What Strain Is Ice Cream Cake?

Ice Cream Cake: Strain Profile Ice Cream Cake is a renowned indica-dominant hybrid, descended from the equally lauded Wedding Cake and Gelato #33 strains.
– Preheat oven to 350 – Grease cake pan liberally with cooking spray or butter and flour. – Mix the cake mix, eggs and ice cream together and beat for 2 minutes on medium speed. – Follow box for baking times. Time will vary based on type of pan you use. – Let cool and remove from pan. – Allow to cool on wire rack.

Is Ice Cream Cake an Indica strain?

Ice Cream Cake is an indica marijuana strain made by crossing Wedding Cake with Gelato #33. This strain offers sedating effects that leave your mind and body completely relaxed. Ice Cream Cake features a creamy flavor profile with sweet hints of vanilla and sugary dough.

What is Ice Cream Cake THC content?

THC: 20% – 25% Ice Cream Cake is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain (75% indica/25% sativa) created through a cross of the Gelato 33 X Wedding Cake strains. Ice Cream Cake is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain (75% indica/25% sativa) created through a cross of the Gelato 33 X Wedding Cake strains.

Is Ice Cream Cake strain bad for You?

Ice cream cake strain doesn’t have too many negative/adverse effects. As it is one of the high hitting strains, you should take it in a small dose if you are sensitive to THC. Dry eyes and dry mouth are the two common effects of any marijuana use. So, make sure you have eye drops handy and drink plenty of fluid.

Is Ice Cream Cake potency higher than average?

Ice Cream Cake potency is higher THC than average. Ice Cream Cake is an indica marijuana strain made by crossing Wedding Cake with Gelato #33. This strain offers sedating effects that leave your mind and body completely relaxed. Ice Cream Cake features a creamy flavor profile with sweet hints of vanilla and sugary dough.

Is Ice Cream Cake strain strong?

The ice cream cake strain is considered very strong and should not be used by novice smokers. Ranging around 23% in THC, this is definitely a strain that an experienced smoker would want to get their hands on as it is very uplifting but comes with a major body high.

Is Ice Cream Cake strain top shelf?

Ice Cream Cake has quickly become a top-shelf strain in Denver, but achieving staying power can be hard for Cookies and Cake strains, which tend to cannibalize themselves.

Is Ice Cream Cake a purple strain?

Ice Cream Cake has sweat cream notes with fruity undertones. This strain produces exceptionally large, dense, and very potent appealing buds that are green with purple hues. Gelato33 x Wedding Cake with a 9 week flower. This is an indica and a proprietary pheno that is potentially a 30%+ THC strain.

Is ice cream indica or sativa?

Ice Cream is a weed strain that many people enjoy. It’s an Indica-dominant hybrid with about 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. It has been awarded various accolades, including a third-place win in the Hydro category at the 2009 Bio Cup Awards, and has even won second place in the Highlife Cup Hemp Fair Awards.

What terpenes are in Ice Cream Cake?

Ice Cream Cake is an Indica-dominant cross of Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake. Effects of this strain can be heavy, leaving you completely relaxed and sleepy. It is a concoction of Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene, Pinene, and Terpineol terps with a creamy flavor profile and a hint of sweet vanilla and sugary taste.

Is Ice Cream Cake and gelato cake the same strain?

This spicy sweet aura this powerhouse strain exhibits, leads the way for the knockout taste Gelato Cake has come to be known for. Gelato Cake, aka Ice Cream Cake, wholeheartedly lives up to its delicious name and sugary alias in the flavor department.

What is the strain ice cream?

What is the Ice Cream Strain? Ice Cream strain was pioneered by Paradise Seeds and is a strain that boasts a heavy-indica background. It’s popular amongst both growers and users and boasts about a 60% indica and 40% sativa split.

What kind of strain is ice cream man?

Ice Cream Man is a sativa-characteristic hybrid that produces tall plants with dense foliage. The cultivar thrives in various environments, flowering in 63 to 70 days indoors and early October outdoors. At full maturity, Ice Cream Man produces fluffy, mint-green buds with a cloak of sparkling white trichomes.

How does one create an ice cream cake?

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  • Smooth out the ice cream. Using a knife or offset spatula,smooth the ice cream so it covers the entire cake layer.
  • Top the ice cream with crunchy filling.
  • Top the crunchy bits with more ice cream.
  • Does an ice cream cake actually contain any cake?

    Yes. Ice cream cake does have cake. Depends on the cake. So far as I know, Baskin Robbin’s ice cream cake contain cakes. Even sandwich ice cream, I usually used sponge cakes instead of wafers. Images: Source – Google

    Is ice cream and Ice Cream Cake the same thing?

    Where there’s ice cream, there has to be sprinkles! This ice cream loaf cake features layers of buttery sprinkle cake and ice cream while chocolate ganache and sprinkles add a delicious and decorative finishing touch. You can use your favorite ice cream flavor, but stick to an ice cream that doesn’t contain a lot of large chunks.

    Ice Cream Cake

    To rate something, move your cursor over the stars and then click on it.What is the point of writing a strain review?This is something that every marijuana enthusiast on the planet should try.Its lineage is self-explanatory.Gelato 33 is the smallest and least common of the gelato strains available.It’s my favorite gelato strain, and it’s also extremely chill.

    1. Wedding cake, true wedding cake grown perfectly, which is a cross between one of my personal favorites, cherry pie, and the legendary girl scout cookies, is a top shelf strain that is extremely versatile and is commonly used in other hybrids for its lucid dreamy stoned effect, which is a lucid dreamy stoned effect, which is a lucid dreamy stoned effect.
    2. The result of combining these two strains is a truly amazing strain.
    3. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience for me.

    With the white noise of my fan and the sensation of cool air hitting my skin, I was able to completely forget about everything else.It was one of the coolest highs I’d experienced in a long time, where everything just kind of completely spaced me out for an hour and I did absolutely nothing, which I thoroughly enjoyed.This is the best way I can describe what I’m talking about.Its primary benefit is that it softens the edges.It alleviates stress and anxiety.

    This is the second time I’ve smoked this particular blend.Despite the fact that I’m not as ecstatic as I was last night due to the fact that I know what to expect, it’s still a freaking amazing feeling.That’s what you get when you combine gelato 33 with wedding cake, believe it or not!the union of the sexes lol And, to put the final cherry on top of the cake (pun completely intended), a tiny pinch of sativa was sprinkled on top for good measure.ICC is a monster, a stunningly beautiful strain with incredible, stunningly beautiful buds.

    • If you are looking for an indica strain, this flower is one that I can definitely recommend.
    • A cross between Gelato 33 and Wedding Cake, which happens to be one of my favorite strains.
    • A delicious and powerful flower, ICC will leave you feeling energized and satiated.
    • The buds are stunning, with dank, dense green tones and astonishing orange almost red hairs, as well as trichomes all over the place; the flower is frosty, bright, and dank.
    • Strong aromas are released from the buds with ease, and you will be knocked out of your happiness as a result of the scent.
    • Each and every puff contains a delicious vanilla flavor that will leave you wanting more and more.

    While the short-term effects could be described as an intense body high with happiness, creativity, and relaxation, the long-term effects could be described as an intense body high with couch lock.The effects are described as lifting with relaxing effects, and you’ll feel the sensation in your eyes, head, and body.This is an excellent choice for an after-work, evening, or night session.If you see an ice cream cake in your neighborhood, don’t hesitate to purchase it.

    1. The green seal of approval has been obtained.
    2. stereobong52 reviews – Posted on July 14, 2020, 10:50 a.m.
    3. stereobong52 reviews When it comes to flavor, ice cream cake has carved out a distinct niche for itself.
    4. It has a minty and chocolaty flavor, and it is also refreshing.
    • With the sativa genetics, the relaxing stone provides a euphoric and uplifting high while simultaneously providing a calming and relaxing high.
    • This is an excellent choice of cigarette for use at night, such as after work or before bed.
    • The ludicrous terpene profile of this strain is inspired by the strain’s wedding cake ancestors.
    • It has a minty, chocolaty flavor with a sweet topping.
    • With mid-notes of nuts and cheese, and a base of thick cream, it is a delicious scent.
    • The taste of the smoke is just as good as the smell, and the creamy thick milk helps to transport all of the flavors into your mouth and into your lungs.

    Ice cream cake is a versatile medical plant that can provide relief from a variety of ailments such as pain, insomnia, anxiety, and stress.That is not to say, however, that it cannot be enjoyed by those who use it for recreational purposes.The euphoric relaxation and wonderful terpene profile make this an overall excellent choice.Snapple20741 reviews – Posted  Sept.8, 2020, 4:02 p.m.

    his wins smell of the year>And I been through multiple lbs of multiple different ozs.I cant describe it like a blueberry smell of goodness damn makes you want to just eat buds str8 feugo homie I cop all mine black-market fuck a dispo I got homies and I been doing the weed thing 20 years fuck I need a dispo for?OH YA ITS IN CINCINNATI.We have alot of Michigan and Cali here so I guess it all comes from a diso in one way or another lol they are supposed to destroy shit after an amount of time lol who destroys lbs then we get that gas here in the 51thrizzle-trust me its gas str8 gas if u dont say holy fuck that smells good and go for your cash it aint ice cream cake homie.

    1. Lol these reviews be killing me its herb yo lol how they get 10 smells and tastes out the weed bruh they lying readin other posts and copying shit mfs just copy and paste from leafly Danktrichome5 reviews – Posted  Nov.
    2. 19, 2020, 4:37 a.m.
    3. Been smoking for about two years, got this strain fresh cured and perfect trim.
    4. Dense as FUCK Sweet and spicy nose, I pickup hints of honeydew, honeysuckle, fresh cut lawn, sweet cream, vanilla, and roses!
    5. Some of my buds are more purple while some are more green, the purple parts taste more like roses.
    • All of it is coated in a frosting like layer of trichomes, and plenty of orange hairs High is 10/10!
    • Best smoke to date!
    • All the lovely indica effects, great pain relief, anxiety relief, and a smidge of cerebral sativa high Overall, it leaves me smacked after two bowels and I liken it to a nice fudge bar, good for any time of day, it’ll relax you and take you back to simpler times.

    Posted  Aug.14, 2019, 9:53 p.m.Highly fine, and have tried innumerable flower strains.Tastes grape to me but could meld w my beverage.

    Immediate (2-3 hits vaporized) rapid to immediate onset cerebral calmness: lost in whatever activity and nothing else.1/2 hr in, TOTAL body relaxation, floating,couch lock.Music/concert visualization – auditory accentuated (very nice for concerts; that is, if you’re NOT a novice & can hold your own with Terrapin Station’s whopping27.869 percent thca level, total29.501, b-cary 0.561 percent , limonene 0.858 percent , and LINALOOL 0.25 (new fav) (new fav).Relaxing Whopper, for sure!If you’re looking to relax into bliss, hopefully, this is YOUR girl.5 stars in everyway.

    Thank you, Terrapin.Posted  Feb.6, 2020, 1:13 p.m.First off, as I get older, I indulge less and less during the day.And in the evenings, I rely on strongly Indica-dominant medicine to wrap up my day in peace (Pink Kush and Blue Cookies are my current favorites) (Pink Kush and Blue Cookies are my current favorites).However, when stress happens but I need to get things accomplished, I have come to appreciate having a balanced option that leans a little more Sativa.

    Ice Cream Cake is a great balance for me, especially in the somewhat rare occasion that I need to medicate and accomplish earlier in the day.This strain smells like camping trips that I wish I had experienced, and has a nutty, vanilla-tinged flavor upon combustion.This bag has a sweet place in my dreams.Posted  April 2, 2021, 5:44 p.m.Such a wonderful and delicious strain.I was a fan of wedding cake and a fan of the gelato the 33 45 whatever I like gelatos.

    1. At the time I tried ice cream cake my drummer had both gelato 33 and wedding cake.
    2. I honestly prefer the ice cream cake over both the wedding cake and the gelato.
    3. It is such a nice having such a wonderful flavor beautiful beautiful buds.
    4. I have a wonderful pleasure of burning a rather large joint that consisted of ice cream cake and its parent strains wedding cake and gelato.

    I burnt the whole family.Joy.I’m pretty fussy about my strain, I have choices.

    If ice cream cake is one of those selections I will go with it most of the time Scarecrow6654 reviews – Posted  Oct.26, 2019, 10:48 a.m.Ice Cream cake features the most stunning floral nugs I have ever seen.With vivid green blossom with purple, bright orange hairs and thickly covered with dazzling crystal trichomes, it’s almost too gorgeous to smoke haha.The smoke was incredibly creamy with overtones of sweetness, earthiness and a faint tinge of fruit.The buzz is quite powerful.

    I felt the THC, it causes a powerful indica mental relaxation but you experience a high euphoria as well from the sativa, the more I smoked the more I felt a great calming indica body buzz as well.I absolutely suggest this strain.Taste gets 4.5 out of 5 from me and effects are 4.5 out of 5 as well DC The BudConnoisseur23 has submitted reviews – this was posted on July 8, 2020, 12:51 a.m.It was obtained as wax from Reefer Madness in Colorado, where the flower was cultivated and the concentrate was blasted by Dabble (I’ve actually worked as a trimmer for this establishment and have worked in the Ice Cream Cake flower, which is holy Jebus the best flower to work on).So friggin kiefy, to be honest.As a result, I had to experiment with the concentrate created from it.) THC makes about 73 percent of the plant, while CBG makes up 1.6 percent.

    I’m having a great time with this one.Starting out with a rush, you’ll feel a strange sense of euphoria before settling into a mid-level body high (not too intense, but enough that you won’t want to do anything) and a drowsy state.This is a strain that will put you to sleep.

    The following evaluations were submitted on May 14, 2021, at 9:55 p.m.by MatthewTopCat59.Articles that are currently popular All of our articles are available to see.

    What is Ice Cream Cake Strain?

    The Ice Cream Cake Strain is a hybrid cannabis strain that is primarily indica dominant and extremely strong. 75 percent Indica and 25 percent Sativa is the ratio used in this strain. A sweet, creamy flavor that will remind you of ice cream cake will greet you when you eat it. Both in 2008 and 2009, it was crowned champion of the Highlife Cannabis Cup.

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    Background and Lineage

    Seed Junky Genetics, a Dutch grower who specializes in the production of ice cream cake, produced the strain.It is a cross between the hybrid strains Wedding Cake and Gelato33, both of which are already quite popular on both sides of the Atlantic.Both of the parent strains are well-known for their high THC levels, as well as their distinct flavors, tastes, and effects.The finest characteristics of its parents have been passed down to the ice cream cake strain.

    Types of High

    Toker is unquestionably a nighttime toker. It will provide you with a cerebral surge of ecstatic energy in the same way that any other Indica dominating strain would. As you get more relaxed and think on pleasant ideas, your body begins to reach a state of deep relaxation. Because of its high THC content (23 percent), it is recommended that beginning users start with a lower dose.

    Medicinal Benefits

    If you are seeking for a powerful marijuana strain that can assist you with your chronic pain, then you will like this one immensely.Patients who suffer from insomnia, sleeping disorders, anxiety, depression, and stress may find that the ice cream cake strain is good to their condition.People frequently use Ice cream cake strain to cure a variety of medical issues, whether as a self-medication or under the supervision of a medical professional.

    Cold and Flu

    In addition to coughing, exhaustion, and fever, the most prevalent Flu symptoms are sore throat, muscle/body aches, joint pains, and headaches, among others.A large number of people turn to nature to alleviate their suffering.If you decide to use Ice cream cake strain, then make sure you take it in edible form.Smoking or vaping will exacerbate your disease since your lungs may already be weakened as a result of your coughing.

    Sleeping Disorder

    Patients suffering from insomnia and other sleep problems can benefit greatly from the Ice Cream Cake strain. The high THC content of this strain will not only assist you in falling asleep, but it will also allow you to sleep in total sedation for several hours.

    Stress and Anxiety

    If you are suffering from stress and anxiety, this Indica-dominant cannabis strain may be able to provide you with much-needed relief.Despite the fact that many people use marijuana to relieve anxiety, many others have stated that it makes the condition worse.By providing a sense of calm, it helps to alleviate tension and anxiety while also improving relaxation and promoting better sleep.Take it in smaller doses the first time you use it, especially if this is your first time using it.It is important to remember that it is not a cure, but rather a tool for reducing overall stress and anxiety.Before using marijuana for any therapeutic purposes, always contact with your doctor to ensure that there are no long-term health effects.

    Negative Effects

    The ice cream cake strain does not have many negative or harmful effects on the user.Because it is one of the most potent strains, it is recommended that you consume it in modest doses if you are sensitive to THC.The two most prevalent side effects of marijuana usage are dry eyes and a parched mouth.To avoid dehydration, have eye drops on hand and drink lots of fluids throughout the day.There is no such thing as an overdose on marijuana.So, if you find yourself becoming anxious, remind yourself that it will all be gone in a few of hours.

    1. Relax by listening to your favorite music, lying down, and attempting to relax.

    Growing Ice Cream Cake Strain

    It is possible to cultivate the ice cream cake strain both inside and outdoors. You’ll need a lot of expertise if you want to create significant crops. The plant grows best in a hotter area and may reach a height of up to three meters with a dense bush. For the blooms to bloom, it takes around 8-9 weeks.


    If you intend to cultivate this plant inside, keep in mind that you will require a significant amount of additional area.Because the roots of these plants may grow as long as the plant itself, you will need to use larger containers.Ascertain that the space is at a comfortable temperature with low humidity levels.It is preferable to place the pot near a window so that it may benefit from as much fresh air and sunlight as possible.Alternatively, a growth lamp can be used to maintain the temperature throughout the nighttime hours.


    If you wish to grow the plant outdoors, you will need to prepare the soil before you sow the seeds to ensure a successful harvest.Ice cream cake strains might be more demanding and require more upkeep than other strains of the same species.Due to their tendency to grow tall and broad, it’s best to put the seeds in a big area to ensure that the plants have plenty of opportunity to expand both vertically and horizontally.If the temperature lowers throughout the night, you will require a lamp to keep the room at a comfortable temperature.The presence of fungus, mold, and mildew on the stalks and leaves can be prevented by providing sufficient airflow and good ventilation to remove excess moisture from the environment.

    Quick Reference Guide – Ice Cream Cake Strain


    Indica Dominant Hybrid (also known as IDH)


    Gelato33 × Wedding Cake x Gelato33


    The nugs are very stunning. They have icy trichomes covering their bodies. The buds are olive green with a purple tinge, and the pistils are bright orange in color. Because of the glistening white trichomes on the leaves, it was given the nickname ‘Mr. Freeze.’


    The aroma of the strain is sweet flowery, earthy, and lemony.


    The flavor is the same as the scent, but there is a creamy aftertaste to the drink.

    Preferred Consumption Time

    Evening, Night

    Preferred Consumption Method

    Smoke, Vaporize

    Similar Strains

    • Mendo Breath
    • Do-Si-Dos
    • Purple Punch
    • Banana OG
    • Face Off OG

    Concentration and Potency



    • Relaxed
    • Happy
    • Euphoric
    • Sleepy
    • Tingly
    • Stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and insomnia are all alleviated.

    • Dry Mouth
    • Dry Eyes

    Ice Cream Cake Strain

    When grown properly, the Ice Cream Cake strain develops into a strong plant that is multi-ramified and capable of handling any situation, earning it the title of ″all-terrain luxury marijuana.″ The yields are quite high, and you will be able to observe how they produce legions of resin-filled trichomes.It is possible to harvest up to 500 grams per square meter inside and more than half a kilo per plant outdoors in 55-60 days, with harvests of over half a kilo per plant in early October.A plant with a vanilla look and ice cream flavor that conceals a considerable quantity of exceptional strength and vitality behind the surface.The reason for this is that it received the 2nd place Hydro award at the Highlife Cannabis Cup 2008 and the 3rd place Bio award at the Highlife Cannabis Cup 2009.

    Features of the Ice Cream Cake strain

    • Feminized
    • indoor/outdoor
    • hybrid genotype
    • Feminized
    • indoor/outdoor
    • THC content is 15-18 percent
    • CBD content is unknown.
    • In the northern hemisphere, the flowering period is 55-60 days (indoors) or early October (outdoors).

    The Ice Cream Cake has a distinct flavor that is developed from its parents, Gelato 33 and Wedding Cake, which are both delicious desserts. You receive not just the creamy gelato flavor, but also the fruity flavor of the Wedding Cake as a result of this combination. Consequently, a diverse group of weed seedling enthusiasts will benefit from this.

    Ice Cream Cake Strain Effects

    Ice Cream Cake has a mostly soothing impact on the body.One beneficial side effect that isn’t commonly mentioned is that it might aid with a lack of appetite.If you find yourself in this situation, you might want to consider making Ice Cream Cake.However, it should be noted that this is not the only impact.It also has anti-fatigue and anti-insomnia properties, which may seem contradictory at first.It goes without saying that you would have to take it at various times throughout the day.

    1. Final point: the Ice Cream Cake can be used to treat a variety of other conditions, including but not limited to anxiety, stress, depression, and pain.
    2. This is due to the fact that the effect is not only relaxing but also uplifting.
    3. Just keep in mind that you’ll be confined to your sofa for a couple of hours after you’ve taken it.

    Negative Effects Ice Cream Cake Strain

    Ice Cream Cake is not without flaws, as is anything else in life.However, it is quite near to being flawless.Ice Cream Cake has just a few side effects that we have observed and heard about, the most notable of which being dry eyes and disorientation.However, not every person will suffer these side effects.Additionally, only a small percentage of users experience the final bad effect, which is dry mouth.This is readily remedied by drinking plenty of water, which you should be doing anyway.

    Ice Cream Cake Strain Taste

    In addition to its creamy texture and fruity flavor, we have previously mentioned how delicious Ice Cream Cake tastes.However, when smoking cannabis from this strain, some people have reported noticing other flavors as well.The vanilla flavor is the one that is named the most, followed by a sweet and a nutty flavor, according to the survey.Perhaps this is useful to know in the event of a nut allergy or if you simply enjoy eating nuts in general.Obviously, the flavors listed above are not all available; thus, if you want to taste them all, you should try Ice Cream Cake for yourself.

    Ice Cream Cake Strain Heritage

    Nobody knows for certain where the Ice Cream Cake originated, however it is widely believed to have originated in California.The variety is reported to have been developed by Seed Junky Genetics, which has its headquarters in the state.Yet another Californian grower, Mad Scientist Genetics, has developed its own version of the strain, which may be found here.This version, on the other hand, is a little different.As opposed to the previous edition, which was a combination of Gelato 33 and Wedding Cake, this version is a combination of Cheesecake and Dream Cookie.Because they are two quite distinct strains, the taste and effects of the two products are not precisely the same.

    Ice Cream Cake Strain Facts And Figures

    Ice Cream Cake has a THC content of 23.1 percent, which puts it on the upper end of the spectrum.However, it is devoid of cannabidiol (CBD).The cannabinoids account for 27.4 percent of the overall content.It takes 8 to 9 weeks for the strain to blossom inside, during which time you can anticipate a yield of 15 ounces per square meter, while the harvest season for the strain outside is in the month of October, during which time you can expect a yield of 18 ounces per square meter.When growing plants inside, it is advised that the temperature be maintained between 80 and 85 degrees at all times.The plants can grow to be 4 to 6 feet tall at their maximum height.

    1. Because it has less room to develop indoors, it will always be smaller than a plant that has the freedom to thrive in the open.

    Ice Cream Cake Strain Growing Tips

    A unique dessert, Ice Cream Cake has both beneficial and bad side effects, depending on how it is prepared.One of the unpleasant aspects about it is that it is quite difficult to cultivate, which is why we only recommend it to those who are expert growers.While it is possible to grow Ice Cream Cake on your own as a novice, we believe that it is advisable to start with a more manageable strain in order to prevent being disappointed further down the road.However, the final decision is yours.

    Summary Ice Cream Cake Strain

    A unusual dessert, Ice Cream Cake has both beneficial and bad side effects, depending on how you prepare it.We only suggest it to experienced gardeners due to the fact that it is not an easy plant to cultivate, which is one of its terrible characteristics.While it is possible to grow Ice Cream Cake on your own as a novice, we believe that it is advisable to start with a more manageable strain in order to prevent being disappointed later on.However, in the end, the decision is entirely yours.

    Ice Cream Cake Strain | Frequently Asked Questions

    Ice Cream Cake is a combination of which strains?It’s a cross between the Gelato 33 and the Wedding Cake strains of marijuana.When it comes to the Ice Cream Cake strain, what is the proportion of THC present?With 23.1 percent, this is a respectable result.In how long does it take for the Ice Cream Cake strain to flower?It might take up to 8 to 9 weeks for the strain to begin blooming when grown indoors.

    1. Would you suggest the Ice Cream Cake strain to someone who is just starting out?
    2. No, this is not a strain that is simple to cultivate, which is why we only suggest it to expert cultivators.
    3. Is it possible to get high off of the Ice Cream Cake strain?

    It is mostly soothing, but it also has anti-inflammatory properties and can assist with pain, sleeplessness, exhaustion, and a variety of other problems.

    Is Ice Cream Cake a good strain?

    With so many different marijuana strains available, it might be difficult to discover one that truly leaves you going, ″Wow.″ However, we have discovered a strain that possesses all of these characteristics. Featuring a great flavor, incredible effects, and gorgeous buds, Ice Cream Cake is sure to soon become your new favorite kind.

    Ice Cream Cake Overview

    Indica dominant hybrid strain

    THC: 23.7%

    Relaxing, euphoric effects

    Creamy, cheesy flavor

    What strains make Ice Cream Cake?

    Ice Cream Cake is an exotic hybrid strain created by crossing Gelato with Wedding Cake.It is one of the most popular strains in the world.If you’re looking for a flavorful flower, go no further.It has a great creamy and cheesy flavor with sweet nutty overtones that linger in the mouth for hours after you smoke a joint.The scent is equally as pleasant, with a mild, sweet perfume that gently emerges as the nugs burn and builds in intensity.

    Is Ice Cream Cake a sativa?

    Ice Cream Cake is not a sativa or an indica, but rather a hybrid strain with a strong indica component. Many individuals select this sweet strain when they’re seeking for a strain to smoke that is both calming and enjoyable.

    What are the effects?

    Expect one of the nicest emotions you’ve ever had when it comes to the high that this strain will provide you with.Once you’ve taken a few doses, you’ll experience euphoric and relaxing effects that will leave you feeling utterly relaxed in no time.The high starts with a fast rush of dopamine in the brain, which immediately elevates your mood to a level of happiness and relaxation.It will be quite difficult to have any negative sensations or ideas.Your body will begin to feel relaxed shortly after, and you will find yourself lying horizontal on the couch.Most likely, you’ll remain in that posture until you fall asleep.

    1. The peaceful and relaxing qualities of Ice Cream Cake are one of the reasons we like it.
    2. People who suffer from sleeplessness, sadness, or appetite loss would benefit greatly from this strain.
    3. Keep up with our daily blog if you’re interested in learning more about cannabis and CBD.
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    You’ll discover more interesting articles there, such as: Strawberry Amnesia Strain Review Khalifa Review of the OG Strain Review of the Sucka Punch Strain In order to acquire marijuana flower, CBD, edibles, or concentrates for delivery in Los Angeles, you must first register with Kushfly, which can be found here.Take a look at our SPECIALS!And don’t forget to inquire as to how you might receive FREE delivery!

    Ice Cream Cake

    Hybrid Vehicles of the Hybrid Vehicles of the Hybrid Vehicles of the Hybrid 400-500 g/m2 is the yield.Lineage Gelato 33 Flavor Cream Pain Relieving Effects Ice Cream Cake is a very sweet and creamy strain with vibrant colors that will leave you wanting more.There are a lot of purple light and dark green colours in this strain, as well as a dense trichome covering.

    It’s a hybrid of the popular strains Wedding Cake and Gelato33, and it’s rather tasty.Seed Junky Genetics is the company that created this unusual delight that can be found in places like Canada and the Netherlands.Because she is mostly an indica hybrid, she tends to grow to be rather short to the ground.Her buds are small, and she produces a good amount of fruit.

    The fact that she has a short flowering cycle of 8 weeks makes her perfect for growing in locations with shorter summers and overall cooler temperatures.She certainly has a lot of punch to her sleeve!When the Ice Cream Cake is grown properly, it is possible to expect high THC concentrations.The thick white plastic covering creates a striking visual contrast and serves as an excellent indicator of the power of the Ice Cream Cake.A delicious sweet cream flavor with a slight trace of vanilla and cookie dough will immediately take your breath away.Something it inherited from the Girl Scout cookies that is further down the line in its DNA has been identified.

    Indica is a kind of plant.Flowering Medium DIFFICULTY QUICK AND EASY MEDIUM DIFFICULT TO REACH HEIGHTS AVERAGE VALUE IS SMALL TALL FLOWERING VEGETATION 7-9 weeks is a reasonable time frame.10-12 weeks is a reasonable time frame.12 weeks or more YIELD 250 – 400 g/m2 PER HOUR 400 – 500 g/m2 500 g/m2 or more


    Vanilla and cookie dough flavors combine to create a delicious sweet cream flavor in the Ice Cream Cake!


    However, there is no official test data available, although it is typically claimed as having roughly 20 percent THC, which is on the high side, and barely traces of CBD.


    Overall, this is a powerful strain that may provide a pleasant calming sensation, although it may seep into your consciousness if ingested in big quantities. If you have a poor tolerance, proceed with caution!

    Ice Cream Cake Strain

    On the whole, this is a powerful strain that may provide a pleasant soothing effect, although it may creep up on your mind if ingested in excessive quantities.. Those with limited tolerance should be cautious.

    Ice Cream Cake’s Genotype

    You can learn a lot about Ice Cream Cake by looking at its parents, just as you can about any other hybrid.If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, you’re undoubtedly aware that this delicious hybrid was created by crossing two sugary strains: Wedding Cake and Gelato33.To predict what these parent strains taste like on their own, one does not need to be a seasoned connoisseur of cannabis.

    While Wedding Cake offers the vanilla and sugar, Gelato33 delivers the creamy and somewhat cheesy aromas that distinguish Ice Cream Cake from the others.In the event that you detect a citrus scent in your Ice Cream Cake strain, you may most likely attribute it to Gelato33.Both Wedding Cake and Gelato33 are classed as indica dominant, although the sedating effects of Wedding Cake are more prominent in Ice Cream Cake due to the presence of Gelato33.Also noteworthy is the fact that these strains have an average THC level of roughly 20 percent, translating to a massive THC content in Ice Cream Cake.

    Ice Cream Cake’s Appearance

    Ice Cream Cake buds glitter with an extraordinarily thick covering of white trichomes, much like the buds of real dairy delicacies.According to the tradition of indica varieties, these blooms are densely packed and coated with a moderate to thick resin coating.Ice Cream Cake’s dark-colored blossoms, which can vary from dark green to purple or blue, are often used to accentuate the strain’s ″frozen″ concept.

    Some Ice Cream Cake buds may also have a few yellow pistils—or even ″sprinkles″—atop them, indicating that they have been well cured.

    Ice Cream Cake’s Flavor

    Creamy, nutty, and sweet all at the same time.Unsurprisingly, these are the terms that are most frequently used to describe the flavor and scent of Ice Cream Cake.Smoking Ice Cream Cake is a delicious way to fulfill your sugar cravings on a hot summer day.

    As unbelievable as it may sound, this strain has a flavor and aroma that is strikingly akin to a thick vanilla cake.Citrus, spice, and a hint of diesel are some of the other minor flavors that you could pick up on when eating the Ice Cream Cake.As you might have seen from our description, the Ice Cream Cake cultivar does not have a lot of fruity flavors to it at all.Ice Cream Cake, in contrast to other dessert strains, does not include any substantial amounts of berries, cherries, or mangoes.

    As a result, if you’re searching for a fruity fiesta to cap your day, the saccharine-forward flavor of Ice Cream Cake might not be for you.As a side note, several users have stated that smoking Ice Cream Cake feels just like eating frozen dairy delight straight from the freezer.There’s a strong possibility that you won’t need much water to keep your throat from getting scratchy in between doses, even if you’re prone to coughing.

    Ice Cream Cake’s Effects

    You’re probably familiar with the ″belly heavy″ sensation that comes after overindulging in sweets.Ice Cream Cake, on the other hand, functions in a similar manner—albeit without the sugar rush.Because this is an indica-dominant cultivar, you may anticipate to experience predominantly body-heavy effects from this strain.

    When you take your first hit of marijuana, you may experience a brief rush of euphoria, but as the session progresses, you will feel increasingly sedated.Ice Cream Cake is unquestionably a strain that should only be used at night.While the soothing properties may be beneficial to people suffering from anxiety, the sedative effects will make it virtually hard to be productive.Ice Cream Cake should only be used when you are certain that you have nothing scheduled.

    Also, please keep in mind that the THC concentration of Ice Cream Cake is often between 20 and 25 percent on average.Anyone who is not accustomed to high-intensity cultivars should proceed with caution when smoking this sweet strain.

    Is Ice Cream Cake Good For New Growers?

    Given that Ice Cream Cake is such an uncommon cultivar, it might be difficult to come by precise growing information about it.Ice Cream Cake seeds, on the other hand, have been reported to grow in a manner comparable to other indica-dominant strains by farmers who have tried them.This variety of plant normally grows to a medium height and has thick buds, as you would expect from an indica variety.

    A warm Mediterranean environment with abundance of sunshine, according to some farmers, is ideal for growing Ice Cream Cake.The Ice Cream Cake, according to the growers, has a modest vulnerability to mold growth.As with any other strain, it is important to keep an eye on your plants for signs of this fatal illness.Fortunately, Ice Cream Cake frequently rewards home gardeners with higher-than-average yields of around 2 oz per ft2 of plant material.

    Ice Cream Cake seeds, on the other hand, require growers to be patient, since they typically take ten weeks to mature after being planted.Because there is so little information available about the Ice Cream Cake strain, it is not recommended for novice growers.Experiment with some more widely researched hybrids and tweak your growing approach to give yourself the best chance of achieving success.Once you’ve attained an intermediate level of expertise, it’s a good idea to experiment with growing Ice Cream Cake in your own backyard.

    What Strains Are Similar To Ice Cream Cake?

    Ice Cream Cake may be difficult to come by in today’s cannabis market, but there are plenty other dessert strains that provide comparable effects.Indeed, it is extremely popular for those who are interested in Ice Cream Cake to hunt for strains that have a similar sweet scent to it.First and foremost, consider experimenting with either of Ice Cream Cake’s parent strains on their own terms.

    With its distinct pastry flavor and indica heavy effects, Wedding Cake is argued to deliver a more ″genuine″ Ice Cream Cake experience than other strains.Gelato33, on the other hand, has a more balanced indica-to-sativa ratio and has the potential to produce euphoric effects.The flavor of Gelato33 is zesty and delicious, with distinct undertones of blueberry and orange when eaten on its alone, according to the manufacturer.Mendo Breath, an indica-dominant hybrid, is another fascinating strain to experiment with.

    This indica/sativa hybrid, which is a cross of OG Kush Breath and Mendo Montage, provides a calming effect that is comparable to that of Ice Cream Cake.Mendo Breath has a sweet flavor, similar to that of Ice Cream Cake, with significant traces of sugar and vanilla.When smoking well-cured Mendo Breath buds, several individuals have reported delicate aromas of caramel and pine in addition to the usual menthol.If you’re seeking for an Ice Cream Cake taste that has a variety of distinct impacts, we recommend checking at the hybrid Cake Mix option.This one-of-a-kind hybrid is descended from the Wedding Cake strain, but it also contains elements of the sativa-heavy London Pound Cake.Users report an invigorating ″wake & bake″ feeling from Cake Mix, despite the fact that the flavor profile is sweet and nutty.

    Indeed, the sativa-to-indica ratio of this strain is normally 85/15, with THC levels ranging between 19 and 24 percent on average.In other words, if you’ve never used cannabis before, you should proceed with caution if you make a batch of this batter.

    Every Toker “Screams” For Ice Cream Cake Seeds!

    Ice Cream Cake seeds may be difficult to get by, but there is optimism that they may become more widespread in the current marijuana market.It is hoped that as more consumers express interest in this dank and delectable strain, more people will have the opportunity to sample this cool indica hybrid.Anyone searching for a sumptuous (and dank) ″nightcap″ need go no farther than a scoop of this decadent (and dank) pudding.

    Ice Cream Cake Strain Review

    ″> In the stoner community, it is common for people to get complacent with their pot and to be perfectly satisfied with smoking the same strain over and over again.While it may be effective for some people, it is sometimes simply a question of determining which strain is best for you.If you’re ready to make a difference and are serious about finding the best marijuana strains available, you’ll want to learn more about this sweet and tasty marijuana strain to try.

    Discover the vast universe of cannabis by experimenting with various strains; it is a truly great adventure!Here is a comprehensive evaluation of the ice cream cake strain, as well as an explanation of what to anticipate if you ever get your hands on it.

    Is Ice Cream Cake strain exotic?

    This strain, also known as ″ice cream kush,″ is considered exotic due to the fact that it is a relatively rare strain that has won numerous awards in its own right.This indica-dominant hybrid is a cross between Wedding Cake and Gelato33, a delectable combination that will leave you feeling extra high and a little sedated.The flavor profile of this strain, which is approximately 75 percent indica and 25 percent sativa, is reminiscent of a creamy, sweet dough with hints of vanilla.

    Due to the fact that both Wedding Cake and Gelato33 are hybrids, the Ice Cream Cake strain is the ideal cross between numerous cannabis strain families, allowing it to incorporate the greatest characteristics of each.Strong, frosty, and flavorful terpenes are present in the ice cream cake strain, which also has a skunky aroma that helps to enhance the overall experience of smoking this weed strain completely.Ice Cream Cake is a cannabis strain that is recognized for its stunning green and purple blooms that are covered in iced out trichomes, making it quite the sight to behold!When combined with the potent scent, this is a potent strain to have on hand at all times.

    Fair warning, though: due to its skunky nature, it has a very strong odor and is not intended to be a discreet strain in any way – it is meant to be noticed!

    How strong is the Ice Cream Cake strain?

    The ice cream cake strain is believed to be extremely potent and should not be used by inexperienced marijuana consumers.Because it contains a high concentration of THC (about 23 percent), this is a strain that experienced smokers will want to get their hands on because it is uplifting while also providing a significant body high.This strain is best used at night since it is very relaxing.

    A few puffs or two hits of ice cream cake strain will have you sunk into your sofa in no time.

    What is Ice Cream Cake strain best used for?

    Because the Ice Cream Cake strain produces a higher sort of high, many people like to smoke it while they are experiencing discomfort, attempting to alleviate anxiety, or trying to encourage sleep.The Ice Cream Cake strain is a fantastic method to relax your mind and body very fast with only a few bong rips if you are feeling any of those symptoms or can relate to that sort of pain.Some could even argue that it might help to kickstart the munchies, however that is debatable given the fact that it is a very hefty strain.

    Another good tip is to prepare the snacks ahead of time so that you may grab and go without having to do much effort once you have zooted yourself.

    How does it feel to smoke Ice Cream Cake strain?

    If you believe that the Ice Cream Cake strain is gorgeous on the surface, the way it makes you feel on the inside is the true winner and the reason why you should smoke some of this tasty kush strain.As a somewhat fast-acting strain, many users report feeling euphoric and uplifted as soon as they take their first few puffs.Many people have reported that worried thoughts or a racing mind will be soothed and diminish with the instant surge of cerebral effects, which will put you in a better mood immediately after taking it.

    Many users have stated that the Ice Cream Cake strain helps them sleep without leaving them with a strong cannabis hangover the next day.However, if you have something essential to attend the following day and don’t want to risk being drowsy, you should avoid smoking this strain altogether.

    Where to find Ice Cream Cake strain

    The Ice Cream Cake strain is regarded a top shelf strain, which means it is of great quality but comes at a higher cost!While this exotic cannabis strain may be more expensive, users should be aware that good strains such as Ice Cream Cake are worth the extra money since they provide a more enjoyable smoking experience.Ice Cream Cake strains can be found at dispensaries, but they will not be the typical strains that users are accustomed to seeing.

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    While it is possible to grow your own strain, it is preferable to be familiar with how to correctly establish a hybrid strain and what you will need in order to produce a suitable yield.

    Ice Cream Cake Strain review

    With a better understanding of what the Ice Cream Cake strain is, I’m sure you want to go grab yourself a pint of your favorite ice cream while you figure out how to get your hands on some of the good stuff.Make sure you have some CBD on hand in case you end up getting too high from the Ice Cream Cake strain.CBD may be used to offset any effects that you might not want to experience any longer.

    View our selection of the top CBD tinctures, which are easy to administer under the tongue and have on hand for those ″oops, I did it again and got too high″ times.



    Ice cream cake is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain with a high THC concentration of 19-22 percent and low amounts of CBD.It is a popular medical marijuana strain in the United States.If the plant’s CBD level is 0.2 percent or below, the THC to CBD ratio might be as high as 100:1 in some cases.

    Mr.Freeze, so named because of the glistening white trichomes on its leaves, has won the Highlife Cannabis Cup on consecutive years in 2008 and 2009, as well as the IC 420 Growers Cup in 2018.In 2018, this strain took first place in the Best Indica category.


    • Indica dominant hybrid strain
    • 75 percent indica, 25 percent sativa
    • high THC content
    • CBD concentration of less than 1 percent
    • 75 percent indica, 25 percent sativa


    The strain’s genealogy may be traced back to a hybrid between wedding cake and gelato 33 strains generated by seed junky genetics and grown by mad scientist genetics, which were both developed by seed junky genetics.


    • wedding cake x gelato 33 strain


    A sea of green and a purple tint sugar leaves surround the medium-sized nuggets, which are bright green in color with a sea of green around them. Floral hairs and a covering of sticky sparkling white crystal trichomes cover the blossoms, giving them a vibrant appearance. This resin is responsible for the plant’s overall average thc content (thc content).


    It offers a delightful cheesy and creamy taste profile that blends beautifully with traces of sweet nuttiness in the final product. It has a sour taste to it, with traces of vanilla.


    The flavor is evocative of a slice of vanilla cake, with traces of citrus and pepper in the background. Experienced smokers have said that the strain includes traces of tropicana citrus and hash in its aroma.


    It will offer you hours of cheerful and hungry grins, as well as a full-body high that will give you an intense cerebral rush of ecstatic energy.A real hybrid that creates a tug-of-war between the relaxing benefits of the strain and your body’s need to maintain consciousness.The effects of ice cream cake weed include feelings of drowsiness and lethargy.

    It is often regarded as an excellent nighttime strain.Dry eyes and a dry mouth are both undesirable side effects, so be prepared with eye drops and beverages.


    • Patients suffering from sleeplessness, anxiety, and negative thoughts may find medical marijuana to be of assistance. Ice cream cake Chronic pain and muscular spasms are no match for this strain’s potency. Please remember that these are only recommendations and are not intended to be taken as expert medical advice. DISEASES AND CONDITIONS MEDICAL: Symptoms of chronic stress include depression, insomnia, headaches, and an inability to maintain a healthy appetite.


    Planting cannabis seeds indoors or outdoors will result in flowers that will bloom in around 8-9 weeks.It was anticipated that harvesting would take place outside in mid-October.Indoor yields of 15 ounces per square meter are achieved by these plants, whereas outdoor yields of 18 ounces per plant are achieved by these plants.

    When growing ice cream cake seeds in a grow tent, temperatures between 80 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit are recommended.Female-only marijuana seeds are used by experienced growers who desire consistent results year after year.Feminized marijuana seeds ensure that all plants produced are female.We recommend that you visit the cannabis community for further cultivation ideas as well as advice on how to avoid mold and mildew.


    • A typical indoor production is 15 ounces per square meter, whereas an average outdoor output is 18 ounces or more per plant.

    RESOURCES: leafly |allbud |wikileaf |

    wikipedia This report compiles information from a third-party certificate of analysis that was gathered from seed banks and cannabis websites and compiled into one report.It is only legal for anyone over the age of 21 to possess or use marijuana products, unless they are medical patients who qualify for such privileges.Use of cannabis when pregnant or breast-feeding has the potential to be dangerous.Your ability to drive and operate heavy machinery will be impaired if you consume these goods in large quantities.Please use utmost caution when using cannabis-related goods and substances.

    Ice Cream Cake: Strain Spotlight

    With so many various strains of cannabis available on the market, it may be difficult for consumers to distinguish between high-quality cannabis and low-quality cannabis.Ice Cream Cake is one of the few examples of cannabis that does justice to its nickname, even though many strains are eye-catchingly marketed for the aim of attracting clients.It is with great pleasure that The Higher Path casts a focus on this amazing strain, which has a unique ancestry that extends back into the very best of cannabis history.

    Ice Cream Cake: Strain Profile

    A well-known indica-dominant hybrid, Ice Cream Cake is descended from the equally acclaimed Wedding Cake and Gelato33 strains, and is a favorite among medical marijuana patients.When one first comes into contact with Ice Cream Cake, the crystalline shine of its buds, which are completely coated by cannabinoid-rich trichomes, becomes obvious.Those who consume indica strains have a reputation for creating deep-seated serenity and restfulness in their users, and Ice Cream Cake does not disappoint in this regard.

    In addition to its sativa genetics, the strain makes use of features of its indica genetics to generate a cannabis high that is sometimes regarded as being wholly distinct.In addition, when compared to other, comparable strains, the scent and flavor of this particular strain are thought to be especially delightful.When served at cannabis-themed events such as kickbacks or other cannabis-related get-togethers, Ice Cream Cake is virtually guaranteed to strike up a conversation with those who come into contact with it.

    Ice Cream Cake: Scent and Flavor

    Given that the Ice Cream Cake strain is said to have a flavor that is evocative of vanilla and cream, it is not difficult to see how it came to be known as such.In addition, folks with sophisticated cannabis palates may detect notes of fruit and spice in their smoke.When you open a container of Ice Cream Cake, your senses are instantly aroused by a marvelously complex perfume that not only evokes the sugary sweetness of the cake’s name, but also evokes notes of other smells such as herbs and fresh lavender.

    The Ice Cream Cake strain is particularly notable for its smoothness when smoked.Apart from its creamy flavor, buyers will observe that the fragile blossom falls apart almost immediately upon touching it, resulting in a bowl that is easy to pack and burn.

    Ice Cream Cake: Cannabis Effects

    Ice Cream Cake is also a fantastic way to promote relaxation.Not long after inhaling a satisfying bowl of Ice Cream Cake, the body begins to experience a sense of being transported into a completely other state of being, devoid of the pressures that can develop in ordinary life.Batches of Ice Cream Cake have been found to have an average of 23 percent THC, indicating that the strain is quite strong.

    Those who are new to cannabis should proceed with extreme caution when handling Ice Cream Cake, since taking too many puffs may result in an unpleasant cannabis experience.Consumers with a high tolerance, on the other hand, may like its heavy, pleasant body buzz, which covers the body like a warm blanket.We now have a number of various flavors of Ice Cream Cake available in the shop.Ice Cream Cake is a strain that you’ll want to come back to again and again, whether you want to try it out with a simple pre-roll, ground up some bud to enjoy through your chosen vessel, or go all out with some live resin.Check out our online menu to see what we currently have in stock.

    Why Colorado Tokers Love Ice Cream Cake

    It has been common practice to munch often while confined at home with lots of cannabis and no open eateries.However, the snack food offered in my neighborhood grocery, which is one of the poorest in the city, is insufficient to support a stoner, so I’ve turned to the internet for junk food.My first stop was Carvel’s Fudgie the Whale, a traditional chocolate ice cream cake that has become a classic.

    Unfortunately, there are no Carvels in the Denver area, and the business does not deliver anywhere in the United States.Consequently, if anybody happens to come find a frozen chocolate sperm whale at their local ice cream shop, they should contact your boy immediately.To tide me over until then, I’ll have to indulge in the weed-infused version of Fudgie, the strong Ice Cream Cake, and pretend that whatever Marie Callender’s substitute is OK.This hybrid of Wedding Cake and Gelato33 from Seed Junky Genetics has a lengthy ancestry of Girl Scout Cookies, Durban Poison and Kush hybrids and phenotypes.Ice Cream Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid of Wedding Cake and Gelato33.With its thick, sticky layer of resin covering it like a powdered doughnut and sweet, creamy flavors of vanilla, bread, and hash to boot, this strain is the epitome of what a modern flower connoisseur desires.

    Ice Cream Cake has swiftly risen to become a top-shelf strain in Denver, but strains like Cookies and Cake, which have a tendency to cannibalize itself, can have a difficult time maintaining their popularity.It was only two or three years ago that the strain’s parents, Gelato and Wedding Cake, were in vogue; while both are still present, they don’t stand out as much as they used to, with Ice Cream Cake and other comparable strains stealing their shine from them.Are you confident that Ice Cream Cake will be able to maintain its position among the Sour Diesels and Gorilla Glues of the globe over the next several years?Time will tell, but things are off to a promising start.The Ice Cream Cake is available at A Cut Above, Callie’s Cannabis Shoppe, Colorado Harvest Company, Den-Rec, Eclipse Cannabis, Elements, Euflora, Golden Meds, Green Sativa, Herban Underground, Herbs 4 You, Higher Grade, L’Eagle, Life Flower, L’Eagle, Lit, RiverRock, Simply Pure, Solace Meds, Starbuds, Sticky Fingerz, Yuma Way, and other dispensaries, but those aren Our favorite strains have come from Den-Rec, L’Eagle, and Wolf Pac, all of which contain so many terpenes that any room in which you open a bottle will smell like a marijuana malt shop after a while.

    • Den-Rec has additional Kush notes, which you may find here.
    • Try L’Eagle if you like a smoother, creamier smoke.
    • You may also get an early night’s sleep by visiting Wolf Pac, where the Ice Cream Cake is covered in so many trichomes that you’ll assume someone had sneaked it into the bag with the marijuana.
    • Despite the fact that Ice Cream Cake’s buds can grow to be rather long, the calyxes are normally compact and spaced widely apart, similar to those of many OG strains; they can also become bulbous and teardrop-shaped.
    • Because of the dense cloath of trichomes that covers those stalagmite nugs, even novice growers have been able to successfully harvest them, it’s possible that they got their name from this.

    A second possible source of inspiration for the ″Ice Cream Cake″ moniker comes in the form of the delicate, fluffy fragrances of oatmeal cookie dough, lavender, and light citrus that are followed by typical, pungent OG whiffs of pine, peppercorns, and mild undertones of rubber that come from the classic OG.The result is a strain that is as sweet and creamy as they come without sacrificing any of the skunky characteristics that distinguish cannabis as weed.Aroma and flavor: Ice Cream Cake smells and tastes like vanilla Kush on steroids or a sugar-dipped nug of OG.It has strong vanilla flavors with a lingering herbal spice undertone and hints of doughy sweetness, as well as a pungent piney undertone.Effects: When you take your first bite of Ice Cream Cake, you should be aware of a number of characteristics other than potency.

    Although the Herculean hybrid may be used during the day, it is most suited for evening use when smoked sparingly.I regularly fall asleep between mid-day and afternoon sessions, sometimes for an hour or even the entire night, leaving my body somewhere in the middle of the loose and liquefied spectrum.I’m not fully out of it, but I’m definitely thinking a little more slowly as my body melts away around me.Is there a particular strain that you would want to have profiled?


    Ice Cream Marijuana Strain Review & Information

    An Introduction to Ice Cream Strains When the weather starts to warm up and your thoughts drift to ice cream, you know you’re a real ice cream enthusiast.Suppose, on the other hand, there was a method for you to indulge in your favorite sweet pleasure at any time of year.Well, there’s excellent news!

    An all-season marijuana strain has now been developed to assist in satisfying your needs at any time of year!Cannabis strains such as the Ice Cream strain may be found in tastes such as vanilla, toffee, and even strawberry.It also has a fantastic THC level of up to 22 percent, which is incredible!If you’re looking for a strain that will help you relax while also making you feel like you’re on top of the world, this could be your best pick.Ice Cream is a marijuana strain that many people find to be enjoyable.There are around 60 percent Indica and 40 percent Sativa in this hybrid, making it an Indica-dominant strain.

    A number of honors have been bestowed upon it, including third place in the Hydro category at the 2009 Bio Cup Awards, and second place in the Highlife Cup Hemp Fair Awards, among others.Ice Cream’s makeup is around 60% indica and 40% sativa; it promotes relaxation in the same way that most indicas do, with the added benefit of intellectual stimulation due to the presence of Sativa qualities.Ice cream isn’t for everyone, but if you’re searching for something sweet to add to your rotation, this may be your new go-to treat.

    Ice Cream Marijuana Strain: What is it?

    Ice Cream Strain is a relatively new cannabis strain that has gained considerable popul

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