How To Make A Pop Up Cake Card?

– Cardstock (we used A5 folded into A6 card) – Coloured paper – Scissors – Glue Stick – Pen

How do you make a pop-up birthday card?

  1. Fold a piece of construction paper or cardstock in half.
  2. Cut slits at the center of your card.
  3. Open the card and fold tabs inward.
  4. Print or draw your pop up art.
  5. Fold your second piece of paper in half.
  6. Decorate your pop up card and write a message.

How do you make a 3D card?

To make a 3D card, start by folding a piece of cardstock in half. Next, make two snips along the fold where you want something to pop out, and fold in the part you snipped. Then, cut out your drawing and glue it to the popped out area of the card so it has a 3D effect when the recipient opens it.

What should I write inside a birthday card?

What to Write in a Birthday Card

  1. Hope you have a very Happy Birthday,!
  2. Happy Birthday!
  3. On your birthday, I celebrate you and the special place you have in my heart.
  4. Wishing you a blessed year and a wonderful day!
  5. Enjoy this special day in celebration of a most wonderful you!

How do you write happy birthday?

Other Ways to Say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  1. Have a fabulous birthday!
  2. May all your wishes come true!
  3. Many happy returns of the day!
  4. Many more happy returns!
  5. I wish you a wonderful birthday!
  6. Have a great one!
  7. Have a good one!
  8. I hope you have a fantastic day and a fantastic year to come.

How to make pop up cake birthday card easy?

  • Whilst I have your Attention. All crafts supplied on this website are free for you to follow and read.
  • 3D Birthday Card Cake – Materials
  • Pop Up Birthday Card Cake – How To.
  • DIY Pop Up Cake Card for Birthdays – Video Tutorial: For this type of craft,I really do think the video is easier to watch – and shows you how
  • How do you make a birthday pop up card?

  • the W method – I like to think we invented these they are so versatile and fun and of course EASY!
  • paper chain pop up cards
  • stand up pop up cards (sorry,I don’t know how to describe these ones! But they are great for adding drawings or photos)
  • bauble pop ups – I know I said three types but then I remembered these!!
  • How to make the perfect cake pops?

  • Prepare and bake cake mix as directed on the box or use a homemade cake mix.
  • Allow to cool for about 30 minutes.
  • Crumble cake into a large bowl.
  • Add frosting and mix thoroughly with hands.
  • Measure cake mixture and roll into 1″ sized balls.
  • Place on a wax paper lined baking sheet.
  • Place in the fridge for 20-30 minutes to firm up.
  • How to Make a Pop Up Card + Printables

    1. Do you want to make your message stand out from the crowd?
    2. An example of this would be a pop-up card.
    3. Pop-up cards are perfect for any occasion, and they’ll make your present and message stand out from the rest of the crowd.
    4. Even better, they’re shockingly easy to put together as well.
    5. How to build a pop-up card in six simple steps is demonstrated, as is the provision of themed printouts to get your creative juices flowing.

    In less than 10 minutes, you’ll have a greeting card that will be sure to wow.

    Pop Up Card Instructions


    • 1 piece cardstock or construction paper
    • scissors
    • glue stick
    • 2 pieces cardstock or building paper
    • A set of pop-up card printables (or additional paper if you’re doing the artwork yourself)
    • Art materials to use for decorating (markers, glitter, etc.)


    1. 1.
    2. Fold a piece of construction paper or cardstock in half horizontally.
    3. 2.
    4. If you want to construct a smaller card, you can cut the paper to the appropriate size before you fold it.
    5. 2.

    Make two slits in the middle of the card for the ribbon.Cut two 1.5-inch slits into the folded side of the fabric, with the folded side facing you.The paper that is sandwiched between each of the cuts will be used to create a tab to which you will attach your pop up art.

    Tabs can be either large or narrow, depending on the type of art you choose to display.If you intend to include pop-up art down the width of your card, create many tabs to accommodate this.3.Open the card and fold the tabs inside to create a pocket.

    Each tab should be creased in the middle.They should be on the inside of the card at this point.4.Create your pop-up art by printing or drawing it.

    Choose what will appear on each tab—you may either print the photos we’ve supplied or make your own to use as placeholders.Cut out the pop-up art and use a glue stick to attach it to each of the tabs.Fifth, fold your second sheet of paper in half.The exterior of your finished card will be designed in this manner.Glue the first piece of paper to the outside of the second piece of paper.Place the first piece of paper inside the second piece of paper and press together, ensuring that the tab cuts are not visible in the final product.

    Decorations and a message should be written on your pop-up card in step 6.Glitter, stamps, or a humorous message may be used to complete your pop-up card design.Let’s get started now that you’ve learned how to build a pop-up card from scratch!

    You may use these printables to guide your design if sketching isn’t your strong suit, but you can still make a meaningful pop up card by adding markers, glitter, and other decorative components once you’ve completed your design.

    Plant Pop Up Card

    • This card is perfect for the plant woman in your life, and it’s a terrific way to express your gratitude to someone who has helped you develop. There’s no shortage of gardening or succulent puns to select from—pick your favorite to commemorate a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, or even Mother’s Day! Ideas for Messages I believe that life would be successful without you
    • I am pulling for you! Keep your cool
    • you’re a plantastic! I’m grateful to have you in my life
    • I’d choose you above anybody else
    • aren’t you pleased you’ve been trapped with me?

    Bear Hug Pop Up Card

    • This easy-to-make pop-up card is perfect for the adventure seeker or outdoor enthusiast on your gift list this year. With the aid of a furry pet, you can remind them how much you care about them. Not included: the bear hug you want to offer them as a parting gift in conjunction with this card. Ideas for Messages Thank you, Mom, for bearing with me.
    • You’re the greatest of the best
    • I nearly can’t stomach how much I adore you
    • life would be unbearable if you weren’t here.
    • Happy bear-thday to you!

    Pet Pop Up Card

    1. Who doesn’t like a cute little dog or kitten?
    2. With this pet pop up card, you can provide an additional dose of sweetness to the animal lover in your life.
    3. Make it appear like one of their dogs, and you’ll be sure to get bonus points!
    4. Instructions: In comparison to the other pop up cards, this one is a little more unique.
    5. To fold the construction paper instead of cutting slits in it, you will fold each piece along the black dotted lines.
    1. Glue the tail side to the back of the card and the feet to the bottom of the card to complete the design.
    2. Glue the folded white part to one of the rectangle’s sides with a glue stick. Attach to the backside of the card, overlapping with the back legs of the card
    3. Add glue to one side of the rectangle and connect the front feet to the bottom of the card, then repeat with the other side of the rectangle.
    4. Glue the head onto the body, and your dog or kitten card is finished.
    • Ideas for Messages You’re the finest doggone mom anyone could ever ask for
    • On this occasion, we’ll be raising the woof! Greetings on your birthday
    • How did I come to have such a pawsome friend as you?
    • You’re just perfect in every regard
    • I give you a lot of woofs.
    • Not feeling feline well? I’m here to assist you

    Printable Pop Up Card Decorations

    1. The following embellishments will undoubtedly assist you in elevating your card to the next level of sophistication.
    2. We’ve included text bubbles, banners, and other designs to let you personalize both the front and the interior of your greeting card.
    3. Knowing how to create pop-up cards, who would you make one for first now that you know how to create them?
    4. With Mother’s Day approaching, it may be the ideal method to demonstrate to mom that you went the additional mile to make her a special Mother’s Day present this year.
    5. After all, she is deserving of this!

    How to Make a 3D Card

    Article to be downloaded article to be downloaded It is demonstrated in this lesson how to create a card that gives the appearance of having a three-dimensional component to it by using a two-dimensional image.

    1. 1 Obtain some cardstock, construction paper, or printer paper for this project. The card may be produced in whatever color you choose.
    2. 2Cut the card in half horizontally. Affix two snips anyplace along the fold of your card where you want something to stand out. The item will be closer to the end of the card the longer the snip is.
    3. 4Fold in the section of the card that you sliced into the card. Advertisement
    1. Create anything you want to include on your card using a pen and paper. You could draw clouds, trees, plants, and people, for example. After that, carefully and neatly cut out your drawings from your paper. When creating a snake for this lesson, the artist selected to create a snake that is emerging from the card––it’s a good idea to use an image position that conveys movement or length, since this will make the recipient’s surprise even more thrilling when the card is opened.
    2. 2
    3. Attach the drawings on the 3D card with double-sided tape. Position the drawings in the proper location by taping or gluing them down. Close the card and re-check that it fits properly, and you’re finished! Advertisement
    • Question Add a new question Question Is it possible to create 3D components on any part of the card? Anywhere along the fold’s end can be used. When cutting the 3D component, avoid cutting it near to the fold line.
    • Question and Answer Assuming the card is closed, what is the intended appearance of the card? The card will have a slit in the middle, just like any other card. A second piece of paper can be used to conceal the slits if desired.
    • Question and Answer Is it possible to build a book on the top portion of the paper? In order to handle the popping out, you must ensure that the fold does not get interrupted. What is the maximum size of the form that I may insert inside it? It is dependent on the size of your card stock. Try to compare the form of the card to the shape of the card to see whether it fits. If it does protrude a little, consider experimenting with other test forms.

    Inquire about something There are 200 characters remaining. Include your email address so that you may be notified when this question has been resolved. Advertisement submissions are welcome. To create springs that will allow the drawing to leap out from the page, fold two strips of paper on top of each other and press them together.

    Thank you for submitting a suggestion for consideration! Advertisement

    About This Article

    1. Summary of the ArticleXTo begin creating a 3D card, begin by folding a piece of cardstock in half.
    2. To finish it off, make two snips along the fold where you want something to peek out, and then fold in the portion of the fold that you clipped away.
    3. Then, cut out your drawing and attach it to the section of the card that has been pushed out, creating a 3D effect when the recipient opens the card.
    4. Continue reading for helpful hints on how to create your pop-up card!
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    How to Make a Pop Up Card

    1. Article to be downloaded article to be downloaded Pop-up cards are an excellent alternative to the traditional greeting card.
    2. To make a tab, make a few basic cuts onto a sheet of ornamental paper with a craft knife.
    3. To apply your pop-up picture, move the tab forward and click on it.
    4. If you wish to use a card that you’ve already purchased, simply add tabs to the pop-up picture and position it in the middle of the card.
    5. The person who receives your pop-up card will be delighted with your invention!
    1. 1Select the paper that will be used for your card. Take two pieces of card stock or brightly colored paper that are the same size and glue them together. To construct a standard-sized card, cut 8 x 11 in (20 x 28 cm) sheets of paper and fold them in half. You may use any sort of thick ornamental or scrapbooking paper for this project. If the building is sturdy enough, you might even utilize brilliantly colored materials.
    2. 2 Fold two pieces of card stock or a brightly colored sheet of paper in half. In order to make a standard-sized card, fold both of the sections in half widthwise. One of the pieces will be the one with the tabs and the pop-up image, and that will be the other. This element will be placed within the other piece, which will serve as both the front and back of the greeting card. To thoroughly smooth the fold, you can use your fingers or a bone folder.
    • Promotional material
    • 3 Make two cuts in the center of the card that are one inch long and one inch wide. Take one of the folded pieces of paper and fold it in half, keeping the other side folded in half. 2 parallel cuts, each one an inch (2.5 cm) long, should be made through the folded side of the sheet of paper. The incisions should be made in the middle of the card so that the pop-up picture is in the center of the card as well. These tabs should work with photographs that are between 2 and 3 inches (5 and 7.5 cm) in size, according to the manufacturer. Consider the size of your pop-up picture while creating your design. For example, if your pop-up window is rather huge, you’ll almost certainly want a larger tab.
    • 4Pull the tab out of the card after it has been opened. Open up the card that you just cut so that you can see the slits that were created. Gently push the tab part up and towards you with your fingertips using a little pressure. Fold the card in half and run your fingertips down the fold to make it securely wrinkled. Crease the tab part in the opposite direction as the card’s fold so that it pops out and away from it.
    • 5 Make a copy of your pop-up picture. Create a pop-up picture in whatever shape you choose by drawing or cutting it out. You may even use little images to illustrate your point. For example, a present shape, a cut-out of a person’s name, a heart, or a little school photo can all be used as embellishments. Make a copy of your pop-up form and check to see if it will fit inside your card. Make a precise cut around your image using an Exacto knife if you want to be extra accurate.
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    6 Attach the pop-up picture to the tab using a clipboard. Apply a little amount of glue to the bottom of the tab after opening the card with the tab. Using your mouse, drag the pop-up image to the tab and push it hard to ensure it sticks. Glue should not be applied to the tab’s top or the picture will not pop out correctly.

    1. 7 With the pop up, attach the second piece of paper to the card on the back.
    2. Extend the second sheet of paper that you folded previously in this process.
    3. When the paper is unfurled, use a glue stick or double-sided tape to adhere the two sides together.
    4. The pop-up image should be opened and placed on the card using the glue.
    5. Firmly press down on the surface and allow it to dry fully.

    Using the second piece of paper, you can conceal the tab, making it impossible to tell that the card is a pop-up until you open it.

    1. 8 Adorn and sign the pop-up card with your name.
    2. Fill in the blanks with your message and decorate the card with any resources you have on hand.
    3. If you have ribbon, glitter, stickers, stamps, or any other scrapbooking items lying around the house, put them to good use!
    4. Place the card in the envelope and present it to the person who will be receiving it.
    5. Cut ornate borders around the sides of the card with speciality trimming scissors if you want to make it more unique.
    1. 1 Take a card or a piece of ornamental paper and fold it in half. When working with an existing card that you’ve produced or purchased, place it on your work area so that you may add a pop-up picture to it. A sheet of thick, ornate paper may be folded in half to create a basic card if you wish to keep it simple. Most cards are folded widthwise, however you can fold it lengthwise to produce a tall card
    2. the card should be sturdy enough to sustain the pop-up picture
    3. and the card should be printed on both sides.
    • 2 Draw the pop-up picture on a separate piece of ornamental paper and set it aside. Preparing a piece of decorative paper or using a scrap of decorative paper large enough to accommodate your image is the first step. Ink or pencil the picture you want to see appear on the page using your preferred pen or pencil tip. In addition, printed graphics or photographs can be used in the card as long as they are chopped down to fit the space available. Using an image, for example, you might cut out the area of the picture you want into a decorative form
    • or
    • Remove the card from the paper and cut out shapes that match the theme. For example, cut out or print flowers for a graduation card, use a cake image for a wedding invitation, or use a picture of balloons for a birthday invitation
    • etc.
    • 3Draw little tabs on the sides of your pop-up image to serve as navigational aids. In each corner of your image, draw a long, thin rectangle that is proportional to the size and form of your image. This rectangle will be folded back to form a tab that will be attached to the card. Each rectangular tab should be at least 1 to 2 cm wide so that you can fold them in half when finished. As an alternative to adding tabs, you might fold the picture itself.
    • 4 Cut out the image using the tabs, and then fold it in half to make a card. To cut out the pop-up picture and the folding tabs, use a pair of scissors or an Exacto knife to cut them out. Make certain that they are kept together as a single unit. In the event that you unintentionally cut the tabs out, they can still be used. Only the tabs on the back of the picture will need to be adhered to the card
    • if you’re creating a complicated image, you may lay it down on a cutting mat and cut it out. Use a utility knife to cut around the image once it has been printed.
    • 5Draw a line in the middle of the image and fold it in half on that line. Place a ruler in the middle of the image to mark the center of the image. Draw a line through the center of the page to divide it into two equal sides. Fold and smooth the image in half along the line, using your fingers or a bone folder if necessary.
    • 6 Fold the tabs backwards to form a V-shape. Locate the tabs that you left on the sides of your image and drag them to the center. Delete them by folding them back behind the image so that you can’t see them any more. You can glue or use a glue stick to attach them to the back and sides of your image if you cut them by mistake early on. You may even fold back the sides of the image itself if that is what you like. Example: If you’re building a heart out of origami, folding back the sides will only make the heart seem longer.
    1. 7 Attach the tabs or the V-folded picture to the middle of the card with double-sided tape.
    2. Prepare the card by placing a strip of double-sided tape on the sides of each tab that will be in direct contact with the card’s core.
    3. Open your card and place it flat on the table.
    4. Place your pop-up picture in the center of the page and press down firmly on the tabs to ensure that the double-sided tape adheres to the paper.
    5. Close the card and reopen it to ensure that the image appears on the other side.

    Although you can use adhesive, it may seep out the sides if you do so.Tape is less difficult to handle and will not be seen.

    • 8 Personalize and embellish the card. If you’re using a pre-made card, all you have to do is put your message on it and sign it. If you made the card from your own creative paper, you may personalize it even more by adding embellishments and decorations. For example, you may apply glue on the card and then sprinkle glitter or tie a ribbon around it. After you’ve placed the card in an envelope, you’re ready to send it. Consider using speciality trimming scissors to cut ornate borders along the sides of the card
    • this will make it look more professional.
    • Additionally, you may embellish the card with punches, stickers, beads, stamps, or colored markers if you so choose.
    • Question Add a new question Question Is it possible to print many pop-ups on the same sheet of paper? Yes, you are permitted to create more than one pop-up window. What techniques should I use to create a decent anniversary card? Make a heart out of the pop-up and write how much you love your significant other or whatever else you want the individual to know around the edge of the heart.
    • Concerning the Question What is the best way to create a nice pop-up card? Glitter pens, stamps, stickers, beads, and other craft supplies can be used to embellish your card. Trim your card using special trimming scissors to create unique borders and decorations around the edges.
    • Concerning the Question What can I do to make my designs more interesting? Let your imagination go wild and do whatever you want! Make use of tracing paper, glitter glue, and sparkles. You may also experiment with one of those strange rulers with the fascinating shapes inside.
    • Concerning the Question What is the best way to create a cake within a card that has a 3D effect? Make a square with your hands. Afterwards, stack more cakes on top of each other until your cake reaches the height you want.
    • Concerning the Question Is it okay if I use brightly colored paper for this? Yes, without a doubt. You may be as imaginative as you want. Simply ensure that the paper is of the appropriate thickness for the design of your card. Question: How can I make cards for soldiers? The pop-up might be made out of a rectangle form that is colored to represent the flag that they are fighting for. Questions: If a component is not in the crease of the card itself, but rather an accent piece, how do I make it jump out of the card? To connect the object to the card, make a slight accordion fold in the card. Glue dots can be used to secure it in place. I’m having trouble figuring out how to make Diwali pop up cards. Make use of vibrant colors and merry forms.
    • Concerning the Question Is it okay if I only use paper for this? You’ll also need glue, tape, and scissors for this project.

    More information on the replies Inquire about something There are 200 characters remaining. Include your email address so that you may be notified when this question has been resolved. Advertisement submissions are welcome.


    If a youngster is involved in the creation of the pop-up card, they should be supervised when using scissors.


    Things You’ll Need

    • Construction paper, cardstock, or scrapbook paper cut to 8 x 11 in (20 x 28 cm)
    • scissors
    • glue or double-sided tape
    • Decorations (optional)
    • Ruler (optional)
    • Bone folder (optional)
    • Markers, crayons, colored pencils, writing utensils
    • Envelope
    • Card
    • Decorations (optional)
    • Bone folder

    About This Article

    1. Summary of the ArticleX 1.
    2. Cut two pieces of card stock or colored paper to the same size and fold them in half.
    3. 2.
    4. Make a half-fold in the breadth of both pieces and place one of them aside.
    5. 3.

    Make two parallel 1-inch cuts in the center of the folded side of the paper, one on either side of the fold.4.Open the card and gently press the tab part upward toward you, as shown in the illustration.

    Create your pop-up image on a third piece of paper, then attach it to the bottom of your tab using clear contact adhesive.Sixth, glue a second piece of paper to the exterior of the first piece of paper to form the outside of the card.7.Add some embellishments to your card!

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    Other Ways to Say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    • You may wish someone a happy birthday by saying something like: ″Have a wonderful birthday
    • may all of your desires come true.″
    • Many pleasant returns of the day
    • many more happy returns
    • many more happy returns
    • I want to wish you a very happy birthday
    • Have a wonderful day
    • Take care
    • I hope you have a wonderful day and an even better year ahead of you
    • Have a nice one.
    • Greetings and best wishes for a wonderful birthday.
    • I hope you have a wonderful day and many more to come in the future.
    • Greetings on your birthday, and best wishes for the future.
    • I wish you nothing but happiness on your special day
    • As amazing as you are, I wish you a day that is just as memorable.
    • I wish you many more candles to light up your life
    • Congratulations on your anniversary
    • Greetings and best wishes on leveling up
    • I wish you will never cease appreciating all of the small pleasures in your life
    • To you, my dear buddy, let us raise a glass in your honor.
    • Can you believe it? It’s all for your delight! It’s your birthday today, so celebrate!
    • You made it through another year. Congrats
    • \sWow! You’ve made it through another calendar year
    • Don’t bother with the candle-counting. Have a good time at the party
    • It is your birthday today. Don’t think about anything else today
    • just relax.
    • Greetings on your birthday, and best wishes for a wonderful year ahead.
    • Let’s get together and celebrate your birthday
    • I wish you a day that is as fantastic as you are.
    • Those who wait for the finest things in life will be disappointed
    • You always make me happy, therefore today I want to do everything I can to make you even happier

    What do you say in a Happy Birthday text?

    • I am overjoyed that you have entered this planet. I can’t wait to share your birthday celebration with you since you make my life more enjoyable every day.
    • Happiest of Birthdays, Beautiful
    • Happy Birthday to my best buddy, without whom life would be unimaginably dull
    • I adore you! Congratulations on your birthday
    • you are the finest! Happy Birthday! I consider myself to be the happiest person on the planet since I have you as a partner. Happy birthday
    • thank you for being who you are
    • I’m really proud of the person you have become! Greetings on your birthday
    • What a year it has been! Although I am aware of your difficulties this year, I am confident in your ability to overcome them.
    • Wishing you a happy birthday and the best of luck in the next year

    Happy Birthday in different languages

    Continue reading:Other Ways to Say ″Sorry″ Some Other Ways to Say ″You’re Welcome!″ There are many other ways to say ″Take Care″! Other Phrases to Use Instead of ″I don’t know″ There are a variety of other ways to say ″I miss you.″ What are some more methods to express your feelings for someone? ″You Are Beautiful!″ Can Be Said in a Variety of Ways

    Learn Spanish

    • 30 Wishes for a Happy Birthday in Spanish
    • 40 Ways to Say I Love You in Spanish
    • and more.
    • Examples of 20 different ways to say ″Good Morning″ in Spanish
    • The first seven days of the week in Spanish. Months are expressed in Spanish. Seasons are pronounced differently in Spanish.
    • Numbers in Spanish ranging from 0-1000
    • You may say ‘You are welcome’ in 15 different ways in Spanish, and there are more than 50 different ways to say thank you in Spanish.
    1. A Adjectives are used to describe a person, place, or thing.
    2. B Dictionary of Business English (C D) E English idioms and grammatical constructions English is a foreign language to me.
    3. Tips for Improving Your English Phrases in the English language a high school English instructor English Vocabulary English Vocabulary English words English Vocabulary English words F G H ways to become fluent in English Idioms that I use Infographic M N new vocabulary words to learn in English noun O P is a phrasal word that stands for ″out of place.″ Q R S is an abbreviation for the letters Q R S.
    4. Teaching English as a foreign language using Skype is a popular option.
    5. Text Abbreviations and Shortcuts W U W U W U W U W U W U W U W U W

    DIY Pop-Up Birthday Cake Card

    1. Homemade cards are not as difficult to make as you may believe, and they have a more personal touch than store-bought cards, which is difficult to obtain with other alternatives.
    2. Making a pop-up birthday card is a creative and exciting way to wish your loved ones a happy birthday, and it’s something the whole family will enjoy doing together!
    3. Cards produced by hand are a unique and unforgettable keepsake that may also be given as a gift in and of itself.
    4. Even if parents must aid their children with some of the difficult components of this pop-up design, children will have a fantastic time decorating, coloring, and creating the card, especially at the end when they watch the cake pop when they open the card!
    5. You’ll have your pop-up card ready in no time if you follow our simple step-by-step instructions.

    And keep in mind that this cake card isn’t only for birthdays; it can be customized to suit any special occasion.Take a look at the instructions below to learn how to create your own one-of-a-kind and unforgettable pop-up card!

    How To Make Your Very Own Pop Up Birthday Card

    1. Create your pop up cake birthday card in a simple and straightforward manner with the guidance of our helpful step-by-step instruction instructions.
    2. During this creative activity, we recommend that you have an adult supervise you.
    3. You will require the following materials: The following materials: -A6 paper/card (in any color you like!) -A5 white paper or card (optional).
    4. -A variety of colorful papers or cards (or patterned paper and card, whatever you prefer) -Washi tape is a type of tape that is used to keep things together (this also comes in so many playful patterns and designs too) -Scissors -A glue stick (optional).
    5. -Drawing pencils in various colors for decorating
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    How To Make The Birthday Card:

    1. First, make the candles that will be placed on top of your cake (this makes it easier to determine the measurements for the rest of the card).
    2. Draw them out in any shape you like and cut them out when you’re ready to start using them.
    3. The A5 white card should be cut such that when it is inserted in the center of the A6 card, it leaves a lovely border around the outside.
    4. To make your A6 card look even more beautiful, we recommend using a contrasting and complementary color on the front and back.
    5. Fold this in half to make it smaller.

    Line the top and bottom of the cake form with the folded paper and cut out candles to create a line between them.The bottom of the card should be approximately half the length of the card.Divide the area into three halves and make four tiny incisions within it.

    These should have two long cuts (5 cm), one medium (3 cm), and one tiny (2 cm) cuts, to provide an approximate total of four cuts.Create a crease by folding along the lines of the incisions.As opened, these will form the layers of your cake and will provide a satisfying pop when you cut into them.To keep it tight, glue your white paper inside the coloured card, but just around the outside of the card, not the center.

    It’s time to start decorating!

    Decoration Tips

    1. The cake decoration is possibly the most fascinating aspect of this handcrafted project, and it is something that all children can participate in!
    2. It’s easy to add some pizazz to your cake card with the help of embellishments such as glitter glue, pens, sequins, and even glued down confetti.
    3. Why not personalize the design even further by including the name of the person who will be receiving it?
    4. This is a very enjoyable craft project that the entire family can participate in, and the results are stunning.

    how to make a pop up cake card – The Blue Monkey Restaurant & Pizzeria

    What you need to know about making a pop-up cake card on December 14, 2021

    How do you make a pop up card step by step?

    1. A piece of construction paper or cardstock should be folded in half. .
    2. Make two slits in the middle of the card for the ribbon. Then open the card and fold the tabs inward to make a square. …
    3. Create personal pop-up art by printing or drawing it. Your second sheet of paper should be folded in half. …
    4. Design the inside of your pop-up card and include a message in it

    What do you need to make a pop up card?

    How do you make a pop up Explosion card?

    How do you make a kids pop up birthday card?

    How do pop-up cards work?

    Pop-up cards are an excellent alternative to the traditional greeting card. To make a tab, make a few basic cuts onto a sheet of ornamental paper with a craft knife. To apply your pop-up picture, move the tab forward and click on it. If you wish to use a card that you’ve already purchased, simply add tabs to the pop-up picture and position it in the middle of the card.

    How do you make a pop-up card for your mom’s birthday?

    Open the card and pull the pop-up in the direction you want it to go. Change the pop-up from a valley fold to a mountain fold by clicking on the arrows. Fold the card in half and press down on the wrinkles to make them more distinct. Apply glue to one half of the interior piece, and then slide the two card sections together to complete the project.

    How do you make a pop-up Rainbow Card?

    How do you make cards?

    How do you make a butterfly pop-up card?

    How do you make a confetti bomb box?

    What is an explosion card?

    With a simple pull of the tab, these adorable pop-up boxes emerge from their envelope, providing a delightful and unexpected rush of excitement. You may decorate them with photographs and unique notes for the recipient, and you can even load them with confetti to give them an added surprise.

    How do you make a surprise box?

    How do you make folding greeting cards?


    1. The center of the card should be measured. The center of the card should be measured at both the top and bottom using a ruler. Simply mark these spots with a pencil and then draw a straight line between them to indicate their location. …
    2. Take a look at the scorecard. To score the card, fold it in half and use the bone folder. …
    3. Fold it in half and press it flat. Fold the card in half along the scored line with care.

    How can I make a birthday card?

    Birthday Card that is quick and easy to make.

    1. Step 1: The Supplies You’ll Require Making a Blank Card is the second step. .
    2. Step 3: Cut Out Shapes From Different Colored Card Sheets, as Shown in the Pictures Writing Your Message is the fourth step. .
    3. Step 5: Decorate Your Greeting Card To complete the project, adhere your message and the little gift cuttings as shown in Step 6.

    How do you make a happy birthday cake?

    How do you make a pop up card for kids art hub?

    How do you make a Mothers Day easy and beautiful pop up card?

    How do you make a greeting card with paper easy?

    Making a Window Greeting Card is Method 2 of 4 in this series.

    1. Make a 4 1/2′′ by 5 1/2′′ rectangle out of heavy double-sided paper or cardstock. Double-sided paper may be found at any craft store or online. …
    2. Make a slit in the wall. .
    3. Make the fold lines as smooth as possible. .
    4. Fold the parts of the ‘X’ cut back on themselves. .
    5. Customize the look with your own embellishments. .
    6. Include a personal message

    How do you make easy Rainbow cards?

    Learn how to construct a pop-up rainbow card in this tutorial!

    1. Take a measurement of the breadth of your rainbow. Then fold it into an accordion shape..
    2. Glue one edge of the rainbow to the top of the remaining rainbow..
    3. Add any other embellishments.

    How do you make a 3d TCG card?

    How can I make a greeting card?

    7 Golden Rules for Greeting Cards, Birthday Cards, and Christmas Cards Design and Production

    1. Research, Research, and More Research It all starts with picking out the right card..
    2. selecting complementary colors
    3. selecting the right font
    4. writing the perfect message
    5. and personalizing it. .
    6. Select Your Envelopes
    7. .

    How do you make a Cricut card?

    How do I make a photo card?

    Learn how to make a picture card at home in four simple stages — select your best photographs, choose a theme, personalize, and finally, print your photo cards — in this tutorial. … Instructions on how to create your own photo cards online

    1. Fill out the form below to upload your favorite photos..
    2. Step 2: Select a Card Theme
    3. Step 3: Personalize Your Photo Card
    4. Step 4: Place Your Order for Photo Cards

    How do you make a butterfly shaped cake?

    1st of 3 methods: a straightforward butterfly cake

    1. Using a knife, cut the cake in two. This will be used to create the butterfly’s wings.
    2. Place the cake on a serving platter and arrange the decorations on top. Because the butterfly cannot be moved once it has been created, it is simpler to adorn it while it is in place. …
    3. Decorate the undersides of the wings. Whatever you want to do with the wings, go ahead and do it! …
    4. Add a head and antennae to complete the look.

    How do you make a butterfly fly out of a card?

    How do you make a butterfly card for kids?

    How do you make a glitter bomb spring?

    How do you make confetti fall when the door opens?

    Fill a box halfway with confetti and set it over a doorway to create an entrance. Your April Fools’ Day victim will be covered with confetti when a string is pulled.

    How do you make confetti pop?

    Incorporate the confetti into the tube by funneling it in or by rolling a piece of paper around it to guide the confetti into the tube if needed. What exactly is it? The confetti will be launched if you pull down on the bottom knot of the balloon and then release it. With a loud ″Pop!″ the confetti will launch into the air and land high in the air.

    How much does Boomf cost?

    What is the cost of a Boomf card in dollars? After looking over the most popular alternatives, this Boomf cards review discovered that the cost fluctuates between 5 and 10 dollars on a scale of 1 to 10. For a single card, expect to spend between $10 and $15; for a Boomf gift box, expect to pay between $15 and $25.

    How do you make a birthday explosion box?

    Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Make an Explosion Box

    1. Printed out your template of choice and cut along the lines when appropriate. …
    2. Step 2: Fold your exploding box in half horizontally. .
    3. Step 3: Glue the layers together to complete the project. …
    4. Step 4: Assemble the top of the container. …
    5. Step 5: Put everything together and make it your own.

    What paper is used to make explosions?

    Cardstock It is possible to construct an explosion box using paper sheets that are nested within one another. 1st of May, 2019

    DIY Pop Up Cake Card – Easy Birthday Card

    DIY cake pop up card for birthday| Easy 3D cards DIY | Maison Zizou

    DIY Pop Up Cake Card | Birthday Card Tutorial

    Cake slice pop up card (without template and punches) | easy gift card tutorial |DIY crafting ideas

    Instructions on how to construct a pop-up card using the easycake pop-up card template Birthday cake pop up card template free download3d pop up birthday cards how to make a pop up birthday card for grandmotherbirthday cake pop up card template free download

    About The Author

    Easy Pop Up Birthday Card DIY

    1. For years, and to some extent even today, I made all of the birthday cards I sent out personally, including the ones I received from other people.
    2. DIY birthday cards, in my opinion, are the greatest!
    3. Today, we’re going to show you how to build an extremely fun and simple pop up birthday card!
    4. A fun 3D Cake Card is provided today — this card, which is similar to my new Paper Crafts book’s pop-up Wedding Cake card, may be customized with different colors and embellishments to fit any individual’s tastes!
    5. Our selection of greeting cards that children may make is extensive, and we have a unique collection of f Pop Up Card Projects for you to be inspired by.

    On to today’s Birthday Pop Up Card! I love the cake design, complete with sprinkles and birthday cake candles. So cute.

    Whilst I have your Attention

    1. All of the activities and instructions on this website are completely free for you to use and read.
    2. I do charge a little fee for the occasional template, but templates are not required for any of my creations!
    3. For those of you who would like to offer me more support at this extremely uncertain time for Covid, there are a variety of ways you may do so (while also assisting with the continued operation of this free resource website!)
    1. Subscribe to my weekly email, which is completely free, and follow me on YouTube.
    2. Follow my FREE FB Group or sign up for this email if you have preschoolers.
    3. Alternatively, you might purchase a cup of coffee for me.

    Any, or all, of the suggestions above are quite beneficial! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    3D Birthday Card Cake – Supplies needed:

    • The materials required to create this birthday card are, in fact, fairly simple! In essence, it is a collection of cardstock and scrap paper in a variety of colors. In this case, as with all of our projects, I encourage you to work with what you have on hand and to have a good rummage through your craft box
    • you can easily include washi tape, glitter paper, stickers, ribbons, and even lace into your ″happy birthday card″ design. The following materials: A6 card stock (or an A5 sheet of card folded in half)
    • White paper (or any other paper of your choosing)
    • Cutting scissors
    • contrasting paper (or you may use markers to embellish)
    • a glue stick
    • a pair of scissors

    Pop Up Birthday Card Cake – How To

    1. Let’s have a look at how to make this handcrafted birthday card!
    2. Like always, we have a terrific HOW TO video to share with you on autoplay – but before, we have some written instructions that you may find more convenient.
    3. The video, on the other hand, demonstrates how quick and simple it is to create this fun and easy Pop Up Birthday Cake Card.
    4. Please keep in mind that you are not need to use ″beautiful pattern paper/sprinkles paper″ like I have done here.
    5. However, you may also embellish the ″white cake″ with markers or other decorative items such as washi tape.

    Review your current situation and make the best of it!However, a word of caution…because this pop up birthday card DIY is so simple, you will find yourself making more and more and more…

    So why not prepare a big batch and have them on hand for all of the upcoming birthdays that will occur throughout the year?Make a white one and add a small bride and groom on it, and you’ve got yourself the ideal Wedding Cake Card!

    Your birthday candles or cake toppers

    1. Start with your cake toppers because the measurements of the remainder of the cake will be influenced by the size of the toppers.
    2. Consider your cake toppers: will they be candles or will they be a little bridal and groom figurine?
    3. Keep it basic; the end product will be stunning, and you don’t need to be an artist to incorporate fine details into your design.
    4. Prepare your candles, as well as your bride and groom, and have them ready.

    Prepping your homemade birthday card

    Cut your A5 sheet of white paper down a little bit, using your card stock as a reference, so that when it is within the card, it creates a wonderful frame! Fold the paper in half and set it aside.

    Measuring your birthday cake’s tiers

    Gather all of your candles and arrange them in a line with your folded paper, then use a crude measuring tape to approximately measure out the top and bottom of the cake, as seen below. Along the spine of the cake, divide the area into three equal halves. In order to make the cake fit the card, the lowest rung should be roughly half the length of the card.

    Cutting your pop up cake’s tiers & pop up them out

    Make four cuts: two long cuts (about 5cm), one medium cut (approximately 3.5cm), and one little cut (approximately 2cm) (approx. 2cm)

    Creating the cake pop ups

    Make a series of necessary folds down the length of these cuts. Fold the paper open and ″reverse the crease″ to make it seem like new!

    Assembling your handmade card

    1. Glue the paper to the back of the cardstock.
    2. Take it one side at a time and press down to tighten it.
    3. This is the end of your simple pop up cake!
    4. It is now time to be creative and decorate to your heart’s desire.
    5. We used gorgeous patterned paper to build the layers of the pop-up birthday cake and to decorate it with candles.
    See also:  How To Convert A Muffin Mix To A Cake Mix?

    You may, however, use any type of paper and just embellish it with markers, washi tape, stickers, glitter, ribbons, lace, or even buttons if you choose.This is a terrific way to personalize this simple DIY Birthday card to match the items you already have at home.It is now time to add your birthday greeting on the inside of the card!

    If you are able to include some birthday balloons in the backdrop of your card, that would be fantastic!This would make a wonderful birthday card for a mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, or a close friend!It will be much appreciated by the receiver, and it will be a nice way to add to the festivities on their special day.

    Pop Up Birthday Card

    • Make a pop-up birthday cake card – which can also be used as a wedding cake card or stacked birthday gift card – by following the instructions below. A5 sheet of paper
    • A6 card
    • paper scraps for embellishment
    • scissors
    • glue stick
    • A5 piece of paper
    • Cut your A5 sheet of paper down a little bit, using your card stock as a reference, so that when it is within the card, you have a wonderful frame
    • Consider your cake toppers: will they be candles or will they be a little bridal and groom figurine? Continue to keep things basic
    • the end effect will be stunning, and you do not need to be an artist to add details.
    • In order to accurately measure the top and bottom of the cake, line up your toppers with your folded paper and use a ruler to mark out a rough outline of the top and bottom of the cake.
    • Using the spine as a guide, divide this cake space into three equal sections.
    • The rung at the bottom of the cake should be about half the length of the card (in this example 5cm).
    • Make four cuts: two long cuts (about 5cm), one medium cut (approximately 3.5cm), and one little cut (approximately 2cm) (approx. 2cm).
    • Make a crease along the lines of these cuts.
    • Fold the paper open and ″reverse the crease″ to make it more readable.
    • Glue the paper to the back of the cardstock. Secure one side at a time by pressing down firmly.
    • This is the end of your simple pop up cake! Finally, you may go crazy with the decorating

    We are DIY Card making crazy here on Red Ted Art:

    1. Pop Up Cards & 3D Cards are available for purchase here, and we have an incredible selection for you to choose from: More simple and entertaining DIY Birthday Card Ideas may be found here: Keep in mind that we have a fantastic ″generic″ set of Cards Kids Can Make, as well as a fantastic collection of Valentines Day Cards for Kids to Make, many of which are appropriate for birthdays and loved ones, as well as a terrific set of wedding invitations!
    2. Simply have a look around and then settle in for a nice browse!

    DIY Pop Up Cake Card for Birthdays – Video Tutorial:

    For this sort of activity, I truly believe that watching a video is preferable – because it demonstrates just how simple it is to create these amazing pop up birthday cards! Enjoy! This is the extended video voice over version, which is also accessible on YouTube.

    How to Make a Pop Up Birthday Card

    1. Article to be downloaded article to be downloaded Whenever someone significant in your life celebrates a birthday, make them feel extra special by gifting them a handcrafted pop-up birthday card.
    2. Pop-up birthday cards are a kind gift that allows for far more personalisation than purchasing a store-bought card, allowing you to wish your loved one a happy birthday in style without breaking the bank.
    3. Pop-up cards may be made in a variety of designs and are rather straightforward to construct if you carefully follow the directions provided with the product.
    1. 1Prepare a pop-up template on paper. For your card, conduct a fast web search for ″pop-up card templates″ to identify a template that would work well for your needs. There are many various types of templates accessible, so you’ll have a plethora of possibilities. Attempt to get a template that is not overly complicated to cut and glue appropriately.. For the sake of this tutorial, use the birthday cake template provided here to guide you through the procedures (PDF).
    2. 2 The template should be cut and folded. Using a paper cutter, cut out the cupcake part of the pattern and fold it along the dashed line in the middle. The base of the card will act as the foundation for the pop-up portion of the card. Make certain that you are cutting out the entire, symmetrical piece of the pattern before you begin. Afterwards, the individual pieces will be cut out and used to embellish the pop-up form. The form of some pop-up card templates will be a single shape, whilst others may have copies of specific shapes that can be cut out in different colors and overlaid over the pop-up shape in order to allow you to employ multiple designs.
    • Promotional material
    • 3 Make a template out of cardstock by cutting a piece of cardstock. For the bottom of the cupcake, cut a piece of thick cardboard in a color that you want to stand out. Place the template on this piece of cardstock and cut it to be slightly larger than the template on both sides. Once the cardstock has been cut, fold it in half again along the center fold line to complete the project. Make use of 65-pound cardstock. While thicker than paper, it is still manageable in terms of folding and opening cleanly. It is possible to get 65lb paper at any craft or office supply store.
    1. 3rd-party advertising Make a template out of a piece of paper.
    2. Decide on a color for the bottom of the cupcake and cut a piece of thick cardboard in that color.
    3. Placing the template on this piece of cardboard and cutting it to be slightly larger than the template Once the paper has been cut, fold it in half again along the center fold line to complete the design.
    4. 65-pound cardstock is recommended.
    5. This is slightly thicker than paper, yet it is not too thick to fold and open neatly when necessary.

    Paper weight 65lb may be found in almost any art, craft, and office supply store.

    1. 5 Cut along the lines of the template that have been defined.
    2. To cut the cardstock for the pop-up form, trace the lines on the pattern and cut along them.
    3. Starting at the bottom, cut the vertical lines, then continue on to the shape’s contours and outlines.
    4. This is the form that will be revealed when you open the card, so be accurate with your measurements.
    5. Remember to cut through both halves of the folded cardstock while cutting through it.

    Make certain that the scissors you’re using are razor-sharp and that the blades are tiny enough to do delicate line work.Because standard kitchen scissors may be too wide to cut out little details precisely, you may wish to invest in a pair of speciality crafts scissors just in case you need them.

    1. 1 Fold the bottom of the cupcake form in half, starting at the top.
    2. Identify and utilize the dotted lines on the pattern that show where to fold down the bottom of the cardboard form you just cut in order to fold it.
    3. Although these lines are simple to fold, precision is essential.
    4. If the fold is sloppy or crooked, the card may be unable to open or close correctly.
    5. By the time you’re through, you should have two folded edges in addition to the original crease that was created when you folded the template.

    Using the template and cardstock folded down the center, the first crease will be made, and here is where the pop-up design will be inserted into the folded card.

    1. 2 Choose a piece of cardboard to use as the card’s foundation.
    2. Select another piece of cardstock to act as the card’s body.
    3. (Optional) If you want to make the pop-up component stand out, you may paint it a different color or use a pattern that you like to make it pop.
    4. Fold this piece of cardstock in half so that it is approximately 4.5″ x 11″ when it is finished.
    5. It is possible to fold the card so that it will fit into a normal 4″x6″ invitation envelope.
    • 3 Glue along the folded border of the cupcake’s bottom, starting at the top. Using a little dot of glue, adhere the bottom of your form to the flat areas where you folded it in half. Make sure this side of the shape is facing down, then adhere it to the backing card (the creases in the center of both pieces of cardstock should fit together, as this is where the card will open). When the glue has dried, the form will be stable, but the other side will be able to move freely once the card has been opened and folded. Only glue one side of the object at a time, and do not glue over the folded lines. A hot glue gun or a craft glue with a firm grip may be the best option for this operation. Ordinary Elmer’s glue can suffice, however it may get unglued after drying if not used properly.
    1. 4 Glue the two top parts of the object together to form a triangle.
    2. Using another blob of glue, adhere the candles to the top half of the cupcake using the method described above.
    3. Close the card and push hard to ensure that the adhesive is fully adhered to the card.
    4. Keep the card closed until the glue has dried completely, then open it to check that both portions of the top of the pop-up form are in proper alignment.
    5. When gluing your cupcake, be sure to just attach the top half of the cupcake; the bottom portion should stay unglued to allow the cupcake to ″blow up″ when you open the card.
    1. 1 Cut out the other individual forms from the pattern using a tracing paper template.
    2. Make your way back to the pattern page and cut out all of the remaining shapes.
    3. It is recommended that each form on the template has two or more copies, including the outlines for the icing and candles.
    4. Like you did with the initial pop-up element, you’ll be using these template shapes to cut them out of colored cardboard and layer them on top of the pop-up section of the card.
    5. Alternatively, you may retain the leftover pieces or use them to create your own decorations for the pop-up patterns (i.e.

    adding more candles).

    • 2Cut the shape out of the cardstock that you’ve chosen. Choose the color cardstock you want to use for each of the individual template forms on the final finished card once you’ve cut them out of the individual template shapes. Attach these shapes to the cardstock of your choice and then cut them out. Fold these pieces of cardstock in half before gluing and cutting them
    • this will allow you to cut out two parts at the same time if desired.
    • 3
    • Glue the different forms on the pop-up area of the card with a glue stick or your fingers. Following the completion of all of the individual pieces of cardstock that have been cut and prepared, glue them in the right locations on both sides of the pop-up element that has previously been included in your card. For this pattern, the candle will be put at the top of the cupcake above the icing form, and the frosting should overflow the first pop-up piece you cut, which will act as the cupcake’s foundation. 4 Place these pieces flat inside the unopened card and allow them to dry for at least 24 hours. Take a look at your card. Check out how it works by opening up the card. The foundation shape should tug a bit on the outside border where it has been bonded if you have done everything correctly. This will cause the base shape to rise up when the card is opened while remaining flat when the card is closed. You don’t have to worry if your parts aren’t precisely aligned or if your shape doesn’t quite hold up on your first try. Continue to try until you have a well-designed, brightly colored handcrafted pop-up card. Draw or paint designs on the card and then present it to a friend to see their face light up with delight. If your pop-up form does not stand up correctly, it is most likely due to a little error in the cutting of the cupcake shape or the gluing of the cupcake shape to the base. It’s worth a second try, this time making care to cut the pop-up form as exactly as possible and gluing only the folded edge of the underside of the paper to the foundation cardstock
    • Missing or misaligned candles at the top of the cupcake can cause it to seem crooked when the card is closed, and it may also prevent the cupcake from resting flat when the card is closed. Before you glue the candle parts together, make sure that they are exactly aligned.
    • To save time, you might want to print off additional copies of the original template in case you need to run through it more than once.
    • Question Add a new question Question I’m having trouble printing the template. What additional non-printing birthday card ideas do you have? I’m looking for something unique and different. To get an inexpensive template produced, go to a print shop such as FedEx Office or try making your own using patterns you find online as a reference. What is the best way to produce a 4.75×6.5 envelope? Purchasing an envelope will be the most convenient alternative because they are inexpensive, but if you insist on creating your own, you should consult wikiHow for a lesson on how to construct several sorts of envelopes by hand. But what happens if I want to design the pop-up card rather than print it? Is it worth it to sketch it, or should I just print it off and save time? It is entirely up to you and is dependent on a variety of things, such as your drawing ability and speed. Using a printer will allow you to complete a task quickly and easily. Alternatively, you may sketch it if you want to take your time with it.

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    The folds at the bottom of the cake must be exact in order for the card to fold appropriately as well. If this is not done, the card will be twisted when it is closed. Use a ballpoint pen (ideally one that does not contain ink) or an unloaded mechanical pencil to softly score the fold lines first.

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    Things You’ll Need

    • Pop-up template
    • Scissors
    • Craft glue or hot glue gun
    • Other craft supplies (for decoration)
    • Multicolored 65lb paper (at least five pieces)
    • Other craft supplies (for decorating)

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    2. Choose a piece of thick paper that is slightly la

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