What Temp Is Cheesecake Done?

A cheesecake is done when the center just barely jiggles. Since this can be difficult to judge, try this tip. Cheesecake is ready to come out of the oven when the internal temperature reaches 150 degrees. (At higher temperatures, the texture will suffer.)
Preheat Oven to 350˚F.

What is the perfect temp to bake a cake?


  • 2 sticks unsalted butter, softened (but still cool to the touch—a finger pressed in should leave a dent but not sink in deeply), plus more for pan
  • 1 1/2 cups unbleached all-purpose flour, plus more for dusting
  • 1 1/4 cups sugar
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt (we use Diamond Crystal)
  • 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
  • How to tell when cheesecake is ready?

    How to tell if your cheesecake is undercooked.

  • Wobble test. The easiest and quickest way to check if your cheesecake is soft in the middle is through the wobble test.
  • Check the temperature. For this method, you will need an instant-read cooking thermometer.
  • Toothpick test.
  • Browning edges.
  • Pressure test.
  • How to heat up cheesecake?

    Make the filling:

  • In a large bowl, use an electric mixer to beat the cream cheese on medium speed until completely smooth and free of lumps, scraping down the bowl as needed.
  • Pour the batter into the foiled-wrapped springform pan.
  • Place the springform pan in a larger roasting pan or deep sauté pan.
  • Turn off the oven heat and open the oven door open just by 1-inch.
  • How long should cheesecake bake?

    Part 3 Part 3 of 3: Baking the Cheesecake Download Article

    1. Place the springform pan into a high-sided roasting pan containing hot water. Bring 8 cups (1,900 mL) of water to a boil.
    2. Cook the cheesecake for 1.5 hours. Place the roasting pan on the lower rack of the oven.
    3. Turn off the heat and crack the oven door for 1 hour.
    4. Cover the top of your cheesecake with foil and place it in the fridge.

    What is the best cheesecake recipe ever?

  • Start by making the graham cracker crust: stir graham cracker crumbs, sugar and melted butter together and press into a 9-inch springform pan.
  • Make the cheesecake filling by stirring the very soft cream cheese together with the granulated sugar. Stir in the vanilla and sour cream.
  • Whisk eggs together in a separate bowl and slowly add to the cheesecake filling with the mixer on. Once eggs are incorporated turn mixer off.
  • What temperature do you put the oven when baking cupcakes?

    Things You’ll Need

  • Cake mix
  • Mini cupcake liners
  • Mini cupcake pan
  • Ice cream scoop or 1-ounce disher
  • Cooling racks
  • Potholders
  • Plastic wrap
  • How long do you bake a cake in the oven?

  • Preheat the oven to 130 C or 110 C fan oven.
  • Grease your tin with butter and line the base and sides with greaseproof paper or baking parchment.
  • Using a stand mixer or a wooden spoon and bowl, cream the softened butter and both types of sugar together until the mixture is light (in colour) and fluffy.
  • How do I know when my cheesecake is finished cooking?

    You can tell if a cheesecake is done by checking the internal temperature with a quick-read thermometer. Stick the probe halfway into the cake—a baked cheesecake should read 150ºF. However, testing cheesecake this way can mar the finish on top. You worked hard to create this cake, so we don’t blame you if you don’t want to go poking holes in it.

    How do you make a perfect cheesecake?

  • 3 tablespoons butter
  • 5 ounces brown sugar
  • ¾ teaspoon cinnamon
  • ⅓ cup cream
  • What is the perfect temp to bake a cake?

  • 2 sticks unsalted butter,softened (but still cool to the touch—a finger pressed in should leave a dent but not sink in deeply),plus more for pan
  • 1 1/2 cups unbleached all-purpose flour,plus more for dusting
  • 1 1/4 cups sugar
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt (we use Diamond Crystal)
  • 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
  • How to tell when cheesecake is ready?

  • Wobble test. The easiest and quickest way to check if your cheesecake is soft in the middle is through the wobble test.
  • Check the temperature. For this method,you will need an instant-read cooking thermometer.
  • Toothpick test.
  • Browning edges.
  • Pressure test.
  • How to heat up cheesecake?

  • In a large bowl,use an electric mixer to beat the cream cheese on medium speed until completely smooth and free of lumps,scraping down the bowl as needed.
  • Pour the batter into the foiled-wrapped springform pan.
  • Place the springform pan in a larger roasting pan or deep sauté pan.
  • Turn off the oven heat and open the oven door open just by 1-inch.
  • Full question

    • If possible, could you tell me what time and temperature I should use for a standard cake?
    • Could you kindly advise if it is advisable to reduce the temperature by 20 degrees Celsius when baking in a fan-assisted oven?
    • Cooking in my oven produces results that are slightly different from those produced by baking in a standard oven, which I find to be frustrating at times.
    • The recipes from Nigella’s book have been successfully baked in a standard oven at friends’ homes, and they have always turned out perfectly.

    However, when they are at home, they don’t appear to have the same impact.Thank you very much.Nathalie

    Our answer

    • The bulk of the cakes are baked in a conventional oven at 180 degrees Celsius (350 degrees Fahrenheit/Gas Mark 4) on the middle shelf of the oven.
    • The time required to bake muffins and cupcakes is typically 15-20 minutes, while 20cm/8-inch Victoria sandwich cakes will take around 25 minutes, and other cake layers will take between 25 and 45 minutes, depending on the size of the pan and the depth and fluidity of the batter.
    • Loaf-type cakes require longer to bake, usually between 50 minutes and 1 hour.
    • Rich fruit cakes will take 1 1/2 hours or longer to bake, depending on their size.

    Some cupcakes and muffins are baked at higher temperatures, such as 190 degrees Celsius (375 degrees Fahrenheit/Gas Mark 5) or 200 degrees Celsius (400 degrees Fahrenheit/Gas Mark 6) to give them a somewhat more peaked appearance.The fact that they are tiny and cook through rapidly means that they can withstand greater temperatures without burning on the exterior.This reduces the chance of the outside burning before the interior is done.Nonetheless, because the baking time will be shorter, you should begin inspecting the cakes after around 13 minutes of cooking time.When using a fan driven oven (also known as a convection oven), the heat is forced through the oven by a big fan, ensuring that the temperature is consistent throughout the oven and that any shelf is acceptable.Most of the time, you will need to lower the oven temperature by 20 degrees Celsius (approximately 50 degrees Fahrenheit) since the consistent heat and power of the fan encourages cakes to bake more rapidly.

    However, you should consult the manufacturer’s guide because some more recent ovens have several functions (such as roast and bake) and may automatically modify the temperature as part of the cooking cycle if necessary.

    How to Tell if a Cheesecake is Done

    • Article to be downloaded article to be downloaded If you prefer New York or Italian style cheesecake, this is a light and delectable treat to indulge in.
    • This dish might be difficult to judge when it is finished since it involves a significant amount of milk or cream, as well as soft cheese.
    • It is possible to tell when your cheesecake is done by numerous methods, including testing the temperature of the cake, gently shaking the pan, and touching the cake’s surface.
    1. 1 Get a cooking thermometer that can be read instantly. Choose an instant-read thermometer if you don’t want to have to wait several minutes as the thermometer detects the temperature. After each usage, be certain that it is well cleaned. It is necessary to calibrate your thermometer on a regular basis to ensure that it provides correct readings. For this, fill a small saucepan halfway with water and bring it to a boil on the stovetop. Take the temperature of the water, which should be 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100 degrees Celsius).
    2. If the temperature reading on an analog thermometer is inaccurate, turn the hex bolt at the bottom of the thermometer to calibrate it. If you want to calibrate a digital thermometer, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
    • The temperature should be checked in the center of the cake.
    • The edges of your cake may be warmer than the center, so check the temperature in the centre to see whether it’s ready to be served.
    • Do not insert the thermometer all the way down to the bottom of the pan; instead, insert it halfway through the cake batter.
    • Keep in mind that inserting a thermometer into the cheesecake may cause it to crack, so attempt to test the temperature just once rather than several times to avoid damaging the cake.

    If you need to test it more than once, insert the thermometer into the same hole that you used the previous time to reduce the likelihood of shattering the thermometer.

    1. Promotional material
    2. 3 Look for a temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit (66 degrees Celsius). When the middle of the cheesecake hits 150 degrees Fahrenheit (66 degrees Celsius), the dessert is done! Removing it from the oven and placing it on a wire rack to cool entirely is recommended. Check to see whether it is done after approximately 5 minutes and if it is not, put it back in the oven for another 5 minutes before checking again. Continue until you reach a temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit (66 degrees Celsius). Advertisement
    1. 1Gently shake the cheesecake pan to release the air bubbles. While the cheesecake is still in the oven, gently shake the pan with an oven mitt to release any trapped air. Keep your still-warm dessert from being handled too roughly as it may shatter. Simply shake the pan a tiny amount to get it moving. If you’re baking your cheesecake in a water bath, be careful not to get any water in the pan.
    2. 2Check to see how much the center jiggles before you bake it. A 2 in (5.1 cm) section in the middle of the cheesecake may jiggle slightly when the pan is shaken when the cheesecake is done. If there is a huge, jiggly region, or if liquid breaches the surface of the cheesecake or sloshes over the borders of the pan, the cheesecake has not reached the proper cooking temperature. Bake the cheesecake for another 5 minutes or so before removing it from the oven and testing for doneness again.
    3. 3
    4. Expect a greater amount of jiggling from sour cream filling than from cream cheese filling. If you utilized a significant amount of sour cream in your cheesecake, it will jiggle more than a cheesecake that is predominantly made of cream cheese or ricotta in the filling. A huge soft spot will be present in the center of the cheesecake, so watch for slightly golden and puffed-up borders to signal when the cheesecake is finished baking. Additionally, keep in mind that the core of the cheesecake will continue to cook and firm up slightly as it cools. If you continue to bake the cheesecake until the middle is solid and does not jiggle, you will have baked it for an excessive amount of time.
    1. 1Wash and dry your hands thoroughly. To avoid contaminating the cheesecake, thoroughly wash your hands with warm water and soap before handling it. 2Use one finger to touch the middle of the cheesecake, rinsing your hands thoroughly to eliminate any soap residue and drying them entirely. 1 or 2 fingers should be used to gently touch the surface of the cheesecake in the middle. Don’t push yourself too much! You want to check the doneness of the cake in the centre of the cake rather than on the edges.
    2. 3Look for a solid surface on which to rest your hand. If the surface of the cheesecake has a little give to it but still feels solid, the cake is finished baking and ready to serve. The cake has to be baked for a longer period of time if your finger sinks into the cake or comes away with batter on it. It should be baked for a further 5 minutes before being checked again. Advertisement
    1. 1Look for a small amount of puffing and browning around the edges of the pan. When a 12 inch (1.3 cm) ring around the border of the cheesecake begins to brown and bubble up slightly from the pan, the cheesecake is finished baking and cooling. The filling should still be light in color, rather than golden in appearance. Allowing it to continue to cook will result in it being over cooked.
    2. 2Check for firmness around the edges of the filling before serving. If the borders of your cheesecake are still wet rather than set and solid, your cheesecake is not yet finished. When your cheesecake is perfectly cooked, just the centre 2 inches (5 cm) should still be jiggly rather than hard.
    3. 3 When the surface is no longer shining, remove it from the oven. When the surface of the cheesecake is no longer shining, the cheesecake is finished! Before removing the cake from the oven, check to see that the entire cake, including the soft center, has lost its sheen and is no longer shiny. Some bakers like to let the cheesecake in the oven to cool completely. Continue to bake the cake for 1 hour at a low temperature with the door slightly ajar (approximately 1 inch/2.5 cm) at the bottom. Then remove the pan from the oven and, if using a springform pan, remove it from the water bath. Allow the cheesecake to cool fully before removing it from the springform pan.
    • Question Add a new question Question I’m not sure I’m comfortable performing the warm bath and wrapping aluminum foil around the pan. Will the other stages and concepts be successful if this is not done? Yes, even if you do not utilize the waterbath method, you may determine whether or not a cheesecake is done using the methods described above. By using a water bath, you can ensure that your cheesecake bakes more evenly since it avoids the borders from browning too quickly and the middle from staying undercooked.
    • Question What is the best way to tell when a cheesecake is done if it is a no-bake, set in the refrigerator cake? Rachel Lyon-Answer from the Student Community With cheesecakes, depending on the variety, it is typically good to remove them if they have formed a skin on the outside and are hard in the inside. It is difficult to over-chill a cheesecake that has been stored in the refrigerator. I’d suggest give it a couple of hours.
    • Questions Is it better to freeze the cheesecake in or out of the spring form pan when freezing the cheesecake? Freeze the cheesecake in the springform pan until it is firm.

    Inquire about something There are 200 characters remaining. Include your email address so that you may be notified when this question has been resolved. Advertisement submissions are welcome. While your cheesecake is baking, try not to open the oven door too often. As a result, the temperature may be lowered, resulting in an unevenly cooked cake.

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    Advertisement Poking a cheesecake with a toothpick or a knife will not determine if it is done. It will not provide you with an accurate assessment, and it may also cause a break in the filling material.


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    • Summary of the Article When a cheesecake is done, place an instant-read cooking thermometer halfway into the center of the cake to check the temperature.
    • When the middle of the cheesecake reaches 150 degrees Fahrenheit, remove it from the oven.
    • Instead of using an oven mitt, gently shake the cheesecake pan while it is still in the oven if you don’t have access to a cooking thermometer.
    • Only a 2 inch region in the center of the cheesecake will jiggle somewhat after the cheesecake is completed cooking; however, a sour cream cheesecake will wobble more than one made largely with cream cheese or ricotta.

    Continue reading for more helpful hints from our Baker reviewer, including how to tell if a cheesecake is done just by looking at it.Did you find this overview to be helpful?The writers of this page have together authored a page that has been read 240,621 times.

    Cheesecake Recipe

    • I am overjoyed to be able to share with you the finest cheesecake recipe EVER.
    • Cheesecake has featured prominently in some of my most popular blog entries throughout the course of my more than ten years of writing.
    • I can see where you’re coming from.
    • When it comes to desserts, cheesecake is the ultimate blend of sweet and tangy tastes, as well as smooth yet rich textures.

    Cheesecakes themselves may be made in a variety of forms and sizes, and they can even be integrated into other sweets that people enjoy (like this Cheesecake-Filled Chocolate Bundt Cake).And, while it’s wonderful to experiment with different cheesecake recipes, I believe that the most basic and traditional cheesecake is sometimes the most frightening to prepare.It’s because of this simplicity that there is limited space for mistakes!That’s why I’ve spent the last several weeks thoroughly testing this cheesecake recipe and discovering the best tips to ensure that you can make it in your own kitchen to the same level of excellence!

    How to Make the BEST Cheesecake

    How to make a graham cracker crust:

    Make fine crumbles of the graham crackers in a food processor, then blend them with your melted butter and sugar until everything is well-combined. Press firmly into an oiled springform pan, pressing into the borders with a measuring cup to ensure a tight fit.

    What if I don’t have graham crackers?

    • In order to allow you to substitute any other smashed cracker, cookie, or biscuit, I’ve provided both the volume measurement of the graham crackers as well as the weight measurement. Here are a few suggestions: Cookies such as vanilla wafers, digestive biscuits, Speculoos / Biscoff cookies, and Amaretti cookies are also popular.

    How to make homemade cheesecake:

    1. In preparation for the water bath, prepare a 9-inch springform.
    2. Prepare your graham cracker crust as follows: In a medium-sized mixing dish, combine the graham cracker crust ingredients. Then press the mixture into the springform pan that has been prepared. Preheat the oven to 350°F and bake for 10 minutes, then allow to cool.
    3. Make the cheesecake filling as follows: To make the cream cheese smooth and free of lumps, use an electric mixer to whip it until it is. After that, add the sugar and mix until everything is well blended. After that, beat in the sour cream, lemon zest, and lemon juice until well combined. Finally, add the eggs and mix until everything is well-combined.
    4. Fill the springform pan halfway with the filling batter.
    5. Place the springform pan in a bigger roasting pan and then onto the oven rack to create a water bath. Using caution, carefully pour boiling water into the roasting pan until the water reaches halfway up the sides of the cheesecake pan.
    6. For approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes or until the internal temperature reaches 150°F, bake the cake at 325°F.
    7. Remove the cheesecake from the oven and allow it to cool for 30 minutes to 1 hour after turning off the heat and opening the oven door slightly.
    8. The cheesecake should be taken out of the oven and out of the water bath and placed on a cooling rack to cool. Allow the cheesecake to cool entirely to room temperature before serving.
    9. Finally, if you choose to add a topping, prepare it as follows:

    What’s the best pan for cheesecake?

    • This recipe calls for a springform pan with a 9-inch diameter and 10 cups, such as this one.
    • All springform pans, however, do not perform in the same way.
    • You’ll want something that’s both heavy-duty and durable.
    • Dishwashers should be avoided.

    A springform pan’s lifespan can be extended by hand cleaning it.Just because your pan has a 9-inch diameter does not always imply that it has a 10-cup batter volume capacity as well.Every brand may have subtle variations.As a result of the water bath used in this recipe, the batter may be placed as close as 1/4-inch from the top of the pan.This allows the batter to bake without rising much in the oven.

    How to prepare your cream cheese for cheesecake:

    • First and foremost, make sure you get the appropriate sort.
    • This recipe calls for full-fat blocks of cheesecake for baking (as opposed to cheesecake spread for spreading on bagels).
    • Make certain you choose a high-quality brand.
    • Some generic brands are watery and rubbery, while others are not.

    Ensure that the cream cheese has been thoroughly and completely softened to room temperature before proceeding with the recipe.If the temperature is too low, you will wind up with lumpy cheesecake batter.

    Why does this recipe have lemon juice & zest?

    There’s just enough of it to lighten up this really thick cheesecake and bring out the tanginess of the fruit. Not to worry, it does not taste anything like lemon cheesecake!

    Can this recipe be made into mini cheesecakes?

    • To make mini cheesecakes out of this recipe, bake it in two standard-sized muffin pans lined with paper or foil liners for about 20 minutes.
    • Bake for 5 minutes at 325°F after dividing the crust mixture evenly among the cavities.
    • Bake for 17 to 20 minutes, depending on how thick the cheesecake batter is.
    • There is no need for a water bath.

    Allow to cool fully before placing in the refrigerator overnight.

    How to prevent cheesecake cracks:

    It is impossible to find a single crack if you follow the directions in this recipe. If you’ve made your fair number of cheesecakes, you know it’s not an easy task. The key, of course, is to bake slowly and evenly, without making any sudden temperature adjustments. We do this by implementing three strategies:

    1. Bake the cheesecake in a water bath for about one hour.
    2. Turn off the oven and allow the cheesecake to cool fully in the oven before cutting into pieces.
    3. After the cheesecake has finished cooling, run a flexible knife over the edge of the pan to allow it to release and prevent cracks.

    How to prepare a water bath:

    For more information on how to make the proper water bath for cheesecake, see this page. What are the two keys? Heavy-duty aluminum foil and oven bags that are safe to use in the oven!

    How to tell if cheesecake is done baking:

    • Do not overbake your cheesecake, and I mean that in the most emphatic way imaginable.
    • Even after the oven has been switched off, the cheesecake will continue to cook because to the residual heat from the oven.
    • In other words, after the baking time is over, you want your cheesecake to look dry around the edges but slightly unstable or jiggly like Jello in the center.
    • The interior temperature should be 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

    How to chill & serve cheesecake:

    The cheesecake will only firm up entirely when it has been allowed to cool completely and then refrigerated in the refrigerator for at least 5 hours, ideally overnight, before serving. Remove the cheesecake from the springform pan and slice it only once this has been done successfully.

    How long does cheesecake last?

    It will keep in the fridge for up to 3 days. If you wait much longer, the crust will turn mushy.

    Can you freeze cheesecake?

    • Yes!
    • Cheesecake keeps exceptionally well in the freezer.
    • A entire cheesecake or individual pieces may be placed on a baking sheet and frozen until solid, about 30 minutes.
    • Wrap the cheesecake, or each individual slice, in plastic wrap and set it in a freezer bag to keep it frozen for several months.

    Freeze for a maximum of 2 months.To prepare the cheesecake for serving, thaw the entire cheesecake in the refrigerator overnight.Individual slices can also be defrosted in the refrigerator overnight or at room temperature for 30 minutes before serving.

    How to prepare raspberry sauce for cheesecake:

    • Fresh raspberries cooked in a skillet with a little sugar and a splash of lemon juice, then strained through a fine mesh strainer to remove the seeds is all it takes to make this dessert.
    • Frozen raspberries may be used; simply thaw them out and drain any extra water before using them in this recipe.
    • While the sauce for this cheesecake isn’t very thick and syrupy, it is incredibly fresh and tasty nonetheless.
    • If you’d want to try something else, there are some suggestions below.

    Cheesecake topping ideas:

    • The chocolate ganache, salted caramel sauce, butterscotch sauce, whipped cream, fresh fruit, fruit compote, and chocolate ganache are all delicious.
    • It was initially published in 2016 and updated in 2021 with recipe changes, more recipe advice, and new images.
    • This recipe has been modified and updated.
    • Ashley McLaughlin captured these images.
    • This recipe was chosen as the winner of our monthly baking competition in January 2021!

    Participating in the challenge every month by baking the dish, taking a picture of it and uploading it for a chance to win PRIZES is easy and fun.For further information, please see this link.Take a look at the cheesecakes made by everyone:

    How to Make a Baked Cheesecake

    Article to be downloaded article to be downloaded Cheesecake has long been regarded as one of the most sumptuous sweets available by food enthusiasts across the world. While the preparation and cooking time for this creamy, heavenly dessert is typically 3 hours, it is well worth the effort.


    • The following ingredients are needed: 2 cups (475 mL) of graham cracker crumbs (from little less than 2 packages of graham crackers)
    • 2 Tbsp (12.5 g) of granulated sugar
    • 5-tablespoon (70-gram) unsalted butter, melted
    • If you’re using salted butter, you may skip the pinch of salt.
    • Cream cheese, 2 pounds (900 g), at room temperature
    • 1 and a third cups (270 g) granulated sugar
    • a sprinkle of salt
    • 2 teaspoons (9.9 mL) vanilla extract
    • A total of 4 big eggs
    • a total of 2/3 cup (160 mL) of sour cream
    • a total of 2/3 cup (160 mL) of heavy whipping cream
    1. 1Use a springform pan to bake the cake. Due to the fact that cheesecakes are famously crumbly, it is important to use the proper pan to guarantee that your cheesecake comes out smoothly when you take it out of the pan. Make use of a springform pan for the finest results. An upside-down cake pan with an easily detachable bottom is what this type of pan is made of. The whole thing is kept together by a springy collar.
    2. 2 Aluminum foil should be used to cover the pan. It is necessary to bake the cheesecake on a baking dish covered by hot water in order to achieve the greatest cheesecake you have ever tasted. In order to prevent any water from leaking into your pan and spoiling your crust, you will need to wrap the outside of the pan with aluminum foil that does not have any holes in it. Place a piece of aluminum foil beneath the pan, wrap it upwards, and fold it so that the foil sits around the edge of the pan but does not extend over the lip of the pan. If necessary, use a second sheet of foil to cover any areas that were not covered by the first piece.
    • Promotional material
    • 3 Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (177 degrees Celsius). Before you turn on the oven, position a rack in the lowest third of the oven so that the cheesecake will be able to fit towards the bottom of the pan. Ensure that the oven is preheated while you are making the crust. Grind the graham crackers to a fine powder. 2 cups (475 mL) graham crackers are placed in a blender or food processor and blended until smooth. In a food processor, pulse the crackers until they have a finely ground texture, making sure the top is securely fastened. Instead, place the graham crackers in a zip-top bag and squeeze out as much air as possible before using them. Use a rolling pin or other heavy item to pound the crackers into crumbs until they’re completely broken up
    • 5 In a large mixing basin, whisk together all of the crust ingredients until well combined. Place the graham cracker crumbs in a large mixing bowl and toss in 2 tablespoons (12.5 g) of granulated sugar and a sprinkle of salt with a spatula until well combined. Examine the mixture to ensure that all of the components are fully combined. Prepare the butter by melting 5 Tbsp (70 g) unsalted butter in the microwave or on the stovetop, then stirring it into the batter. Wash and dry your hands before mixing the ingredients together with a spatula, folding the ingredients together until they are thoroughly combined.
    • If you want to use salted butter, omit the pinch of salt from the recipe.
    • 6 Using your hands, press the crust mixture into the pan.
    • Keep approximately 14 cup (about 20 g) of the mixture aside in case you need it later (you can use it if you discover any holes in your crust once you remove it from the pan).
    • Pour the ingredients into the pan and push the crust down with your hands, making sure that there are no holes in the bottom of the pan.
    • This should produce a uniform layer of crust that just slightly curls up around the sides of the baking sheet when done correctly.

    Make certain that you do not accidently break any of the foil when pushing the crust into the pan.Any tears should be repaired by using another piece of tin foil in the same area.

    • 7Cook the crust for 10 minutes over medium heat, then reduce the heat to low.
    • The crust will need to solidify a little before serving; baking it for 10 minutes should provide the right texture.
    • Once the ten minutes have elapsed, remove the pan from the oven and reduce the oven temperature to 325 degrees Fahrenheit (163 degrees Celsius).
    • Allow the crust to cool for a few minutes before cutting into it.
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    1. 1Mix 2 pounds (900 g) of cream cheese until well combined. Please wait till the cream cheese has risen to room temperature before utilizing it. By cutting out a chunk of cream cheese at a time, drop it into the bowl of your electric mixer and mix until smooth. If you want the creamiest texture possible, use the paddle attachment on your electric mixer. Using a medium speed mixer, beat the cream cheese for 4 minutes, or until it has a smooth texture.
    2. 2Add the sugar, vanilla, and salt to the cream cheese, beating after each addition. Pour 1 1/3 cups (270 g) of granulated sugar into a mixing bowl and combine the two ingredients for 4 minutes on medium speed. Set your mixer to a medium speed so that your mixture will not be too thick. Add 2 teaspoons (9.9 mL) of vanilla essence and whisk for 4 minutes until well combined. After that, add a pinch of salt and continue mixing for another 4 minutes if necessary. 3Beat the eggs into the mixture until well combined. Add 1 egg and beat it for 1 minute with an electric mixer on medium speed. This procedure should be repeated with the remaining three eggs. Scrape the interior and bottom of the mixing bowl with a spatula to remove any lumps. This is necessary because huge pieces of cream cheese can become caught in these regions if not done correctly.
    3. 4Add the sour cream and heavy cream. After that, add 2/3 cup (160 mL) of sour cream and fully combine. Following that, add 2/3 cup (160 mL) of heavy whipping cream, which you should also whisk until all of the ingredients are thoroughly combined. 5Pour the filling into the pan on top of the crust and bake for 30 minutes. Make sure that you scoop out all of the filling while also making sure that it does not overflow the pan during the baking process. Once it’s in the pan, smooth the top with a spatula to make it seem even. Advertisement
    • 1 Place the springform pan into a roasting pan with a high rim that is filled with boiling water.
    • Bring 8 cups (1,900 mL) of water to a boil in a large saucepan.
    • Then gently pour the boiling water into the roasting pan, making sure that the water comes about half way up the edge of the springform pan.
    • While this may appear to be a weird advice, you are really providing the cake with a water bath, which will aid in the cooking of the filling without it splitting.
    • 2 Cook the cheesecake for 1.5 hours at a low temperature.
    • Place the roasting pan on the bottom rack of the oven and bake for 30 minutes.
    • Set your timer for 1.5 hours and sit back and enjoy your delectable cheesecake.
    • Approximately 45 minutes after baking, flip the cheesecake 180 degrees to ensure that it bakes evenly.

    After the baking time has elapsed, open the oven and gently shake the cheesecake back and forth to ensure it is well baked through.The cake should have a tiny wiggle in the center, but should be solid around the edges when finished baking.As the cake cools, the middle will become firmer.

    • 3After 1 hour, turn off the heat and open the oven door a bit. Open the oven door approximately 1 inch (2.5 cm) and let the steam escape. Allow the cheesecake to cool in the oven as the oven cools down, which should take around 1 hour to complete. It is only by this method of long, delicate cooling that the filling will not fracture when exposed to the cold air outside the oven. Put your cheesecake in the refrigerator after covering the top with aluminum foil. Leave it in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours before serving.. The cool temperature will aid in the firming up of the cheesecake. Some pastry chefs feel that the cheesecake should be allowed to chill for 2 to 3 hours uncovered. This method of chilling the cheesecake also aids in dispersing the moisture that would otherwise accumulate on the top of the cheesecake.
    • 5 Carefully lift the cheesecake out of the pan.
    • Once it has been allowed to cool completely, you may run a spatula around the inside of the pan to loosen the crust and cake from the pan and remove it from the pan.
    • If you don’t wait until the cheesecake has completely cooled before doing this, you run the risk of separating the cheesecake from its crust, which is quite dangerous.
    • Carefully release the springform clasp and carefully lift the sides away from the cheesecake, revealing the cheesecake in all its beauty.

    Afterwards, carefully lift the bottom of the springform pan off the cake while moving it to a serving dish or tray.

    6Develop the cheesecake and serve it to your guests. If desired, you can decorate the top with toppings such as strawberries or raspberries, or pour chocolate over the top. Advertisement

    • Question Add a new question Question Is it necessary to use an oven to prepare this dish, or may it be prepared in the refrigerator? No, you must put the cheesecake in the oven to bake it properly. Look for a cheesecake recipe that does not require baking. How long does it take to create one of these? This cheesecake takes around one hour to complete, including the time spent cooling after it has been constructed and baked. It is recommended that you refrigerate the cheesecake for a minimum of 4 hours after it has been created and chilled. How can I create a cheesecake in a more straightforward manner? Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (175 degrees C). Softened cream cheese should be lightly beaten. Combine the eggs, sugar, vanilla, and lemon zest in a mixing bowl. Beat until the mixture is light and fluffy. Bake at 350 degrees F (175 degrees C) for about 25 minutes, or until the mixture is firm. Allow the cheesecake to cool completely before decorating with cherry or strawberry preserves. How many individuals does this service on a daily basis? This cheesecake may serve between 5 and 10 people, depending on how thick the cheesecake pieces are cut.

    Inquire about something There are 200 characters remaining. Include your email address so that you may be notified when this question has been resolved. Advertisement submissions are welcome.


    • To create individual-serving-size cheesecakes, fill a muffin tray halfway with the crust mixture and half-way with the cheesecake batter. If you have a large enough sided pan, you may fill it with warm water and set the muffin pan on top of it to rest. This will ensure that the little cheesecakes are cooked evenly throughout.
    • If the tops crack too much for your liking, you may adorn them with fruit toppings such as strawberries and blueberries to make them seem more appealing. You might also experiment with sprinkling melted chocolate over the top.
    • If the crust begins to crumble, simply top it with hot melted chocolate and let it aside to firm.


    About This Article

    • The crust for a baked cheesecake is made by combining the components for the crust, pressing the dough into a springform pan, and baking for 10 minutes at 350°F.
    • Pour the filling over the pre-baked crust once it has been baked, and then top it with more cream cheese, heavy cream, sour cream, sugar, vanilla, and eggs.
    • Then, fill a roasting pan halfway with boiling water, submerge the springform pan in the water, and bake for 1.5 hours or until the cheesecake has set.
    • Allow the cheesecake to cool completely before placing it in the refrigerator for 4 hours.

    Continue reading for helpful hints on how to garnish your dish with delectable toppings.Did you find this overview to be helpful?The writers of this page have together authored a page that has been read 312,589 times.

    How to Bake Cupcakes

    • As a general rule, most cake recipes or cake mixes will yield cupcakes that are edible. Simply reduce the baking time for the smaller piece and test the finished product with a toothpick while it is still baking. It is critical to do accurate measurements. For the dry ingredients, scoop them into nested measuring cups, filling them almost to the brim. By running a spatula down the top, you may level the surface. Glass measuring cups should be used for wet substances. Pour to the exact level that is required. The most effective method of preparing beautiful cupcakes is to start from the bottom up. Check to verify that you have the correct batter volume, oven temperature, and baking time for the pan size you are using before you begin. Consult the table below for more information. Quick Cupcake Instructions Fill the pan cavities to the brim. Half-to-two-thirds filled (a third fill ensures a plump, well rounded cupcake)
    • Always check the doneness of cupcakes even if they have just been baking for a short time.
    • Make sure the cake is done by putting a toothpick in the center. You’ve completed your cupcake if the toothpick comes out clean or with only a few dry crumbs attached.
    Pan Size Batter Amt. Baking Temp Baking Time Yield – 1 mix
    Standard Muffin Pan 1/4 –1/3 cup 350°F 18-20minutes About2 dozen
    Mini Muffin Pan 1heaping tablespoon 350°F 8-10minutes About5 dozen
    Jumbo Muffin Pan 1/2 –2/3 cup 350°F 20-22minutes About1 dozen

    How long does a cake take to bake?

    When it comes to baking cakes, the usual rule of thumb is to warm your oven to the desired temperature for 20 to 30 minutes before placing your cake in the oven. When you take out your wonderfully baked cake, you will be glad you took the additional time.

    What is the best temperature for baking cakes?

    Make certain that you follow the recipe’s directions to the letter. Cakes are commonly baked at temperatures ranging from 325 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit (see chart with Tip9). The temperature of most convection ovens must be reduced by 25 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and the fan must be turned off as well.

    Can I bake something at a lower temperature for longer?

    • Tips for preparing a large number of dishes Technically, meat may be cooked at any temperature until it is done, but this is not recommended.
    • The lower the temperature, the longer it will take and the juicier the meat will be in the end result.
    • Due to the fact that the majority of ovens are off by roughly 25 degrees, the dish will turn out OK as long as the temperature is adjusted around the desired range.

    How long does a 12 inch cake need to bake?

    It is necessary to allow for adequate air circulation in order for the cakes to bake evenly. Cook the cakes according to their size and the amount of batter used. Preparation time for 12-inch round cakes is 50 minutes, 14-inch round cakes is 55 minutes, and 16-inch round cakes is 60 minutes. Cook sheet cakes according to their size as well.

    Can you bake a cake at 400 degrees?

    A cake baked at 400 degrees will have a darker outer crust and a drier surface than one baked at a lower temperature. At 350 degrees, you get the best of all worlds: a light, fluffy texture with a caramelized flavor and a caramelized texture.

    Should I remove cake from oven immediately?

    Exiting the oven too soon after baking the cake You want to avoid taking your cake out of the oven before it has completed baking.. The middle of the cake collapses as a result of this action. The situation is obviously heartbreaking, and even re-baking the undercooked dessert at this point will not resolve the problem with the caved-in centre section.

    Can I bake a cake at 325 degrees?

    A preheated oven at a temperature of 300 to 325 degrees will allow the pound cake to bake from the inside out and form a crack if it is baked at this temperature.

    What happens if you bake a cake too long?

    A hot oven and a batter that has been exposed to heat for an extended period of time might result in a dried-out dessert. If your cake comes out too dry even after baking for the appropriate amount of time and temperature, you may have used too many dry ingredients (think flour, cocoa, baking powder and baking soda).

    How do I bake a perfect cake?

    • How to bake a great cake according to these seven guidelines Always grease and line the pan with parchment paper before baking.
    • Allow for a complete preheating of the oven.
    • Bake in the center of the oven for 30 minutes (unless otherwise specified) Bake in the pan that has been given.
    • Don’t make an attempt to double the recipe.

    Make use of seasonal foods.There will be no replacements.Your cake is far too rich for my taste.

    What happens if you bake cookies at a lower temperature?

    When cookies are baked at a lower temperature, the dough has a greater opportunity to spread out, resulting in flatter, wider biscuits. Cookies that are cooked at higher temperatures, on the other hand, spread less. Even a little temperature differential of 50°F can have a significant influence.

    What temperature do you bake at?

    Temperatures and time requirements for baking

    Temp (F/C) Minutes
    Sweet 375 F 190 C 20 – 30
    Cakes With Fat
    Cupcake 350 – 375 F 177 – 190 C 15 – 25
    Layer Cake 350 – 375 F 177 – 190 C 20 – 35

    How do you adjust baking time and temperature?

    • How to alter cooking times based on the temperature of the food.
    • Calculate the temperature difference as a percentage of the total.
    • Temperature difference between the start and end temperatures is expressed as a percent difference.
    • Make a change to the expected time.

    Multiply the starting time by the percent Difference.This is the result.Make a safety margin for error.Taking the oven out of the oven.There should be plenty of space surrounding the meal.Shelf height and oven position are important considerations.

    How do I make sure my cake is baked evenly?

    Just moisten the one piece of towel per pan so that it is damp, and then wrap one around the outside of each cake pan and knot the ends or fix them with safety pins before putting them in the oven to bake. The moisture from the damp towel aids in the baking of the cake by distributing the heat more evenly.

    How do you adjust baking time for a small cake?

    Simply raise the temperature of the oven by 25 degrees Fahrenheit and reduce the baking time by a fourth. In this specific case, because your pan is 1 inch larger than the one used in the previous example, more surface area will be exposed. Because the liquid in the cake mix will evaporate more quickly, the cake will bake more quickly.

    The Cheesecake Factory’s Caramel Apple Pancake Recipe Is Perfect for Christmas Morning

    • Cinnamon Roll Pancakes are a Cheesecake Factory staple, and if you had a nickel for every time you bought their Breakfast Tacos, you’d be able to buy…well, a whole lot more of them, wouldn’t you?
    • Caramel Apple Pancakes are the perfect post-presents meal for Christmas morning, and this Santa-approved recipe for them should be added to your recipe collection.
    • Despite the fact that they taste like they came straight from a restaurant, these Cheesecake Factory pancakes are created using pantry items and a few store-bought shortcuts.
    • Apple pie filling, caramel sauce, and whipped cream are all available from a can (but you can certainly make your own if you’re feeling adventurous).
    See also:  How To Make A Cake With A Picture On It?

    A four-ingredient cinnamon swirl topping is drizzled over the top of the stack, and you’ll be tempted to sip it right out of the pot.Continue reading for the whole recipe (it makes about eight pancakes total).


    • In order to make the cinnamon swirl 15 cups cream, 3 tablespoons butter, 5 ounces brown sugar, 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
    • In order to make the pancakes 14 cups all-purpose flour
    • 1 cup baking powder
    • 2 cups buttermilk
    • 2 eggs
    • 1 teaspoon vanilla
    • 2 tablespoons and 2 teaspoons vegetable oil, separated
    • 1 tablespoon baking powder
    • 1 teaspoon salt
    • 2 cups buttermilk
    • 2 eggs
    • 1 teaspoon vanilla
    • 2 tablespoons and 2 teaspoons vegetable oil, divided
    • 1 1/2 cups granola, 4 teaspoons powdered sugar, 8 ounces whipped cream, 2 tablespoons maple syrup (for serving)
    • 1 1/2 cups apple pie filling
    • 1 1/2 tablespoons cinnamon swirl
    • 4 teaspoons caramel sauce


    • To make the cinnamon swirl, do the following: 1.
    • Melt the butter in a small saucepan over medium heat until it is smooth.
    • Cook until the brown sugar has melted and the cinnamon has been infused with the liquid.
    • Pour the cream into the saucepan and whisk it in until well incorporated.

    3.Remove the pan from the heat and set aside to cool until it is safe to handle.Make the pancakes as follows: 1.In a large mixing basin, whisk together the flour, baking powder, and salt.Combine the ingredients in a large mixing bowl until they are uniformly distributed.Make a mental note to put it away.

    2.Transfer the buttermilk to a separate mixing dish.To the mixing bowl, add the eggs, vanilla, and 2 tablespoons oil.3.Combine the flour mixture with the wet ingredients in a large mixing basin.Add more flour and mix it in until the ingredients are uniformly blended, with just a few little lumps remaining in the batter at the end.

    It is important not to overmix the batter.Griddle or heat a large nonstick skillet with 14 tsp of the remaining vegetable oil on medium heat.Pour the batter onto the griddle or skillet using a ladle that holds 4 ounces of batter, making one pancake that is 6 inches in diameter.5.Divide the apple pie filling in half and keep one half aside for later use.

    As the pancakes cook, spoon a small amount of the first half on top of them at random intervals.6.Drizzle a small amount of the cinnamon swirl in between the apple slices on the pancakes at random intervals.7) Cook the pancakes for approximately 212 minutes each side, or until the edges of the pancakes begin to dry and puff up and little air bubbles begin to develop on the pancakes’ surface.8.

    • Flip each pancake over and cook for another 112 minutes, or until the pancakes are cooked through.
    • Repeat the process until all of the batter has been utilized.
    • 9.
    • Arrange two pancakes on each serving platter and serve immediately.
    • Divide the apple pie filling between the servings, mounding it in the center of the pancakes to create a mound of apple pie filling.
    • 10.
    1. Drizzle a little caramel over the apples and let aside to cool.
    2. Sprinkle with granola and powdered sugar, if desired.
    3. 12.

    Spread the whipped cream on top of the pancakes and drizzle with warm maple syrup, if preferred, to finish.Check out this video to see how the Cheesecake Factory makes their famous red sangria (and We Have the Recipe)

    Coconut-White Chocolate Cheesecake

    Friends have urged to me on several occasions that I submit my masterpiece to a magazine since it is so excellent. Make sure not to overmix the batter in order to achieve the optimum texture. Jamie Harris of Danville, Illinois, sent in this message. Recipes may be obtained by clicking here.

    Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake

    In order to combine two of my all-time favorites: cheesecake for the grown-up in me and chocolate chip cookie dough for the young girl in me, I made this recipe. The tanginess of the sour cream balances out the sweetness of the dish. Everyone who has tried this delectable cookie dough cheesecake has raved about it. “I’m from Kewaskum, Wisconsin,” says Julie Craig.

    S’more Cheesecake

    This decadent dessert is every bit as delectable as the campfire nibble that served as inspiration for it. It’s a delicious way to enjoy a summertime favourite at any time of the year. This item is so popular with our four-year-old daughter that she has requested it for her next birthday! Cary, North Carolina resident Robin Andrews

    Layered Turtle Cheesecake

    After getting a request for a particular turtle cheesecake and being unable to locate a suitable recipe, I devised my own recipe. Everyone is pleased with the outcome, and this cheesecake continues to be a popular dessert at the coffee shop where I work now. — Sue Gronholz, of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, is the author of this article.

    Caramel Fudge Cheesecake

    It’s difficult to say no to this decadent chocolate cheesecake, which has a fudgy crust, crunchy nuts, and a gooey coating of caramel on top. In order to develop this version, I merged many recipes to produce a dessert that appealed to both the chocolate and cheesecake enthusiasts in my family. The writer, Brenda Ruse, of Truro, Nova Scotia

    Peppermint Cheesecake on a Stick

    Surprise your guests with a festive holiday treat they won’t forget: dipped cheesecake wedges that can be eaten without a fork. I’ve heard my kid joke that he wants to quit his work so that he can sell them whenever he gets one. — Maria Morelli lives in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

    Ricotta Cheesecake

    At the time, I worked as a nurse, and my coworkers and I shared recipes on a regular basis at lunch breaks. This rich and creamy cheesecake was one of the most delicious gifts I got. Georgiann Franklin, from Canfield, in the United States

    No-Bake Blueberry Cheesecake

    Try this delectable cheesecake from Ken Gallagher of Hastings, Nebraska, for a light and airy treat on a hot summer afternoon. Because it does not include eggs, it is lower in weight while being extremely creamy and delicious. Ken Gallagher of Hastings, Nebraska, provided this response.

    Bittersweet Chocolate Cheesecake

    I’m a great-grandmother, and this dish is a favorite of my entire family. My niece gave me this recipe, which I’m sharing with you. It has a strong chocolate flavor. —Amelia Gregory, of Omemee, in the province of Ontario

    Triple Berry No-Bake Cheesecake

    I’ve made a lot of cheesecakes and have enjoyed them all, but they’re typically time-consuming to make, which is a shame. When I first tried this dish, my husband said that it was even better than the baked ones, and I couldn’t help but agree with him. —Joyce Mummau from Baltimore, Maryland.

    Creamy Tiramisu Cheesecake

    • The Italian word ″tiramisu″ literally translates as ″pick-me-up,″ and it refers to a delicacy made of ladyfinger sponge cake dipped in coffee and topped with mascarpone cheese, which is traditionally served for breakfast.
    • Combine it with cream cheese and you’ve got a sure pick-me-up that redefines a traditional recipe.
    • Indian Harbour Beach, Florida resident Mrs.
    • Priscilla Gilbert shares her thoughts.

    Red Velvet Cheesecake

    This cheesecake is festive and oh, so delicious; it will quickly become a staple on your holiday dessert table. The red velvet filling is laced with cocoa and baked in a chocolate cookie crumb crust before being topped with cream cheese icing and served. Carole Dively, of Chapin, South Carolina. —

    Chocolate-Topped Strawberry Cheesecake

    With its creamy texture and light airiness, this lovely dessert is the perfect finishing touch for a summer dinner party. I adore the contrast between the creamy strawberry cheesecake and the crumbly chocolate crust, as well as how elegant it seems on the plate. Kathy Berger, of Dry Ridge, Kentucky, provided this statement.

    Mocha Truffle Cheesecake

    This decadent treat was inspired by a period in which I couldn’t get enough cheesecake or coffee, so I made it myself. Its brownie-like crust and creamy mocha layer were both delicious and satisfying. The fact that it may be prepared ahead of time makes it excellent for get-togethers. Shelley Dormady of Great Falls, Montana contributed to this article.

    Baklava Cheesecake

    My unusual baklava cheesecake, garnished with sugared cranberries and rosemary sprigs, offers a stunning presentation for workplace parties and other special occasions. In the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, Aryanna Gamble says

    Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake

    I promised a friend that I would bring dessert to a Christmas gathering, so I attempted this recipe. I’m confident you’ll agree that it tastes as bit as good as it looks! — Dawn Lowenstein of Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, is a writer and artist.

    Pineapple Pie with Coconut Cream

    Pineapples and coconuts can be found in abundance across the South Pacific, which is why we accentuate their flavors in this creamy chilled pineapple pie topped with coconut cream. Divine! — Karen Naihe lives in Kamuela, Hawaii with her family.

    Double Chocolate Almond Cheesecake

    The preparation of this cheesecake is straightforward—but it is far from straightforward to have to wait until the next day to enjoy it! The recipe comes from a buddy with whom I used to work. • Darlene Brenden, from Salem, Oregon

    Honey Pecan Cheesecake

    Cheesecake is very delicious on special occasions such as birthdays and holidays, and this particular cheesecake is especially delicious around Christmas. It took first place in our annual church bake-off, which was held this year. The writer, Tish Frish, of Hampden, Maine

    Cranberry Cheesecake

    We look forward to eating this cheesecake every year when the cranberries are picked, and my family does as well. The writer, Nairda Monroe, of Webberville, Michigan

    Luscious Almond Cheesecake

    On the occasion of my wedding shower 11 years ago, a relative presented me with this recipe as well as a set of springform pans. It turns into a delectable cheesecake. The cake was such a hit with my son Tommy that he has already requested it for his birthday cake this year. Brenda Clifford of Overland Park, Kansas, contributed to this article.

    Pineapple Upside-Down Cheesecake

    My mother used to make a delicious pineapple upside-down cake, but I like something a little creamier. It looks just like her cake, but it is much more delicious when made as a pineapple upside down cheesecake. Mariann McGinnis, who lives in the California town of Citrus Heights

    Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake

    You’re going to fall in love with this delicious delight. Each smooth slice is topped with a generous helping of luscious raspberries. Yes, it is possible to enjoy cheesecake without exceeding your calorie limit. — Test Kitchen for Taste of Home

    Salted Caramel Cappuccino Cheesecake

    I lived in Seattle for 16 years and developed a serious addiction to coffee! To cope with the fact that I had to migrate across the nation, I developed this cheesecake with the tastes of salted caramel, coffee, and espresso to brighten my spirits on the days when I miss Washington. Julianne Merriman, of Cold Brook, New York

    Very Vanilla Slow-Cooker Cheesecake

    This cheesecake is bursting with flavor thanks to the addition of cinnamon and vanilla, and cooking it in the slow cooker results in a velvety, smooth texture that’s impossible to resist. • Krista Lanphier, a resident of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    S’mores Cheesecake

    One Mother’s Day, I created this sweet and luscious cheesecake with graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows as a gift for my mother. It was a big hit with her! Kurt Anderson of Minong, Wisconsin, provided this statement.

    Simple Turtle Cheesecake

    I used a prepackaged cheesecake and homemade ganache and caramel sauce to make an almost immediate dessert that was delicious. It always helps to make stressful vacations seem a little less chaotic. • Laura McDowell, of Lake Villa in Illinois.

    Lavender Honey Cheesecake

    The aroma of lavender is one of my favorites, and the addition of edible flowers elevates this cheesecake to one of the most magnificent I’ve ever tasted. You may add lavender honey in this recipe to give it a more floral flavor, but the lavender flavor is still fairly noticeable even without it. – Julie Palmer, of Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania —

    Peppermint Chip Cheesecake

    Cheesecakes are one of my favorite desserts to prepare, and I regularly give them as presents or donate them to charitable organizations. This is one of my favorite recipes to make at home. Gregg Ely of West Lafayette, Indiana, sent in this message:

    White Chocolate Pumpkin Cheesecake

    Make cheesecakes is something I enjoy doing and I usually give them away as presents or donate them to charitable organizations. This is one of my favorite recipes to make at any time of the year. Gregg Ely of West Lafayette, Indiana, sent in this note:

    Apple Brandy Cheesecake

    If you like apple pie, you’ll like this cheesecake as much as I do. Throughout the filling, there are pieces of apple, and a cinnamon-brown sugar streusel provides a wonderful topping for this magnificent dessert. Marianne Platt lives in Sequim, Washington.

    Light Cheesecake

    Our family enjoys cheesecake, but I wanted to serve something a little more nutritious this time. I came up with this lighter version that I use for both special occasions and everyday cooking. —Diane Roth from Adams, Wisconsin.

    No-Bake Oreo Cheesecake

    What could possibly go wrong with Oreo cookies and cheesecake? For my wedding, I baked 20 of these crowd-pleasing sweets in a variety of sizes, and they were a huge hit. Camduff, Saskatchewan resident Leanne Stinson contributed to this article.

    Amaretto Ricotta Cheesecake

    Why was this treasured recipe passed down to me by a family member? There’s an excellent reason for it. It’s definitely a keeper! The combination of amaretto and ricotta results in a wonderfully unique dessert. The author, Isabel Neuman of Surprise, Arizona

    Pink Grapefruit Cheesecake

    Is it possible to make cheesecake in a slow cooker? Yes, this is correct! I tried a few different approaches before settling on a slow-cooker version of this traditional dessert. Try it out and see how it works for you. You will be astounded by the outcome! • Krista Lanphier, a resident of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Chocolate Malt Cheesecake

    Chocolate malts were a favorite of my mother-in- law’s, as were cheesecakes. Can you guess who gave me this recipe to use? I’m sure you can. When I make this recipe, I sometimes use pretzel crumbs instead of graham cracker crumbs. Despite their appearance, they produce a delicious crust! Rewey, Wisconsin, resident Anita Moffett writes:

    Pumpkin Cheesecake

    When I was growing up, we had a farm where we produced several of the ingredients for this pumpkin cheesecake. The pumpkins we grew in our vast vegetable garden were used to make handmade butter and loads of sour cream, which we manufactured from the milk from our dairy herd. The author, Evonne Wurmnest, of Normal, Illinois

    Frozen Chocolate Cheesecake Tart

    I originally served this delectable dessert to a group of guests during a dinner party. They were blown away by the rich flavor and look of the dish. My husband stated that it was the nicest dessert he had ever had in his whole life, and I agreed. She is Heather Benne

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