPodge or SuperGlue.
  7. Paintbrush.
  8. Bamboo Skewers.

Can Cricut maker cut acrylic sheets?

It is true that you can cut acrylic with your Cricut as long as it is the right type of acrylic. The Circut is capable of cutting materials up to 2.4 mm thick. The Cricut Maker has 10 times the force of the other machines but that does not mean your Air 2 will not be able to work with cutting your acrylic designs.

How to make a cardstock cake topper with our Cricut?

  • Type your wording using the font of your choice,and add any images you would like to include in this layer
  • Select the “unattach” tool to un-weld your images and letters. This will allow you to rearrange each independently
  • Arrange the images and letters so each are slightly overlapping
  • Click the “weld” tool to weld the objects into a single layer
  • How to make custom gift tags with Cricut?

  • Cricut Machine
  • Foil Transfer Tool or Cricut Pens
  • Silver or Gold Foil Transfer Sheets (12×12)
  • Cardstock in the desired color
  • Fine Point Blade
  • StandardGrip Mat
  • This Design Space File (or create your own using instructions below)
  • How to make cake decorations using your Cricut machine?

    How to Make DIY Mermaid Cake Decorations with a Cricut. If you’re new to using SVG files with your Cricut machine, make sure you read my full post on How to Upload an SVG to Cricut Design Space. Open the SVG bundle in Cricut Design Space. IMPORTANT: You will need to measure your cake and resize the elements according to the diameter of your cake.

    How to make easy personalized cupcake toppers?

  • Parchment paper (Wax paper works too)
  • Reusable Piping bags or Disposable Piping Bags (you can substitute this with a ziplock bag and cut one corner to pipe out the icing but a piping bag is easier
  • Icing tips – nothing fancy but you want to include a small and medium size writing tip like this set here has (Wilton is a great brand and this set
  • How to Make Cake Topper With Cricut

    In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to construct cake toppers with many of layers with the Cricut, which will give your cake toppers a 3D aspect.There are methods to planning a cake topper design, as well as an example of how to build a mermaid cake topper, provided.I’ll also go through the ingredients for making a Cricut cake topper, as well as how large to build a cake topper.Cake toppers are a lot of fun to make, especially when you can use your Cricut to cut them out of paper.Furthermore, there are a plethora of alternative approaches to creating the cake toppers.

    You may cut them out of paper, acrylic, wood, or craft plastic, among other materials.Additionally, you may create a personalized hand-lettered cake topper, such as this one: DIY Hand-lettered Cake Topper (Cricut).Alternatively, you may create something entirely from scratch in Design Space, as I’ll demonstrate today.To make it easier for you to follow along, I’ve separated the procedures for this cake topper lesson into six sections.You can use these basic methods to build cake toppers in whatever theme you like.

    1. Using the mermaid theme for today’s lesson, you can simply adapt the topper to create a unicorn or Disney themed cake topper by following the six stages that I’ll be sharing with you.

    Before we begin, check out this MEGA cake topper SVG bundle with 24 cake topper SVGs for just $3.99. Click here to get it now!

    How to Make Cake Topper With Cricut

    Because this cake topper is primarily comprised of paper, you may use any Cricut machine to create this cake topper. Here are the quick steps that we will be doing to create a bespoke cake topper using the Cricut machine.

    1. Decide on a theme and color palette for your project
    2. Prepare your design (for spring, think flowers, grass, and a bunny)
    3. Discover where to get the photos ( or any other free website, or purchase a collection of clipart from Etsy)
    4. Create the foundation
    5. Combine the ingredients
    6. Make a cut and put it together

    Supplies Needed for Cake Toppers

    Affiliate disclosure: Cut N Make Crafts is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which is an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to N Make Crafts is compensated by Amazon Services LLC Associates Program.Here’s a list of the things you’ll need to produce paper cake toppers with your Cricut machine, in case you’re wondering.

    1. Free mermaid topper SVG file (available to VIP members only
    2. sign up for a VIP membership by providing your name and email address below)
    3. Cricut Maker/Cricut Explore
    4. Light Grip Cutting Mat
    5. Essential Tools Set
    6. Cardstock
    7. Scotch adhesive
    8. Surebonder glue gun
    9. FREE mermaid topper SVG file

    Video Tutorial for Making Cake Topper

    Here’s a video tutorial that shows you how to build the cake topper using the Cricut machine step by step.

    Instructions for Making the Cake Topper with Cricut

    Step 1:Decide on your theme and color palette

    First and foremost, decide on the topic for your cake topper. Are you crafting a cake topper with a unicorn theme or a cake topper with a mermaid theme? If not a cartoon character, will this cake topper be based on one? Decide on and confirm your theme, and then visit to find a color palette that complements your theme selection.

    Step 2:Plan your design

    The second step is to choose the pieces that will be used to create your topper.A rabbit, flowers, grass, and birds are all appropriate additions to a spring-themed topper to give it a spring-like atmosphere, for example.You can tell that the cake topper is spring-themed if you put all of the pieces together in a cohesive manner.Similar to this, if you’re crafting a topper with a mermaid theme you may include mermaid fins as well as fish, starfish, clams, seaweed, and other sealife.So make a list of all of these characteristics on a piece of paper.

    Step 3: Look for the images for your elements

    Next, browse for photographs of the things you’ve included for your cake topper on the internet to use as inspiration.If you want, you may either download the photographs from or purchase a collection of them from Etsy.One thing to keep in mind when searching for the pieces is to make sure that they are in keeping with the theme color that you have chosen in order to get that well-put-together appearance.When creating the mermaid topper depicted in this example, you may use the free mermaid elements available in the VIP collection to get started.The video instruction ″How to Make a Cake Topper with Cricut″ walks you through the process of gaining access to the mermaid file through the VIP library.

    Step 4:Create the base

    Please submit all the pieces you’ve downloaded to Design Space as soon as possible since you’ll need them for the next phase, when we’ll be creating the basis of the design.To make the base, start by adding your number, followed by a rectangle, and then duplicating all of the parts and arranging them all around it.Once you’re satisfied with your results, select all and weld them together.Everything should be resized to fit the basis.

    How big to make a cake topper?

    You might be wondering how large to build a cake topper when you get to this point.So far, I’ve found that a cake topper that is 6 inches broad works best for me.If the cake topper is larger than 6 inches in diameter, it may become excessively heavy and unstable, especially if it has numerous layers.As a rule, if the size is less than 6 inches, the elements may be too tough to put together.As a result, the optimal size for the cake toppers is 6 inches in diameter.

    Step 5: Add the elements

    The second and last step in creating personalized cake toppers with Cricut in Design Space is to arrange the parts around the base to see whether everything is in place and if everything looks right. You are welcome to use any of the colors from your color palette that you previously prepared.

    Step 6: Cut & assemble

    Once you’re satisfied with everything, be ready to start removing things one by one.Choose the colors for your paper with care, taking into consideration the color theme.Although your paper colors may not be EXACTLY the same as the color theme, they should be comparable.Make certain that everything complements one another and that no hue stands out too much from the others.After you’ve cut out all of the pieces, it’s time to put the cake topper together.

    The use of glue dots or cardboard pieces in numerous layers to produce a 3D impression is something I enjoy doing.

    How to ship cake toppers?

    Using two thick pieces of cardboard to sandwich cake toppers in order to keep them from bending is the most effective method of shipping. Organize and package the sandwiched cake topper in the postal satchel before shipping it off to the purchaser.

    More Helpful Cricut Posts

    With that, we have come to the conclusion of this tutorial, in which I demonstrated how to create a cake topper with the Cricut. Any theme is OK for use with this technique, so feel free to use it for whichever cake topper you like. Before you leave, have a look at these incredible Cricut postings!

    1. 9+ OUTSTANDING Craft Paper Storage Solutions
    2. There are 9 must-have everyday objects for Cricut owners, as well as unique blank gift ideas for her, in this article.

    How To Cut Fondant & Edible Printing Papers with Cricut Machine?

    Working in the edible cake printing industry, whether as a professional or as a hobbyist, necessitates the use of specific instruments to make the job easier.Cricut machines are one such gadget that allows you to cut whatever pattern you want according to your preferences with relative ease.Cutting icing sheets in a variety of shapes and sizes may be accomplished with great precision using the Cricut® machine.All you need to do is make a few minor adjustments to your Cricut machine, and you’ll be ready to cut fondant patterns on your own instead of spending money on Cricut or Cricut cake.Please be assured that any alterations made to your Cricut machine may be readily undone so that you can resume using it for conventional paper projects.

    First and foremost, remove the rubber rollers from the floor.These are connected to the bar steel near the blade, close to the blade.To keep the fondant from becoming sticky, use some butter or oil on the Cricut cutting mat before cutting.If you happen to have a Cricut machine that is compatible with a 12″X12″ mat, you may make use of the cake mat that comes with the machine.However, if you are using the usual Cricut cutting mat, make sure to remove any gluiness from it to avoid any fondant contamination.

    1. Cricut machine and mat (photo courtesy of Cricut).
    2. Now comes the more difficult phase.
    3. It’s important to put the fondant to the cutting mat with caution.
    • It is necessary to use caution while determining the appropriate thickness of the fondant.
    • When cutting through it, the material should be thick enough that the blade does not cause any harm.
    • If the fondant becomes too thick, thin it with a pasta machine until it is the desired consistency.
    • Fondant with a thickness of around 0.8″ is typically the best choice for cutting purposes.
    • Once the drawings have been applied, they should be cut out using a sharp blade to ensure that the cuts are clean and smooth.
    • The amount of pressure exerted must be significant in order for the blade to pierce the thick fondant.

    When cutting, the blade should be steady and strong to avoid any errors in the design.Following the completion of the cutting designs, the fondants are ready to be used.The cuts that will be created on fondant will be similar to those seen below.Please keep in mind that the Cricut machine can operate with a variety of materials such as papers, vinyl, cloth, foam, leather, and so on, and that it is not specifically meant to be used for food preparation.As a result, before to commencing the fondant cutting process, thoroughly clean the surface.

    What is the best way to cut edible sheets with a Cricut?The cutting of edible sheets, such as icing sheets and wafer papers, with a Cricut machine is also a simple process.Because the Cricut’s regular mat size is either 12″X12″ or 12″X24,″ all you have to do is change the paper size on the machine.Icinginks edible sheets are available in two standard sizes: 8″ x 11″ and 11″ x 17.″ Place the sheet at the ″Align Here″ arrow to check that the sheets are correctly aligned in the mat before cutting them.

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    Place the mat with the arrow side facing the rollers of the Cricut and click the ″Load Paper″ button on the control panel.You may print out shapes and designs on edible sheets with the Icinginks edible ink printer, which can then be cut out with the Cricut cutter afterwards.If you do not currently possess a Cricut machine and do not intend to get one in the near future, you may still make use of the regular Cricut cuts.

    1. Simply use your Icinginks edible printer to print the edible graphics you choose, and then use the cutter to cut out the shapes and figures from the printed imagery.
    2. Even if you don’t have a Cricut, you may create your own designs with shape cutters, scissors, or any other manual cutter.
    3. Icinginks also offers custom printing services.
    4. For custom printed icing sheets and cutting services, you may rely on Icinginks custom print and cutting services.

    How to Create the Perfect Cake Topper with Cricut

    Today I’m going to show you how to use your Cricut to make the ideal cake topper. I’ll be talking about how to pick the right typeface for a cake topper. Here are some pointers on how to weld your design in Cricut Design Space, as well as which materials make the greatest cake toppers.

    Cake Topper Font

    • When it comes to constructing a cake topper, choosing the correct font for the job may be the most difficult aspect. When selecting a typeface, there are a couple of key considerations to bear in mind: the thickness of the font and whether or not it is readable. The thickness of a typeface is really important. It helps to guarantee that your cake topper is robust and will remain erect when placed on a cake. Here are a couple of my favorite free fonts that are both attractive and thick enough to cut effectively with a circuit machine, resulting in a cake topper that is both robust and sturdy: October Twilight
    • Blackjack
    • Quirky Script (which is a Cricut Design Space typeface)
    • Quirky Script (a Cricut Design Space font)

    The next step is selecting a legible font, which is especially important if your cake topper includes a phrase or a name. It’s not a good idea for your cake topper to become the subject of conversation at a party since people are attempting to figure out what it says.


    • Following your selection of the typeface and words on your cake topper, it is time to begin welding. Using the welding tool in Cricut Design Space, you can construct a single layer of pictures and text, allowing the cake topper to be cut out in one continuous piece. The following are the four basic steps to fuse an image in Cricut Design space: Fill in the blanks with your text in the font of your choosing and any pictures you’d want to put in this layer
    • To unweld your photos and text, use the ″unattach″ tool from the toolbar. You will be able to rearrange them independently as a result of this.
    • Arrange the photos and letters in such a way that they are slightly overlapping one another.
    • To fuse the items together into a single layer, select the ″weld″ tool.

    When preparing your design for welding, it is critical to ensure that all of your letters and pictures are touching in at least two locations.In this way, the integrity and sturdiness of your cake topper are improved.The importance of slicing and reattaching any dots above characters, such as the I and ″apostrophes,″ cannot be overstated.This is demonstrated in this cake topper tutorial video, which you can see below.

    Cake Topper Supplies

    Card Stock Paper

    1. The thickest and most durable card material available should be used when making a cake topper to ensure that it will last for years.
    2. For all of my cake toppers, I always use glitter card paper from Michael’s ″Recollections″ line of products.
    3. Hobby Lobby carries a comparable brand, dubbed ″Paper Studio,″ that is significantly lighter in weight than the one mentioned above.
    4. Cake toppers are embellished with the ″Paper Studio″ logo, however the cake topper itself is not made with the ″Paper Studio.″ Regular card stock that is not embellished with glitter is insufficient for the creation of a cake topper.
    1. Without double-sided card stock or an attachment to a heavier material, the cake topper will be insufficiently sturdy for its intended use.
    2. After a while, it will either flip over or shatter.
    3. A detailed evaluation of my favorite glitter card stocks, as well as information on where to acquire them, can be found here.

    Cake Topper Sticks

    1. When it comes to cake topper sticks, I use the wooden, food-grade skewers that can be bought in the baking department at Hobby Lobby.
    2. The skewers sold at Hobby Lobby are shorter and thinner in comparison to the skewers offered at the supermarket store chain.
    3. They produce the most beautiful cake topper sticks ever!
    4. The skewers from Hobby Lobby are available in a natural wood hue that complements the majority of glitter card material.
    1. For cake toppers that I sell, I usually go the additional mile and spray paint the top half of the skewer to match the glitter card stock.
    2. I just wrap the bottom section of the stick (which will be inserted into the cake) with painter’s tape and spray paint the top piece of the stick.
    3. Allowing the paint to dry completely before removing the painter’s tape allows me to get a very clear line around the skewer every time.

    Hot Glue

    1. Applying the Hobby Lobby skewer to your Recollections glitter card stock cake topper with hot glue is the final step in crafting the perfect cake topper for your special occasion.
    2. Instead of using conventional craft glue, hot glue dries faster and provides additional rigidity for the skewer and topping.
    3. Furthermore, there is no concern about it slipping off the cake while it is on the cake!
    4. Until then, best of luck with your cake topper designs.
    1. Please post photos of your creations on Instagram using the hashtags sprinkledwithpaper and sprinkledwithpaper.
    2. I’d be interested in seeing how your cake toppers come out!
    3. Best of luck with your creation!

    How to Make a Cake Topper Using Your Cricut

    1. My Cricut Explore Air 2 never ceases to surprise me with the possibilities and potential it has to offer.
    2. After joining a few Facebook groups to get guidance and inspiration, I came across the idea of making a cake topper while browsing through some of the communities.
    3. Using the Cricut, you may cut out a message and adhere it on some skewers, which you can then use to embed into the cake.
    4. I said to myself, ″Wow, that’s a fantastic concept.″ The cakes that my children enjoy are frequently ornamented on top, which leaves little space for a birthday greeting to be written.
    1. Making it customized while not interfering with the cake design is a win-win.
    2. For my son’s birthday celebration, which took place a few of weeks ago, this was the ideal project to complete.
    3. I had already written an article on cutting vinyl with my Cricut to use for the party favors, which you can find here.
    4. I was quite pleased with the outcome.

    It was a rather simple vinyl job to complete.You may find out more about it here.It was time to find out how to build a cake topper, which was a challenge.Here are the procedures, as well as some helpful hints, for creating a cake topper with your Cricut.

    Pick a “fat” font.

    1. One of the most important aspects of finding out how to build a cake topper was selecting the appropriate typeface.
    2. The idea is to use a typeface that is ″fat.″ To get the desired overlap between the words, you’ll need a ″fat″ font.
    3. I was also looking for something scripty.
    4. As a result of the script component having too many fine lines and being too delicate, my initial test run did not turn out well.
    1. It broke apart and ripped easily as a result of this.
    2. I experimented with a plethora of typefaces.
    3. My font search was made easier thanks to the website’s assistance.
    4. This webpage is fantastic.

    After entering your message (in my example, Happy Birthday), the program displays it in all of the fonts that are already installed on your computer.It is quite simple to use.It makes it a lot easier to see in low light.I was able to limit it down to a few typefaces, but my selections were still far too delicate for the project at hand.I noticed a wonderful cake topper done for a Christening on one of my Cricut Facebook groups and inquired as to the font used — it was script-like but not overtly feminine – and was given the answer by the offers a free font named ″Atlantis Heart Free″ that is similar to the Atlantis font.

    • ″Lavenderia″ is another nice, ″fat″ and free typeface to try out.
    • Of course, there are a plethora of other fonts available that are as effective, but these are the ones that I choose to use.
    • I started to work as soon as I downloaded these typefaces and put them to use.
    • I created my cake topper in Photoshop because it is the program with which I am most familiar and comfortable, but you could also use Cricut’s design software, Design Space, to do this project.
    • A good feature is that you may customize the topper by adding information such as a name and changing the wording to say whatever you want it to.

    The bold feature in Design Space allows you to make your letters appear thicker by making them more prominent.You may also ″unlock″ the text by dragging it to a larger size.As a result, the text will be stretched and thickened a little bit more than usual.When it comes to cake toppers, block letters, especially capital letters, perform really well – especially if you skew each letter slightly.It makes for a cute cake topper with a playful appearance.

    Make sure everything is connected and joined.

    1. Apart from requiring a ″thick″ font, the letters also need to be connected (which is why I was looking at script-type fonts) or overlapped to get the desired effect.
    2. Everything must be joined in such a way that the cap seems to be one solid piece.
    3. A variety of locations across the entire page, as well as up and down, should be considered while creating your design.
    4. When it comes to typefaces, I’ve discovered that the initial letter (when it is capitalized) is sometimes not connected to the remainder of the word, which presents a problem for me.
    1. It was, however, just what I needed.
    2. Instead of writing ″Happy″ and ″Birthday,″ I began by writing ″appy″ and ″irthday″ as the initial letters of the words.
    3. As a result, I ended up with text that began with the first letter of the words.
    4. I inserted the first letters after the fact, in a different text file, and was able to reposition them such that they overlapped with the remainder of the word when it was finished.

    The dot on the letter I proved to be the most difficult for me.I had to double-check that it was linked to anything before proceeding.You can experiment with the angle of the text in order to create some overlapping.Having said that, I’ve seen a few of examples when the dot was totally absent and everything looked great.ADDITIONAL INFORMATION HAS BEEN ADDED: When you’re finished, be sure you ″WELD″ all of the text together.Select all of the items and then click on weld.

    • This will guarantee that it is cut as a single piece of material.
    • Unless you do so, it will clip off each individual letter – including those in the overlapped portions – destroying the point of using the overlap.
    • You want it to cut as if it were an outline of a single object.
    • This should be done at the very end.
    • As a result, I created a few of generic ones, which I am now sharing with you.

    I actually ended up producing a couple of cake toppers out of a variety of different typefaces in the end.We used one for a birthday cake for the whole family and another for the birthday celebration.Here are a few of PNG files that may be downloaded and used immediately.Simply save the image by selecting it using the right-click menu.You may upload these PNG files into Design Space and then scale them down to the appropriate size.

    • Illustration in the form of a clip art picture.
    • The font is unknown.

    Figure out the size that you want.

    It was 6 inches broad, which is the same width as the cake. I believe it is substantial enough while still being delicate enough to balance with the cake. When I looked at photographs of cake toppers on the internet, they all appeared to be rather substantial in scale. Another advantage of this project is that you can create it any size you want to match the size of your cake.

    What kind of cardstock should you use?

    1. In this scenario, the greater the thickness, the better.
    2. So that it does not topple over, you want something that is pretty solid.
    3. As a result, I like to work with 110lb paper.
    4. Thinner cardstock would work, but you may want to increase the amount of cardstock you need.
    1. To accomplish this, cut out a second one.
    2. I prefer to use glitter cardstock since it tends to be very thick and I can generally purchase it at a discount store or dollar store.

    Be careful cutting it out.

    1. I conducted a few test runs on some plain white cardstock to make sure the writing was secure in all of the proper places and that it appeared to be in good condition.
    2. Occasionally, if you overlap too much, it might be difficult to read what is being said, but if you overlap too little, a bit of the word slips out!
    3. Needless to say, my attempts on how to build a cake topper were a bit of a learning experience that involved trial and error.
    4. Once I had it just as I wanted it, I printed it out on glittering, gold cardboard to finish it off.
    1. This was on sale at Michaels, which I discovered.
    2. Poster Board Plus was the setting that I selected on my Cricut.
    3. I used a hack from the Vintage Revivals blog called 6 Cricut Explore Design Hacks to cut it twice, which I found on the internet.
    4. Rather than removing your mat after the initial cut, she suggests that you simply press the cut button again, and the Cricut will cut it in the same manner as before.
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    This ensures that everything is trimmed to the correct length.My cake topper came out looking fantastic!One of the skinny, swoopy tails had some issues with the Cricut – the glitter portion got hooked and pulled away, so I ended up clipping it off — you can’t really tell it was there anyhow.So even though I sent it through to be edited twice, it didn’t make a difference in this situation.That is why it is preferable to choose a typeface that is thicker, or ″fat.″

    Assemble your cake topper.

    1. After it was completed, I simply used my hot glue gun to attach some wooden skewers to the rear of the piece.
    2. Because my cake was just around 6 inches wide, two skewers were plenty.
    3. It seems to me that if I ever create a larger or longer one, it might be beneficial to include an additional skewer.
    4. The sparkly, gold cardboard is strong enough to stand up on its own without the need for additional support.
    1. It was not necessary for the skewers to be at the very top of the design.
    2. Another reason to use a large font and sturdy paper is that if the skewers were to be positioned higher in the letters, you would be able to see through them, which would not only be unsightly, but it might also interfere with the letters, making it difficult to read.
    3. I was able to conceal mine below the letters so that it didn’t get in the way.
    4. If your design is larger (either in terms of size or in terms of the quantity of words you are using), and you are concerned about the stability of the topping, I would recommend cutting out a second one as previously indicated.

    You may sandwich the skewers in between the layers so that you don’t see them when they are cooking.The cake topper will be more stable as a result of this.Despite the fact that it was a reasonably simple job (after I discovered a font that suited for this type of thing), it ended out exceptionally nicely.It was a really wonderful touch to the birthday cake, and everyone enjoyed it.You may build toppers for any event, such as baby or wedding showers, baptisms, or other religious celebrations.You could even build adorable small ones to use as cupcake toppers.

    • In addition, it was quite inexpensive to construct – the cardboard and a couple of skewers were the only materials required.
    • Once you’ve mastered the art of making a cake topper, the options are virtually limitless!
    • If you haven’t tried your hand at constructing a cake topper yet, I strongly advise you to do so immediately.
    • I hope you found this instruction on how to construct a cake topper to be of assistance.
    • Feel free to send me images of your cake toppers if you have any.


    • Cardstock
    • Skewers


    • Cricut Machine
    • Glue


    1. Create your graphic, taking care to ensure that it is connected everywhere.
    2. Make your graphic the appropriate size
    3. ″weld″ everything together so that it is one solid piece.
    4. Make a cutout of your image from cardstock.
    5. You may make an additional cake topper if you want it to be thicker and consequently more durable. Optional:
    6. Attach your skewers with glue
    7. If you cut a second, mirrored image, glue it on top of the first so that the skewers are ″sandwiched″ together in the center.


    Make use of ″fat″ typefaces to make cutting easier. Want to recall how to design a cake topper with your Cricut but can’t seem to remember? Don’t forget to pin it to your favorite Pinterest board.

    Buy Cricut: How to Make Cupcake Toppers for GBP 2.00-399.00

    1. Decorate the tops of your celebratory cupcakes with some extra-special toppers that you made with your Cricut machine!
    2. This project was created with the Cricut Maker, but you could also use the Cricut Joy or the Explore Air 2 to create your own version.
    3. Instructions on how to complete the project and make it are included.
    4. Chrissie Ellson, a hobbycraft artist, created this piece.
    1. Please keep in mind that this project uses content purchased through the Cricut Design Space app.
    2. The desktop version of Design Space was used to create the screen references for this article.

    How to make

    1. You will also require the following items: Installed on a laptop, PC, tablet, or mobile device is the Cricut Design Space application.
    2. Cocktail Sticks are a type of stick that is used for drinking cocktails.
    3. The first step is to log into Design Space and select ″New″ to start with a blank canvas.
    4. Step 2: In the sidebar on the left-hand side of the screen, click the ″Text″ menu option to build the numbers for the top of the tower.
    1. To accomplish this, put your numbers into the text box that comes on the screen and then select a font from the selection option that displays.
    2. Step 3: Select the typeface that you want to use.
    3. ″Belwe Std Medium″ was the material we utilized.
    4. Tip 4: To join the numbers together, begin by selecting ″Advanced″ from the menu bar, and then from the dropdown choices, select ″Ungroup to Letters″ – this will ungroup the numbers, allowing them to be moved individually.

    5.Move one of the numbers such that it slightly overlaps the other number in the previous step.Once you’re satisfied with the way the numbers are arranged, drag a selection box over both numbers and click ″Weld.″ Both numbers will then be joined to form one picture.Ensure that the number topper is chosen before making changes to the dimensions in the toolbar at the top of the screen, making sure that a padlock icon is displayed to ensure that the picture resizes appropriately.Step 6 Seventh step: To make the rear layer of the cupcake topper, first pick the number on your canvas and then click ″Duplicate.″ You should now have two numbers on your canvas.After you’ve selected the duplicated number, go to your menu bar and pick the ″Flip″ option from the dropdown menu.

    • This will invert the picture so that both sides of the topper are covered in glitter, as seen in Step 8.
    • Once you’re satisfied with everything on the canvas, click the green ″Make It″ button.
    • Once you’ve completed Step 9, you’ll be directed to the mat preview screen.
    • Alternatively, if you wish to produce many toppers, simply change the number next to ″Project Copies″ and click apply.
    • In Step 10, if you’re using A4 card, as we are, pick A4 from the drop-down menu next to ″12×12″ for the material size by clicking on the tiny arrow next to ″12×12.″ You will next notice that your cuts have been reorganized so that they will fit onto your mat properly.

    Continue by clicking on the Continue button.Step 11 You will then be transported to the machine setup page, where you may inform your Cricut machine what sort of material you will be cutting by selecting ″Browse All Materials″ and typing ″Glitter″ into the search box, then selecting the ″Glitter Cardstock″ option from the drop-down menu.If you’re working with a Cricut Explore Air 2, make sure the Smart Dial is set to ″Custom″ in order for the ″Broswe All Materials″ function to appear.On finish the card, secure it to the green StandardGrip mat and use the Cricut brayer to guarantee that it remains adhered to the cutting mat as it travels through the machine.In order to cut, first insert the mat into the machine by pressing the flashing arrow icon, followed by the flashing Cricut icon to initiate the cut.

    • Cuts should be carefully removed and laid down on a level surface, with each pair of cuts being placed one on the front and one on the back.
    • Then, using the glue gun, attach the front and back of the toppers together, sandwiching a cocktail stick in between them so that the topper can be easily attached to your cupcakes.
    • Step 15

    DIY Cake Topper Tutorial with Cricut

    • The day has finally come for me to officially publish my DIY cake topper technique. Due to the overwhelming number of inquiries for the dazzling gold décor shown in my glitter and glam engagement party photo, I decided to document the step-by-step technique for creating these fun and easy cake toppers! On Cricut, you can get even more creative wedding DIY inspiration! This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase after clicking on one of my links, I may get a small commission at no additional cost to you. My favorite part of developing these designs for a trendy and modern wedding cake topper was the process of brainstorming ideas. I created bespoke topper designs using some of my favorite script and sans serif fonts, which you can find at the bottom of this page to download and use on your own cakes! It is recommended that you apply a stroke to the letters or underline thin fonts with a strong line when developing your own designs in order to ensure that the toppers maintain their solid form. The glitter cardstock serves as an excellent foundation for a free-standing topper, but adding poster board backing makes the design more stable and long-lasting! Check out my step-by-step instruction in the section below! A Cricut machine of your choice (I use an Explore Air)
    • a Cricut Weeding Tool and Spatula
    • glitter cardstock
    • poster board (optional but recommended)
    • bamboo skewers
    • ModPodge or SuperGlue
    • paintbrush
    • cake topper design (see the bottom of the post for free printable versions! )
    • glitter cardstock
    • poster board (optional but recommended)
    • glitter cardstock

    DIY Cake Topper Tutorial with Cricut

    1. Design Your Own Free Printable Cake Topper – Infinity Love Cake Topper – Celebrate!
    2. Cake Topper Mr and Mrs Cake Topper Mr and Mrs Cake Topper Mr and Mrs Cake Topper (personal use only) Sponsored by CRICUT, a Hey Wedding Lady partner, this post contains affiliate links.
    3. All views and designs, on the other hand, are entirely my own.
    4. Links may include affiliate material, which means that I will get a small commission on any sales produced from clicks on the hyperlinks.

    How to Cut Acrylic Using Your Cricut

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    Looking to Cut Acrylic but Don’t Know Where to Start?Are trying to Understand What Type of Acrylic to use with your Cricut Maker or Air 2?

    1. Is it possible to cut acrylic with your Cricut?
    2. Who would have imagined that anything like this would be possible?
    3. It is true that you may cut acrylic with your Cricut as long as the acrylic is of the proper type for the project.
    4. The Circut is capable of cutting materials with a thickness of up to 2.4 mm.
    1. The Cricut Maker has ten times the force of the other machines, however it does not rule out the possibility of your Air 2 being able to cut your acrylic patterns as well as the other machines.
    2. In this post, you will learn about the many types of acrylic paint and how to utilize them to their best advantage.
    3. Listed here is all you need to know about cutting acrylic.
    4. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means that if you make a purchase after clicking on one of the links, I will receive a little compensation, but you will not pay a penny more)!

    See my complete disclosure policy for more information.

    Quick Links to Information in this Post

    1. When it comes to the differences between Plexiglass and Acrylic, there are many questions.
    2. Plexiglass is a brand name, whereas acrylic refers to the type of polymer that was employed in its manufacture.
    3. To put it another way, they are one and the same.
    4. There have been several studies conducted in the crafting community to determine the thickness of acrylic that can be cut with a Cricut machine.
    1. The following are the most frequent thicknesses that were actually cut all the way through:Most crafters have discovered that the maximum thickness for the Maker was 0.020 mm.
    2. When cutting acrylic, keep in mind that the Air 2’s Deep Cut Blade can cut through most materials up to 1 mm in thickness, so keep that in mind when cutting acrylic.
    3. The maximum thickness that you should cut is 0.020 mm.

    More Craft Ideas from BettesMakes

    How To Prepare and Cut Acrylic

    1. The Knife Blade for the Maker is the suggested technique to cut acrylic; however, the deep cut blade for the Air 2 will also cut acrylic, but you must ensure that the acrylic is 1 mm or less in thickness before using it.
    2. Acrylic sheets are available for purchase from a variety of sources, and you will need to locate one that is close to you that carries them.
    3. They may range in price from quite pricey in craft stores to incredibly inexpensive at places like Lowe’s or Home Depot, among other places.
    4. It is probable that you will want to engrave your acrylic piece before cutting it into a desired form.
    1. The process of engraving a component and ensuring that it is properly centered after you have cut the form is somewhat more challenging.
    2. Using the same selections to engrave and cut at the same time, you may do both tasks at once.
    3. A word of caution: Always do a test engrave/cut on a piece of acrylic that you will be able to discard if it doesn’t work out the first time.
    4. I have yet to have a project turn out perfectly the first time I try my hand at it.

    I understand that you will be wasting resources, but as with everything you wish to do, doing a test cut will allow you to make corrections if you so want.If you don’t, the first pass will serve as the final version of your project.Because acrylic is a thicker substance, you will want to utilize a firm grip mat while working with it.I always use painters tape and make sure to tape along the sides as well as up the middle.There is nothing worse than having a project that moves about and ending up with a design or cut that does not function well.To deal with thicker acrylic that your machine will not be able to cut, you may first cut the pieces by hand and then use your machine to engrave them.

    • As previously said, centering your engraving is a little more difficult in this manner, but it is still possible.
    • Because there is no acrylic option available, you would want to utilize the basswood setting for the setting.
    • You may experiment with different settings, but I’ve found that this one is the most effective.
    • By the way, if you are not engraving your acrylic sheet, you may leave the protective layer on your sheet of acrylic.
    • This acrylic will be cut in 14 passes by your machine, and the thickness of this acrylic is the most that can be cut with a flawless edge.

    The only thing you will be able to do with 1mm thick acrylic is engrave it and then cut it out by hand.I had etched the cut lines so that I would have a route to follow while cutting by hand, and it worked out fantastically.I highly recommend it.In order to achieve a thicker appearance for your acrylic design, cut out many pieces of the same size and glue them together to create a larger area of thickness.Cutting acrylic gives a new depth to your designs, and as Cricut continues to develop the capabilities of their machines, there may be a new way to cut thicker materials in the future as well.

    • For the time being, it looks that the maximum thickness for a decent cut through is 0.020 mm.
    • If you discover any additional settings that work, please share them with the rest of the community.
    • Next time, have a wonderful crafting experience!
    • Summary Title of the Article Instructions on how to cut acrylic with your Cricut Description There are several guidelines that you should follow before you begin cutting acrylic with your Cricut, and they are as follows: Check read our blog post to learn more about it.
    • Dr.
    1. Bette Daoust is a neurologist who specializes in pain management.
    2. Dr.
    3. Bette Daoust is a neurologist who specializes in pain management.
    1. Doctor Bette Daoust is a prolific craftswoman who has finished a plethora of crafts and skills, with a plethora more still to do.
    2. Bette’s Makes a Difference Decorate Your Home With Your Own Hands DIY Paper Flowers, DIY Craft Tutorials, and more.
    See also:  What Do You Put On A Baby Shower Cake?

    How to make cake decorations using your Cricut machine – Cricut

    1. Food is one of my favorite things.
    2. I am so passionate about cooking that I went to culinary school.
    3. I enjoy sweets as well, but I’m not a baker by trade.
    4. Baking requires a particular level of patience and precision, and measuring is not my strong suit.
    1. As a result, when my friend Mika inquired for cake decoration ideas, I felt compelled to take advantage of the situation.
    2. In what other situation would I have the opportunity to design personalized Cricut® cake decorations without having to make a customized cake?
    3. Mika launched Honey Teahive, an afternoon tea catering service, late last year, in December of 2019.
    4. When she was recently requested to cater a birthday celebration for which two decorated cakes were required, I jumped at the chance.

    Yes!I’d been wanting to experiment with tuile and cake decorations with my Cricut machine for quite some time.So that’s when I invited myself over to try out some of my decorating concepts (insert evil laugh here).I had three ideas for cake decorations, which we put into action on a late Saturday night, the day before the celebration, when we were all together.I’ll start with the (apparently) simplest application and work my way up to the most complex.

    Easiest: Paper/Cardstock Cake Topper

    First and foremost, let’s get this over with. Isn’t it true that everyone like cake toppers? Birthday cake topper projects and photos are available in Design Space® in a variety of sizes and styles. Topper for a Birthday Cake

    1. The chocolate cake was decorated with a basic two-layer ″Happy Birthday″ topper, which I created using imageM837D5F.
    2. We planned to enhance the cake later with additional decorations.
    3. By selecting the ″Images″ icon on the left and searching for the picture number above, you can add this image to your Design Space canvas and begin working with it.
    4. Don’t forget to add the hyphen (-) in your sentence.
    1. Select and put the image into your canvas, then scale it to the appropriate size for your cake before clicking ″Making It.″ Keep your eyes peeled for the wonderful sparkly cardstock color Mika used for the topper!
    2. It’s best to pull away the mat from the material once you’ve finished cutting the design.
    3. Because the mat is thicker and more durable than the material, it prevents the paper from curling when it is peeled away from the mat.
    4. After you’ve weeded the pattern, you may glue the parts together.

    I only had tacky glue on hand, but I’m sure glue sticks would have been easier and cleaner to use in this situation.Attach two skewers evenly to the ends of the cake with tape at the height you want the skewers to rest on top of it.If the topper appears to be too heavy to be supported by skewers, cake dowels can be used to provide additional support.Viola!Cake topper number one is complete.For the second cake, I chose to make my own work of art out of fondant.

    • It was necessary to go a little further with Suzanna’s peaches and cream cake than usual.
    • With a few minor tweaks, I was able to use this method to generate layered text for my project.
    • To be honest, this stage isn’t the most straightforward unless you already have some expertise with design tools (I used Adobe Illustrator), but here are some simplified instructions for what I did:
    1. Make use of the type tool in your choice font to type your desired content and customize the color to your liking using the color picker. In my situation, I used a peach colored marker to write ″Happy Birthday Suzanna.″
    2. Convert text to outline by selecting ″make outlines″ from the context menu when right-clicking the text
    3. Create an offset path by selecting Object > Path > Offset Path from the menu bar. Afterwards, choose the preferred width of your offset path and give it a different hue to distinguish it from the source picture. I made it 10 pixels wide and altered the color to a light peach to make it fit the color of my material. Make a separate group for them from the original text and combine the different components into a single layer
    4. Repeat the previous step, this time increasing the width of your offset route, to construct a third layer on top of the previous one. I set the size to 20 pixels and colored it silver. Don’t forget to group items separately and then combine them. This aids in Design Space’s recognition of the layers as separate entities.
    5. Alternatively, save the document as an SVG and post it to Design Space.

    As soon as I submitted my image to Design Space, I resized it to fit the cake and pushed the ″Make It″ button. Glue the three layers together once you’ve glued each individual component. Attach it to two skewers in a uniform layer using tape. After that, viola! Cake toppers have been completed.

    Intermediate: Chocolate stencils

    1. My weakness is competing in food competition programs.
    2. I enjoy watching others prepare food, design dishes, and plate them.
    3. It’s similar to making with the Cricut, except it’s delicious!
    4. Chocolate embellishments are a typical type of decoration that I see on baking shows.
    1. The Design Space imageM38FB0 was cut in a variety of sizes with the Cricut Explore Air® 2, and the acetate was used to make stencils that are food-safe.
    2. For the chocolate bowties, I spread melted chocolate wafers on the stencil I’d made out of acetate and placed it on top of another piece of the material.
    3. Place them in the freezer to firm, and then gently stretch the acetate to allow the chocolate to slowly leak out.

    Advanced: Tuile stencils

    1. At one point in my life, I was employed as a pantry cook at an exclusive dining establishment, where I was responsible for shaping spoons out of tuile batter to be used as dessert garnish.
    2. On that late Saturday night, I came up with one more idea for cake decorations: tuile, which are tiny delicate biscuits that can be sculpted while they are still warm.
    3. I used a recipe from Chef Iso to make a batter for the chicken.
    4. After that, I used acetate to cut out a large bowtie stencil.
    1. As with the chocolate, I spread the batter on the stencil and smoothed it out with a spatula to create a flat surface.
    2. It is important to only smooth the stencil with pressure from above, since pushing it too far from the edge may increase the possibility of gaps, excess, and spills throughout the process (see the second bowtie in the photo below).
    3. Eventually, I abandoned the concept of writing the name in tuile since it proved to be extremely tough.
    4. It was much easier to write with piped melted chocolate!

    And, after a few failed attempts, I was able to get the bowties to work!It was difficult to avoid eating the delicate and broken bits that were left behind after we finished our job, so I may propose an alternative recipe, such as this one, in order to produce a less fragile result (even if Chef Iso’s tuile was wonderful!).

    Other ideas from our community

    1. Because of my terrible crafting abilities, I sometimes feel as though I’m living the life of Ethel Merman and Bruce Yarnell in Annie Get Your Gun, mostly because…
    2. Whatever I can do to help, the community will benefit.
    3. Some of the most amazing ideas I’ve come across have come from our fantastic members, so enjoy!
    4. Fondant birthday cake with icing stenciled with a bespoke dog face design.
    1. Jen Smith contributed to this article.
    2. Jen baked this birthday cake for her daughter, who specifically requested that their dog be included in the décor.
    3. The stencil is cut out of cardstock using a Cricut machine and then placed with a thin coating of icing to complete the project.
    1. Ivy Gallegos created this personalized cake topper shaker.
    2. Ivy used her Cricut machine to carve out this fantastic birthday cake topper out of cardboard and foam layers so that she could fill it with confetti and turn it into a ″shaker.″ Cake boxes that are tall, hoop ornaments, and various cake accessories are also available.
    3. Darlyne Lim contributed to this article.
    4. Darlyne began constructing her own cake boxes in order to accommodate her towering cakes.
    1. The boxes and personalized text are cut out of poster board using her Cricut machine, which she uses for the convenience and speed of cutting.
    2. After that, she attaches the transparent wrap and dowels with a dab of hot glue at a low temperature, which takes only a few seconds.
    3. She also uses her Cricut machine to create additional cake decorations, such as hoop toppers and rolled flowers, for her clients.
    4. Here are only a few samples of her work, but there are many more.

    What cake decorating ideas have you put into action? What did you think of how they turned out? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

    Cricut Maker vs. Explore Air 2: How to Make a Cake Topper

    1. When you spend so much time working with Cricut, you receive a lot of inquiries from crafters who are intrigued about the product.
    2. The most often asked question is, ″What is the advantage of a Cricut Maker over a Cricut Explore Air 2?″ Yes, it is more expensive, but you are receiving a far greater amount of machine for your money.
    3. One of the most striking distinctions is the ability to deploy adaptive tools, such as the Knife Blade, as necessary.
    4. Using the knife blade on the Cricut Maker, I’ll demonstrate one of the many reasons why you should own a Maker in today’s article.
    1. I’ll also show you how to produce a cake topper using the Maker using the knife blade.
    2. The use of typographic cake toppers is quite popular on cakes right now.
    3. For this reason, I even purchased one on Etsy for my Coffee-themed baby shower before I had a Cricut Machine.
    4. They are simply adorable!

    Unfortunately, because they are often manufactured from a single sheet of glitter card stock or something similar, they can be quite fragile.As a result of their extreme thinness, they are nearly never re-usable.The ability to reuse my decorations is vital to me, and the Cricut Explore Air 2 is unable of producing a long-lasting cake topper on its own.They’ll solely take care of the cardstock portion of the job.The Explore Airs are excellent computers, but they do not fulfill all of the creative needs of the user.You can cut a lot of paper and vinyl with them, but if you’re a true creative, you’ll want to take use of all of the features that the Cricut Maker has to offer.

    • The knife blade is what makes this project doable on a Maker but not on an Explore Air 2, and here is why.
    • In the Cricut Maker, the blade is part of the adaptive tool system, which includes a number of other tools.
    • You may swap out the tools depending on what your project necessitates, such as a knife blade for chipboard (like in this how to build a cake topper project), wood, and leather, or a rotary blade for fabric and felt cutting.
    • And how about those adorable tiny rosettes on this banner?
    • They’re created in collaboration with the Maker, as well!

    On the Maker, there is a scoring wheel that you can use to create extremely precise scoring lines for projects that need folding.Considering that these rosettes are fashioned from extremely thick 110 lb paper, the deep score lines were quite useful in achieving excellent folds in the paper.With the Cricut Maker, you have a plethora of tools at your fingertips at all times, which greatly expands your creative options and the quality of the products you can generate.

    Designing a Typographic Cake Topper in Design Space

    Having spoken about why this topper should be manufactured on a Maker machine, I’ll walk you through the process of creating this design in Design Space on your own computer. If you are familiar with the process of designing a cake topper, it should be no difficulty for you to create anything you want on one. Make one for yourself by following these simple instructions.

    Design and Make a Cake Topper with Cricut Maker, Step 1

    After you’ve launched Cricut Design Space, go to the ″Text″ section on the left-hand side of the screen. For the sake of this project, we will utilize the song ″Happy Birthday″ as an example. Fill in the blanks with your text when the box appears.

    Make a Cake Topper, Step 2: FONTS!

    1. This is, without a doubt, the most significant aspect of the design!
    2. Choosing the most appropriate font.
    3. In order for the knife blade to cut elaborate designs, you will need a typeface that is somewhat thicker than normal.
    4. Chipboard and wood, on the other hand, can not always withstand extremely tiny cuts.
    1. If you are not using a handwriting-style font, you should look for a typeface that will be okay when squished extremely near to its neighbor.
    2. Finalize the letters by welding them together, and if they’re all perfectly flush with one another, they’ll be impossible to read.

    Make a Cake Topper, Step 3: UNGROUP

    After you’ve decided on a font, you’ll need to ungroup your words so that you may rearrange the letters in your sentence. DonJuan – Under Pressure is a two-layered typeface, so if you wind up with a font that looks close to DonJuan – Under Pressure, feel free to delete one of the layers.

    Cake Topper, Step 4: MOVE TYPE

    1. This is the exciting part!
    2. We’re going to rearrange the letters to make them look the way we want them to.
    3. Begin by pla

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