How To Place A Cake In Minecraft?

Unlike most food, the cake cannot be eaten as an item in the hotbar. Before being eaten, it must first be placed on top of a solid block. Placing the cake on a slab also works, as the slab acts like a solid block. The cake instead floats half a block on top of the slab.
First you need to make the cake according to the box.

How do cakes work in Minecraft?

Cake is a solid block used as food and can be used multiple times. Cake cannot be eaten while being held, instead it must be placed on a suitable surface such as a block. Slices are removed each time the cake is used, and breaking the cake block or the block underneath it will destroy the cake and not return anything.

Why can’t I eat cake in Minecraft?

To eat cake you need to place it on the ground. After it has been placed you can eat it by tapping it repeatedly. Don’t long press it because that won’t work.

Are cakes worth it in Minecraft?

When used with a redstone comparator, a cake will produce a redstone signal strength of 14, decreasing by 2 per slice eaten. Cake restores the most hunger out of all food in Minecraft. Candles can be put on cakes to create ‘birthday cakes’.

Why the cake is a lie?

The cake is a lie is a 2000s meme based on the video game, Portal, and used for a false promise, temptation, or trap deluding someone into their own ruin.

Do Minecraft cakes stack?

4. Do cakes stack in Minecraft? Cakes will stack in your inventory up to sixty-four.

How do you make a shield in Minecraft?

To make a shield, place your wooden planks in a Y-shape in the crafting table, filling the two corner spots of the first row, the entire second row, and the center spot of the third row. Then fill in the middle spot of the first row with your iron ingot. This will make a shield!

How do you get among us head in Minecraft?

To Get Player Heads on the newest version of Minecraft you can simply use the command /give @p minecraft:player_head{SkullOwner:PlayerNameHere} but for older versions of Minecraft you need to use a command block.

How do you get among us in Minecraft?

How can you play Among Us in Minecraft? You only need to join a dedicated Among Us server in Minecraft. You can search through custom servers by searching for “Among Us” or jump straight into one of the most popular ones.

How do you make a cake in Minecraft?

To make a Minecraft cake you will need three buckets of milk, two sugar, an egg, and three pieces of wheat. Arrange the wheat at the bottom row, the egg in the middle with two pieces of sugar at its sides, and the three buckets of milk at the top. How do you eat cake in Minecraft? Eating cake in java is the same as eating cake in bedrock.

How do I Eat Cake in Minecraft?

  • For Java Edition (PC/Mac),right click on the block.
  • For Pocket Edition (PE),you tap on the block.
  • For Xbox 360 and Xbox One,press the LT button on the Xbox controller.
  • For PS3 and PS4,press the L2 button on the PS controller.
  • For Wii U,press the ZL button on the gamepad.
  • For Nintendo Switch,press the ZL button on the controller.
  • How to make Minecraft cupcakes?

  • 10g yellow modelling paste
  • 20g white modelling paste
  • 20g green modelling paste
  • 20g pink modelling paste
  • 15g black modelling paste
  • 10g brown modelling paste
  • 10g red modelling paste
  • 10g beige modelling paste
  • 5g dark green modelling paste
  • 2.5g dark purple modelling paste
  • Cake

    This article contains content about features that are not yet released.These features are currently in Minecraft, but are expected to change in some way in an upcoming release. These changes may have been announced by Mojang Studios to possibly appear in a future update, or may be available only in a snapshot or beta.

    Baking cake is a type of food that may be created through crafting and put on a solid surface, making it available for consumption by any player. The use of a Silk Touch pickaxe or shears will not be able to remove it once it has been planted in the ground.


    A cake stands 14 inches lower than a standard block.It’s covered in white frosting and topped with a red cherry-like garnish.It has a total of seven uses and recovers 2 () for each use it receives.When the cake is broken, it does not fall.When compared to other delicacies such as cookies and enchanted apples, cake can only be consumed by pressing the ″Eat″ button while it is being put.When a redstone comparator is used to accept an output, it will emit a signal intensity of 2 for every slice that is left, up to a maximum signal strength of fourteen.

    After being thrown into a composter, a cake can fill up one level of the container and be devoured by pandas.


    Milk Milk Milk
    Sugar Egg Sugar
    Wheat Wheat Wheat

    A cake is created using one egg, three buckets of milk, two buckets of sugar, and three cups of whole wheat flour.If a player consumes a cake more than once, the cake will appear to be divided into thirds or sixths.Cake-making will grant the achievement ″The Lie″ (it is usually required to earn the achievement ″Time to Farm″ first), which is a reference to the video game Portal, if done correctly.


    • The sound of cake baking is similar to the sound of wool being laid or broken.
    • The only meal that has to be put in order for players to consume it is cake.
    • Each slice may be consumed nearly rapidly, and it restores about 1 hunger bar to the player.
    • The block with the ID 92 has the appearance of a cake that has been dropped
    • The three buckets were depleted when a player constructed a cake in earlier versions, making it prohibitively expensive to produce
    • however, this was later changed.
    • A cake will be sold by farmer villagers in exchange for an emerald at their Master level.
    • When making a cake, it is unclear where the cherry-like topping came from, as there are no components that seem similar to the toppers.
    • With a swirl and an additional topping on top, the unique texture of the cake is a hit with guests.
    • Prior to version 1.8 – The Bountiful Update, the cake contained just six slices.
    • It will entirely vanish when the cake is pressed with a piston. •
    • In the presence of a redstone comparator, a cake will emit a redstone signal strength of 14, with the strength dropping by 2 with each piece consumed.
    • Minecraft’s inventory would initially include two cakes in the early versions of the game. One was in 3D, while the other was in 2D.
    • Cake, more than any other meal in Minecraft, is the most effective at re-establishing hunger.
    • Cakes can be decorated with candles to serve as ″birthday cakes.″
    • Cookies are the only objects that can be regenerated once they have been put and cannot be regenerated even using the Silk Touch.
    • On May 17, 2019, in celebration of Minecraft’s tenth anniversary, the cake model was modified to include a white concrete ″10″ above it.



    This Tricky Meme Truly Takes The Cake Warning: This article contains spoilers for an 11-year-old video game.You have been forewarned about this.The phrase ″the cake is a lie″ is a viral phrase that originated in the computer game Portal from 2007.Chell, the main character of the game, is entrusted with putting an experimental pistol that produces portals through a series of tests.Chell is given directives by an artificial intelligence named GLaDOS.In the beginning, GLaDOS is helpful and encouraging, even telling Chell that she would be given cake when all of the exams are completed.

    As the game progresses, GLaDOS grows increasingly cruel and nasty, disparaging Chell for being an orphan with no companions.The exams also get more perilous as time progresses, with tasks such as crossing acid becoming more common.Once all of the exams have been passed, GLaDOS congratulates the player and, according to legend, begins planning a celebration with the previously promised cake.In actuality, however, GLaDOS attempts to kill Chell by lowering her into a furnace, which she survives.

    1. Chell manages to escape and, along the way, discovers graffiti from previous test subjects who had been slain by GLaDOS.
    2. Among them is the words ″the cake is a lie,″ which has been written on the walls in a frantic fashion.
    3. Following the debut of the game, the phrase ″the cake is a lie″ became a well-known slogan among Portal enthusiasts.
    4. The word gained popularity after it was posted on gaming forums and took on a new meaning, that of a false promise, trap, or illusion.
    5. T-shirts featuring the phrase ″the cake is a lie″ were sold and references to the phrase appeared in other video games less than a year after the publication of Portal.
    6. When the cake is a lie meme first appeared in 2010, it had become so popular that Portal head writer Erik Wolpaw stated that he would not make any mention to it in his sequel, Portal 2, since he was weary of seeing it everywhere.

    In the same way, the modern internet, where the cake is a lie has become an uncool ″dead meme,″ with anybody who uses it unironically viewed as being out of touch with online culture, has become an unhip ″dead meme.″

    Easy steps on how to make and eat cake in Minecraft

    Cake is one of the most ancient meals in the game, and it has the ability to replenish up to 7 hunger points at a time.Three gallons of milk, two cups of sugar, one egg, and three pieces of wheat are required for the cake’s preparation.The wheat should be placed at the bottom of the row, the egg in the center with two bits of sugar on either side of it, and the three buckets of milk should be placed at the top.Once the cake has been created, simply place it in the desired location and right-click to consume it.Notch made the decision to include cake in the game if Minecraft won the 2010 Indie of the Year award, which it did in addition to winning two other prizes at the event at which it was announced.It is more common to utilize Minecraft cakes for decoration rather than to keep your hunger meter satisfied.

    Each cake will be divided into seven slices, with each slice adding one full hunger point to your total hunger bar.

    How do you make a Minecraft Cake?

    A Minecraft cake requires three buckets of milk, two cups of sugar, an egg, and three pieces of wheat to be successfully completed. The wheat should be placed at the bottom of the row, the egg in the center with two bits of sugar on either side of it, and the three buckets of milk should be placed at the top.

    How do you eat cake in Minecraft?

    Eating cake in java is the same as eating cake in bedrock in terms of satisfaction. To consume the cake, simply position it in the desired location and right-click it. In all versions, you are unable to consume the cake directly from your Hotbar.

    Minecraft Cake Ideas

    You may arrange a beautiful dinner table for your guests.I utilized pistons to support various melon, pumpkins, and food-filled object frames on my tabletop.A table placed up outside can serve as a pleasant picnic area, or you can set one up inside to serve as a dining room….This is an excellent method to display all of the food options available in Minecraft.You may also place a cake in an item frame to help you identify which chest contains the most food supplies.This might help you organize your belongings and remember where you put them.

    Because the cake only takes up 7/8ths of a block, you can still stroll along the perimeter of the block that the cake is located on.In order to do this, you may design an obstacle course or a secret passageway leading to another location.Paintings can also be placed on the cake, which, when paired with the limited walking area provided by cakes, can result in the creation of a hidden passageway.This can assist you in disguising a secret path or possibly trapping a more experienced player in a trap.


    1. What kind of cake is the Minecraft cake?

    Minecraft cakes resemble a chocolate cake with vanilla icing and strawberries or cherries on top, according to the images on the internet. The inside appears to be too black to be either a vanilla or a sponge cake.

    2. What can’t I eat cake in Minecraft?

    The cake is unlike most of the other dishes available in Minecraft. In order to consume the cake, you must first set it on a serving tray. Place the cake at the location where you want to consume it and right-click to consume a piece of the cake. It’s interesting to note that no matter where you set the cake or from where you eat it, the cake will always be eaten from one side to the other.

    3. Do Minecraft pandas eat cake?

    Panda will consume the cake that has fallen to the ground. No cake should ever be placed on top of a slab of ice.

    4. Do cakes stack in Minecraft?

    There will be a total of sixty-four cakes in your inventory. By placing a cake on top of another cake while holding sneak, you may create a beautiful stacked cake; unfortunately, the outcome is not a beautiful stacked cake but rather a cake that floats over the other.

    5. Can you pick up a cake with a silk touch?

    Cakes can never be recovered, not even with a pickaxe with a silk touch. As soon as you’ve put the item, you’ll need to either consume it or shatter it. It is always possible to smash the cake put on top of the block by breaking the block below it.

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    How to Make a Shield in Minecraft: Step-by-Step Guide

    Create a shield by placing an iron ingot in the second cell of the first row, then filling the crafting grid with wood planks, save for the edges of the third row, to complete it.Simply add it to your inventory at that point.Shields are extremely significant in 1.9+ PvP because they provide players with new and more effective ways to defend themselves against assaults.Because of the 1.9 update, PvP has taken a significant shift away from quick clicking and toward more carefully timed hits, making critical hits far more crucial in the game.Holding a shield to defend yourself against any approaching Dual-wielding hasn’t always been a feature in Minecraft; in fact, it wasn’t included until Update 1.9, which was released in 2015, and is still in beta.

    Required Materials to Craft a Shield:

    The following materials will be required in order to construct a shield:

    1. 3 logs
    2. A furnace
    3. 1 coal (or other form of fuel)
    4. 1 iron ore

    A crafting table is the first building piece you’ll need to put together in order to manufacture a shield.It is necessary to turn those newly acquired logs into wooden planks before beginning the process of building a crafting table.To produce wooden planks, simply insert the logs that have been collected into one of the slots on the survival inventory crafting table, as shown in the illustration below, and the process will be complete.Once the logs have been transformed into wooden planks, you can proceed to the next step, which is the construction of a crafting table.This post goes into further detail on how to construct a crafting table.If you want to create the most basic form of pickaxe for collecting your first few bits of cobblestone, you will need a crafting table.

    You’ll need this cobblestone if you want to build a furnace.The first step in creating a pickaxe is to carve the sticks that will serve as the handle.To manufacture your sticks, you may either utilize the crafting table from your survival inventory or the crafting table you just made.To construct sticks, stack two blocks of wooden planks on top of each other on either the left or right side of the square, as indicated in the illustration above.

    1. It is now necessary to craft a pickaxe, which may be accomplished by interacting with a crafting table.
    2. Afterwards, at the crafting table, arrange a row of planks along the top of the crafting GUI and two sticks under the center plank, as shown in the illustration above.
    3. This will result in the creation of a pickaxe, which you may use to collect your cobblestone, which is a necessary building component for the construction of a furnace.
    4. This article will teach you all you need to know about how to build a furnace.
    5. After that, you’ll need to locate some iron and coal.
    6. Despite the fact that you only need one piece of iron for this preparation, iron is a very valuable resource, and it is recommended that you acquire as much as you can of it.
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    A stone pickaxe, on the other hand, is required for collecting iron.To construct a stone pickaxe, follow the same procedure as described above, except instead of wood, use cobblestone instead of wood.An illustration of this is presented below.

    Iron and coal spawn in large quantities and may be found in caverns, cliffsides, and even on the surface of the planet in stone-topped biomes, among other places.Once you’ve discovered your coal, mine it and then start looking for iron resources.Iron is generated in the same general areas as coal, and it may be found in large quantities both on the surface and below the level of the earth’s surface.After you’ve discovered your iron, you’ll need to smelt it.To smelt, use your furnace to reduce the iron to the consistency of an ingot.

    1. To begin, launch the furnace’s graphical user interface.
    2. The iron you desire to smelt should be placed in the top slot.
    3. After that, insert your fuel (in this example, coal) into the bottom slot of the boiler.
    4. Wait for the progress meter to fill completely before removing your iron.
    5. Once you’ve obtained your iron ingot, you may begin working on your shield!

    How to Craft a Shield in Minecraft?

    Step-by-Step Guide(with Pictures):

    In order to make a shield in Minecraft, you must follow the steps outlined below, which are shown with pictures.In order to make a shield in Minecraft, you must first set up your crafting table.Then, as seen below, launch the crafting table GUI: Placing your wooden planks in a Y-shape on the crafting table will allow you to build a shield.Fill the two corner positions of the first row, the full second row, and the center location of the third row with your wooden planks.Fill in the centre of the first row with your iron ingot, and then repeat the process.This will function as a shield!

    What you can do with a shield?

    Attacks from both melee and projectile range are deflected by shields.In the case of a skeleton shooting at you, for example, raising your shield will prevent you from suffering damage from the arrow that was fired.Raising your shield in the face of zombie assaults or other similar attacks will prevent you from receiving any further damage.Each strike to the shield, on the other hand, causes it to lose durability, so keep an eye out for when your shield is about to break.

    Explainer Video

    FAQs on Minecraft Shield

    Q. How do you control a shield in Minecraft?

    Shields are controlled in the same manner that you would control an item: by right-clicking on the shield. You must maintain the shield’s position and protection by holding down the right-click button.

    Q. How do you make a diamond shield in Minecraft?

    In Minecraft, there is just one sort of shield available. In a crafting GUI, you may adorn them with banners, which you can make by connecting two banners with a shield.


    Congratulations! You have finally completed your shield! Make use of this to protect yourself when wandering and exploring your Minecraft worlds, whether they be in the overworld, the Nether, or the End. It is quite advantageous to use shields in order to avoid losing health when it is not essential. Best of luck with your explorations!

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    How to get Player Heads in Minecraft?

    Decorative blocks, known as heads, were included in the much-anticipated Minecraft 1.4 release.Although heads are strictly ornamental blocks in single-player Minecraft, they serve a number of useful functions in this mode of gameplay.Server-side plugins for Minecraft, in particular, make extensive use of player heads, which are very popular in this context.Six different sorts of heads may be gained in Minecraft, and they are as follows: the player’s head, the zombie’s head, the wither skeleton’s head, the creeper’s head, and the dragon’s head.All heads can be shattered without the need of any special equipment, and the head that has been successfully destroyed will fall to the ground.

    How to get a Player Head in Minecraft:

    In a Nutshell:

    In the most recent version of Minecraft, you may simply use the command /give @p minecraft:player head to obtain player heads, however in previous versions of Minecraft, you must utilize a command block to do the same task.

    Step-by-Step Guide(with Pictures):

    The following is a step-by-step graphical instruction that will show you how to obtain Player Heads in Minecraft: Using the most recent version of Minecraft, you can simply type the command /give @p minecraft:player head, however for previous versions of Minecraft (those older than version 1.13), you’ll need to utilize a command block to do the same thing.TIP: To use commands in Minecraft, you must either be in creative mode or have cheats enabled on your computer.

    For versions below 1.13:

    Step 1.) Enter the following command: /give minecraft:command block to a player Step 2.) Place the command block on the ground and write the following command in the Console Command section: /give @p minecraft:skull to a friend 3 1 3 1 3 1 3 1 3 1 3 1 3 Following the completion of this step, you will need to include something in the Command block in order for it to function properly.For the sake of simplicity, we shall utilize a button in this scenario, as illustrated below.Step 4.) After pressing the button, you will be presented with the player head associated with the username you supplied!



    Can you get a villager head in Minecraft?

    A villager’s head will be awarded to you when you murder a villager with a looting enchanted blade while looting the hamlet.

    Can you get a Steve head in survival?

    Steve heads can only be produced via the use of the creative mode at the moment.

    How do you get an enderman head in Minecraft?

    It is possible to obtain the head of an enderman by killing an enderman; however, the likelihood of obtaining the head by killing an enderman is 1/40. (2.5 percent ).

    What does a Creeper head do?

    It is estimated that wearing a creeper head reduces the range from which a creeper is able to identify you by 50%. The same premise holds true for skeletons and zombies as well, with skeleton heads and zombie heads, respectively, representing the bodies of the undead.


    In the game, heads are a particularly intriguing and one-of-a-kind ornamental block, mostly owing to the fact that they are smaller than standard blocks and may have any custom texture added to them.Minecraft servers and adventure map makers, in particular, take use of player heads since their textures can be readily altered to mimic real-world objects; this essentially adds additional ornamental blocks to the game, which is very useful for server administrators.In practice, however, players may equip special monster heads to prevent specific mob detection ranges from being detected, making it much simpler to harvest and battle the aforementioned mobs.

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    How to play Among Us in Minecraft

    All summer long, the game Among Us has grown in popularity by leaps and bounds, according to the latest figures.Although the Mafia-inspired game has been available since 2018, it only required a small amount of encouragement from content providers for it to reach its present heights.The game immediately gained popularity as a result of its straightforward gameplay and widespread distribution across a variety of platforms.Among Us is accessible on Steam and mobile platforms, which makes it much easier to play on Mac devices as well as other platforms.If you missed out on the opportunity to play the game or would like to experience the same degree of excitement in a new environment, game modders have you covered.It is possible to play Among Us within Minecraft by connecting to one of the dedicated servers.

    In Minecraft, the Among Us mode follows the same set of rules as the original game, in which players are separated into two teams of imposters and crewmates upon entering a room.

    How can you play Among Us in Minecraft?

    All you have to do is connect to a special Among Us server in Minecraft.You may search through custom servers by searching for ″Among Us,″ or you can get right into one of the more popular ones by clicking on the link below.When compared to the competition, Mineville’s and Performium’s dedicated Among Us servers have been performing remarkably well, with each averaging more than 400 gamers on a consistent basis.If you intend to embark on a solitary journey, playing on congested servers will be excellent, but you may also bring your buddies along for the ride.

    How can you join a custom server in Minecraft?

    • A custom server is required in order to play Among Us within the Minecraft environment. The procedure will be familiar to most Minecraft veterans
    • but, for those who have been engrossed in the beauty of the world they have made, it may be the first time. Copy or make a mental note of the server IP address of the server you’d want to join. Mineville:
    • \sPerformium:
    • Start Minecraft and choose the Multiplayer option
    • Select Add Server from the drop-down menu.
    • A menu will appear, prompting you to input a Server Name and an IP address
    • this is where the fun begins!
    • Enter or paste the IP address of the server you’d want to join into the appropriate field.
    • You may put anything you want in the Server Name area because it’s intended to help you remember the name of the server you’ll be playing on
    • however, it’s best if you keep it short.
    • You will be taken to the server list when you have confirmed the server details.
    • Find your server in the list and choose it by clicking on it to bring up the Join Server menu.

    How to make a Cake in Minecraft

    This Minecraft tutorial, which includes images and step-by-step directions, teaches how to make a cake in the game. The creation of a cake is one of the various food products that you may do in Minecraft. When you consume a cake, your food meter will be replenished. Let’s look at how to bake a cake from scratch.

    Supported Platforms

    An item known as a cake is available in the following Minecraft versions:

    Platform Supported (Version*)
     Java Edition (PC/Mac) Yes
     Pocket Edition (PE) Yes (0.7.0)
     Xbox 360 Yes
     Xbox One Yes
     PS3 Yes
     PS4 Yes
     Wii U Yes
     Nintendo Switch Yes
     Windows 10 Edition Yes
     Education Edition Yes

    * If appropriate, the version number of the item that was added or deleted. NOTE: Bedrock Edition is the new name for the Pocket Edition (PE), Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Windows 10 Edition. We shall continue to display them one by one for the sake of version history.

    Where to find a Cake in Creative Mode

    • Java
    • PE
    • Xbox
    • PS
    • Nintendo
    • Win10
    • Edu

    Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac)

    A cake may be found in the Creative Inventory menu at the following location:

    Platform Version(s) Creative Menu Location
     Java Edition (PC/Mac) 1.8 – 1.19  Foodstuffs

    Required Materials to make a Cake

    The following are the materials that may be used to make a cake in Minecraft:

    How to craft a Cake in Survival Mode

    1. Open the Crafting Menu

    The first step is to set up your crafting table so that you have a 3×3 crafting grid, which should look something like this:

    2. Add Items to make a Cake

    1. Crafting should be accessible from the menu bar, and it should consist of a 3×3 crafting grid, as seen in the image below.
    2. To make a cake, fill the 3×3 crafting grid with three milk, two sugar, one egg, and three wheat.
    3. When assembling a cake, it is critical that the components be arranged in the same manner as the figure below.
    4. There should be three glasses of milk in the first row.
    • In the second row, one sugar should be placed in the first box, one egg should be placed in the second box, and one sugar should be placed in the third box.
    • Three wheat plants should be planted in the third row.
    • This is the Minecraft cake-making recipe that you may use to make a cake.
    1. After you have completed the creating area with the appropriate design, the cake will appear in the box to the right of the making area.
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    3. Move the Cake to Inventory

    As soon as you have finished crafting a cake, you must add the additional goods to your inventory. You should also return your three empty buckets to their original locations in your inventory. Congratulations, you have successfully constructed a cake in Minecraft!

    Item ID and Name

    • Java
    • PE
    • Xbox
    • PS
    • Nintendo
    • Win10
    • Edu

    Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE)

    A cake in Minecraft contains the following Name, ID, and DataValue attributes:

    Item Description(Minecraft ID Name) MinecraftID Data Value Stack Size Platform Version(s)
    Cake(minecraft:cake) 354 1  Pocket Edition (PE) 0.16.0 – 1.18.12

    Minecraft Xbox One

    There are three properties associated with cakes in Minecraft: their name, ID, and DataValue.

    Item Description(Minecraft ID Name) MinecraftID Data Value Stack Size Platform Version(s)
    Cake(minecraft:cake) 354 1  Xbox One 1.6.0 – 1.18.12

    Minecraft PS4

    A cake in Minecraft contains the following names, IDs, and data values:

    Item Description(Minecraft ID Name) MinecraftID Data Value Stack Size Platform Version(s)
    Cake(minecraft:cake) 354 1  PS4 1.14.0 – 1.18.12

    Minecraft Nintendo Switch

    A cake in Minecraft has the following Name, ID, and DataValue:

    Item Description(Minecraft ID Name) MinecraftID Data Value Stack Size Platform Version(s)
    Cake(minecraft:cake) 354 1  Nintendo Switch 1.6.0 – 1.18.11

    Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

    A cake in Minecraft contains the following Name, ID, and DataValue attributes:

    Item Description(Minecraft ID Name) MinecraftID Data Value Stack Size Platform Version(s)
    Cake(minecraft:cake) 354 1  Windows 10 Edition 0.16.0 – 1.18.12

    Minecraft Education Edition

    There are three properties associated with cakes in Minecraft: their name, ID, and DataValue.

    Item Description(Minecraft ID Name) MinecraftID Data Value Stack Size Platform Version(s)
    Cake(minecraft:cake) 354 1  Education Edition 1.0 – 1.17.30

    Give Command for Cake

    • Java
    • PE
    • Xbox
    • PS
    • Nintendo
    • Win10
    • Edu

    Give Command in Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac)

    1. /give @p cake is the command for Cake in Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac) versions 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16, 1.17, 1.18, 1.18.1,, and 1.19.
    2. It is the command for Cake in Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac) versions 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16, 1.17, 1.18, 1.18.1,, and 1.19.
    3. 1 The /give command for Cake in Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac) versions 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, and 1.12 is as follows: /give @p cake 1 0

    Give Command in Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE)

    For Cake in Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) 0.16.0, 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.4.0, 1.5.0, 1.6.0, 1.7.0, 1.8.0, 1.9.0, 1.10.0, 1.11.0, 1.12.0, 1.13.0, 1.14.0, 1.16.0, 1.17.0, 1.18.0, and 1.18.12, use the /give command: /give @p cake 1 0 0 0

    Give Command in Minecraft Xbox One

    In Minecraft Xbox One versions 1.6.0, 1.7.0, 1.8.0, 1.9.0, 1.10.0, 1.11.0, 1.12.0, 1.13.0, 1.14.0, 1.16.0, 1.17.0, 1.18.0, and 1.18.12, the /give command for Cake is: /give @p cake 1 0. In Minecraft Xbox One versions 1.6.0, 1.7.0, 1.8.0, 1.9.0, 1.10.0, 1.11.0, 1.12.0, 1.13.0, 1.14.0

    Give Command in Minecraft PS4

    Cake may be obtained by using the /give command in Minecraft PS4 versions 1.14.0, 1.16.0, 1.17.0, 1.18.0, and 1.18.12: /give @p cake 1 0

    Give Command in Minecraft Nintendo Switch

    In Minecraft, the Nintendo Switch is used. On Minecraft versions 1.6.0, 1.7.0, 1.8.0, 1.9.0, 1.10.0., 1.11.0., 1.12.0, 1.13.00, 1.14.0, 1.15.0, 1.13.0, 1.16.0, 1.17.0, 1.18.0, and 1.18.11, the /give command for Cake is: /give @p cake 1 0 on Minecraft version 1.6.0

    Give Command in Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

    The /give command for Cake is as follows in Minecraft Windows 10 Edition versions 0.16.0, 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.4.0, 1.5.0, 1.6.0, 1.7.0, 1.8.0, 1.9.0, 1.10.0, 1.11.0, 1.12.0, 1.13.0, 1.14.0, 1.16.0, 1.17.0, 1.18.0, and 1.18.12: /give @p cake 1 0.

    Give Command in Minecraft Education Edition

    The /give command for Cake is as follows in Minecraft Education Edition 0.14.2, 1.0, 1.0.18, 1.0.21, 1.4.0, 1.7.0, 1.9.0, 1.12.0, 1.12.60, 1.14.31, and 1.17.30: /give @p cake 1 0 /give @p cake 1 0

    Things to Do with Cake

    Listed below are some of the activities that you may undertake in Minecraft with cake:

    How to bake a cake in Minecraft

    1. You’ll need three milk buckets, three grains of wheat, two sugars, and one egg to make a cake in the world of Minecraft.
    2. Cakes cannot be consumed directly from the inventory; instead, they must be stored somewhere.
    3. Learn how to obtain the ingredients, what to do with them, and what the popular dessert may be used for in the game by reading this guide.
    4. Isn’t it true that everyone enjoys cake?
    • Since the release of Beta 1.2, you no longer have to sacrifice your sweet craving in Minecraft.
    • The cake in the game appears to be a lovely cream cake with red fruits, but it is actually a highly unusual dish with unique abilities that must be discovered.
    • This is how you obtain the essential components to start your career as a block candy maker.

    How do you make a cake in Minecraft?

    The following are the ingredients for the cake recipe in Minecraft:

    These are the 4 ingredients

    1. Take three times as many milk buckets as you like and right-click on a cow to fill them with milk.
    2. 3. wheat: Wheat is just a crop that is gathered from the ground.
    3. 2x sugar: Harvest sugar cane and process it at a crafting table to make two times the amount of sugar. As an alternative, you can convert honey bottles into sugar or obtain honey from witches.
    4. 1x egg: Eggs are dropped by hens, and you may just pick them up from the ground.

    How to make the cake

    Using a workbench, arrange the milk buckets on the top row, the wheat on the bottom row, and the egg in between them, with the sugar on each side of it. Once you have gathered all of the ingredients, set them on the workbench and level them out. You may now start working on the cake. Yummy!

    What can you do with your Minecraft cake in game?

    Cakes cannot be piled in the inventory of the Java edition of the game, though. As a result, it makes little sense to create it in large quantities. However, it does offer one distinct advantage:

    Quick food intake

    1. Due to the fact that you do not have to hold the cake in your hand, it may be consumed more quickly than any other dish in the game.
    2. Placing the cake on a block does this, and by right-clicking on it without any extra animation, you may quickly consume a slice, which satisfies two hungry and 0.4 hungry saturation.
    3. The cake will now shrink in size, and once you have had seven pieces, it will vanish completely.

    Cake for the celebratory occasion

    As a result, the cake is appropriate for serving as a snack in the mine shaft as well as for sharing with friends. A candle can also be placed on a completed and positioned cake and lit if you are seeking for an ornamental light source or just want to commemorate a special event. As an example, a Cave & Cliffs upgrade would provide an excellent opportunity to test out the cake recipe!

    Successful cake mission

    A cake-baking accomplishment named ″The Lie,″ which is a play on the popular game ″Portal,″ is awarded for completing the task. In Minecraft, on the other hand, the cake is by no means a lethal trap, but rather the quickest method to consume food in the game.

    Minecraft 1.17: How To Make A Candle Cake

    The process of making candle cakes in Minecraft is actually fairly simple. In this article, we’ll teach you how to build a candle cake and throw a birthday party for a buddy. So, without further ado, let’s get to work on the baking!

    How to Make a Candle Cake in Minecraft 1.17?

    We must first bake a cake before we can begin the process of creating a candle cake. To make your own own cake, simply follow the methods outlined below.

    How to Bake a Cake?

    • To make a cake, you must first gather the necessary materials, which include milk, sugar, flour, and eggs.
    • The ingredients are as follows: one egg, three buckets of milk, three pieces of wheat, and two sugars
    • Milk may be obtained from goats and cows by right-clicking on the animal and selecting ″Get Milk.″
    • Sugarcanes or honey jars can be used to get sugar for baking. Sugarcanes are easier to obtain than other sources of sugar since they grow in profusion along coastlines.
    • You can get eggs from a chicken.
    • In order to bake a cake, you must first gather the necessary materials, which include milk, sugar, wheat, and eggs, among others.
    • A single egg, three buckets of milk, three pieces of wheat, and two sugars will be required.
    • Get milk from goats and cows by right-clicking on the animal and selecting ″Get Milk″ from the menu.
    • Sugarcanes or honey jars can be used to get sugar, as well. Sugarcanes are more readily available along coastlines, making it easier to obtain sugar from them.

    And that’s all there is to it when it comes to baking a cake in Minecraft. Now that we’ve finished baking, we can go on to the next step: making candles to decorate our cake.

    How to Make Candles in Minecraft?

    • Honeycombs are required for the production of candles.
    • Honeycombs can be obtained by collecting honey from beehives. Beehives may be found in a variety of biomes, including Plains, Sunflower Plains, and Flower Forests.
    • Following your successful acquisition of honeycombs, you will want thread in order to construct the candle.
    • String can be obtained through the destruction of cobwebs and the killing of spiders.
    • When you kill spiders with a weapon that has a looting enchantment on it, the chance of getting a loot drop increases.
    • As soon as you have the honeycomb and the thread, you may set them in the crafting menu and proceed to construct the candle.
    • Place the honeycomb in the middle slot of the second row of the crafting menu, in the middle of the row of slots.
    • Place the string in the center of the first row, in the middle slot. That’s all there is to it. You have now successfully created your own candle in Minecraft.
    1. Once you’ve created your cake and candle, you may begin the process of creating a birthday cake in the Minecraft world.
    2. This may be accomplished by right-clicking the cake and dropping it on the ground.
    3. Then repeat the procedure with the candle, and you’re finished!
    4. You now have your own candle cake to decorate with.
    • Make use of a flint and steel to light your candle before placing it on the cake for a romantic touch.
    • Now that you’ve made your very own birthday cake, have a look at our list of the top Minecraft 1.17 house designs (Caves and Cliffs update).
    • Check out our Minecraft guides for even more helpful hints and techniques.

    How to Make a Cake in Minecraft

    There are a plethora of various cuisines that you can create in Minecraft. Cake is one of the foods that provides some of the finest advantages since it significantly reduces your hunger meter. You cannot, however, consume it in the same manner as other meals.

    What You Need to Make a Cake

    1. In order to produce a Cake in Minecraft, you’ll need three Milk Buckets, three Wheat, two Sugar, and one Egg.
    2. Fill the top row of a Crafting Table with the three Milk Buckets after placing the three Wheat on the bottom row of the table.
    3. Then, in the middle row, in the left and right slots, place the two Sugars in each slot.
    4. Finally, lay the Egg in the center slot, and you’ll be able to take your Cake out of the machine.

    How to Get Milk Buckets

    1. To obtain Milk, you must approach a Cow while holding an empty Bucket and use the Bucket on the Cow.
    2. This will result in the creation of a Milk Bucket, which may be used to consume the Milk in the future.
    3. Following the consumption of the Milk, the container will revert to its original state.
    4. Similar to this, when you use Milk Buckets to bake a Cake, the Buckets are left over once the Cake is finished.

    How to Get Wheat

    1. It is possible that you will be able to discover large quantities of Wheat as well as Hay Bales (which can be broken down to produce Wheat) in villages that contain farms.
    2. You can, on the other hand, cultivate it yourself.
    3. To obtain Seeds, you must first break through the Grass barriers.
    4. After that, you’ll need to till some dirt blocks with a hoe before you can start planting the seeds.
    • After that, you’ll have to wait for the plant to mature for a short period of time.
    • Wheat will be golden in color when it is fully mature, which indicates that it is ready to be harvested by breaking it.
    • Every fully developed block of Wheat will yield 1 Wheat and a small number of Seeds.
    1. Additionally, Wheat may be found in the Chests of several overworld constructions on a rare occasion.

    How to Get Sugar

    1. Using Sugar Cane as a raw material, you may manufacture Sugar in any sort of crafting grid.
    2. You will receive 1 Sugar Cane for every 1 Sugar Cane that you utilize.
    3. Furthermore, if you have any Honey Bottles, these may be broken down in the same manner as well.
    4. For every one Honey Bottle you have, you will get three sugar, thus if you have access to a large amount of Honey and glass, this may be a highly effective Sugar farming technique.

    How to Get Eggs

    Eggs can only be laid by chickens; nonetheless, foxes are known to occasionally transport eggs. An egg is laid every 5 to 10 minutes by a Chicken, so if you’re in desperate need of some, simply hang around with one for a little bit.

    Other Ways to Get Cake

    If you open a Buried Treasure Chest, you have a slight (4.1 percent) chance of discovering 1 Cake. Furthermore, you may come across an Expert-level Farmer Villager who will trade you 1 Cake for 1 Emerald if you are lucky enough to discover him.

    How to Use a Cake

    1. You cannot consume a Cake from your hotbar in the same way that you can consume other food items.
    2. Before you may utilize a Cake, you must first lay it on a solid block of some sort.
    3. When you have the Cake in your hand, you may use it to set it on top of any solid block that you come across.
    4. A Cake can be used up to seven times after it has been placed.
    • Every time you utilize a Cake, it will appear to lose 1 slice of its appearance.
    See also:  How To Make Cake Mix Taste Like Bakery?

    How Much Hunger Cake Restores

    1. Before you can completely appreciate how delicious Cake is, you must first grasp what your Hunger Meter is telling you.
    2. The Hunger Meter is represented by each icon to the right of your level and on top of your hotbar.
    3. There are a total of ten of these icons, each of which will gradually fade to black over time.
    4. As soon as all of your Hunger Meter symbols become black, you will begin to suffer the effects of starvation.
    • It is possible to recover 1 Hunger for every piece of Cake that you consume.
    • As a result, if you take into consideration all seven pieces, 1 complete Cake will replenish 7 Hunger.
    • According to these comparisons, the most nutritious foods that aren’t covered by Gold (steak and other cooked meats) will only restore 4 Hunger points per serving.
    1. Cake may be time-consuming to prepare, but it will provide you with more nutrition in Minecraft than most other dishes.
    2. If you have a farm with cows, chickens, wheat, and sugar cane (all of which are rather simple to establish), you can produce a large number of cakes in a short period of time.

    About Breaking Cakes

    One thing to keep in mind regarding Cakes is that after they have been put, they cannot be taken up again. It is impossible to drop anything if you break a Cake after it has been put instead of eating slices from it. The Silk Touch enchantment prevents you from retrieving them with whatever tools you may have. As a result, you should exercise caution when arranging your Cakes.

    How to make the BEST minecraft birthday cake!

    1. Anyone can construct this Minecraft Birthday Cake since it is so simple to put together.
    2. Making your own Minecraft Cake can save you a TON of money over purchasing one.
    3. My sons are huge fans of the video game Minecraft, so it seemed natural that when their ninth birthday rolled around, they would request a Minecraft-themed party!
    4. Because of this, I had to design a Minecraft-themed birthday cake.
    • To be quite honest, I understood very nothing about Minecraft, so I had to double-check every aspect with them, especially the desserts.

    Make your own Minecraft Cake

    1. The lads were quite particular about the sort of cake they wanted for each of them.
    2. One youngster requested a cake that looked exactly like the cake block from the video game Minecraft – white on top, brown on the bottom, and red squares on the sides.
    3. It didn’t appear to be much, but those were the directions I had given to the students.
    4. My second kid requested a cake that looked like a grass block from Minecraft, with ‘grass’ on the top and brown all around the sides and bottom.
    • So, armed with written directions (yep, I was given printed instructions), I started off on my journey.
    • The topic of discussion today is how YOU can create this Cake Block Minecraft Birthday cake for a Minecraft lover in your life.
    • Read on to find out how.
    1. It is very simple to create.
    2. I believe you will be surprised at how simple it is to do.
    3. As a result, I used an 8-inch Wilton Square Cake Pan and produced three layers each cake, using one Betty Crocker Boxed Cake Mix for each pan, in order to get proper block cake results.
    4. I used vanilla cake mixes for my Cake Block Minecraft birthday cake, but you could use chocolate cake or any other flavor of cake you choose!

    How to make Minecraft Birthday Cake

    1. First and first, you must bake the cake according to the package directions
    2. second, I created two batches of The Best Buttercream Icing recipe and applied a crumb coat to the freshly cooked cakes. An icing crumb coat is a thin layer of frosting that is applied to the exterior of my cakes to seal in the crumbs and prevent them from showing through the icing. While it is an additional step, you will be really grateful that you took the time to do so later on! Begin by stacking the layers with icing in between them and then crumb coating them
    3. once you’re finished with the crumb coat, finish by icing the remainder of the cake and decorate it as desired. Cover the frosting with plastic wrap and set it in the refrigerator to smooth it out. As soon as the frosting has hardened, use VIVA paper towels to smooth down the surface of the icing. Simply lay the paper towel on top of the icing and gently pat and rub it in. When you carefully peel the paper towel, you will see that the icing is much smoother!

    How to Decorate a Minecraft Birthday Cake

    1. Then, using a toothpick, ″draw″ a hard outline down the sides of the cake to create a brown bottom on the cake’s surface. There is no need to measure anything
    2. simply eyeball it. I needed to discover a medium that would be smooth in order to get a smooth appearing finish, so I chose to experiment with cinnamon. I just dabbed my finger tip in the cinnamon and then on the edge of the cake, repeating the process until the entire bottom of the cake was covered with the cinnamon glaze. Yes, this was a time-consuming process, but I was able to achieve the effect I was after, so it was well worth it! Oh, and I received a slew of praises on the cake’s flavor as well. The cinnamon frosting on the cake was a huge hit with everyone. Win – win! Once you’ve finished with the brown, you can go on to the red for the top of the cake, which looks fantastic! I melted Red Candy Melts and immediately distributed them thinly on a sheet of wax paper, then set them aside to dry completely. It dries in a short period of time. Once it has dried, cut out squares of varying sizes and place them on top of the cake to decorate. Finally, put the finishing touches! I felt it turned out very well, but more importantly, my kid enjoyed it. You are not need to add anything to the bottom, but I chose to do so since I wanted to finish it off. I colored some leftover Buttercream Frosting red and piped it down the bottom of the cake. Honestly, you wouldn’t be required to do something if you didn’t want to

    It is really that easy!

    Is this frugal?

    1. YES, without a doubt!
    2. If you were to pay for a bespoke cake, you could expect to pay between $60 and $150 for a cake, however this Minecraft Cake can be built for as little as $5 to $10.
    3. Even if you purchase a low-cost cake from your local grocery shop or Walmart, you will still save money, and your youngster will be quite delighted with your baking abilities.
    4. If you are hosting a Minecraft party, create these EASY Minecraft Creeper Cake Pops as part of the decor.

    Try these other party foods:

    • Sweet & Spicy Meatballs, Buffalo Chicken Wonton Cups, and Easy Spinach Artichoke Dip are just a few of the dishes on the menu.

    Try these other recipes

    To All the Mothers Who Struggle with the Dinnertime Situation: Every week, you may save hours in the kitchen and recover valuable family time without blowing your budget by using these tips. Become a member of the Lazy Day Cooking Club.

    How to Make a Cake in Minecraft

    Article to be downloaded article to be downloaded Desserts such as cake are one sort of cuisine that can be produced and consumed in the game Minecraft. It appears as a solid block (to date, it is the only edible block in the game), and is composed of a sponge foundation covered with icing and cherries on top.


    1. 1 Get three gallons of milk from the store. To obtain milk, right click on a cow when your character is holding a bucket. To obtain one chicken egg, right click on a chicken. Chickens lay these eggs, which may be found in the wild by looking for them. If you capture chickens and confine them behind a fence, you may keep them as pets. Promotional material
    2. 3 Take two sugar cubes. Get three grains of wheat. Sugar is manufactured from sugarcane and can only be consumed when it is used as an ingredient in a dish. This works as the ″flour″ in the cake recipe. Wheat may be grown or discovered in dungeon chests, depending on your preference. Advertisement
    1. 1 In the crafting grid, arrange the materials in the appropriate order. It is necessary to follow the following pattern: Stack three buckets of milk over the top three slots of the refrigerator
    2. Fill the middle hole with two sugars, one to the left of it and one to the right.
    3. Put the egg in the center of the slot.
    4. Placing the wheat in the three remaining bottom slots of the grid is a good idea.

    2Make your cake from scratch. To remove something from the inventory, shift click or drag it out of the way. You will also receive three empty milk buckets, which will be instantly added to your inventory. Advertisement

    Six pieces of cake are included within each cake block.

    1. 1Put the cake block on top of another block and level it. You are unable to consume cake while holding the block. You are unable to set a cake in an area where you are unable to construct.
    2. 2Right click on the cake to consume a slice.
    3. 3Bring your cake to a friend. Due to the fact that each cake block contains six slices of cake, it is possible to share portions of cake with other players if you so like. Take pleasure with your Minecraft cake! Advertisement
    • Question Add a new question Question In Minecraft, what should I do if my chicken isn’t laying any eggs? Wait a little longer. It should take no more than 5-10 minutes. If it continues to refuse to lay an egg, try another chicken.
    • Concerning the Question Is there any method to prepare a cake than baking it? Because there is just one technique to prepare a cake, the answer is no.
    • Question What is the best way to get rid of sugar? You work on your craft at a crafting table.
    • Concerning the Question What is the best way to harvest wheat? Once it has grown to its maximum size, push and hold it for a few seconds (like you would break a normal block). Then go ahead and take it up.
    • Concerning the Question What is the maximum number of ways I can bake a cake? Answer from the SunPuppy Community There is only one way to create a cake, and that is to follow the instructions provided above.
    • Question What is the best way to obtain wheat? Tall grass and double tall grass may be broken with your hand or a tool, and the seeds can be planted near water and harvested once they are completely developed.
    • Concerning the Question What should I do if I am unable to locate any chickens? Continue your search, or enter Creative Mode and spawn chickens with spawn eggs. What happens if there isn’t any milk from the cows? Ashlyn Martin Provides a Community Response Milk is also provided by three different mobs, including the mooshroom, the brown mooshroom, and the goat.
    • Concerning the Question What is the best way to obtain sugar? Ashlyn Martin Provides a Community Response If you observe tall, slender, green plants growing beside a river, that is sugar cane. After breaking it, go to Crafting and set 1 in the table to receive sugar
    • Question Why aren’t there more cakes available in the game? Cakes are not available in vanilla versions of the game because Mojang, the developers of Minecraft, have decided not to include any more. However, there are modifications available that add additional cakes to the game.
    • More information can be found in the following answers: Inquire about something There are 200 characters remaining. Include your email address so that you may be notified when this question has been resolved. Advertisement submissions are welcome. After you have completed your first cake, you will receive the accomplishment ″The Lie.″
    • Cakes are more for enjoyment than they are for use as a stable food source. They need a large number of ingredients, do not stack (and so require a large amount of inventory space if more than one is retained), and only deliver a modest degree of saturation. It’s generally advisable to save them for a special occasion or to use them as a sharing activity throughout the game. In addition, it has the benefit of regenerating six units of the hunger bar.
    • Gathering the materials for a cake takes a significant amount of time. An inexperienced player will not be able to go right in and start playing.
    • It’s also a good idea to put a cake or two in each of your shelters, residences, and other locations.
    • Thank you for submitting a suggestion for consideration! Advertisement Because nothing is dropped when you demolish a cake, you lose the cake but gain nothing in the process.
    • A cake that has been partially consumed does not return to your inventory. To complete it, you’ll have to return to the location where you left it and continue eating it.


    Easter eggs

    By calling a cake ″Explosions″ and placing it in an anvil, any player or creature that takes a bite of the cake will cause it to explode. A nod to the classic 1985 film ″Prank Calls,″ which is the inspiration for this phrase.

    About This Article

    Summary of the ArticleX 1. Collect three milks, one egg, two sugars, and three wheat bundles. 2. Arrange the ingredients on the crafting grid to begin the process. 3. Move the cake to the inventory by dragging it there. Did you find this overview to be helpful? The writers of this page have together authored a page that has been read 177,805 times.

    How to Eat in Minecraft

    1. Article to be downloaded article to be downloaded It was not until later versions of Minecraft that the hunger feature was included.
    2. However, developers began to consider how they might make the Survival Mode more challenging, which led to the addition of the hunger feature.
    3. In a nutshell, players in Survival Mode or Hardcore Mode must consume food in order to replenish their hunger ba

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