The Classics

New York: Traditional, but far from ordinary, this cheesecake is ultra-rich and creamy

Chocolate: Velvety, rich chocolate cheesecake on a chocolate cookie crust

Marble: A delicious blend of our classic NY and rich chocolate

The Irresistible House Specialty

Chocolate Indulgence: The ultimate Chocolate lover’s delight – Chocolate cheesecake, layered with white chocolate mousse, and dark chocolate ganache

Sinfully Good

Amaretto: Almond flavored cheesecake nestled in a graham cracker crust topped with toasted almonds

Animal Cookie: Vanilla cheesecake layered with Frosted Animal Cookies – this is a hit with our young customers

Bear Claw: We blend pecans, maple syrup, cinnamon, and vanilla to create this decadent breakfast pastry themed cheesecake

Brownie Fudge Swirl: Chunks of our homemade brownies in creamy NY cheesecake make a perfect combination, especially when topped with fudgy ganache

Butterfinger®: Vanilla cheesecake loaded with crushed Butterfingers and topped with whipped cream and more Butterfinger candy pieces

Cappuccino Chip: Coffee, chocolate, and cheesecake, three favorites blended into one luscious dessert

Candy Bar Explosion: NY cheesecake loaded with pieces of Snickers®, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups ® and M&M’s® and covered with whipped cream and more candy.

Caramel: Creamy caramel cheesecake with the perfect touch of sweetness.

Chocolate Chip: Classic NY with chocolate chips generously scattered throughout, topped with whipped cream and more chocolate chips

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: Our NY cheesecake filled with chunks of cookie dough.  Topped with whipped cream and baked chocolate chip cookie pieces

Chocolate Oreo®: Chunks of chocolate sandwich cookies blended with chocolate cheesecake

Chocolate Toffee: Our sinfully rich chocolate cheesecake with sweet toffee complemented with chocolate mousse and more toffee

Chocolate Turtle: The same creamy caramel, crunchy pecans, and chocolate, but made with our decadent chocolate cheesecake

Cinnamon Roll: Classic NY cheesecake swirled with rich sweet cinnamon roll filling

Confetti: We mix sprinkles in the colors of your choice into our NY cheesecake to compliment any theme or event, then we top it with whipped cream and more sprinkles

Elvis’ Favorite: We blend our banana cheesecake with our peanut butter cheesecake and top it with peanut butter sauce and whipped cream

Heath®: Our classic NY cheesecake with Heath candy mixed in. Topped with chocolate ganache and more candy

Irish Cream: A smooth cheesecake that tastes just like a good Irish cream liqueur

Kahlua® and Cream: A delicious blend of coffee flavor, with a hint of chocolate and a generous topping of whipped cream

Mint Chocolate Chip: Refreshing Mint cheesecake with chocolate chips swirled in, topped with chocolate ganache

M&M®: NY cheesecake loaded with crushed M&M’s and topped with Chocolate ganache and more M&M’s

Nestle Crunch®: Chunks of Nestle Crunch® blended with our classic NY cheesecake, topped with chocolate ganache and more Nestle Crunch® pieces

Oreo®: Chunks of chocolate sandwich cookies blended with classic NY

Peanut Butter Blossom: Peanut butter cheesecake topped with whipped cream and Hershey® kisses

Peanut Butter Cup: Chocolate and peanut butter cheesecake swirled together over a crunchy chocolate crust and topped with peanut butter cups

Peanut Butter and Jelly: We take the best of both worlds and bring them together in this delicious cheesecake. Peanut butter cheesecake swirled together with strawberry cheesecake.

Peanut Butter Oreo®: Creamy peanut butter cheesecake mixed with chunks of chocolate sandwich cookies

Snickers®: Our luscious NY classic loaded with chunks of Snicker® bars, sandwiched between a chocolate cookie crust and more Snickers® on top

Toasted Almond Fudge: Smooth chocolate cheesecake with toasted almonds scattered throughout, topped with dark chocolate ganache and more toasted almonds

Turtle: An irresistible combination of caramel, chocolate, pecans, and our classic NY

Fruit Lover Delights

Apple Crumb: We bake a layer of cinnamon apples into our NY cheesecake and top it with homemade streusel

Banana Foster: Amazingly sweet combination of caramel cheesecake and banana cheesecake, topped with whipped cream and caramel drizzle

Banana Split: You’ll flip over this one!  Fresh banana filling with pineapple topping, chocolate syrup, whipped cream and cherries

Blueberry Swirl: Traditional NY swirled with blueberry cheesecake then topped with more blueberries

Black Forest: Creamy cheesecake with a hint of cherry flavoring, loaded with tart cherries, and lavished with whipped cream and chocolate shavings

Cherry Chip: Cherry cheesecake with chocolate chips swirled throughout, topped with whipped cream, cherries, and chocolate chips

Cherry Crumb: Our traditional New York cheesecake with a layer of cherries, topped with a streusel topping

Cherry Swirl: Traditional NY swirled with cherry cheesecake then topped with whipped cream and more cherries

Chocolate Covered Strawberry: We blend our Strawberry cheesecake and our chocolate cheesecake together and top it with chocolate whipped cream and fresh strawberries

Chocolate Raspberry: Dark chocolate cheesecake marbled with raspberry cheesecake, topped with chocolate whipped cream and raspberry sauce

Coconut Cluster: Rich chocolate cheesecake blended with toasted coconut

Coconut Cream: Toasted coconut blended with delicious coconut flavored cheesecake, topped with whipped cream and more toasted coconut

Fuzzy Navel: A blend of tangy orange cheesecake and sweet peach cheesecake and topped with whipped cream

Lemon Lovers: Rich decadent lemon cheesecake topped with a light whipped cream icing

Lemon Blueberry: Mild lemon cheesecake bursting with whole blueberries and finished off with whipped cream

Lemon Raspberry: Our lemon cheesecake swirled with raspberry cheesecake and topped with whipped cream

Peaches and Cream: This cheesecake is full of peach flavor blended with cream to create a sensational tasty treat

Peach Cobbler: We layer peaches in our creamy NY cheesecake and top it with streusel and oats to resemble the well-loved cobbler

Raspberry Swirl: Our NY cheesecake swirled together with raspberry cheesecake and topped with a raspberry drizzle

Strawberry Banana: Strawberry cheesecake with chunks of bananas swirled in, topped with fresh strawberries and bananas

Strawberry Swirl: Silky smooth NY cheesecake with sweet swirls of strawberry cheesecake

Triple Berry: A delicious combination of strawberry cheesecake, whole blueberries, and ribbons of raspberry puree

White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl: Decadent white chocolate cheesecake with swirls of tangy raspberry puree throughout

Our Seasonal Line

Caramel Apple: Loads of tart, fresh apples blended in our classic NY with a hint of cinnamon, topped with streusel, and drizzled with gooey caramel

Carrot Cake: Our NY cheesecake with chunks of carrot cake through it, topped with cream cheese frosting and chopped walnuts

Cranberry Orange: Tangy Orange cheesecake loaded with sweetened dried cranberries.

Cranberry Walnut: Packed with sun-dried sweetened cranberries, cranberry juice, and finished with crunchy streusel and walnuts

Girl Scout Cookie Samoa Cheesecake: Caramel cheesecake with chunks of Samoa cookies in it, topped with chocolate, toasted coconut and caramel

Girl Scouts Cookie Tagalong Cheesecake: Our NY cheesecake filled with pieces of tagalong cookies, topped with peanut butter buttercream and more Tagalong cookies

Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mint Cheesecake: A slightly minty cheesecake filled with chunks of Thin Mints and topped with more Thin Mints

Key Lime: Pucker up for a refreshing treat!  Creamy cheesecake made with zesty lime juice and finished with whipped cream

Mango: Sweet mango and vanilla cheesecake topped with whipped cream – a perfect summer treat

Orange Dreamsicle: Tangy orange and vanilla cheesecake topped with whipped cream

Piña Colada: A summertime favorite!  This tropical-tasting cheesecake gets its great flavor from sweet pineapple and coconut

Pumpkin: This fall cheesecake is prepared over a gingersnap crust, topped with whipped cream and cinnamon

Pumpkin Oreo®: Our pumpkin cheesecake layered and topped with Oreo cookie pieces

S’mores: Chocolate Cheesecake swirled with marshmallow cream, topped with chocolate ganache and dusted with graham cracker crumbs

Spiced Egg Nog: A delicious cheesecake for Egg Nog lovers

Winter Wonderland: White chocolate cheesecake blended with peppermint candies

We Did Not Forget…

Lo Carb: Satisfy your sweet tooth with all the flavor of our NY classic without the guilt.  Upcharge applies.

Gluten Free: Enjoy most of our cheesecakes with a gluten free crust made out of coconut and nuts.  Upcharge applies.